10 Week Body Transformation

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    1. The lowest my calories got was 2400 (started at 3200 at the very beginning), with cardio 5x per week for 60 minutes per session. I had to really ramp it up a bit the last few weeks. I could’ve milked more fat-loss out of my 2500, 2600, and 2700 calorie increments and not done as much cardio if I let myself have 12-14 weeks to do this cut, but I had a vacation coming up I had to get ready for so I only had 10 weeks so it was a bit more aggressive than I would’ve liked. I probably would’ve only had to drop down to 2500-2600 calories at lowest if I didn’t have that vacation I had to cut more aggressively for.

      For PEDs, I was already on 25mg MK-677 per day coming off of my bulk, and I had ran it for 3-4 months already so the appetite stimulating effect had worn off so I continued using it through my cut until the last few weeks when I dropped it because it can hold some water. For a fat-burner I started with 25mcg of T3 and then tapered it up to 50mcg. My lean muscle was held with my TRT, and I’m sure the MK-677 assisted with that as well to an extent.

  1. Derek,

    How would taking T3 affect someone like me where i am currently taking synthroid to keep my thyroid levels normal. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and then went through the procedure where i drank nuclear medicine to kill off my thyroid gland, thus putting me into the Hypo state. So now i take synthroid daily to keep it at normal levels. Would it be safe/smart to even use T3 or dont even mess with it at all?

    1. All it would do is increase your thyroid levels to as high as you want relative to your dose. So if you are at normal right now, taking a half decent amount of T3 would bring you back to a hyperthyroid state again more than likely. The degree to how hyperthyroid you get is dependent on how much you take obviously. You could take a little amount and probably bring yourself up right to the high end of normal and not even enter the outskirts of hyper, it is dependent on your dose and your individual response to that dose.

  2. Hey man,
    Crazy transformation, although you didn’t go in a crazy calorie deficit.
    For a beginner, what routine should I go for ?
    It’s very confusing to know what’s best between push pull leg, full body 3x a week, etc.
    I’d like your best opinion on this.
    I workout to improve my aesthetics and get laid with hotter girls.

    1. I’d do a typical bodybuilding split. Something like chest, back, shoulders + traps, rest, legs, arms, rest, repeat. (Monday-Sunday)

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