The 40 Minute Workout For A Bigger Chest

40 Minute Workout For A Bigger Chest:

Exercise 1: Flat Barbell Bench Press

  • Do 10-12 reps with perfect form
  • Do 4 sets and go to failure on the last set

Exercise 2: Incline Hammer Strength Machine Press

  • Do 12-15 reps with perfect form
  • Do 4 sets and go to failure on the last set

Exercise 3: Cable Flyes

  • Do 12-15 reps with perfect form
  • Do 4 sets and go to failure on the last set

Exercise 4: Decline Chest Pushdowns

  • Do 12-15 reps with perfect form
  • Do 4 sets and go to failure on the last set

Exercise 5: Pushups Burnout

  • Do 1 set of as many reps as you can do to complete failure

How To Get The Most From This Workout

Make sure to do this workout once per week on its own day. Stretch and contract the muscle on each and every rep, using a full range of motion.

Warm up your shoulders/rotator cuffs adequately prior to beginning the first exercise to avoid injury.

6 thoughts on “The 40 Minute Workout For A Bigger Chest”

  1. Tried this in the gym today, and the pump is amazing. Do you recommend this structure (5 exercises, 3×12 1xF) for all major muscle groups? Great blog, keep it up.

    1. Thanks brother. For some reason this comment was in the spam section, just approved it and PM’ed you dude.

      Lots more content like this coming soon 🙂

  2. I’m curious too?! 4 sets best?
    Thank you so much for all of this information! There is a ton of bro science out there and I feel like you give a lot of quality information and it’s workouts and diets you have tried on yourself first, not just crap you heard about, so thank you.
    I apologize for this long comment, but I have a question I really could use your expertise- I have been told that muscle needs protein, carbs and fat to grow, by people who look like you. Then I see that you yourself are shuhreddeddd and had an a post about low carb or no carb. I don’t know man, I am not a stranger to working out, I just never cared about what I ate until recently and I am totally lost. I am very, very confused. I don’t know what I am doing when it comes to what to eat for body comp. Basically, I want to look like you. I want to be big, but lean. Can you please help me out??? I know I’m throwing alot at you and I know you are a busy guy and you don’t owe me anything so if not, I get that too. I know this info is out there I just read so much conflicting stuff I get stupid with it and confuse myself. Basically just high protein and a ton of veggies right? Will eating a cup of rice before a workout give me a bigger pump??? If I am eating “clean” carbs (lentils, sweet taters, etc.), will it make it more difficult to cut?????
    thanks in advance
    your workout videos are great, it’s one thing to read about a split but very helpful to see it, and nice reminder to see proper form.
    great music too
    check out deadly apples! think they’re from Canada…
    thanks bro!!!

    1. 1. Muscle doesn’t need protein carbs and fat to grow. However, a complete absence of one macronutrient will lead to deficiencies that can hinder muscle growth.
      2. Too general of a question dude. I have articles on diet that you should read through first. Macronutrient split is determined by body composition, goals, lifestyle, intensity of lifting schedule, and needs for recovery.
      3) High protein + tons of veggies is the worst diet you could do (well not the worst, but it’s not even close to optimal). Lacking in tons of necessary nutrients doing that. What will give you a bigger pump will be being hydrated with proper sodium/potassium balance and being insulin sensitive. Not whether you had a cup of rice or not. The only thing that makes a carb harder to cut with is if it isn’t satiating and/or it is calorie dense, which would make dietary adherence more difficult.

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