Beta Males - The Reason Why There's Less Competition Than Ever In The Dating Pool

Beta Males – The Reason Why There’s Less Competition Than Ever In The Dating Pool

Why There Are A Increasing Number Of Beta Males

I'm sure you've noticed as the years progress that beta males and “soy boys” are increasing in exponential proportions.

Men in general are becoming more and more feminine.

A lot of people think it is associated with the decline in natural testosterone levels as time goes on.

Some people think it's just the result of increasing amounts of social media use.

While many people see this is a negative thing, I want to talk about why this is a good thing, and why people shouldn't be so disappointed about how we're progressing as a species.

The Advantage For The Small Proportion Of Alpha Males

The amount of competition is lower than ever for true alpha males.

If you care about self-improvement at all, you'd be stoked that other guys are being complete pussies right now, and you have a significant competitive advantage.

In the dating pool, women still want the stereotypical alpha male.

No, not someone who is mean on purpose or treats women like crap (common misconception).

An alpha male is a man who is completely outcome independent, emotionally secure, and confident.

The same traits are still universally attractive to women that are becoming more and more difficult to find in current day.

And the reason for that I believe is partially hormonal, but mainly social media driven.

The Effect Social Media Has On Social Awareness

As the years have gone on, it's become more and more widely accepted to stay in your house and stare at your computer and phone all day.

Humans are creatures of comfort, I'm sure you've heard that before.

The more you put them in a comfortable situation, the harder it's going to be for them to put themselves in extremely uncomfortable situations.

One of those situations is talking to girls.

An 18 year old girl literally thinks it is weird and socially awkward to receive a phone call from a guy now.

If you're not texting, dm'ing, whatsapp’ing, or snapping, then you're “weird”.

Nobody talks on the phone now, which I think is hilarious, because it's literally why the thing was invented in the first place.

But beyond that, everyone is meeting people on Tinder, Bumble, or on other, dating apps, or they are dm'ing them on Instagram.

That's how people are getting girlfriends now and meeting people.

And that's fine, I strongly advise taking advantage of that.

Use your looks to your advantage.

If you have good pictures, you're going to excel online, that's just how it works.

But how you can get a cut above is also taking advantage of the fact that men are all living their lives out online, exclusively trying to DM girls and message them on Tinder.

Is there anybody going up to that hot chick at the grocery store anymore, asking her how her day was and asking her out?


No one's really doing that because guys are at home on Tinder or on Instagram.

And that's just what people do now for staying in their social bubble.

Granted, they're going to go on dates, and they're going to get girls via that.

But, the literal cold approaching a stranger that you don't know and striking up a conversation is something that most beta males find completely terrifying.

This is something you can take advantage of.

Women Are Attracted To Alpha Males

A hundred years ago, guys met girls solely through approaching and talking to them.

Nowadays, the only way beta males meet girls is through their phones.

This is where you will stand out because you can be that guy who not only made a girls day by catching her off guard, but you will likely be one of the only guys talking to her who is not being a completely socially unaware lemming.

By showing how much more ballsy you are than every other guy who is blowing up her phone, you automatically set yourself apart from the pack in a massive way.

These scenarios are becoming so much rarer nowadays that girls will literally be fixated on that unique interaction they had where a guy just flat out confidently walked up to her, struck up an interesting conversation, and asked her out.

You'd be shocked how many women will go home and tell all their girlfriends about the amazing encounter they had with you earlier.

This amazing unique encounter literally involved a time investment of 2-3 minutes on your part, but completely made this girls day and instantly moved you to the front of her lineup of male candidates.

You can't beat a face to face interaction.

Just like online dating, your success ratio of cold approaches will still be low'ish (depending on how good looking you are and socially aware), but remember, this is still a numbers game.

However, once you do cold approach the girls who are sexually available (it's a matter of time as it is a numbers game), your impact on her in 2-3 minutes will completely outweigh the hours of leg work Joe Shmoe has been putting in over Tinder/text messaging for the past week.

Men Are Evolving In Reverse

For the evolution of the male species, the beta’ization of the male population is not going to bold well for us.

However, at an individual level, as somebody who's looking to improve your quality of life as much as physically possible, you and I can take advantage of this severely.

Be that alpha guy who's unlike the rest of the beta males who are at home, sitting on their phone all day.

Strike up conversations with women when you want to, there is absolutely zero reason to be inhibited by the comfort of social media, as it will just have an overall net negative on your quality of life at the end of the day.

This isn't just about approaching women either, social intuition and extremely low levels of social anxiety are things you will indirectly gain out of these interactions at an incredibly quick rate if you are consistent, and these interactions will also translate directly into your performance in job interviews, business presentations, public speaking, and any other medium where social skills are of the utmost importance.

Even just making friends in general, having top tier social skills is HUGE.

As time goes on, men are going to continue getting worse and become increasingly repressed.

The population of women continues to rise while the population of men continues to rise in parallel.

Despite this, the proportion of men who are true alpha males that women want to be with continues to get worse.

10% Of Men Get 90% Of The Women

As the population rises, the proportion of beta males that women find unattractive will continue to trend in a pattern conducive to the success of alpha males.

This is why only 10% of men get 90% of the women.

There's never been a better time to actually be what a stereotypical man would be on paper, because there really are none.

Hopefully this serves as a wake up call if you're not operating like this already.

Next time you're in public and you see a an attractive woman you're interested in;

Instead of going home and just going through your phone for the rest of the day, go up to that chick in person.

Go make her day and try to get her number.

Should things go well, you'd create a new dating option for yourself, and she will meet a high value man who can also improve her quality of life in return.

The risk:reward ratio on these situations is massive as the time investment for a cold approach is so low, and the impact they have nowadays is so high, and will continue to get higher.

Things may be getting worse for the male population in general, but for you, things will get better if you take advantage of it.

Set yourself apart from the herd.


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