S23, RAD140, LGD-4033, IGF-1 LR3, MK-677 & TRT Bulk Cycle Reveal – Winter 2017

Bulk Cycle Reveal – Winter 2017

Every Winter I reverse diet and taper my calories back up to maintenance (at least) and then decide whether I want to embark on a mass gaining phase or not.

Honestly, if I could have it my way, I would just eat forever in a deficit and stay shredded.

The only issue with that is eventually your Leptin and Ghrelin levels get thrown so out of whack from being in a constant calorie deficiency that cravings and overall energy levels eventually reach an unfavorable point and can no longer be dealt with.

This is why staying very shredded year round is not sustainable.

So, what I do to mitigate this is I have a phase where I eat at maintenance or slightly above maintenance to recalibrate my body to a “normal” amount of food, and to increase my metabolism to prepare my body for the next cut that will start during Spring.

Last year I did a real full blown “bulk” phase and gained a ridiculous amount of weight (60 pounds).

I do not plan on gaining that much weight this time.

At most, I will be shooting for 15-20 pounds of total weight gain over the span of about 12-16 weeks.

At least that is the plan for now; we will see what happens though. Plans can change quickly after all.

If even 4-5 pounds of that 15-20 pounds equates to permanent lean muscle mass after I cut back down and strip the fat and water weight off, I will be extremely satisfied.

I have been training for over 8 years now, so a 4-5 pound muscle gain would be a massive success.

It doesn’t sound like a lot, but 5 pounds of real lean tissue is quite noticeable on the physique.

This is the outline of what I am planning on running right now for my cycle:

Week 1-16: TRT Base

Week 1-16: MK-677 30mg per day

Week 1-16: IGF-1 LR3 4 weeks on 4 weeks off 40mcg shot bi-laterally

Week 1-6: S23 30mg

Week 8-16: LGD-4033 15mg

Week 8-16: RAD140 30 mg

Right now my priorities are more aligned with my work and other aspects of my life, so if I can’t stick to this for the full 16 weeks I won’t be too disappointed, but as of now this is the plan I hope to be able to stick with should nothing interfere with my being able to adhere to it.

I will be updating this log every few weeks monitoring my progress for those who want to follow along.

This is day 1.

Starting Weight: 205 pounds

Body Fat % – 8% approximately

These Are The Companies I'm Using For All Of The SARMs/Peptides In This Cycle:

Proven Peptides

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Narrows Labs

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Androbolics Canada (CAD Currency)

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. By the time you read this, these products might be banned in your country. Be sure to check all laws in your country prior to buying anything to make sure it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

54 thoughts on “S23, RAD140, LGD-4033, IGF-1 LR3, MK-677 & TRT Bulk Cycle Reveal – Winter 2017”

    1. My current goals don’t require higher than my TRT with the additions I added. If my goals ever exceed what I am going after this bulk then Nandrolone or something else may be introduced.

  1. If you stack a few sarms together don’t they compete for the same receptor and work worse?

    Or do they synergize and work better?

    Or maybe it depends on the sarm?

    An article about stacking sarms would be interesting

    LIke with gear it’s easy : you stack testosterone based steroid / nandrolone based steroid / dht based steroid and peptides

    What’s the deal with sarms?


  2. Hello Derek, in your opinion for a 600mg a week Test C cycle for bulking, is it much more beneficial to add a sarm like Ostarine or LGD 4033 or more beneficial to run the 600mg of test alone and save the sarms for separate cycles using a TRT dose of test like 200mg? Thanks.

  3. S23 on a bulk? I’ve read from you and others its more preferred on a cut? is this because you’re going for a lean bulk ..aka dry gains

    1. Ya I am trying to stay as dry as possible. Doesn’t mean that is the most constructive thing to do during a bulk though. Keep in mind, this “bulk” isn’t necessarily a full blown gain as much muscle as possible phase anyways, I’m just trying to fix my metabolism and gain a modest amount of lean tissue.

      1. So true. sometimes i have to catch myself and ask – what kind of bulk i want to do. i’d rather go your route – dry gains vs. wet/watery.

      2. also would you be better off with Osta over LGD if you want to keep it dry or does running S23 with LGD counter-act the LGD effect for the potential of water retention?

        1. Diet is what is responsible for how much water you hold. LGD won’t water log you, it just has a propensity to be slightly more watery than the rest.

      3. Hey dereck s23 to start ? How come you didn’t want to finish with it ? I’ve always finished with s23 with great results .. love all the info great work bro

        1. I honestly don’t even remember but I guess my logic was that it’s a strong kickstart and I wanted to try it sooner than later.

      1. In what capacity? It won’t shut you down like S23 so it will still be more appealing for some, as well as the fact that there is far more research behind it than S23.

    1. Anabolics should be rotated as you won’t get the same effect from a compound for several months on end. I tend to plateau after 6-8 weeks typically on the same compound.

    1. 1.5-2 grams protein per pound body weight, trace fats, rest carbs. Calorie allotment started where I ended my cut and reverse dieted up. Currently at 3000 calories per day. Will only increase calories once weight has plateaued at that caloric allotment for a full week. At which point I will bump it to 3100, rinse and repeat.

      1. Damn man…. bulking on 3k cals for me it’s almost impossible…. my appetite is INSANE.
        I can sit all the day and eat chicken rice broccoli macadamia nuts oil….

  4. Hey Derek I am doing a LGD-4033 8 week cycle and am currently using 50mg of Arimistane a day is that to much? And also I am noticing that I am peeing a lot at night is that normal any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

    1. It’s only too much if it’s crushing your Estrogen below the sweet spot. You’re asking for an answer to a question that could only be definitively answered by looking at your blood work. Your urination pattern is likely irrelevant. I’ve never heard of that.

  5. Jeremy B Lambert

    Nice stack Derek, thanks for sharing.

    I know MK 677 will raise IGF as a percentage. In your experience, how much will injecting 40 mcg of the LR 3 raise your IGF levels?

    1. In short, pinning IGF-1 LR3 doesn’t actually increase your IGF blood reading. It still exerts the benefits it is supposed to, but it doesn’t indicate a rise in IGF-1 in blood work. From what I understand, it has something to do with the way that systemic IGF-1 is measured and it being indirect rather than an accurate indicator of unbound and bound IGF-1 in the body (or something along those lines). The difference is noticeable though on your physique regardless of what you can vs. can’t measure.

  6. Interesting. I had run LR3 on it’s own about 2 years ago. I was doing 50mcg, and I stayed on for about 12 weeks. Had no idea what I was doing, and I since learned that the receptors will become desensitized over time, which is why it should be cycled as you outline here.

    How does this protocol compare to the one that uses CJC in the below article you wrote? Is this one with the LR3 more “mild?”


  7. Hey Derek do you think it is more benfinical to take split the ldg and rad cycle up by taking ldg 6 weeks and then rad 6 weeks or take together for 12 weeks?

        1. Solid combo, although you can expect close to full shutdown with the addition of YK11. Obviously full recovery will still occur with a proper PCT though.

  8. Hey awesome detailed read, I’m looking at buying some Sarms from one of the companies you used (proven peptides) I was just asking if they are good quality products? I’m having trouble finding where to buy the sarms from. Thanks in advance

  9. May I ask why no DHT derivates? I’m on TRT and have been for a long time, the addition of Masteron gives me a better well being and keeps me a little drier. Is it prostate related or something else? What do you think of a low dose (15mg/day) trestolone acetate with my TRT, I’m using testosterone propionate @ 30mg/day, usually don’t bother with my doctor prescribed gel, sometimes I use it for a DHT boost and apply it to my scrotum 🙂

  10. So I did a LGD cycle for my first ever by itself to see what it would do for me. I am a leaner guy and noticed it helped with strength slightly while also helping me get even leaner.

    I am trying to bulk up about 10-15 lbs right now. What would an ideal SARM stack. Not looking to overdo it ,however I am trying to really put on size.

    Thanks for your help!

  11. I know this was over a year ago but do you remember what the gains were like on that cycle?
    I am currently running 500mgs test a week, 20mg lgd 4033 per day, 20mg s23 per day, 25mg mk677 per day. Was going to up the lgd to 50mg and s23 to 40mg after a couple weeks, and the whole cycle will be eight weeks. Any comments on the cycle?
    I also have a lot of extra ostarine lying around. Do you think it will make any difference in the cycle? Possibly with the joints or cognitive benefits?

    1. Oh I forgot to mention I’m going to work my way up to 10iu insulin pre workout. I’m about 250lb 14% bodyfat at 6’2.

    2. It went well. I’d keep an eye on your liver enzymes at those dosages. No I don’t think adding Ostarine will make any difference.

    3. Lgd 50 mg and at 40 ? Why so high just curious not .. that’s such a huge dose of lgd and a bit high for s23

    4. Look a few comments up on bradys comment I thought I replied to his stack where he said hes increasing his 20 mg lgd and s23 to 50mg and 40 mg I didnt understand why such a high dose .. sorry bro I pressed wrong comment I guess

      1. I’m wouldn’t try to critique you. I read your post to get better info and advice. I just pressed wrong comment by mistake

  12. Hello bro,
    thanks for the enormous tips that you are putting to use sarms.
    Do you think it’s possible to have a fitness model like physique with just Sarms ? No trt, steroids or anything else ?

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