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My Recommended Source to Buy SARMs in Canada

In my post “Where to Buy SARMs“, I give you my recommended source for the highest quality third party tested SARMs – Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators – that I have experimented with so far.

That source is top notch. However, it’s a US based company.

If you were looking for a Canada SARMs source, you would benefit from finding a company of comparable quality that is stationed domestically, as cross border shipping is not only more expensive, but I imagine it will become more hit or miss too in the future as SARMs enter further into the limelight.

With that in mind, I decided to write this post for those living in Canada to give you my thoughts and advice on where you guys should get your SARMs domestically.

Here’s the thing:

I've tried several SARMs sources in Canada, in several different provinces, with varying degrees of satisfaction.

In my opinion, the SARMs carried by Androbolics are the highest quality in the country.

For the record, there is zero difference between liquid SARMs and capsule SARMs when it comes to purity.

The quality of the raws used and storage conditions are all that matter for determining potency.

Why I Recommend Androbolics For High Quality SARMs In Canada

  • The Androbolics SARMs Canada products are manufactured using third party tested raws.
    • Be aware, anyone who claims to have raws deriving from their own country either got them through a middle man who bought them from China, or they just have no idea what the origin of their product is.
    • All SARMs start from raw powder in China, and then are shipped over to the manufacturer/company's country, where they will then either be screened further via proper diligent (and expensive) third party testing, or the company will just put the stuff on the market without testing it. The companies who third party test their products to ensure maximum purity prior to considering selling it are the ones you want to go with every single time.
    • The responsibility falls upon the company selling the SARMs to make sure they double check purity levels by shelling out the money necessary to have their products third party tested at an unbiased lab that won't doctor the results and holds no vested interest in the lab results.
  • Accurately dosed SARMs ensure that your research efforts will be effective and repeatable. Androbolics have the most accurately dosed SARMs sold in Canada that I have experience with.
  • Their customer support is great. Given the “type” of product this is, there are quite a few pretty sketchy sellers out there that don’t seem to be legitimate business operations on the up and up. And they very well may not be in all honesty. Androbolics on the other hand, offer excellent support should you need it and a professional, pleasant shopping experience all round.
  • They ship to customers in Canada within Canada, ensuring that your order won't get stuck in transit in another country, and that ship times will be extremely quick. Shipping is also far cheaper as the order won't have to cross over any country borders.
  • They charge in Canadian currency, which makes it much easier to figure out exactly how much you will be charged. I'm sure you have been in the situation before where you use your Canadian credit card to pay for something, realize afterwards it's in US currency, and get hit with a 2.5% currency conversion charge from your bank, as well as the horrible exchange rate the Canadian dollar has right now with the US dollar. It makes predicting what you will actually end up getting charged much easier, as it's literally the price stated on the website.
  • Androbolics SARMs pass my “supplier requirement checklist” in that they don’t illegally sell Rx/scheduled compounds, they don’t use hyped up irresponsible marketing to portray their SARMs as hardcore bodybuilding chemicals with no side effects, and they only use screened, tested and verifiable high quality raw materials in their products. These are legitimate suppliers in Canada and when it comes to domestic Canadian sources, I wouldn't look elsewhere.

Should You Order From A Canadian SARMs Company Or From Elsewhere?

As SARMs get more and more attention, you can expect that shipping across the border will become more and more difficult.

Eventually, if SARMs get scheduled, it may even become illegal to order from certain countries. At which point you shouldn't be ordering from a company in that respective country as it could be illegal to do so, and you can absolutely expect your orders to get seized if you are ordering through countries where they are not allowed to be sold.

Now, while this is all future tense, it is a quite likely scenario, and if you live in the great white north finding a company in Canada you can rely on is going to be the best thing you can do to ensure a smooth ordering experience down the line (pending they stay legal in Canada).

Canadian Companies With Accurately Dosed SARMs

There aren't a lot of options in Canada for accurately dosed SARMs, but I think Androbolics stand on their own as the only source that run a clean operation, have accurately dosed products across their entire lineup, and maintain that standard from batch to batch.

The only other company I have experience with in Canada that maintained that high of calibre was Neobolics, who recently closed up shop.

  • * 11/17/2018 Update* I've been told that Androbolics is a spinoff of Neobolics. I ordered every single product in their product line to test it out myself. Same quality, same solid customer service. Happy to see them back. I've always spoken very highly of this company and it's good to see accurately dosed capsule SARMs back in the domestic Canadian market.

There’s a huge difference between accurately dosed SARMs, and the rest of the watered down garbage on the market. It's literally night and day.

I almost don’t consider price anymore when purchasing SARMs because cheaper is most definitely not always better. Quite the opposite.

Granted, there are companies who charge exorbitant prices that I feel are just trying to take advantage of those who don't know any better, and their quality is no better than most other companies charging half the price.

So, I should rephrase, I don't consider price anymore, because I only consider brand reputation, lab results, and my previous experiences.

From what I've seen, this company definitely isn't on the cheap side, but I don't think their prices are unreasonable, especially when considering that it is in Canadian currency.

There are some Canadian sources with lower prices, but most of them left me disappointed and questioning their quality control.

The way I prefer to think of it is that when I pay more for high quality products, when you actually compare and contrast how many milligrams you are getting for what you are paying, relative to a “cheaper” company's product that actually has far less active ingredient/milligrams in it because it is severely watered down/underdosed, I'm actually saving money.

Don’t Judge Domestic Canadian SARMs Until You’ve Tried This Source

Androbolics is the Canadian company I recommend you get your SARMs from if you are looking for a domestic source.

Let me know if you find a Canada SARMs source that honestly matches the quality that Androbolics sell. I’d be up for giving them a try.

For now though, I’ll be sticking with this company and it’s where I recommend you get your SARMs in Canada from also.

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Be sure to check all laws in your country prior to buying anything to make sure it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

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47 thoughts on “My Recommended Source to Buy SARMs in Canada”

  1. Hey Derek any coupon code for quality sarms? Checked them out and they seem good but 100$ for a 30mg/ml of s4 is priceyyyyy! That’s 200$ for a month supply. Hoping you have a code, thanks for all the good content!

    1. There are no codes that I am aware of.

      If you consider the fact that it’s CAD currency as opposed to USD, it’s on par with any other company with formidable quality out there, if not cheaper.

    2. Got mk2866 aka ostarine from Canada sarms will see how it goes starting half dose 12.5 mg to be safer. Will be back for updated review

  2. Ordered Ostarine from them last week. I’m on day 4 now and am glad I stumbled across your review. I know alot of these companies are not to be trusted but you made my decision of who to go with much easier.

    I have a question. The the Mk 2866 I have it seems to have a powder that hasn’t completely dissolved in it. I have to shake it up beforehand and even then it doesn’t all dissolve. Is this normal with this particular sarm?

    1. My Ligandrol and Testolone from Quality SARMs both have the same problem.. Powder or crystals undissolved in the mixture.. I’ve read from a few different people this is an ongoing problem. I shake them vigorously before taking them.

  3. Anyone familiar with SARMSOURCE.CA ?? they claim to be the a wholesaler and their prices are incredible. Was wondering if anyone has used their products before? or just heard about them and their reputation? Are they legit ? how can fake sarms be spotted etc…


  4. This exact article was hyping Qualitysarms.ca as the go-to Canadian source for sarms. Why have you now changed to androbolics as your preferred choice?

    1. Andro has better prices, and they have a much longer standing industry credibility. Neo was my old number 1 go to brand in Canada, and I thought they disappeared but it turns out they’re still around (as Andro). The same raws, quality control, team behind them, etc. Neobolics is now their supplement line apparently.

    1. I don’t think they have any year-round active ones, but they send them out in their newsletter once in a while for sales. There was a coupon code for Black Friday in their last newsletter. I barely receive newsletter emails from them though so I believe the sales/coupon codes are somewhat infrequent.

  5. I purchased from Sarmcenterlabs before reading any of these. Anyone have insight to this company. They seem legit, but I’m fairly new to this. From now on I’ll be going through Proven, but’s it’s a little late now. Might as well use the bottle I got as long as it’s still good

    1. I used to order from Sarmcenterlabs until the 3rd bottle of RAD140 started giving me sever back pumps (a huge prohormone indicication). The GW1516 and the MK677 were amazing (except for the taste of MK) and I will order from there again for those products if this site mentioned here doesn’t pan out.

  6. Just got in some LGD from Androbolics, and was wondering if you’d recommend any AI during the cycle? I know legit LGD shouldn’t cause gyno or anything, and if Androbolics is as high quality and pure as you said it shouldnt be an issue but should I run something just in case?

  7. Been using Neobolics/Androbolics MK-677 for over a year now, 2 pills in the morning per day. I think their products are good. I got good results from it in strength and size. A couple things that I question one is whether MK should be taken at night and why my liver enzymes are higher considering I take no other supplements and I don’t drink hardly at all. It interfered with my sleep so much I started taking it in the morning.

      1. Yes I ordered. Took about 10 business days (2 weeks). By the time it said ‘shipped’ in your account, it was already delievered. Customer service could be a little better IMO.

  8. I purchased Rad and Mk from Androbolics and I didn’t get anything out of them….
    They were very friendly when ordering, yes, but when I questioned them about the efficacy of their products, I was ignored and any review I tried to leave was not posted. This doesn’t sound like a great company to deal with, and makes me wonder if it is just some gym bros in a bathroom putting this crap in a bottle.

  9. Derek
    Either you’re not likely ng my posts or this blocker you have is a little over zealous, as I have posted a couple responses and cannot find them.

  10. I hate the mix reviews i am seeing from androbolics, i just ordered mk-677 ostarine and cardarine.

    Last month i ordererd from 99sarms t3 clen and it was legit.

    I am using the sarms to heal injuries while i get prolotherapy, collagen production, tendon etc… i really hope that andro is the real thing.

  11. Androbolics are legit, I been on MK677 at 30mg per day (15mg per pill) and i got all the sides so far. I am dealing with increased hunger by eating before i take the pill.

    I also use there ostarine 10mg, and cardarine at 10mg per day. My goal at 48 is to heal my body, hair regrowth would be nice.

    But so far so good with androbolics. I have not and will not try rad140, nor the heavier sarms. When all is said and done i will just use some osta which i really like and is mild, and cardarine to cut out some extra weight.

    I am still waiting for my chemyo mk 677 to compare… might lower the dosage to 15mg not sure.

  12. Leighton Jacobs

    99sarms is one of THE most crooked Sarm sources around, and a shame they’re Canadian. I purchased MK and Rad from then and I was sold corn starch…..I was so pissed off that, yes, I sent the pill samples to a testing lab and they both came back as fake. When confronted with this evidence, the owner went psychotic and emailed a barrage of threats to me personally. Buy good for you and your great experience with then, I suppose you were the I e lucky customer to get real gear.

  13. Can you give any insight to SUMMIT SARMS?? Are they any good I didnt get any third party testing paperwork with my order.

  14. I was with Summit for all of 2019 but was always kinda disappointed. Switched to Surge Nutraceuticals as they seem to be from my province and honestly, their products really impressed me… Only did one cycle tho [rad-140 + mk-677] I’ll have to see for the rest.

  15. Derek, any insight on pganabolics? Got some LGD from andro and seems legit but got a PCT from pg and wondering if you have any experience with them.


  16. Hi Derek I was on your website and I bought som e sarms
    from that anabolics.com it’s in it’s in Montreal and I liv e in New market Ontario I spent $3,500 bucks they confirm the order I’ve sent them for emails and haven’t got back to me it’s been 3 weeks is that normal or have they been ripped off do you have an old packing slip with their phone number or address that I could use to contact them because I think they ripped me off thanks.

  17. I almost got ripped off 135 bucks from this company this week. Sent money and never heard a peep back. Won’t reply to my emails either . Not sure why I placed the order after reading recent post regarding them.

  18. What is the most legit sarms in Canada please. I’m 51 and wanna start getting a little bit bigger. Always get stronger but don’t really gain much size and I’m a bigger guy at 5’10 and 230lbs

  19. i bought mk-677 from anabolicsca.net and they have shut me down and cant perform in bed on day 21. I was taking 1-15mg pill a days and cut that back to a half of cap on day 16. Im getting acne on face and i dont ever get any… My balls hurt on left side.. Im worried is this all normal… My girl is thinking i dont think shes pretty anymore cause i cant get it up in bed…Im worried ill freak out and find the owner of this company soon and get in trouble with law… MPMD do u still recomend this company in 2022 or do u think there cutting there products now? I respect ur oppion and watch all your videos please help a fellow Canadian from Halifax!

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