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Chemyo Review – SARMs And RU58841 Product Quality

Chemyo is one of the best SARMs sources in the industry, bar none.

They have been a staple in my research for years, and I have yet to experience a lapse in quality in any batch I have received since day 1.

Chemyo was one of the first companies in the industry that set the standard with top tier quality control.

Back when companies wouldn't even post COA's, let alone get proper third party testing, Chemyo was one of the few companies setting the standard for the industry.

Before you buy SARMs from a company keep in mind that the quality of SARMs varies enormously between different sources in this industry.

In an investigation involving chemical analyses of 44 products marketed as SARMs and sold via the internet, only 52% contained SARMs at all, and many were inaccurately labeled [R].

ACCURATELY DOSED SARMs will produce repeatable results that are selective for anabolic effects in muscle or bone tissues with a relative absence of androgenic effects in tissues such as the prostate gland at therapeutic dosages.

POOR QUALITY SARMs on the other hand, will generally offer nothing (because they are underdosed or completely bunk), or may even be tainted with liver toxic methylated Prohormones (which are now illegal).

If you are researching with compounds like SARMs that suppress endocrine function and can have varying levels of health implications, then it pays to get the best SARMs you can to ensure you can predict with far greater accuracy exactly what to expect, and how to tackle any potential side effects or obstacles that may occur during experimentation.

Unfortunately, in this industry cutting corners when it comes to quality control is a given with almost every single company.

There are hundreds of SARMs suppliers out there and I’ve tried a lot of them over the years (I've personally been researching SARMs for half a decade).

From the type you buy in local supplement stores with overly-hyped up aggressive packaging (horrible marketing practice as they aren't dietary supplements), to the companies that swear their liquid SARMs are stronger than all capsule SARMs, to the seemingly good suppliers that have been around for years.

I've experienced such a vast array of product quality over the years between all of these companies that I can't stress enough how important transparent testing is when it comes to yielding accurate results in your research.

My Supplier Requirement Checklist

Over the years I have developed some specific criteria that I feel a SARMs company should meet if I am to give them my business.

This is based on my past experiences with good and bad companies.

In terms of SARMs quality, I believe the more a company meets these criteria, the higher quality the SARMs are likely to be.

My requirements are as follows:

Third Party Testing

I don’t recommend buying SARMs from a company that doesn't pay for third party testing. Period.

Third party testing for every product SKU is a bare minimum, and ideally there would be third party test results for every single batch manufactured of every single SKU for full transparency.

This is what separates the men from the boys when it comes to SARMs quality control.

Simply put, I am not going to compromise my research by risking it with some random company that has no proof of consistently high product purity.

It baffles me how many people will completely ruin their experiments just to save a few bucks on their order with some garbage fly-by-night company.


There are a lot of research chemical companies nowadays, and one thing I find crazy is how many sell blatantly illegal substances.

Personally, I think all drugs should be legal, but the fact remains that they aren't, so there are some key things I look for when I am assessing a SARMs company's legal compliance and risk profile.

If a company sells SARMs, but then they also sell a myriad of Rx only/scheduled compounds, it is a bit sketchy and it is likely not a company I want to be trusting my money with when there is an impending ban on SARMs.

To be frank, from a legal standpoint, SARMs have yet to be scheduled (in my country at least, you should double check where you live if they are legal before you buy SARMs from anyone), so if there is a company that is commingling their legal products with illegal products and selling everything they can get away with, it's probably not a good sign for their longevity, and likely not a good sign for their quality control procedures.

No Hyped Up Marketing

I don’t recommend buying from companies that go out of their way to market SARMs as legal steroids with no side effects for extreme bodybuilding purposes, or as dietary supplements in general.

The more a company markets SARMs as hardcore bodybuilding compounds with aggressively hyped up expectations, the worse the SARMs usually are.

Not only is the product usually of lower quality with these companies, this sort of behavior is also what gives people the wrong idea about SARMs and only increases the chances of them being made illegal (which is probably inevitable at this point already).

To be clear, these are not dietary supplements, so if a company is labeling them that way, they've already blown it in my books, and the aggressive marketing is just icing on the cake.

Don’t be seduced by this aggressive, misguided marketing, and don’t support it.

Why I Think Chemyo Is An Excellent Source To Buy SARMs From Online

Chemyo can make an argument that they are the only source that is “truly” third party tested.

Their compounds are sent in randomized by third parties for testing and not by themsleves, which is less subject to manipulation/bias.

They also release their full raw testing data to the public for review (not just the final HPLC test result) and lot code every single batch so that customers can see the test results of the exact batch that they received.

Third party testing is critical in ensuring quality, and this extra step in their supply chain is just another factor that can distinguish them as an industry leader.

Chemyo is one of the only companies that consistently achieves greater than 99% purity on every single batch.

Elaborate, extensive testing is conducted on every single batch, of every single one of their product SKU's.

This includes FTIR, HPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS & NMR testing.

They repeat this process for every single batch of product they manufacture, not just one random batch a year ago that they had tested just so they could show results on their website as a marketing ploy (what most companies do, if they even third party test at all).

This is one of the few companies I don't have to worry about my results being skewed by inconsistent quality control.

With other SARMs companies, you need to account for a huge margin of error, and frankly, no research findings are even credible in any capacity with products coming from 99% of other sources because of this.

Extensive Third Party Testing And Quality Control

Every single batch of every single product Chemyo sells is third party tested.

Most companies don't pay for third party testing at all, and of the ones that do, even the top companies have test report data showing a range of a chromatographic purity of 98-100% at best.

Chemyo consistently achieves chromatographic purity of over 99% on all of their testing data.

Unlike most other companies who third party test their products, Chemyo releases their full testing data.

Here is an example of this: Chemyo RAD140

As you can see, Chemyo has test reports showing their HPLC and FTIR raw data, not just a third party COA.

Most companies will just post their third party test results via a COA, but will not show full raw testing data.

In addition, most companies that do get third party testing done will only use an HPLC assay for their raws testing, consequently resulting in less precise purity testing than what Chemyo ensures via their far more elaborate analysis.

Chemyo tests their solutions in triplicate to enhance their accuracy of testing their solutions for potency.

Referring back to the RAD140 product listing, if you review this RAD140 test report you can see that they test 3 solutions.

Replicate tests are needed to ensure precision and to assess how close they are to each other.

To measure accuracy, the lab has to compare the unknown to a pure reference standard.

This is done routinely, but a single measurement has unknown precision so quality labs will use replicates to confirm the accuracy of the measurements.

This takes into account potential errors in weighing, volumes, chromatography variables and peak integration.

Chemyo is unique in that they have their testing done via other parties.

Their full inventory stock is at their 3PL and their samples are sent in by them, completely blind randomized and not by Chemyo themsleves.

They can prove that what is tested is what people actually get due to their supply chain.

Most companies in this industry will have an extremely hard time proving this, and Chemyo has shown initiative to set the bar even higher when it comes to quality control.

When Chemyo launched in late 2016 it was almost impossible to find a bottle of MK-677 at a chromatographic purity of over 95-96%.

Chemyo was the first company to achieve greater than 99% chromatographic purity verified via HPLC and FTIR raw data.

They were also the first company I am aware of to do proper batch tracking and release concentration report audits to the public.

Most SARMs companies literally don't have a clue what's in the products that they are selling you.

There are SO many companies out there that claim they are third party tested, have HPLC results showing that their products are 99% pure, blah blah blah, but then when you ask to see their third party tests, they either don't have anything to show you, or they show you a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from their raws supplier in China.

A COA, is NOT the same thing as third party testing.

A COA is a document that the Chinese supplier can doctor however they want, and likely doesn't even show true results, as most of these companies (literally 99% of companies) are NOT paying an unbiased third party lab to test their products for them.

The only way you can know for certain what you are getting is legitimate is by literally paying thousands of dollars out of your own pocket to send your products to a third party lab, and have them perform a completely unbiased test on your products, and then send you those results.

COA's mean nothing.

Chemyo products are batch and lot coded with publicly visible lab reports.

This not only allows Chemyo to identify problematic batches and immediately rectify the issue, but it allows customers to cross reference which test reports were conducted on the specific batch they received.

In addition to third party submitted randomized testing, the level of transparency and commitment to quality control Chemyo consistently shows is exceptional.

To read more about their elaborate quality control process, including how they source their raws, quarantine them for third party testing, have a third party submit their products for unbiased test results, review third party analysis results, and test their products again a second time for purity confirmation, check out the Chemyo quality control page.

Supply Chain

People mistakenly believe that testing is all that matters.

Yes, testing matters, but the supply chain is just as important.

Testing only proves that X party has sent out a sample to a lab and has paid for that test.

It does not prove that you are actually being sent the right stuff you asked for.

Someone could still underdose your solutions at the end of the day.

This is where the supply chain comes in and is equally important.

When you look at Chemyo's supply chain, they work with several parties.

  • Chemyo
  • Raw ingredient manufacturer supplier
  • Contractor mixing & filling service
  • Testing lab
  • Third party logistics

When I asked Chemyo to detail exactly how their supply chain functions they were incredibly transparent and sent me this:

1. We order raw materials from our supplier.

We set strict requirements.

Our supplier in some cases needs to re-purify a batch in order to pass our quality standards.

This raw powder batch goes directly to our contractor that does our mixing & filling in the USA.

2. As soon as our mixing & filling contractor receives the raw powder batch we instruct him to send out a sample of the batch to S&N labs, which is our testing lab.

3. S&N labs tests the powder for both identity (FTIR) & purity (HPLC).

4. If the results are positive (so that means the raw powder batch is of correct identity with a purity of above 99%) we instruct our contractor to go ahead and mix and fill the bottles after.

5. When the batch is mixed and bottled, the batch gets a final QC inspection and is sent out to our 3PL.

The whole batch is batch coded and also induction cap sealed.

6. Our 3PL receives the whole batch of solutions.

7. We instruct our 3PL to send out a solution or more solutions from the batch to S&N labs for concentration testing.

This picking is completely randomized and is done by an employee from them, not us.

8. If the concentration matches label criteria the solutions are finally ready to be sold to our customers.

The advantages of our supply chain are as follows:

– Maximum trust for the customer. It's pretty much impossible for us to underdose our solutions this way. Our powders are first tested for identity & purity and our solutions for concentration.

– Professional parties, especially on the mixing & filling front. Some companies mix from their basement. We use a professional filling contractor that also mixes for companies in other high profile niches like e-liquids.

– We are audited in a way. Our parties know exactly how much is produced and how much is received in stock


Chemyo's solutions are all featured in 50 ml bottles, which is 66% more volume than the industry standard that is 30 ml.

When you price it out milligram for milligram, Chemyo prices are better than most companies, and that is without even factoring in that they actually achieve greater than 99% chromatographic purity in every single batch, and the majority of other companies don't even have the right compounds in the bottles they are labeling as SARMs.

When you order from another fly-by-night company, the probability is nearly 50% that their products are completely bunk without even delving into their quality control.

Then, the probability that their current batch for sale is accurately dosed is extremely low.

As mentioned previously, look at how many companies are actually getting third party testing, then look at how many of those companies are showing their raw data from those test results.

When all is said and done, there are almost no companies out there that are consistently achieving chromatographic purity of over 99% on all of their testing data.

Even if a company has third party testing and has published test results for you to view, what are the chances that those test results reflect the purity of the batch that they will actually be sending you and isn't an old test result?

Are those test results batch coded to allow you to actually see what the purity of the batch you received is specifically?

At the end of the day, when you go look for loss leader companies in this industry to save a few bucks, you will get burned with garbage quality almost every single time.

I am shocked at how many people will completely compromise their research using some random company that has zero credibility, proof of product purity, or proof of consistency just to save $5-10 per product in their order.

Fortunately, the handfuls of truly credible companies in this industry do not charge multiple times more than the crap people are buying, even though it would be more than justified.

All things considered, Chemyo MAJORLY underprices their products.

If you get a massively underdosed product, or something else entirely (the chances are disturbingly high that this will happen with most SARMs sources), did you really save any money at the end of the day?

No, you spent more money for less of what you were paying for, and your results/reports will be useless to reference.

Product Presentation And Website Layout

Chemyo was the first SARMs company I am aware of that actually had a presentable website as far back as 2016.

It has always been easy to navigate with a very professional layout.

It is clear that attention to detail is a priority of theirs, as 99% of companies in this industry had crappy looking Shopify skeleton websites, or poorly designed WordPress sites back then.

If a company doesn't take the time to make an easy to navigate website with a user-friendly checkout menu, or get high quality images of their products and accompanying graphics, to me that just shows that they are willing to cut corners.

The more a company is willing to cut corners in one aspect or another, the more likely this lack of pride in presentation will bleed into quality control.

The Chemyo website looks amazing and their product presentation is fantastic.

Attention to minor details is clear even during the packaging process of their products.

The packaging is designed to prevent evaporation in storage and maximize product shelf life.

Each bottle has tamper-proof seals to ensure safety in transit

Each bottle also comes with a free 1 ml dropper for accurate measuring.

Most companies that even feature a means of measuring product to begin with will include a graduated 1 ml pipette with notches every 1/4 ml.

This can lead to wildly inaccurate measurements, which was recognized by Chemyo.

Their droppers are separated into 0.1 ml markings, with ten 0.01 ml mini markings in between each of those for extremely accurate measurements.

Customer Service

The customer service at Chemyo is great.

Over the years I've only had to email about an international order once, and my concern was quickly addressed.

Chemyo offers quick and friendly support should you need it.

The Different SARMs for Sale

As you should know, different SARMs possess different properties than one another, despite all operating via a very similar mechanism of action.

They are all intended to be non-steroidal and exert tissue-selective anabolic effects in muscle and bone, while sparing other androgenic effects that come from anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS).

To make things easier for you, I’ve made a table to show you each of the most well known and researched SARMs, and broken them up into varying levels of endocrine suppression, as well as separated the compounds that are not SARMs at all, but are commonly lumped into the SARM category.

You can also read through all of the notable clinical research conducted on each compound in an organized format, as well as my personal interpretation of the research and anecdotal findings of each compound linked below:

Chemyo stocks most of these, with the exception of ACP-105, AC-262536 and LGD-3303.

They also don't stock SR9009 as it is useless orally, and frankly I have no idea why any company stocks this product in oral format.

Chemyo has transparent potency audits and batch purity analysis for every single batch they produce of each of these products.

Each batch is guaranteed to be at least 99% chromatographic purity verified via HPLC and FTIR raw data that can be cross referenced with each lot code.

Other Product Offerings

When I first ordered from Chemyo years ago they only had a few products, but the quality was undoubtedly superior to the vast majority of the industry.

This was reflected not only in their third party transparent test results, but also every single time in my own personal research.

They've since expanded their catalog, and I've been told that a large expansion is to be expected soon.

These range from SARMs to Nootropics, to anti-aging and longevity enhancing agents, and even some of the very obscure hair loss prevention compounds that I experiment with.


Some of the most notable Nootropics available right now that caught my eye are Noopept and Phenibut.

I am a big fan of acute Phenibut usage for enhancing social freedom.

Noopept stacks exceptionally well with Gorilla Mind Rush and Gorilla Mind Smooth as well for intense focus and productivity.

Anti-Aging & Longevity

I've started to transition into a significant amount of anti-aging and longevity research as of late, and it was nice to see that some of the most novel agents being evaluated right now for potential therapeutic applications are offered by Chemyo as well.

The most notable currently in their expanded catalog being NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide).

Hair Loss Prevention

Chemyo has started to expand their product line to include compounds developed for hair loss prevention as well.

The main compound currently in their catalog that I have a lot of experience with and has shown significant therapeutic promise is RU58841.

Where to Buy SARMs Internationally?

Chemyo ships worldwide and guarantees delivery.

They will ship anywhere SARMs are currently legal.

BEFORE you buy SARMs, check if these products are legal in your country.

Check the laws in your country prior to buying anything online to make sure it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

Cryptocurrency Discount

Chemyo offers an additional 5% discount at checkout for those who use Cryptocurrency as their form of payment.

If you order Chemyo products with Cryptocurrency to get a discount on your orders, checkout Coinbase HERE.

I believe Coinbase is the most user friendly exchange to buy Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency from.

My Chemyo Review In Summary

Blind randomized third party testing, batch and lot tracking, triplicate batch analysis, transparent publicly posted HPLC and FTIR raw data, and guaranteed 99% chromatographic purity make it extremely difficult for any other company in this industry to stack up to Chemyo.

They are a true pioneer in this industry and I would not hesitate to recommend Chemyo SARMs, RU58841, Nootropics, or any other product offerings currently in their catalog.

Chemyo Coupon Code

Despite already offering very competitive pricing, there are coupon codes available to use at checkout.

At checkout, you can use the Chemyo coupon code “DC10” to save 10% on your entire order.

Chemyo 99%+ Pure Third Party Tested SARMs

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

Chemyo Review

Product Name: SARMs And RU58841

Brand: Chemyo

  • Third Party Testing
  • Accurate Dosing
  • Pricing
  • Batch Consistency
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22 thoughts on “Chemyo Review – SARMs And RU58841 Product Quality”

  1. Derek, I hope you will be honest, are you getting paid by science.bio and chemyo for these past two articles you’ve released? They seem a little one sided with absolutely zero question marks or improvement areas for either of them, and their extensiveness makes me question if they weren’t somehow involved in the production of these articles. I wouldn’t be upset if you were being compensated, I would just like to know. I hope if you reply you won’t lie, but then again who really knows anything for certain these days, cheers.
    Sincerely- an inquisitive supporter

    1. Every single company in almost every single industry, for any product, has an affiliate program or a kickback structure. Any time I write about something that anyone who reads/watches/listens to my content would want to know about where I get my own products, I will link to the company I use. While I would understand if someone would jump to the assumption that somebody is a shill based on a recommendation, the fact is that any company in almost any industry has affiliate structures set up. Taking this into consideration, the bias is largely removed, as I could easily promote any company based on this, so, it only makes sense that I recommend the companies that I use myself and truly believe represent the top of the industry. Now, as far as if a recommendation in general introduces a bias as to whether I would even use a certain product myself or not, well, that would then require you to make a judgment call based on my content if you think I even research X product to begin with. I think it goes without saying the elaborate detail I delve into, my personal blood work I spend thousands of dollars to get regularly on all these compounds (it is not free to get sensitive assay testing so I travel out of country to get it and pay out of pocket), and the quality of my content speak to the fact that I do in fact research anything I link out to and incorporate into my own personal life. As far as improvement areas for Chemyo. The main one is their lack of a diverse product catalog. Other than that, frankly I have zero complaints and the article reflects exactly how I perceive them as a company. If quality went downhill, I wouldn’t hesitate to pull them from my short list of recommended companies.

    2. There’s many many recommendation to be found anywhere on the internet on any of these well known and well regarded companies. The only difference is that Derek writes pages chock-full of useful information that you’d had to have spent hours researching, free of charge.

  2. Which one would you recommend Chemya, NarrowLabs, ProvenPeptides? For 3 of them you recommend them but I am curious which one is your current source?

    1. For liquids, you can’t go wrong with Chemyo, Proven Peptides, or Science.bio (I use them interchangeably). For capsules, Narrows.

          1. Thank you sir! One more question. They sent an order by certified mail. Will i get in trouble signing for it? I know its not illegal yet but i still worry. What do you think sir?

  3. Great write up Derek.

    I’ve been getting RU58841 from anangeninc. Do you have any reason to believe the RU from Chemyo is superior in any way, or are they both good?

  4. Derek,

    Have you ever had an independent lab test the purity and quality of the RU58841 from either Kane or Chemyo?

    To my understanding the source is the same person who just developed another company name. Obviously you are compensated for promoting his products, but I am concerned that there is no independent lab work done to verify the quality and composition of the drugs being sold online from his websites. This is a concern since its manufactured in China and from what I know the lab conditions are not regulated and contamination, quality control and auditing is non existent hence opening one liable to potential toxic material that could cause life long issues further down the line…..

    This is what has put me and many of my friends off from buying RU or there drugs.

    1. I’ve seen tons of third party test results over the years. I have yet to personally see a bunk batch of RU58841 from either company. I don’t know how closely associated they are, but what I do know is that their RU comes from the same source, which is why I use the two interchangeably. Frankly, I don’t even know who is associated with who at this point, I just order what I know works on my end, is supported by the most positive reviews, and also has the best quality control I can get/have personally seen through my research.

      I don’t believe your broad assessment of lab conditions is accurate. However, I’m not trying to convince you otherwise either. Your hesitancy is more than justified with this industry.

      When it comes to this industry my concern is rarely in product quality, as it is actually pretty easy to get third party lab testing nowadays, make a judgment about a company’s quality control procedures, dig online for additional feedback, etc.

      My concerns stem more from the relative lack of research on some of the compounds that are used fairly haphazardly, and how many of the discoveries in this community are made through anecdotal findings.

  5. Hey Derek how do you feel about the quality of SwissChems and the new line of nano injectable sarms they have came out with? Do they seem good to go and trustable to you?

    1. I’m evaluating the injectable LGD-4033 right now so I should have an answer shortly on that. As of now, everything I have tried from them has been spot on, but I can’t comment on the injectable SARMs until I have more experience with them.

  6. Derek do you think there is a better absorption, with liquids? And do you think doing sarms sublingual is increasing the bioavailability vs oral?

  7. Do you apply any RU to the sides of the head around the temple where it can recede? Also, if you are a receder in lieu of diffuser. Would you only apply it around the hairline/ a bit behind it? Or would you apply everywhere.

  8. Does TheKaneShop/AnagenInc ship from China {concerned about the coronavirus} or the US/UK? And does Chemyo ship discreet and declare a low value like AnagenInc/Kane?

    1. Anageninc always ships to me from the UK. I think Kaneshop is China. Specifics about Chemyo shipping to your area you should ask their customer service about.

  9. im in ontario. have tried twice to purchase from Chemyo (ostarine) but it seems to get turned around and sent back, by customs best i can tell from the USPS tracking history

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