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Clenbuterol Fat Loss Results (Overview and Common Clenbuterol Myths)

Clenbuterol General Overview

Clenbuterol is a compound I have used countless times.

Without delving into too much boring information about what Clenbuterol is actually prescribed for (it is a bronchodilator used to treat breathing disorders like asthma), I use it exclusively for its’ fat burning properties.

Clenbuterol stimulates the metabolism by increasing the temperature of the body.

Via this mechanism of action, Clenbuterol is a fairly effective thermogenic compound that allows the body to burn fat at a greater rate.

The Protocol I Use For Clenbuterol

After trying countless different protocols over the years, I have settled on what works best for me.

That protocol is a very gradual, slow titration up in the dose over the span of 8-12 weeks (however long my cut lasts).

By the end of my cut (5-7% body fat usually) my dosage typically ends up being 80-100mcg.

I have never exceeded 120mcg and I never will (and neither should you).

I always start on the very low end of dosing, which is 20mcg.

Clenbuterol tolerance works just like caffeine does, where you can get away with a very low dosage at the start of use and reap the maximum benefits from it, but as time goes on with continuous use, your tolerance builds up quick and the dosage must be titrated up to maintain the same max benefit.

Starting low with Clenbuterol is absolutely key though, because just like overdosing on caffeine, if you take more Clenbuterol than your body can handle, you will put your cardiovascular system into overdrive and could cause some major health complications.

Clenbuterol Myths

1) It Will Get You Ripped Without Dieting

This should be obvious but unfortunately a lot of people perceive Clenbuterol as a magic pill of sorts that will get you shredded just by popping a few pills per day.

This couldn’t be any further from the truth.

If you are fat with your current diet, just adding Clenbuterol into your regimen with no alteration in diet or cardio will probably shave a few % off your current body fat percentage, but it will not take you from 20% to 10% without changing anything.

Clenbuterol is simply that extra boost that will help you go from lean, to very lean.

Clenbuterol also has an apparent cosmetic drying out effect which is beneficial to a more polished physique as well.

Whenever I use Clen, I notice within days that my physique looks a bit dryer, and my face looks a bit leaner.

2) 2 Weeks On 2 Weeks Off Protocol

One of the biggest myths in bodybuilding that is practically treated as gospel by some individuals is the theory that Clenbuterol absolutely must be cycled off of completely every 2 weeks to allow beta-2 receptors to upregulate and recover sensitivity.

What most people don’t realize is that the Clenbuterol is still working after 2 weeks, it is simply not as effective.

After 2-3 weeks is the time I bump the dose another 20mcg.

By bumping it up in this gradual manner, an increased metabolic rate can be taken advantage of for the entire duration of the cutting phase, as opposed to having heightened fat-burning potential for only 2 weeks on, and then taking 2 weeks off before you can reap those benefits again.

This protocol has been shoved down the throats of bodybuilders for so long and by so many people that it has gotten severe enough that people think Clenbuterol is useless after 2 weeks, and it is an absolute necessity to come off of it at that point.

This is absolutely NOT the case.

3) Benadryl For Beta-2 Receptor Upregulation

This myth has been around for many years, and I have no idea how it manifested itself because it is completely bogus.

The theory behind it is that by using Benadryl each day with your Clenbuterol you can keep the beta-2 receptors upregulated for the entirety of your cutting phase, consequently allowing you to use Clenbuterol at the same dose throughout your whole cycle without losing effectiveness.

The reason why Clenbuterol loses effectiveness after prolonged usage is that it causes the beta-2 receptors to downregulate.

If you can keep those receptors upregulated then you would never lose sensitivity to Clenbuterol.

Despite Benadryl being an antihistamine, it actually exerts no upregulation of the beta-2 receptors, thus doing nothing for Clenbuterol users.

There is only one compound that can accomplish this, and that is Ketotifen Fumarate

Ketotifen Fumarate is the only thing that will keep beta-2 receptors upregulated.

Using legitimate Ketotifen, you can probably get away with using 50% less Clenbuterol than you would otherwise need to if you weren’t using Ketotifen to get the maximum benefits.

It is absolutely not a necessity though (I never use Ketotifen with Clen anymore).

4) If You Don't Get The Clen Shakes, It Doesn't Mean Your Product Isn't Bunk

This is a myth that is typically pushed by guys who have an agenda of some sort, and may be partly, or entirely responsible for selling somebody (knowingly or unknowingly) bunk Clen.

Granted, there are likely some exceptions to the rule, but typically, if your beta-2 receptors aren't completely burnt out, if you can take a moderate dose of Clen and not get the infamous “Clen shakes,” and your resting heart rate isn't notably increased, I would be inclined to believe you got a bunk product.

Clenbuterol is one of the drugs where it's blatantly obvious almost every single time if it's real or not within a couple hours of taking it.

If I ever got a bottle of Clen where I didn't get shakes from 25-50 mcg (50 being the max wiggle room I'd give a product even if it was underdosed), I'd be highly suspicious of its' potency, or if it even has any active drug in it at all.

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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22 thoughts on “Clenbuterol Fat Loss Results (Overview and Common Clenbuterol Myths)”

  1. This isn’t relevant to this article, BUT

    Just want to say a BIG thank you for all that you do man. U’ve provided me the pathway and education to get into self improvement and better myself in my life. What I learned here is 100x more valuable to me than anything I’ve learned in University in the 5 years I was there. I bought most of your supplements recommended, and use them daily. I also have 3 of your top 3 colognes recommended and I’m completely satisfied. You also didn’t hesitate to email me back when I had some personal questions.

    I APPRECIATE what you do, and I hope you continue doing you, and providing insightful content for your readers. Keep it real brotha!

    MUCH respect,


      1. 60 isn’t a low dose. I like to start around 25-30 and then bump it by 10-20 mcg every 2 weeks or so. Keeping your dosage the same for a month straight will likely lead to some tolerance.

  2. I’ve seen numerous opinions that clen and t3 dosages should be split into 2 dosages in the a.m and preworkout.

    Do you recommend splitting the dosage for clen and t3?

  3. Heads-up to guys starting the cut.

    Have been using T3 + Clen for over 6 weeks now without any issues. However, problems begun when I started taking yohimbine.

    Taking 2 yohibmine capsules pre-workout caused severe chest pain (during cardio, 120-140 bpm), Code Red fat burner (has yohimbine in it) caused heart palpitations which gotten worse the longer I was taking it (4 capsules in 2 doses for ~5 days).

    Dropped both, side effects disappeared. Started taking Red Supplements fat burner, no heart-related side effects and is more effective in terms of appetite suppression.

    1. Yes but I see no sense in stressing your cardiovascular system with Clen during a bulk. It’s somewhat muscle sparing but that is irrelevant in a calorie surplus.

  4. Do I dose clen everyday or just once every two days because the half life is 48 hours. And do I take clen all at once or do I spread it through out the day

  5. I appreciate your blog posts. I tried different clen cycles myself and everytime I felt nothing, even not at a dossage of 120 mg. A friend of mine advised me to buy ´´Malay tiger clenox´´ even on this stuff I didn´t feel any hand shaking or other symptoms. So I gave it to him and he was reacting immediately on a 20 mg dossage. Is it possible that I´m immune for clenbuterol and my receptors won´t take up the clen? Or is it working from the inside and I just have no side effects? I would really love to hear your opinion, because I can’t find a reason why i’m not responsive.

    1. No dude, it have nothing to do with DHT

      However I think If you had a lot of stress and have problem with shading it would be better for you to not take it until you resolve it

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