Video on YouTube of Eric Kanevsky's body from previous competition and 2019 competition after new cycle

A Comprehensive Analysis Of Eric Kanevsky’s Steroid Cycle

By popular request, I'm going to be reacting to Eric Kanevsky's steroid cycle in his 2019 contest prep stack reveal video.

This cycle has some pretty exorbitant dosages and is obviously going to make for an appealing topic to cover.

Let's delve right into it.

Eric Kanevsky's 16-Week Prep Cycle

“I lost 98 pounds in the 16-week prep, which is an average of over six pounds per week.

Only did my first show two years ago, the Mr. California 2017, I weighed in at 196 pounds on stage.

This year and my warm-up show, I weighed in at 241 pounds, which is a 45-pound difference.

At my main show, the Mr. California 2019, which I came in much better condition for and I completely nailed the look I was going for, I weighed in at 227 pounds.

Even if you go by the lower weight, that is a total of 31 pounds of legitimate stage weight that I gained in two years.

And in my case, I was able to stay completely healthy while doing this, I do not get side effects from gear the way that most people do.

Obviously, I'm bald, which by the way, I'm loving the look right now and I can get a hair transplant whenever I get bored of it. Trust me, I have no problem with affording it.”

02:05 – If you've totally burned all the hair follicles off the top of your head, no matter how much donor hair you think you have, you're not going to have enough to cover a totally bald head and have it look good.

Let's not mislead people into thinking that you can just sauce your face off for a bunch of years and gain all this muscle and then just transplant all the hair on the back of your head to the top because you're not going to have enough donor hairs.

Even if you do manage to get full coverage, the density is going to look terrible.

Just to clarify, don't go blast steroids thinking you can just fix it after.

This guy needs a hair system if he ever wants to have good hair again.

I'm hoping when he says “I had no side effects,” he doesn't just show blood work and he actually shows an echocardiogram or some actual scans.

It's not that hard to keep good blood work.

It's really hard not to get cardiovascular disease through ventricular hypertrophy and heart enlargement in general, especially when you're using high dosages and you're walking around with a high body weight.

That's why guys like Dallas McCarver, Rich Piana, guys who went and got blood work and would constantly post, “Look how good my blood pressure is. Look how good my blood work is.”

On paper, they had good health, but then they dropped dead because their hearts were severely enlarged.

Eric Kanevsky's Blood Work Results

“I over here have my bloodwork, which I've got about two weeks post-contest. Everything is pretty much in the range except for HDL cholesterol.”

Eric Kanevsky's blood work result

03:47 – Wow, his HDL is as good as mine even when I'm just on 100 mg of Test Prop.

Liver enzymes are pretty bad.

Other than that, though, it looks pretty good, considering.

This is not a comprehensive panel by any means.

“I've known people that have run on a small fraction of what I did, and theirs was in the single digits after prep. Mine is just slightly lowered.

I guarantee once I get a few weeks off to recover, it's going to be in the perfectly healthy range.

That's nothing for what I did, honestly.

The only thing that's elevated is the AST and ALT, liver enzymes again just slightly elevated at 46 and 94.

I've known people again that have only run a small fraction of the orals that I did during this prep, and theirs would be in the hundreds after they finished their prep.

Cholesterol is perfect, kidney function is perfect.

White blood cell count, red blood cell count.

Hemoglobin, hematocrit is all perfect.

The only thing out of range here are the HDL and the liver enzymes, which liver enzymes for all athletes are already slightly elevated just from doing the exercise but either way, I guarantee in a month when I go back to check out everything, everything is going to be in the completely normal range.

While I did use a pretty hefty amount, I don't get any side effects.

I'm always solid on my bloodwork, ultrasounds, everything so let's not act like I'm some reckless guys who has no idea what he's doing.”

05:24 – Ultrasound? Can we see it? Because I'd be curious.

One of the most common things I see about guys touching on their health is they'll show all their bloodwork, but then they won't show their EKG or their echocardiogram results.

Do we just assume that they're fine?

It doesn't sound like he's going to post it, but I guess I'll just take for his word that it's fine.

What Eric Kanevsky Didn't Use During His Prep Cycle


“Before we get into what I did run, let's first talk about the things that I did not run during this contest prep that a lot of people accuse me of running.

Number one, DNP – I talked about in my last video.

I don't think that bodybuilders actually run DNP.

I haven't heard of any really doing it.

I'm convinced it's only Little Jimmys running it, who think that bodybuilders are running it.

We all know how DNP is, and whenever we would hear something in the news about something happening to somebody, it would always be some little kid.

People thought that at the beginning of my cut because I was losing over a pound per day that I had to be doing something crazy and magical and I had to be running DNP to kickstart the fat loss.

I was 317 pounds when I started my prep.

I was holding a shit ton of water.

That's mostly what I was losing at first.

I have a crazy metabolism.

At the start of my cut, I started with just 10 minutes of cardio per day, 4,000 calories, and I was dropping over a pound per day.

So, there would really be zero reason for me to ever take DNP.”

Metabolic Adaptation

07:00 – Something he just mentioned is good to touch on because a lot of guys, they don't understand how metabolic adaptation works.

This is why cutting your calories too soon is going to be detrimental to a lot of guys in a cut, and this is why a lot of guys end up eating 1500, 1400, 1300 calories to get shredded.

The goal in the offseason shouldn't just be to gain as much muscle as possible, it should also be to prime your metabolism for your next cut.

Evidently, he obviously gained a lot of muscle during his last bulk, so that primed his metabolism to strip a bunch of fat off when he goes into a deficit.

When you eat at such a high amount of calories for such a prolonged period of time, that becomes your body's new set point or baseline at which it maintains its weight.

That's why guys who just dumped their calories way too quickly eventually get to a point where they're eating 2,000, 1900, 1800 and they can't lose weight because your body is continuously adapting to a new set point based on what you're providing it, energy-wise.

If you're constantly providing your body and you taper up to 4,000 – 4,500 calories to gain muscle, that becomes your body's new set point.

Then, despite a calculator online telling you that you need to eat 2500 calories to lose fat, the reality is your body is primed to be in a deficit eating like 4,000, 3800, 3700 and then you slowly titrate down.

You don't do it too quickly.

You milk all the fat loss you can out of each drop so then by the end of the cut, you're shredded and you're still eating like 2500 calories as opposed to guys who are eating 1600 and they still can't lose weight even though they're eating like a bikini competitor.

I just wanted to touch on that quick because a lot of guys don't really understand that point he just made.


“Next thing that I did not take is T3. T3 is very catabolic, it burns muscle.

Whenever I would take it in the past, I would always look extremely flat.

I was doing it several times in the past and seeing the exact same thing happened every single time.

I just came to the conclusion that I will not use it again.

A lot of people run it and a lot of coaches include it in the protocols just because it's the norm.

You don't need T3 to get in shape as a bodybuilder.

Again, with the metabolism that bodybuilders have, there is no reason to be taking something that will cause you to lose muscle.”

09:37 – I kind of agree with that to an extent.

Anytime in the past, I've used too much T3, even no matter what you're running, you end up losing muscle.

If you run 75 mcg of T3 or higher, which some guys think you need to do, you just end up getting super flat and losing tissue.

It doesn't even matter if you're on Tren at the same time.

A lot of guys think, “Oh, you're on Tren, you can't possibly lose muscle.”

It's not the case with T3, it's not preferential for fat to muscle, it just tear through everything.

If you can get shredded without it, then good.

I don't necessarily know if this guy was stage ready by bodybuilders standards, but I agree that you don't need T3 to cut.

There are tons of guys who get stage ready without it.

It depends more on your blood work, like how much suppression do you get via dieting.

That's going to constitute whether you need to use exogenous T3 or not

You shouldn't need to push yourself hyperthyroid just to get lean.

I do also agree with that statement in regards to you don't need T3 to get shredded, you definitely don't.

It can be detrimental, at least, oftentimes at the dosages guys are using.

The cut, this oftentimes would have been better without it.

It depends on your blood work at the end of the day.


“I don't even know anything about SARMs.

I don't want to know anything about them.

All I know is that the only type of people that take them or claim to take them are little Jimmys on forums, or too afraid to use the real stuff, or people who are trying to sell you them.

Other than that, if you want to get real results, use the real shit, quit f*cking around.

Nobody who's serious actually uses SARMs.”

11:32SARMs, they are often misinterpreted for what they're capable of doing.

The dosages that are commonly used in the bodybuilding community are oftentimes far lower than what is used in the context of anabolic-androgenic steroids.

There are clinical trials comparing the efficacy of 1 mg of LGD-4033 to 1 mg of Nandrolone, it blows it out of the water.

LGD-4033 Vs Nandrolone LBM Gain
LGD-4033 Vs Nandrolone

Does that necessarily mean LGD is better than Nandrolone?

No, it just means that guys are using 10 mg of LGD per week, and they're using 600 mg of Nandrolone per week.

On paper, what's really stronger?

If you're “serious” about bodybuilding, are you really going to compare 500 mg of Test to 12.5 mg of Ostarine, when on paper, there's 487.5 mg of difference?

It's not really a fair comparison.

They selectively activate the androgen receptor in the same way that steroid does.

It's not like they're any less efficacious, necessarily, it's just the context in which people are describing them and researching them is a bit different.

These are meant to be therapeutic alternatives to anabolic-androgenic steroids as preventing musculoskeletal degenerative disease outcomes of losing tissue, bone, mineral density, etc.

It's not like the context in which these things are studied is even meant for performance enhancement.

It's the same with steroid, if you look at Nandrolone studies and degradation diseases in women and stuff, they're not like blowing chicks up to massive Olympia size because the context in which these drugs are studied in is way different.

If you have some guy using a gram of Test and you're comparing it to 10 mg of LGD, it's not really a fair statement to say, in my opinion.

I just think that's a bit of a misguided statement.

As he said, he doesn't research this data at all, so he just doesn't really know how they work.

There aren't very many guys who look massive who are using SARMs, but there are also not very many guys using bodybuilder dosages of SARMs.

You have guys using dosages close to the therapeutic level, at least, as outlined in the clinical studies on humans.

That's not to say that they're going to blow somebody up at mega dosages, but it's not a fair comparison when there's no even anecdotal data on that comparison.

Week 1 Of Prep Cycle

“I started prep at 16 and 13 weeks out.

13 weeks out of my warm-up show, 16 weeks out of my main show, but the whole time, the first 13 weeks, I was treating my warm-up show like an actual show.

So, 3700 mg of Test per week to start and that is pretty much where I kept it.”

Week 1 Cycle:

  • 3,000 mg of Testosterone Enanthate per week
  • 700 mg of Testosterone Propionate per week
  • 10 IUs of GH (growth hormone) per day
  • 350 mg of Trenbolone Acetate
  • 350 mg of Masteron Enanthate
  • 1 ml of Arimidex every single day (I'm assuming he meant 1 mg)

15:14 – So, 3700 mg of Test.

I don't even know what to say, man, that's an excessive amount.

The amount of aromatization you have occurring at that dose, and the side effect profile that you get from that supraphysiological of an amount, the diminishing returns effect, I would say probably occurs at 1-1/2 to 2 g per week of total androgens, or something along those lines.

Once you hit a certain amount of Test, there's only so much anabolic activation you get through this androgen that you can really maximize its efficacy from.

Once you get to a point where you're forcing yourself to need massive dosages of AIs, which are going to hinder your muscle growth in order to run that high dose of Tests, you're kind of defeating the purpose of using in the first place.

In a bodybuilder context, in a performance-enhancing context, it makes sense to use as much as your body can get away with without reaching that saturation point of estrogenic overflow, where you're needing to pop AIs into your system, which are terrible for you.

They hinder muscle growth as well just to run more.

It's a counterbalancing thing, you would be much better served by adding in something else that's clinically studied like Primo or another DHT derivative, if you don't care about your hair, that can have an additive effect with the testosterone without pushing you over that overflow limit where you're forcing yourself to take AIs.

I'm sure he has other stuff in his stack, but 3700 mg per week is just absurd.

You don't need that much.

10 units of growth hormone per day.

You're in a deficit, too.

How Much Testosterone Do You Need To Retain Tissue In A Deficit?

This is the thing that I should also touch on regarding the Test is, how much Test do you need to retain tissue in a deficit?

Is it really 3700 mg?

No, it's not.

Frankly, you need less overall steroids when you're cutting than when you're trying to build muscle.

Everyone thinks you need to run higher gear when you're cutting.

It's something I used to think, too.

The reality is, the total androgen index and load that you're putting in each week is higher because there are these cosmetic compounds, DHT derivatives, and hardeners that are added in for that look on stage.

You're far past the actual threshold of anabolic activity you need to retain tissue in a deficit when you're at 3700 mg.

Growth Hormone Dosage

As far as the GH dosage, lipolysis is maxed out around 0.3 mcg/kg, which is approximately equal to 32.4 mcg/L.

In terms of relating that to real-life practical application, that's about 1.2 to 1.5 IUs for a 100 kg lean athlete.

For this guy, maybe it would be like 2 IUs to induce maximum lipolysis.

Anything above and beyond that, for example, using 4 IUs at once, the lipolytic benefit you can render out of that is inhibited by mechanisms in the body on purpose, very similar to the same way Myostatin inhibits you from gaining too much muscle when your Androgen index goes up.

There's a diminishing returns effect with everything.

In GH, that's the case, it's about maybe 2 IUs for this guy, where he would max out his lipolysis effects.

That's until the active life of GH is over, and those cells have re-sensitized in the environment to be able to induce those mechanisms again.

Due to the pulsatile nature of the human endogenous GH production, the cells in the body expect a period of inactivity after each GH secretion.

There's a mechanism in place to prevent cell activity after each pulse.

Even if you're pinning more than you can possibly utilize, there's a counteracting mechanism in place to inhibit that.

graph of 24 hour profiles of pulsatile serum GH concentrations and deconvolution resolved GH secretory rates


Hypothetical Model For The Physiologic Basis Of A Volleyed Burst-Like Mode Of GH Secretion In Man

Repeated administration of exogenous growth hormone leads to inhibited cell sensitivity, once you start to go above and beyond what your body can process.

Muscle cells, in particular, have shown to have a refractory period of at least two hours before partial sensitivity is even recovered.

It's closer to six to eight hours before full sensitivities recovered in muscle cells.

Graphic Illustration Of The Importance of GH pulsatility in stimulating Stat5 phosphor- ylation and IGF-I mRNA expression

That means if you're pinning multiple shots of GH or fat dosages within that timeframe, you're not inducing any extra fat loss, you're just pushing the IGF-1 pathway unnecessarily and promoting side effects when you're not actually yielding any lipolysis benefits above and beyond that 1.2 to 1.5 IUs per 6 to 8 hours for most people.

For this guy, maybe closer to 2 IUs or something like that.

Lipolysis effects are blunted is the whole point of it.

Before even having some level activity that can be restored in that refractory period, starting to come to a close, it's two hours, and it's closer to six to eight hours for full sensitivity to recover.

For 10 IUs, I don't know how he's splitting it up, but I guess we will find out.

“I actually wanted to start with a little over 5 g of total Test and 20 IUs of GH per day.

If I recall correctly, I ended my offseason at 317 pounds, so I really just wanted to start losing weight, start losing all that bloat immediately.

I lowered the Test a little bit.

Same with the GH, one side effect that I do get is GH actually makes me really sleepy.

It's like taking Melatonin for me, I didn't want to feel any more tired than I already was at 317 pounds.”

21:23 – Especially, when you're cutting to like I mentioned, you're not trying to grow in deficit.

Lipolysis is the effect he's seeking from this 10 IUs, but at least six of those is probably getting wasted.

A reference for guys watching if you're in the bodybuilding community, don't waste your money using excessive amounts that you don't need to use.

You literally are not going to be able to use 10 IUs for lipolysis benefits.

And even if you microdose it with one IU every two hours, once you hit that threshold of cell saturation, you're getting that inhibited pathway effect where you need that refractory period to occur before you can then get activation again properly.

“I started with only 10 IUs of GH per day and I would take it all before bed because it makes me feel tired, it knocks you out.”

22:20 – No, that's the worst way you could take it.

I already mentioned the reason why you would not use it all at once, and you would split up as much as possible.

Once you've hit that saturation point, that's it, that's all you're getting out of it until the refractory period is over.

“I would up the GH slightly. At one point, I upped it to 12 IUs, at one point to 14, and then I added the prep with 15 IUs GH per day.

I take 10 IUs before bed and right when I wake up at night to pee, I would take the rest and go right back to bed.

A lot of people would like to split the doses up. Some people do it pre-workout and then make sense to have a constant release of GH in your body the whole entire day.

At the same time imagine taking Melatonin pre-workout, you're not going to have the best workout after that, so that's why I just take it all at nighttime around my sleep.

Also week one, I started with 350 mg of Tren A, 350 mg of Mast E.

1 ml of Arimidex every single day.”

23:37 – Just based on what I'm seeing, the other dosages seemed more reasonable, obviously, but it's like 1 ml Arimidex, I'm assuming that's 1 mg suspended per 1 ml solution.

That just goes to show why using that much Test is going to be more hindering than helpful at that point if you have to use an AI.

That's going to hinder IGF-1, the very thing you're using stupid amounts of GH to increase as going to inhibit aromatization and mechanisms downstream that are going to affect anabolism.

You're defeating the purpose of the testosterone.

A much lower dose of testosterone would be a lot more sensical because you're not getting any additional muscle retention via this extra 3,000 mg.

The same effects could be achieved with a quarter of that.

The Mast E, after cleaving off the ester, you're probably left with 200 to 250 active hormone.

Some of these doses just seemed kind of weird, to me.

If you're already bald, you can get away with way higher Mast antagonize a lot of the estrogen from your ridiculous dose of Test and get more of a better body composition effect out of it.

It's kind of weird how these like more “responsible” dosages are being used with the very hormones that would help more than the Tests.

We're not trying to grow in a deficit, we're trying to look as ridiculous as possible.

If you don't care about your hair, then why is the Mast so low.

I don't get it.

Arimidex Use

“1 ml of Arimidex every single day to destroy all the estrogen while on all that Test.

During my offseason, I never use an AI at all because I never get gyno or anything.”

25:36 – Just so you guys know, inhibiting estrogen also inhibits fat loss.

If you're using a dosage of an aromatizing compound that's so high that it requires you to use a milligram of Arimidex every single day, you may be severely inhibiting your fat loss potential.

Low Estrogen Effect On Fat Loss And Sexual Function And one thing to take into account here is using a milligram of Arimidex every day in practical application is oftentimes going to negatively affect bodybuilding outcomes in terms of hindering IGF-1, hindering anabolism, hindering fat loss.

A lot of guys, they actually limit their fat loss potential by crushing estrogen unnecessarily.

Keeping your estrogen in the healthy range with an AI is good if you need to, but this has to be verified through bloodwork.

You can't just haphazardly take dosages of AIs without knowing where it puts you on a sensitive assay estradiol test.

He's on 3700 mg of Test, so I highly doubt that the milligram of Arimidex crushed his estrogen.

For a lot of guys that are running a lot less, using a milligram of Arimidex is going to actually limit your fat loss greatly.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, high estrogen levels cause a ton of brutal side effects too.

Using a highly-aromatizing steroid as a base with a million times the supraphysiological amount necessary to retain lean tissue, it's kind of illogical to me.

When you force yourself in a position where you literally need to pound a milligram of Arimidex every day to keep your estrogen, even somewhat at bay, that's not a favorable situation when there are other things that are far more efficacious for the goals of this cycle here.

Crushing Estrogen During Prep

“During prep, you always want to have as little estrogen as possible to be as dry as possible.”

27:34 – No, that's incorrect, too.

You want as little of Estrogen if you're about to step on stage and you're trying to be dry.

Even then, that's not necessarily the case, if you need to come in fuller, you can look flat having no estrogen.

A lot of guys use Letro to crush their estrogen to zero and they look terrible and stringy on stage.

Having your estrogen close to zero during the actual fat loss process is the worst thing you could do.

Having it crushed right before you step on stage in peak week and smashing it with Letrozole, that makes a bit more sense for coming in with that dry, grainy look.

But, for the entire duration of the prep, smashing it with Arimidex is going to limit your fat loss, and it's also going to hinder your anabolism.

Week 2

“12 and 15 weeks out, I increase the Mast to 700 mg per week

and I added ECA three times a day, which is a fat burner.

ECA is Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin.”

  • 3,000 mg of Test E per week
  • 700 mg of Test Prop per week
  • 10 IUs of growth hormone per day
  • 350 mg of Tren A
  • 700 mg of Mast E.
  • 1 ml of Arimidex every single day.
  • ECA three times a day

28:45 – He increased the Masteron to 700 mg, which after cleaving off the ester is probably about 500 mg of active hormone.

This makes a bit more sense for his goals but the Test is still stupid high, and GH is way too high for his goals.

Adding an ECA that's obviously an effective way to burn fat, there's nothing wrong with that, as long as your heart is healthy.

Week 3

“11 and 14 weeks out, that's when I added the Clen at 20 mcg two times per day, so 40 mcg total.”

  • 3,000 mg of Test E per week
  • 700 mg of Test Prop per week
  • 10 IUs of growth hormone per day
  • 350 mg of Tren A
  • 700 mg of Mast E.
  • 1 ml of Arimidex every single day.
  • ECA three times a day
  • 40 mcg Clenbuterol per day

Clenbuterol (Clen) Use

29:18 – If you're going to add in Clenbuterol, especially if you're already on ECA, do not start at 40 mcg.

I'm not advising what to do, I'm simply advising to not go overkill if you're going to do this stuff.

I'm just saying if you're going to do something anyway, don't be dumb and start at 40 when you should be starting much lower than that and titrating up slower.

A lot of guys I've seen taken even 25 mcg and they get such bad shakes and palpitations.

Also, if you're using underground lab stuff and you're not using like a Ventipulmin vet pump, the vet-grade stuff, it's very likely you're using UGL Clen.

Oftentimes, it's even these research chemical Clen that you have to shake up to make sure it's evenly distributed before each administration.

There are some guys that could take what they think is 40 mcg that ends up being 200 mcg.

The same can go for pressed tabs if you have a lab that's underground or made in some guy's garage, you have no idea, so I'd start much lower than that.

Whenever I use Clen, I'd start as low as 15 to 20 mcg, and I would advise the same thing.

If you're going to be using Clen, start on the very, very low end because you don't know what you have unless it's from literally vet grade stuff.

ventipulmin vet-grade clenbuterol

Even then, 40 mcg is probably too high if you're just starting this stuff.

You can get exactly what you're trying to get out of it at 20 mcg without putting your resting heart rate into tachycardia.

As your beta cells desensitize to it and you need more, then titrating up makes a bit more sense.

Starting off at 40 mcg, I think that's a bit overkill, especially if you're already on stims.

“The Clen that I got up to doing was 150 mcg every day which I could actually usually take in one dose because as you guys know, Clen makes your hands shake a little bit and you got a bunch of shots to do that would be a nightmare.

I would normally get up, take some ECA, do cardio, get all the shots in, and then pre-workout, I normally take Clen.”

31:40 – He ended his prep at 150 mcg of Clen.

That's really, really high.

I've never found a need to go over 80 mcg, and the broscience limit of where you're going to screw yourself up is 120 mcg.

Is that founded on anything scientific? I don't think so.

Is 150 mcg going to kill you? Maybe not, but doses lower than that yield just as good benefits.

Tough to say, I've never gone nearly that high and most people I know don't go that high either.

Most bodybuilders I know even at the national level don't go that high, and even pro level don't go that high.

There's probably a lot of guys that go higher than that or even as high as that.

In most cases, I feel like even if you're not using ketotifen fumarate and your Beta 2 cells are down-regulating and you're using Clen for the entire prep, it's very uncommon to need to go up to 150 mcg to yield significant fat loss benefits.

I feel like it's a bit overkill.

Week 4

“We're 9 and 12 weeks out, we are still on 3700 mg of total Test per week, we're still on 350 mg of Tren A, but now we've switched the 700 mg of Mast E to Mast Prop because this is when I ran out of Mast E and we added 15 mg of Dbol per day.”

  • 3,000 mg of Test E per week
  • 700 mg of Test Prop per week
  • 10 IUs of growth hormone per day
  • 350 mg of Tren A per week
  • 700 mg of Mast Prop per week
  • 1 ml of Arimidex every single day.
  • ECA three times a day
  • 40 mcg of Clen per day
  • 15 mg of Dbol per day

“Honestly, in my opinion, Dbol and Anadrol, when you're my size are absolutely shit for offseason because they kill your appetite.

I never use orals in the offseason, but pre-contest is the best time to take these things because they will keep you looking fuller than anything else possibly can.”

Dianabol (Dbol) And Anadrol Usage

33:27 – I agree that using orals in the offseason is typically a bad idea.

Liver toxic orals can crush your appetite, make you feel like crap, and greatly hinder your progress when you're trying to crush calories.

As far as adding in something that aromatizes into estrogen, when you get into Androstane, you get into Testosterone, EQ, Dbol, especially if you're already on 3700 mg of Test that aromatizes into estrogen and you need to take Arimidex to keep that at bay, throwing in another Androstane like Dbol, you're not really adding something efficacious at this point that's doing anything above and beyond what you've already accomplished with the Testosterone.

You would be far better served by adding in something else that provides a mechanism of action more conducive to your physique goals at this point.

Sure, bloating yourself with intracellular water is going to make you look fuller, but you're literally crushing your estrogen on purpose to get rid of that.

Why would you throw in Dbol at this part of the cycle?

You're already on 3700 mg of steroids that aromatizes into E2, do you really need to add Dbol into this equation when you've already admitted to yourself, you're trying to crush that estrogen to get dry?

It makes no sense.

The fullness you would get from it is being completely mitigated by you trying to crush your estrogen to zero, which is what you seem to be doing.

I don't think Dbol has a place in this cycle at all.

Perhaps Anadrol has a place at this stage, but the mechanism of Anadrol is a lot different than Dbol.

There's a lot of guys who Anadrol load into shows on purpose for fullness and vascularity but the mechanism is a bit different than Dbol.

It's fulfilling a pathway that's already overspilled with your testosterone at that point.

Does Dbol ever have a place?

Perhaps, but it's certainly not in this context of trying to get dry and lean on stage, and already having an AI introduced to counteract the significant amount of aromatization occurring from the testosterone.

I just don't see that as a wise addition simply because you're basically saying I want so much side effects that it overtakes the literal use of my AI, and that's what is happening here.

Week 5 to 8

“I pretty much kept everything the same for the next four weeks. That's five and eight weeks out. I added 600 mg of Primo Enanthate a week.”

  • 3,000 mg of Test E per week
  • 700 mg of Test Prop per week
  • 10 IUs of growth hormone per day
  • 525 mg of Tren A per week
  • 700 mg of Mast Prop per week
  • 1 ml of Arimidex every single day.
  • ECA three times a day
  • Clen (titrating up to 150 mcg per day)
  • 100 mg of Anadrol per day
  • 600 mg of Primo Enanthate per week
  • 50 mg Winstrol per day
  • 25 mg Proviron per day

Primobolan Enanthate Usage

36:21 – The Primobolan is something I would have probably added in before Dbol if I didn't care about hair and if I was in this guy's shoes.

This is far more smart of a choice than Dianabol, in my opinion, especially at a pre-contest stage, and especially when you're using an AI on purpose to try and crush your estrogen, even though I wouldn't have advised that to begin with.

But, in the context of the situation this guy has forced himself into, it certainly doesn't make sense.

Switching From Dbol To Anadrol

“I switched the Dbol to Anadrol so I switched from 15 mg Dbol to 100 mg of Anadrol, and increase the Tren Ace to 525 mg per week.”

37:00 – He switched Dbol to Anadrol which makes a lot more sense, to me, and is far more efficacious in this scenario.

We have androstenone testosterone, we have Testosterone, EQ, Dbol, then we have DHT derivatives, and then we have 19-Nors.

Once you're overspilled in that capacity, there are no more anabolic benefits that are yielded past that point of return, where you're forced to use AIs to bring your body back to side-effect-free.

At that point, you're just counteracting the benefits of what you're using.

Using DHT derivatives and 19-Nors makes more sense beyond this point as they don't have mechanisms that are going to force you to use things that counteract the very benefits they are used for in the first place.

Addition Of Winstrol And Proviron

“I added 50 mg of Winstrol per day, and I added 25 mg of Proviron per day.

The thing with the Anadrol is I only take it once in the bath and I hear people taking all kinds of different doses.

They do with 50 mg and do 100 to 200, so I figured if I feel good in 100, which I did, I would just keep increasing yet and see how far I can go.”

Week 10

“Within two weeks now we are on week 10, which was three and six weeks out. I increased the Anadrol all the way to 300 mg per day, but obviously, I felt really fine, I did not feel any more lethargic or whatever people say they get from Anadrol.”

  • 3,000 mg of Test E per week
  • 700 mg of Test Prop per week
  • 10 IUs of growth hormone per day
  • 700 mg of Tren A per week
  • 875 mg of Mast Prop per week
  • 1 ml of Arimidex every single day (I'm assuming 1 mg suspended in 1 ml)
  • ECA three times a day
  • Clen (titrating up to 150 mcg per day)
  • 300 mg of Anadrol per day
  • 800 mg of Primo Enanthate per week
  • 100 mg Winstrol per day
  • 75 mg Proviron per day
  • 6 TUDCA capsules per day
  • 1 mL of Letro per day (I'm assuming 1 mg suspended in 1 ml)
  • 1 mL of Tamoxifen per day (I'm assuming 20 mg suspended in 1 ml)

“To be completely honest with you guys, one of the things that I attribute that to the amount of Anadrol and the amount of other orals that I was able to take is this TUDCA right here from the Leviathan Nutrition while I was taking all these orals, I would also take six of these per day, one with every meal.”

38:39 – Based on his blood work, I'd wonder if his gear is accurately dosed, to be honest, because that's a big load of orals.

300 mg of Anadrol, he could have an iron liver, you never know.

I wouldn't attribute it to the TUDCA, but that's a very high dosage to have blood work that looked like that.

Anadrol in an actual clinical setting the doses are much higher than people actually think.

You have kids being administered dosages that bodybuilders use sometimes.

You have dosages going up to as high, in a clinical setting, as people actually use for bodybuilding purposes.

Anadrol Dosage Prescribed To Children

Anadrol 150 mg Study In Men And Women

It's an interesting drug to look into the background of.

There's actually a lot of data on it, and it's more supporting than things that people add to testosterone that typically just increase the side effect profile.

I think it was smart to swap from Dbol to Anadrol.

I wouldn't push 300 mg though, because I think at that point, you've probably passed the point of diminishing returns.

Especially when you actually factor in the point of everything which is to retain tissue, which you've already more than accomplished via hitting a threshold of supraphysiological Test.

That component is fully maxed out, you have Tren in there, you have all these other things in there.

You're going to hold your tissue.

“Never able to run this amount of orals than I did for this prep.

That's one reason why I also think that my liver enzymes are not as bad as most people would probably expect is because of Leviathan Nutrition.

Actually like this week, I believe they're also coming out with a product named, IRE which is specifically for improving blood work for bodybuilders, so I'll definitely be trying that one out as well.

If you're running orals or some crazy cycle yourself, TUDCA and IRE, I highly recommend.”

41:25 – First of all, if you're using 3700 mg of Testosterone, I don't even know if a milligram of Arimidex is going to crush estrogen.

Obviously, that's been the whole thing he's been trying to do his whole prep, which makes no sense if he's trying to lose fat.

With that being said, assuming he actually did crush his E2 to zero (which I don't think he did on that much Test), adding Tamoxifen on top of that, preventing receptor binding from supposedly nonexistent estrogen, what's the point of using that?

The whole point of a SERM is to prevent binding at the receptor, but there's no estrogen circulating to bind.

Is there really a point of adding Tamoxifen at this point if you're intentionally using an AI to crush E2 to zero?

I just don't think the Tamoxifen makes sense, assuming the Arimidex was crushing his estrogen, which he thinks it is, which it probably wasn't with the amount of Test he was running.

In that context, then perhaps Nolva might have some place, but he's operating under the assumption that he has minimal aromatization occurring.

I'd be wondering, what you're really cleaning up with Tamoxifen at that point?

Week 11

“Three weeks out of the first show, I increased the Tren Ace as well to 875 mg.”

  • 3,000 mg of Test E per week
  • 700 mg of Test Prop per week
  • 15 IUs of growth hormone per day
  • 875 mg of Tren A per week
  • 875 mg of Mast Prop per week
  • 1 ml of Arimidex every single day.
  • ECA three times a day
  • Clen (titrating up to 150 mcg per day)
  • 300 mg of Anadrol per day
  • 800 mg of Primo Enanthate per week
  • 100 mg Winstrol per day
  • 75 mg Proviron per day
  • 6 TUDCA capsules per day
  • 1 mL of Letro per day
  • 1 mL of Tamoxifen per day

43:10 – I'm not going to say this makes sense because I think you've passed the point of what you can do for yourself without just needing to lose more fat, which I think he probably did need to lose more fat and these drugs aren't going to compensate for that.

Adding another 5 IUs of GH, again, doing nothing for lipolysis at that point.

Adding Letrozole on top of Arimidex, they both have the same mechanism of action.

Letro is going to crush E2, adding in Arimidex on top of that makes no sense whatsoever.

If you've ever taken Letro, you'd know how badly and easily it's going to crush your estrogen.

The margin of error is very low that's why pre-contest it's really easy to just pop one and get E2 down to zero and show up dry.

Adding Arimidex on top of that, you're doing nothing helpful.

You've already crushed your E2 assuming that was the goal with the Letro.

There's no sense in stalking AIs, pick one and use a proper dosage of it.

Adding Tamoxifen on top of when you have zero estrogen circulating also makes no sense.

Dosages obviously are excessive.

Pretty standard stack here that I've seen for pre-contest except for the dosages.

I'm not going to say bodybuilders don't do this.

I've seen other guys use more than this, to be honest, but over the years, I've realized you can get away with a lot less.

I probably, back in the day, would have been like “oh, that makes sense.”

With my knowledge now, I think this is overkill and excessive.

Week 12

“Two weeks out of the first show, I increased both the Mast Prop and the Tren Ace to one gram each and I added 20 mg of Halotestin per day.

Halotestin is another oral that is used just before the contest to give you the craziest look possible.”

  • 3,000 mg of Test E per week
  • 700 mg of Test Prop per week
  • 15 IUs of growth hormone per day
  • 1000 mg of Tren A per week
  • 1000 mg of Mast Prop per week
  • 1 ml of Arimidex every single day.
  • ECA three times a day
  • 150 mcg of Clen per day
  • 300 mg of Anadrol per day
  • 800 mg of Primo Enanthate per week
  • 100 mg Winstrol per day
  • 75 mg Proviron per day
  • 6 TUDCA capsules per day
  • 1 mL of Letro per day
  • 1 mL of Tamoxifen per day
  • 20 mg of Halotestin per day

Masteron Usage

44:59 – Just a reference too, I have experience with all of these compounds back when I used to have aspirations of competing at a high level years ago.

One thing I can tell you right now that I've noticed, especially if you're not a pro and just competing at amateur shows, Masteron, Winstrol, Proviron, Halo all seen as very standard DHT derivative hardeners pre-contest, I saw no additional benefit adding in Winny, Proviron, Halo on top of Mast.

High Masteron was always the number one thing for showing up dry and grainy.

Anything above and beyond that, I would have been just better off with more Mast

Anything else was just far more deleterious for my lipids and my blood work in general and just didn't yield any significant difference in the look I got that I couldn't get with more Mast.

Mast, in my opinion, the best DHT derivative there is pre-contest and the most predictable and not faked very often.

Perhaps injectable Winny, you could make some arguments about that, but the chance of infection with injectable Winny or some greatly irritated injection site is very high.

Almost every bad shot you see pre-contest is from a suspension like Winny.

Even oral Winny I find subpar.

Proviron not overly helpful.

Halotestin doesn't produce any look that's significantly different than just high Mast, to begin with.

I'm not advising doing that, I'm just saying that for me, I felt like a lot of those compounds were just unnecessary overkill on top of what you're already getting from the Mast.

Week 13

  • 3,000 mg of Test E per week
  • 5 IUs of GH per day
  • 1400 mg of Tren A per week
  • 1400 mg of Mast Prop per week
  • 1 ml of Arimidex every single day.
  • ECA three times a day
  • 150 mcg of Clen per day
  • 300 mg of Anadrol per day
  • 800 mg of Primo Enanthate per week
  • 100 mg Winstrol per day
  • 75 mg Proviron per day
  • 6 TUDCA capsules per day
  • 1 mL of Letro per day
  • 1 mL of Tamoxifen per day
  • 40 mg of Halotestin per day

“I was still on 3,000 mg of Test E, but I cut out the Test Prop.

I increased the Mast Prop and the Tren A to 1400 mg each, which ended up being too much for the Tren, so I fixed that for my second show.

Kept Primo at 800 mg.

Anadrol at 300, but I cut it a few days before the show because it holds water.”

47:22 – Anadrol doesn't hold water; being fat and having a bad diet holds water.

You'll see a lot of guys Anadrol load into the show on purpose to keep blow up red blood cell count, get a vascular and full look that would otherwise be harder to achieve.

Anadrol loading is very common in pre-contest, so I don't know why he dropped it considering.

That pretty much to me says he was using it thinking he's getting some sort of muscle retention out of it and he wasn't using it for the cosmetic portion.

At that point, then you shouldn't have even used it, to begin with.

“It's still 100 mg of Winstrol per day.

Still 75 mg of Proviron per day.

Increased Halotestin to 40 mg per day.

Lowered the GH use to 5 IUs per day because it holds water as well.

You guys also saw how I looked at my warm-up show.

I was full as hell which I was worried about the most because back in 2017, I came in so flat.

I needed to come into the show like as full as possible.

Conditioning obviously, I could have used a lot of work for that show.”

Week 15

“For my main show, I tuned some things, I was basically doing everything the same as two weeks out of the warm-up show except this is when I started working with my coach who I'm currently working with.

I specifically started working with him for years, so he can peak me for my show and bring me in the best condition possible.

I 100% followed his diet, I 100% followed his peak week protocol, but I didn't follow the gear advice 100%.

He wanted me to cut out the Test E at two weeks out, which I didn't

He also wanted me cut out the Anadrol and the Letro, which I did not.

I kept those in for week 15.

He wanted me to add 100 mg of Anavar, which I did.”

Week 16 (Final Week)

  • 3,000 mg of Test E per week
  • 700 mg of Test Prop per week
  • 1050 mg of Tren A per week
  • 1700 mg of Mast Prop per week
  • 1 ml of Arimidex every single day.
  • ECA three times a day
  • 150 mcg of Clen per day
  • 100 mg Winstrol per day
  • 100 mg Proviron per day
  • 6 TUDCA capsules per day
  • 1 mL of Letro per day
  • 1 mL of Tamoxifen per day
  • 40 mg of Halotestin per day
  • 100 mg of Anavar per day

One week before my main show, I did cut out the Anadrol.

He also wanted me to cut out the Primo Enanthate at this point, which I obviously did, there's no point to keep it in one week out.

I kept the Test Prop this time which I guess was a mistake I made for my first show, cutting the Test Prop instead of the Test E.

I kept the Test Prop this time at 700 mg per week.

This time, instead of increasing both the Mast and Tren to 1400 mg, which as I said, I felt was a little bit too much for the Tren.

I did 1700 mg of Mast Prop and I kept the Tren Ace at 1,050 mg.

I also increase the Proviron at that point to 100 mg per day.

I kept 100 mg of Anavar, 100 mg of Winstrol, and 40 mg of Halotestin as well as the Arimidex, Nolvadex, Letrazole, even if your head is spinning and all of that. if you've kind of lost track of everything. I don't blame you. But again, you guys wanted to hear my contest prep cycle, you guys want to hear what I took.”

Conclusion To Eric Kanevsky's Steroid Cycle

50:38 – In conclusion, I pretty much stated all my thoughts on it.

Nothing really else to say.

Kind of excessive.

Although some of the choices I feel didn't make sense in terms of inhibiting the purpose of adding some things.

A lot of things were just unnecessary, to begin with, once the anabolic component is fulfilled of retaining tissue and things that were thrown in to help stay full.

It doesn't add to any kind of muscle retention benefit that was already achieved otherwise.

That was probably super overkill cycle for being 225 or 230 pounds on stage.

I think he could have got away with not using a lot of the stuff he did and the dosages he did use I felt were excessive.

It's not an uncommon stack though for guys in advanced bodybuilding to use all those things in unison.

I feel like the dosages are a bit more uncommon for somebody that weighs 225-230 pounds though.

With that being said, he obviously did make a lot of progress over the past few years.

A lot of guys are going to try and take away from his hard work and say things like, “Well, you've used that much stuff so that's why.”

It's not the case, you still have to bust your ass at the gym and eat a ton of food.

Obviously, this guy is putting the work in the kitchen to gain that much weight and putting the work in the gym.

I just feel like the drug use was significantly overdone for what his body really needed to show up.

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