First Dates, Sex, Looks, Height – What Do Hot Girls Want

What do hot girls want? Do girls care about good looks? Do girls care about height? Would girls pick a guy with muscles or good looks over a guy with money? How many dates should you wait before you make a move to the bedroom?

This is going to be the first segment on my YouTube channel of many future instalments asking girls questions you want to know the answers to.

Keep in mind this is THEIR opinion, and doesn't necessarily represent what I believe are the true answers to these questions.

These videos will not only be for educational purposes, but they will be for your entertainment as well.

I hope to eventually get the time to cover these topics in depth myself in articles that delve into what I personally believe regarding these kinds of questions.

In this video we cover first dates, sex, how much looks matter, and how much height matters.


3 thoughts on “First Dates, Sex, Looks, Height – What Do Hot Girls Want”

  1. IM starting to think game exists, I dont know why you guy on GLL deny it so much. You guy Think the it all Looks and numbers game.


    This guys vids dont seem fake or scripted like companies like RSD. He is average looking high bodyfat and only postive attributes are being white tall and blue eyed.

    He seems to be using his wit charm and humor to convert maybe girls. DO you think these chicks were already into him looks wise( kinda hard to tell with blurred faces) and that all the shit he is doing is overkill? Would more basic direct apporaches with boring interview mode style convo yielded the same results. He might be a faker but his interactions seem genuine. Im new to cold approach, dont even have 30 approaches yet but all this shit/evidence seems conflicting. I dont want to run funny man and clown game, spinning my wheel, but its seem to work like this guy shows. Is he a faker?

    1. Game exists. I’ve never denied that. Sure you can fill the void a bit if you aren’t good looking or have bad style with better game, but ideally you’d max out all facets, and not focus specifically on which is more important than the other.

      I sure as hell don’t ever want to get to a point where I need to be a master conversationalist in the top 0.1% of men just to get a hot girl to go out with me.

      Get as good looking as possible (can be done within 6-12 months), get a killer wardrobe (can be done in a week), and develop very basic social skills (can be done within a couple months if you’re doing this full time).

      After that, work on improving all 3 of those aspects as you progress and continue progressing. The end result will be significantly better than if you only focused on one and totally neglected the others.

      1. So The guy in vids is a example of someone, in the top tier of convo ability/ game? Granted he aint ugly but not really above average looking(maybe slightly above.) either. though he is 6ft.Like i said im new to the cold approach game, And its been kinda of fustrating, Im admittedly only average mostly due to being high bodyfat about 22%, last I checked. IM 5,9 and 187lb.Im decent facially, so i know Once I lose it I will be well above average looks wise, just start hitting the gym. My convo skills are very average,though. Usually the average interaction goes like, what you up to? where you from? what do you do? the average interview mode shit. sometime there is fluff in between but only if the girl gives me shit to latch on to, to improvise in the convo. Alot of times though chicks will just give couple word answers and does not give me much to work with. I find it hard to improvise on the fly. Usually the convo runs dry. Sometimes i might even try that cold read/observationial shit they teach in the pua community, usually ends up kinda of cringe though. I have been doing this like little over 2 weeks by the way , I dont really see i change in my social skills. I have done about 40 more approaches since my last comment.got 0 lays from it so far. Im kinda of aspie so its hard for me to analyze and learn from my interactions, some people say you learn to improvise or think on your feet but i dont think its the case for everyone. So maybe its my looks, holding me back big time. But when I see guy like the dude in the vid I get frustrated because I cant really replicate or think of the fly like he can . nor am I a guy who is really funny that has wit or charm. He also has advantage due to doing improv and stand up way before he got in to pick up. Really dont want to have to spin my wheels and be a funnyman clown just to get sex, its kinda demoralizing. What are your thoughts?

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