Gorilla Mind Frequently Asked Questions

Gorilla Mind Supplement Frequently Asked Questions

What are Nootropics?

The term “Nootropic” is actually used relatively loosely, as any chemical substance that can improve brain function without negatively affecting it can be dubbed a Nootropic.

Why are Nootropics beneficial in life?

Nootropics can significantly improve your cognitive function, memory and concentration, increase your motivation, energy, focus and productivity, as well as improve your overall intelligence.

These are just some of the neuroenhancing capabilities of Nootropics.

What is Choline and Acetylcholine? Why are their levels important?

Choline is an essential nutrient that directly influences energy levels, liver health, muscle movement, nerve function, and brain development.

A substantial amount of Choline found in natural food sources isn’t actually absorbable, which can result in Choline deficiencies quite often.

A deficiency in Choline leads to a myriad of negative side effects like low energy, fatigue, memory loss, learning disabilities, a decline in cognitive function, among several others.

By supplementing with Nootropics that increase Choline levels, you can substantially improve your memory, focus, overall cognitive function and brain health, as well as raise your Acetylcholine levels.

Choline is a precursor to Acetylcholine in the brain, which is a neurotransmitter largely responsible for memory, logical reasoning, the ability to concentrate, and mental acuity.

Acetylcholine also offers protective benefits that may limit the neurological degradation associated with mental degenerative diseases.

It is even used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

The effectiveness of Nootropics is largely affected by how much they can influence Choline/Acetylcholine levels in the brain.

Gorilla Mind is loaded with several potent Choline/Acetylcholine boosters that were included specifically to max out your mental potential.

How do I know which formula of Gorilla Mind is right for me?

This will be determined by what type of preferences you have, as well as what you are doing on a particular day.

For example, some days you may want a smoother focus without the hyped up energy and productivity, while other days you may need a big kick in the ass to get tons of errands run, go get a workout done, and crush a 16+ hour work day.

It also will largely depend on how sensitive you are to stimulants, and whether you feel they aid your mental focus, or if they tend to over-stimulate you.

If you can’t even handle a cup of coffee without feeling over-stimulated, then Gorilla Mind Smooth would be a better choice for you.

For most others though who need that kick of energy and some intensity in their day to get tons of tasks done, then Gorilla Mind Rush would be a better choice.

Can I combine the two formulas?

Yes, absolutely.

This is one of the great things about Gorilla Mind Rush and Gorilla Mind Smooth, is that if you fall into the middle ground where you want to get the full benefits of the max dose of Nootropics that each formula has to offer, but you also want a medium amount of an energy boost, or you are too sensitive to stimulants to use the full dose of Gorilla Mind Rush, then this strategy would be a fantastic idea.

How To Dose Gorilla Mind Rush & Gorilla Mind Smooth

Take 3-6 capsules in the morning, or spread throughout the day, on an empty stomach for optimal cognitive results.

Start with 3 capsules to evaluate tolerance.

New users and females may want to start with 1 or 2 capsules.

Do not exceed 6 capsules in any 24-hour period.

Gorilla Mind quite literally has the maximum efficacious dosage of each and every ingredient in the formula.

In light of this, I recommend that you start with a lower end dose to assess your tolerance levels prior to tapering up to the maximum recommended dose (with Gorilla Mind Rush in particular).

You may never even need to use the maximum dose as we have ensured that this will be a heavy hitting productivity/focus monster not only for those that are very sensitive to stimulants, but even for those that abuse coffee/caffeine on a regular basis and are very desensitized to stimulants.

What is the best time to take Gorilla Mind and how many times a day can I take it?

It honestly depends on your work schedule.

Typically, I find that the ideal time to take it is right when I wake up on an empty stomach, as this is when I am at my laziest and groggiest.

This of course could vary depending on what you need to get done and at what time.

Usually once every week or two I will do a monster work day where I will wait until the evening to take Gorilla Mind Rush and then work all throughout the entire night without sleeping at all.

Obviously this isn’t a super healthy thing to do (not sleeping) and I don’t suggest making a habit of it, but there is no denying that if you can stay 100% focused and productive during the hours when there are no distractions and everyone else is asleep, you can get TONS done.

And I definitely do.

The effects of Gorilla Mind Rush and Smooth will sustain you throughout the majority of your day, so typically taking it on an empty stomach in the morning upon waking or the early afternoon is ideal.

For Smooth, you can certainly take it in the evening, but for Rush, I suggest avoiding it in the evening unless you are a deep sleeper and are able to get to sleep even after a hardy dose of stimulants, or you want to pull a really late night.

I prefer taking my entire dose at once (I take all 6 caps of Rush or Smooth each time I dose it), but you may prefer less of a punch by spreading it throughout the day.

Ultimately, timing and how you do or don’t split up your doses will be decided by your personal preferences and how you react to the supplement.

Should Gorilla Mind be taken on an empty stomach?

Yes, this is very important.

I’m sure many of you have noticed that anytime you take a cup of coffee, or a pre-workout supplement, or Phenibut, or Kratom, or anything for that matter for the most part on an empty stomach that the effects are quite a bit more pronounced and noticeable than they are if you dosed it right after a giant meal.

The same applies to both Gorilla Mind Rush and Gorilla Mind Smooth.

Taking them on an empty stomach will result in more noticeable effects.

This is why I take my dose all at once right when I wake up, because my stomach is completely empty right when I wake up, and it also just so happens to be the time I need the biggest kick in the ass to get going.

Should I cycle Gorilla Mind or can I use it every day for a long period of time?

As everyone’s body reacts differently, there is no concrete set in stone rules for cycling Nootropics.

Tolerance to certain ingredients may build up over time, so I would suggest cycling Gorilla Mind, but how you do it will depend on your personal tolerance levels and response to the supplements.

For example, one strategy I employ is that I use Gorilla Mind Rush on days during the week where I know I have an early morning, or a very long day that I need to be high-energy and on point for, firing on all cylinders for 16+ working hours straight, whereas Gorilla Mind Smooth I reserve for days where I know I will be sitting at my desk for longer periods of time, and doing less high-energy work.

By doing this, I can keep my sensitivity to the stimulants in Gorilla Mind Rush high, but still receive all of the benefits from the Nootropics in both formulas.

After a month, I will typically take a full week off.

You may not need to do this though.

Once again, it will ultimately depend on your personal preferences, how you decide to cycle it, and how your tolerance reacts to the ingredients.

What kind of scenarios is Gorilla Mind best to use for?

Honestly, I think that Gorilla Mind is great for any situation.

Whether you need to crush a business presentation in one shot pulling an all-nighter, or go run a seemingly unfathomable amount errands in one day, or stay 100% on point writing a giant essay, or studying for final exams, between Gorilla Mind Rush and Gorilla Mind Smooth, there is literally no situation that one formula or the other wouldn’t provide significant benefits in.

I personally used the ingredients in both of these formulas myself almost every single day when I was in University.

I used to buy all the ingredients separately and manually create this Nootropic cocktail each morning using a teaspoon and a tiny scale that I would measure them out on, and then slam it before each day.

It helped immensely not only in work, school, but in everyday life as well.

I can’t swallow pills; can I open the capsules and just ingest the powder from each capsule?

Yes, as long as the contents of the capsule gets into your stomach you are good to go.

How much caffeine is in Gorilla Mind Rush?

Each capsule of Gorilla Mind Rush has 33.33 mg of Caffeine Anhydrous in it and 20.83 mg of DiCaffeine Malate, making a 3 capsule serving 162.5 mg of total caffeine, and a 6 capsule serving 325 mg of total caffeine.

There are several other very potent stimulants in Gorilla Mind Rush that are far better than caffeine in my opinion as well, so it is definitely not for the faint of heart, or those super-sensitive to stimulants, so I highly suggest starting on the low end of the dosing spectrum with Gorilla Mind Rush to assess your tolerance levels.

Why is Gorilla Mind better than all the other Nootropic products on the market?

Gorilla Mind Rush and Smooth aren’t like the typical Nootropic formulas on the market that have a few decent Nootropics sprinkled in half-assed amounts.

Gorilla Mind quite literally has the maximum efficacious dosage of each and every ingredient in each formula.

First of all, Gorilla Mind Rush features essentially every very effective Nootropic me, Mike and Chris personally love and use ourselves at the maxed out dosage amounts that render their maximum benefits.

Over the years I literally would go buy each individual Nootropic separately, and then spend about 10 minutes every morning dosing each one to create this exact formula so I could go about my day completely maxed out mentally.

Second of all, Gorilla Mind Rush features a host of exotic stimulants that not only shift your brain into a state of insane productivity, motivation, and focus, but they potentiate the effects of the Nootropics in the formula and cause an ever greater level of heightened concentration and cognitive function.

The main issue with Nootropic formulas nowadays is not only that they use a host of hyped up ingredients that just plain suck, but also the ingredients that do work aren’t even used at efficacious dosages.

In addition to this, none of these formulas out there seem to take into consideration the fact that most of the population is so dependent on caffeine nowadays, that they can’t even function adequately without a few cups of coffee in their system.

Some formulas feature a small dose of caffeine in their product, but this is hardly anything ground breaking that would replace someone’s cup of coffee they have each morning, or a bottle of caffeine pills they could go buy from the grocery store for $5 that comes with 100 pills.

Gorilla Mind Rush on the other hand not only features a hardy dose of caffeine, but it features 2-Aminoisoheptane, Higenamine and other awesome energy boosters.

Those 3 stimulants though are unlike anything on the Nootropic market, and combined with our other potent ingredients Gorilla Mind Rush will literally transform you from a dragging ass zombie, to a sharp, on the ball, productivity workhorse.

If you’re anything like me, early mornings are rough, and it can take several hours to really gain momentum during the work day, and getting focused and really in a groove can take even longer.

This is where Nootropics became such a pivotal turning point in my life, as these Nootropics combined with my favorite stimulants, quite literally can make the difference between me wasting half of my day procrastinating and feeling run down, and making the most of my every waking minute and absolutely killing my work day.

Like I mentioned earlier, Gorilla Mind Rush isn’t like the typical Nootropic formula on the market that has a few decent Nootropics sprinkled in half-assed amounts.

And I’m not just saying that because I created this formula, I’m quite serious when I say that if you go look at ANY of the “top” Nootropic products on the market they typically have small amounts of some Alpha-GPC, some Huperzine A, some Vinpocetine, some Bacopa Monnieri, maybe some L-Tyrosine or L-Theanine, and then a few other filler crap ingredients also at subpar dosage amounts.

There is a serious hole in the Nootropic market, and all of these supposed “natural Adderall alternatives” are for the most part complete garbage and don’t even come close.

I’ve tried literally everything, including heavy-duty prescription medications like Adderall, Ritalin, Dexedrine, and Modafinil, all of which are touted as the end all be all of productivity and focus.

And I can confidently say that Gorilla Mind Rush for me is on par with Adderall, which in my opinion is the superior drug of the 4 for extreme focus, energy and productivity.

If I had to sum up Gorilla Mind Rush in one sentence, it would be “Adderall meets Modafinil.”

Focused intensity (like Adderall), but a smoother ride (like Modafinil), all without the nasty crash.

What can I expect from Gorilla Mind?

These are the main benefits you can expect from Gorilla Mind:

  • Laser-like focus and concentration
  • Massive energy boost that lasts all day
  • Drastically boosts mood, sense of well being and motivation
  • Significantly bolsters memory and information recall
  • Greatly enhances creativity and ingenuity
  • Substantially improves comprehension, logical reasoning and overall cognitive function
  • Huge increase in levels of productivity

Where can I purchase Gorilla Mind?

CLICK HERE To Order Gorilla Mind

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15 thoughts on “Gorilla Mind Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. How does GMR compare to adderall? Of course I don’t expect it to be the same just looking for a replacement for days where I’m not doing as much for school.

    1. I think it’s pretty on par with Adderall, as do many of our customers. It is very similar in terms of extreme focus, energy and productivity. It is definitely better than Modafinil, Ritalin, and Dexedrine in my opinion.

  2. I got the gorilla mind smooth and I will try tomorrow for the first time and will provid3 you with results. I’m positive about it

  3. I tried gorilla smooth today…took 3 caps upon waking, nothing much after a few hrs later…took another 3 pills and 2 hrs later…BOOM! god mode as I’m writing this, insane focus and productivity, complete an excel task in less than 2 hrs when normally it takes half a day. Can’t wait to try Rush tmr. Thanks for such a great product!

  4. Would it be more effective to add cardio right after waking up, and then take gorilla rush afterwards (on an empty stomach)?

    1. If you already have an empty stomach, doing cardio before taking it isn’t going to increase the benefits of Rush any more than normal. You would be taking it with an empty stomach in both scenarios, so the effects would still be the same.

  5. In your own unprofessional opinion, would this theoretically be able to be taken together with accutane? I hope i dont have to choose between being productive or having acne

  6. Adderall, Ritalin, and Modafinil didn’t help me at all. I tried different doses of each and XR pills. I didn’t feel any different at all. I suffer from fatigue and lack of motivation so I am hoping this will work. Do you think this could finally help me??

    1. I think you have an underlying medical issue that needs to be addressed or severe adrenal fatigue if you can take literal amphetamines and not feel anything.

  7. I am in the military and can be randomly drug tested. Could anything in this formula cause a positive drug test result? I do not take any other supps.

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