Derek his YouTube analytics and the revenue generated by a video with 1 million views in Canada

How Much YouTube Paid Me For A Video With 1 Million Views

How much money does a video with 1 million views get on YouTube?

I've only seen a small percentage of YouTubers who have videos with 1 million views post about this, despite the fact that it is obviously an intriguing topic.

If that's because YouTubers don't want their audience knowing how much they earn or not, I'm not sure, but I felt like I could provide some insight on this as I recently had a video get 1 million views in under a week.

In my niche, the CPM is quite a bit different than most channels.

My niche is essentially self-improvement, bodybuilding, and hair loss prevention.

I guess “Red pill” sort of stuff.

In the video I published that had 1 million views, I was detailing how androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) is expedited by anabolic androgenic steroid use.

I was shocked at how much this video exploded.

Especially in my niche.

This is something that usually wouldn't get exposed to the general public.

Mainly because it is not something that many people find overly interesting.

My Analytics

As you can see here, the video was published January 28, 2019 and has a running time of 7 minutes and 7 seconds.

It earned approximately $2,245.31 CAD

On the first day, it earned $20.25.

The day after it earned $95.47.

The day after that it earned $278.99, then $397.30 the next day, and then it peaked at $630.20 in one day.

After that, it plateaued and fell off to $477.71 the day after the peak, followed by $215.60 the day after, and then at that point the traction on the video had died off and it started earning next to nothing.

Analytics On Dereks YouTube video with 1 million views

This is Canadian currency, so in US currency that would equate to $1,685.32.

For a video in my hyper-specific niche to get over $1,000 was shocking to me.

I actually didn't even put ad breaks in this video when I published it, which was a huge mistake.

I probably could've earned twice as much had I done that, and perhaps the video would've been promoted even more heavily by the algorithm, but it is what it is.

I also learned that the duration of the video, watch time of the video, viewer demographic, location, among several other factors all greatly impact what the final dollar amount will be that you earn.

For example, if you have content that doesn't have much attention around it (e.g. my niche), it can be harder to earn very much revenue from your views.

In addition, if you have a niche of content that doesn't attract viewers that are likely to buy things via the ads placed on your videos, expectedly, your CPM will be lower too.

Other Examples In Other Niches

After looking at other videos of YouTubers in more ad-friendly niches than me, I've seen some really crazy numbers.

Some really ad-friendly niches earn upwards of $40,000 per million views, which is insane.

He doesn't actually answer the question in this video, but after you math it out with his CPM in the “make money online/entrepreneurship” niche, the video he's referring to above earned $41,500.

You can see some other examples here:

YouTube videos with 1 million views typically earn between $500 – $10,000 USD.

In general, it seems that the average is approximately $2000 USD, but can be much higher if you are in a niche that has a highly engaged paying audience (e.g. the entrepreneurship niche), have longer than average watch time of your video, among several other major factors.

I have yet to see a niche of content earn a better CPM than entrepreneurship videos, which have been shown to earn CPM's above 40.


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