How To Instantly Get Taller (As Much As 5-6 Inches)

How To Instantly Get Taller

In this article I’m going to tell you exactly how to instantly make yourself taller by as much as 5-6 inches.

While you can research night and day about Growth Hormone, IGF-1, ligament stretching surgery, hanging exercises, etc.

None of those are going to give you an instant significant boost of height (except the surgery maybe but who is actually going to go do that).

One thing you have to come to terms with before you heed these suggestions is that women will stop at no lengths in regards to what kind of fake enhancements they make to their bodies, faces, and even their height.

Women will cover their face with so much makeup that they are unrecognizable, get fake hair extensions, get fake breasts, wear pushup bras, wear butt pads, get spray tans, get fake nails, fake eyelashes, plastic surgery, among countless other things.

One of the most popular being… WEARING HIGH HEELS.

Women are notorious for inflating their height artificially with heels.

Now, what I’m going to suggest you do to make yourself taller is absolutely not heels obviously, but it is essentially the male equivalent, and is FAR less noticeable.

The best and cheapest thing out there right now to make yourself taller is height increasing shoes (elevator shoes) and/or height increasing insoles.

A combination of these can seriously inflate your height several inches and not look strange whatsoever.

In fact, they can actually vastly improve your style if you get a great pair of shoes or boots. Not to mention make you more attractive to women with your increased height (yes women will absolutely screen you out over your height whether they tell you this or not).

Height Increasing Shoe Inserts/Lifts

First off, let’s talk about the insoles.

These things are very cheap, and will last a long time.

The base of it will boost your height about 1.2 inches, and the bottom of the insole has holes in it that act as notches for separate insole layers to fit into.

Each additional insole layer is around ¾ of an inch (some are a bit thicker for your preference).

Each insole can fit 3 layers of insole attachments into it, and when they are all connected together you will have 3.2 inches of additional height.

And that isn’t even counting the elevator shoes (common name for height increasing shoes) you could be wearing too.

The layers can stack up pretty high, so you probably won’t be able to wear more than the base with 1 layer at most with any sneaker or low cut shoes, but that will still give you a 2 inch boost in height right there.

When you have a higher cut shoe, or a boot (ideal) this is where boosting the hell out of your height becomes a lot more feasible as you can fit as many layers in your shoe as you want until your foot is so jammed up in the boot that you can’t move it.

You can order the height increasing insoles with the following link:

Height Increasing Insoles 8cm 3.2 Inches

Elevator Shoes/Boots (Height Increasing Shoes)

One thing you should have regardless if you are trying to increase your height or not is a nice pair of boots.

They are a fantastic footwear choice for any season except Summer essentially, and look incredibly stylish if you get a nice pair.

The fringe benefit of it (or main benefit for some guys) is that the soles of boots are typically thicker than a standard shoe or sneaker, and Elevator boots are even thicker by a significant amount.

A standard boot would probably boost you 1-1.5 inches just on its’ own, without an insole in it or anything.

An Elevator boot can boost your height 3+ inches without any insole in it at all.

Combining it with an insole could easily get you an extra 4-6 inches in height.

My favorite combination of these two products is using a very stylish boot, and getting it in a neutral color like dark brown/tan, or black so you can wear it with essentially any color jean or shirt or jacket, and adding 1 base layer insole in there, or 1 base layer with an additional insole attachment if you want another 0.8 inches in height.

These are the two pairs of boots I currently wear to give you a reference point of what I'm referring to:

Once you start really stacking the insole attachments, some shoes can get uncomfortable as your foot gets jammed up against the top of the inside of the shoe, but typically the base layer with 1 attachment is still comfortable.

Combining an elevator boot with the insoles in this way would give you an additional 5 inches in height right there.

Now you might be saying, “what do you expect me to do Derek, sleep with the girl in my boots so she doesn’t see how tall I really am!?”

I’m glad you asked, because the answer to that question is YOU SHOULDN’T CARE.

Does the girl who you woke up to without makeup on now who looks like a completely different person (in a bad way) apologize to you for having misrepresented what her face really looks like?

Hell no.

Did the girl you slept with last apologize when she took off her padded pushup bra to reveal that she actually has a non-existent chest?

Hell no.

Did she apologize when she took her heels off and she was half a foot shorter?

Hell no.

So, why should you when you take off your boots?

Act like nothing is wrong and forget about it completely, that is my best advice.

This is NOTHING compared to the exorbitant amount of fake stuff women do to their faces, bodies, hair, etc.

So don’t sweat it. Seriously.

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14 thoughts on “How To Instantly Get Taller (As Much As 5-6 Inches)”

  1. I’ve only gone up to 4.5 inches taller bro. How do you get to that 6 inches?

    I have 3-inch elevator shoes and I put 1.5 inches of those insoles which makes it 4.5 inches total while looking as natural and comfortable as possible.

    Even at 4.5 it hurts after awhile. Gotta do whatever it takes 🙂

    1. You’d have to find a boot that can fit more of the insole attachments to max out the 6 inches. A 3 inch elevator shoe with the base insole and 1 attachment should be a 5 inch boost. The most comfortable situation foot wise will always be an elevator shoe with just the base insole, which would be a 4.2 inch increase.

  2. Hey Derek, I’d be interested in your thoughts on fashion and building a solid wardrobe. Any chance of this in the future. Keep up the good work.

    1. Honestly brother I’ve been wanting to start doing articles and videos on this for a while, I’ve just been backlogged with some other business ventures that have been consuming the majority of my time. I literally have a Word document saved with a list of blog articles I want to write that is over 5 pages long of just topics. I will 100% get to this at one point in the future, hopefully sooner rather than later.

          1. 6 foot 1. Depends how many I stack and if I’m using boots or not. Typically I use a base layer and a boot and It makes me about 6 foot 4.

  3. I disagree with this article. Men wearing flat shoes has an aesthetic that no higher heeled shoe can rival. Tbh a whole lot more matters than more height once you’re past 5’10

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Subscribe and get my “20 Underground Bodybuilding Secrets You Won’t Find On Google” E-Book 100% FREE