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How To Instantly Look Smarter And More Approachable To Women

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Let’s preface this article with saying that this is not something that will help every one.

When I started writing this article, it was geared entirely towards extreme bodybuilder types, but the truth is, this is a worthwhile experiment and investment for almost every guy, with the exception of those who already come across as nerdy.

I'm going to be talking about a quick, easy way to make yourself look smarter, more approachable, and more stylish.

This is especially appropriate for guys who have a very intimidating presence to women (e.g. stereotypical bodybuilder).

Toning your look down with this MAY be able to help instantly improve your cold approach results.

When I was younger, I was way more into bodybuilding (I used to take literally 10x as much gear as I do now), and I would walk around at 240-250 pounds hitting on chicks in my university.

This was when I first started my 4-year binge pick up phase.

I thought that being as jacked and massive as possible was the best thing I could do to attract women, but that definitely wasn’t the case past a certain point.

Not only was I ripping the hair out of my head with extreme bodybuilding, but I was also WAY bigger than I needed to be.

I looked like a stereotypical dumb bodybuilder.

A common stereotype we fall into as bodybuilders is we are dumb, but that's often not the case.

But it's not like you can have a presentation of your intelligence in ten seconds during a cold approach.

I found a quick way to downplay that, come across friendlier, as well as look smarter and less aggressive in general (if you’re a mean looking hyper-masculine dude).

One thing I started doing occasionally was wearing glasses.

Do I need glasses? No, I actually have 20/20 vision, but one thing I did notice is it really tones down your look, and can actually be stylish.

Why do we associate intelligence with glasses? I’m not sure, maybe old TV shows and movies where nerds wore glasses have made us associate glasses with intelligence.

Either way, it works, and it can actually look stylish and add some edge to an outfit.

To what extent? Hard to say.

However, I advocate ALWAYS taking advantage of every crutch you can.

If you look like dick and you tone it down with glasses, or you just come across as more chic and fashion forward with them on, or you improve how intelligent you are perceived by others, and as little as 1% more girls give you the time of day when you cold approach them because they don’t stereotype you negatively immediately, I would call that a worthy investment.

This should go without saying but if you already look nerdy, adding glasses won’t help.

If you look like a dick, or look dumb, or look intimidating as hell, people will assume you are less of all of those things when you wear glasses.

Just the same way many will stereotype you as a self absorbed dumb jock for walking around at 250 pounds, they’ll stereotype you as less of that due to glasses being on your face and the rest of your outfit choice, it’s just how it works.

They’ll also be more likely to stereotype you as intelligent, fashion forward, clever, and even sexy if you have a good pair of glasses on (with certain women).

Why is muscle associated with a lack of intelligence? I imagine movies and TV as well, where bullies are typically cast as muscular dumb jock types who only care about themselves.

Anyways, while I don’t feel the need to do this often anymore (my look is much more toned down than it used to be), it seemed to make a bit of a difference at the time, and it definitely helped some of my friends who were in a similar boat.

I still like to wear them once in a while with certain outfits just to change things up and throw a bit of a more chic edge into the outfit.

Glasses seem to instantly tone down an aggressive look to a friendlier approachable demeanour, they can be very stylish, and your perceived intelligence automatically gets a big boost.

I'm not saying this is going to work in every single situation, or it's a mandatory thing whatsoever, but nevertheless it's a worthwhile thing to experiment with to see if you experience any changes in your cold approach results.

Will glasses look good on every one?

No, definitely not.

But some guys do look considerably better with their glasses on rather than off to some women.

It’s a cheap accessory that’s good to have on hand for experimentation regardless, and nowadays with blue light blocking glasses being so trendy, you actually have an excuse to wear them.

When I first started pick up/cold approaching in 2012, blue light blocking glasses weren't even around, so some of my friends would think I was ridiculous for wearing non-prescription glasses just to look smarter and for style purposes, but now they are extremely popular for every one.

Nowadays, you can literally tell people you wear them for blocking blue light and that’s a normal and accepted reason for a guy with 20/20 vision to wear non-prescription glasses (make sure you don’t wear actual prescription glasses if you have perfect eye sight or you will screw up your eyes).

I get my glasses from the same place I get my watches and sunglasses now, MVMT.com.

I have a 15% Off + Free Shipping Coupon Code for MVMT you can use if you want to check it out and support me a bit (DC15), or you can probably find a cheap pair on Amazon too if you don't want to pay for a bigger brand name.

You might have some luck on eBay too.

Just type “Blue Light Blocking Glasses” into wherever you’re looking and you should be able to find a pair for a reasonable price.

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  1. You should make a post on what made you the most successful with picking up girls like number of girls approached, direct/indirect, where most of your approaches were stuff like that. Daytime nighttime. Would be cool to see how it all worked out.

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