How To Mix RU58841 In K&B Solution

RU58841 is a non-steroidal experimental anti-androgen, which is intended for use as a topical treatment for acne and androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

To briefly describe how it works, it is basically a turn-key all in one hair loss compound that blocks all DHT on the scalp, and can significantly improve the life of anybody experiencing hair loss, and I’m shocked it isn’t more heavily researched.

I will be “researching” RU for the rest of my life unless something better gets invented.

For beginners who have never researched RU58841, I always recommend getting 3 pre-mixed RU58841 solutions with 5% strength to start off.

This should last you around 5-6 months, and is a perfect time frame to assess how you respond to RU58841, and if you would like to continue your research past that point.

For the carrier (what the RU58841 raw powder is mixed in), I prefer PG (propylene glycol) + Ethanol.

I find it rare for someone’s scalp to be irritated by the PG/Ethanol to the point of needing K&B instead as the carrier. They both work fine; some people just seem to have skin irritation to particular carriers as opposed to others.


If Your Scalp Gets Irritated By Propylene Glycol

If you are one of those who’s scalp is irritated by the Propylene Glycol in the traditional standard RU58841 carrier blend, this will be a quick instructional guide for you specifically detailing how to mix a RU58841 solution in K&B Solution.

K&B solution is 60% Ethanol, 35% Deionized Water, and 5% K&B Emulsifiers.

These are more forgiving on sensitive scalps.

If You Have A Very Hard Time Finding Ethanol

Another reason K&B solution might be necessary for you to use is if you want to reconstitute your own RU58841 solutions but can’t find Ethanol by itself (it’s not easy to find).

All that is required with the K&B solution is to pour your desired amount of RU58841 powder into the premixed K&B solution, then shake or stir lightly until it is thoroughly dissolved and mixed evenly.

If you want to mix the standard concentration, use 2.5 grams of raw RU58841 powder in a 50ml K&B solution to achieve a 5% RU58841 solution of 50mg/ml.

What You Will Need To Mix Your Own RU58841 Solutions With K&B Solution

The Instructions

Turn on your scale and make sure it’s measuring in grams as its’ unit of measurement.

Once you see that it’s turned on and at 0 grams, put an empty beaker on the scale.

After the measurement has stabilized, turn the scale back to 0 with the beaker still on it by pressing the “Tare” button.

Once you press this, it will reset the scale to 0 even with the beaker on it. The purpose of this is so we can determine what 2.5 grams of RU5881 powder is without the beaker screwing up our measurement.

Add 2.5 grams of powder to the empty beaker on the scale until you see the scale reading 2.5 grams.

Once you’ve done that, you can turn off the scale and put it away.

Next, pour the 50ml of K&B solution into the beaker with the 2.5 grams of RU58841 raw powder.

You should now have a cloudy solution of RU58841.

All you need to do now is get your glass stirring rod, and stir the solution until it is crystal clear and you can’t see any fragments of unmixed RU58841 powder in it.

Once it’s crystal clear your solution is ready to go, and you can get your funnel and 50ml+ K&B container and pour the solution through the funnel back into the empty bottle you have to store your solution in.

There you have it, now you have a 50ml 5% RU58841 K&B solution dosed at 50mg/ml.

Store it in the fridge and out of the light ideally to maximize the shelf life and prevent any degradation to the solution.

Room temperature is the least ideal scenario, but if you don’t have a fridge or freezer you can store it in, then at least make sure it’s in a cool, dry place, out of direct light when you’re storing it at room temperature.

This article is intended for educational/informational purposes only. This product is intended as a research chemical only.

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24 thoughts on “How To Mix RU58841 In K&B Solution”

  1. Hi brother.

    I am new into this.

    I have hairloss and tried anavar + havoc some years ago. Both made me shed some hair! I want to try ostarine. do you think ostarine will accelerate my hairloss? I really need an honest answer. I prefer not to start ru yet, just ostarine. Will it increase hairloss, if so, by howmuch % would you say?

    I really hope to get your honest opinion,

    thank you bro!

    1. more details:

      Anavar was some underground brand, i used about 30 Mg a day. and havoc is a desinger prohormone, but has been banned from the market. Both compounds should be very mild androgenic, that is what makes me sad… suposed not to increase hairloss, but it did, this is why i want to be sure what to expect from Ostarine if i use it at 25mg/day dose.

      thanks bro

    2. No I don’t because it doesn’t convert to DHT, nor is it androgenic in nature whatsoever.

      If it increases hair loss it is via a mechanism unrelated to androgenic alopecia.

  2. Can’t one just transfer the RU from the scale, directly into the 50ml container of K&B and forgo the beaker, funnel and stirring stick?

  3. Doesn’t the solution degradate over time doing it like that? Shouldn’t be better to make it just to use it for 2 or 3 days and then make a new mix? Tks.

    1. The solution doesn’t degrade quick enough to justify doing that. That’s a huge myth that solutions are only potent for a few days. I’ve used several month old mixed solutions that were just as potent as they were on day 1.

      1. What’s your current solution (mix) you use I just received the ru 5% ethanol is that fine to start with ? What do you recommend ?

  4. I know it’s use for hairloss, but could this work for dht related acne? Since e blocks the receptor e could block the receptors on the skin maybe?

    1. It was originally designed to treat acne and then they realized afterwards that it also works for hair loss prevention. Read the studies and you can see the results it had on acne.

  5. I couldn’t understand the daily dose correctly, so you mean by 50 mg a 1ml of the ru solution a day?
    Could you leave it with minoxidil over night and wash your scalp the other day?
    Thank you in advance!

      1. Yeah, I seem to remember a funny part of one of your videos talking about how you would use a dropper and like roll it around your head or maybe that was breezula or minox. Have you tried other carrier bases besides sterile water?

        Anyway seems like ethanol/pg are the least irritable options but it’s tricky to get ethanol in Ireland because of our….well you know…reputation. I’m gonna just order some polish vodka 176 proof and mix it with PG.

        Thanks for all the content super informative, I always like and/or rate

          1. Hi Derek, does one carrier provide any benefit over the other? Also, I had sides using 50mg a day. Red eyes, chest pain, and lowered libido. I wasn’t dermarolling or anything just using RU by itself? Do you think it’s worth a try at 30mg a day? Or do you think I should avoid RU altogether.

          2. I would lower your dosage or drop it. I’d cut the dose in half (dilute the solution with double the current carrier) and try that, and if you still have sides I’d probably just drop it and try CB-03-01.

  6. What percentage of PG and Ethanol should be used in the mix? Is it 50/50? Also which PG should we use, PG 300, PG 400 etc?

    Thank you

  7. If I want to buy PG/ethanol solution, what ratio/mix should I be looking for. I’ve found 1%pg in ethanol, is this standard?

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