How To Make A RU58841 5% Solution – Step By Step Guide

RU58841 is a non-steroidal experimental anti-androgen, which is intended for use as a topical treatment for acne and androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

To briefly describe how it works, it is basically a turn-key all in one hair loss compound that blocks all DHT on the scalp, and can significantly improve the life of anybody experiencing hair loss, and I’m shocked it isn’t more heavily researched.

I will be “researching” RU for the rest of my life unless something better gets invented.

For beginners who have never researched RU58841, I always recommend getting 3 pre-mixed RU58841 solutions with 5% strength to start off.


This should last you around 5-6 months, and is a perfect time frame to assess how you respond to RU58841, and if you would like to continue your research past that point.

For the carrier (what the RU58841 raw powder is mixed in), I prefer PG (propylene glycol) + Ethanol.

I find it rare for someone’s scalp to be irritated by the PG/Ethanol to the point of needing K&B instead as the carrier. They both work fine; some people just seem to have skin irritation to particular carriers as opposed to others.

Keep in mind, in the short-term, it is actually cheaper to buy your solutions pre-mixed already for you. It is only once you have decided that you will be using RU58841 long-term that it becomes more cost effective to invest in the raw powders, and getting the other necessary tools/ingredients to make your own solutions at home.

If You Have A Very Hard Time Finding Ethanol

If you want to reconstitute your own solutions and can’t find Ethanol by itself (it’s not easy to find) then Anagen’s K&B solution is your best alternative.

It comes in a pre-mixed 50ml bottle mixed with Ethanol, Deionized Water/Demineralized Water, and K&B emulsifiers.


It actually makes research really convenient as if you use the K&B solution you can completely skip over this article, which will outline the process of how to make the RU58841 solution in the typical Ethanol and Propylene Glycol vehicle.

All that is required with the K&B solution is to pour your desired amount of RU58841 powder into the premixed K&B solution, then shake lightly until it is thoroughly dissolved and mixed evenly.

If you want to mix the standard concentration, use 2.5 grams of raw RU58841 powder in a 50ml K&B solution to achieve a 5% RU58841 solution of 50mg/ml.

What You Will Need To Mix Your Own RU58841 Solutions/The Cheapest Long-Term Method

The Instructions

First thing you want to do is grab a 50ml measuring beaker and fill it up with 35ml of Ethanol.

After you’ve done that, turn on your scale and make sure it’s measuring in grams as its’ unit of measurement.

Once you see that it’s turned on and at 0 grams, put your other beaker (the empty one) on the scale.

After the measurement has stabilized, turn the scale back to 0 with the beaker still on it by pressing the “Tare” button.

Once you press this, it will reset the scale to 0 even with the beaker on it. The purpose of this is so we can determine what 2.5 grams of RU5881 powder is without the beaker screwing up our measurement.

Add 2.5 grams of powder to the empty beaker on the scale until you see the scale reading 2.5 grams.

Once you’ve done that, you can turn off the scale and put it away.

Next, pour the 35ml of Ethanol from one beaker into the beaker with the 2.5 grams of RU58841 raw powder.

Right after, take that empty beaker you just emptied the Ethanol out of and fill it up with 15ml of Propylene Glycol.

The ideal vehicle proportion for an Ethanol and Propylene Glycol RU58841 solution is 70% Ethanol/30% Propylene Glycol (I find it works the best).

So no matter how much solution you are using, even if you made a 100 ml solution, you would still want 70% of it to be Ethanol and the other 30% to be Propylene Glycol.

For our solution we’re mixing now, it is 50ml so we want 70% (35ml) as Ethanol, and 30% (15ml) as Propylene Glycol.

So once you’ve filled up 15ml of Propylene Glycol, pour that into the beaker that has your Ethanol and RU58841 in it.

You should now have a cloudy solution of RU58841.

All you need to do now is get your glass stirring rod, and stir the solution until it is crystal clear and you can’t see any fragments of unmixed RU58841 powder in it.

If you are stirring for a while and can’t seem to get it to completely mix, simply add a few more millilitres of Ethanol and Propylene Glycol to the solution to dilute it a bit more (remembering to use 70% of what you’re adding as Ethanol, and 30% of what you’re adding as Propylene Glycol).

Once it’s crystal clear your solution is ready to go, and you can get your funnel and 50ml+ RU58841 container and pour the solution through the funnel into the empty bottle you have to store your solution in.

There you have it, now you have a 50ml+ 5% RU58841 solution dosed at 50mg/ml.

Store it in the fridge out of the light ideally to maximize the shelf life and prevent any degradation to the solution.

Room temperature is the least ideal scenario, but if you don’t have a fridge you can store it in, then at least make sure it’s in a cool, dry place, out of direct light when you’re storing it at room temperature.

Raw powder should always be stored in the freezer.

As far as where I get my RU58841 powder, I’m still using the same company:

Anageninc – 10% off coupon code “DC10”

The only other companies I also trust with equal quality are the following:

Science.bio – 10% off coupon code “DC10”

Chemyo – 10% off coupon code “DC10”

Both companies have the exact same quality linked above.

I have thoroughly researched all three sources personally and have seen the HPLC purity reports.

For the record, they are both as close to 100% pure as you will find on this planet.

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43 thoughts on “How To Make A RU58841 5% Solution – Step By Step Guide”

  1. Great guide brother , you’re the best !

    I’m using the premixed 5℅ solution right now and have to say I noticed less and less receiving hairline! This might be a cure if started early..

    I’m sticking with the premixed for now because it’s so convenient

    Thank you!!

  2. Does this only apply to those who are using performance enhancement drugs or does it also apply to those who want to prevent hair loss from natural aging causes?

    I’m young but when I get old later on, I want to know there is hope lol.

    1. The way male pattern baldness/androgenic alopecia works is the same in everyone, drug use simply expedites the process. Hence, preventing hair loss is the exact same strategy for those who use performance enhancing drugs as it is for natural individuals who don’t use drugs.

      There is hope lol.

  3. Are you MPB prone?

    I unfortunately am , I’ve started losing hair when I was 20 yo but I am keeping it with dutasteride + minoxidil + ru + ghetto swiss protocol.

    My dad went bald when he was like 23 and all of my cousins/uncles have Nw3 at least but they dont care about their looks like I do and they didnt even try to fight hair loss or tried with bullshit like snake oil with biotin etc

    I always wanted to try anabolic steroids and I mean hard androgens like trenbolone , not only mild dose of test.

    Do you think that RU + dutasteride would be enough to prevent tren from fucking up my hair?

    1. I don’t think I’m severely MPB prone like some guys who just get destroyed right out of high school but I definitely am somewhat prone.

      Depends how your hair is holding up right now without gear. For somebody insanely prone to MPB it’s definitely not something you can just jump into without caution. Tren is a harsh one for sure, especially for someone prone. If I was you I’d stick with hair safe compounds like test, EQ, I’d say deca but you can’t if you’re on dutasteride, anavar, tbol. You can build a VERY respectable physique with those, and tbh Tren isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Stick with the hairsafe steroids and you will be much better off.

      If you are deadset on Tren, do a very low dose and assess your shedding in the shower each day in your drain’s hair catcher, and then if you are shedding like a dog adjust your RU accordingly to try and offset it, and if bumping the RU won’t even offset the heavy androgens then you should def stick with hairsafe AAS. RU + dutasteride should cover you from the one’s I mentioned, and in reality there’s no other AAS that are really significantly better than those anyways.

      You should also be using a ketoconazole shampoo and Minoxidil if you aren’t already. Those will help make a difference as well.

  4. Hey bro,
    I’m going thru a heavy shed right now. I’ve been on treatments like fin minox and niz for years.

    In your latest video your hair looks a LITTLE thinner at the front. Do you think this is seasonal shedding or shedding from ru58841?

    1. In my MK-677 Q&A video or my Dolce & Gabbana comparison video? I’m assuming you’re talking about the D&G video right?

      My hair was wet in that video I had actually just applied my RU and Minox so my hair looked like shit and I didn’t bother drying it or fixing it first, that’s why it looks thinner.

      1. Actually the top 10 fragrances video. It looks like the right side (your right side) has thinned a little compared to previous vids and maybe even the front a bit.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’d kill to have your head of hair as 99.9% of people wouldn’t notice. I’m just wondering if fall is shed time as that’s what I’ve read on some sites.

          1. Sorry for the late response. To be honest I’m not sure. I really didn’t mean to freak you out. The lighting is different in many videos and also it seems like your hair is more wet in some vids. Are you taking pics routinely? That’s the best method to track.

            Awesome site btw bro

          2. Thanks brother. Ya I take pictures, but I should take more for sure.

            I’ll definitely keep an eye on it.

    1. Good question, basically RU58841 will prevent any further hair loss past what you already have (like Finasteride).

      However, indirectly, it can give you regrowth, because once you stop shedding completely, you will literally have less hairs falling out of your head relative to the amount of hairs growing on your head as opposed to what you were experiencing previously.

      This in itself will thicken up your hair.

      Second of all, when you add Minoxidil into the regimen, you can grow vellus hairs where you have lost hair completely. The idea behind it, is once you grow the vellus hairs, you maintain them and prevent them from falling out by continuing a religious minox regimen and religiously applying your RU as well as using a keto shampoo in the shower.

      Eventually, these vellus hairs will hopefully grow into terminal hairs, thus regrowing hair on a previously desolated area of your head.

  5. Hi derek,

    I have tried both premixed solutions. K&b and pg+ ethanol.

    I just think the k&b solution is less harsh . I loose less hair in shower with the k&b.

    Thanks k you brother for this awesome guide. I will mix my batches myself next time.

    1. Ya some scalps are very sensitive to Propylene Glycol and it can cause some irritation. Glad to hear the K&B solution works well for you as a vehicle though.

  6. Hi Derek,
    Do you know if mixing RU myself rather than buying it premixed is more effective in terms of hair loss? I am not sure if the pre-mixed solutions will lose its efficacy since it isn’t refrigerated after it is mixed. Also, do you know if the pg+ethanol solutions need to be frozen if I won’t be using them for a couple of months until after my current solution runs out?

    1. No they won’t be. And if it was it would be negligible. This stuff takes a lot longer to degrade than has been asserted on forums. Don’t freeze mixed solutions, refrigerate them.

    1. ? Recommended RU58841 Source For Research: https://moreplatesmoredates.com/ru58841pharmagradesolution
      ? Alternative Recommended RU58841 Source For Research: https://moreplatesmoredates.com/chemyo-ru58841-pharma-grade-solution

      ^ (Both companies have the exact same quality linked above. I have thoroughly researched both personally and have seen the HPLC purity reports. They are both as close to 100% pure as you will find on this planet)

      The alternative option will probably get to you a bit faster because it is US based.

      1. Are these bottles what you apply to your head, or are they a concentrate that you add to something else? Maybe I’m dumb, but most information seems ambiguous and/or only covers the powder. Because 30ml doesn’t seem like enough to last a week, much less a few months. What am I missing?

  7. Hi, thank you very much for the information. Ethanol is very difficult to find where i live, however Iso-Propyl Alcohol is very easy to find. Is it ok if i use Iso-Propyl instead of Ethanol?

  8. Derek,

    You said that you had a vid for mixing Minoxidil.
    I cant find it…

    What amount of raw Minoxidil do I need for 5% mix in 50ml?

  9. Derek,
    How are you doing…
    I was on and of gear for years and never lost a hair.
    Im 52 now and have been under way too much stress the past year or so. I noticed a tiny bit of hair loss that no one would have noticed around the crown except me. I ran out and got myself some Minox 5.
    I figured use a little in front and then some here and there.
    I read hair shedding is common, Man I see scalp all over at the beginning of month 5 What gives?
    Im applying twice a day.

  10. Do you know anything about Adenosine powder? I just picked some up. I read somewhere to go 100mg to 10ml. I tried a sample mix and it is very cloudy. I measured and shook it up. let me know if you have any info

  11. I can’t find ever clear in my state (damn california commies lol) Rather then drive to vegas to pick up a bottle. Could I order something like Denatured Ethanol with 200-Proof Ethyl online? I was thinking of just mixing it in minoxidil but I don’t like the bloat that comes with it and would rather just use RU by itself! Thanks

  12. Hey Derek! Whats up bro…

    I just got a really bad batch of RU. The sediment percentage came out to 25%. Ive been mixing this stuff as you have for several years. I never seen anything this bad before. I never even mixed the PG in. I just agitated it in pure alcohol as usual before adding PG in what was going to be a 70/30 mix. Have you encountered a batch that bad before?

  13. How long does it take for RU to start working, on average, how long did it take for it to stop or slow your hair loss?
    Thanks man.

  14. Derek, It sounds like you think that there’s not to much of a difference in the carrier per say…. Its more if you are sensitive. Ive had no probs with PG in the minoxidil, but no gains at all with the minoxidil just shredding. I stayed on it a year and nothing. The shedding said the carrier was doing its job, so do you think I should I use pg and Ru58841? Be good bro!

  15. Does youtube deleted your video for this article? I saw on your channel video where you was making RU58841 solution in PG and now I cant find it….

  16. Hey there,

    Could anyone from Canada tell me if Denatured Alcohol (Ethanol) 190 proof from Walmart is the same as Ethanol Derek uses? Can it be used? Or should I get a shipment of Everclear from the US

  17. Hi man, I need some help. I need to get me head around how this process actually works. All I need to know is how to make a daily batch like making it on a daily basis. So, hypothetically, do I add 50ml mix of 70% ethanol and 30% PG with 50mg or RU58841 to get the right dose for one days worth? If anyone else beside Derek could respond that would be amazing!

    Thank you!

  18. Hey Derek,

    I purchased 2 bottles of the Ru5884 1 premix (ethl/propyl) from Science bio. the liquid mixture is very thick. During application its impossible not to turn my hair into a greasy mess each time. I would need to shampoo daily Is this normal? I ordered a bottle of ever clear to dilute the mixture. and will more then likely order the raw powder buttt, would like your input on this one.

    Many thanks

  19. After following these steps my solution is still cloudy. I placed in the fridge for an hour and the solution slightly separated. Any thoughts on this?

    I added a little more vehicle keeping the same ratio and now I have almost 60ml of solution, still cloudy.

    Would you not recommend using in this state?

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