Melanotan II Results Before And After

Melanotan II Results (With Before And After Pictures) – The Tanning Drug

What is Melanotan II?

Melanotan II (Melanotan II) is an injectable peptide used mainly to vastly increase your body’s ability to tan. The pigment of your skin getting darker is the result of UV ray exposure. As your skin becomes exposed to UV rays, melanin is produced to protect your skin from burning and sun damage.

A tan is almost like a shield of sorts.

The darker you are, the stronger your shield is. Hence why super pale people are the most prone to skin cancer and burning.

Why Was Melanotan II Created/What’s Its Main Purpose?

Melanotan II was originally designed with the purpose of preventing the chance of skin cancer, and it certainly can.

After taking Melanotan II, your body will be stimulated to produce an exponentially higher level of melanin. As melanin is the main determinant of skin color, the more melanin you produce, the darker your skin can potentially become.

I’m not even joking when I say that a ghostly pale red haired person who would normally never dream of achieving any color darker than bright red can get DARK with Melanotan II.

Melanotan II has been thoroughly analyzed via clinical trials, and they showed that Melanotan II was safely able to promote melanogenesis (the process of melanocytes in your body producing more melanin).

As you may have guessed, fair skinned people have low base levels of melanogenesis.

As Melanotan II will greatly promote melanogenesis in all users, greater levels of melanin can be produced which protect the hypodermis (the layer under the skin) from potentially damaging UV rays.

As a result of this process, Melanotan II can effectively protect your skin from exposure damage.

It’s An Erectile Dysfunction Cure Too!?




As if this drug wasn’t cool enough, it can give you hard-ons like you just hit puberty again.

Melanotan II has also been shown to have major aphrodisiac effects.

Melanotan II showed a dose-dependent effect on erections in anesthetized rats during clinical trials.

Not only will it increase your erectile quality, duration, and the amount of erections you get each day, it can drastically reduce your refractory time, as well as increase your sexual desire itself.

It’s arguable that you wouldn’t even need Viagra or Cialis anymore if you were on Melanotan II, it’s that potent.

Melanotan II Is An Excellent Fat Burner

Clinical trials have also shown potent fat burning effects from Melanotan II usage.

While many think that Melanotan II can only help you lose fat indirectly through its appetite suppression side effect, it has been disproven in a series of tests conducted on mice where they were fed the exact same diet and the amount of visceral and subcutaneous fat tissue was reduced only in the group of mice being administered Melanotan II.

It also decreases the accumulation of fat free mass during a weight gain phase (bulk) via accelerated lipid mobilization.

As I just mentioned, Melanotan II has appetite suppressing effects, which indirectly help fat loss A LOT.

When you are in a calorie restricted state trying to lose weight, it is extremely easy to fall victim to your intense cravings and cheat on your diet and ruin your progress.

Melanotan II makes sticking to your diet infinitely easier, as your cravings will literally disappear.

Effect On Insulin Sensitivity

One notable finding from the clinical trials that largely goes unmentioned is the ability Melanotan II has to increase insulin sensitivity.

Results showed that Melanotan II administration increased insulin-mediated glucose disposal, but didn’t affect the capacity of insulin to suppress EGP.

In a separate study done on obese rats, the insulin sensitivity of the Melanotan II group was significantly better.

Why should you care about insulin sensitivity you ask?

Well, basically the more insulin sensitive you are, the more favorable your body composition can become.

When packing on weight for example, if you are extremely insulin sensitive, you will be far more likely to put on favorable lean weight than garbage fat fluff.

If you’ve been slamming high glycemic carbs for weeks on end, and are getting fat as shit, it’s likely your insulin sensitivity is down the toilet, and basically to continue to make physique progression and gain muscle you will be required to reduce your carb intake, get leaner, and resensitize yourself to insulin.

The higher your insulin sensitivity the better in the world of bodybuilding, so that’s just another awesome benefit Melanotan II has.

I delve into insulin sensitivity and staying lean with more detail in my articles elaborating on how to bulk without getting fat.

Melanotan II Side Effects

While there aren’t many side effects, there are a few very common ones.

Nausea is one of them, as well as flushing of the face, tiredness, decreased appetite and spontaneous erections (in males only obviously).

The flushing of the face is very temporary and usually occurs within 10 minutes of administering Melanotan II.

It usually lasts no longer than an hour in my experience.

It goes away pretty quickly once your body gets adjusted to the peptide.

Nausea can also be countered by taking an antihistamine an hour before taking Melanotan II.

Ginger root is a natural antihistamine and works well for preventing nausea induced from Melanotan II.

Usually the nausea is only caused by taking too large of a dose than your body is ready for though anyways, and all negative side effects should disappear over a short span of time.

Less common side effects during longer trials include: darkening of lips, increase in the number of freckles, darkening of freckles, and increased libido in females.

To minimize any negative effects, simply opt for a lower dose. Usually the users who encounter issues or undesirable side effects are simply dosing way too high.

My Experience With Melanotan II

Okay, let’s preface this by making it abundantly clear that I am extremely fair skinned, and DO NOT have the ability to tan naturally.

Pale skin before using Melanotan II

I have never in my life gone even relatively tan colored from sun exposure, and all that happens is my skin goes red if I lay out in the sun too long.

I started researching Melanotan II “on my rat subjects” and literally within a week I could already see a darker skin tone than I had ever seen before in my life (aside from competition spray tans).

Tan after using Melanotan II Before and after pictures of Melanotan II results

Within 3 weeks of moderate sun exposure and Melanotan II administration, “my rats” looked 100x darker than they could have ever become naturally.

Results increased in a dose dependent manner during my experiments.

However side effects were seen in my testers at higher dosages too.

As a result, I feel the optimal dosing range for future clinical trials would be 250-500mcg daily.

The Best Tanning Lotion To Use With Melanotan II

I got this recommendation from Chris on GoodLookingLoser.com and it is fantastic.


I have used some tanning creams and lotions in the past with bronzers in them, and they all would come off on my clothes or stain whenever I sweat.

It gets annoying as shit to only be able to wear black so you don’t stain your clothes every time you leave your house to say the least, and this tanning lotion definitely doesn’t disappoint.

I have used it throughout my entire research period, and it DEFINITELY has helped reach an extra level of darkness (you literally look a bit darker right after one use of this stuff) and it doesn’t come off and ruin your clothes.

Skin color before and after Melanotan II

Win win.

I just ordered 3 more bottles of it myself. You can order it using the link below:

Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion, 100x, 13.5-Ounce

The Best Melanotan II Protocol

Unfortunately, there is a common “loading phase protocol” floating around the internet created by bodybuilders over a decade ago that is still being used to this day as the staple for recommended dosing.

I am telling you right now, the loading phase is complete bullshit and is totally unnecessary and will just make you have a much higher chance of side effects, including blowing up with freckles (if you are prone).

I will outline the best “hypothetical” Melanotan II protocol below that will still get you dark, but save you money and reduce your chance of freckles or new moles popping up.

I learned about it from a very intelligent researcher online, and is what I follow myself anytime I use Melanotan II.

Assess response to a very low dose first (50-75 mcg), and taper up from there.

If you start gung-ho at 500 mcg shots when your body has never taken Melanotan II before, you are much more likely to experience negative side effects like nausea and notice an increase in freckles if you are prone.

It took me weeks before I had even reached a dose of 250 mcg pre-tanning. This is because I took a very conservative approach, tapered extremely slowly, and tapered my UV exposure very slowly as well.

I eventually made my way all the way up to 500 mcg pre-tanning (this took a couple months).

The end result was a very dark tan, with no noticeable new freckles, moles, or apparent darkening of current freckles and moles.

Now, I can maintain a very dark and healthy looking tan with only one 250 mcg shot per week and a little bit of UV exposure.

An ideal approach in my opinion would be to start very low, and then every 3 sessions (Melanotan II administration coupled with post-administration tanning) bump the dosage by 25 mcg and increase the tanning duration by 1 minute (assuming tanning is being done in a tanning bed).

Administration and tanning would be done every other day or every third day (or less frequently depending on personal needs).

Administration should NEVER be done on days that you are not going tanning.

Tanning should always follow Melanotan II administration within an hour of the shot.


* Protocol will vary depending on skin type and response to melanotan.

For those susceptible to freckling, moles, or at risk to burning or skin cancer; start with a low dose of Melanotan and short tanning sessions (as low as a minute or 2 if you must), as melanin density increases, tanning for longer periods will become safer with a lesser risk of freckling or burning.

Benefits of pre-tan Melanotan II administration:

– Increased melanin production over tanning or melanotan alone.
– Immediate oxidation of newly created eumelanin, creating that glowing “suntan”.
– Minimal tanning.
– Minimal Melanotan use.
– Reduced experiences of freckling, discoloring, uneven pigmentation, nausea, etc…
– More control of “degree” of tan.

Why This Protocol Is Best:

Melanotan II only increases melanin production, but the skin tans by two mechanisms. The second mechanism is the oxidation of the melanin that occurs from exposure to UVA rays, this is the tan more associated with that golden beach look.

The increase in melanin from melanogenesis is more associated with skin tone and coloring in general.

If you expose yourself to sun after a loading phase (typical protocol found online), all that built up melanin will oxidize in the exposed areas leading to a dramatic tanning effect and thus uneven tanning.

I want to stress the importance of some exposure to UV while administering Melanotan.

If you just administer at night the body increases melanin production in areas with greater natural melanocyte activity, genitals, freckles, moles, etc… leading to many of the sides reported with MT, but if used in conjunction with UV, the body has mechanisms to increase melanin production and melanocyte activity in areas that need the production to protect from UV photodamage, such as the skin.

How To Reconstitute (Mix) And Store Melanotan II

Melanotan II comes in a lyophilized puck of powder in a vial.

Anyone trying to sell you something else (like nasal sprays) and passing it off as Melanotan II is ripping you off.

Typically Melanotan II vials have 10mg (10,000mcg) in them.

To reconstitute (mix) them, you will need Bacteriostatic Water.

Bacteriostatic Water is just sterile water that has 0.9% benzyl alcohol in it.

It is used to dilute or dissolve medications that can only be administered via injection.

The container can be reentered multiple times (usually by a sterile needle) and the benzyl alcohol suppresses or stops the growth of most potentially contaminating bacteria.

I like to mix each vial with 2ml of Bacteriostatic Water.

The proper way to mix it without damaging the lyophilized Melanotan II is to push the Bacteroistatic water into the vial slowly, and let it drip down the side of the vial.

Squirting it full blast right into the powder may damage the peptide and completely ruin the Melanotan II.

After the water has all gone into the vial, gently swirl it around until the solution is completely clear.

It is now ready, and should be stored in the fridge when not being used.

To Summarize

Melanotan II is an amazing peptide with a variety of extremely helpful uses.

I am very happy with the results I had from it, and despite my initial paranoia (extreme terror) prior to using it I am pleased to say I didn't have one of those Melanotan II horror stories you hear about where the person blew up with moles, and I attribute that to my slow and steady approach and thorough research I did prior.

For those of you wondering what that mask is doing on my face in the featured image no I'm not pretending to be Bane, I have obstructive sleep apnea so I put that mask on before I go to bed and attach it to a CPAP machine so I can breathe properly.

Where To Buy Melanotan II Online

Fortunately, Melanotan II isn't faked very often, and it's pretty easy to tell if the quality is on point or not very quickly.

These are my go to companies right now:

Amino Asylum – 20% off coupon code “DC20”

Swiss Chems – 25% off coupon code “DC25”

You can get Bacteriostatic Water at a local pharmacy, as well as insulin syringes.

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

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165 thoughts on “Melanotan II Results (With Before And After Pictures) – The Tanning Drug”

  1. Any suggestion on which gauge syringes are best to use? I am 5’5 and 140lb F, I plan on only taking a minimal dose for a gradual effect but as I am using 1/2cc insulin syringes, Ill have to convert to mcg’s and I assume it would be easier to use a different dosage syringe? (Did I mention I suck at math)
    Also- does this need to be refrigerated once mixed?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Get a 1cc insulin syringe, makes the math easier.

      MTII needs to be refrigerated after reconstutition as well yes.

    2. For anyone wondering like I had initially, “cc” relates to the volume of syringe (aka, the amount of liquid it holds and the “G” measurement on the syringe refers to the diameter of the needle on the syringe. The higher the number that is prefacing the G, the thinner the needle is. I went with a 1cc 30G syringe because I wanted a really thin needle. The size worked perfect as the 30G needle didn’t hurt in the slightest or even draw blood after injecting. I personally would go with 31G syringes if they’re available.You can go with thicker needles or a .5cc syringe also if you want.

      Huge thank-you to the OP of the guide, the formatting and content of the guide is perfect.

  2. My gym has a tanning bed included, would it still be beneficial to take my dose when I got home immediately following my tanning session? Also being 6’1″ 230lbs should would you recommend start with 0.25 mg twice a week or 0.1mg twice a week.

    1. I’d just take the dose and then go to the gym and go tanning before you workout. The optimal way to take MT2 is pre-tanning. There is no other way that is superior.

      I’d start with 50-100mcg pre-tanning a few times per week going tanning only for a couple minutes. Taper up slowly from there each week adding another minute or two to the tanning bed and slowly tapering up your MT2 dose if you want to take the most conservative approach possible that will lead to the least chance of moles or freckles.

      1. Charlotte Ballington

        Loving all the advice but wher the best place to buy the product that is a reliable source.

        1. Hi Charlotte,
          I buy from the UK as they are selling now. Also they are in the USA if you are there. Heres the link: https://drs-labs.com/buy-melanotan-2/
          They seem to be serious people. I have just bought another vial as after reading this article I see I have been administering it wrong. I have been jabbing myself before going to bed. Ive still started to go brown though b ut not much – looks very natural though. Im going to get another one and jab myself before going sunbathing 😉

  3. Hey Derek
    I am a 38 year old black male I don’t need the tanning lol but the erection part caught my eye is it ok to purchase this sarm? Or will I get is black as night? I know this shit sound funny but anything with Viagra/Cialis effects I am down bro;)

  4. I am 114 pound girl with type 2 skin .. My skin is pale and will never tan and I have dark red hair and blue eyes . I am going to the Dominican Republic August 2nd and I bought melanotan from melanotan USA awhile ago but never got the guts to start using it bc I have a lot of freckles already and I’m nervous I’m going to wake up one morning and be covered in black miles and 100 more freckles . I wanted to start my dosage today so by 3 weeks from now when I’m on vacation I’ll be tan and not have to worry about applying a spray tan every single day . Is it too late for me to start since I leave in 3 weeks ? And I’m am a model so if I get crazy moles.. Etc.. My agency will not like that . How much should I start out with?

    1. Hi I am the exact same! Can I ask how it’s going for you? I’m on the 5th day of taking it and I’m skin type 1. I’ve seen no difference so far 🙁 when did you see a difference

  5. Hi Derek,

    Thank you for your informative post and research on this product! Id love to get started myself. Please message me with more info on where to purchase!

    1. Hey I originally was taking 4 times the amount and without an antihistamine . Chest started hurting so I went to the doctors and they said I was fine. I still have a shortness of breath every now and then thanks to not taking antihistamines before my dosage. It’s been 2 weeks since my last Injection . Should I continue at a very low dose and with antihistamine before ?

      1. I never use an antihistamine with MTII myself. 4 times what amount?

        I wouldn’t be using anything that gives you chest pain each time you shoot it.

  6. Thank you for your esearch, my training partner has recomended 1 shot a day for 5 days and I am a bit weary as I got skin cancer a few years ago. I have the all clear now however I cant go on sunbeds and what I was going to do is…
    Load up for 5 days low dosage and then on 5th day go on a low voltage sunbed for 3 mins with sunscreen on to activate the MT11
    Any advise would be greatly recieved.

    1. I honestly don’t recommend any way other than the conservative method I outlined. I personally started at 50mcg, and then titrated my dose up VERY SLOWLY over the course of a few shots per week for several weeks, each with a little bit of sun/tanning bed exposure directly after the shots.

      It took a couple months for me to finally get to 500mcg shots, and once I did I was very happy I did it slow because I have had almost no new freckles or moles show up at all, and I’m 10x as dark and can maintain this color with 1 tanning session a week and 1 500 mcg shot per week.

      Taking MTII if you won’t be going in the sun or the tanning bed directly after is asking for side effects imo as you will just end up darkening melanin concentrated zones like your existing freckles and moles much more relative to the rest of your skin.

  7. Hey sorry if this question is late but I just came across this :))) I don’t understand the dosages either but the one thing I was curious the most about was how much water to mix with mt2 before starting. I hope you get this question bro as i found your vid to be the best out there.

    1. There is no specific amount you need to mix with. I mix it with whatever makes it easiest to measure out the dose I usually research with. The less complicated math for me the better. I typically just reconstitute it with 2 ml bac water.

  8. Hi Derek

    I had skin cancer a few years ago and I am now over it & cancer free so I cant use tanning beds. Will I still be able to take MT2 even though I can’t accelerate it with tanning beds. I could occasionally sit in the sun when it’s out if that would help the process but I live in Scotland so weather very unpredictable!!

    1. Derek is incorrect. The only reason UV exposure causes tanning is that it promotes the creation of melanin, the exact same thing melanotan does. It is the AIR coming into contact with the melanin that creates the tan. To summarize, even with no UV exposure, melanotan will still cause you to get very dark… and my fitness trainer is living proof of that

  9. Hi Derek
    Thanks so much for your informative article. I’m looking at starting MT2, but I am prone to moles. Are you also prone? You said you avoided mole darkening, but did you have any in the first instance?
    I am thinking about doing
    50mg EOD for 5 days (each with sun exposure)
    Upping to 75mg EOD for second week with sun
    100mg EOD for third with sun
    150mg EOD for fourth with sun

    Do you think these doses are high enough to see results? I am type 1, don’t tan on legs or arms but really really want to avoid an increase in moles.

    Thanks so much!!

    1. Yes I am. And yes I did.

      Those doses would probably be high enough to see results (if you meant mcg and not mg which I’m assuming you did). The slower and more tapered the better.

  10. Hey,

    I have reconstituted the melanotan with 2ml of bac water and I am currently storing it in the fridge.

    How many weeks will it remain stable for/ still be usable?

  11. Hi Derek,
    I wish i wouldve read this 7 days ago when i started melanotan 2. Ive been taking about .33 a day and had my first tan session last night and my freckles were ridiculously popping. If i start doing it the way you say and only taking it right before tan sessions will it make my freckles better or did i already completely ruin it with taking it every day for the past 7 days?

    1. I can’t predict exactly how your skin will react so it’s tough to say. I’d surmise that once you start following a more conservative regimen the freckles that have darkened more than the rest of your skin will start to be less dark relative to the rest of your skin and it will slowly even itself out.

      The reason the freckles are showing up more is because when you take MT-II without sun exposure, you are increasing the rate at which your skin darkens, with a huge favor towards melanin concentrated zones on your body (freckles and moles) getting darker with greater ease than white non-tanned (non-freckled) skin.

      Taking it pre-tanning mitigates this risk as it will give an even amount of skin darkening everywhere if you don’t overdo your dose. Sun exposure is a MUST post-MTII administration each and every time unless you want to have a heightened risk of uneven darkening.

      1. Thankyou so much derek, starting today i will only take it everyother day right before tanning. Then in about a week or 2 like 2 to 3 times a week before tanning.

  12. H Derek,

    I have type 3 maybe type 4 skin and i tan quite easily but am also prone to burning when over exposed. I am considering taking melanotan 2 this summer (i live in australia) as i spend alot of time in the sun due to sport and work and want to use it to avoid sun burn. What dose would you recommend for someone like me who already spend quite some time in the sun and tans easily.


    1. I’d follow the same approach, and just taper it up a bit faster than a fairer skin individual would. You still need to assess how you react to it in general, and starting low is the best way to do this and avoid side effects.

  13. Hey Derek

    I’ve taken melanotan four times prior to sun exposure over the last ten days at 100,250 & a 400mcg dose twice. Still haven’t seen any difference, what’s the latest you would predict the melanotan to start taking effect with regular dosing?

    1. Four tanning sessions is nothing man. You are being impatient, and also tapering your dose way too fast if you want to avoid freckles and moles.

      The latest? Depends on many different factors, that question is impossible to answer.

      I’m sure if your product is legit, you will start noticing a difference relatively soon.

  14. Hi Derek,
    Just came accross your article and just in time by the sounds of it, I’ve been researching about Melanotan 2 for quite some time but a lot of the information is very old and out dated, I’ve taken my first shot of 100mcg today to see how I reacted to it (as advised on other forums) and so far so good no side effects not even a hint of nausea, I’m going to taper up slowly twice a week shots pre tanning session , what would your advise be on how much to go up each week (25 mcg, 50mcg?) I know everyone is different but I’ve got very similar skin type to yourself before you started Melanotan so as just a guide to follow if all goes ok week in week out as want to do this properly and not rush/make mistakes.
    Thanks for the help

    1. Exactly as my article states brother, the slower the better.

      The slower you taper up, the less chance of side effects. I would only taper up 25-50mcg MAX each week. That is what I did.

      One of the biggest keys being ONLY using it pre-tanning for the reasons outlined in my article.

      The guys who blow up with freckles and moles are typically doing big loading phases, and using it on days they aren’t even exposed to UV.

      Slow and steady + using it exclusively pre-tanning = the least side effects

      1. Nice one bro thanks for the help, just one last one, heard a lot about covering face when tanning as normally exposed areas will tan quickly so keep them covered, did you do this or?

        1. I don’t find that my face tans any quicker or slower than the rest of my body. I’m sure it is individually dependent though, it didn’t apply to me though. Everything tanned evenly.

  15. Hi I am going to tailand on the 10th of January and would like to get some color before I go there, I am the palest person I have ever seen and don’t tan. Do you think I have enough time to get any color? I can order the product today but if it’s not going to help I may not.

    1. If you literally had it on hand already then yes, maybe not if you haven’t ordered it yet and will still need to wait for it to ship.

      Getting a good color with MT-II isn’t something you want to rush so it’s a tough call.

  16. Hey,

    I’m a red head (darker red) but I do have white skin and I DO NOT TAN at all and also have freckles on my arms and shoulder especially and miles on my body.

    I usually wear spray tan but an so sick of exfoliations and tanning all the time! So anyway I bought melanotan 1 from a compounding pharmacy in Australia (where I live), there isn’t much info on melanotan 1 but it’s what I have and what I’ve used so far. I have injected .25 a day for 3 days and have been told to do so until I reach my desired colour (they say around 1-2 weeks) and there after do two shots of the same a week. I was wondering if you know anything of melanotan 1 and if you think this sounds ok. I haven’t noticed any changes yet and I also want to avoid UV exposure because of aging and skin cancer etc… they say I will tan still but I’m just not sure !

    1. Melanotan 1 is just like a much weaker form of Melanotan 2 I believe. I wouldn’t use it. Also, if you aren’t getting any UV exposure at all you are completely defeating the entire purpose of the compound, and you will just end up with darker melanin concentrated areas on your skin. You might get darker, but the number one cause of getting super dark moles and freckles is taking this stuff on days you don’t have any UV exposure after dosing it, because areas prone to getting darker will get darker at an expedited rate, but your normal fair areas of your skin won’t get dark nearly as fast without any UV exposure.

  17. Hello Derek,

    thanks for the interesting video and article as well as all the answers you give people here in the comments.

    Your explanation on why some Melanotan 2 users might be at an increased risk for developing more moles under certain conditions sounds very plausible.

    I have three questions:

    1.) Did you know that a study from 2014 test some Melanotan 2 shops and found out that all of them put less product in their vials than advertised and that some Melanotan 2 products contain quite a few impurities? We had a discussion on a forum where the study is also linked and also an article:


    The forum also has quite a few people complaining about getting worse results than in earlier days. I’m personally mostly worried about ending up with incorrect dosages and impurities.

    Could that be linked to shops putting less active ingredient into their products?

    2.) Considering 1.), can you still recommend EnhancedAthlete.com and are you still using their product yourself?

    3.) I’m a very pale person, a lot paler than everyone I’ve ever seen and paler than you in your starting picture. All the tanning beds in my country are restricted to 0.3W/m², but I’m still a bit scared.

    Should I always use a tanning bed in combination with Melanotan 2?
    How often and how long should a very pale person tan per week/month?

    Thank you very much!

    1. 1. MT2 is so cheap I have yet to come across underdosed MT2 or “impure” MT2.
      2. Yes.
      3. MT2 usage should always be coupled with sun exposure. Using it with no UV exposure is asking for uneven color and darkening of existing moles and freckles in contrast to the rest of your skin. Mentioned this in the article.

      1. Hi Derek,

        you mention a scheme of one or two small doses in combination with UV exposure in your article, but there is also a part where you recommend a certain daily dose for clinical trials. Is it ok to not inject every day or are many small doses always better?

        For example: 2*100 mcg + 2*tanning bed per week vs. 4*50 mcg + 4*tanning bed per week etc.

        1. I don’t know what you mean exactly but you have to play it by ear based on how dark you want to get and at what rate and this is all based on side effects. This is a research chemical, my protocol isn’t some concrete thing that can’t be altered. I simply recommend starting very low (50 mcg) and then slowly titrating up the dose each week and slowly tapering up UV exposure as well, and only dosing it pre-tanning.

          The number of times you dose it per week/go tanning is dependent on the rate at which you wish to get darker. When I did it, I would go every other day or every third day for a few minutes in the stand up right after my small dose of MT2. Then the next week the dose would go up 25-50mcg and my exposure might increase by 30 seconds or a minute. I did this until I achieved the darkness level I was happy with, and then afterwards I maintained it with once a week dosing pre-UV exposure.

          1. One follow-up question:

            Did your tanning also change to once a week when you only took MT2 once a week? Or does one have to go tanning all the time?

            I’m just very afraid of photoaging and just want to get *any* skin tone that is not paper white.

            Thanks and greetings,


    1. I don’t recommend anything, this is just my own experience and what I found best. I do 1 250-500mcg shot per week and get some sun to maintain.

  18. I also have fair skin with freckles..

    U stated to tan straight after injecting melanotan… id would assume it takes a few hours to enter your system.

    Also wen exposed to the sun type 1 skin freckles go super dark without melanotan.

    So wouldnt it make more sense not to start tanning until you have a decent dosage of melanotan in ur system… As by tanning without enough melanotan in ur system will make ur freckles go extra dark…

    Also was thinkin of starting at ..2mcg twice a week?

    1. It doesn’t take hours, you will feel it within minutes actually (facial flush, nausea if you’re prone, etc.).

      Nope, it wouldn’t make more sense. I explain in my article why tanning post-melanotan use is optimal and why letting it build up in your system without UV exposure is not.

      You’re thinking of starting at 2mcg? I’m going to assume you have made a mistake because 2mcg would be impossible to measure and is an absurdly low starting dose.

      1. Loll no sorry i did as u said .50mcg… but im just scared i am just gonna get dark freckles and thats all… as that would be a disaster…especially my face… how long should i go in the sun for?

        Also i meant does it go into ur skin straight away…

        1. I don’t know how long you should go out in the sun for because I have no idea where you live or what the UV exposure is like, I used a tanning bed and just started with the lowest number of minutes and tapered up.

          Not sure what you mean by “does it go into your skin straight away”. If you inject something subq, it is absorbed relatively quickly. I get the flush from it within 10 minutes of pinning it into my research subject.

  19. I meant does it increase melanin in skin immediately after injection..

    Will i be dark after using the whole lot even if i administer slowly…

    Never used it b4 so dont if will just make freckles dark…. or will it go even

  20. Hi Derek,

    I hope that question is not inappropriate, but in the current videos on your Youtube channel you look a lot less tanned than in the (post?) Melanotan 2 video. Are you still using Melanotan 2 and if so, what’s the reason for that?



    1. I haven’t used Melanotan or gone tanning in over 3 months now. It kills my appetite and I have been bulking and it was counterproductive and it’s Winter anyways so I didn’t care.

      Believe it or not, I’m actually still pretty tanned despite not tanning at all. Go watch my most recent workout video. The lighting during my information videos always washes me out, but go watch my recent workout video. My body is still tanned even after not touching MTII or having any UV exposure essentially whatsoever for over 3 months.

  21. Hi Derek,

    I’d be really grateful if you could give a little guidance… I’ve been deliberating over whether to give MTII a go for a few years now, and with a trip to the Spanish Islands looming at the beginning of April where I know I’m going to be spending most of the week in the sea/pool – I think now is the time, as I want to enjoy myself and not be constantly panicking about the fact that I’m getting paler or patchy as the holiday progresses and my fake tan wears away! I’m a type 1/2 who never tans, has a few moles, and freckles which come out on cheeks forearms and shoulders – and I was wondering whether you think I could use MTII to develop a lightish tan without the freckle/mole darkening before going, which I could build on whilst there without the MTII as I don’t want to travel with it? It’s only around a month till I go, and so I know I’ve left things a bit late! Thanks

    1. If you literally had it on hand and could start now then you would have enough time to develop a light tan without having to overdo it and expose yourself to a high risk of moles or freckles, unfortunately you probably waited too long and by the time you actually have it on hand you will likely only have 2 and a half weeks and that is not enough time to develop a good tan if you wanted to do it the smart conservative way.

      And yes, Melanotan stays in your system for a while so even if you were using it prior to your trip, it would still be in your system and work while you were on your trip.

  22. Hey Derek! I have been researching this product for a long time and am very interested. However, I’ve never given myself a shot before so wondering if it’s painful at all. (Also, fear of needles) Second, I’m going to Jamaica in July. Will three months make a difference? I’m a blonde girl with blue eyes and a few freckles who actually tans a little, as long as I’m exposed a little bit of sun at a time for the first couple weeks of the season. I also burn when I go to the beach especially. Thanks for your thorough research and help!

    1. It’s no worse than pinching yourself. It’s a subq shot with an insulin needle, a bee sting hurts 10x more.

      Yes three months will make a big difference.

  23. Wish I saw this article a bit sooner! I thought I was taking a conservative approach by injecting 250mcg 2-3x/week and going in the sun for 30 minutes to an hour after injecting. After doing this for a couple of weeks I’ve noticed several new dark freckles on my back and neck which I am certain were not there before.

    What approach should i take from here? I was thinking of lowering the dosage to 100mcg and limiting the sun exposure to 30 minutes tops. I haven’t seen many recommendations online on how much natural sunlight to get, only tanning bed recommendations.


    1. Hi honey and thank you so much for all your information!!!
      I’m following your protocol but have a question about the UV exposure….
      The tanning salons around here have SO many types of tanning beds..lay down, stand up, no burn…. which one is best to use with these injections???

  24. Hi Derek,

    I just wanted to say a mega thanks for your really coherent explanation around dosing and the science behind how melanotan ii works. As one of the most impatient human beings in the world, I’m finding it pretty tricky taking the conservative approach, but fingers crossed it’ll work eventually.

    Cheers again 🙂

  25. Hi Derek i am skin type 2 and have freckles on my face and want to use melanotan 2 but i use bleaching creme for them so how do i need to start with dose?

      1. If i understand well would need to start 0.02 mg before sun exposure?And how long can i be in sun?Do i need to use sunscreen?

        1. I start at 50 mcg. For sun exposure, I recommend starting very low and tapering your exposure up so you minimize your risk of burning and freckling. As melanin density increases, you can start to taper up your sun exposure.

          If you use sunscreen you’re defeating the entire purpose of going tanning and you will hardly get any color at all.

  26. How could you measure 0.05 mg (50 mcg) of Melanotan 2 with only 2 ml of bacteriostatic water in a 10 mg vial? I have small syringes with only 0.5 ml, but even with those I’d have 2.5 mg of Melanotan 2 in a full syringe and drawing only a single line there looks tiny.

      1. Yes, I made the same calculation, but that’s basically only one line on the very small syringe and a very tiny amount. Is it no problem to just inject such a tiny amount?

        1. My topout dose of 500 mcg is only 0.1 cc’s (10 iu’s). Yes, you need to use the proper amount and yes it will look tiny. 50 mcg should be 1 iu on your insulin syringe.

  27. Hello i want to ask how much 50 mcg is units in 1ml/100unit syringe?Melanotan is mixed with 2ml.of water.Thank you.

  28. This page is definitely one of the best sources information about Melanotan 2, especially on how on could or should start to dose it. I saw a video of one Youtuber who simply started with 0.5 mg every day or something and had lots of birthmarks as well as blueish fingernails and lips and he still recommended people in the comments to start with 0.25 – 0.5 mg while being the best example why you really shouldn’t do so or load the stuff up etc.

  29. Greetings Derek,

    Enjoyed your research immensely!

    I’ve pinned three times now and no side effects whatsoever. Slightly concerns me due to the fact, no flushing (and I’m a flusher) and from what I’ve read it’s not working if there’s no flushing.

    So I’m not flushing (main concern) nor do I feel nausea or the tingle downstairs…

    I’m Type 2 with a ruddy facial complexion. I’m not concerned about an “all over tan” just the areas I expose in the sun.

    I’m going to continue on with my regimen of MT2 and keeps notes.

    Just wanted to talk it out with someone, such as yourself. Your research/blog is the first I’ve found with recent information, posts, etc.

    Thank you!

    1. Sometimes I get the flush/nausea, sometimes I don’t. One thing that’s obvious to me though is whether I’m getting darker/staying dark or not.

      1. Yes Derek, valid point. Obviously, I will know something is happening as I start to notice my “skin color changing.”

        I won’t worry about not getting side effects and hopefully, with time, I will have a life changing experience!

        Thanks for your swift response!

  30. Hey man,
    Awesome content !
    I’m going to vacations and will go to the sun pretty much every day for hours, it’s inevitable. Do you still recommend it ?
    If so, What are the modifications I should do ?
    Also, does IGF-1 alternated with Cialis help me stay in Boner land ?
    Cheers !

    1. I don’t quite understand your question?

      And yes Cialis obviously helps with that. IGF-1 doesn’t at all though.

        1. If you want to get darker than you normally could then ya. Ultimately it’s up to you what you do or don’t do.

          1. I’d say I’m type 3 and I’m down to tan a lot but basically what I’m asking is, would you consider it to be risky for me to use MT2 on a daily basis while on vacations ?
            I’d like to use it as safely as possible cheers brother.

  31. Hi Derek

    Just started mt2 as your guidlines advise.
    I am just wondering your before and after pics. How many weeks apart are they?


    1. I don’t remember to be honest but it was probably like a month and a half or so. I tapered up super slow with the MT-II usage as well tapering up slow with my UV exposure so it wasn’t as quick as most guys get tanned with this stuff, but my protocol prevented me from getting a bunch of unwanted freckles and moles, and I still achieved a super dark tan that I can maintain now with 1 dose every week or 2 and next to no sun exposure.

      1. Yea ive started at 100 mcgs and going to taper up 50 mcgs each week.
        Im in no rush however i literally feel no sides what so ever at 100 mcgs.
        So just hoping i dont waste countless weeks adminstering dose and using sun beds to find out my stuffs dud.
        Thats the reason i asked as i just want to know my stuff working.
        Thanks for your reply much appreciated.

      1. What is the minimum I would have to lay in the tanning bed? Ive already had precancer and had to have that cut out.

        1. I wouldn’t advise going tanning at all if you had skin cancer. As far as the minimum, that’s impossible to answer, it would differ for every one and it would also vary depending on how dark you want to get.

          1. And that’s what I was worried about. I didn’t read about the product all the way or I would have known I had to lay in the tbed or sun. But thanks for your reply. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  32. Hello, I my shipment is set to arrive today, and I am confident that I know what i’m doing, with 1 exception. I have 10 MG of melanotan 2. I will mix with 2 ML of bac water. I will start with 50 MCG for the first week, and go up gradually from there. Because 50 MCG is such a tiny measurement, I’m having trouble finding a peptide calculator that accurately calculates where on the syringe i should fill to. I have a .3 syringe, a 1 ML syringe, and a 2 ML syringe, however, when i fill out the required fields on the “reconstituting Bodybuilding Peptides” calculator, it says to draw up to the 1st tick mark on all options. . . that can’t be right, and I’m assuming it’s just defaulting to the lowest tick mark, since 50 mcg is so small? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    1. 50mcg/10,000mcg = 0.005 x 2ml = 0.01ml to get 50mcg of MTII. A typical U-100 insulin 1ml syringe has 5 ticks between every 0.1ml. This represents 2iu’s, or 0.02ml. If you are using a standard 1ml U-100 insulin syringe, 50mcg would be halfway to the first tiny tick (not large one which would be 0.1ml/500mcg).

      1. Thank you so much! I went round and round on that forever. Getting ready for my first injection and tanning session today. I added the BAC water to the MT2, and i noticed that it liquified immediately. After the first drop touched it. It did not take time to dissolve, and break down, as I have heard other users describe . . .should this be a concern?

          1. Perfect. Thank you! I am so glad I came across your thread. I was 1 day away from starting an over-kill, out-dated, loading phase, mistake!

        1. Hello Lindsey
          I don’t think o still got the math
          I’m freaking out
          Derek said suck it up half way to the first tiny line
          That is (500)mcg
          Isn’t that too much doesn’t Derek say to start at (50)mcg
          Then taper up
          I cannot get this till after two years
          Last time x2 2 times
          I got purple lips and unwanted freckles don’t want to repeat same mistake for the 3 time

  33. Hey Derek,
    Great article. Just a quick question. Lets say I were to use melonotan 2 for 1 month, and then stop taking it. I have fairly Mediterranean, olive skin complexion normally, but it’s to the lighter side.

    Would my tan go away if i stopped doing weekly injections? Surely it would just fade at the rate of a regular tan (which for me, a summer tan lasts for months)


    1. Melanotan II tan lasts far longer than a normal tan. Yes it eventually goes away though. Granted, my base skin tone is now definitely darker than my base color was previously, even after months of not using MT or having significant sun exposure.

  34. I saw that the website you originally recommended doesn’t sell MT2 to the public anymore…is there another website that you can recommend? Don’t want to buy from just any site from google haha.

    1. There’s no specific site I’d recommend. Just check for research chem sites with unbiased reviews (aka the forum the reviews are on doesn’t sponsor them or have some underlying financial incentive) and go with the best one.

  35. Hello, Just came across this article while researching. I have Type 1 skin, and will be following your dosing protocols. I will not use a tanning bed but will instead be out in the sun. Should I still start at a few minutes in the sun and then increase by a minute per week or so? Or does this only apply to tanning beds?
    Thank you

  36. “Hey Derek, ……”
    *how everyone’s comment starts*
    Do you ever get tired of repeating yourself in almost every comment, when if they read the article it would have been answered?
    That would drive me nuts.
    You’re a more patient man than I.

    Great article though brother. Keep up the good work. You got a lot of good info on a lot of topics.

  37. Hey man, I’m considering giving this a go and have taken all your advice onboard and will most definitely be starting with a low dose. I’m fairly pale and prone to freckles….my dilemma is I work outside a lot of the time and get a lot of sun exposure only thing is I never really tan. Do you think that my frequent exposure to the sun would be a problem?

  38. Hi there, thankyou for your article, it makes so much more sense than what I have been instructed !!
    I have just got an order of MTII from a well known peptide clinic in australia. The MTII came reconstituted: 5ml of solution with concentration of 2000mcg/ml. They supplied 0.5 insulin syringes and Ive been instructed to ‘Load’ using 0.14ml or 14IU on the syringe. To use your protocol how many IU should I be using in the syringe. I cant get my head around the math … Also I have no way of using a sunbed , will spending short periods of time in the sun ( when there is any ) work as well?


      1. How long should I spend in the sun if I am not using a tanning bed? I live in South Africa so it is pretty hot most of the time.

          1. I’m very pale. Should I start out with 15 minutes of sun exposure and work up? Or is that too low? I have no idea when it comes to tanning.

    1. Once and a while. I don’t care about being tanned as much as I used to. I don’t know when I first used it, maybe a few years ago.

      My skin color is permanently darker now though, I never went back to the pasty white I was before MTII usage, so I don’t really even feel the need to use maintenance dose, although if I wanted to get really dark again I could easily within a few weeks and minimal sun exposure.

  39. Hey! This is a really nice guide to this stuff, I am a pale Irish lady who is thoroughly researching this shit before I get it. My question is if you have experience of taking a break from it? I am going to take it for 8 weeks before travelling for 5 weeks. I am unsure of the laws etc in the places I am travelling (SE Asia where laws/punishments are… intense) so I’m nervous of taking it with me. Will I lose my tan mid-holiday do you think?

    1. You’ll be fine, no you won’t lose your tan, if anything you’d continue getting darker while traveling. It doesn’t just immediately stop working once you stop taking it. I haven’t even used it for a year and my baseline skin color is permanently more tanned now.

  40. Oh cool cos its definitely not worth going to a prison in indonesia over! I appreciate the time you took to respond, congratulations on having the grace and patience you clearly have, it’s very evident in your replies to everyone lol x

  41. I guess I just have week constitution…
    Started with 50mcg for 2 days, both days wen to tan straight after the shot, but both days I felt horrible and stopped after day 2, it took about 48h to feel normal again.

    Have given it a few weeks rest and just started again today on 25mcg (0.025mg) and have felt horrible the whole day… A 120lbs girl in my office can handle more haha… I give up, I’ll just be pale!

    1. Hey Derek, i’ve Done a ton of research on Melanotan and can’t bring myself to try it because so many users have mentioned the freckling thing ! Thing is, my skin is not really pale. Slightly olive and tan ok but go back to pale very quickly. I have a few freckles but not many. If I start on a low dose, what are the chances of developing new freckles in your opinion ?

  42. Hi Derek,

    I have been doing some research on this product and I am curious, did you need the breathing machine at night before using this product? I’m worried about the side effects they mention related to cardiovascular issues.

  43. Just wondering why you’re wearing a CPAP mask to take the after photo? I thought you only wear the mask while in bed sleeping.

    1. Because I was about to go to sleep. Can’t exactly take a photo of your physique with the lights off while you’re lying in bed asleep.

  44. Hey Derek, Ill share my Mt2 journey so far.
    I’m on day 24. I do 1000mcg a day.
    One side effect ive had, decreased appetite. days 1 to 3 i had crazy erections. Im pale, but not that neon glow pale now. i assume by the end of this 4th vial it will be the biggest difference. ive documented everything from day 1. I just want to say thanks for making this article as it motivated me to do it myself. my intentions with MT2 was just to get out of that natural pale / neon white stage so that my skin burn peel in 10mins in the sun.

    1. 1000 mcg per day!? Jesus. You’re going to be a different race. You’re lucky if you didn’t get any moles at that dosage, that’s higher than necessary, even for getting stupid dark.

    2. Hello, I’m extremely pale. 5’2” and 116 pounds. I do freckle very easily and it’s hard for me to get a natural tan.

      What doesage would you recommend for me to start with each day and how do I build from there?

        1. Is there a site you can recommend to purchase from? I have had a difficult time finding a reputable seller.

  45. Thank you for your advice! I’ve been following your guidelines, started of for a few days on 50mcg, moved up to 75mcg and been doing that for 3 days now on some really hot days. I’ve definitely had exisiting freckles darken a bit, not overly sure if they’re new, just darkened. When do you think I could bump it up to 100mcg?

    1. I’d taper slower personally, but ultimately it will depend on your timeline and how prone you are to freckles/moles and your risk tolerance.

  46. Hey Derek you are amazing and thank you for all the answers, I’m on Metformin pills because of my insulin level. I have POCS. I don’t understand all that talk about melotan 2 does. Does this not go well together melo and metformin. Thank you for your time. Best wishes

    1. MTII is an unapproved experimental chemical. I have no idea if it causes adverse reactions when combined with Metformin. I doubt it does, but again, I can’t give a definitive answer because nobody knows.

  47. I just wanted to say, I came across your page about 2 years ago and ended up using your method with great results. (So thanks for that!)
    Just came back around today to get a refresher after not using for a while, but plan to start up for upcoming vacation.
    All I can say is… u are easily the most patient person I have ever witnessed.. Seriously.
    I thought the questions were ridiculously repetitive before… But I can’t believe you are still getting them two years later.. wow.. smh..
    I thought I was patient… but since I would’ve disabled the comments by this point… I see now that I was wrong… lol
    You are a better person than most.
    Just wanted to let you know .. total respect to you..

      1. Hello! I have questions that has not been asked! 🙂

        I bought the nasal spray 🙁 then found you.
        1) Are you still of the opinion that it is not MTII & doesn’t work?
        2) In your opinion should I still try it “on my rats” and if so, how much? The company recommends the loading thing so I am unsure. 1 spray the first day, 2 the next, etc.

        3) A bonus question if you are so inclined. I have asked over a hundred people in Toronto if they know of this product since I found out about it last month and none have. Why is it such a secret? I am having dreams of distributing it and becoming very rich lol.

        Thank you.

  48. One of the most detailed anecdote on MT 2 usage on the internet. Very well done. I’ve done a ton of research on this and am ready to start. The problem is where to buy it. I see so many mixed reviews about all these sites so I don’t know where to go. It’s driving me crazy. Do you have one you lean towards? I know it’s an unapproved chemical so there’s no telling but as far sides and potency.

  49. Would it be safe/okay to do this melanotan/tanning protocol while on low dose accutane (20 mg every other day)? I’m pretty pale just like you were

  50. Hi Derek

    Great article! I’m type 2 and I am prone to moles so this has really helped re: dosage and timelines.

    Just want to make sure i’m 100 on the below point (that worked for you):
    – no bulking week but instead slowly increase the dosage over a couple of mnths until reaching approx .500 mcg (in Australia that’s .5ml) or desired tan level. During this phase you would inject every 2-3 days and only tan on those days?


  51. Hey Derek, i used MT2 2 years ago and a “white spot” appeared on my stomach that cant be tanned its like an albino spot, it seems to be permanent since its still there. I want to hop back on MT2 this summer but i am afraid to get more of these spots. Do you have any knowledge about this issue? Also, are you still using MT2 to this day?

  52. Hair loss on melanotan

    I’ve been using melanotan for a few years now (started around 26, 29 now). Soon after starting I started noticing hair loss, long story short it progressed to the point of getting a hair transplant 6 months ago.

    The transplant has now grown in along with the rest of my hair. I hadn’t taken melano since before the transplant, however since starting it again 5 days ago my hair has began to shed like crazy.

    It looks like my natural hair and the transplanted hairs that are shedding so it definitely isn’t DHT related (the transplanted hairs come from the back of the head)

    There isn’t much information regarding MT2 causing hair loss, what do you think the cause of it may be? Is it a shock reaction from the peptide causing the hair loss?

    I’d hate to have to give up MT2 but I also don’t want to waste the thousands I paid for a hair transplant.

  53. What about if you want to use melanotan 2 mainly for appetite suppression/fat burner?
    Would you just use a daily small dose without encreasing? Or is tanning always necessary? I do not want to go tanning everyday for health reasons obviously but 2/week I do not mind..
    Will you still get the appetite suppression/fat burner benefits if you take it 2x week?

  54. Hey Derek, I’m grateful I found your YouTube channel and website and even more impressed that you’re still answering forum questions from a 2016 post four years later 😉 A few questions that I haven’t seen addressed…

    I have rosacea with facial redness and some broken capillaries on my nose. I’ve also developed large sun spots on my face that I previously had lasered off with IPL. I’ve seen some rosacea sufferers have had positive results from MTII by essentially tanning over the facial redness. There is also some anecdotal evidence that it increases skin thickness. Any thoughts on this?

    I usually tan my body with sunscreen on my face only and wear a hat. No sunscreen below my face, everything else tans decently. If I cover my face after using MTII could I potentially run into issues due to the increased Melanin buildup in areas not exposed to UV as mentioned in the article? Or just bite the bullet and risk the sunspots/veins?

    Any updates in 2021 in your personal experience or research? Thanks for the great work you do my man!

  55. Potentially retarded question:

    How well does this protect you from sunburn? Like say i administered this and then spent a whole day at the pool (i am prone to sunburn very easily), normally i would apply sunblock. If i used sunblock would my skin still tan with this? Or would it protect me?

    1. You still need sunscreen. Use sunscreen not sunblock. Sunscreen is the one that doesn’t go white and I’d say around SPF 30 if you’re prone to sunburn. Sunscreen still allows a small percentage of UV rays through so you still get tanned, and the melanotan will make your tan even darker.

  56. I really feel like this isn’t the best information available on MT2 and kinda expected a way more in depth coverage of the drug. You didn’t even mention of the effects that it has on people with red facial hair and hair in general. I’ve been on/off MT2 for the past 5 years and can certainly vouch for this and is noticeable in early pix of cbum

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