Melanotan II Results Before And After

Melanotan II Results (With Before And After Pictures) – The Tanning Drug

What is Melanotan II?

Melanotan II (Melanotan II) is an injectable peptide used mainly to vastly increase your body’s ability to tan. The pigment of your skin getting darker is the result of UV ray exposure. As your skin becomes exposed to UV rays, melanin is produced to protect your skin from burning and sun damage.

A tan is almost like a shield of sorts.

The darker you are, the stronger your shield is. Hence why super pale people are the most prone to skin cancer and burning.

Why Was Melanotan II Created/What’s Its Main Purpose?

Melanotan II was originally designed with the purpose of preventing the chance of skin cancer, and it certainly can.

After taking Melanotan II, your body will be stimulated to produce an exponentially higher level of melanin. As melanin is the main determinant of skin color, the more melanin you produce, the darker your skin can potentially become.

I’m not even joking when I say that a ghostly pale red haired person who would normally never dream of achieving any color darker than bright red can get DARK with Melanotan II.

Melanotan II has been thoroughly analyzed via clinical trials, and they showed that Melanotan II was safely able to promote melanogenesis (the process of melanocytes in your body producing more melanin).

As you may have guessed, fair skinned people have low base levels of melanogenesis.

As Melanotan II will greatly promote melanogenesis in all users, greater levels of melanin can be produced which protect the hypodermis (the layer under the skin) from potentially damaging UV rays.

As a result of this process, Melanotan II can effectively protect your skin from exposure damage.

It’s An Erectile Dysfunction Cure Too!?




As if this drug wasn’t cool enough, it can give you hard-ons like you just hit puberty again.

Melanotan II has also been shown to have major aphrodisiac effects.

Melanotan II showed a dose-dependent effect on erections in anesthetized rats during clinical trials.

Not only will it increase your erectile quality, duration, and the amount of erections you get each day, it can drastically reduce your refractory time, as well as increase your sexual desire itself.

It’s arguable that you wouldn’t even need Viagra or Cialis anymore if you were on Melanotan II, it’s that potent.

Melanotan II Is An Excellent Fat Burner

Clinical trials have also shown potent fat burning effects from Melanotan II usage.

While many think that Melanotan II can only help you lose fat indirectly through its appetite suppression side effect, it has been disproven in a series of tests conducted on mice where they were fed the exact same diet and the amount of visceral and subcutaneous fat tissue was reduced only in the group of mice being administered Melanotan II.

It also decreases the accumulation of fat during a weight gain phase (bulk) via accelerated lipid mobilization.

As I just mentioned, Melanotan II has appetite suppressing effects, which indirectly help fat loss A LOT.

When you are in a calorie restricted state trying to lose weight, it is extremely easy to fall victim to your intense cravings and cheat on your diet and ruin your progress.

Melanotan II makes sticking to your diet infinitely easier, as your cravings will literally disappear.

Effect On Insulin Sensitivity

One notable finding from the clinical trials that largely goes unmentioned is the ability Melanotan II has to increase insulin sensitivity.

Results showed that Melanotan II administration increased insulin-mediated glucose disposal, but didn’t affect the capacity of insulin to suppress EGP.

In a separate study done on obese rats, the insulin sensitivity of the Melanotan II group was significantly better.

Why should you care about insulin sensitivity you ask?

Well, basically the more insulin sensitive you are, the more favorable your body composition can become.

When packing on weight for example, if you are extremely insulin sensitive, you will be far more likely to put on favorable lean weight than garbage fat fluff.

If you’ve been slamming high glycemic carbs for weeks on end, and are getting fat as shit, it’s likely your insulin sensitivity is down the toilet, and basically to continue to make physique progression and gain muscle you will be required to reduce your carb intake, get leaner, and resensitize yourself to insulin.

The higher your insulin sensitivity the better in the world of bodybuilding, so that’s just another awesome benefit Melanotan II has.

I delve into insulin sensitivity and staying lean with more detail in my articles elaborating on how to bulk without getting fat.

Melanotan II Side Effects

While there aren’t many side effects, there are a few very common ones.

Nausea is one of them, as well as flushing of the face, tiredness, decreased appetite and spontaneous erections (in males only obviously).

The flushing of the face is very temporary and usually occurs within 10 minutes of administering Melanotan II.

It usually lasts no longer than an hour in my experience.

It goes away pretty quickly once your body gets adjusted to the peptide.

Nausea can also be countered by taking an antihistamine an hour before taking Melanotan II.

Ginger root is a natural antihistamine and works well for preventing nausea induced from Melanotan II.

Usually the nausea is only caused by taking too large of a dose than your body is ready for though anyways, and all negative side effects should disappear over a short span of time.

Less common side effects during longer trials include: darkening of lips, increase in the number of freckles, darkening of freckles, and increased libido in females.

To minimize any negative effects, simply opt for a lower dose. Usually the users who encounter issues or undesirable side effects are simply dosing way too high.

My Experience With Melanotan II

Okay, let’s preface this by making it abundantly clear that I am extremely fair skinned, and DO NOT have the ability to tan naturally.

Pale skin before using Melanotan II

I have never in my life gone even relatively tan colored from sun exposure, and all that happens is my skin goes red if I lay out in the sun too long.

I started researching Melanotan II “on my rat subjects” and literally within a week I could already see a darker skin tone than I had ever seen before in my life (aside from competition spray tans).

Tan after using Melanotan IIBefore and after pictures of Melanotan II results

Within 3 weeks of moderate sun exposure and Melanotan II administration, “my rats” looked 100x darker than they could have ever become naturally.

Results increased in a dose dependent manner during my experiments.

However side effects were seen in my testers at higher dosages too.

As a result, I feel the optimal dosing range for future clinical trials would be 250-500mcg daily.

The Best Tanning Lotion To Use With Melanotan II

I got this recommendation from Chris on GoodLookingLoser.com and it is fantastic.


I have used some tanning creams and lotions in the past with bronzers in them, and they all would come off on my clothes or stain whenever I sweat.

It gets annoying as shit to only be able to wear black so you don’t stain your clothes every time you leave your house to say the least, and this tanning lotion definitely doesn’t disappoint.

I have used it throughout my entire research period, and it DEFINITELY has helped reach an extra level of darkness (you literally look a bit darker right after one use of this stuff) and it doesn’t come off and ruin your clothes.

Skin color before and after Melanotan II

Win win.

I just ordered 3 more bottles of it myself. You can order it using the link below:

Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion, 100x, 13.5-Ounce

The Best Melanotan II Protocol

Unfortunately, there is a common “loading phase protocol” floating around the internet created by bodybuilders over a decade ago that is still being used to this day as the staple for recommended dosing.

I am telling you right now, the loading phase is complete bullshit and is totally unnecessary and will just make you have a much higher chance of side effects, including blowing up with freckles (if you are prone).

I will outline the best “hypothetical” Melanotan II protocol below that will still get you dark, but save you money and reduce your chance of freckles or new moles popping up.

I learned about it from a very intelligent researcher online, and is what I follow myself anytime I use Melanotan II.

Assess response to a very low dose first (50-75 mcg), and taper up from there.

If you start gung-ho at 500 mcg shots when your body has never taken Melanotan II before, you are much more likely to experience negative side effects like nausea and notice an increase in freckles if you are prone.

It took me weeks before I had even reached a dose of 250 mcg pre-tanning. This is because I took a very conservative approach, tapered extremely slowly, and tapered my UV exposure very slowly as well.

I eventually made my way all the way up to 500 mcg pre-tanning (this took a couple months).

The end result was a very dark tan, with no noticeable new freckles, moles, or apparent darkening of current freckles and moles.

Now, I can maintain a very dark and healthy looking tan with only one 250 mcg shot per week and a little bit of UV exposure.

An ideal approach in my opinion would be to start very low, and then every 3 sessions (Melanotan II administration coupled with post-administration tanning) bump the dosage by 25 mcg and increase the tanning duration by 1 minute (assuming tanning is being done in a tanning bed).

Administration and tanning would be done every other day or every third day (or less frequently depending on personal needs).

Administration should NEVER be done on days that you are not going tanning.

Tanning should always follow Melanotan II administration within an hour of the shot.


* Protocol will vary depending on skin type and response to melanotan.

For those susceptible to freckling, moles, or at risk to burning or skin cancer; start with a low dose of Melanotan and short tanning sessions (as low as a minute or 2 if you must), as melanin density increases, tanning for longer periods will become safer with a lesser risk of freckling or burning.

Benefits of pre-tan Melanotan II administration:

– Increased melanin production over tanning or melanotan alone.
– Immediate oxidation of newly created eumelanin, creating that glowing “suntan”.
– Minimal tanning.
– Minimal Melanotan use.
– Reduced experiences of freckling, discoloring, uneven pigmentation, nausea, etc…
– More control of “degree” of tan.

Why This Protocol Is Best:

Melanotan II only increases melanin production, but the skin tans by two mechanisms. The second mechanism is the oxidation of the melanin that occurs from exposure to UVA rays, this is the tan more associated with that golden beach look.

The increase in melanin from melanogenesis is more associated with skin tone and coloring in general.

If you expose yourself to sun after a loading phase (typical protocol found online), all that built up melanin will oxidize in the exposed areas leading to a dramatic tanning effect and thus uneven tanning.

I want to stress the importance of some exposure to UV while administering Melanotan.

If you just administer at night the body increases melanin production in areas with greater natural melanocyte activity, genitals, freckles, moles, etc… leading to many of the sides reported with MT, but if used in conjunction with UV, the body has mechanisms to increase melanin production and melanocyte activity in areas that need the production to protect from UV photodamage, such as the skin.

How To Reconstitute (Mix) And Store Melanotan II

Melanotan II comes in a lyophilized puck of powder in a vial.

Anyone trying to sell you something else (like nasal sprays) and passing it off as Melanotan II is ripping you off.

Typically Melanotan II vials have 10mg (10,000mcg) in them.

To reconstitute (mix) them, you will need Bacteriostatic Water.

Bacteriostatic Water is just sterile water that has 0.9% benzyl alcohol in it.

It is used to dilute or dissolve medications that can only be administered via injection.

The container can be reentered multiple times (usually by a sterile needle) and the benzyl alcohol suppresses or stops the growth of most potentially contaminating bacteria.

I like to mix each vial with 2ml of Bacteriostatic Water.

The proper way to mix it without damaging the lyophilized Melanotan II is to push the Bacteroistatic water into the vial slowly, and let it drip down the side of the vial.

Squirting it full blast right into the powder may damage the peptide and completely ruin the Melanotan II.

After the water has all gone into the vial, gently swirl it around until the solution is completely clear.

It is now ready, and should be stored in the fridge when not being used.

To Summarize

Melanotan II is an amazing peptide with a variety of extremely helpful uses.

I am very happy with the results I had from it, and despite my initial paranoia (extreme terror) prior to using it I am pleased to say I didn't have one of those Melanotan II horror stories you hear about where the person blew up with moles, and I attribute that to my slow and steady approach and thorough research I did prior.

For those of you wondering what that mask is doing on my face in the featured image no I'm not pretending to be Bane, I have obstructive sleep apnea so I put that mask on before I go to bed and attach it to a CPAP machine so I can breathe properly.

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.


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