Men’s Winter Style Guide | Cardigan Sweaters

The most stylish men’s sweater in the Fall and Winter months is the cardigan.

Cardigans are comfier than coats, and are typically more appropriate for casual outings.

The goal with this type of cardigan is to look taller and appear leaner.

I have a totally different opinion on activewear sweaters (for the gym, going for runs, etc.) and I’ll write a separate article on active wear in the future, but as far as a stylish sweater you could wear on a date, that’s where cardigans hit the nail on the head.

Black RW&CO. Cardigan

This black cardigan is a good example of a staple wardrobe choice.

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It's really hard to find a long cardigan like this because you will typically either find really thin and crappy quality cape-like cardigans that go down to your ankles, or cardigans that are way too short and make your physique appear boxy.

Long Men's Cardigan
Too long
Short Men's Cardigan
Too short

It's form fitting, and it almost reaches my knees.

Ideally you want your cardigan to end around mid-thigh level to a couple inches above your knees.

Most cardigans are only as long as a standard t-shirt, reaching the waist and then cutting off.

What that does is it creates a very boxy wide look.

These short cardigans won’t make you look slimmer, instead they will make you look fatter and wider.

Short Green Men's Cardigan
Too short

I would typically wear this with a slim fit t-shirt, jeans and a nice pair of boots.

When you shop for cardigans, I highly recommend you look for something that ends around the mid-thigh, closer to the knee range, because that's what's going to make you look slimmer, taller and less boxy.

Simon’s Gray Cardigan

This gray cardigan is completely fitted to the arms and shoulders, has stretchy comfortable material, tapers nicely on the physique, and it hangs low.

Magic Fox Wearing A Gray Cardigan

It ends about three-quarters down the thigh.

This cardigan goes with most basic colored shirts and more than likely every jean ranging from very light washes all the way to black.

Gray's a fairly versatile color and I would highly recommend something like this.

It’s fitted to the chest, shoulders and arms, not too baggy in the middle, and hangs low enough to create that slim tapered illusion that will make you appear leaner than you are.

Express Off-White Cardigan

Plain white sweaters are a bit too vibrant, but off-white and beige cardigans look great.

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They’re also extremely versatile for matching other colors.

These are both very nice cardigans, and the only issue I have with them is that they are a bit too short.

If these were a bit longer, they wouldn’t make my physique appear as boxy as they do, but they’re still very stylish cardigans and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a style like this, in this color.

Keep in mind, the goal is not to look bulky, it’s to appear slim and stylish.

Having something cut off right at the waistline and make your physique look unnecessarily boxy is not ideal in my opinion, and is why I prefer cardigans that reach closer to the mid-thigh to knee region.

Devin Physique wearing a dark gray cardigan

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