Top 10 Most Complimented Fragrances/Colognes 2017

#10: Reyane Tradition Insurrection Pure II:


If you have even scratched the surface of men's fragrances, you probably know by now that the infamous Creed Aventus is regarded by many as the holy grail scent.

Insurrection Pure II is essentially just an Aventus clone, smelling nearly 100% identical, for a minuscule fraction of the retail price.

Only a fragrance expert would be able to tell the difference if you blindfolded them to be honest.


This fragrance only retails for around $23, meanwhile Aventus is commonly sold for upwards of $300 per bottle.

The scent opens with a very apparent pineapple note, and then it drys down into a woody, creamy, and smokey kind of scent.

It definitely has some very apparent musk to it as well, which women love.

The bottom line, this stuff is pretty much a clone of Aventus, and it garners the same reaction from the ladies Aventus does.

Compliments, left right and centre.

This scent is best for the Summer in my opinion and hotter temperatures, just like Aventus.

It provides a very nice alternative to most standard Summer fragrance choices as well in that it isn't aquatic and just fresh smelling.

It is very unique and you will definitely stand out with this one, and it being so cheap as well as smelling exactly like the most highly regarded fragrance on earth (Creed Aventus), it is a no brainer to have a bottle of Insurrection Pure II in your arsenal.

#9: Salvatore Ferragamo F Black:


This one would probably be higher on the list if it were more versatile.

This fragrance screams masculinity, and it is the manliest fragrance on this list.

It has very obvious notes of Lavender, Tonka Bean, and Black Pepper.

It actually smells similar to La Nuit De L’homme except with much more edge, masculinity, and more peppery.

This scent excels best in outdoor situations (particularly, colder weather temperatures) as its’ projection and longevity fall into the beast category.

This definitely isn’t a summer fragrance, I find it best for the Fall and Winter months as it is very sophisticated, manly, and can actually cut through the cold air outside and still project to your date or whoever you are with.

This cologne is VERY cheap as well.

#8: Perry Ellis 360 Red:



Nautica Voyage


Another very inexpensive fragrance, 360 Red smells exactly the same as Acqua Di Gio, but it performs much better with greater projection and longevity.

So it not only is much cheaper, but it performs better as well.

This scent is super versatile and can be used at work, at school, running errands, on dates, with family, out with friends, it literally is fantastic for almost every single situation.

The most noticeable notes from this fragrance are the Lime, Cinnamon and Bergamot, and it is very strong so be careful to not over apply it.

Nautica Voyage is also a fantastic VERY cheap fragrance, and it falls into the exact same category as 360 Red in the sense that it is a great everyday scent that can be used for anything essentially, and is universally pleasing to all who smell it.

It is very affordable, with 100 ml only costing around $15.

I ALWAYS have a bottle of this in my collection, and if I’m running out I will order another one without question.

It is a perfect scent for summer time, the gym (it’s very fresh), or the daytime in general.

It has mass appeal with women and it is a very, very safe choice.

I have yet to encounter one single person who doesn’t like this fragrance a lot.

The performance is good, it is versatile as hell, it is insanely cheap, and all women love it.

You can’t go wrong with Nautica Voyage.

#7: Armani Code Profumo:


This fragrance smells delicious. It has some of the same DNA of the original Armani Code, but definitely has been amped up about 20 notches in the performance category, and smells a lot sweeter.

It is a fantastic clubbing fragrance, AKA it can cut through the crowd of other dudes' fragrances very well and brings HORDES of compliments from women.

It is very sexy, sophisticated, and definitely has a few qualities that differentiate it from Armani Code Original in a big way.

Armani Code Original almost smells like a fresh out of the shower type fragrance, whereas the Profumo rendition is absolutely not subtle and falls right into the beast category for performance, and best of all, not many guys wear it.

You can expect 10+ hours of high performance wear out of a few spritzes of this stuff, it is that strong.

#6: Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce:



Montblanc Legend:


The reason these two both share the #6 spot is that they literally almost smell identical.

Legend is a more cost-effective alternative to Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce, and for years many guys have been buying Legend instead, but some guys swear they can tell a difference between the two.

Honestly, I can hardly tell the difference, and they both perform very well.

They project strongly, so if you are using it in a date setting it is best to be conservative with the application of either and to just bring a travel atomizer with you if you need reapplication later in the date, but it probably won’t be necessary.

The best way to describe these fragrances is that they are pure musk.

If you have ever walked into an Abercrombie & Fitch store you most likely have smelled this fragrance, because many of the retail locations are completely filled with this scent in the air.

I think back to my teenage high school days when I smell this fragrance, and it is very youthful, playful, and “young sexy” if that makes sense.

I don’t think that older men would be able to wear this scent; it is tailored more towards the teenage/very young adult crowd.

I held off from buying this scent for a while, but I ended up pulling the trigger last year and was very pleased with the amount of compliments it has brought in.

I find that this scent is best for school and dates.

#5: Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme:


This was my #1 last year, and the only reason it has dropped is simply because the number of compliments it has gotten has been superseded by the other 4 I will mention.

This fragrance is still absolutely a masterpiece, eloquently mixing sexiness, masculinity, and softness in one heavenly blend of panty dropping smoothness.

This will absolutely get you tons of compliments on dates and other close-encounter situations, and is still a must have in your collection if you want some variety for your dates.

If you only want one scent for your dates, then consider La Nuit De L’homme if the type of fragrance you want isn’t aggressively masculine, but is still extremely sexy.

It definitely is the softest of the top date fragrances I have in my list, but it never fails to still be sexy as hell to women.

#4: Christian Dior Sauvage:


As much as the fragrance community loves to hate this fragrance, I can’t deny that it is quickly becoming one of my most complimented fragrances.

This fragrance is the definition of “synthetic” smelling, but women still love it, and it excels particularly well in the summer.

This is one of my go to fragrances now for running errands, grocery shopping, and almost anything in the summer with the exception of close encounter dates.

The performance of this is arguably stronger than even Armani Code Profumo, and is very powerful, so conservative spraying should always be done with this fragrance.

It will literally project across the room and last for 10-12+ hours at close to full strength even with moderate application.

Definitely don’t overdo it with this one or it will be very cloying.

However, conservatively applied when you are out and about in the spring/summer heat, you will get tons of compliments from women with it.

This one is definitely blind buy worthy because even if you go to the store to smell it first, you will probably not like it very much.

I assure you, despite what your opinion of this might be (I don’t think it smells outstanding either), women LOVE it.

#3: The One EDP By Dolce and Gabbana:


This absolute masterpiece is simply the Eau De Parfum concentration version of the EDT version of The One.

We lucked out and they actually nailed the scent and maintained its’ integrity, while doing exactly what we hoped with this one, and that was to simply make it stronger but still smell the same.

This sexy fragrance has a very obvious boozy, tobacco note in it that makes it smell very sophisticated, and the overall scent is just incredibly sexy too.

If you were to only buy 1 fragrance that would universally please the nose of everyone who smells it, this would probably be the safest buy for you.

This fragrance is the definition of a panty dropper, and is exceptional for dates, as well as pretty much any nighttime situation in my opinion.

I feel it excels more in colder temperatures, but it can honestly be used year round and is very versatile.

This fragrance will have women burying their noses in your chest (and other places) to inhale this scent (seriously it is that good).

#2: Carolina Herrera CH Men:


CH Men is still my personal favorite fragrance in my collection.

It has blatant whiskey and leather notes, and those make the fragrance very masculine and almost smell like a bad boy type sexy.

Bottle of CH Men EDT

It’s hard to put into words, but it is extremely alluring, classy, but still has an obvious edge to it.

It also has a bit of a playful vibe to it due to the evident sweetness in the scent.

I find this fragrance excels most in the evening during indoor dates and get-togethers, although it is still pretty versatile.

#1: Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb:


This new addition to my lineup was a VERY surprising underdog in the compliments department (or at least I thought it was an underdog).

I bought this scent at the beginning of last Fall because I wanted something “spicier” for the Fall and Winter seasons.

I knew of this fragrance but never pulled the trigger on it, and one day I was at a store in the mall smelling a variety of fragrances and pulled out a sample of Spicebomb.

It was the first time I got a 10/10 rating on a fragrance from a very critical woman who has literally smelled every fragrance I own and not rated any of them more than a 9/10.

After I bought this, I noticed an enormous response in compliments, which was actually much to my surprise as I didn’t think this fragrance was going to break the top 5, but it really does deserve its’ placing.

The performance is great, it isn’t a beast, but it doesn’t require over application to project adequately and it lasts for a very long time.

I can still smell this fragrance on my sweaters weeks later.

I also find that this fragrance coincides exceptionally with the tastes of women during the Fall and Winter months.

During these times Women are going to Starbucks and getting their Pumpkin Spice lattes, buying spiced scented body lotion and soaps, and Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb is literally the epitome of sexy, masculine, Fall/Winter spices.

The name of the fragrance is absolutely fitting.

It encompasses the scents that Women find intoxicating during these months and blends it into a sensual, masculine, powerhouse fragrance that is irresistible.

I have yet to find one woman who doesn’t like this fragrance, and it scores compliments all across the board.

The best part about it is it is so versatile that it can be used very almost every single situation.

Dates, clubbing, get-togethers, errands, school, work, literally any situation essentially this fragrance is an absolute masterpiece.


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