The Most Important Factor Affecting How Attractive You Are To Women

The Number 1 Factor Affecting How Attractive You Are

While there are obviously countless factors that will ultimately affect how attractive you are to women, I’m going to cover the one I strongly believe is the most important, and best of all, the most controllable one.

This factor is….


Although every single person has their own individual specific genetic predisposition to where they hold body fat, it is a given that when you gain fat, it is gained EVERYWHERE.

Not just in your love handles or your ass. Whether you like it or not, when the scale goes up, if that weight isn’t comprised ENTIRELY of lean muscle tissue, then your face is either gaining fat or water weight, both of which will shroud your underlying facial features, consequently making you LESS attractive to women.

There is nothing less attractive than a guy with a double chin, no visible bone structure in their face, and a smile that looks like your face is about to completely envelop itself.

A prominent jaw line, cheek bones, Adams apple etc. are just some of the features that the male face has that are often completely unseen because the majority of the male population is simply too fat.

The bottom line is, a pudgy face isn’t an attractive face.

To maximize your attractiveness, you need to sharpen your facial features as much as possible, and get rid of all the blubber and fluff that is totally hiding what could very well be the face of a stunner.

I’ve seen plenty of guys who truly believe they are ugly do a successful cutting phase and get shredded only to be shocked at how attractive they really are.

The difference between a fat face and a lean face is astounding, and it is the number one determinant in how attractive you will be to women (in my opinion).


Too many guys are quick to jump on the surgery bandwagon, and assume that because of their lackluster prominence of facial features that they need extensive and extremely expensive facial reconstruction surgery to become attractive.

This is the most frustrating thing I have heard far too often, because 99% of the time, these guys are literally saving up thousands of dollars to shell out 10 grand on jaw surgery, when they could go to the grocery store and buy proper food and just get rid of the body fat via a proper diet within a couple months and look exponentially better than they would with surgery.

As a rule of thumb, if you think you need surgery to have an attractive face, DO NOT get surgery until you have cut down to single digit body fat % levels.

You literally have ZERO clue how attractive you actually are until you cut all that useless fluff off your face with a proper diet and exercise regimen. In almost every single case, this is all that is needed.



Until you have cut down into the single digit body fat % range (sub 10% body fat), you will have a completely biased and deluded view on how attractive you are.

Some guys who literally couldn’t pick up a decent looking girl for the life of them can totally transform their sex lives by simply reducing their body fat % level to sub 10% to reveal what their face actually looks like.

I am a perfect example of this, as I used to do intense bulking phases, followed by strict cutting phases literally over and over to gain muscle mass.

During my bulking phases, my body weight would climb as high as 250+ pounds, while my weight on the scale at 5% body fat is only approximately 195-200 pounds.

When I would go out and do cold approaches, my results would be SIGNIFICANTLY worse when I was “huge” but bloated and far too fat with my facial features completely obscured by garbage weight, and my results would instantly start skyrocketing as I would lose body fat and start to cut down.

Here are a couple more great examples of how much more attractive you can become simply by just losing body fat:

Chris from goodlookingloser.com


Victor from boldanddetermined.com


Water Retention Effect On Facial Features

While having low body fat levels certainly is the most important factor determining how lean your face looks, another factor is almost as prominent of a concern. This is water weight.

Two very common causes of facial bloating among individuals are a poor diet with excessive carbohydrate and salt intake, as well as being dehydrated.

Carbohydrates and salt absorb water like a sponge, and when your intake of these two things is too high, your body will inevitable bloat more from it.

Also, if your water intake isn’t sufficient on a daily basis, your body will start retaining water on purpose to off-set the fact that you are dehydrated.

In addition, while this is commonly not a concern for the average individual, for enhanced athletes who use copious amounts of aromatizing anabolic steroids or other drugs that lead to water retention and facial bloating, you can still be sub 10% body fat and have shrouded facial features from water retention.

For example, within a couple weeks of starting an off-season steroid cycle consisting of moderate doses of testosterone and dianabol (both high level aromatizing drugs), despite still being sub 8-9% body fat, my face will have already entered the realm of “fat” from the illusion created by the 5-10 pounds of water weight my body will be holding onto.

Muscle Mass Effect On Facial Features

I definitely notice a positive impact that lean muscle mass has on facial features.

When I was 17 years old and just got into weight lifting seriously, I was a pretty low body fat %, albeit with extremely low amounts of lean muscle mass as well. As such, I still had a “baby face” and it didn't look very masculine at all.

Over the years, as I gained substantial amounts of muscle mass I watched my face actually transform in a very positive way.

When you gain lean muscle tissue, it is distributed evenly in your body just like fat would be, so your face will indirectly get more muscular as well from your muscle gaining regimen (if you have one).

image (1)

I strongly believe that the muscle I have gained on my face, coupled with a low body fat % has been the number one factor impacting my success in my sex life as the years progressed and I started receiving more positive outcomes from my interactions with women.

Can You Spot Reduce Body Fat In Your Face?

In short, no you can’t. When you lose body fat, you will lose it everywhere. You can’t target fat loss in specific areas of your body.

How To Lose Facial Fat

In order to lose facial fat, you need to get leaner everywhere via diet manipulation.

There are a lot of misconceptions around getting very lean.

The key is simply to slowly restrict your body of energy.

While doing this with calorie reduction, weight training, and cardio, you can slowly peel weight off your body without slowing your metabolism down too much, and eventually (and ideally) end up in the middle single digits body fat % wise (4-9) without having sacrificed much (if any) lean muscle mass.

Your body requires calories to give it energy.

Your metabolism burns a certain amount of calories/energy each day based upon your body composition, your hormonal profile, your activity level, your age, among a variety of other factors.

In order to lose fat, you simply need to eat less (take in less energy) than your body expends each day.

If you are functioning on a calorie deficit/energy deficit, your body is burning more calories than it is taking in, consequently it will turn to stored energy (stored fat) to provide it with the energy it needs to fuel the difference of calories during that day’s activities.

Recommended Products/Supplements and Tips That Will Make Your Face Even Leaner Looking

Food Scale: Having an accurate food scale for measuring out and counting your calorie intake per day will soon become your greatest weapon used to wage war on fat.

Knowing exactly what your calorie intake is each meal per day will let you know if you are achieving your calorie intake requirements of each day necessary for fat loss.

Click HERE for an accurate digital scale

Diuretics: Having a good natural diuretic will allow you to TEMPORARILY achieve an even leaner face than would normally be possible via fat loss by itself.

Diuretics are designed to help the body eliminate excess water retention from beneath the skin, and when you take this one as per the bottle recommendations you can expect a drastic change in your facial (and physique) leanness.

This maximum strength botanical formula also supplies the proper balance of vital electrolytes that helps maintain muscle performance and muscle fullness and prevent cramping that you might get from other diuretic supplements.


Click HERE for my favorite natural diuretic

Fat Burner: A potent fat burner will not only increase how many calories your body expends per day, making you get LEANER much FASTER, but it will help suppress your appetite which will make eating in a calorie deficit much more tolerable, consequently allowing you to burn more fat than ever and get on the fast track to chiseled facial features.

To Summarize

Reduce your body fat to less than 10% body fat by eating a clean and calorie mindful diet, avoid excessive amounts of carbohydrates and salt to avoid facial bloating, and drink around a ½ gallon-1 gallon of water per day to allow adequate water flushing from your body, which will prevent water retention in your face.

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25 thoughts on “The Most Important Factor Affecting How Attractive You Are To Women”

  1. Do you just use a diuretic before going out to pick up chicks while on high converting compounds or take something every day that reduces the bloat/

    If latter is the case , what are you taking?


    1. I don’t take a diuretic on a regular basis, it is typically reserved for big events where I would be in photos, or for bodybuilding competitions.

      If you are in a calorie deficit, eating a conservative amount of carbs, keeping your estrogen in check, and drinking enough water, high aromatizing compounds won’t make a big negative difference on your face.

      It is typically only in a surplus and overeating carbs where individuals tend to blow up moon face mode.

  2. God damn what a transformation

    From invisible to women to a Chadlike bro

    What blogs/books/resources/tools have you used in your self improvement journey except for GLL ?

    I’m a bit depressed about starting self improvement too late (22 yo , average physique ,below average sex life) but still better late than ever


    1. And also , what would you do differently if you were put in a year when you started to improve with the knowledge that you have already, what were your mistakes ?

      Btw , congratulations again.

      Many guys just accept their unattractivness / bad financial situation etc and self loath instead of doing something

      1. Man I could go on for hours about things I’ve learned or would do differently, I don’t have the time to write out an essay unfortunately haha, I will eventually do some articles on it, I just haven’t got around to it yet.

    2. Just GLL, and occassionally I’d mull around other PUA forums but those were entirely useless and didn’t aid my transformation at all, they actually hindered it because they made me feel like I needed memorized fake stories and predetermined conversation topics to be able to pull a girl. So I’d severely overthink everything because it was like I needed to memorize like 50+ different conversation things that weren’t congruent with my personality whatsoever, and it just made things 10x worse.

      The best resource besides GLL is your own drive to get better, and finding a like-minded individual who has the same goals as you.

      Off the GLL forum in 2012 I found a local guy who had the same goals as me, we met up, and then we pushed each other constantly way out of our comfort zones and within a week of never hitting on a girl in my life, I was hitting on girls left right and centre, and within a couple months I had built up my first solid rotation of hot women I was dating simultaneously.

      The number one advice I can give is just to jump in head first and don’t worry about rejection. My first approach I got rejected but I was on cloud 9 because I actually approached, and then the flood gates had opened to a whole new world of opportunity.

  3. Thank you very much for your response

    But didn’t you have a feeling that you aren’t good enough yet ?

    Or you started approaching only after building a good physique / getting low bf / having IOIs

    I don’t aproach because I dont feel good enough and I procastinate by doing steroids/hitting gym thing mainly

    1. I had a sense of entitlement even before I started, I had already been working out for several years and had a decent physique.

      I actually thought I was a lot better than I was at the time to be honest. Sense of entitlement is key in your success.

  4. Holy sh*t, muscle+low body fat got you from average to mad above-average ! In terms of libido, what is something I can do to sustain it at a low body fat (drug/hormones free) ? I just purchased Nitric Oxide, a fat burner, BCAA’s, phosphatidyslerine and Phenibut.
    My diet is low-carb pretty high protein (GLL fat loss atm).
    Cheers and props to your hard worked transformation !

    1. If you aren’t taking TRT, you will have to deal with some Testosterone suppression as you get very very lean if you are natural and don’t take any supplements. You can definitely add in some things like D-Aspartic Acid and Tribulus to offset this though and keep your testosterone and libido up while you are that lean.

  5. But Derek, I’m already skinny, a little skinny fat maybe, i’m not fat at all, can i loose that chub on my face or am i doomed?

    1. I don’t know how lean you actually are so that’s impossible for me to say. Look at the pictures of me, my face is vastly different between being skinny, muscular + fat, and muscular + lean.

      Get shredded and then you know for sure.

      99% of guys don’t have chubby faces when they’re shredded because any fat that was on there face is now gone.

      1. Dear Derek, if i had to guess i’d say i’m at like 19-16% body fat, my abs are not visible but if I pull my shoulders back and flex my abs i appear much more leaner than my relaxed state.
        I’ve just started to follow your advice, been drinking a gallon of water everyday for the last 3 days.
        The thing is i want to believe you so bad that i can get that desirable jaw line.
        I’ve been told I’ve a good bone structure, so i really want push the limits of my attractiveness.
        This is the closest picture I can find of my body type


        I’ve noticed that people on my mom’s side gain weight on their face, they all have puffy faces (due to lack of proper diet i.e. lots of salt and sugar, less water).
        Also, i’m 20 if that matters.

        I’d be very grateful if you get back to this, thanks.

        1. If you’re 16-19% body fat, then you aren’t even close to shredded, and you need to get shredded before you make any definitive remarks about how your facial structure is. Get shredded then report back. I assure you once you get under 10% body fat you will be shocked at how much better your face looks.

  6. I went from 20+% to 12-13 last year and boy it made a difference! Would going from 12-8% make another large difference or not really? I read the ideal for aesthetics is 10-12 because some people’s faces get “too lean”… your thoughts?

    1. It depends on your genetic structure. Some guys have lean looking faces at 12%+. Other guys have round faces even at sub 10% body fat (e.g. Regan Grimes). But generally, yes getting from 12-8% will make a big difference.

  7. Hey I have the same jawline as you, but the only way I can get it to show is if i close my mouth (lips closed and teeth touching). Is that what you are doing? I am around 13% body fat.

  8. Did you notice facial aesthetics improvement once anabolics were stopped? Or is the muscle built up so much that even when off gear, the face will always appear bloated and puffy?

  9. Pingback: Can An Alpha Male Be Short

  10. Fantastic content.. I’ve always struggled with this, and have been unable to find anyone addressing it straight up after searching for ages. This is great.

    It blew my mind to realize what I looked like when I got down to a low BF for the first time. Like a totally different person. And I was never fat, just 10% or so, but cutting an extra 2-3% and staying there was nuts.. Dating got way easier overnight.

    I’ve been struggling with keeping water weight off while also trying to slowly add lean muscle mass.. the water amount + diuretic info is useful (I don’t drink nearly enough water)

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Subscribe and get my “20 Underground Bodybuilding Secrets You Won’t Find On Google” E-Book 100% FREE

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Subscribe and get my “20 Underground Bodybuilding Secrets You Won’t Find On Google” E-Book 100% FREE