MVMT Watches & Sunglasses Review (Cost-Effective Men’s Accessories)

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What I think about MVMT Watches –

I'm not a watch connoisseur by any means, and honestly I wouldn't spend more than a couple hundred bucks on a watch.

I always saved my money for shirts, jeans, workout apparel, shoes, boots, etc.

I've never been big on accessories as they are not necessary whatsoever to create a great outfit, so I saved my money for things I felt were more worthwhile.

A few years ago I started noticing MVMT watches popping up here and there in the Vlogs of some of my favorite YouTubers, as well as on Instagram.

Shortly afterwards, MVMT started taking the fitness industry by storm, literally snatching up and sponsoring what seemed like the majority of notable influencers.

It's hard to not be skeptical when every single influencer and their dog is throwing a MVMT discount code in your face.

I'm not going to lie though, I checked out the store a few times, and almost bought a watch because of Christian Guzman and Alpha M.

Fast forward about a year later, and I was starting to build a bit of a social media presence with More Plates More Dates, and much to my surprise, MVMT sent me an email.

I was actually pretty shocked when MVMT contacted me and asked to work with me, as at the time I only had about 5000 subscribers on YouTube, and about 10K on Instagram.

Wasn't anything to really boast about, and most of their “influencers” seem to be really popular in their niche (or at least the ones I know of are).

Their proposition for me was simple, they'll send me a watch and a pair of sunglasses, and if I liked them, great, post a picture on Instagram for them.

So I did.

And I actually ended up liking the products quite a bit.

So much so that I started recommending MVMT watches to my friends and followers on YouTube and Instagram who were also looking for something stylish that didn't destroy their savings.

There's a common misconception that watches that are cheap automatically suck, which I've come to learn isn't true in some instances.

I suppose quality is fairly subjective person to person, but to me these seemed pretty decent.

I've never owned an expensive watch, and I probably won't ever buy one.

However, these products to me looked clean, there were a ridiculous amount of choices, and the prices weren't absurd.

They added a nice touch to my outfits, and I started consistently getting compliments on dates and from strangers, which was actually completely unexpected.

Did they make or break my outfits? No, not at all.

However, they definitely added an edge to them that I didn't expect from a little band on your wrist attached to a clock that you don't even look at (I still look at my phone for the time).

I started becoming that douchey guy who would at every moment that felt appropriate blurt out “Use my MVMT discount code!”

I was actually going through airport security the other day and told the guy who patted me down to use my discount code after he complimented my watch.

Half as a joke, and half 100% serious.

Eventually, I started to really warm up to this brand, despite the onslaught of marketing that comes from their company, in which I first assumed that any influencer involved with them was just a paid shill.

A month later I went out of my way to order a couple more watches.

Another few months passed, and I ordered a few more.

6 different MVMT Watches In Their Boxes Unopened

One thing you should know off the bat, you don't need more than one watch, despite what anyone YouTuber, influencer, or Instagram master marketer tries to convince you.

I just wanted several options so I could match any outfit, regardless of the color or formality, at any given time (if you've read my men's fragrance articles you'll know I am fairly obsessed with having the perfect complementaries for every possible scenario), which is why I went a little overboard and got so many.

Out of all of the MVMT watches, these are my 4 favorites:

MVMT Watches
The Black Rose 40 Series – 40 MM watch is my number 1 choice.

Exactly What To Expect After Ordering A Watch From MVMT.com

They ship pretty quickly, and every watch comes in a MVMT sleeve that looks like this

MVMT Watch Box Sleeve

The MVMT box itself slides out of the sleeve, and is actually very sleek looking and made of what feels like leather, with a shiny red logo on the front.

MVMT Watch Box And Box Sleeve

Open up the box and you'll have a little introduction pamphlet that talks about MVMT and their mission statement, the watch (obviously), and there will also be a tool you can use for increasing/decreasing the wrist size for metal clamp style watches.

MVMT Watch Box Contents MVMT Watch wristband screwdriver tool

This thing is a bit tricky to use at first, but there are instructions in the box as well, and once you've figured it out, it's fairly straight forward.

Fortunately, many of the watches have interchangeable straps, so if you don't like the look of the strap on the watch face you want, or you don't want to deal with the metal clamp style straps where you need this tool to change the size, you can swap it with another strap.

MVMT Watch Strap Change Instructions

How Easily Do MVMT Watches Break? Do They Last A Long Time?

A couple MVMT watches I have had for over a year now, and I wear them almost every single day.

I've dropped them a couple times, smacked them against counters and doors by accident, along with other general wear and tear/clumsy incidents, and to my pleasant surprise, aside from the face on one of them having a scratch on it from scraping it against a table, they all appear to still be in perfect condition.

I don't expect these to really last past the 2 year mark considering the price, but to me I would still call that a win if my $95 dollar watch was still holding strong after even a year.

Even my brand new iPhone started getting glitchy after the 1 year mark, and that's a f*cking $1000+ piece of machinery.

So ya, the watches seem to hold up well.

If you aren't getting into bar brawls, playing sports in them, or smashing it against walls for your own experiments, I anticipate that most (if not all) of the MVMT watch models should last you a couple years.

I'll update this in a year and let you know if my watches have fallen apart.

MVMT also offers a two-year guarantee on everything they make, so if you don't like your product, you can simply return it whenever you please.

Whether that process is complicated/impossible to go through, I have no idea, but I don't think you will have to take them up on it anyways.

MVMT Watch Prices

Movement Watches start at $95, whereas at a department store you’re looking at $400-500 for a solid watch.

Keep in mind, the cheapest models on their site costs $95 (well, technically $80 ?)

MVMT Discount Code

Their most expensive watches run up to $145 with a discount applied, although that still isn't bad at all in my opinion.

MVMT Sunglasses Review

I don't think MVMT gets much credit for their sunglasses, as they are primarily viewed as a watch company.

Their sunglasses start at $70, and they have 22 models to pick from as of now.

I do like their Runaway, Renegade, and Maverick models, however, I find that the rest of their styles of sunglasses are a bit out there for my tastes.

I think Elton John runs their Sunglasses department:

MVMT Sunglasses

These are my black Runaways with my black Slate watch, and I think they couple for a pretty badass combo.

MVMT Runaways Sunglasses In Black And MVMT Slate Watch In Black

My Overall MVMT Review

The look is very clean, and masculine.

My favorite attribute of these watches is their versatility.

You could wear MVMT watches in a suit, but they would also work perfectly with casual clothing as well.

There is the obvious appeal of the low price tag relative to all other companies offering watches of similar quality.

Personally I think MVMT watches are truly the best bang for your buck when it comes to affordable watches, and they have a huge selection of awesome looking products to choose from.

If you're in the market for a watch, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you take a look at their products. Fixing jeans while wearing MVMT watch

To Get Your 15% Off Of Each Order And Free Shipping

MVMT Discount Code Entry At The Checkout Menu Instructions
After you click on the MVMT discount code section at the checkout menu, you can enter the 15% off + free shipping MVMT discount code DC15 by typing it in the blank box and then clicking on the “Apply” button. Your order will be updated to reflect your discounted cost, and display the money you saved.
MVMT Watches Review

Store Name: MVMT

Store Description: MVMT delivers premium on-trend watches, sunglasses, and accessories designed at their headquarters in Los Angeles.

Price range: $95 - $300

Telephone: +1 (888) 507-0220

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