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Fast Drying, Non Greasy Minoxidil And The Best Ketoconazole Shampoo For Hair Loss

Regenepure Reached Out To Me

The owner of Regenepure personally reached out to me recently and expressed his gratitude for my posts I've made in the past where I spoke highly of their Ketoconazole shampoo.

To this day, Regenepure DR is still the first thing I tell people to use if they're starting a hair loss prevention regimen because it's over-the-counter, the risk profile is very low, and there's an extremely low incidence of side effects.

I mean, who's had side effects from Ketoconazole shampoo?

Almost no one.

Worst case scenario, you might get some dry hair, and that's about it, whereas with systemic 5-ar inhibitors, anti-androgens, potassium channel openers the probability of a side effect is substantially higher.

Obviously that doesn't disqualify them as viable treatment options, but the less drugs you can get away with using to prevent hair loss the better.

The traction of my channel seemed to have caught their attention and they wanted to see if we could team up in some way.

I get messaged by random companies all the time asking to throw money or free stuff at me to make posts on social media, and frankly, I ignore them 99% of the time.

If I don't already use something myself, or it's not a product I have a significant amount of personal interest in, I won't even consider putting that out to my viewers and readers.

I've been using Regenepure's “DR” Ketoconazole shampoo for almost 7 years now though, so obviously I was a bit more receptive to their pitch.

I've literally spent $25 per month on their shampoo for over half a decade.

After talking further, they elaborated on a subscription offering they designed called “Regrowth Club” to provide their products to customers at a discounted rate.

The draw of it basically being they get customers to opt in for a monthly subscription, but then the customer gets a cheaper price on a product they'd probably be buying every month after they run out anyways.

I've already linked to their product on Amazon for years, but the Amazon commission is terrible.

As I was saying, being given the opportunity to team up with these guys directly was something I was more than willing to hear out as I've already been using and linking out to their products for years.

The Best Ketoconazole Shampoo For Hair Loss

As far back as 2016 when I first started posting articles about hair loss I've been a fan of Regenepure DR.

If you follow my hair loss prevention content, you probably know that's the Ketoconazole shampoo I've been using since day one.

I would use that or I would use Nizoral.

Nizoral is the cost-effective Ketoconazole shampoo that I've used.

The reason I didn't like it is that it dries out your hair.

Also, there are no other active ingredients in it that actually nourish your hair and make it look good, it just has the Ketoconazole which dries your hair out.

When I was on a budget and I was trying to have the most cost-effective option, I'd buy Nizoral and I'd also buy Regenepure DR, which is what I feel is the best Ketoconazole shampoo on the market right now.

I would alternate between them to save money.

On days I knew I'd be home I'd just use Nizoral, but if I was going out and wanted my hair to look as good as possible I would use Regenepure DR.

Once my budget allowed it, I stopped using Nizoral entirely and just started using Regenepure DR because Nizoral tends to make your hair look malnourished.

It really frizzes and dries out my hair.

Not in a good way either, as dry hair can help give the illusion of greater density.

Frizzy almost like the health has been sucked out of it.

I started using Regenepure DR exclusively and posted a video and an article a couple of years ago, “The Best Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo” as well as “The First Product You Should Use For Hair Loss Prevention” and for years now, I've been recommending Regenepure DR.

What Is Regrowth Club?

Basically, Regrowth Club is a spin off brand from Regenepure that offers a more cost-effective way to get the Regenepure products on a monthly basis shipped to your door.

Shipping is free for all domestic orders as well.

Every single month, I've been re-ordering Regenepure DR off of Amazon.

I was not even aware there was a subscription option available like this.

It might be a new offering, but I didn't ask them for details on how long its been around.

Regrowth Club Offering To More Plates More Dates Viewers And Readers

They also wanted to give me a code I can give to you guys to get an even bigger discount on the subscription.

If you want to support my content, while also supporting my further hair loss prevention experimentation and research, this is going to be for you guys.

It's potentially a way to save money too on what you probably already use if you're using a Ketoconazole shampoo based on my recommendations in the past.

Obviously, I'm completely transparent with you guys.

If you do go through with a subscription, it helps support More Plates More Dates and my continued efforts to put out more consistent content.

The discount code is “derek10″, which will knock 10% off the price of any Regenepure subscription plan and free shipping will also be automatically applied at checkout if you live in the US.

On their site, they have a lot of different “solutions”, which are basically just different combinations of their products.

I'm just going to tell you straight up which ones I would bother with.

Most companies are going to have their pills that have biotin and saw palmetto and other over-the-counter things that they can sell.

Personally, I only want to use things that are heavy-hitting and actually make a difference, which is what we will delve into in the article.

opened regrowth club kit with biotin pills, conditioner, non greasy Minoxidil spray, Regenepure DR Ketoconazole shampoo and Regenepure NT shampoo

Regenepure DR Shampoo

If you don't already know, Regenepure DR is a Ketoconazole-infused shampoo.

Ketoconazole is the active ingredient in the shampoo which has a topical anti-androgen effect.

The degree to which it inhibits androgens topically is not incredibly substantial, but it's an over-the-counter product with a very low probability of side effects and is readily available without a prescription after all.

For some individuals, it's sufficient enough to completely stave off hair loss.

If you're one of those individuals, consider yourself very lucky.

Regardless of how sensitive you are to androgens, it's a good thing to have in your regimen regardless because you're going to need to shampoo your hair anyways, and why not use something that has clinical studies that back its efficacy and can help clean up a bit of the androgen excess that's on your scalp.

Even if you're on Finasteride and Dutasteride, you can only inhibit scalp DHT by so much.

2.5 mg of Dutasteride only inhibits scalp DHT by 77%.

There are residual androgens there that are still going to miniaturize hair follicles.

The more backup you have through a comprehensive protocol, the better.

regenepure dr bottle

Regenepure NT Shampoo

While Regenepure DR won't dry your hair out as much as other Ketoconazole shampoos, I don't use it daily, I shower with DR every other day.

If I showered every day though, I wouldn't use Ketoconazole shampoo every day because that could potentially damage my hair.

If you shower every day, that is when you could find benefit in having Regenepure NT as well because this is a high-quality shampoo without any Ketoconazole.

You don't want to overdo it with Ketoconazole and dry the hell out of your hair.

If you do shower every single day and also use shampoo every day (which I don't necessarily recommend anyways), every other day you would use Regenepure DR, but on the odd days, you would use Regenepure NT.

I tried a bottle of Regenepure NT just for the sake of trying it to see if I would recommend it, and I can confirm that it's great.

It smells great, makes your hair feel great and, is just an awesome shampoo.

If you need a shampoo without Ketoconazole, or you want to get a subscription plan without Ketoconazole shampoo (e.g. Minoxidil + Keto-free shampoo), this would be a good go-to.

With all that being said, if you want a cost-effective minimalist approach, NT is definitely not a necessity.

regenepure nt shampoo

Regenepure Volumizing Conditioner

I had never used the Regenepure conditioner either prior to them contacting me.

They sent me a bottle for free, so obviously it was a no brainer to at least try it.

I tried it and I actually really liked it.

I do have a conditioner that I normally use which has no anti-androgen type properties to it.

This Regenepure conditioner doesn't have any either, it's simply meant to moisturize your hair, keep it hydrated, and also volumize it.

With a conditioner you shouldn't be looking for any kind of hair loss prevention activity on 5-alpha reductase, or antagonistic activity at the androgen receptor.

What you're getting out of this conditioner is essentially just ensuring your hair feels and looks as good as possible after using the Ketoconazole.

This does a good job of minimizing the drying effect that Ketoconazole could otherwise have on your hair.

It's kind of like an insurance policy, and if you use a conditioner anyways I would highly recommend it.

Again, this is not a mandatory product by any means and will do next to nothing to help stave off androgenic alopecia, but it is a good conditioner and makes your hair look good.

Enough said.

A minimalist protocol focused entirely on androgenic alopecia does not require this product.

regenepure conditioner with towels

Fast Drying, Non Greasy Minoxidil

Regenepure has their own 5% Minoxidil spray.

GIF of regenepure precision minoxidil spray bottle

Why would you get Regenepure's Minoxidil when you can get Kirkland's Minoxidil for a third of the price?

That's exactly what I wanted to know.

I straight up asked them, what's the benefit of using your Minoxidil over your standard Kirkland liquid?

After doing the math:

6 Months Of Kirkland Minoxidil = $32.00 – $49.99 (depending on which seller you get it from)

6 Months Of Regenepure Minoxidil Through A Regrowth Club Subscription = $40 for the fill the gap subscription (Regenepure DR + Minoxidil). With my discount code, the subscription gets knocked down to $36 per month, making the Minoxidil approximately $18 per month, equating to a price of $108 every 6 months.

They got back to me and said their Minoxidil has a mist sprayer on it as opposed to Kirkland's Minoxidil that uses a dropper.

With a standard dropper, you have to spread your hair apart, get the dropper in there, squeeze, and then you have to rub it in and make sure it doesn't drip down your forehead.

In addition, they told me it dries fast and is not oily.

That's a bold claim for something that is notorious for being the oiliest and most annoying topical to use in the hair loss prevention community.

I've had some bad experiences with spray applicators in the past, and a non greasy Minoxidil just didn't seem like something that was realistic.

My judgment on whether I was even going to post about this subscription service was going to be dependent on how well the spray applicator actually worked because I've seen some pretty terrible spray applicators before, as well as how the liquid compared to Kirkland's oily mess of a Minoxidil product.

Why I Stopped Using Minoxidil In The Past

Personally, I don't use Minoxidil for the following reasons.

First of all, it bloats me up with water retention, as is the case for some individuals with potassium channel openers.

With that being said, many individuals don't care about that, or don't experience any side effects to begin with.

Minoxidil is also one of the very few FDA approved treatments for hair loss.

That is why Minoxidil is the first go-to growth agonist that most people use, and many use it with great success.

It's obviously good at what it does, I won't argue that.

It is the best growth agonist out there, even among experimental alternatives, and it is FDA approved.

This is not to be confused with 5-ar inhibitors and anti-androgens that battle AGA (actual follicular miniaturization).

Growth Agonist = Something that promotes growth via increased circulation or another mechanism of action

5-ar inhibitors and anti-androgens = Drugs that compete with or inhibit endogenous androgens to attenuate further hair follicle miniaturization

The second main issue I have with it is it makes my hair look way too greasy and unmanageable to a point that I wouldn't even be able to leave the house with nice looking hair at all.

When I apply my hair loss topicals, it's only once a day and typically before bed.

In the morning I can clean up the residue gunk off my scalp, shower, and fix my hair and be good to go until bedtime when I have to apply my topicals again.

Minoxidil needs to be applied twice per day.

Once in the morning, and once at night.

With the Kirkland liquid, with twice per day application it would be impossible for me to use it without walking around with a greasy mop 24/7 and pretty much saying goodbye to styling my hair the way I want to.

Regenepure Non Greasy Minoxidil Review

As I stated above, I personally don't use Minoxidil for reasons I just outlined.

However, I have close friends and tons of followers who use Minoxidil, so I got my friend Spencer to try it out and give me an unbiased review.

He's been using Kirkland liquid Minoxidil for years now, so he was a great reference point to make the comparison I needed.

After I gave it to him, he tried it a handful of times, and then he texted me this:

Regenepure Non Greasy Minoxidil Review

I actually followed up with him just now to make sure his opinion hasn't changed before I publish this article, as it has now been almost a month and he has made his way through most of the bottle.

Regenepure Minoxidil Spray follow up

That was enough for me to see that it would actually be worth paying the higher price tag over the standard cheap Kirkland Minoxidil liquid.

If you have a really good mist applicator, you can hit a good surface area that would otherwise be really difficult to hit with a dropper.

It's easy to accidentally overdose Minoxidil as well when you are trying to cover a large surface area with the liquid dropper.

A good mist sprayer can cover a large surface area of your scalp evenly, rather than forcing you to apply drops strategically to areas here and there like you're an artist trying to fill in a canvas.

Aside from that, the main benefit is that the Regenepure's Minoxidil doesn't make your hair nearly as greasy or oily looking.

This is something you can actually put on your head without completely destroying your hair every day, which is the main drawback that would prevent most people from using Minoxidil in the first place.

In that respect, if you're going to use a Minoxidil, this is the Minoxidil I'd recommend you get.

I'm fully willing to endorse it because I've actually seen in real-life application now that it is actually superior to the cheap stuff, and does justify the higher price.

As you guys know, I've always linked out standard Minoxidil liquid on Amazon, or the Rogaine Foam, but I've never seen a fast drying, non greasy Minoxidil liquid preparation with a spray applicator that didn't suck.

If you're already using Minoxidil, or have wanted to use it and that was what was holding you back, this is something I would highly recommend you check out.

Regrowth Club Plans I Recommend

The Regrowth Club site has several subscription offerings available, but as I mentioned in the beginning of the article, I'm going to break down the most cost-effective options for you guys that I would recommend looking at.

Fill The Gap Plan

The first plan I would recommend is “Fill The Gap“.

It's $40 a month and includes Regenepure DR (the Ketoconazole Shampoo) and the non greasy Minoxidil spray.

This is the heaviest hitting, non-prescription/over the counter, FDA approved combination of products for hair loss prevention.

If you want to see some more references to Ketoconazole's efficacy, there is a fair bit of data, and one of the most notable studies involved a comparison of it to 2% Minoxidil.

The study found that it was just as efficacious at preventing hair loss [R].

Ketoconazole shampoo effect of long term use in androgenic alopecia.

An argument could be made that it's potentially more efficacious at preventing hair loss than Minoxidil because it actually has an anti-androgen effect, rather than Minoxidil which acts as a growth agonist.

If you really want to get into an efficacy:risk profile discussion, the first thing I always recommend is the Ketoconazole, but obviously using both of them have a synergistic effect.

If you're inhibiting androgens to some extent and also simultaneously promoting healthier hair growth via increased circulation, the results will be superior to either treatment used on their own.

That's the minimalist plan that I would recommend if you use Minoxidil, or are planning on using it.

$40 per month with my 10% off discount code “derek10” knocks the subscription price down to $36 per month.

Maintain For Oily Hair Plan

The plan I would recommend for those who don't use Minoxidil is “Maintain For Oily Hair“.

It includes Regenepure DR and their conditioner.

This conditioner has biotin, tea tree oil, Jojoba oils, keratin, silk proteins, copper peptides, and Saw Palmetto.

Honestly, I don't really care that much about all that stuff, I care more about how it makes my hair look after I've washed the Ketoconazole out of it, and it gets the job done better than the previous conditioner I was using.

If you want a high quality conditioner to go with Regenepure DR (the Ketoconazole shampoo) to ensure your hair stays healthy looking and has some volume after washing out the Ketoconazole, I would recommend this combination.

Create Your Own Combinations

If you click “see all solutions,” you can find a lot of different options where you can make a more customized protocol.

If you have already purchased the “Fill The Gap” plan or the “Maintain For Oily Hair” plan as per my recommendation and you are wanting to add the conditioner or Minoxidil separately, you should be able to do this here by adding it to your cart and taking advantage of the free shipping offer.

As of now, I don't believe that you can add a single product to your cart until you have already purchased a subscription, but I have emailed them about that and hopefully that will be resolved in the near future where you can order them at the same time rather than having to purchase a subscription, and then a single product separately if you want to take advantage of a single product's discounted price on subscription.

As it stands now though, if you wanted to add any single product to your protocol, or get a refill before your next subscription renewal if you go through more product than the average person, you would have to buy the subscription you want, and then once you have a viable subscription you would be granted access to the single product add-ons that you can still purchase with free shipping at a greatly discounted rate.

As mentioned, the two subscriptions I would recommend for the majority of you are either “Fill the Gap” (if you use Minoxidil), or “Maintain For Oily Hair” (if you don't use Minoxidil).

From there, you can add in things that you want to add separately.

I highly recommend you guys check it out as this is much better way to support my content than previously via the Amazon links I had up.

Regenepure has a superior Ketoconazole shampoo and Minoxidil preparation to what I've seen with any other brand.

Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free And No Harsh Chemicals

While this may not be important to the majority of customers, this is something that has become very important to me over the past year.

All of the Regenepure products are sulfate-free, paraben-free and have no harsh chemicals.

For those of us who have MTHFR and/or GST/GPX polymorphisms with impaired methylation and detoxification pathways, you have to be VERY careful about what products you use on your scalp and skin.

Regrowth Club Discount Code And Free Shipping

If my opinion changes in the future, this article will be updated to reflect my current recommendations.

But, as of now (and for a long while now), Regenepure continues to put out the best hair loss prevention shampoo and a fast drying, non greasy Minoxidil product that I would highly recommend you check out if you use either product, or are interested in getting started with a hair loss prevention protocol.

You can use my Regrowth Club link to support my content, and use the discount code “derek10” to get 10% off of your subscription with free shipping automatically applied at checkout.

Regenepure Products On Amazon

Many people still use Amazon just for the trust factor and because Prime shipping is so convenient.

If you decide that you absolutely must shop there rather than via my Regrowth Club link, you can do that here:

➢ (Amazon) Regenepure DR Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo: https://tinyurl.com/ycmmrcpr
➢ (Amazon) Regenepure 5% Minoxidil Spray: https://tinyurl.com/y54otn6u
➢ (Amazon) Regenepure Volumizing Conditioner: https://tinyurl.com/y5wdnh4r

By making your Regenepure purchases through my Regrowth Club link and using my coupon code it makes a big difference in your support of my channel and website, and also helps get you a cheaper price on something you probably already use anyways if you follow my hair loss prevention content.

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23 thoughts on “Fast Drying, Non Greasy Minoxidil And The Best Ketoconazole Shampoo For Hair Loss”

  1. I joined Regrowth club a couple weeks ago and have been following the shampoo and minoxidil protocol. Shampoo every other day so I don’t strip my hair of oil. Genetically I might be screwed for hair loss but I’m taking steps right now. My hair loss isn’t too bad–yet.

    The minoxdil initially made my scalp itchy but only side effect I’ve noticed is it dries my hair out. I use a hair mask to restore moisture. I do have MK677 in the mail.

    Here’s to hoping my hair loss is halted. I’ll be checking in in a couple of months. I will shoot for at least 6 months of this protocol. No clue if I might settle for buzz cuts.

  2. Forgot to mention:

    In just about 2 weeks of the protocol my hair volume has slightly increased. From scale of 1-10 I say it has improved by 1.

    Obviously everyone is different but I like what I see so far.

    1. Add microneedling into your regimen too.

      Minoxidil + microneedling is over twice as effective as Minoxidil alone.

      1.5 mm dermapen once per week.

      1. Hey Derek,
        Thanks for all your great content! I was wondering if I should use regenopure every day or every other. My scalp seems to be sensitive to it and looks like more shedding? My hair is thick and wirery as is. Feels a lot more drier and I also use there conditioner as well.

    2. Hey Derek, I see you mention microneedling with a derma pen. Any suggestions on which derma pen to purchase?

      Just ordered some RU along with the regrowth club goodies. Need to get some hair back asap!


        1. Sup Derek! I have ordered 4x RU58841 from Anagenic after reading all about it on your site. I have never touched fin or min as I just don’t want those possible insane sides from fin. You said somewhere else that you don’t microneedle on the same days that you apply RU58841 is that right? Do you microneedle once a week and then not apply any that day so apply RU58841 6x a week?

  3. Hey Derek, recently discovered your website and I’m surprised at the good quality of the content.

    I want to try the Regenpure shampoo. Read a review somewhere that they changed the formula in late 2018 and its now not as effective because it has not as much Ketoconazole. How true is this?

  4. Keviin Parnella

    Hi Derek,
    I have heard your reviews on Minoxidil. If i was to try this minoxidil and dermapen solution, when I would I add the minoxidil? I’ve heard not to add to your hair after using the dermapen because it would get into the bloodstream and cause all sorts of side effects such as hair growing in spots where it normally wouldn’t grow like the cheeks on the face.

    1. Microneedling once per week at 1.5 mm and not applying Minox on that day is a pretty standard and effective approach.

  5. I used the Fill the Gap plan for the first time. I am on my second bottle of shampoo and minoxidil. The shampoo has dried my scalp out so much I had to discontinue use. My scalp became very irritated, red and flaking large pieces of skin. I have never had dandruff and have used the Costco Minoxidil the in the past with no dryness. I tried calling and emailing the Regrowth Club to get advice and or a return. I’m disappointed to say they have not returned my phone calls or emails.

    1. I’ve been using Regenepure DR for years. Not everyone’s scalps can tolerate Ketoconazole. It can be very drying yes. I forwarded them your comment about your returns request in hopes that they will see it.

  6. I have yet to hear back from the supplier for a refund. After 1 month of not using the shampoo my scalp is still very dry with large white patches of dry flaky skin. As I stated before prior to using the shampoo I did not have dandruff nor did I have a dry flaky scalp.

  7. Looks like they removed Keto from Regenepure DR. Would you recommend any other shampoo containing Keto that will make one’s hair look/feel decent?

    1. Look at the bottle in person. It is in there. They don’t note it as a “key ingredient” on their product page. Why? I have no idea. Maybe compliance. It is on every bottle I get though and has not been removed.

  8. Hey Derek,

    Curious as someone who is going to potentially use a short course of anabolics. I have ridiculously thick hair but I do have what I would consider a slightly recessed hair line (but honestly looking back at pictures I think I’ve had very little change in this if any at all through aging) – outside of the obvious recommendation of using Keto shampoo and potentially using finasteride down the line – would you think I could pull my hairline up for a fuller heard look by using minoxidil? Thanks!

  9. Derek,
    Have noticed your links to Regenepure now go to DS Laboratories Revita shampoo, which I’ve been using for several months.. My question is if you have any info or thoughts on DS Laboratories Spectral DNC -N with Nanoxidil.. Have been using it in place of minox, since they say it works in the frontal area, whereas minox supposedly doesn’t.. any thoughts on Nanoxidil.. It does make your hair greasy as hell…

  10. I also noticed your link for the “hair regrowth club” now goes to DS laboratories. Do you prefer it over the Regenepure products because it’s a more cost-effective equivalent or is it a better produt?

  11. Same question as above. Link now goes to DS laboratories. What’s the scoop? Is the DS Laboratories better than Regenepure?

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