How To Offset The Suppression/Shutdown From S23

How To Offset The Suppression/Shutdown From S23

There seems to be a big misconception in the community about what suppression and shutdown actually are, so I felt a quick article on it was warranted.

Offsetting Or Stopping Suppression/Shutdown

To clarify, suppression and shutdown aren’t something you can “offset” or stop from occurring.

Suppression and shutdown occur because an exogenous substance has entered your system, and the pituitary gland has reacted by producing less Luteinizing hormone (LH).

LH is what stimulates the testes to produce Testosterone.

The extent to which LH production is inhibited is dependent on how suppressive the exogenous hormone is that you are introducing into your system, as well as the dose of it, and the duration of its’ use (more or less).

For example, Ostarine can drop LH levels by about 10-20%; meanwhile Steroids can essentially inhibit any LH from being produced at all (almost 100% drop in LH).

So, if you are introducing S23 into your system, which is the most suppressive SARM there currently is, you can certainly expect your LH to drop significantly, and in turn lower your natural testosterone levels significantly for the duration of your cycle (until you PCT of course).

In the study done on S23, after only 14 days there was a greater than 50% drop in LH levels.

You Can’t Stop Suppression From Occurring

The take away message from this article is that it is irrelevant if you are on test boosters, or doing anything that could naturally boost your test levels, as something as powerful as S23, or anything very suppressive for that matter, will suppress your LH severely regardless if you are trying to fight against it or not.

When you inject exogenous Testosterone, your body recognizes that there is an exogenous source of Testosterone being introduced to it, and in turn will result in the pituitary gland producing a lot less LH.

This is the body’s natural response to adapt to the fact that it has an already sufficient amount of Testosterone circulating from the exogenous source, so it no longer has a need to produce it naturally, and consequently shuts down its’ production until that exogenous compound’s use has been discontinued.

Another common question I have been asked about recently is regarding using Testosterone as a base for S23 to offset the suppression it causes.

To be clear, administering synthetic Testosterone DOES NOT offset suppression; it will simply offset the side effects you would experience from low Testosterone levels.

When you inject Testosterone, your body recognizes that exogenous dose of Test and will shutdown LH production, and in turn the natural production of Testosterone until that synthetic Testosterone is discontinued and has completely made its’ way out of your body.

So, the point of a Test base is to keep your physiological functions that are fulfilled by Testosterone in top form while the S23 is in your system, and then once you discontinue the S23 and Testosterone you can PCT and recover full endocrine function without any lag time in your quality of life.

To be clear though, both S23 and Testosterone will greatly suppress you, and shut you down, regardless if the synthetic Testosterone is keeping your functions at a high level, your natural production is in fact shut down for whatever duration of time that synthetic source of exogenous hormones is in your system.

You can take as many test boosters as you want on cycle, and it will do nothing to keep your natural production going, it is an inevitable fact that your natural production will be shutdown when exogenous Testosterone is in your system, and highly suppressed or completely shutdown even if you were just on S23 on its’ own.

Does that mean that S23 can’t be run without a test base?

No it doesn’t, but it isn’t something I would recommend as you are just putting yourself in a very compromised position where you could very likely have to deal with low T side effects for a large portion of your S23 cycle, and the recovery of those compromised functions won’t occur until your cycle is done and you can properly PCT.

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Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

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54 thoughts on “How To Offset The Suppression/Shutdown From S23”

  1. Hey

    What do you think about Enhanced Athlete’s Anabolic Matrix Theory

    I am prone to MPB but dutasteride prevents me from balding from test e

    I cant really add any other steroid compounds without losing hair so I wanted to add hair safe SARMS to a cycle

    Which one do you think I should add for bulking without losing hair?

  2. With that being said what would you recommend as ocs and pct if one was wary of pinning test even for a 6wk cycle at 20mgs of s23 a day.

  3. Thinking about running an test e 500 mg 16 week and deca 400mg12 week and s23 30-50 mg for 8 weeks, 8-16, yk11 30 mg 8-16 or 1-8.

    Do you think it’s good enough for hair loss if i use keto 2% shampoo and ru58 ? Since i saw your vid on deca and finasteride and that it could actually lead to more hair loss.

    Because right now im running finasteride only at 1,25 mg ED, but just got my ru 588 and getting my keto shampoo from the doctor next week. Do you think finasteride hinder gains?

    Best regards John.

    1. I can’t quantify how much Finasteride will hinder your gains, but it definitely will to some degree if it is systemically lowering your DHT by a significant amount (which it does). If you’re paranoid about hair loss, I wouldn’t be running YK-11, it’s a DHT derivative, and it won’t be the meat and potatoes of your gains anyways. I also absolutely would not be running Deca if you have Finasteride in your system at all.

    1. My educated guess would be no, but I haven’t looked into it to say for certain. Test is king as far as I’m concerned.

    1. If it were me, I’d probably do Nolva (40/40/20/20) + Clomid (100/100/50/50). Ultimately it’s up to you what you think you need though.

        1. Wanted your input on taking the s23 an if it could be taken alone at low dosages. Or if you have to inject a test while running it in order to see results.
          If I took in in low dosage with just a test booster from gnc if that would work then what would be your PCT recommendation?

  4. what do you think i can use for pct from enhanced athlete .

    i just got off lgd and finished the blue ox test boost pct.
    now i want to get on s23. will blue ox test boost be ok for pct if i stick with 20mg of s23 / day?

  5. Hey i am kinda on a budget so what would you recommend to use as a affordable priced test base to run with lets say 20 mg s3 daily during 8 weeks or 30 mg s23 daily during 6 weeks.

    what about arim rx would that help me with s23 during cycle and as a decent pct?

    1. Affordable priced test base? Test is test. How much it costs depends on your source. It is UGL or Rx only, I don’t have a resource for you to find it cheap. Read my AI’s and PCT article. It sounds like you don’t fully understand what the purpose of an AI and PCT is yet, or what you would need in your situation.

  6. I’m wanting to start on S-23…but wanting to know exactly what to take with it and the process and supplements I should take with it also. Also will I still be able to permit sexual performance in the bedroom or will that turn to disaster?? Please help, I’m wanting to drop body fat, I’m 205lbs about 18% body fat wanting to drop down to 10% and stay at the same weight but still perform in the bedroom.

    1. There isn’t anything you “need” to take with it. PCT afterwards is a necessity though. And I can’t predict the future I have no idea if your sexual performance will be affected or not. Some individuals have no issues while on S23, some have increased libido and better performance, and then some have the standard symptoms of greatly suppressed test (low libido, ED, etc.). It’s impossible to say what will or won’t happen when you’re using something that will shut you down on purpose without a base of Testosterone in there.

  7. Hey derek great content. So i have a bottle of s23 on me amd some test e coming in. Could inuse the s23 to kick off my cycle until the test e kicks in.
    so something like
    s23 weeks 1-6
    test e weeks 1-12.

    Another possibility what do you think about
    s23 weeks 1-6
    test e blast and cruise from then on.

      1. Alright thank you for the quick reply? Have you had any hairloss effects or have heard of it while on s23. I heard its similar to winnie and people say winnie makes u lose hair. Additionally is there anything wrong with the second option of blasting and cruising or is it just preference based.

        1. No. It’s similar to Winny in the body composition effects it provides, not in the chemical structure of the drug being a DHT derivative and ripping the hair out of your head. I see no benefit of shutting yourself down for 6 weeks with S23 before starting your Test E when you could just start it at week 1 and use S23 as a kicker.

  8. Hey Derek, thanks for all of the great articles, mate.

    I’m currently on Rx Primoteston Depot once per fortnight and Anastrazole, and will be starting Danazol again, from Monday – not a high dose of test e, of course (it’s Rx).

    I was thinking about S23 as well as CJC 1295 & MK-677 (as per your article on HGH…) would you recommend stacking S23 and the CJC/MK combo – or something else? Obviously whatever I run with, I’ll still have that small test e base.

    Would I be correct in thinking to still do your standard Nolva/Clomid PCT? Or would you adjust it when using a permanent test e base?


    1. First off, once every 2 weeks is horrible frequency, your blood serum concentrations would be all over the map. In addition, I’d go see where your estrogen levels lie using Arimidex as that is typically overkill for TRT dosages (using that strong of an AI).

      For S23 + CJC/MK… there is no reason I can see why you shouldn’t combine those.

      For PCT I’d double the Clomid dose personally (Nolva stays the same). You will be 100% shut down, and that Clomid dose in my articles is typically advised for SARM only cycles.

      Are you on TRT? You mentioned permanent Test E base. If you are on TRT you do not need a PCT, the point of PCT is to recover endocrine function and your natural Testosterone levels. If you are injecting exogenous Test PCT’ing does nothing, and there would be no point of doing it in the first place.

      1. Hey, thanks for your reply and yes – I’m on TRT.

        My doctor has me taking 250mg/mL (my stuff’s at work so can’t confirm dosage 100%, but pretty sure) once a fortnight; 100mg Anastrazole, 3x per week and now 200mg Danazol, once every 4 days (was supposed to be 100mg eod, but virtually all pharmacies here are out of stock – as is the distributor). Can’t quote my blood work results, because I don’t have a copy.

        I wasn’t sure about whether I might need PCT, because I’m not taking a large amount of test.

        1. P.S. Forgot to mention the stack is for a bulking cycle: if you think I’d be better off with something else, then please feel free to suggest something.

        2. Ok, sorry – Anastrazole is 1mg, and not 100mg.

          Btw the test e is Primoteston Depot, so it stays in the system much longer (supposedly 2-4 weeks)

          1. Thanks for your advice, Derek. I changed to 250mg Test E. every 10 days, and it’s way better – as in, I feel much better. Told my doctor and he said that’s fine.

            About to start 12 weeks of 25mg S23 (remember, I’m on TRT), along with 12 weeks of CJC-1295 (3500mcg per week – budget constraint – but I’m also only currently 72kg: at 6 feet); mk-677 for minimum 12 weeks and Huperzine – will buy more and probably run for about 16 weeks, then going o/s for a month, then will start just mk-677 and Huperzine again.

            Sound okay?

            I’ve also got 30 days of S4, GW-501516 and MK-2866 (incorrect order I was sent, but they didn’t want it back) – I know it’s not very long, but I might use it for weeks 13-16. Shouldn’t be a complete waste of time, should it?

            Thanks again, mate.

          2. I’ve actually got 8 weeks of GW, and I’ll buy more mk-2866 and run both at the end, I think: I’ll leave the S4 for another time.

  9. I need help, I’ve got serious shutdown from s23. I was told by the max muscle owner that all i need is some test booster for recovering or the pct. My sex drive is shit, depressed, lots of muscle loss, low appetite. I’ve only been taking the test booster for 20 days now. I’m thinking about ordering cabergoline, nolva, and clomid from ehancedrx. Do you think it would be worth it to take clomid nolva and caber this far into my pct or should i just keep going with the test booster. PLease help more details the better.

  10. Hey Derek, I was wondering if it would be sufficent enough to use a thing such as 4-Andro instead of Testosterone during a S-23 cycle as 4-Andro converts to estrogen?

    1. The point isn’t to replace your Estrogen. S23 doesn’t wipe out Estrogen. The reason you take Test is to replace your Test levels, not your Estrogen. I don’t think anything can beat Test at doing what Test does. However, some individuals seem to have no issues by doing a custom “HRT” with SARMs as their base, and that’s just how their body responds to those compounds (e.g. I know a guy who uses Ostarine instead of Test year round). You’d have to try for yourself to see if it works, but I would just run Test if you are wanting to use a “test base” at all (which isn’t mandatory btw).

  11. question– 44 year old, active and athletic male– avid lifter for 20+years. no previous use of anything.
    my brother has talked about s23 and adding ostarine with it. he said 10mg of S23/30mg of Osta. he said it was great for him and he is 2 years older. my question is, for someone my age, who is looking to build strength, shed some body fat- does this sound like a reasonable approach? would you change dosages? i have read your piece on PCT and will follow those guidelines.
    thank you for any advice and suggestions

    1. I’m going to be publishing a video soon addressing what I think about guys over 40 taking suppressive drugs (like SARMs or Steroids). Have you had pre-cycle blood work done yet? I wouldn’t advise doing anything until you’ve done as you are walking around with a subpar endocrine system purely based on your age (natural test levels start declining after you hit 30), and typically cycling suppressive drugs is a terrible idea if you aren’t on TRT (which you likely should be at your age anyways).

      Purely based on your question though without taking any of that into account, I would just go with the 30mg Osta seeing as you have zero previous use. You don’t need an additional 10mg of S23 on your first cycle, especially when that S23 could likely make the difference between you being mildly suppressed and fully shut down (especially at your age).

      1. thanks for this– yes i will be getting bloodwork shortly during my annual physical.
        getting old stinks!
        really appreciate your perspective and comments.

    2. Also, read my first cycle do’s and don’ts article. You have already broken one of the cardinal rules I have outlined in that beginners article/guide to SARMs (suggesting the usage of more than one compound on your first cycle when you don’t even know how your body responds to one on its’ own).

          1. Why is this? I would love to get more info from someone like tiy on Androgel. Would you consider trying it out for a while and doing a video on it? That would be amazing as there are very few honest opinions on it based on user experience.

          2. Because its predictable and easy to use and I don’t need to worry about things like skin porosity, hair in the way, etc.

  12. I took at cycle of
    That my local supplement store recommended without doing to much research, I know not to smart of me but I did a 12 week cycle and now I’m on pct5 from Blackstone lab and apex male(test booster) also recommended by the supplement store will my levels return after the pct I’m about 3 weeks post cycle on pct and feel pretty normal other than more tired throughout the day

    1. It was my first cycle Worst mistake listening to someone trying to make a sale, but unfortunately can’t go back now so any advice is appreciated have 1 more week of pct

        1. Aaron Cudworth

          Does anyone know where I can get clomid and Noveldex at and what’s a good Test base to run with s23.

  13. So I have a question… I have used test cypionate as a beginner steroid by it’s self to get my feet wet and I have also used rad 140 and lgd as a stack with sarms on different occasions.. now my question is .. can I take rad 140 lgd and 500mg a week of cypionate all in one cycle ? If so could do I use 1mg of estrogen blocker a week?

  14. DEREK, I am on TRT,
    Free Testosterone is 571 pmol/L ( 196 – 636 normal range on this scale ) on TRT.

    In the past had added 100MG of masteron E with the TRT dose of test and my Free test jumped to 960pmol/L,.(OBVIOUSLY)

    My question is this, keeping my normal TRT dose and adding S23 to it will my free test spike like it did with added masteron, or will my test level stay relatively the same (571) when blood tested ON TRT AND S23 ?..

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