Can You Out Train A Bad Diet?

This video quickly elaborates on if I think it is possible to consistently eat a bad diet while still staying shredded year round by training harder/longer.

I don't like low calorie dieting. It makes me irritable, and the feeling of counting down the minutes until your next meal sucks.

I can deal with being in a moderate calorie deficit for a long period of time, but extreme low calorie dieting (700-1000 deficit or more) I find takes quite the toll on your cravings, state of well being, and just overall appetite throughout the day.

The number one difficulty that comes along with low calorie dieting for me is not being able to eat to complete satiation sometimes.

I get distracted extremely easily when I'm hungry, and it is very difficult to get work done if I have food on my mind the entire day.

So I decided to experiment and see if I could get away with eating significantly more if I just trained harder, and increased my cardio duration and frequency.

On paper it makes sense, train harder and burn more calories, equates to more food you can eat and still maintain your weight.

However, in practical application of this I just found that all that happened was I gained fat.

It is VERY hard to out train a bad diet.

I wasn’t even eating extremely poorly, but I was being much looser with my caloric allotment, and having a bunch of cereal and things I normally couldn’t have to maintain a sub 10% body fat physique.

Even with training very hard, adding in volume and extra exercises, and adding in more cardio, all it did was run me into the ground more, waste more of my free time in the day, and I still gained extra fat.

I came to the conclusion that unless you have an absurd amount of free time and are a work horse who just loves to be in the gym and long gruelling workout sessions, then you more than likely fall into the same category as me and will need to still be mindful of your calorie intake and eat at least relatively clean to maintain a very lean muscular physique.

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