PCT and AI’s for SARMs – Do I Need A PCT/Aromatase Inhibitor If I Use SARMs?

There are a lot of theories circulating the community when it comes to SARM cycles, especially regarding PCT, Aromatase Inhibitors (AI’s), and what is necessary vs. unnecessary in regards to them.

This article will delve into PCT and AI’s, and what you need to know about them relative to SARM cycles specifically.

First, let’s get AI’s out of the way.

Aromatase Inhibitors On A SARM Cycle

SARMs are non-steroidal and do not convert into Estrogen.

However, you will still hear once and a while of a rare case of some guy getting gyno flareup while on a SARM only cycle, or a variety of other high Estrogen side effects.

As you probably already know, SARMs are suppressive.

This means they will suppress your natural testosterone levels.

To what extent they will do this is dependent on which compound you are using, the dose, the length of your cycle, and your individual propensity to suppression.

One thing is for certain though, there are guys out there still experiencing high Estrogen side effects on SARMs.

The reason for this is because your previous level of hormonal homeostasis (what your Test and Estrogen levels were prior to your cycle) is now compromised.

Your Testosterone is now suppressed, but your Estrogen has remained, and now your body is in an unfortunate situation where your Estrogen could now be substantially out of whack in terms of its’ level relative to your now suppressed Testosterone levels.

In other words, your Estrogen could be too high compared to your Testosterone, which is low now (if you are prone to a high degree of suppression).

Now your body is in a state of Estrogen dominance, where you are vulnerable to high Estrogen side effects to start occurring (erectile dysfunction, gyno, etc.).

So, to avoid putting yourself in this vulnerable position where your hormonal ratio is unfavourable, you could take an AI to even things back out.

Now, let’s be clear here, an Aromatase Inhibitor isn't mandatory while on SARMs, and especially not a blanket statement like that where any AI would suffice.

They do serve a purpose though, let me elaborate for you.

The only application an AI serves during a SARM cycle is to offset the high estrogen related side effects that could take place due to your natural Testosterone being suppressed relative to your Estrogen levels.

When that ratio is thrown out of whack and Estrogen now is higher relative to testosterone than it should be, high Estrogen side effects can kick in, and that's where a mild AI like Arimistane could be beneficial to offset those effects.

Not just any AI can be used though, Arimistane is ideal, or Aromasin (at most) would be necessary at a low dose.

Arimidex or Letrozole would be way overkill on a SARM cycle and would actually just cause more issues rather than help.

Low Estrogen side effects are just as bad as high Estrogen side effects.

This is why you will commonly hear individuals using 25mg of Arimistane alongside their SARMs, as this essentially puts your body’s hormonal profile in a more optimal state during your cycle where you can avoid the potential for any Estrogen related side effects.

Obviously the dose of your AI will be dependent on your Estrogen levels, but typically 25-75mg of Arimistane is sufficient for any SARM user, and it is a very mild and forgiving AI so it will be difficult to overdo it and tank your Estrogen if you stay in that range.

The only way to 100% accurately figure out what dose works best for you is via blood work (ideally you want your Estrogen between 20-30 pg/mL, at least that’s where I feel best).

Once I start getting too low below that, low Estrogen side effects kick in, and when I get too far above that, high Estrogen side effects kick in.

When using something like Aromasin, and especially Arimidex, and even more so Letrozole, they are increasingly difficult to hit the nail on the head in terms of bringing your Estrogen into the sweet spot.

Not to mention Arimidex and Letrozole are horrible for your lipid profile, so Arimistane is always the ideal AI of choice during a SARM cycle.

Unless you also have an abnormally high level of aromatization naturally in your body, then and only then would something like Aromasin be necessary in my opinion.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

PCT is something that should be started the day after your last dose of any SARM cycle.

For AAS cycles where there is a long clearance time due to the compound having an ester chain on it that slows down the processing of a particular drug, the timing of PCT will differ, however, for SARMs in particular, they all more or less have a half life of 24 hours or less, thus making the start of your PCT the day after your last dose a necessity.

There are theories as to why you should or shouldn’t PCT after a SARM cycle, and realistically nobody is correct or incorrect, but I do firmly believe there is a more intelligent approach which is the safest of all, would have the highest likelihood of the retention of your hard earned gains, and would return your endocrine system back to full healthy functioning within the shortest span of time.

That approach is the “better safe than sorry” approach, where you do a full PCT regardless of how suppressed you may or may not be.

Unless you are literally getting blood work to see where your Testosterone levels lie in the last week of your cycle, you are just playing a guessing game for the most part when you are assessing your own body, and if you need a PCT or not based on how you feel.

Ultimately, what you do or do not do for PCT is your own decision, but I always took the full board PCT route as that will always result in the quickest recovery time, as well as put my body in a hormonal environment most conducive to retaining my gains.

Basically, when you finish a cycle of suppressive compounds, your hormonal profile is left in a vulnerable state where you are extremely catabolic (prone to muscle loss and fat gain), and your physiological functions are likely impaired to a degree relative to your level of suppression (erection quality, mood, recovery rate, fatigue level, etc.).

The point of PCT is to get your hormones back to normal much faster than your body would normally be capable of on its’ own.

The longer your body is left in a state with suppressed/shutdown Testosterone, the more time your body has to essentially deteriorate, and the longer you have to experience the crappy side effects that can occur from having abysmally low levels of Testosterone.

So, the goal is to recover ASAP.

And that is achieved with PCT.

How To Know What Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) To Use

This is ultimately a personal choice, as PCT is essentially just a combination of different recovery drugs that bodybuilders started incorporating into a regimen over the years, and some of them have essentially become well known staples in the bodybuilding community as the top compounds for recovery.

The most common being Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex), and Clomifene (Clomid).

HCG is also quite popular, but I believe that should be reserved more for on cycle use, and I don’t think it plays an essential role in most SARM cycles.

In my opinion, PCT is an absolute necessity.

Regardless of what you’ve been told, if you are using something that will suppress your endocrine system you will need to use PCT in some capacity unless you don’t mind prolonging your recovery.

While some individuals could likely get away with no PCT at all and recover just fine, this is absolutely not the case for some others, and it would be far safer for everyone to just do a proper PCT regimen after any cycle.

For mild single compound cycles like Ostarine, typically a simple 4 week PCT of 75mg Arimistane per day is typically sufficient.

However, this does not mean this is always the best choice, as this may not suffice for some individuals.

The reason that Arimistane is commonly advised as a PCT often makes little sense to most, as it is still just an AI after all.

Basically, what Arimistane does is it will lower the amount of Estrogen in your system.

What this does, is it mitigates the chance of high Estrogen side effects occurring from the poor hormonal profile you may be in after a SARM cycle (low Testosterone : high Estrogen).

In addition, high Estrogen in men will lower LH (Luteinizing Hormone), which in turn results in lower Testosterone levels, and in the case of PCT, inhibits your recovery.

By lowering your body’s Estrogen to a more favourable zone, you are allowing your body to increase LH, and consequently Testosterone at a greater rate, and at a greater capacity.

Arimistane in PCT is popular not only because it is completely legal and over the counter, but it is sufficient for those who can bounce back quickly from mildly suppressive compounds like Ostarine.

In the event that one experiences substantial Testosterone suppression as a result of running a longer, higher dosed, or multiple SARM compound cycle, or they just have a higher propensity to suppression than the average guy, it is likely that delving into a PCT comprised of Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) and Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) will be necessary instead.

Whenever I run a Nolvadex and Clomid PCT it typically breaks down as follows:

Week 1-4 (the four weeks immediately following my last SARM dose):

Week 1: Nolvadex – 40mg per day, Clomid – 50mg per day

Week 2: Nolvadex – 40mg per day, Clomid – 50mg per day

Week 3: Nolvadex – 20mg per day, Clomid – 25mg per day

Week 4: Nolvadex – 20mg per day, Clomid – 25mg per day

So, as you can see, it isn’t as cut and dry as you need to use such and such compound at this dose and you are guaranteed to recover in a specific span of time, it varies individual to individual.

Choice of PCT essentially boils down to how conservative you want to be, and what you are comfortable with putting in your own body.

The quickest and smoothest recovery will always be guaranteed by using the traditional PCT SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators) as opposed to over the counter products that are marketed as equivalent recovery agents, or turnkey all in one PCT products.

However, this doesn’t mean that every one requires these SERMs to recover adequately or quickly, or perhaps they may just not be comfortable using compounds that are only available by prescription or for research purposes only.

While one guy might be able to take a boatload of SARMs and recover completely without even touching PCT compounds, another guy might be suppressed for half a year or longer post-cycle if he doesn’t follow a strict Nolvadex + Clomid protocol immediately following the cessation of his SARM cycle.

It is all individually dependent, and I like the better safe than sorry approach personally.

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Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

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228 thoughts on “PCT and AI’s for SARMs – Do I Need A PCT/Aromatase Inhibitor If I Use SARMs?”

  1. Great article and appreciated.
    I have been training naturally for 7 years and recently decided to only run 1 Sarm cycle (Ostarine) at around 20mg for 7 weeks and it was great! Well being, joint health, strength increase and b/f reduction. I got blood work done 4 days after this cycle (not before) and my free test was at 326. I did no PCT with this and took Alpha Jym and DAA on-cycle to maintain the highest natural T production possible.

    4 weeks have passed and I am gearing up for a 20mg Ostarine and 20mg Rad140 cycle for 7 weeks starting next week. With test at 326 after Ostarine this does seem low and might indicate surpression. Threfore by adding Rad I can expect more surpression with this cycle.

    My plan is to use your 4 week PCT mentioned above (Nolva and Clomid) at the doses you suggest. Should I start this PCT 3 days after my last dose of Sarm? Also, if this Pct lasts 4 weeks, am I okay to run another sarm cycle at the conclusion of this 4 week pct or should there be a period of completely natural training ?

    Thanks so much!


    1. “PCT is something that should be started the day after your last dose of any SARM cycle.”

      If your endocrine system has recovered and your blood work looks good I don’t see why not.

          1. HI Derek
            I am Rodrigo doing a Cycle of 12 week with GW501516/Mk2866/SR9009 I always eat well sleep and help with protein / BCAA / but I am almost finish and I have side effects before with clomid , can you recommend a good PCT , my cousin have a PCT SP testo booster and Megabol
            INH-AR or any PCT to recommend.. stay safe thanks

      1. hi derek

        i just finished my osta cycle and got my blood work done. my E2 is too high and test is low
        E2 73.5pgML
        Test 266pg ML

        I just got nolva and ill be taking 40mg a day, will that be enough or do i need to ad something else


      2. Hi Derek,

        For someone who was taking 10mg of LGD for 5 weeks straight at the age of 20, would it be wise to run Arimistane (this is only what is available to me as PCT for where I live) for half of the time it took for the cycle, at around 72mg daily? I am now coming off cycle happy with my results and as for suppressive symptoms, I have experienced almost none. I also took Arimistane for the last 2 weeks of my cycle at 30mg to keep any potential estrogen-related side effects at bay.

        Kind Regards

    2. Hi Derek! Huge thanks for the great post. This is how I run my PCT for my four weeks. Both clomid and nolva are beneficial in there own ways for pct. Clomid 50/50/25/25mg, Nolva 40/40/20/20mg ?. So glad I found “Getpct365” in Google and got them. Clomid and nolva work great. However, bodies react differently to these drugs. So bloodwork before and after any cycle is highly advised and needed to see if a PCT is needed. You may be able to find a more “natural” PCT that is sufficient without the side effect profile.

  2. Hey Derek, as always appreciate your articles. In another article recently you mentioned Ostarine studies show around a 10% suppression and S23 around 50%. Do you have suppression numbers on other sarms as well like LGD, RAD, YK? I haven’t seen any numbers that give a rough estimate to the average person.

      1. He’s taking what I said out of context, this is the excerpt from the article he is referring to:

        “Offsetting Or Stopping Suppression/Shutdown
        To clarify, suppression and shutdown aren’t something you can “offset” or stop from occurring.

        Suppression and shutdown occur because an exogenous substance has entered your system, and the pituitary gland has reacted by producing less Luteinizing hormone (LH).

        LH is what stimulates the testes to produce Testosterone.

        The extent to which LH production is inhibited is dependent on how suppressive the exogenous hormone is that you are introducing into your system, as well as the dose of it, and the duration of its’ use (more or less).

        For example, Ostarine can drop LH levels by about 10-20%; meanwhile Steroids can essentially inhibit any LH from being produced at all (almost 100% drop in LH).

        So, if you are introducing S23 into your system, which is the most suppressive SARM there currently is, you can certainly expect your LH to drop significantly, and in turn lower your natural testosterone levels significantly for the duration of your cycle (until you PCT of course).

        In the study done on S23, after only 14 days there was a greater than 50% drop in LH levels.”

        1. Hey man, would I be cool to run Arimistane at 25mg a day while on LGD-4033, and then use the same thing as my PCT but at 75mg daily?

          1. That would likely be sufficient if you had decent pre-cycle Test levels and don’t have some out of the ordinary propensity to suppression. It also depends on your LGD dosage and duration. But yes more than likely.

        2. Hi Derek, thanks for your article I found it very helpful. I am on my late 40s and been using ostarine from “game of gains” for 2 weeks at 20mg a day. I noticed some signs of gyno I’m afraid, I am getting arimistane, should I combine with nolva? Your advise will be appreciated.
          Btw I have used PH in the past and a SARM stack ladt year, but this òstarine side effect is quite a surprise this soon in the cycle. I am stopping taking it and will start the arimistane cycle. Just wanting to know if adding nolva would be an overkill or not? or can I add ZMA? Many thanks in advance. Jay

    1. I just read a double blind, randomized clinical study with a placebo using LGD-4033 with 68 participants finishing the study. It showed an average of a 325ng/dL drop in total testosterone over just 21 days at 1mg/day. It then took 35 to get back to normal testosterone levels without PCT. I believe typical dosage is around 15mg for a bulk cycle so you could expect pretty significant suppression. Here is a link to the study(if I’m allowed to post links): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4111291/

      1. This is kind of alarming. I cannot believe testosterone dropped that much just from 1mg/day. I’m curious about Derek’s thoughts on this study.

  3. Hi mate. Really need your help.

    Earlier on today based on some of your other articles i decided to purchase Arimistane from EA. But i am actually stacking LGD at 10/15mg per day with S4 at 50/75mg, not on there own. Tapering up as you suggested based on sides. Including MK677 into the 12 week cycle too which i know isnt supressive thanks to you. Now i know you suggested the Arimistane for convenience and said it should suffice for those 2 Sarms cycled individually. But as im stacking them am i supressing my self enough to justify needing a Nolva/Clom PCT as stated above. Or is that for really high end doses and more than 2 Supressing Sarms stacked?

    Your help and advice is appreciated mate so i can return the Arimistane if i need the Nolva/Clom. I don’t want to suffer test/shutdown issues in the future. Want to cycle safely and it is my first time.

    Many thanks

    1. I also forgot to ask. If you do suggest the Nolva/Clom instead. Would i still need to take the Arimistane 1x per day every day with the S4 as suggested/outlined in your S4 article? Or can i just take some Nolva/Clom daily for that… or even just wait for the end of cycle PCT?

      Many thanks mate.

      1. You don’t need to do anything, that is merely a suggestion to keep Estrogen levels in a more favorable zone. Nolva and Clomid aren’t AI’s, they do something totally different so no you can’t take those daily for that.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply brother. I’ll do the 12 week PCT with Nolva/Clomid that you outlined above then. So as for the S4 you were just suggesting the Arimistane is just an optional AI to do daily alongside it? and it’s more geared towards guys with estrogen issues? Trying to learn as much as possible about all this and appreciate your knowledge. You’re the guy who convinced me to try EA and use your voucher code. Brilliantly detailed posts on here and informative YouTube vids. Great physique too by the way. Subscribed.


        1. The Arimistane usage is meant to keep your Estrogen in the sweet spot and avoid the potential for estrogen related side effects.

      1. Do you have a link to the Nolvadex? I can’t seem to find it on the EA website. I want to use your code…

  4. Hey Derek,
    I am from India. Arimistane is insanely expensive here. However, Aromasin salt Exemestane 25mg is affordable. My querry is:

    1. What dosage of Aromasin is appropriate for LGD cycle of 12 weeks?
    2. When should this AI be taken during the day?

    Appreciate ur help and support.


    1. Depends on where your Estrogen levels lie, so it’s impossible to say for sure what dose is appropriate for you. A very low dose at most though in most typical scenarios (something like 12.5mg every other day or every 3 days).

      It is taken whenever you want.

  5. Hey Derek,

    I went to get my bloodwork done awhile and my test came at 598. This could be supressed levels but I never checked it before any sarm cycles.

    Last cycle I did was ostarine back in March and stopped it 4 weeks. Took Red PCT for 2 weeks (I should’ve done it for 4 weeks, but since it was such a short cycle I thought I would recover fast). I’ve noticed my ejaculations to be a little less than what it use to be and I am not as hard as I used to be either.

    I order Clomid from enhanced athlete, it’s now October should I still go ahead and PCT now?

    1. I don’t know what your pre-cycle bloods were like so I can’t say whether you are suppressed or not based on the info given. If you feel like you are experiencing low-test related side effects, then you would probably benefit from doing a full PCT. I highly doubt you are still suppressed though from a mild 4 week Ostarine cycle from over half a year ago.

  6. Hi Derek,

    Love the content. My question is I ordered the beginners stack from the website linked. The break down is as follows

    LGD4033 x 2 caps a day = 10mg ED

    Ostamuscle x 2 caps a day = 20mg ED

    Clomiphene x 2ml per day for PCT 15 days

    Nolvadex x 2ml per day for PCT 15 days

    Will this suffice if I push the cycle to a full 12 weeks? I was thinking to run just MK677 continuously but start with LGD for 6 weeks and then add ostarine for the last 6 weeks followed but the PCT listed above.

    Any advice as this will be my first cycle? Do you also recommend an AI daily with this?

    Thank you.

    1. I’d do the PCT I outlined in the article. I have videos on my first cycle recommendations on my YouTube channel, I suggest you check those out.

      I would take 1 pill of Arim-RX per day on cycle for your AI if you use one at all.

      1. Thanks for the reply! I watched the video and I’m going with 20mg of MK-677 and 10mg of LGD each day. I’m going to run 1pill of Arim-RX per day as well.

        I got the liquid form of clomi and Nolva from Enhanced Chemicals, how would this convert from your recommended PCT above? Thanks again for all of the content and responses.

  7. I’m running 20mg RAD140 and 10mg of YK-11. Would I even need to run a full PCT? Or would just taking the ARIM-RX suffice?

    1. This article answers that question brother. I can’t tell you exactly what you will or will not need for fast recovery as there are several factors not mentioned that play a big role in the recovery process. I would do a full PCT if it were me.

  8. Derek, apologies if you’ve stated this somewhere in another article, but why do you suggest a proper PCT is both Nolva and Clomid and not just one or the other? I’m asking specifically for SARMS and not AAS use.

    1. I’m not stating that anything is the “proper PCT” this is simply what my approach to fast recovery is for more suppressive SARM cycles, or those who are more prone to suppression. Nolva and Clomid each have their own individual merits in PCT.

  9. Hey bro would the Arim-Rx plus the blue ox test booster work as a pct after a 12 week cycle of Ostarine ran at 20 mg. I’m also taking the blue ox test booster at night to limit suppression as well. Sex drive is still insane while on my 5th week

  10. So for a 25mg Ostarine cycle you’d recommend running 25mg Arimistane along side it. Then a 4 week PCT of Arimistane 75/75/75/75, and if necessary the Clomid/Nolvadex PCT you listed?

      1. If I feel like the 75/75/75/75 Arimistane PCT isn’t enough say half way through, do I just get right on the Clomid/Nolva 4 week PCT?

        1. That’s what I’d do. Or alternatively (the safer approach) would be to just use a SERM for PCT off the bat instead and not have to worry about that possibility.

  11. If I’m planning to do an 8 wk cycle of Ostarine at 20 mg, do you think taking 12.5mg of Enhanced Athlete’s Arim-Rx EOD, would be good to keep estrogen in check?

    And then for PCT, what doses and timing would you recommend for the Nolva and Clomid? Given its a shorter cycle and only one compound– but I want to be safe/conservative about it.

      1. How about 25mg Arim-RX EOD as a “preventative” dose while on cycle?

        And also, are novid and cloma injected or orally administered?

  12. Hi Derek, just wondering where could I purchase arimistane as only Aromasin is available on enhanced athlete, or would Aromasin be sufficient. Also where could I purchase nolvadex online as it is not available over the counter here.I will be running a ligandrol cycle using arimistane as a cycle support and nolvadex as PCT, and eventually running ostarine using nolvadex as a PCT without a cycle support. Would you consider that okay or do you have any suggestions of something I should do differently,thanks.

  13. Hey Derek,

    Two months ago, I purchased a pill-form LGD-4033 from a local Nutritional Store. I’m just popping a pill a day (7.5mg) and I’m thinking I should stop the cycle soon. That being said, I’m unsure if this actually is legit Ligandrol? I’ve heard from some people that LGD-4033 MUST be in liquid form…

    Also, I don’t feel any difference in my mood or anything. I’ve also heard that taking a natural test booster can suffice as PCT for most SARMS…
    I’m just wondering if I need to do a proper PCT for whatever it is I took..


    1. I have no idea what you took without you taking it to a lab and getting it tested to show what was in it. I would PCT if it were me. Whoever told you that a SARM needs to be in liquid form is horribly misinformed, or was trying to mislead you into buying their product. These compounds all start as raw powder. Whether that powder is suspended in grain alcohol in a liquid solution or shoved into a capsule, at the end of the day it is the exact same thing and taking it will yield the exact same effects.

  14. If i want to use ligandrol 2 capsules… when the best time i can use it? After eat or after workout? Am i should consume it all 2 capsule or split it, in morning and night before sleep?

    What pct i need to use after i used ligandrol? And can you tell me, how much dossage i need? Thank you

    1. “The half-life of LGD-4033 is 24-36 hours so you only need to dose LGD-4033 once per day.

      It doesn’t matter if you are on an empty stomach or not when you dose it.”

      -LGD-4033 – The Best Mass Building SARM

  15. I’m planning on taking 10mg of LGD 4033 with 20mg of cardarine as well as 25mg of Mk 677 for 8 weeks. Am i fine with Arimistane or Blue Ox pct from EA or do I need to get novladex and clomid?

    1. That’s impossible for me to predict, I don’t know how fast/efficient your endocrine system can recover. The point of this article is differentiating between the scenarios in which one or the other would be more applicable and why. What you do will be your own choice at the end of the day based on what you feel is best for your own body.

    2. When using SARMS while on TRT, would you introduce an anti Aromatase during the SARMS cycle, and if so would there be any reason to continue the anti Aromatase post SARMS cycle at all?

  16. After my SARM cycle (ostarine 15mg + LGD 6mg) i used arimistane for PCT. A week ago i took the last pill, but now i feel like shit.. I did my blood test and test, testosterone, LH, FSH, prolactin are allright, but estradiol is 2x too high and progesterone is 3x too high. Why after using aromatase inhibitor my E2 is soo high? And how to lower progesterone or is it ok?

    Cycle 7 weeks, PCT 4 weeks 1-2 50mg arimistane, 3-4 25mg

    1. Well first of all, you didn’t follow the recommended Arimistane dosages for the PCT you ran, second of all, you used 2 different SARMs, 1 mildly suppressive, and 1 very suppressive, so you were likely quite suppressed and would have benefitted from a more heavy duty PCT. If your Estrogen is too high you need to knock that back down. Take 75mg of Arimistane per day for a couple weeks and then go get bloods done again is what I’d do.

  17. Hello Derek..

    I am on my 3rd day of MK 677 and going to start LGD (8 week cycle) next week when I receive it. I have Arimistane from VMI SPORTS.. Should I take the AI while on my cycle or wait for gyno signs before I start? Should I also take a test booster to keep my test at normal levels?

    1. That’s up to you ultimately but I’d take at least 25mg Arimistane per day on cycle as a fail-safe for Estrogen management. Using a test booster on cycle won’t do anything.

  18. Hi bro!
    I have a couple of questions. I am currently on my 2nd week of my 8 wk cycle. Im doing 20mg Rad140, 8mg yk11 & 10mg Lgd. Do you recommend an AI during the Cycle, if so which one? And which pct you recommend?


  19. Hi Derek I’m a newbie to sarms is it sufficient if I run lgd4033 at 10mg for 8weeks for a bulk and then run ostarine at 10mg for 8weeks for a cut and do you think I would require a pct afterwards ?

  20. Hello Derek!

    I am going to be on Ostarine at 20mg (a day) for 8 weeks and Cardarine at 10 mg for the same 8 weeks as well.

    Do you recommend taking 20 mg (a day) of Armistane for those 8 weeks and then for PCT use Clomadex?

    How much Clomadex would you use and for how long?

    Thank you!

    Mark O.

  21. Don’t want to ask another dumb question in this comment section but I’ll go ahead and ask:

    I am the first week of my first cycle for anything, ever.

    10 mg Ostarine daily for 6 weeks. “Such a low dose.” Yes, it’s a test run, and I am trying to maximize my benefits to sides ratio and this seemed to be the sweet spot in my observations.

    My PCT plan is clomid 50/50/25/25, AlphaMax XT (I just like it), and Invictus for cortisol support (along with Follidrone on and off cycle)/

    My question: would an AI be overkill for such a light cycle? Is there a “better safe than sorry” approach with an AI?

    1. Probably. 10mg is pretty low. You could use 25mg of Arimistane on cycle, but I doubt you will need it for 10mg of Osta.

  22. Hello Derek!

    I am going to be on Ostarine at 20mg (a day) for 8 weeks and Cardarine at 10 mg for the same 8 weeks as well.

    Do you recommend taking 20 mg (a day) of Armistane for those 8 weeks and then for PCT use Clomid?

    How much Clomid would you use and for how long?

    Thank you!

    Mark O.

  23. Im running lgd at 15mg and laxogenin now and about to end cycle.. im gnna use a otc pct with daa and armistane can i run osta at 20-25mg with my pct?

  24. Hi derek, lurker for a while, starting a 15mg ostarine recomp/cut in a couple weeks (on a cut however wouldn’t mind adding some mass and a bit sped up cut). Only for 6 weeks as I’m not looking to really go crazy, I know the law is 8-12 weeks or don’t do it, however I rly don’t have the cash to afford two bottles anyway haha,
    Few questions:
    1) Once the ostarine cycle is finished, how many weeks would you reccomend off? I was hoping to do a MK677(6-12) + LGD (1-12) stack for 12 weeks after but wanted to be safe obviously.

    2) I have the blue ox test booster, but I’m worried that won’t be enough coming off from ostarine as a pct, should I buy one of the pcts you recommended above?

    Thank you!

    1. Another quick question (may be stupid)
      EU Enhanced Athletes Ostarine has run out, and they restock around the 12th May which is too late. I am ordering from a different company doing 15mg pills, which (as we know) 1 will be too little, 2 will be too much. Therefore is it possible to split the pill in half? I’d get a 22.5mg dosage which is just under that 25mg sweet spot, is this possible? Buying from jwsupplements

      1. If it’s a capsule no you aren’t going to be able to do that easily. If it were me, I’d just use 30mg.

      1. one last question, with the ostarine cycle (first sarm cycle), how much lean mass can i put on? (recomp changed to 8 weeks for 20mg) thank you so much man!

  25. Great article! Thanks for the wisdom. I have a question: I’ve never done any PED’s before. About 16 weeks ago I started a 4 week Ligandrol cycle, followed by 4 weeks of a OTC PCT and MK677. Felt fine after all of this. Now I’m just finishing a 4 week Ostarine cycle. And then plan to take a break from all of this for a while.

    A friend told me to take Clomifine as PCT.
    What is the best PCT route I should go to ensure I have no issues?


    1. If what you did last time worked, it would very likely work again for you seeing as Ostarine is less suppressive than LGD-4033 is. If you want to take the maximum amount of precautionary measures, the information is laid out in this article for you to refer to for general guidelines that I recommend. Ultimately the choice is yours what you take or don’t take.

  26. Hi,
    Really appreciate the advice in this article. I’m considering trying MK-2866 for the first time. I tend to sit in the lower end of normal for testosterone so would feel more comfortable trying to mitigate any suppression as you’ve mentioned above. Just wanted to clarify one thing: if I was going to use Arimistane, I would use, for example 25mg on-cycle with the Ostarine, and also use Arimistane off cycle at, for example 75mg as well? Or just one or the other?

    1. In the event that one experiences substantial Testosterone suppression as a result of running a longer, higher dosed, or multiple SARM compound cycle, or they just have a higher propensity to suppression than the average guy, it is likely that delving into a PCT comprised of Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) and Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) will be necessary instead.

      ^ You fall into the bolded category. I would do a more comprehensive PCT if you are already on the low end of normal.

        1. Don’t worry, I just found the answer further up the thread..someone asked you the exact same thing!
          Thanks again for your advice!

  27. Hey there. Thanks for the help in advance.

    Haven’t been on any sarms in about 4 months. Have had slight Gyno problems in the past and because of that, I plan on using 25-50mg of Arimistane per day while on this next stack as a precaution.

    I want to stack LGD (10mg) and Cardarine (20-30mg) for 8 weeks.

    A few questions:
    1) Should I be splitting my doses up for LGD and Cardarine or taking it all at once in the morning? I see some say to dose it all at once in the morning, but on the bottle I have it says to take LGD (5mg) twice a day, GW (10mg) three times a day.

    Would it better to take LGD 10mg at once in the morning along with 20-30 mg of GW at the same time?

    Also, should the Arimistane be taken at the same time or later in the day?

    2) Should I continue using Arimistane after this cycle ends for a few weeks and add some test boosters like DAA, Tribulus, etc? I’m afraid of completely killing my estrogen, so I’m not sure when to stop taking Arimistane would be or if I should be adding a test booster at any point.


    1. 1) Doesn’t make a difference, the half-life of both are long enough that it makes no difference. Arimistane split up throughout the day if your dose exceeds 25mg.
      2) The 2 PCT structures I would utilize are outlined in this article. The only reason you would stay on Arimistane after your cycle is if you were using it for your PCT, or if you naturally have a supraphysiological amount of Estrogen without even taking any anabolics (in other words, your estrogen was already elevated pre-cycle), but if that were the case then you should have Aromasin on hand instead for your AI on cycle instead of Arimstane to be honest so it doesn’t really matter. If you naturally aromatize a ton of Estrogen, so much so that you’re already way out of range before even starting a cycle of anything, then you would benefit from opting for a stronger AI (Aromasin would be the best choice for a SARM only cycle in this particular scenario). If your PCT is Arimistane, then adding DAA and Trib may be useful. If you are using Nolva + Clomid for your PCT, adding DAA or Trib would be negligible additions.

      1. Thanks for the feedback. My estrogen levels aren’t way out of range but ever since I had the gyno scare (happened from a PH years a go), I like to take precautionary measures while on cycle. I think I’m going to stick with Arimistane at 25mg per day, and not go overboard with it.

        A couple more questions, if you don’t mind…

        1) Would you recommend adding test boosters like DAA or Trib while ON cycle to make sure I don’t suppress too much, as I’m stacking LGD + Cardarine for 8 weeks? (I don’t want to lose my sex drive or have performance issues)

        *If I were to take a test booster such as DAA or Trib while ON cycle, would I also continue that test booster + PCT (Arimistane) after the cycle is over?

        2) I haven’t considered using Clomid or Nolva as it’s not advertised at the store I go to and I’m not sure where I could find it. So If I continue to use Arimistane as my PCT, would I increase the dosage from 25 to 50 mg the first week after the cycle is finished? Or in contrary, would I need to taper off?

        Thanks for all your help, it is greatly appreciated!

        1. 1) Don’t think it will make a difference. Yes you always need to PCT
          2) I didn’t advise either of those, the PCT advised is outlined in the article (75mg for 4 weeks).

  28. Hello Derek ,

    first hats off to such useful info ,
    I am thinking of running lgd (10 mg) cycle for 8 weeks .

    can you advise what Aromasin (mg) you would suggest during and after cycle beside PCT suggested above .

    Do you think (Aromasin 12.5mg every other day or every 3 days) during cycle and 4 weeks in PCT would suffice . do we need to change amount during off cycle (4 weeks period )

    1. I wouldn’t advise Aromasin at all unless your pre-cycle bloods indicated your Estrogen was already out of range high, or if you were borderline. If you’re deadset on using it and your Estrogen pre-cycle lies somewhere in the middle of the normal range, then I wouldn’t use any more than 12.5mg every 3-4 days. Maybe even less. That’s just a shot in the dark guess too, I typically find that Aromasin is a stronger AI than necessary in the majority of SARM only cycles, individually dependent of course on bloods.

      1. Thanks Dererk , Really appreciate it , better i would go for blood test , is estradiol sufficient to decide on it or do we need to take estradiol , progesterone and prolactin into account as well , it will be so great if you can shed some light on this as well .

        thanks in advance dear.

  29. Thanks for the useful info!
    What is the proper PCT Nolvadex protocol for an 8 week cycle of Ostarine alone and an 8 week cycle LGD alone?

    Keep up the good work!


    1. They’re both outlined in the article. It would depend on what your blood work looks like, your propensity to suppression, what you’re willing to use vs not use, etc (the factors are all listed in the article). There is no “proper” protocol, there is just a more intensive one for scenarios that would call for it.

  30. Derek,

    Odd question that I wanted to ask you. I am one week into an LGD-4033 cycle 10mg with 1 cap of arimistane per day. (Purchased from EA w/ your code of course). Everything is going well, although my dermatologist recommended that I should be put on accutane for my acne that I’ve had off and on for my entire life. I am currently a university student, and out of all things my mom is pressuring me to take the medicine. There is little research on the possible effects of LGD and accutane and I know accutane causes severe liver trauma on it’s own. Do you think it would be a good idea to consider the medicine?

    Thanks for your time!

    – Brian

    1. SARMs are not methylated/hepatotoxic so they should not cause any liver toxicity. There should be no problem combining them.

  31. Hey gunna do my first ever Sarm cycle i only got one bottle of LGD-4033 and one bottle of Arim-Rx
    so i think im just going to do 5mg/10mg/10mg/10mg/5mg because that amounts to 56 pills out of the 60 in the bottle
    so 5 week cycle in total i was wondering if because my cycle is shorter than average would that mean my PCT of Arim-Rx should be shorter aswell?

  32. Dominic Martinez

    Should the Nolvadex/Clomid cycle be taken at the same time every day during PCT? Or should they be separated i.e. one of them at night and one in the morning? Thanks

    1. Your answer is in the article. It depends which category you fall into. The best PCT is always Nolvadex + Clomid. It just isn’t always necessary.

  33. Hi Derek, Need help –
    1) how we can get pure sarms in india.
    2)with lgd 10 mg daily(12 weeks) , do I need Aromasin or any other AI daily ?
    3) in case AI is being used throughout cycle, is PCT required with Nolvadex/Clomid?
    4)Is nolvadex alone sufficient or need to combine with Clomid?


    1. 1) I’m not sure I don’t know the laws there.
      2) Depends on if your estrogen is out of range or not
      3) PCT is always required
      4) If you are only choosing one I’d choose Clomid. It is likely sufficient on its’ own, but that’s dependent on the factors outlined in this article.

  34. Hey Derek, just looking for your thoughts on this stack…
    About to run LGD4033 15mg/day + RAD140 20mg/day + MK677 20mg/night for 10-12 weeks. Do you have any experience or know anyone with experience from this stack? I’m looking to pack on mass with this. I know this stack can be slightly suppressive, so my PCT will be Nova+Clomid 4 weeks.
    Thanks in advance bud.

  35. Hey Derek I have a question on how long should I take the Arimidex for a 12 week long ldg and rad SARM cycle. This is My lab rats first time using any type of enhancement.

    1. I wouldn’t use Arimidex at all during a SARM only cycle. That’s way overkill in terms of strength of an AI. You wouldn’t need more than Arimistane, and if you would, the next go to would be Aromasin in terms of strength. It would be used for the duration of your cycle (if necessary).

        1. If you don’t naturally have low Estrogen levels then yes it should be fine. The situation in which you wouldn’t want to take an AI is if you are genetically predisposed to low Estrogen levels.

          1. Ok thank you very much last question if my lab rat day don’t start until afternoon hours because of work is it ok to take ldg rad and arminstine then or only in the early mornings?

  36. I’m thinking of doing a three weeks cycle of LGD with S-4 and Cardarine in the last 30 days. A PCT with Clomid and MK-2866 for a month is a a good choice?

    1. Depends on the factors mentioned in this article.

      It likely would, but that’s dependent on baseline bloods, propensity to suppression, age/ability to bounce back, etc.

  37. I purchased a bottle of SarmConcepts Cyanavol (which is S23). I’m planning on running an 8 week cycle. I’ve read all your articles on S23 and come to the conclusion that a pct of clomid and nolvadex is the best route. The store clerk said that this PCT RX 650 was sufficient enough because all the people he said that he knows that have taken it didn’t need anything else because the suppression of test isn’t terrible. I was just wondering if the clomid and nolvadex route was best, and if taking anything during the cycle would help mitigate any effects such as Arimidex or something song the lines of tribulus. Thanks!

  38. hi
    I did 8 weeks of lgd 10mg/day plus ostarine for 12 weeks 25-30mg /day now i am in my 20day pct and i feel like i can’t get full erection plus low sex drive i used clomid 50mgs at first week and 25mg till the 3rd week of pct.
    do you suggest adding nolvadex to my pct or its too late ?
    thanks for the help

  39. It would appear that mainly males are online with you, hopefully you’re ok with a query from a “master female”. This will be my first cycle with MK677 to help with my training (crossfit) get some strong lean muscle underway. I’m mid 50, menopausal on HRT, fit & healthy. I’ve noticed you speak alot about the benefits of PCT is this something I should consider? Is a 6-12 week on/off cycle ok for a “master”. Apologies for my SARM ignorance, any advice will be greatly appreciated Derek. Cheers

  40. Hi, I want to start my first cycle in the future, but before I start I want everything to be correct

    I want to do a bulk with 20 grams of Ostarine

    1) How long do you recommend to bulk with Ostarine

    2) What do you recommend to use as a PCT?

    3) Can you link witch Arimistane or Nolvadex & Clomid i should buy
    i have a hard time finding Arimistane cauze they al with diffrint names and the most don’t even contain it!

      1. Can i use one of this for pct: Perfect PCT, TROJAN PCT, REJUVENATE (PCT), BLUE OX PCT or ARIM-RX?

        those’re the only one available in my country

  41. Hi Derek,

    I am about to complete my cycle of Ostarine-mk2866 & Cardarine-gw501516 for 12 weeks both compounds 20mg everyday.What would be a ideal pct in general..although soon will be getting a blood work done.

  42. Should i use arimistane or any other ai immediately when i start my sarm cycle? because as far as i know the suppression doesnt happen instantly when you use sarms

  43. Thanks for the article. I am going to start a ostarine cycle. This will be my first experience with sarms and PEDs in general. I have some Clomid and Anastrozole on hand but it sounds like that may not be the best PCT. I was wondering if you have a recommendation on taking either of those for a PCT, since I already have some. Or would it be best to get Arimastane?

  44. Hello,

    I’ve been on LGD for 6 weeks now from PP and feel amazing – sense of well being, sex drive, etc. Put on easily 15 pounds, no joke. First SARM cycle.

    I have 1/3 of a bottle of RED PCT left over I’ll run when i come off but I’m not feeling suppression, do you think I need anything else?

    I ask cause I have Clomid and Nolvadex.. rather not use it and save it but I know LGD is a powerful SARM.

    Thank Derek and also, why did Red Supps stop selling RED PCT?

    1. I would never advise someone to forgo PCT.

      They stopped selling it because Arimistane is now an FDA targeted ingredient.

  45. Hi Derek,

    I’m 2 days in to taking rad-140 at 5mg per day and I plan on increasing the dosage to 10mg by the second week and staying at 10mg for 6-7 weeks. My question is this, is it too late to take a blood test now, to see what my natural hormone levels are and if not, is it dangerous to wait after a cycle for blood work to come back to know whether or not to run a PCT?
    Thanks a lot for this article by the way, it was very informative.

  46. Hey Derek, I have a quick question about PCT. I’ll be doing a 8 week cycle of Ostarine dosed at 25mg daily, will a Nolva only PCT be sufficient enough doing 40/40/20/20?

  47. Hi I’m coming to the end of my first sarms cycle and when it comes to the PCT I’m struggling to find any clear answers anywhere. I’ve got access to enclomiphene but no access to nolvadex. Is enclomiphene alone an ok pct for ligandrol? I’ve also got some arimistane but I’ve heard that it’s not at all effective. Any help would be greatly appreciated because no message boards seem to have anything helpful to say. Thanks.

  48. Hello Derek Sir,

    Very happy to read all these comments and the information regarding SARM and PCT etc.

    I have been doing workouts since last 6 years, but for the first time I’m going to start using LGD 4033 at a dose of 4mg per day. I’m planning to take 4mg per day daily for 12 weeks. I’m a little freaked out to use it. I live in India, so it’s hard to find a genuine seller here. For this reason, I have planned to order the LGD 4033 from http://www.predatornutrition.com This website has LGD 4033 of 4mg per capsule from olympus labs. On this website, it mentioned that I should be using Olympus Labs: Ar1macare Pro for PCT along with Olympus Labs: Elim1nate.

    Do I need to use this Ar1mcare and Elim1nate soon after my SARM cycle or should I use it along with LGD 4033 daily?
    Is this stack okay for a beginner?
    What kind of blood tests should I get done before I start my SARM cycle?
    Do you recommend any other brand or change in dose of LGD 4033?

    Please guide me through this.

    1. I haven’t used either of those products so I’m not sure, I posted exactly what you would need to know in this article.

      Get general health markers (hematology, lipids, etc.) checked, and a full endocrinology panel (Total Test, Free Test, Estradiol, etc.)

  49. Hi, im 30 years old and about to start my first SARM cycle of 10mg of ligandrol every day. I plan to run this for 8 weeks then take a 4 week break. Because its only a single SARM and only for 8 weeks could i get away with running Arimistane 25mg per day for the month after or would I need a higher dose?

    Please advice 🙂

    1. Very low dose Aromasin would probably be the best alternative, unless there is another over the counter AI I am not aware of that has come onto the scene.

  50. Hi Derek,

    I really messed up and have been using arimistane for much longer then recommended time period. Recently have been experiencing side effects such as low libido, dry joints & stomach cramps. I am extremely concerned and regret my decision to use a AI. Is there anything I could do to counteract these sides and help restore my estrogen levels?
    I really need your help & expertise! Thank you

  51. I have been using arimistane for much longer then the 4 week suggested period and have been experiencing many side effects such as low libido, dry joints and stomach cramps. What could I do to counteract my drop in estrogen levels? I am very concerned and regret using an AI as a stand-alone in the first place. Please get back to me, I really need your advice! My estrogen is nonexistent at this point. Joints are cracking like crazy and have no sex drive. Im really nervous that this is permanent. Is there anything to counteract the effects of arimistane?

  52. Hi!
    Thanks for the article!
    Unfortunately I can’t get ahold of arimistane, but I do have aromasin. What would, in your opinion, be a good aromasin dosage to go along with 10mg of LGD-4033 daily?

      1. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I live in a place where it is virtually impossible to get a proper blood test done(not the US) if you don’t go through a doctor, and even then it is difficult. I’ve tried now, before starting LGD, and I doubt that I can actually get one done. So unfortunately I would have to sort of wing it, unless I get one done. I haven’t decided yet, but I’ve been thinking about 2.5mg-5mg aromasin eod or e3d. Under my circumstances, what would you suggest?

        1. There should be private companies available that you can pay to use their services and get an Estrogen blood test done. I don’t know where you live though so maybe there isn’t.

          If it were me, personally I’d probably just keep Aromasin on hand (or Arimistane) and if I noticed any high-estro symptoms I’d start low and titrate up accordingly.

          That’s me though, I would prefer to not use an AI unless absolutely necessary (they’re rough on your lipids).

  53. Hi Derek, great site and superb article.

    First time user of SARMS and from what I’ve read I have just ordered MK-677, MK-2866, SR9009 and LGD 4033.

    The plan is to take the MK-677 and the MK-2866 for six weeks then la muscle estroblock afterwards for a PCT (as MK-2866 is a low suppressive) before moving on to six weeks on SR9009 and LGD 4033 which I’m planning a PCT of Nolvadex + Clomid because of the LGD 4033 high suppression.

    Does this sound sufficient? Could I continue using MK-677 for PCT after the first six weeks using MK-2866 and continue to use it during the six weeks on SR9009 and LGD 4033?

    Thanks in advance.

  54. Hey Derek loved the article,but I need your help.i didn’t thought I would need a pct after running lgd-4033. But now after it’s 8 week cycle I’m off from 4 days. Is it too late to do a pct or I can do it now anyway?. Appreciate your help.

  55. Hudson Biedenharn

    Hey Derek!

    If I was going to take 20mg Osta for 6wks. (Without having any bloodwork done) would you generally recommend taking 25mg Arimistane during the cycle or wait to see how your body reacts to the osta before taking the Arimistane during the cycle? Of course taking 50-75mg of Arimistane as PCT for 4wks.

    Thanks in advance!

      1. Thanks for the response! Just to be clear you would recommend taking 25mg of Arimistane during cycle correct!? Not sure which option you’re answer is referring to haha!

  56. Derek lgd-4033 pill form for about 4.5 weeks. Ive been off for about 3 months now never did a pct.

    My total test went from 642 to 432 and now it is at 200
    My SHBG was at 69 the last i checked
    LH 3.0
    FSH 5.3
    Prolactin 7.3

    Dr. wants to put me on a test cypionate cycle followed by a dose of HCG
    what do you think?

        1. I’m not going to advise against your doctor’s advice. Do what you think is best. I would do a PCT if it were me and I cared about restoring my endogenous hormone production.

  57. Hey Derek,

    I’m about to try a four week cycle of lgd 4033 10mg/day. I think i want to go the arimistane route just because it’s legal and easier to get.

    My first question is do you take arimistane while taking lgd and then continue to take it after the cycle as a pct or just after?

    My second question is how big of a risk am i looking at in terms of gyno if i go the arimistane route? I’d rather go through the trouble of taking clomid than get gyno. Also, if signs of gyno show do you stop the cycle and start clomid? Or continue cycle and take clomid and then continue taking it for pct?

    Thanks for your time and for the articles.


  58. Hey man thanks for the info. So I plan on doing my first LGD cycle of 5mg for 8 weeks. Would you recommend PCT?

    If so would you recommend both nolvadex and clomid, only one of them, or none at all? And if so what dosage should I use them.

  59. Any suggestions

    I was not aware of the suppression with the Sarms. I ran Sarm Pharms LGD-4033 pill form for about 4.5 weeks. Ive been off for about 3 months now never did a pct. I know I should’ve.

    My total test went from 642 to 432
    My SHBG was at 69 the last i checked
    Drs did not want to run my LH levels the first 2 months and said nothing was wrong but i could feel the suppression

    Total Test: 200-Afternoon Levels
    LH 3.0
    FSH 5.3
    Prolactin 7.3

    Only taking Zinc and 800mg of DIM/Indol
    I do not want to permanently damage my endogenous system I want to recover it

    General Dr. wants to put me on a test cypionate cycle followed by a dose of HCG

    Endo-prescribed clomid only at 50mg a day. I started last night I didnt get a prescription for Nolvadex the endo Didnt see the reason to prescribe.

    My latest blood test levels last week

    Test: 300 range 175-852
    Estradiol: 13 range 20-47
    Shbg: 47 range 13-89.5
    LH: 2.78 range 1.24-8.62
    FSH: 5.74 range 1.27-19.26
    Prolactin: 3.31 range 2.64-13.13

    Seeing that Im low on estradiol the endo told me to stop the DIM it did decrease my shbg and estradiol levels quite a bit. Should I continue to take that while on clomid. I know recommended is Nolva but Im Leary ordering online after getting the terrible sarm locally that has done a number on me.

  60. Hi Derek,

    I’m going to run Ostarine for 12 weeks and then LGD for 4-6 weeks along with the Ostarine towards the end of my 12 weeks. Would I need both Nolvadex and Clomid? I have only have Novaldex and planned to take that along with DAA for a month after? Would that be sufficient enough or would I need both Nolva and Clomid…….Thank you!!

  61. Hi derek. Im getting ready to start cardarine and an ostarine cycle along with Mk-677. This is my first time ever using sarms. Should i skip the AI during the cycle and do a pct ? or do both? thnx

  62. new to this bought 25 mg ostarine and 10mg rad 140 90 capsules each from androbolics. Was just thinking to run the ostarine for the 90 and maybe do 10 mg rad for the first month to see how i feel and 20mg for the second month and do the last month just ostarine im stupid to all this been natty forever also im in canada and it seems hard to find Ai and pct i have like dim apigenin otc test boosters daa shit like that. seems to be hard to find the aformentioned stuff its all just over the counter things any suggestions? would any of the stuff i can actually get work at all?

  63. I am currently on hrt prescribed by a doctor. 200 mg test cyp a week. 1 mg of anastrozole every other day and 25 units of hcg 2 times a week. I recently incorporated rad-140 at 20mg a day. Wondering if this is safe and I could run this along with my hrt? I’ve done research but can’t find a straight forward honest answer. Thanks.

    1. You’re asking if it is safe to run a SARM still in preclinical trials.

      It is still in the preclinical stages with recruitment occurring right now into its first phase 1 human trial, and has yet to be tested on humans.

      It is impossible to tell you if it is safe with zero human data assessing its safety profile.

      What I can say though is that it is extremely unlikely that you need 1 mg of Arimidex EOD for the amount of Test you use, and it would be wise to get a sensitive assay Estradiol test to see if your doctor is tanking your Estrogen and putting your health in jeopardy.

  64. Hey Derek,

    So I just started a PCT of Clomid after doing 12 weeks of lgd-4033 & 8 weeks of Ostarine. After, the 4 weeks of Clomid I’m going to get a blood test to see if my T levels are back to normal.

    Just to clarify, after one cycle, all I need to do before I start a new cycle is wait for my T levels to go back to normal? If my T levels are normal again, I’m good to go on starting another cycle right?

    Thanks in advance!

  65. Hey Derek,

    You state where you’re buying your SARMS from but I’m interested to know where you’re getting your PCT’s? I’ve been trying to find some and they all seem like a scam. Let me know your thoughts.

    1. Hi

      I have androtardyl 250mg. Can I use that for my PCT after an ostarine cycle. And can you tell me the frequency and for how long thx

        1. I went and did some blood work. And I asked the doc to give me something to incerase the T levels I have and that’s what he gave me. So it’s basically used for TRT. He told me to get an injection once every 2 weeks for 2 months.
          So I want to know if I can use osta along side it during the cycle. Or wait tI’ll I finish the cycle then do the injections

        2. the other name for it is Testosterone enanthate. So basically i have Osta 20mg supply for 8 weeks and i have 4 injections of Testosterone enanthate 250mg per injection.

          The doc gave me 1 injection every two weeks.
          So, do i do osta for 8 weeks, then the TRT injections as prescribed by the doc, then PCT with Nolva? or no need for PCT after those two

          Or maybe do you have a better suggestion

  66. Hi Derek,
    I have a read a few of your articles and you are super knowledgable. I appreciate you taking the time to put all this information out there for all of us. I was hoping you could give me advice regarding the situation I am currently in. I will make it short. I was on what I thought was Ostarine for 8 weeks. Towards the end of my cycle I started experiencing side effects of low Testostersone leading me to believe it was illegitimate. The day after I stopped the Ostarine I got blood work done and it turns out my total T and free T levels have completely crashed. For reasons beyond my control I did not have my Nolva and Clomid on hand for PCT. It has now been 2 weeks to the day and I have pharma grade Nolva, Clomid, and Aromasin. My question is…is it ever too late to start PCT? I am wondering if it’s still possible to do a HPTA restart at this point and return myself to baseline. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  67. Thanks for the super fast reply. Okay. Just run the standard PCT combo of Nolva/ Clomid you outlined? Will I still be able to bounce back you think?
    And should I just leave the AI alone?

  68. Derek,
    Everything here has been a gold mine for anyone with the ability to read and think on their own- it’s a shame you have to answer the same question so often. Hopefully this one will be interesting and not repetitive.

    Lab rat’s first time experimenting with anything other than protein, caffeine, and creatine. Considering 10 week cycle of LGD 4033 starting at 4mg and gradually moving to 10mg. Arimistane on hand for high estrogen sides. Clomid and Nolvadex already bought and ready. Planning on full clomid and Nolvdadex PCT. I have heard that Cardarine and Mk677 are not Sarms and are not suppressive – can subject start these and continue 4-6 weeks immediately following LGD ( during Nolvadex and Clomid PCT). I realize the risk is that the Cardarine and Mk 677 research chemicals aren’t pure and have suppressive chemicals in them.

    Second question- if clomid and nolvadex were taken at the same time as a tainted research chem ( I’m guessing prohormone/steroid) do you have any idea what the impact would be?

    1. 1) Neither of those are suppressive
      2) I don’t understand what you’re asking. Why would you be taking Nolvadex and Clomid with a tainted research chemical/prohormone/steroid? The point of Nolvadex and Clomid is to take it post-cycle after you’re already off of the suppressive compounds.

  69. Derek,

    Do you run hcg with your trt protocol? If so how much hcg do you run a week and how many injections? I think I’ve heard you say you do daily injections for your testosterone cyp/ent.


  70. Great article, helped clear up many questions thanks.
    Will be doing a cycle of rad 140 soon, could I add mk677 and Cardarine into my pct or just run them all together

  71. Hello I am planing to take mk677 and I would like to combine it w/ some arimidex than I have left over so as to better anabolic results. What do you think? I am thinking that w/ arimidex I will mess my testosterone after my treatment but I don’t know really… should it be better if I take Indole-3-Carbinol?

  72. Hi Derek,

    I’m currently running a shortish cycle of Ostarine 10mg + Cardarine 10mg for 4 weeks. This is my first cycle of anything. 35 year old natural. Just trying to lose the last few lbs to get extra lean for the wife this summer, which gets harder every year… Not trying to gain muscle, but maintain. I’m 5’8″ 165lbs if that matters.

    Since you said a mild PCT is always a good idea, would you still recommend one for a 4 week cycle at those doses? If so what would you recommend? Arimistane isn’t available in Canada from what I can find. Would something like DAA + DIM suffice?

  73. Hey Derek, would you ever advise introducing a SERM into your SARM’s cycle, mid-cycle?

    For example, if I was on week 5 of an LGD cycle and beginning to experience some suppression symptoms, would it make sense to start taking nolva or clomid (or both) mid-cycle…and then continue taking them after the cycle is over as well? Thanks.

  74. Hey Derek,
    Can Diindolylmethane replace Arimistane? The link you provided led me to the Amazon page for Diindolymethane products. I am kind of confused if this is a valid estro blocker. Also, do you recommend taking an OTC test booster along with DIN when on cycle if feeling effects of the unfavorable test to estro ratio. Thanks

  75. Hallo derek
    I did my blood work and my estrodial was 45 pg/ml. I want to start a cycle with 10-20 mg with cjc DAC and mk677. Do you recommend taking a 25mg arimistane dosage on cycle for the ostarine?


  76. What do you think about sarms+serm cycles? Also, do serms kill sex drive/erection quality(by block the estrogen receptors in the brain?)? I ask this because I was on a enclo+lgd4033 cycle and my libido go down a lot. And couldn’t go for round2 with my gf until the next morning (I could usually go for round2 like 30mins to an hour later)..the thing is I didn’t have any suppression sides (lethargy,loss of motivation, fatigue .etc)except the sex/libido thing. I wonder if it’s because of the enclo(like it keep my test normal/high during cycle but somehow kills my sex drive?)

  77. Delt Lord Derek,

    Quick and simple question: Why the combination of both Nolva and Clomid for PCT? If the receptor selectivity and resulting effects are similar, if not the same, then is there some benefit to using both simultaneously; as opposed to using only Nolva or only Clomid?

    Thank you for all you do to help educate – it is vastly appreciated.

  78. Hey Derek and team,

    Why is Ammino Asylum mentioned as 3rd party tested sarms source.

    As far as i know, it isnt.

    Nor they have any info in shipping & not working mailing options, how can one contact them.
    On top of that their prices seems to be way cheaper.
    Are they a legit source?

  79. Hey Derek,

    How long would you recommend till beginning PCT after a 12 week 250mg/week Testosterone Enanthate cycle? Or do I base this individually off of my before/during/after blood work?


  80. Hi Derek,

    If I only take LGD 4033 and the only AI on hand is Arimidex, is it possible to just reduce the mg concentration of Arimidex to make it less effective in tanking your estrogen? Would that then make it on par with the likes of Armistane?


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