Phallosan Forte Review

The Best Penis Extender Device – Phallosan Forte Review

Phallosan Forte Review

What Is The Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte is a Penis extender that is used to increase overall Penis size, improve Penile blood flow/circulation, and treat Peyronie's Disease (straighten out a bent or curved Penis).

The Phallosan Forte’s primary use is of course for Penis enlargement.

If You Just Came Here To Order A Phallosan Forte

You can use the following link to order from the only official Phallosan Forte manufacturer in the world.

There are many fakes and imitations being sold all over the internet, but be aware that there is in only one legitimate manufacturer of the Phallosan Forte, and that is the one linked above.

What Size Gains Can You Expect From The Phallosan Forte

While there are several anecdotal logs that can be found online, there was 1 very notable clinical study that assessed the progress that can be made with the Phallosan Forte within 6 months. There were 36 test patients in the clinical study.

Phallosan Forte Results Before And After 6 Months

Length Gain Results After Wearing The Device for 6 months, 9 Hours Per Day, 6 Days Per Week:

The highest result achieved after 6 months in length at non-erect/erect stage was 4.9 cm (1.9 inches) / 4.0 cm (1.47 inches)

Girth Gain Results After Wearing The Device for 6 months, 9 Hours Per Day, 6 Days Per Week:

The highest result achieved after 6 months in girth at non-erect/erect stage was 2.5 cm (0.98 inch) / 2.1 cm (0.82 inch).

This was achieved within only 6 months wearing the device 9 hours per day (achievable almost entirely wearing it just during sleep), 6 days per week.

An average was also recorded among those who wore the device less.

Length Gain Results After Wearing The Device for 6 months, 6 Hours Per Day, 5 Days Per Week: The average result of all test patients was an in increase of length at non-erect/erect stage was 3.6 cm (1.41 inches) / 2.9 cm (1.14 inches).

Girth Gain Results After Wearing The Device for 6 months, 6 Hours Per Day, 5 Days Per Week:

The average result of all test patients in increase of girth at non-erect/erect stage was 1.5 cm (0.59 inch) / 1.1 cm (0.43 inch).

The clinical study I am referring to can be found here for your reference:


My results coincided with the average group while I was doing penis enhancement (PE). However, I never put in as many hours as the “highest result” group did.

I’m positive if I spent more time doing PE, I could have made even more gains in size.

Ultimately, the longer and more frequent you can wear this device, the more growth potential you will have.

Much like bodybuilding, Penis Enhancement (PE) is a marathon, not a sprint.

It takes consistency and commitment to see big results.

Obviously the growth potential is much higher if you wear this device for years, coupled with other effective PE activities like Bathmate pumping, and manual stretching/jelqing.

This is the easiest form of PE though as there is literally no time commitment necessary. You just need to strap the thing on and then go about your life.

The Best Penis Enhancement Solution For Lazy Guys

If you have delved into PE, you probably have come to realize that to truly get fantastic results, a significant amount of time must be dedicated to it.

PE is a marathon, not a sprint, and it works much like bodybuilding does in the sense that the Penis works via progressive overload, adapting to stress (stretching or pumping) in a slow manner, eventually resulting in size gains to offset the stress being exerted upon it.

One of the absolute best ways to get substantial length gains is via manual stretching.

However, it can take up a huge chunk of your time several days per week to stay dedicated to a manual stretching routine that will equate to worthwhile size gains.

This is where a Penis extender becomes a VERY attractive alternative.

By using an extender, you can continuously keep your Penis in a stretched position with an adequate amount of tension on it stimulating maximum growth, for several hours on end without having to dedicate a single minute to any stretching.

This is because the extender does all the work for you, keeping you stretching all day long (or however many hours you decide to keep it on for), while you go about your daily activities uninterrupted and without having to waste precious time pulling on your Johnson.

You Can Wear The Phallosan Forte While You Sleep (The Reason Why This Is The Best PE Stretching Device)

The main pitfall of most Penis extenders is that they place the Penis in a restrictive position, where getting an erection or moving in particular ways will cause severe restriction of blood flow.

While this is manageable in the daytime as adjustments can be made on the fly, it presents a huge danger if you are wishing to simply wear your extender while you sleep.

With other extenders, you absolutely cannot wear them while you sleep, or else you could cause injury or damage to yourself.

The Phallosan Forte is unique in that it is the first Penis extender that you can wear safely while you sleep.

This is HUGE for guys who don’t want to walk around all day with an extender hanging off of their body.

With the Phallosan Forte, you can simply put it on each night before bed, and sleep through the night while it does its’ job and safely stretches you.

Phallosan Forte Vs. Other Penis Extenders

Prior to discovering the Phallosan Forte, I actually bought a couple other Penis extenders that also worked fairly well, but the main issue with them was they were much more uncomfortable, and I was forced to wear them throughout the day when I was active and moving around, which was an inconvenience many times.

The Phallosan is not only far more comfortable than other “top” extenders, but it can be worn while you sleep. I sleep 8-10 hours per day; so simply wearing the device throughout the night provides sufficient enough use to produce some great size gains.

Checkout the comparison charts below that compare the benefits of Phallosan Forte to all the other popular extenders on the market:

Phallosan Forte Benefits Vs Pro Extender and ProSolution Phallosan Forte Benefits Vs Euro Extender and Pro Extender Phallosan Forte Benefits Vs Yes Extender and VigRX Plus Phallosan Forte Vs Size Genetics and X4 Labs Phallosan Forte Vs Male Edge and Vmax Extender

Other Phallosan Forte Reviews

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The Only FDA Approved Male Enhancement Device

How Phallosan managed to get their PE device approved by the FDA is beyond me, but they are the first company to succeed in doing this.

As a result, they are the only company who has authentic clinical studies that back their extender’s effectiveness, has urologists recommend their extender to patients, has their extender available in pharmacies, and can get customers’ purchase costs covered by their health insurance.

The FDA approved the Phallosan Forte in November, 2013, and if you go to their website you can see it for yourself on their approved list.

How Phallosan Forte Works And How To Use It

The video above details in elaborate detail exactly how the Phallosan Forte works and how to put the Phallosan Forte on.

After you learn how to put it on, all you need to do is set the device to your required level of resistance, and then let it do its’ job.

Visual Depiction Of The Traction Force Of Phallosan Forte

Start LOW, do not jump the gun and go to the strongest level of tension.

Taper your way up to it SLOWLY, as your Penis adjusts and stretches over the coming weeks.

One tip that you should note as well, switch sides with the Phallosan Forte.

By that I mean don’t simply wear it to the left side every single time you use it, or to the right side every time either.

Switch sides each time you use it.

If you just used it overnight and were stretched to the left side of your body, next time you put it on use it on the other side of your body, stretching to the right side of your body.

This will prevent any possible imbalances you would get by stretching your Penis solely to once side each and every time.

Combining The Bathmate, Phallosan Forte, And Manual Exercises For Maximum Gains

The Phallosan Forte is more than sufficient to provide substantial size gains, especially for newbies.

However, you can expedite your results, as well as achieve more overall size by implementing other effective PE techniques.

Bathmate Hydromax X30 Pump

The Bathmate Hydropump is the world's most effective Penis Enhancement pump that will add both length and girth to your penis.

Bathmate keeps the process fun, immediately pumps up your penis for sex (partner will absolutely notice and appreciate your added size) and slowly but surely – adds permanent size over many months.

  • Jelqing And Stretching:

Jelqing and stretching are manual exercises that are bar none the most effective non-device related PE techniques.

You can easily pack an inch or so on using just these exercises with a high level of commitment and a consistent training regimen.

Other Benefits Of The Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte is mainly used for increasing overall Penis size, although it has a couple other notable benefits as well.

One of them is improved circulation in the Penis.

By creating painless micro-fissures in the Penis during stretching (like in bodybuilding), space for new cell material is created in the Penis, and when recovery occurs, the result is greater overall size with a greater capacity for blood flow, consequently resulting in stronger erections.

In addition, via the continuous stretching/tension of the device, the Phallosan Forte can correct Penis curvatures, eventually completely straightening out a bent or curved Penis with adequate device usage.

Discrete Shipping/Packaging

I know the first concern many guys have who live with their family ordering these devices is wondering if a box show up with dick extender pictures plastered all over it.

Ease your mind; your dick enhancement endeavors will remain a secret as the box it shows up in is packaged very discreetly without any images or text that could suggest the contents.

Even the shipping documents and the invoice in the packaging are discreet.

An order will take no more than 3-5 business days to arrive in the worst-case scenario (you live in some obscure far away area).

If you order and you don’t receive a confirmation email shortly afterwards, don’t stress, it’s probably just sitting in your spam/junk box.

If you use Hotmail or Gmail the confirmation email is probably sitting in there.

This is simply how email providers work because in almost every single case, male enhancement related emails are actually spam/junk, it has nothing to do with the legitimacy of the vendor so don’t stress.

Where To Get A Legitimate Phallosan Forte Device + Free MorePlatesMoreDates Goodies

There is only 1 legitimate Official Phallosan Forte Manufacturer in the world, and I have linked it below for you:

By using this link, you are ensuring you are getting a 100% authentic Phallosan Forte product, straight from the manufacturer themselves.

Don’t risk getting a fake product just because you saw a cheaper price somewhere else.

If it looks to good to be true and is cheaper than the official manufacturer’s price, it’s probably fake.

In addition, by ordering through this link you will receive 4 FREE CONDOM SLEEVES with your order.

The condom sleeves keep your Penis in a stretched position and are a necessity for using the device.

These sleeves can rip, so having extras on hand is highly suggested.

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35 thoughts on “The Best Penis Extender Device – Phallosan Forte Review”

    1. I’ve been fortunate enough to not have issues with breaks. However, if you do encounter an issue, you can just use a balloon in its place. They serve the same purpose and are dirt cheap. I know a lot of guys who have had success with this mod who ripped their condoms.

      SizeGenetics I never even used properly because I found it too uncomfortable. I think they more or less serve the same purpose, but being able to wear the Phallosan while I sleep is more than enough reasons for me to choose that over the SG.

      1. Thanks boss. So in terms of maxing out one’s potential, is a combination of daily bathmate and phallosan use deemed sufficient? If not, what else in addition to manual stretching and jelqing would need to be called upon? Lastly, what is a reasonable way to time bathmate use with respect to the overnight phallosan use (without running into girth issues using it right beforehand)?

        1. If you don’t have time for manual exercises than yes. Stretching and jelqing will help though too if you are concerned about truly maximizing your potential via every possible facet.

          Girth issues shouldn’t be an issue, but you can simply do your Bathmate sessions in the morning/afternoon and then by the time you go to bed the temporary girth pump should have subsided to an extent.

    1. Start LOW, do not jump the gun and go to the strongest level of tension. Taper your way up to it SLOWLY, as your Penis adjusts and stretches over the coming weeks. If you go to the strongest level of tension right away, you might injure yourself.

      1. So eventually you max it out on red each night? In other words, red doesn’t mean to never go there, just to take your time in doing so?

        1. Yes the maximum level of resistance should be reserved for once you have used the device a sufficient enough amount of hours that your Penis has adjusted fully to the lighter levels of tension and can actually handle it.

          Your Penis growth will not be based primarily on the amount of tension that’s applied, rather, it’s the constant tension being applied relative to your size. During your first week of using Phallosan, set the tension at a low level (green) to give your penile tissues time to adjust. As you start growing and adapt to the device you can slowly taper up.

          1. Right on man, I made the purchase through your link, just hoping I won’t need to use those extra sleeves but it can’t hurt to have them on hand regardless. After you recommended the Bathmate I also purchased that and have made absurd progress. I use the VacuVin mod and can handle being in that for half an hour at high pressure. Given that should I still slowly taper up with the Phallosan, and if so, what is a general, practical guideline time-wise for tapering? Thanks bro.

    1. Do jelqing and stretching. They are free and work great.

      Bathmate is a lot cheaper too and works great as well. The base model is only $110 I think. The Hydromax X30 (the model I have and the one I believe is the most bang for your buck) is $159.00

      Bathmate and the Phallosan Forte are easily the 2 best devices on the market in my opinion.

    1. Yes, the device works whether you are circumcised or uncircumcised. If you are uncut, just pull your foreskin back and put your head in the suction bell just as you would if you were circumcised.

  1. So this is the best product on the market to help with ED as well as size? I’ve tried the EVO 3.0 electric pump it really does nothing for me

  2. I tend to get HARD erections while sleeping in the morning. My dick will literally get stiff as a rod.

    I’ve tried manually keeping it to one side and get getting erect and it gets to a point where it starts to hurt.

    Does that mean I’m not a good candidate to use this device at night while sleeping?

  3. Just ordered the Forte, I love the self improvement community you’ve created here.
    Naturally I have full and rock hard erections. Does this mean I’ll make more or less results? I’m slightly over 6 and would love to make it 8.


    1. Thanks Cam, appreciate it. You won’t have suboptimal results if you get erections. It won’t increase your results though either. The thing that dictates how much progress you make essentially boils down to progressive overload and overall time under tension.

  4. Derek,

    I ordered via your affiliate link. Thank you. Would MK677 impact the rate of growth during the first 6m of wearing? I was wondering if any supplements or MK677 would help growth rate in the high tension situation? I know it seems 50-70% of the gains (1 inch) occur fairly quickly and the final 30 to 50% i.e the second inch can take 2000 hours + of wear time. I was looking to maximize the newbie gains as I haven’t used PE or a Phallosan etc before

  5. If I do this 5 days a week for ~8 hours (it tends to get uncomfortable) and do Bathmate 4 days a week do you think I would reach my max in 6-9 months? Also thank you so much for putting all this stuff out here with your face. I trust you and it means a lot- no homo.

    1. Most guys who take the PE fairly seriously for 12 to 18 months can gain 1 to 1.5 inches – regardless of starting size.

      About .05 to .10 inches a month.

      Those who go the extra mile can gain 1.5-2 inches (incorporating stretching, jelqing, bathmate and an extender).

      If you are starting with a well-grown 8 inch cock, you can gain upwards of 2 inches since their is so much untrained tissue to work with.

      Newbies will gain quickly.

      The first inch is fairly easy, the second is harder.

  6. What supplements/drugs can make this process quicker? Anabolics, HGH and Cialis? please let me know your results. I will buy through your link.


  7. What about for guys who need to pee a few times a night? I assume you have to remove this first? Is it a major hassle to remove and replace it a few times a night?

  8. What happens if you sleep with it on and get a boner in the middle of the night? Would that be dangerous? Serious question.

  9. Hey Derek I was wondering if its possible to wear the Phallosan when you sleep if you sleep on your stomach? I can’t sleep in any other position other than my stomach

  10. There were claims that the Phallosan forte increases penis size permanently which I would assume would be without any maintenance routine, is this true? Because I don’t want to have to do a maintenance routine, you’ve mentioned that for Bathmate you’d lose up to 50% of your gains without maintenance which is fine for me since I care more about length then girth

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