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Q&A Episode #6 – Live MPMD Q&A

This is the sixth episode of the MPMD Q&A.

In this episode we discuss hair loss prevention protocols, PED's in bodybuilding, online dating, diet, and training strategies.

This is the second time the Q&A has been live, and I will probably continue with this format moving forward.

1 thought on “Q&A Episode #6 – Live MPMD Q&A”

  1. Hey man. I really appreciate all the information you put out regarding hair loss and how to counter act it.

    I’m currently 24 and am starting to experience male pattern baldness, although on the flip side my beard is becoming a lot more developed and terminal which is great (I attribute this to hormonal re-balancing via my new exercise regime and diet). I understand that DHT plays a massive role in how head and facial hair turn out.

    Do you reckon that applying a topical Ketoconazole shampoo or RU-58841 solution to my scalp might have a negative effect on the DHT levels for my androgenic facial hair follicles or do you think the treatments are very localized and not systemic? If the likelihood of these DHT suppressing treatments hindering my beard growth is low I will likely go ahead with using these products + minoxidil. Maybe I could use minox on my beard too? My understanding is that once facial hair follicles go completely terminal they can’t go back to being fine/vellus hairs although this could take some time and I don’t want to be balding during all of that. I want to avoid stuff like Finasteride at any cost.

    I would highly value your insight and advice on this matter. Cheers

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