SARM S23 Half Life – How Frequently Should It Be Dosed?

S23 Half Life – How Frequently Should It Be Dosed?

Based on the Plasma Concentration chart in the S23 study, we can see the concentration of S23 in the research subjects from both IV administration, and oral administration.

Looking at the oral administration concentration, we can see that it peaks at about the 240-245 minute mark, which is about 4 hours, and forms a plateau over 6-10 hours after dosing.

The plasma concentration starts rapidly declining after this point, and it looks like the point where half of the plasma concentration has cleared the subject’s system is at about the 12-hour point.

To be exact, the mean terminal half life of S23 is 11.9 hours based on this study.

By definition, the plasma concentration of a drug is halved after one elimination half life.

Half Life Definition: “Time it takes for the plasma concentration or the amount of drug in the body to be reduced by 50%.”

Based on this chart, we can conclude that twice a day dosing, with doses split up into morning and night doses (at least) is a far more viable dosing frequency for research purposes than one single bolus dose would be.

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