SARM S23 Log Update – Week 3 Updates (Results and Side Effects)

S23 Log Update – Week 3 Update

If you haven’t seen the introduction to this log, let me recap really briefly for you.

My lab rat for this log (my friend) uses heavy duty hardening compounds in every single cut he does, including Masteron, Winstrol, and Proviron.

These are all DHT derivatives that add dry, grainy detail to a physique like no other drug can.

This cut that he is currently in the middle of, he has not been using any of those, and instead has been using S23 on its own as his hardener.

He is on a TRT base of Testosterone, and 20mg of S23.

So he is essentially the perfect candidate to really test out how effective S23 is as a hardening agent, and its’ ability to retain muscle and strength in a calorie deficit (which should be the goal of any anabolic compound in a deficit).

So far, he has been on S23 for 3 weeks.

The first 2 and a half weeks he was using 20mg S23, and just recently bumped it to 30mg the past few days.

He noticed the effects of it almost immediately, which would lead one to believe its’ “kick in” time seems to have a slightly quicker onset than most other SARMs typically have, or alternatively, what I believe is the case is that S23 is simply much more potent than other SARMs so its’ kick is more noticeable and distinguishable, consequently leading one to assume it has a faster onset.

The most prominent thing he noted was a blatant increase in vascularity.

In addition, much like others he has reported an evident muscle hardening and drying out effect, much like he has experienced with DHT derivatives like Masteron and Winstrol in previous cutting cycles.

He said: “S23 is like 100mg of Masteron EOD (every other day).”

That would be 400mg per week of Masteron, which is a fairly substantial dose.

He reported that it is comparable to Winstrol in the strength department, although Winstrol edges it out in the cosmetic drying out effect.

However, he is experiencing more drying out from S23 than he has had from S4 in the past which he has also experimented with, which I found interesting.

In addition, he has had zero hair loss from S23, so that is another log reinforcing that it probably doesn’t cause the acceleration of male pattern baldness after all.

And on paper it shouldn’t, as it is still a SARM.

He has experienced no increased aggression like some have noted from S23.

He also has had zero muscle loss since starting it, and has possibly even recomped a bit despite being in a calorie deficit, but that may be a stretch.

At most, what you should expect from any cutting compound is a cosmetic hardening/drying out effect, and the maintenance of your lean tissue.

Any muscle growth in a calorie deficit would be a fringe benefit reserved for the genetically elite, newbies to anabolic compounds, or muscle memory induced “rebound gains” from taking time off in my honest opinion.

Basically, so far from what I have personally seen, the benefits that can be expected from S23 are as follows:

  • Great lean mass builder
  • Notable increases in strength and endurance
  • Enhanced levels of fat oxidization
  • Can completely off-set catabolism in a calorie deficit
  • Body fat melts off much easier
  • Greatly enhanced levels of muscle hardness, dryness, and vascularity
  • Zero water retention

These were the exact same benefits reported by my first friend who tried S23, and the current log I’ve been keeping has affirmed these same benefits.

Obviously these benefits will vary individual to individual, as some people simply respond better to certain compounds than others do, but these are the general benefits that can more or less be expected from S23.

My first friend who ran it noted that it was comparable for him to a high dose of Winstrol.

My friend who is currently running it said it didn’t quite stack up to a high dose of Winstrol for him, but it was definitely comparable to a decent dose of it, as well as a moderate dosage of Masteron (which says a lot for a SARM).

If S23 can replicate these cosmetic benefits without any of the side effects associated with traditional DHT derivatives, this would be HUGE not just for guys who use SARMs, but for bodybuilders who need that muscle hardening/drying out effect pre-contest but don’t want to take compounds like Masteron and Winstrol due to the harsh side effects that can be brought on by introducing exorbitant amounts of DHT into your system.

The most brutal of them being severe hair loss and prostate enlargement.

So far, S23 has not only proven to not accelerate hair loss at all in 99% of those who have logged it to this point, but it actually was shown to reduce prostate size in the clinical study done on it.

The study on S23 I’m referring to can be found here:

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  1. Hey based on your cumulative knowledge and what you’ve heard so far what’s the max length this can be ran for? I’ve heard 6 weeks which isnt neither too long or too short, 4 being where most would keep it but advanced users would keep it to 6?

    What if one runs an AAS for 1 month and then bridges right to S23?

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