S23 Vs RAD140 SARMs Comparison And Complete Breakdown – Which Is Better And Why?

S23 Vs RAD140

First off, let's cover the benefits and potential negative side effects of S23 Vs RAD140.

S23 Benefits:

  • Great lean mass builder
  • Very impressive gains in strength
  • Notable increase in endurance
  • Enhanced levels of fat oxidization
  • Can completely off-set catabolism in a calorie deficit
  • Body fat melts off much easier
  • Greatly enhanced levels of muscle hardness, dryness, and vascularity comparable to moderate-high dosages of DHT derived Steroids
  • Zero water retention
  • Decrease in prostate size (actually a benefit relative to DHT derivatives as anabolic steroids are notorious for increasing prostate size)

S23 Possible Negative Side Effects:

  • Possible dehydration, night sweats and cramps (increased water intake is necessary)
  • Increased aggression and irritability
  • High levels of suppression and very probable chance of complete shutdown (reversible during PCT)
  • Possible hair loss (the ratio of individuals who don’t get any hair loss far outweigh those who do seem to get some hair loss from it)
  • Temporary testicle shrinkage (reversible during PCT)
  • Only one study done on it and it was conducted on rats not humans

RAD140 Benefits:

  • Replicates the benefits of a mild dose of Testosterone without any Estrogen or DHT conversion
  • Greater anabolic effect than Testosterone (this is relative to the dose)
  • Big increases of strength comparable to LGD-4033 and S4
  • Can greatly increase endurance and stamina
  • Great lean mass builder
  • Increased muscle hardness
  • Enhanced levels of fat oxidization
  • Can completely off-set catabolism in a calorie deficit
  • Clinical studies have shown NO side effects to date

RAD140 Possible Negative Side Effects:

  • Moderate-high levels of suppression (reversible during PCT)
  • Temporary testicle shrinkage (reversible during PCT)
  • Greatly increased aggression and irritability

S23 Vs RAD140 – Which Is Better And Why?

As you can see, on paper these SARMs don’t really differ too significantly.

However, there are a few key differences in the degree to which their benefits and side effects occur that should greatly influence your final decision if you are undecided between the two.

S23 will provide greater gains in lean muscle and strength undoubtedly, there is no denying that.

The degree to which it will can’t be quantified exactly, but it is a fair bit stronger in this department.

S23 will also condition the muscle by enhancing muscular hardness, dryness, and vascularity much more than RAD140 will, literally replicating the cosmetic benefits on the muscle moderate-high dosages of DHT derived steroids like Winstrol and Masteron would provide.

However, RAD140 I think is at least equivalent to S23 in the endurance/stamina boosting department, if not a bit better.

In addition, S23 will almost undoubtedly shut you down, while RAD140 may only suppress you.

Keep in mind that RAD140 is still fairly suppressive, so a PCT is required for both compounds without question, but the degree to which RAD140 will suppress your natural testosterone production is likely far less than the extent S23 will.

My Opinion On S23 Vs RAD140 For Specific Scenarios

In my opinion, if S23 is on your radar, the ideal scenario would be that you are already on TRT if you are going to use it, otherwise you will be greatly suppressed and have a tougher time bouncing back from it than you would from one of the more mainstream SARMs.

This isn’t to say that it shouldn’t be used if you aren’t on a Test base, but you will be putting yourself in a far more vulnerable position to low Test side effects, which are far from pleasant to say the least.

Alternatively, if suppression and bouncing back quickly and with greater ease is something that you value, then RAD140 is likely the choice you should go with in that scenario.

It won’t provide the same conditioning effect on the muscle that S23 will provide, but the strength, size, and endurance gains are all formidable, and it boasts a lower level of suppression.

In addition, it has several studies done on it, whereas S23 only had one study done and it was conducted on rats, not humans.

Creating conclusions about how humans will react to S23 is pure conjecture, as there are no human trials conducted on it to really see what’s what, so all we can go off of are anecdotal logs.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the more adventurous researchers, as the one study conducted on rats did show that infertility was completely reversible after discontinuing the compound, and anecdotal logs are proving to show a lack of detrimental side effects.

But, there is no denying that having a more thoroughly researched compound backed by human trials will put the mind at far greater ease for the majority of cautious researchers.

At the end of the day, choosing between one or the other should be a careful decision weighed out based on what you value most, which benefits and consideration of side effects align most with what you are looking for, and what your overall goals are for your research endeavours.

I see S23 being more of a compound that will be a game changer for competitive bodybuilders who want to forgo the traditional DHT derived steroids that put a giant stress on the Prostate, and cause insane levels of hair loss, as S23 seems to provide formidable muscular conditioning with an almost complete absence of any negative DHT related side effects.

Or simply for those who are on TRT that want a very substantial boost once and a while without the risk of some of the brutal side effects associated with higher doses of anabolic steroids.

I see RAD140 being more of a compound that will continue to be a versatile staple in SARM researchers’ regimens, as the main attraction to SARMs in the first place for many individuals is the lack of endocrine shutdown, while still providing a large portion of the anabolic benefits you would expect from traditional anabolic steroids.

For those that are just here find out where to buy accurately dosed, third party tested SARMs, these are the only companies I currently use for my own personal research:

(Greater Than 99% Purity: FTIR, HPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS & NMR Tested)

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Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

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20 thoughts on “S23 Vs RAD140 SARMs Comparison And Complete Breakdown – Which Is Better And Why?”

  1. DC, it seems like RAD 140 is great on any SARM cycle since endurance is always great no matter what, and on a cut this is of benefit since it can upregulate your body’s natural ability to compensate for that area for fasted cardio or just going 110% every single time. Test is the KING of any gear cycle anyways, so RAD 140 would seem like the same thing on paper sans the negative sides associated with actual test.

    I think beginning with RAD on a cycle and using S23 to finish off a cycle on a cut (sub 10% body fat for sure) would be immense.

  2. As far as the cutting, what would you suggest with SR22? Also something which EA has in stock, RAD140 isn’t available for some time now 🙁

  3. Hi again Derek im wondering can i use this propylene glycol for Ru588?


    And this ethanol 96% http://www.ebay.com/itm/ONE-250ml-ETHYL-ALCOHOL-ETHANOL-96-Free-shipping/272125656154?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649

    I Just want to be sure if they are correct before buying them.

    Also im going to be using your guide how to make the ru.. but you dont need to warm it up at all?

    Best regards John.

    1. Warming it up? That’s the last thing you’ll want to do. Heat degrades the compound. I’m not sure about Vegetable Glycerin but if you have real Ethanol and Propylene Glycol then you should be good to go. I have links in my article to the exact PG and Ethanol I use to mix my solutions.

      1. Oh ok, I just see people making sarm powder into liquid sarm use to warm it up a little bit to make everything mix up. Yeah i found out it’s absolutely wrong so i wont buy that one because it’s more thicken than usual propylene glycol, but the alchol was good to go 🙂

        Thanks man, will buy the PG from your link instead 🙂

    1. In the perspective of Anabolic benefits in muscle and bone, yes probably. However, for physiological purposes (libido, well-being, etc.) I don’t think so.

  4. Would it be beneficial to stack S23 and RAD-140 together? Would there be any concerns with side effects beyond what’s already been mentioned?

    1. You’d also get whatever side effects you’d get from RAD-140. There won’t be a chemical reaction that causes spontaneous combustion though if that’s what you’re asking.

      1. Thanks.

        Yes, I was basically trying to find out if it would be a bit of overkill to combine the two.

        Classic beginner attitude: I’m already making gains but I want more… and more… and more…

        I can see how guys can easily go off the deep end on gear.

        Appreciate all the great articles. Keep ’em coming.

        P.S. I’m using your codes on the affiliates. Hope you’re getting the commission you’ve earned.

        P.P.S. Could be a bit premature, but if your online recognition increases, you might make more with your own line of supplements rather than just endorsing another’s line.

        1. Already in the works my friend. Launch is Wednesday, stay tuned. I’m still working with EA though, this will be a different line of products (Nootropic/productivity/cognitive enhancement focused).

  5. Hey Derek,

    Great work bud, more material to come!!

    Any possible liver or kidney damage, or any foreseen adverse health reactions or health detrimental conditions that may occur doing S23 for 24 weeks? I’m on doctor supervised TRT @ 100mg test cyp/week. Suppression and test shutdown shouldn’t be a problem.

    1. Yes of course. You’re talking about a preclinical SARM that most use in dosages multiple times higher than what would be necessary to yield the results it is being developed for in the first place for 6 months of straight usage.

  6. Hi Derek, Happy Fathers Day if your a proud dad!!! I’m sure you’ve heard of M1-MK (Testosteron Booster) can it be taken during your last days of a cycle or should you be completely off your cycle and take as a stand alone? Recovering from knee surgery, torn ACL, PCL and torn L & M Meniscus :-/
    Cycle consist of: Rad140 10mg
    Mk677 25mg
    LGD4033 10mg
    MK2866 25mg

    Thanks for all your bad ass advice,
    Kiki G.

    1. I’ve never heard of M1-MK. Frankly, most Testosterone Boosters are junk, you should be using SERMs for your PCT if you’re using 3 suppressive SARMs concurrently.

  7. I gained 25 good lbs in 12 weeks on Ostarine and Lgd along with Rad140. I researched and found that RAD was the strongest sarm, now I’m hearing S23 is the strongest. What gives?

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Subscribe and get my “20 Underground Bodybuilding Secrets You Won’t Find On Google” E-Book 100% FREE