SARMs Liquid Vs Capsules - Bottle of superior peptides liquid MK-677 beside a bottle of Enhanced Athlete MK-677

SARMs Liquid Vs Capsules – Which Is More Potent? (Myth Busted)

SARMs Liquid Vs Capsules

There is a lot of confusion regarding which is more effective, SARMs Liquid Vs Capsules.

There are several ridiculous theories and false statements thrown around the community purporting that liquid SARMs are more effective than capsules/pills, and most of the time these statements are simply deriving from misinformed individuals, or those who have vested interest in the profitability of liquid SARMs (AKA they own/work for/are paid by a company who sells liquid SARMs).

At the end of the day, this is what you need to know.

ALL SARMs start as raw powder.

No matter what.

When these raw ingredients are shipped out from their origin, they are in raw powder form to begin with before being put into any kind of delivery system for administration to a research subject.

Now, once that raw powder arrives, the decision must be made regarding which delivery system to use for administration to the research subject(s).

Here’s the deal. When it comes to research chemicals, putting a raw powder into a capsule may imply it is for human consumption, hence from a legal perspective it isn’t as appealing for many companies to choose capsules.

This is why companies who sell liquids sell liquids, not because sublingual administration of a SARM suspended in grain alcohol yields a higher level of bioavailability or other nonsensical theories.

They are simply trying to be more careful legally.

That or they get pre-made solutions from their supplier who already have their research chemicals mixed in liquid form, but typically if legal concerns were non-existent then I surmise every single company would be using capsules for the most part, except for a few particular instances where dosing in smaller increments proves beneficial (e.g. titrating up S4 dosages in research where small increments would be wise to utilize).

Now, companies who are using capsules/pills aren’t using capsules or pills because they are any more effective than liquids, it is because capsules are more appealing to the end user typically (greater demand), have a longer shelf-life, and are easier to ship.

All SARMs start as raw powder, no matter what, the compounds show up as raw powder from their point of origin.

What you do with it then for method of delivery is up to you.

Whether you suspend that powder in grain alcohol in a liquid solution, or cap the powder, the powder is still powder and works the same at the end of the day.

Think of essentially every single drug, vitamin, etc. at the pharmacy and what form it is sold in.

It is 99% of the time pill form.

If bioavailability of pills was so concerning, would drugs ever be sold in pill form at the pharmacy if they were rendered ineffective by not absorbing them sublingually suspended in grain alcohol?

No, every drug would be suspended in a liquid and sold like these liquid SARMs are, but they are not.

In Conclusion

Capsule SARMs = Greater shelf life, greater ease of administration, far more appealing to most customers

Liquid SARMs = When smaller incremental dosing changes are needed (e.g. carefully titrating the dosage of S4) they can prove to be more useful

Level Of Efficacy/Bioavailability of SARMs Liquid Vs Capsules = Exactly The Same


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