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Science.bio Review – SARMs, Nootropics And Anti-Aging Product Quality

Science.bio is a SARMs source that was brought to my attention earlier this year.

My first impression of this company was that they have a very impressive looking website with a clean layout, and their product quality control appeared to be head and shoulders above the rest of the industry.

There is less than a handful of other companies in the entire industry that have as stringent purity testing across their entire product line.

Science.bio has A LOT of different products, and to my surprise, they were all third party tested.

Not just COA's.

Not just one third party test for a batch they produced a year ago.

But third party testing for every single product, for every single batch ever manufactured.

When I saw that, I knew this wasn't your run of the mill SARMs company who hired a good web designer to set up a nice looking Shopify page and was looking to make a quick buck.

Most companies that get on my radar don't make it past a quick 5 minute scope of their website because they are always missing some key element I feel is critical to make a great company.

Whether that be a lack of sufficient quality control and third party testing, irresponsible marketing, questionable product offerings, or a number of other things I look out for, 99% of companies screw up at least one major thing I consider mandatory for me to even consider incorporating their products into my personal research.

Science.bio made it past my initial assessment, as well as my more thorough assessment I completed afterwards.

This entailed digging into their company track record, unbiased reviews online, as well as asking friends for feedback who are highly respected in this industry.

They made it past my follow-up assessment too.

I decided to put an order in afterwards to evaluate the product quality first hand.

Keep in mind, the quality of SARMs varies enormously between different sources in this industry.

In an investigation involving chemical analyses of 44 products marketed as SARMs and sold via the internet, only 52% contained SARMs at all, and many were inaccurately labeled [R].

ACCURATELY DOSED SARMs will produce repeatable results that are selective for anabolic effects in muscle or bone tissues with a relative absence of androgenic effects in tissues such as the prostate gland at therapeutic dosages.

POOR QUALITY SARMs on the other hand, will generally offer nothing (because they are underdosed or completely bunk), or may even be tainted with liver toxic methylated Prohormones (which are now illegal).

If you are researching with compounds like SARMs that suppress endocrine function and can have varying levels of health implications, then it pays to get the best SARMs you can to ensure you can predict with far greater accuracy exactly what to expect, and how to tackle any potential side effects or obstacles that may occur during experimentation.

Unfortunately, in this industry cutting corners when it comes to quality control is a given with almost every single company.

There are hundreds of SARMs suppliers out there and I’ve tried a lot of them over the years (I've personally been researching SARMs for half a decade).

From the type you buy in local supplement stores with overly-hyped up aggressive packaging (horrible marketing practice as they aren't dietary supplements), to the companies that swear their liquid SARMs are stronger than all capsule SARMs, to the seemingly good suppliers that have been around for years.

I've experienced such a vast array of product quality over the years between all of these companies that I can't stress enough how important transparent testing is when it comes to yielding accurate results in your research.

My Supplier Requirement Checklist

Over the years I have developed some specific criteria that I feel a SARMs company should meet if I am to give them my business.

This is based on my past experiences with good and bad companies.

In terms of SARMs quality, I believe the more a company meets these criteria, the higher quality the SARMs are likely to be.

My requirements are as follows:

Third Party Testing

I don’t recommend buying SARMs from a company that doesn't pay for third party testing. Period.

Third party testing for every product SKU is a bare minimum, and ideally there would be third party test results for every single batch manufactured of every single SKU for full transparency.

This is what separates the men from the boys when it comes to SARMs quality control.

Simply put, I am not going to compromise my research by risking it with some random company that has no proof of consistently high product purity.

It baffles me how many people will completely ruin their experiments just to save a few bucks on their order with some garbage fly-by-night company.


There are a lot of research chemical companies nowadays, and one thing I find crazy is how many sell blatantly illegal substances.

Personally, I think all drugs should be legal, but the fact remains that they aren't, so there are some key things I look for when I am assessing a SARMs company's legal compliance and risk profile.

If a company sells SARMs, but then they also sell a myriad of Rx only/scheduled compounds, it is a bit sketchy and it is likely not a company I want to be trusting my money with when there is an impending ban on SARMs.

To be frank, from a legal standpoint, SARMs have yet to be scheduled (in my country at least, you should double check where you live if they are legal before you buy SARMs from anyone), so if there is a company that is commingling their legal products with illegal products and selling everything they can get away with, it's probably not a good sign for their longevity, and likely not a good sign for their quality control procedures.

No Hyped Up Marketing

I don’t recommend buying from companies that go out of their way to market SARMs as legal steroids with no side effects for extreme bodybuilding purposes, or as dietary supplements in general.

The more a company markets SARMs as hardcore bodybuilding compounds with aggressively hyped up expectations, the worse the SARMs usually are.

Not only is the product usually of lower quality with these companies, this sort of behavior is also what gives people the wrong idea about SARMs and only increases the chances of them being made illegal (which is probably inevitable at this point already).

To be clear, these are not dietary supplements, so if a company is labeling them that way, they've already blown it in my books, and the aggressive marketing is just icing on the cake.

Don’t be seduced by this aggressive, misguided marketing, and don’t support it.

Why I Think Science.bio Is An Excellent Source To Buy SARMs From Online

Science.bio goes the extra mile not just to third party test their products, but they also pay for NMR, FTIR, HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, TLC, ICP-MS, Gravimetry, UV-Vis, Titration, Melting Point and Organoleptic analysis.

Elaborate, extensive testing is conducted on every single batch, of every single one of their product SKU's.

They repeat this process for every single batch of product they manufacture, not just one random batch a year ago that they had tested just so they could show results on their website as a marketing ploy (what most companies do, if they even third party test at all).

This is one of the few companies I don't have to worry about my results being skewed by inconsistent quality control.

With other SARMs companies, you need to account for a huge margin of error, and frankly, no research findings are even credible in any capacity with products coming from 99% of other sources because of this.

Extensive Third Party Testing And Quality Control

Every single batch of every single product they sell is third party tested.

Most SARMs companies literally don't have a clue what's in the products that they are selling you.

There are SO many companies out there that claim they are third party tested, have HPLC results showing that their products are 99% pure, blah blah blah, but then when you ask to see their third party tests, they either don't have anything to show you, or they show you a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from their raws supplier in China.

A COA, is NOT the same thing as third party testing.

A COA is a document that the Chinese supplier can doctor however they want, and likely doesn't even show true results, as most of these companies (literally 99% of companies) are NOT paying an unbiased third party lab to test their products for them.

The only way you can know for certain what you are getting is legitimate is by literally paying thousands of dollars out of your own pocket to send your products to a third party lab, and have them perform a completely unbiased test on your products, and then send you those results.

COA's mean nothing.

Science.bio products are batch and lot coded with publicly visible lab reports.

This level of transparency and commitment to quality control seriously impressed me.

Their testing also ensures that their products are free of adulterants, excipients and flow agents to ensure purity.

Small factors that most companies would completely overlook Science.bio clearly takes very seriously.

For example, their products are slightly over-weighed to compensate for loss by adhesion.

They also promise less than 5% variance in concentration per lot, guaranteeing consistency.

Science.bio SARMs, Nootropics, and all of their other product offerings are accurately dosed, consistently accurately dosed, and this holds true across their entire product lineup.

It is not just exclusive to 1 or 2 products that they felt would net them a bigger profit.

To read more about their elaborate quality control process, including how they source their raws, quarantine them for third party testing, review third party analysis results, and test their raws in-house again for purity confirmation, check out the Science.bio quality control page, and their frequently asked questions page.


I am shocked at how many people will completely compromise their research using some random company that has zero credibility, proof of product purity, or proof of consistency just to save $5-10 per product in their order.

I would rather pay several times more to ensure what I am getting is not only what it is supposed to be, but meets label claims.

Fortunately, the handfuls of truly credible companies in this industry do not charge multiple times more than the crap people are buying, even though it would be more than justified.

All things considered, Science.bio MAJORLY underprices their products.

Their prices are on par, or cheaper than complete garbage companies out there with websites that look like they were made by a 10 year old, monkeys working their customer service, and zero quality control.

I wouldn't be surprised if Science.bio's profit margins are the lowest in the industry given how much goes into their presentation and strict quality control.

Frankly, I don't even like using pricing as a metric of whether a company is good or bad when they are doing everything right and pouring the majority of their revenue back into the company with the elaborate level of purity analysis that Science.bio uses.

Evidently, Science.bio still manages to maintain competitive pricing because of economies of scale in manufacturing and quality control.

They order in volume, have good connections (largely influenced by their ties to IRC.bio), and have an organized infrastructure that allows them to stay competitive with pricing.

Any person with reasonable intelligence can tell that the retail price of a SARM often does not reflect the value you are getting either.

If you order a bottle of LGD-4033 from Science.bio and can see with complete transparency that their product consistently meets label claims via potency audits and batch purity analysis, what is the actual value of that product relative to another company with the same price or a $5 cheaper price tag?

Well, the probability that the other company is bunk is nearly 50% without even delving into their quality control.

Then, the probability that their current batch for sale is accurately dosed is extremely low.

Even if it is third party tested and has published test results for you to view, what are the chances that those test results reflect the purity of the batch that they will actually be sending you and isn't an old test result?

Were those results analyzed by qualified professionals and used as a reference point for further testing and purity confirmation in-house?

I rest my case.

Science.bio is truly a diamond in the rough of this trash infested industry.

I would rather pay double to ensure I'm getting what I paid for.

Hell, I'd even pay triple.

And then there is Joe Shmoe in Facebook groups asking if anybody has heard of (insert fly-by-night company name here) SARMs because he thinks that their blend consisting of 4 different products and their $5 cheaper prices are more attractive than actually getting what you paid for.

If you get a massively underdosed product, or something else entirely (the chances are disturbingly high that this will happen with most SARMs sources), did you really save any money at the end of the day?

No, you spent more money for less of what you were paying for, and your results/reports will be useless to reference.

Product Presentation And Website Layout

Attention to minor details is clear even during the packaging process of their products.

They use PET single-wall jars and glass bottles with UV resistance to minimize degradation.

The packaging is also designed to prevent evaporation in storage and maximize product shelf life.

They also manufacture their products with tamper-proof seals to ensure safety in transit.

Their liquid solutions even contain a graduated 1 mL pipette for convenient measurement.

Pre-mixed liquid suspensions as well as raw powders are available for most of the products sold on the site as well, which is ideal for researchers like myself.

These kind of details set Science.bio apart even further from the rest in this industry.

It is clear that the individuals behind this company are veterans, and it shines through not just with their meticulous quality control, but even with their packaging and website presentation.

If a company doesn't take the time to make an easy to navigate website with a user-friendly checkout menu, or get high quality images of their products and accompanying graphics, to me that just shows that they are willing to cut corners.

The more a company is willing to cut corners in one aspect or another, the more likely this lack of pride in presentation will bleed into quality control.

The Science.bio website looks amazing and their product presentation is fantastic.

Customer Service

The customer service at Science.bio is excellent.

I would expect no less when dealing with an organization as professional as this.

Science.bio offers quick and friendly support should you need it.

When I had a question about an order I made, my inquiry was answered promptly and thoroughly.

The Different SARMs for Sale

As you should know, different SARMs possess different properties than one another, despite all operating via a very similar mechanism of action.

They are all intended to be non-steroidal and exert tissue-selective anabolic effects in muscle and bone, while sparing other androgenic effects that come from anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS).

To make things easier for you, I’ve made a table to show you each of the most well known and researched SARMs, and broken them up into varying levels of endocrine suppression, as well as separated the compounds that are not SARMs at all, but are commonly lumped into the SARM category.

You can also read through all of the notable clinical research conducted on each compound in an organized format, as well as my personal interpretation of the research and anecdotal findings of each compound linked below:

Science.bio is the only company that stocks every single one of these compounds, and has transparent potency audits and batch purity analysis for every single batch they produce of each of these products.

Usually a SARMs source will be missing S23, or LGD-3303, or another more obscure SARM that does not have as much demand as the more mainstream compounds.

Science.bio offers everything, all with verified elite purity and batch consistency.

Other Product Offerings

Science.bio has an elaborate catalog of products for sale.

These range from SARMs to Nootropics, to hard to source stimulants, to anti-aging and longevity enhancing agents, and even some of the very obscure hair loss prevention compounds that I experiment with.


Some of the most notable Nootropics available right now that caught my eye are Noopept, Methylene Blue, Phenylpiracetam, Dihexa and Phenibut.

I am a big fan of acute Phenibut usage for enhancing social freedom.

Noopept, Methylene Blue, Phenylpiracetam and Dihexa all stack exceptionally well with Gorilla Mind Rush and Gorilla Mind Smooth as well for intense focus and productivity.


This really piqued my interest.

Science.bio carries some exotic stimulants that can be very difficult to source domestically.

Especially when it comes to finding them on their own and not jammed in some fly-by-night supplement company's garbage pre-workout supplement.

Some of these include, 1,3-DMAA, Flmodafinil (CRL-40,940) and 1,4-DMAA.

Anti-Aging & Longevity

I've started to transition into a significant amount of anti-aging and longevity research as of late, and it was nice to see that several of the most novel agents being evaluated right now for potential therapeutic applications are offered by Science.bio as well.

Some of these include NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide), Resveratrol, Pterostilbene and NAD+.

Hair Loss Prevention

Science.bio has started to expand their product line to include compounds developed for hair loss prevention as well.

The compounds currently in their catalog that I have experience with and have shown therapeutic promise include RU58841, CB-03-01 and Setipiprant.

Where to Buy SARMs Internationally?

Science.bio ships worldwide with free shipping on international orders over $300.

They will ship anywhere SARMs are currently legal.

BEFORE you buy SARMs, check if these products are legal in your country.

Check the laws in your country prior to buying anything online to make sure it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

Cryptocurrency Discount

Science.bio offers an additional 5% discount at checkout for those who use Cryptocurrency as their form of payment.

If you order Science.bio products with Cryptocurrency to get a discount on your orders, checkout Coinbase HERE.

I believe Coinbase is the most user friendly exchange to buy Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency from.

My Science.bio Review In Summary

After thoroughly reviewing their quality control procedures, customer service, presentation, and general practices, I would not hesitate to recommend Science.bio SARMs, Nootropics, or any other product offerings currently in their catalog.

From receiving and sampling raws to transparent batch and lot tracking, to extensive third party testing, to in-house analysis review and further testing, you would be hard-pressed to find another company in the entire industry that can stack up to Science.bio in all aspects.

The entire company is on a different level than 99% of other companies, and you are going to be in good hands ordering from them.

Science.bio Discount Code

Despite already offering very competitive pricing, there are discount codes available to use at checkout.

At checkout, you can use the Science.bio discount code “DC10” to save 10% on your entire order.

Science.bio 99%+ Pure Third Party Tested SARMs

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

Science.bio Review

Product Name: SARMs, Nootropics And Longevity Compounds

Brand: Science.bio

  • Third Party Testing
  • Accurate Dosing
  • Pricing
  • Batch Consistency
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  1. Hi Derek,

    Great article as always. So would you rate Science Bio the same as Chemyo and Proven Peptides as a good source to buy products?

    Keep up the great work, man!


  2. Hey Derek,

    I just wanna confirm something in regards to making your own RU58841 solution, if you were to buy the readily made KB Solution formula from Anageninc, can you just mix the raw powder with that and it’s basically good to go for application? Because I’m considering doing that, only I’m gonna try the raw powder solution of RU from this Biosciences website, that’s an insanely good price IMO.

    Thanks in advance,

  3. Derek; Your “added value” explanation/information of Gorilla Mind, (and other protocols) encouraged me to try it and it’s Amazing!

    Perhaps you should put user “star” ratings for folks that try your products because I believe you would sell a lot more products.

    As a ceo, I believe you have an excellent business model with RESEARCHED INFORMATION as your foundation! You do the work!
    ps. Glad to see your moving into anti aging for “geezers” like me!

    1. Thanks Robert, much appreciated. There actually is a “leave a review” section on each product page where you can do that.

  4. Good reviews. I had Bio science rad 140 and cardarine . They were great and now i am using the same product from behemoth labs and i could say that I am getting the same results. I started couple years back with pureraws sarms and they were great also. I like to stick with these three companies. However, my cousin is a big fan of narrow labs.

    1. Hi Derek, I got a question. Sorry if it sounds stupid. I hope not. Can you please tell me what solvent goes with the darn powder to make it injectable? Thanks alot

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