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The Truth About Synthol | Misconceptions Debunked

The Truth About Synthol

There's a huge misconception about what Synthol actually is.

Synthol is a form of SEO, also known as Site Enhancement Oil.

SEO is commonly used by bodybuilders to increase the size of a lagging muscle group, or to re-shape it.

I see articles and videos pop up all the time centered around individuals who have ruined their physiques with extreme site enhancement experimentation.

These guys you see in these freak videos with ballooned arms, shoulders, and chests that have no visible muscle on their frame to begin with are not indicative of traditional Synthol use.

Extreme “Synthol” Abusers

Bodybuilders are extremely insecure in general.

It all stems down to self-esteem, body image, and the way you want to portray yourself.

As you've seen in these extreme videos and pictures, these guys are so insecure about themselves that they'll take gobs of oil and shove it into body parts hoping that it gets them viewed as the most jacked guy in the room.

They literally think that they can just shove a bunch of oil in their arms and get a 21-inch arm overnight without even having a foundation of muscle.

Synthol abuse stems from impatience, and an extremely skewed perception of self-worth.

Typically, these freaks see some instant results from jabbing some oil into themselves, and then get addicted to the quick results.

They get so addicted to the quick results that they can't perceive how ridiculous it really looks.

If you actually tried to buy a private label brand like Syntherol or Painless Pumps (or any other Synthol product), the amount of money it would cost you to get the amount of oil these guys are jabbing into their arms, and other body parts that are in these videos, would be unaffordable for the majority of people.

Moreover, these guys aren't just taking your standard run-of-the-mill Synthol products, these guys are literally taking giant bottles of any oil they can find and jabbing it into themselves.

These disasters that you see are guys taking thousands of milliliters of olive oil (or other kinds of cheap oil) and just jamming it into muscle groups.

These individuals are not representative of Synthol use in bodybuilding.

Synthol Use In The Bodybuilding Industry

Synthol use in the bodybuilding industry is taboo and rarely touched on, but it's common nonetheless.

Synthol is exactly what a lot of bodybuilders are using, or have at least tried before, but it is used in a much more calculated way, and is typically reserved for bringing up a lagging body part that is already well developed.

Bostin Loyd Flex

That's how bodybuilders use it, and they mostly all get away with it.

No one calls them out because it's unnoticeable the majority of the time.

If you take a developed body part, and then you pin it with some oil, you're not going to notice much deformation until it gets to a point where too much oil is being pinned into the same spot, it's not being distributed evenly, the shots are too shallow, or an infection occurs.

Getting to the point where you've permanently deformed your arm or your chest to the point that you have a giant bubble muscle like these freaks you see online would take thousands of milliliters of oil, and nobody in their right mind is going to do that.

There's a huge misconception where people think that just one shot of Synthol with ruin a physique

Synthol abuse is a gradual and very obvious progression of ruining your physique.

You'd have to be an idiot to let it happen because it takes dozens, if not hundreds of these shots to get to that point if you are using a body part with a good foundation of muscle.

For most bodybuilders with a lot of muscle on their frame, they could go buy a 100 milliliter bottle of Synthol and pin 3 cc's into all of their body parts and nobody would even notice a difference.

That's just the body metabolizes that sterile oil the exact same way it metabolizes fats in the body.

Synthol is literally just sterile oil.

The Synthol abusers got to a point where they've stretched their fascia out so much that there's just no coming back to a normal looking physique.

The guys who do Synthol injections sensically step on stage and nobody is the wiser the majority of the time, barring unexpected outcomes like infections, hitting nerves, and so on.

I don't condone its use, I simply want to shed light on this widely misunderstood practice.

Bodybuilders Who Use Synthol

It's actually more common to get an infection from gear than it is to end up with a ruined body part via Synthol experimentation.

Even the freak accident shot Bostin Loyd had where he hit a nerve and his arm ballooned up like crazy which resulted in permanent scarring was a steroid injection, not a synthol injection.

Bostin Loyd scars on tricep from injecting into ulnar nerve

If Bostin Loyd wasn't so public about everything, no one would even guess that he's used Synthol.

Prior to his botched tricep shot with gear, you would just assume that he has great arm genetics.

Bostin Loyd and Ariella Palumbo backstage at bodybuilding competition

When you see Flex Wheeler, the first thing you think would probably not be that he uses Synthol.

All you can see when you look at Flex are crazy elite genetics and full muscle bellies.

Young Flex Wheeler On Stage


In reality, he does have the most insane bodybuilding genetics ever, but he still used Synthol, and so did a lot of other pro-bodybuilders in the 90s.

His site enhancement use in the past is obvious now that he has lost a significant amount of his foundation of muscle.

Flex Wheeler Arms After Synthol Use And Losing Muscle

People are still using Synthol to this day, it's a very commonplace thing in the IFBB.

Correlation Between Synthol and Steroids

Synthol use has such a negative perception that almost nobody discusses it openly.

At the end of the day, even if you use steroids, you're technically using Synthol because the literal steroid hormone is suspended in oil, and you're putting the oil into yourself.

If you pin oil without hormones in it, then that's bad.

But pinning gear with hormone in it is fine?

All Synthol is, is just sterile oil without hormones in it, and when you take steroids, it's also just sterile oil, but with active compound suspended in it.

That's the only difference.

Ingredients In Synthol

“Synthol consists usually of oil, benzyl alcohol and lidocain. It consists of 85% of oil (normally it is oil built by medium-length MTC chains because it gives the best effects), 7,5% of lidocain (painkiller), 7,5% of alcohol (to sterilize the mixture)” [R].

The only reason why Synthol has a localized hypertrophic effect is because people are putting so much volume in their muscle bellies that it's forcing the muscle to stretch out to accommodate the oil being injected into it.

At the end of the day, it's just sterile oil and it's being demonized like its some sort of fake implant used for plastic surgery.

If you've pinned gear before, you've technically pinned sterile oil, which is exactly what Synthol is.

Synthol Misconceptions Debunked

The only thing that differentiates a Synthol freak from everyone else who discretely uses it in the bodybuilding industry is the fact that the freaks are intentionally putting thousands of milliliters of oil into body parts that aren't developed.

If someone shoves hundreds of milliliters of anything in a body part, it's going to have to stretch out to accommodate that lack of space in the fascia.

That's just common sense.

These Synthol freaks are not representative of what the point of Synthol use is in a bodybuilding context.

The really inflamed botched shots you see online in bodybuilders who are actually competing in shows are typically the result of steroid infections.

More often than not, these infections occur from bad shots of water-based drugs.

Bodybuilders who still show up on stage with infections are immediately labeled as poster boys for Synthol abuse, when it often isn't the case at all.

Shoulder infections before and after

More often than not, it actually has nothing to do with the Synthol.

In Dexter Jackson's case, this was probably a torn muscle, or a bad injection (watch the video, as the thumbnail is photoshopped).

Yes, you could have an infection from an injection of Synthol, but it's actually far more common for guys to get these freak accident infections with water based compounds and suspensions pre-contest.

It's much less common to get a freak accident infection from hormone-free sterile oil.

Synthol is just sterilized MCT oil at the end of the day, not some magical compound that will transform body parts.


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