What Is The Best Creed Aventus Clone?

Creed Aventus


Creed Aventus is one of the most highly regarded (if not the most) fragrances in the world.

It has gained an unparalleled level of respect among fragrance enthusiasts, as well as even small-time collectors.

The reason being that it is not only an amazing scent with fantastic performance, but it is so damn unique that it is highly unlikely anyone else will ever be wearing the same fragrance as you, and who doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd with something totally unique.

It definitely is in a class of its’ own in some regards, and is absolutely a lady killer.

Do I think it’s as amazing as it’s hyped up to be by many fragrance fanatics?

No I don’t.

However, I DO agree that it is VERY good.

I wouldn’t spend $300+ on a fragrance though that I’m not completely enamored with.

Hence why I started expressing interest in some of the “Creed Aventus clones” on the market that I had heard about.

There are 2 fragrances in particular that are very well known for being nearly indiscernible from Creed Aventus.

Those fragrances are Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man, and Reyane Tradition Insurrection Pure II.

Club De Nuit Intense Man Vs. Insurrection Pure II




Now, the question on everybody’s mind is which of these is the better Creed Aventus clone.

Well, off the bat I can say one thing, they both have the same dry down as Creed Aventus (or as close as you’re going to get to it).

The top notes is where there is a big difference in these fragrances.

Insurrection Pure II, Club De Nuit Intense Man, and Creed Aventus share nearly the exact same notes from top to bottom, with blatant bergamot, apple and pineapple top notes.

Insurrection Pure II is much closer to Creed Aventus in this opening, whereas Club De Nuit Intense has a very sharp lemon top note.

Now, for very hardcore frag heads who actually know the differences between the Creed Aventus batches, there are in fact some batches with the noticeable lemon note too.

However, I find that the lemon top note is so harsh, and the dry down takes so long to come with Club De Nuit Intense, that it ruins the scent for me almost entirely.

Insurrection Pure II on the other hand is far closer of a match to the predominantly smokey, woody, pineapple batches of Creed Aventus.

These batches I prefer far more myself, and it seems that the ladies do as well that I asked.

Basically, the only stark difference between Club De Nuit Intense and Insurrection Pure II is that heavy-duty lemon top note.

I much prefer Insurrection Pure II and will stick with it in the future as my Creed Aventus clone.

The Only Time You Should Buy A Bottle Of Creed Aventus (In My Opinion)

  1. You are a collector
  2. You have lots of disposable income
  3. You absolutely want the extra strong beast-mode performance that Creed Aventus has

If you don't fall into any of those categories, then you should stick with Insurrection Pure II as it will absolutely suffice as an amazing Creed Aventus clone that is so close scent wise, that even many frag heads wouldn’t be able to tell the difference blind folded, and it is less than 1/10th of the price.


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Subscribe and get my “20 Underground Bodybuilding Secrets You Won’t Find On Google” E-Book 100% FREE