Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) While On A Steroid Cycle – Do NOT Use One Until You Read This

Why You Shouldn’t Have A Predetermined Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) Dose

One colossal mistake I see widespread among bodybuilders and recreational enhanced lifters is that they have a predetermined dosage set for their Aromatase Inhibitor (AI).

It seems that AI usage has become so commonplace that users don’t even bother to understand the purpose of the drug in the first place prior to implementing it into their regimen.

Nowadays, AI’s are treated almost as on-cycle essentials, and are simply a necessity just like your multivitamin you pop each day is.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, and it explains why many individuals embark on their anabolic cycles with a misconception that they need an AI in there at a particular dosage to “prevent side effects.”

I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen a guy propose his entire cycle layout asking for feedback, and for some strange reason his AI dose is already determined prior to the cycle, and stays constant for the entire duration of the cycle despite other changes in aromatizing compounds occurring during the cycle.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

“Hey guys, newbie to AAS here and wanted to run my cycle by you guys and see if you have any feedback or changes you would make.

Week 1-12: Test E 750 mg

Week 1-12: Equipoise 700 mg

Week 1-4: Dbol 40 mg per day

Week 8-12: Anavar 50 mg per day

Week 1-12: Arimidex 0.5 mg per day

Week 14-16: Nolvadex 40 mg per day

Week 14-16: Clomid 100 mg per day

Week 16-18: Nolvadex 20 mg per day

Week 16-18: Clomid 50 mg per day”

Now, to the average steroid user, that probably doesn’t look like a bad cycle outline and they may even be asking themselves what exactly is wrong with this.

Look closer, from week 1-12 the guy has proposed that he will be using 0.5 mg per day of Arimidex.

So, basically, if he knows what the point of having Arimidex is in a cycle, you would think he’d realize the point of Arimidex is to keep your Estrogen in check.

However, if you understand how these drugs work in the first place, you will understand there is a compounding effect with everything, and they take several weeks to fully saturate in your system.

Some longer than others.

In the case of this cycle, there are 2 heavily aromatizing compounds in there for the first 4 weeks (Test E and Dbol).

Then, for the next 8 weeks he’s completely off of Dbol and adds in Anavar at the end for 4 weeks.

So, it should be pretty obvious by now that there is a vastly different amount of aromatization occurring at different points of this cycle.

Even with the Test E, after his first couple shots, will there be as much test circulating in his system as there will be once the drug has fully saturated in the blood stream 5 weeks later in the cycle?

Of course not.

So, if there’s not as much test circulating in his system as it hasn’t fully built up yet, there won’t be as much Estrogen in his system.

So, if there is differing amounts of aromatization occurring at different points of this cycle, as well as saturation levels increasing at different rates and heavily aromatizing compounds being swapped in and out of the cycle, does it make sense to be using the exact same dose of Aromatase Inhibitor for the entirety of this cycle?


This is the point I’m trying to drive home with this article.

At the start of your cycle, these drugs are just entering your blood and haven’t even reached saturation levels, yet, a predetermined dose of Arimidex is being used to combat aromatization that may not even need addressing at the time, and that same predetermined dose is used later in the cycle where the amount of aromatization will be vastly different.

How can you expect to keep your Estrogen levels in the sweet spot with a predetermined dosage of your Aromatase Inhibitor?

Long story short, you can’t, unless you have been using the exact same compound for a very long period of time and have definitively concluded via blood work what dosage of that particular compound equates to a particular level of Estrogen aromatization in the body.

Why This Is A HUGE Problem In The Medical Community Too

If you've read any of my posts about hormones, you probably already know by now how little faith I have in most general doctors when it comes to properly addressing underlying hormonal deficiencies and imbalances.

Depending on where you live, getting prescribed TRT for insufficient natural Testosterone production is a challenge in itself (many doctors will tell a 21 year old they are fine and healthy even if their blood work indicates their Testosterone is equivalent to the “normal” of an 80 year old geezer).

Then, after actually getting on TRT, another challenge often rears its ugly head, and that is Estrogen control, and how to go about doing it safely and most effectively.

Just the other day I had a consultation with a guy who told me about how he is on 150 mg of Testosterone per week for his TRT, and his doctor put him on 1 mg of Arimidex every day for his Aromatase Inhibitor.


Well actually, not really, because there are a disturbing amount of doctors entrusted to treat patients properly who are actually completely incompetent when it comes to proper treatment during HRT.

However, this was beyond excessive.

This guy was literally on the second strongest Aromatase Inhibitor there is, for a dosage of Testosterone that just keeps his Test levels at high-normal.

And not only that, he was on 1 mg per day.

I wouldn't need that much of an Aromatase Inhibitor even if I was on 5x as much Testosterone as he is on per week.

So as expected, his libido nose dived, his dick ceased to work properly (no erections), he had insanely dry and achy joints, among a myriad of other horrible side effects.

But basically, he felt like shit.

This is EXACTLY why when you are utilizing a drug that aromatizes into Estrogen and an AI may become necessary, you get baseline blood work, and then when you add an AI in, you use a very conservative dose of the most mild and forgiving AI there is (depending on what/how much aromatizing hormones you're using), and titrate up accordingly based on your blood work until you've reached the Estrogen sweet spot (or based on symptoms which is the “bro” method which is not recommended).

E.G. my TRT is also 150 mg per week, and I literally only need to use 12.5 mg of Aromasin once a week to keep my Estrogen in the sweet spot.

Obviously the requirements will vary individual to individual dependent on your own genetic predispositions, but nobody would EVER need 1 mg of Arimidex everyday for TRT, and if they did they would be an extreme genetic outlier scenario, and even in a scenario like that I would bet money their Estrogen was actually in the toilet, or their Arimidex was fake/underdosed.

What’s The Estrogen Sweet Spot And How To Stay There

Typically, most men feel their best when their estrogen levels lie between 20-30 pg/ml in their blood work.

This is the target “estrogen sweet spot” you want to shoot for to feel amazing and improve your quality of life substantially.

If you start to get too far above this level, you can start to experience symptoms of high Estrogen.

If you start to get too far below this level, you can start to experience symptoms of low Estrogen.

Both scenarios are very unpleasant to say the least.

So, the key to staying in the sweet spot is getting your blood work done, and adjusting your AI dose accordingly based upon your current Aromatase Inhibitor needs.

If your Estrogen is too high, then you need to slightly increase your AI dose, or switch to a stronger one and start the titration process over again.

If your Estrogen is too low, then you need to slightly lower your AI dose, or switch to a weaker one and start the titration process over again.

It isn’t rocket science, however, many users seem to have completely neglected to comprehend why they are using an AI in the first place, and what purpose it serves.

If I kept my AI dosage constant like that during a cycle (by cycle I mean a blast phase of a supraphysiological amount of highly aromatizing hormones), my experience would more than likely start out with me feeling symptoms of low estrogen, followed by symptoms of high estrogen later in the cycle once my level of aromatization had surpassed the inhibitory capacity of that particular dosage of AI.

The First Thing You Should Do

If you have any of the traditional symptoms of high estrogen or low estrogen, you should first and foremost get blood work with a sensitive assay test to see where your estrogen levels lie.

Some labs use a standard assay test, which is tailored for women almost exclusively, so you would be wise to request the “sensitive” assay version.

Even with high testosterone levels, you can still experience ALL of the unwanted side effects of out of range estrogen levels if they are too high or low.

Common symptoms of high estrogen include:

  • Acne, oily skin
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low libido
  • Lethargy
  • Gynecomastia (man boobs)
  • Aggression and bitchiness
  • Depression
  • Water retention
  • High blood pressure
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Shrunken testicles
  • Sugar cravings

Common symptoms of low estrogen include:

  • Dull weak orgasms
  • Dry skin and lips
  • Dehydration
  • Low libido
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy

These are all quite unpleasant side effects, and it isn’t uncommon to experience several of them at once if your estrogen levels remain too high or low.

After seeing where your Estrogen levels lie, you can decide what dose of AI, and which AI is appropriate to combat those symptoms.

If these symptoms go away and your sex drive is perfect, you have no erectile dysfunction issues, etc. you can conclude that your dosage of AI is satisfactory for the time being.

Obviously the best way to confirm where your Estrogen levels lie though is via blood work.

However, it isn’t uncommon for individuals to overshoot the Estrogen sweet spot, and tank their Estrogen without even knowing it.

This is far less likely to happen with the weaker AI’s like Arimistane and Aromasin, but it is very common with Arimidex and Letrozole.

The goal you should have is to keep your Estrogen between 20-30 pg/ml for the entirety of your cycle, regardless of what dosage of AI is necessary to achieve that.

Using a predetermined dosage for your AI simply makes zero sense.

Which Aromatase Inhibitor Is Weakest And Which Is The Strongest

  • Arimistane (greatest margin of error, weakest aromatase inhibitor)
  • Aromasin (high margin of error, fairly strong aromatase inhibitor)
  • Arimidex (low margin of error, fairly easy to crash Estrogen unless on a high dose of aromatizing compounds, very strong aromatase inhibitor)
  • Letrozole (minimal margin of error, VERY easy to crash Estrogen by accident, even on tons of aromatizing compounds, the strongest aromatase inhibitor)

Keep in mind, Arimistane is the only over the counter Aromatase Inhibitor on that list, the other three are Rx AI's, and can only be obtained via a prescription from your doctor and should only be used under the direction of your doctor.

In Conclusion

Which Aromatase Inhibitor you should choose and the dosage you use should be based on your own individual propensity to aromatization, what your blood work indicates, the dosage of the aromatizing drugs you are using, etc.

E.G. if your TRT is 125 mg per week for example, and your doctor is giving you 0.5 mg of Arimidex twice per week, and after several weeks utilizing that protocol you get a blood test and your Estrogen levels show that you have a 5.5 pg/ml reading, you are using too much Arimidex, and probably shouldn't even be using Arimidex in the first place as such a little amount of it is crashing your Estrogen and it is too powerful of an AI for your particular needs.

Electing for a weaker AI in that scenario would be wise, and starting with a very conservative amount of it.

Some guys don't even need an Aromatase Inhibitor at all, which is also something to keep in mind.

The usage requirements of Aromatase Inhibitors while on SARMs will greatly differ from that of traditional aromatizing Steroids as well, which needs to be taken into consideration if that's what you are using.

If your doctor is forcing drugs like Arimidex on you, be 100% sure you understand how to interpret your blood work before you start popping pills and hurt yourself.

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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146 thoughts on “Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) While On A Steroid Cycle – Do NOT Use One Until You Read This”

  1. I did one cycle of 1-AD, and it during the PCT phase, my nipple got red, irritated, and a hard lump. It went away after a few weeks. Months later, it just flared up again. Is this normal? I started taking 50mg Androst daily to help reduce it.

    Is there any SARM that would be safe for me to take, without the risk of worsening things?

    1. If you have an existing lump and you do something to exasperate it then ya it’s normal.

      Depends what you define as safe. In almost all cases where there are side effects, the side effects are just less exaggerated versions of normal AAS side effects.

  2. Hey Derek!

    If I am going to run a cycle of lgd 4033 for 10-12 weeks, is an AI needed? Like arim-rx 1 pill ED or should i only have it in hand?

  3. Hey Derek,

    If yomeone was to run a 6 week long T-bol (at 60 mg) only cycle alongside lgd, Mk 677 and GW would Arimistane as an AI DURING cycle most likely be enough or would it be more likely to rquire a stronger AI as you mentioned such as Aromasin. Especially since T-bol shouldn’t aromatise too strong. Thanks in advance.

    Love the content

    1. The entire point of the article is explaining why you shouldn’t have a predetermined AI dose, and you’re asking me what predetermined AI dose you should use.

      Start at the low end with Aromasin at 12.5mg eod is what I’d do, and then taper as necessary relative to your amount of aromatization/dose of test, and your individual estrogen levels. I can’t predict what you will/won’t need though at the end of the day, hence the article.

    1. Soon to be running lgd and mk, I have exemestane on hand and plan on getting bloods before, during and after the cycle. if gyno becomes a problem during my cycle should I stop the cycle and continue using the ai? Or continue the cycle and just up the dose of the ai and hope the gyno sorts itself out?

  4. If someone was running a 12 week test e 300mg each week, with oxandrolone 1-4 8-12 50mg ED
    Would arimastane be a strong enough AI if problems were to arise on cycle?
    Gyno, bloating etc ?

      1. I managedto get 60x 25mg aromasin.
        And now I’ve numbed up to 550mg Test E per week.
        As mentioned before ( I doubt it matters in regard to this questions as Oxandrolone does not aromatise )
        I’m also doing Oxandrolone week 1-8 50mg ED

        At this dose of Test,
        Should I just start taking the aromasin without first seeing if I need it ? ( I think I should at this dose )

        If so when should I start?

        And if I do the above, what dose and how often ?
        I shall get bloods at week 5/6 to have clear results.

        Not sure if it’s gonna help, but I hope, gonna take an anti e from bulk powders. Apprently there’s something that makes you piss out the more potent E.
        Again if you say to avoid that after looking on their site I shall.


          1. Bloods would be ideal. It’s almost guaranteed you will at least need 12.5mg EOD or ED though on that much Test.

        1. Hey Derek. I am taking my first cycle and have learned a lot through your YouTube channel and website. I am taking 400 MG Test E divides I two two shots. I am taking 12.5 mg of aromasin every time I take my shot. Do you think that is a good starting point or the test I am using is high and shoulder use aromasin more. Also should I worry about aromasin and hairloss? Thanks in advance

          1. If you’re forced to use an AI to use a certain dose of Test, then you’re using too much Test, or your frequency of administration, diet and/or lifestyle practices are not optimized to allow you to use that much without overly aromatizing. I’d worry more about the hair loss from spiking your Test and DHT through the roof.

          2. Hey so I understand what you are saying but the only reason I’m taking an AI is just in case because you had said test e is the most aromatizing. You said that you take 150mg and still take an AI but once a week only and because I’m doing 400 I assumed I would need to do more than just once. Is that not right?

  5. Brandon Robertson

    Hey Derek,

    I’m just beginning a 12 week of only Test Cypionate cycle, nothing else. Going to be very mild, 200mg a week broken up into two dosages of 100mg. So it’s basically going to be a TRT dosage. Haven’t had any bloodwork done yet. Do I need anything in the way of an AI, and if so, what and how much? Could I even get away with not taking an AI and just make due with a PCT once my cycle is over?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. You might, impossible to tell you though for sure without seeing your blood work. How much = dependent on where your Estrogen is.

      Could you get away with not taking one, maybe, depends how prone to aromatization you are an how out of range (if at all) you get. If your Estrogen is severely elevated, then no, you won’t get away with it and will likely end up with permanent breast tissue.

      Have Aromasin on hand no matter what, just in case.

  6. Thanks for you’re previous responses.

    Right it turns out I do ( as you said need an A.I )
    But for money reasons and wanting to save my exemestane for PCT, in using Anastrazole,
    About a week into my test I noticed I did feel low-ish mood, so took .5mg anastrazol EOD. Did this for a then .5 ED and still noticed I felt really moody in the mornings. So bumped up to 1mg ED and today was my second day on this dose.
    I have been feeling better about 3 hours after taking it.

    Tomorrow is my 3rd shot of Test.

    Should I continue with this dose of anastrazole?

    Am I likely to have to lower it or increase it?

    1. 1mg of Arimidex ED is way the fuck overkill. Get blood work, you have zero reference of your baseline and are taking shots in the dark.

      Also, you don’t need an AI during PCT, you need SERMs, so I’m not sure why you’re saving the Aromasin.

        1. I don’t know what country you live in but where I’m from I just go to my doctor and tell them what I want done and why and then get a form and go to get my bloods done.

          1. In the U.K.
            I got a test/estradoil test ready for me. Purchased from medichecks.

            I gotta do the test in the morning. Was wondering if you think I should do the test before I take the anastrazole dose for the day or after.
            Currently taking .5mg x4 a week. Seem to be ok with this at the mo.

      1. Never needed any kind of AI on trt. I am about to add 250mg of Primo for 10 weeks and I was considering adding 20mg/day Anavar for the last 4-5 weeks. I was wondering why someone couldn’t just take more Arimistane instead of switching to prescription AI. If there was low estrogen in bloodwork on 1 pill/day Arimistane would you switch to Aromasin or could you just take 2 Arimistane pills/day?

  7. Very nice article sir. I’d like to ask for your suggestion of how long should wait before doing bloodwork? Should it be day 1/end of week1? and how often should it be done? thanks in advance!

    1. I’d get baseline bloods done to see where you’re at before adding in exogenous hormones, and then after you add in aromatizing drugs start with a low dose of your AI off the bat and titrate up accordingly as the aromatizing drugs compound in your system.

  8. So what about novaldex and clomid on the scale of the strongest to weakest scale? Could you get away with just nova or clomid on a cycle of let’s say test only? Otherwise, when is a good time to utilize one of these two drugs? Do you use them with your amaromastine inhibitors or would they be more for gyno symptoms?

    All in all very good read and very informing. Well done!

    1. Nolvadex and Clomid aren’t AI’s so you can’t compare them for on cycle estrogen management. Blocking estrogen from binding at a particular receptor site is not the same as systemically inhibiting the amount of estrogen circulating in your body.

  9. michael stenhoff

    Alright so this is my 3rd cycle. I’ve previously done cyp and anavar, prop and dbol, 500mg of test per week. This time I’m running cyp only and 250mg eod. I’ve been told to take .5ml armidex after injection on injection days, so eod as well. I have to wait to get blood tests but from the research I’ve done it’s better to start the adex, rather than waiting. Do you think I’m doing the right thing? I didn’t want to wait to take it and have irreversible sides. I’m on week 4 with no real issues. Thanks in advance!

      1. HELP!!!

        This is my cycle

        Week 1-12 Test E @450mg (injecting Monday and Thursday)

        Week 13-15 taking nothing to let esters clear and such,

        Week 16-17 Nolvadex @40mg a day

        Week 18-19 Nolva @20Mg a day

        Quick concern tho, I’m on my first week on cycle but I had bloodwork done pre cycle and my estro was naturally a bit high , do you recommend I start taking the Arimidex @0.25mg on the days of my shots now? Or should I wait till the Enanthate ester settles in? I’m also personally pretty prone to high aromatization.

  10. Hey Derek,

    Nice Article !

    I just finished the second week of my 500 mg sustanon 250 + Primo cycle. I plan to run Sust for 14 weeks. Will put Var and Winny in the last 5 weeks.

    I also have Arimidex , Nolva and clomid with me.

    I have already started noticing that I am getting fuller and big, but also bloated. Definition hasnt come yet , and i feel the gains are partly water and muscles.

    i have a history of some chest fat, and I started to feel puffy in my nipples. Areola is slightly bigger than before.

    What dose would you suggest me for Arimidex ? I dont want to kill my sex drive and dry joints.

    I will keep Nolva and clomid as a PCT. But need guidance on AI on cycl.e

    I am 103 Kgs / 6 Ft. 1 inch. / 18% BF.


    1. Get a blood test and I’ll be able to give you a better answer.

      I’d start with 0.25 mg ED for now seeing as you have no bloods to reference.

  11. Does aromatse have a limit, say running 3-4g test per week. Ive read somewhere but cant find it anymore, that you can only convert so much to estrogen and that there will be a upper limit at some point. Like you produce same amount of e2 wheter you run 3 or 5g of test.
    Thank you!

  12. Hi derek
    Big fan of ur articles
    I am from india currently doin 400 mg test e per week split in two doses.i got a estrogen test done its shows 131 that is way too much my total test is around 3500.i dnt knw if it was a standard essay or a sensitive assay coz even the labs dont knw it but they told me the method was CMIA.i dnt have a libido and even if i have a erection i loose it very quickly.thank u in advance

    1. My question was is it normal to have such high 130 e2 on 400mg test per week.have started with 25mg aromasin e3d.or can my e2 be high coz i was goin 40mg nolvadex for 3 weeks for gyno issues.thnk u sir

  13. I’m doing a 12 week cycle of lgd, RAD and mk2866. Will aromasin at 25 MG every 3 days have any negative impact on muscle growth. I’m taking it since I already have Puffy nipples from puberty.

    1. Lowering your Estrogen below the sweet spot will hinder muscle growth yes. If you keep it where it should be though then no, although chronic use of an AI will hurt your lipids.

      1. Is aromasin directly gonna affect muscle growth or indirectly by lethargy, joint issues etc. Cause I read unlike other Ai aromasin boosts igf by 25%, whereas letrozole and adex suppress it.
        I’m just asking cause I have already bought 30 tabs of aromasin. If it ain’t gonna cause issues then I could use it.

  14. Hey derek,
    I’m currently running a 12 week cycle and I’m 1 week in.
    Week 1-12 test e 500 mg per week
    Week 1-5 Anadrol 50 mg per day

    I was thinking of starting letrozol once i start feeling the bloating/gyno but I’m confused as i had my gynocomestia operation done 3 months ago. Will i develop gynecomastia on gear? And is letrozol okay or should i get something milder?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Depends if they full removed the gland or not. Letrozole is overkill for sure. Get Aromasin or Arimidex at most, and bloods done to see where you’re at is what I would do.

  15. Hey Derek, I’m 22 just got my natural blood work done never taken anything my levels were 390 total test , estrodial was 18.. would you mind telling me how I should dose my AI I am doing TRT myself at 250 test E to see how I feel Ik it’s high for trt but seeing how I react don’t wana do a big cycle. My friend is giving me Arimidex because it’s all I can find could you recommend a dose for that weekly?

    1. Not sure, you’d have to get on TRT and then get a blood test and see. Arimidex is horrible for lipids and not something you want to be on long term. Ideally you don’t even want to be on an AI if you don’t need one. Get on TRT and then get bloods done. Once you get an E2 reading on Test you can figure out how much Adex (if any) you need.

  16. My question was is it normal to have such high 130 e2 on 400mg test per week.have started with 25mg aromasin e3d.or can my e2 be high coz i was goin 40mg nolvadex for 3 weeks for gyno issues.thnk u sir

  17. Hey bud, I’m running “per week”
    test e 500 1-10w
    Deca 600 1-10w
    Winny 50mg Ed 1-7w
    I’m on my 8th day
    Don’t feel any pain during or after injections… nor do I feel any extra energy etc…. everything seems to be normal besides pumps are fuller and a little more muscle hardness… don’t have any signs of estrogen issues and have not started running anything for it yet..my right elbow seems it could be a little dryer pops like a nuckle bairly and no pain. other then that I feel pretty much the same before I started I think I put on a little water weight… was on a macro diet for a month and lost about 15 pounds but as soon as I started this for a week I gained about 8 pounds back and still on same diet
    my only questions would be
    is the water weight gain because of estrogen and also
    do you think that’s a good cycle…
    Someone recommended me tAking 1mg arimidex 2 times a week…

    1. It’s barely kicked in yet. Using Winny during a bulk (assuming that’s what this is) is not a wise choice imo. The water is from your diet in combination with the drugs. Deca will bloat you like crazy.

      1. Okay thanks
        Going to get some bloods done this week… maybe I won’t need an ai only pct at least that’s what my gear “plug” has led me to believe

      2. Honestly I wanted to just keep my muscle mass and lean out no fat and get shredded…. to be ready for summer next year of course… I was puzzled when he gave me all 3 in combination maybe he misunderstood what my goals were…

  18. Derek I just came off a 500mg a week EQ cycle and 500 sustanon about 4-5 weeks ago. I run 500 sustanon a week year around for last couple years. I have Tamoxifen and arimidex on hand. I was running about 0.5 mg eod arimidex at the end of my cycle and started having estrogen problems. Stopped the EQ and went to 1mg a day arimidex and didn’t help. I had only been running it for about a month though the dex. I have bad genetic estro problems cause mom has big boobs. I’m bloated, nipples sore, gyno etc. So a week ago I went to 50mg Tamoxifen a day and stopped the dex with no effect. I went and got blood done yesterday. Still on my 500 sust and 50mg Tamoxifen. I’m getting aromasin again very soon. But until then can I combine 50mg Tamoxifen and maybe 0.5 mg a day dex together? Again have bad estro symptoms right now and have bad genetic estro problems. 12.5 mg Aromasin ED used to work for me. But the dex and Tamoxifen hasn’t been working. What do ya think?

    1. You just said you came off a cycle 4-5 weeks ago, and then you said you’re still on 500 Sust. You will need to be more specific about what exactly is going on. What I can tell you though is that an AI will inhibit your systemic Estrogen, which is the root of all Estrogen issues, and then a SERM (like Nolva) occupies the receptors in breast tissue that would prevent gyno from developing. Existing gyno can be reversed/shrunk to a significant extent with a good SERM (Ralox or Nolva) but preventing further exacerbation of an elevated Estrogen (out of range) issue should be handled with an AI. Go get a blood test and see where your E2 is at.

  19. Hi Derek

    I am running a test only 1st cycle
    I’m 3 weeks in taking 600mg of test 400 injecting on monday and thursday

    got bloods done see below

    TESTOSTERONE *48.3 nmol/L Range 8.64 to 29 nmol/L
    17-BETA OESTRADIOL *293 pmol/L Range 41 to 159 pmol/L

    So My testostrorone is not quite twice the top of the range but my oestrogen is nearly double

    currently not taking any Ai what would you suggest I start with looking at the results and do you think this oestrogen level will cause any bad sides etc


      1. Thanks Derek

        so what would be the sweet spot in that range and I’ve ordered some Aromasin what amount and frequency would you suggest starting and when would be a good time to wait before getting bloods done again or would you bother

  20. Hey Derek, I’m about to run my first cycle at test e @ 600mg/week 1-10 weeks with dbol @ 25mg ED 1-4 weeks. I have Arimidex on hand but do you recommend I wait for any signs of high estrogen or take a small dose like .25-.5mg EOD since my first pin?

    1. I’d start with a low dose off the bat and titrate up accordingly. You will undoubtedly run into Estrogen issues without an AI on that much aromatizing gear.

  21. I’m trying to figure out when to stop using an AI (aromasin) for my first Test E cycle.

    Do I drop the AI after my last shot of test? Continue it and taper down until I begin my PCT 10-14 days after?

    1. I’d wait until PCT starts as their will still be Testosterone aromatizing in your system. However, your dosage needs will decrease.

  22. Interesting article, Dr Rand McClain from ask the Doc Videos, suggests using Anastrozole while using Test at the start as a more aggressive way of estrogen control. Would this not be a more proactive and advisable approach?.I would much prefer to be overly careful and prevent something rather than having to treat it if it happens. I’m interested to know if you can out line a general PCT protocol that uses this format, which is using the Anastrozole at the start of a Test Cycle then using the HCG or suggest one which you think is more advisable. I plan to run a 10 week Test only cycle and would like to do it as correct and as possible. Thanks

    1. Depends on your dosage of aromatizing compounds, and the dosage of AI you would be starting with. Idiots commonly prescribe their patients with dosages of Arimidex so high that it totally tanks their Estrogen and ruins their quality of life because they don’t understand how to monitor hormones correctly.

      I also hate Arimidex. Terrible for lipids and just an unhealthy drug all around that I would only reserve for moderate-high dosages of aromatizing compounds when it’s absolutely necessary.

      Most guys on cycle can get away with a modest dose of Aromasin, and if you are just referring to TRT dosages (what this doctor likely is referring to), there are ways to get Estrogen down (e.g. microdosing your weekly TRT in daily shots subq) that may allow you to avoid needing an AI entirely (the ideal scenario).

      1. It would be a basic 250mgs of test once per week for the 10 weeks. From what I have seen several TRT doctors are using this combination of Arimidex and HCG.Marc Lobliner has a video on youtube where he shares his HRT Prescription which includes this.I seen the standard PCT protocols using Nolvadex and Clomid, which requires a longer duration after your cycle has ended. I just have not come across and specific dosage guidelines with regard to the Arimidex and HCG, except for Kai at FormulaSecrets he says to use HCH after the cycle has endend.Kinda matches up with what you are saying somewhat 0.5 Arimidex one per week 1000/1500 I.U HCG per week. On the other hand Seth Spartan says use HCG all through the cycle. Obviously everyone is different and some things work for others and not so much for everyone else.

  23. Derek, a question for you? I was going to be running HCG with my 10 week 400-500mg per week Test cyp cycle. Obviously I want to get blood work done. I want to order the right blood test. I noticed under your blood test category for bodybuilders, the LH test wasn’t included? If I’m running an AI potentially (tbd via blood work results obviously) along with HCG and Test cyp, I just want to order the correct blood test. I currently take thyroid medication for hypothyroidism, so whichever test I do needs to include a full thyroid panel. Which one would you recommend? Also, if you are familiar with hcg, any recommendations on dosage or point me to an article can recommend this?

    One last thing, how long to run AI before PCT (assuming I even need it), like from when to when?
    Many Thanks!

    1. LH is in the test, maybe you missed it. You can add separate markers to your cart too if needed. If you want a comprehensive thyroid panel then add TPO Antibodies, TG Antibodies, and Reverse T3 to your cart. There might be a thyroid panel that’s cheaper than adding those 3 separately, you’d have to double check.

      How long to run an AI is dependent on your Estrogen levels, some guys don’t even need an AI at all, so it wouldn’t be possible for me to give you a concrete answer on that. However long your Estrogen levels would be out of range without an AI is the amount you should be using one, but I can’t predict how much your body will aromatize, that’s dependent on several factors.

  24. Hey buddy
    Am your big fan you are doing a great work . So I have a question
    I did a 12 week cycle of Deca and test but I used Nolvadex that time and when my cycle is done I did a mistake that I didn’t do a proper pct but after 4 months I start my 2nd cycle of tren and test 200 mg per weak but now I it’s my a 2 Nd week of cycle am not having a proper erection and feeling so tired always so I did my blood test of my estrogen level And it’s around 40pg/ml and so it is not in sweet point during cycle so I started taking .5mg ansatrozole every other day . So I am going right? Thanks in advance buddy

    1. I prefer Aromasin for a small change like that. You only want to drop 15 pg/mL at most, and Arimidex has a much lower margin of error. If you’re going about it right, I guess wait and see how you feel once your Estro is more optimal.

      Also, stop jerking off for a week and see what happens. Seriously.

      Some guys who think they have ED on cycle just have furiously high libido from the androgens and are yanking it far too often, and they are self-inducing ED.

      1. Sir
        So should I stop taking Armidex and start taking Aromasin . Am just taking 0.5 mg every other day . And can I use HCG during the cycle ?

        1. That’s up to you, if your E2 is in check with what you’re using then there wouldn’t be much reason to switch. All depends on your bloods.

  25. Test cyp 50mg twice a week in shoulders with 27g .5inch needle (fill with bigger needle) .

    still had around 40 e2. (I am about 25 pounds overweight so not drastically but definitely a little).

    Added 4(ish)mg aromasin morning after both soses. after 3 weeks did bloods and brought me down to 20 e2. I would like to actually take 3mg instead but the darn pills are so small at this point I don’t think I could split them any smaller without crumbling.

    anyway thats my experience. Going to have to dial it all in again soon since Im going to add HCG as soon as my gf gets her IUD replaced.

    1. Lose the fat and increase the frequency of your shots to ED or EOD with smaller dosages and you won’t need an AI at all.

  26. Can Ai cause hair loss? Since lowering estrogen can cause test to be raised. Will that have an effect on DHT and cause hair loss?

    Thank you.

    1. Yes it can. Lowering E2 lower = shortened anagen phase + potential telogen effluvium. Increased Test = increased DHT as well.

      With that being said, you can’t leave your E2 out of range high if it’s up there unless your androgens are high enough to balance out the ratio or else you’ll get gyno. And then you get into the realm of SERMs, but it’s just more bandaids to the root of the problem with more and more drugs.

  27. Hi sorry bro I replied to a previous post from jan a guy asked the following

    TESTOSTERONE *48.3 nmol/L Range 8.64 to 29 nmol/L
    17-BETA OESTRADIOL *293 pmol/L Range 41 to 159 pmol/L

    So My testostrorone is not quite twice the top of the range but my oestrogen is nearly double

    You replied
    Get some arimadex or aromasin ASAP
    I was wondering what amount of aromasin to get in sweet spot as my bloods were pretty much the same when I did a test only cycle last year I didn’t have any ai and got moonfaced a bit no gyno


    1. I would split up the shot frequency to ED or EOD to decrease aromatization, get leaner, and introduce 12.5 mg of Aromasin ED and see where that puts you. Frankly, I wouldn’t use that much Test anyways. If you are forced to use an AI to run a high dose of Test, you shouldn’t be using that much Test and would be better served using a lower dose and introducing other anabolics alongside it.

  28. Hi im gunna run my first test cycle of 400/500 test a week and maybe mk677 what ai do u think i should get? Thanks

    1. I wouldn’t run a test dosage so high that it forces you to use an AI first of all. If you’re dead set on it, Aromasin.

  29. Hey Derek,

    First I just want to thank you for the great information you put out there and for giving us your time.
    Secondly, would you mind looking over this cycle for me. I am not particularly adept but have done the research.

    Plan is to run Dianabol for 6 weeks at 40mg daily stacked with testosterone enanthate for 12 weeks at 160 mg every 8 days. I have arimidex for my AI incase I need one. I’ve read to use about 1mg daily if symptoms of high estrogen pop up. I have a liver support since I’m doing an oral cycle. For my PCT I have proviron (75 mg for 1 week then 25 mg for 2 weeks) and clomid (50mg for 2 weeks then 25 mg for 2 weeks). I also have clen which i wanted to use in my PCT for getting cut for 12 weeks at an increasing dose from 20mg – 100 mg daily.

    Any info you can give me would be appreciated.
    Thanks Derek!

    1. 1) Pinning frequency of Test E is far too spread out, especially if you want to minimize aromatization. 1 mg daily is probably overkill of Arimidex, and frankly stacking an Androstane (Dbol) that aromatizes into Estrogen alongside your Test that already fulfills that component of growth is the worst choice of second compound to add alongside your Test. Will it work, sure, but you’re just forcing yourself to take an AI which will further hinder your health and growth potential.

      2) The last thing I would do is try cutting in a deficit during PCT. Asking to lose muscle.

  30. Hey Derek,

    I just finished my first 2 month cycle of clen + T3(50mcg,1 a day) and anavar (20mg on off day, 40mworkout workout day) and arimidex (1mg pill every 3 days)

    In stopped the clen and anavar.

    My question for you sir is, should I continue taking the arimidex for pct? And If so how often ,and for how long do you reccomend?

    Thank you for any help!


  31. I’m doing 300mg Test E a week and need 25mg aromasin a week to control my estrogen. I’ve been splitting it into 12.5mg every 3.5 days, but have been considering doing 5mg 5 days a week. Is there any benefit to this?

    1. I would advise you look at your Testosterone admin frequency, body composition and diet first and foremost and see if you can get aromatization down enough naturally to not even need an AI. Unless you have a genetic polymorphism that results in you aromatizing far more than the average male, you shouldn’t need an AI at all for 300 mg of Test imo.

      As far as your question though, the more stable your hormones are via microdosing, the better.

  32. Doing 500mg of test e. How much Aromasin is normally needed once the test becomes fully saturated? I know only bloods can determine this but what would a good starting point be until I can have mid cycle bloods taken. 12.5 EOD or on pin days?

    1. I don’t know how much you need but 12.5 ED would be a good start imo for that much. Granted, that’s not an ideal way of figuring it out, and it somewhat defeats the purpose of blasting AAS in the first place if you’re going to use a dose so high that it forces you to take AI’s to drop your Estro into range, when you could just choose another more efficacious hormone to couple with a lower dose of Test your body can handle.

      1. Derek, I just started an identical cycle. I do plan on getting bloods 4-5weeks in.
        What are you assuming should be the dose if you had to guess? 1mg eod?

        1. 0.5 mg eod to start maybe. Depends. You shouldn’t be using that much AAS aromatizing into E2 though in the first place where it would force you to use an AI. Poor choice of compounds/dosages.

  33. Doing a low dose (5mg ED) YK11 run just for a little boost, would Arimistane be solid enough or even really needed? If so, run it during or after YK? Thanks, great read BTW

  34. Hey man hope everything is going well for you. Just wanted to get your opinion on the structure of my first cycle before I start. Wondering if there’s anything I’m missing or any errors on my part. Your feed back is greatly appreciated!

    Week 1-12 Test e @250Mg per week

    Week 13-15 Nothing will be taken to let the test begin to clear out

    Week 16-17 Nolvadex 40Mg per day

    Week 18-19 Nolvadex 20Mg per day

    Notes : I have Apoxar Aromasin (12.5Mg) on hand in case I need to counter any estrogen during my cyclee (which I would do taking the precautions you talked about and such). The Nolvadex is only for my pct.

      1. Hey just one more question. Like I said Ill be taking 250Mg Test Enanthate per week, should I split the dose into 2? (Inject 125Mg Mon & 125 Fri) Or since my dose is on the lower side, I should be okay with just pinning Mondays? Thanks for getting back to me so quick! Thanks for the feedback!

      2. New cycle :

        Week 1-12 @450 Mg Test E, (injecting Monday, Thursday)

        Week 13-15 nothing to clear ny system out

        Week 16-17 40 Mg of Nolva/Day

        Week 18-19 20 Mg of Nolva/Day

        However just had a concern, so Ive been on cycle for about a week but had pre bloodwork done and my estrogen was already a bit high for some reason. Do you think I should start my arimidex at 0.25mg on the days of my injection? (do inject Monday and take 0.25, repeat Thursday) , or should I wake till the ester of enanthate settles first to start? Me personally, I have a high aromatization possibility.

  35. Hey just one more question. Like I said Ill be taking 250Mg Test Enanthate per week, should I split the dose into 2? (Inject 125Mg Mon & 125 Fri) Or since my dose is on the lower side, I should be okay with just pinning Mondays? Thanks for getting back to me so quick! Thanks for the feedback!

  36. hi derek.
    In sweden its very populated to run dianabol by its own and no AI.
    I have been reading alot on swedish forums and no one mentions it, however after gathering information across the world it seems like a good option.
    However i was wondering if you think its necessary to run AI with a short simple dbol cycle at 20 mg for 30-40 days.
    I saw Dr Tony video about dianabol and he said that it wasnt necessary running AI with a small dose of dianabol

    1. Exact same answer from this article applies to what you’re asking. Depends on how much you aromatize. You might need one, you might not. 20 mg Dbol per day isn’t insignificant.

  37. Hi Derek. Before I read this article, my plan was to use Arimidex 0.5mg every 3 days from the start of my cycle. This is what was advised by many and also articles I have read online made me think an AI is good from the start. But what you have mentioned above makes sense. I will be taking test prop EOD 100mg per injection. I was not sure if I should rather just leave out the Arimidex. I have not done my blood test so I know it is hard to tell what to do at this point. PCT will be nolvadex and clomid. My question, should I rather drop the Arimidex till I get my blood tests back?

  38. Hi Derek,

    Thank you for this article, it was extremely informative. I am just finishing my 4th week of a 450mg tri test 400 p/w (pinning 320ml every 5 days). I am about to start on my HCG at 500ui p/w (again, pinning every 5 days.

    My pre cycle bloods were all in a normal range but for the last 10 days or so I’ve been experiencing tender nipples, depression, acne and water retention.

    I understand that without bloodwork, it’s very difficult to tell if/how much AI is needed. I do have Arimidex on hand though and was wondering if you might be able to suggest a start dose, so that I can taper up if needed. Also how long after taking the Arimidex should I expect to see if it’s enough or not?

    All the best,

  39. Thank you so much for this resource because I am so freaking out right now. I thought I’d do a “safe” first cycle and only do Test Propionate 100mg. I take 1ml EOD so I’m roughly running at just over 300mg a week. I am working really hard at the gym, but I have noticed some sort of breast tissue growing on my chest… the thing is though, it has only been seven days ?

    Now I know this is the hardest I have ever worked out at the gym, and i am also trying my hardest to eat more than I have eaten in the past year, so I am putting on weight as well. I am just developing good chest muscles or is this gynecomastia which is what I suspect.

    And if so, what do I do? I know you don’t know the dosage, but do i start with Aromasin or Arimidex ? Both will take a week to get to me. And do I . stop taking the test in the meanwhile?

    Thank you so much for reading, and for taking the time to reply if you do!!!

    1. You can’t develop a lump in a week. Gyno is pretty obvious when it is flaring as your nipples will be incredibly sensitive. My advice would be to get a sensitive assay estradiol blood test to see what is actually going on, and/or lower your dose. Using an AI just to run “too much” Test is not a good idea and just adds an additional layer of oxidative stress to your body unnecessarily while simultaneously hindering performance outcomes.

  40. Hi Derek,

    I know you probably think this is not the best cycle, but I’m currently running a 500mg/week test enanthate cycle (1st cycle ever).
    Since it’s my 1st, I’m trying to find my estrogen sweet spot. I’m through week 2 and I’ve been taking Arimidex 0.25 mg EOD so far.
    I didn’t want to wait until mid-cycle and I did one extra bloodwork after the 1 week (after 3 injections).
    These are the results:

    – Testosterone, Total: 34,40 ng/ml (reference value 2,40-8,71)

    – Testosterone, Free: >150 pg/ml (reference value 15.00 – 50.00)

    – Estradiol E2: <10 pg/ml (reference value 11.00 – 44.00)

    What would you suggest I do with my Arimidex dose for now based on these results? Maybe lower it to just 0.25 mg 2x a week?
    (I will obviously do bloodworks again mid-cycle)
    Thank you in advance!

      1. Thank you so much for your quick reply mate!
        Thing is I did the bloodworks after just 1 week and a half, and I’ve been told it usually takes 4-5 weeks for test to fully build in your system so that estrogen number may rise and at that point 0.25mg EOD may not be enough…

        So you think I should get off the AI anyway and repeat the bloodworks at week 6-7 and see if I need to start taking it again?
        I’m just scared estrogen levels may go high during these 4 weeks and I can’t just do bloodworks every week, it would be too expensive.

        Thanks again.

  41. Hi,
    As far as I understand, in your opinion a 12 week test only cycle is not a good choice. Even as a first/second cycle? What cycle would you recommend as an alternative?
    Maybe 100mg Test + 400mg EQ or 100mg Test + 400mg Primo?

    1. Test only is the best first cycle. Go read my articles on testosterone dosages and my first steroid cycle for more insight. 300 mg Test E per week for 12 weeks I think is a great first cycle.

  42. Hey Derek.
    I’m doing a 4w cycle of
    Tren A 600
    Test E 350
    S-4 50mg EOD
    Cardarine 20mg EOD
    Would 2 pills of Arimidex be enough and from there bloodwork?
    What is your suggested Post-PCT rime before repeating cycle?

    1. You will need to clarify what “would 2 pills be enough” means. My general stance is that you should avoid AI’s entirely if possible.

  43. Hi,
    I’ve done a lot of searching but I am seeing conflicting info. What do you think about using an AI (Aromasin or Arimidex) DURING PCT along with Nolva and Clomid, just to be safe in regards to E2 rebound?
    Let’s say I did bloods and I know how much AI I need to take ON cycle in order to keep my estrogen in the sweet spot. But then what should I do during PCT? Just drop the AI?

  44. Hey Derek I love your content man, it would mean a lot if you could help me out!
    I did a 5mg cycle of LGD a few months ago and did not use an ai, had gyno symptons so I cut the cycle short after 2 weeks, now i have slight gyno. I’m on 20mg nolva and just started ralox last week along with 12.5 mg aromasin E3D.
    I was looking to start LGD again while on my serms, was wondering how should I dose the AI? Also is it possible that Letro +Ralox nuke my gyno?

    Thanks for everything man 🙂

  45. Hello Derek.

    I have read your article and it has given me some food for thought.

    I’m relatively new to any kind of performance enhancement drugs. I’ve started a 12 week cycle of testosterone enanthate 250mg every 3.5 days with an AI (Arimidex 0.5mg every other day; at first I was recommended 0.25 but then upped me to 0.5mg) and hCG to keep my natural testosterone production, sperm count and libido.

    As of today, this is my 7th test injection and I’ve been noticing something I haven’t noticed throughout my 6 years of bodybuilding – extensive bicep tendon pain. I’m getting an MRI done next week to see if there’s any tare (hopefully not, hopefully it’s just tendonitis – inflammation).

    My question is this: am I taking too much AI (Arimidex @ .5mg every other day)? Unfortunately, in NY it isn’t as easy to get tested whenever you want as far as test (especially free) and estrogen. There are some test orders you can purchase but they’re limited to just total test (no free) through Quest Lab and my PCP doctor can’t justify prescribing bloodwork so often. I’m considering going to a urologist for a test/estrogen bloodwork prescription.

    Should I stop taking AI altogether for now? And if so, how do I know when I’d need AI again? Of course I’ll be taking something more like 0.25mg per week instead.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    P.s. I’m a 21 y/o male, doing this test cycle as an experiment to see if it helps with metabolism boost and fat loss. Now I’m kinda freaking out because I can’t do bicep curls or even open a damn vertically sliding window with one arm without feeling it in my bicep tendon.

  46. Hi Derek, thanks for the great article! I need some AI advice. I started out with a couple of test cycles (500mg/wk) while taking the much touted 12.5 mg of aromasin/wk assuming all was good because I’ve never experienced sides. Then I began to bnc about a year ago, my cruise test dose is 150mg/wk and I took 25mg of aromasin once per week (at this point I assumed I wasn’t estrogen prone because again, never experienced any high e2 sides). While cruising (150/wk, 25mg asin/wk) I finally had my first set of bloods done recently and my test was a little over 1100 and my e2 was at 74. The asin definitely isn’t strong enough (for me). I feel that even taking 25mg twice per week would put me in the sweet spot, and this is only on 150mg of test! It’d be hard to imagine how much asin I’d need while blasting using a moderate to high level of test or other aromatizing compounds. Because of this I ordered Arimidex which arrived today, and I have not began taking it as of yet. I know bloodwork is the only way to know for sure and I plan to get bloods done in the next 6-8 weeks. Knowing I’m estrogen sensitive, what dosage of adex should start with while still cruising given the info I gave you? What dosage of adex would you recommend while blasting? Any input is appreciated and keep putting out the great content!

    1. Without high sensitivity blood test results determined via LC-MS/MS (not Roche ECLIA), I would just be taking shots in the dark.

      1. I completely understand. The test I took a couple weeks back was “HORMONE PANEL WITH F&T TESTOSTERONE LC/MS-MS”…I wish I knew comparatively how strong adex is over asin pill by pill so I can somewhat sort out dosing. While still cruising I plan to take 1 mg of adex/wk (.5 mg on injection days) and go from there. My upcoming blast will be low test (200-250mg/wk) moderate to high anabolics (non-aromatizing anabolics this go around), so I may ultimately end up using 1.5 mg of adex (.5 mg on MWF) and get bloodwork to see where everything is at. I know you’re shooting blindly but, do you think that’s a sound approach Derek?

        Also switching speeds really quick if I may…It is my belief that many AAS users use way too much test and other compounds, and can ultimately achieve their goal physique using much less. I’ve been reading (and soon will be experimenting) about keeping test low during blasts, and it makes a lot of sense to me. Lower test equals less need for AI, lower chance of sides, less water retention which is better for blood pressure, and it goes on…Obviously some of those benefits get cancelled out depending on your other compound choices during a blast, but, what are your thoughts about keeping test low shutting blasts Derek?

        Thanks in advance!

  47. Damn autocorrect!!

    I’m sure you figured it out but what I meant was, what are your thoughts about keeping test low during blasts?

  48. AI question:

    Hey Derek, I’ve been on a great cycle of 250mg test, 250mg deca and I started taking 12.5mg of aromasin/week 4 weeks ago because I was feeling high E symptoms.

    My libido went crazy, crazy high and I was pretty satisfied. Fast forward to last week and now my libido is tanked again even though I haven’t changed anything.

  49. When i took 300mg of test ew i took 0.25mg adex eod and i felt amazing but im on my second cycel and im currently taking 500mg test and 200mg deca and i really cant find a good dose im currently taking 1mg of adex eod and i can get erection but they arent really hard no morning wood and i have a strange feeling in my nippels it dosent hurt but it feel strange. I did just add deca so it not prolactin related

  50. Hi Derek
    I got my estradiol tested using the LC/MS method and as expected they were high. 89 pg/ml. Whats your recommendation of which AI should I use and at what dosage. Thanks

  51. Hi Derek,

    I hope you can spare some time answering my question.

    I am on LGD 8mg daily, and Test-E 150mg weekly, that’s all nothing else. However my recent blood work result is: Serum Testosterone 37.1 nmol/L, Free Testosterone 206.9 pmol/L, and Oestradiol 201 pmol/L.

    I don’t have gyno, libido is great, sex is awesome, but I do feel somewhat lethargic, have water retention, shrunken testicles, and a bit sugar cravings.

    That Oestradiol level is scary high IMO, I just ordered Arimidex and thinking of taking 0.5mg weekly…, what do you think?

  52. Derek,
    I’m on TRT 250mg test cyp a week in the past. I’ve been running around 350-400mg test cyp maintenance for about 6 weeks and have 0 symptons of high estrogen.
    I’m going to run this 20 weeks:
    500mg Test Cyp 1-20
    50mg Dbol 1-4
    50mg Winstrol 16-20
    My pct will be cruise back at 250mg Test cyp.
    I have anastrazole on hand in 1mg tabs.
    Hypothetically, if I were to show symptons of high estrogen after seeing what I’m currently doing, how much anastrazole would you add a week?

  53. Hey Derek,

    I’m taking 15mg of Test Prop SUB-Q every morning with a 30g insulin pin.

    I have basically no libido, erections aren’t as full, the odd sensation of wanting to itch my nipples.

    Seems to me it would be high estrogen?

    I’m taking a DIM supplement morning and night but it’s clearly not working.

    I live in Canada and have not had blood work which I know you strongly recommend. Bit of a struggle to find a doctor locally for it. Any how, Would you recommend an AI or what are your thoughts?

    1. Steven daniels

      Thanks for everything. Started 200mg trt test cyp with .5mg arimidex on 100mg test shot days every 3.5 days.Pre trt bloodwork looked good but estridol was 41 before trt. Now on trt at my first 8 week bloods estridol was 48 on the arimidex. Also alt was 12 points high and glucose was 108 so 8 points high. Should this concern me? No change in diet and my fasting glucose is usually 89 or 99 normally. Never been in the red before. Wondering if arimidex may be liver toxic also or am I being paranoid. My alt and ast has been 3- 4 points over before in the last 5 years. Bilirubin was also 1.6 on the trt and I noticed at my other labs from 5 years ago that’s not considered red but at labquest it’s high if past 1.2 . I did notice once 5 years ago on nothing my bilirubin tested a 1.8 once but years later it was 1.6 or 1.0 ish. Also my test was 1291 on 200mg a week trt at 8 weeks and I tested before my next shot. Thanks

  54. Hey Derek,

    Old article obviously but if you find the time thanks in advance.

    On 22mg/day, TT was 1700ng/dL, FT 37ng/dL and E2 (sensitive) 70pg/mL (range <29) after putting on 25lbs in 4 months and going from 12 to 14.5% BF.

    I dropped to 18mg/day (no labs yet, too early) and am trying to lean down as close as possible to 10% BF, but given that I was at 70pg/mL on only 22mg/day, I'm starting to think I might not be able to naturally get my E2 between 20 to 30pg/mL without taking an AI, even on 18mg/day (126mg/week).

    If I end having to take an AI, it seems Aromasin is the safest and also has no rebound. However, are there any known long term negative side effects even at low dosages and not just crashed-into-the-ground levels in post-menopausal women with breast cancer taking insane dosages?

  55. Derek,

    I’ve heard it’s best to run as little AI as possible as it hinders muscle gains – To use as much test as you can handle without an AI.

    Can you please tell me the negatives to lets say someone who has the same E2 level, but using AI or not.


    Someone who has a pg/ml E2 level of 30, without any AI.

    Another person who has a pg/ml E2 level of 30, Adex .5 EOD.

    I trust this makes sense.

  56. Hi Derek,

    Is 25mg Arimistane giving me sides or is 25mg Osta? This is your rec per MK-2866 article/videos, but 2 weeks in having massive hairloss.

    Getting bloods but it’ll take a few weeks and not sure what’ll be left at that point.

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