How Attractive Do You Need To Be To Get Good Looking Women

Issues With Self Entitlement

Delving into this article and my stance on women’s sexuality these days, I should preface this entire article with the statement “she has probably slept with someone uglier than you.”

What do I mean by this exactly?

Well, many men not only have massive issues with self-esteem, and overall feelings of insecurity, but they also suffer from a major pitfall that literally sewers their dating lives.

That issue is a lack of entitlement.

Entitlement is defined as “the fact of having a right to something.”

This article isn’t referring to men being entitled to women in general, but it’s referring to the fact that many men don’t feel like they are worth enough, or entitled to having intimacy with an attractive woman.

This lack of self-entitlement prevents them from EVER fulfilling their potential, and they live in a state of underachieving for the vast majority of their lives (unless they do something about it).

On any given day or night, there are hundreds of attractive women in a small vicinity of you, and in the span of their lives they have likely slept with a handful of men at least, but more than likely that number is higher for the majority, and for some the number is significantly higher.

Your lack of action is the only thing stopping you from scoring with these women.

I have known several 19-21 year old girls who have lay counts in the 10-15+ range.

Now, think logically for a moment.

Do you really think of those men, every single one of those was significantly better looking than you are?

No, the chances are very unlikely.

As a matter of fact, it would be more plausible to assume that at least one of those men was significantly WORSE looking than you are.

How Did HE Get A Girl Like THAT?

This is likely a question you have asked yourself at least once (more likely several) in your life.

Seeing a guy who’s far below your level of attractiveness walking around with a hottie on his arm.

What am I getting at with all of this?

There is a minimum standard that must be met looks wise (referred to as the looks threshold by Chris at GoodLookingLoser.com), and this minimum standard varies from girl to girl.

You will note a typical progression of women as they age.

At a young age they are usually more interested in attractive guys.

Having a beater car and living in your parent’s basement isn’t even an issue to a 19-year-old girl if you are attractive to them.

As women start to age, and get closer to their mid twenties, looks become far less important than they were in their teen years and very early twenties, and things like money, status, ability to be a good provider, etc. become more important, and by the time they’re in their late twenties the concept of looks being the most important thing is completely laughable.

Hell, I even heard a woman the other day in her thirties say she “just wants a guy taller than her with a good job who isn’t bald.”

That was the extent of her requirements.

It’s blatantly obvious that this misconception of attractive women only wanting guys with movie star good looks is just a manifestation of men’s own insecurities.

You Just Need To Be Above Average

The older you get, the less important looks become relative to all other factors.

However, even when you are young, you’d be shocked at how viable of a sexual partner you are to many women who you probably think are “out of your league.”

Through my success with women, a lot of naysayers like to tell me that my judgment is clouded based on my physique and that’s the reason why I did so well with women.

Granted, as my looks improved, I matured, gained muscle, became more comfortable talking to women, etc. my results did improve along with it, however, the truth is, I started exactly where many of you guys are.

I was a skinny little beanpole who didn’t have a lot of things going for me other than the fact that I was relatively tall and was in shape.

And, even at that time with my very ordinary looks, and only being above average in my age group (I was tall, dressed nicely when I went out, and was fit) I still did well with very attractive women.

This is because I made an effort to actually try.

The issue with men is THEY DO NOT TRY.

If you think that going out at night and drinking a half liter of vodka so you can have the confidence to drunkenly walk up to a girl on the dance floor and creepily start grinding on her while she dances and hope to turn that into a lay later in the night is the only way you can get laid (what 90% of other guys my age did) you are sorely mistaken.

My friends would literally sit there astonished when they’d see me have the audacity to go walk up to an attractive woman in the grocery store, at the mall, on the street, anywhere, and strike up a quick conversation, hit on her, and get her number.

The reason is because this behaviour is so rare, and frankly, nobody has the balls to do it.

Since when did being a man, talking to someone and being friendly become so bizarre? Societal programming is the culprit, but that’s another topic for another time.

If you are above average, meet that particular girl’s looks threshold who you are hitting on, and she is open to having someone new in her dating/sex life, you will more than likely leave that situation with a new very promising prospect for your own dating/sex life, or even have her in your bed in the next 20 minutes if you are seasoned at this and have worked out your logistics beforehand.

Women's State Of Being Sexually Open

Assuming you are taking action and actively hitting on women, as well as look better than the average guy, you are golden.

Let’s delve into being sexually open very briefly before closing off this topic.

When a woman rejects you, assuming that you have met a set of predetermined criteria, you are not getting rejected for not being handsome enough, or not having witty enough pickup lines, or not being smooth enough, rather, you are rejected simply because she is not open to having someone new in her sex life at that particular moment, and that same outcome would inevitably happen at that time if any other guy meeting that criteria went up to her and hit on her too.

If she is young that criteria is usually simply that you meet her specific looks threshold.

It doesn’t take a genius to ask a girl what her name is, how her day is going, what she does for work, say we should grab a drink/coffee/whatever the hell you want, etc.

These are literally the extent of how your conversation skills need to go to get the number of a girl who you’ve just met if you’ve met the looks threshold.

So What Does It Really Mean If You Get Rejected?

It could mean an infinite amount of things, but of those things, it absolutely is not that you weren’t good looking enough (if you meet her looks threshold).

There are many things out of your control that influence a girl’s mindset, and if you get rejected on any given day, the true reason could be:

  • She has a boyfriend
  • She just lost her job
  • Someone in her family died
  • She’s having a bad day
  • She is obsessed with some other guy
  • She has depression
  • She’s fighting with her friends
  • She’s failing in school
  • She’s a weirdo
  • She works three jobs and doesn’t have time to date

Or a million other reasons that are COMPLETELY outside of your control.

I’ve hit on girls who have flat out rejected me contact me out of the blue a year later wanting to meet up.

The reason for this is that although I met their minimum requirements, they weren’t at that exact moment and time open to having someone new in their life.

When I connected with them the next time, they were.

Yes, girls have lives too, and events in their lives influence what they are currently in that exact moment and time available and wanting to do or not to do.

And if you just so happen to get rejected (you will many times), don’t sweat it. Seriously.

There are countless factors outside of your control that can (and will) ultimately influence her decision and none of them are dependent on your looks or your game if you meet her minimum looks requirements.

This is why when you ask for a “player’s” batting average/lay ratio, if they aren’t lying, even the best looking ones will typically at most sleep with 5-9% of the women they hit on.

9% is actually a VERY good ratio, and is probably even a bit generous.

Most women are simply not available for one reason or another during that exact moment and time when they are being hit on, and that’s the cold hard truth.

This isn’t something to fret about though, as the men who take action are the ones who know the truth, and understand that this entire dating scene is just a big numbers game.

Aka the more volume you put in (the more women you hit on), the more notches you will get on your belt (sexual encounters).

So, What Does It Take To Sleep With Attractive Women Consistently?

The point of this article isn’t to convince you that you can avoid putting in work improving your looks and still nail supermodels on a weekly basis.

No, absolutely not.

However, the point of this article is that you should do everything in your power to max out your current looks, and when you do that, even if you are still just above average (not very hard to achieve with some commitment), you will still be capable of getting very attractive women because you will be meeting most of their minimum requirements from a looks standpoint.

These things include but are not limited to:

Once you have at least become fit, have maxed out your wardrobe, have good hygiene, you have more than likely reached a level that is above the average for men at your age.

Once you have reached the general looks threshold, all it takes from there is action, which every one else is severely lacking.

Don’t follow the norm.

If you want something, go out there and get it.

Simple as that.


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