How To Get Rid Of Gyno Without Surgery – Raloxifene For Gyno

Once a lump has formed and you realize oh sh*t I have gynecomastia (gyno), there are only a couple options you have.

  • Get surgery and get the glands removed completely
  • Try and reverse Gyno (the lump) with drugs

Now, the common approach most individuals have when it comes to gyno reversal with drugs is they tank the living hell out their Estrogen by slamming Letrozole, or they load up on Nolvadex.

First off, Letrozole can’t reverse a fully developed lump, although it can greatly reduce the severity of it, as well as prevent it from getting worse.

In some less severe cases, Letrozole can fully reverse partially developed gyno.

Nolvadex on the other hand can fully reverse gyno.

The reason being that Letrozole is an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI), and Nolvadex is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM).

The mechanism of action behind an AI is that it inhibits the aromatization of Estrogen, thus preventing the hormone that causes gyno from accruing and exacerbating the issue further.

A SERM on the other hand acts as an antagonist and binds to the Estrogen receptor in breast tissue without activating it.

The result of this is that Estrogen has no place to bind to the receptors in the breast tissue as the receptors are all fully occupied by the SERM.

So, before delving into this further, let’s get this established:

AI’s are used to prevent the aromatization of Estrogen, meaning they prevent the onset of gyno, but aren’t an ideal solution (or a viable one in many instances) for reversing it once it has progressed to a significant degree.

SERMs can be used to reverse existing gyno, but it does nothing for preventing Estrogen from continuing to exacerbate the issue.

So what does this mean?

This means that if you are currently on cycle and are trying to get rid of Gyno, you need to be on a SERM for reversal, AS WELL as an AI to keep aromatization under control to prevent the issue from being exacerbated.

If you are off of cycle and don’t have a supraphysiological amount of aromatization occurring, you just need to use the SERM.

If you don’t yet have fully developed gyno but are starting to experience the beginning symptoms, an AI should be implemented immediately to prevent it from reaching the threshold of where it has started fully forming a lump and a SERM becomes necessary.

Now, I already mentioned how Nolvadex and Letrozole are the most popular drugs of choice in the bodybuilding world, however, there is one VERY overlooked drug that I believe is the best drug for gyno reversal.

The Best Drug To Get Rid Of Gyno Is Raloxifene

I have no idea why this is such a rarely spoken about drug, but Raloxifene I have personally seen on numerous occasions prove to be the most superior drug for gyno reversal there is.

Guys I know with pre-existing lumps from years ago have literally completely reversed them with a Raloxifene protocol, and that’s even after trying Letrozole and Nolvadex without success.

Obviously what you do is entirely up to you, but just for your reference I’m going to show the Raloxifene protocol used for gyno reversal that I have personally seen work far better than any Nolvadex or Letrozole protocol out there.

Get Rid Of Gyno With Raloxifene Protocol:

Raloxifene: 60mg daily for 10 days ONLY. Then 30mg daily until gynecomastia is reversed.

Recommended Supplementation During Raloxifene Treatment:

Vitamin D and Calcium are recommended during Raloxifene treatment.

5000 IU vitamin D daily, and 500 mg of Calcium daily.

This protocol above will take time. This is not a 2 week process.

Reversal will require patience.

But it most certainly does its' job, is more than likely side-effect-free, and is incredibly cost effective when compared to surgery.

Also, remember what I said at the start of the article about being on cycle vs. off cycle.

If you are on cycle with an existing lump that needs to be reversed, the Raloxifene protocol should be used concurrently with your AI of choice (which AI you use and the dosage would depend on how much aromatizing gear you are on, and your propensity to aromatization).

If you are off cycle with an existing lump that needs to be reversed, the Raloxifene protocol should be used on its own without an AI.

Raloxifene Vs. Nolvadex


This study directly compares Raloxifene’s effectiveness in reversing gyno to Nolvadex.

It was determined that “inhibition of estrogen receptor action in the breast appears to be safe and effective in reducing persistent pubertal gynecomastia, with a better response to raloxifene than to tamoxifen.”

Not only have I seen Raloxifene prove to be more effective in real life cases, but it also has proved to be more effective in clinical studies done directly comparing it to the most mainstream/popular SERM for gyno reversal (Nolvadex).

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.


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