How To Get Rid Of Gyno Without Surgery – Raloxifene For Gyno

Once a lump has formed and you realize oh sh*t I have gynecomastia (gyno), there are only a couple options you have.

  • Get surgery and get the glands removed completely
  • Try and reverse Gyno (the lump) with drugs

Now, the common approach most individuals have when it comes to gyno reversal with drugs is they tank the living hell out their Estrogen by slamming Letrozole, or they load up on Nolvadex.

First off, Letrozole can’t reverse a fully developed lump, although it can greatly reduce the severity of it, as well as prevent it from getting worse.

In some less severe cases, Letrozole can fully reverse partially developed gyno.

Nolvadex on the other hand can fully reverse gyno.

The reason being that Letrozole is an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI), and Nolvadex is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM).

The mechanism of action behind an AI is that it inhibits the aromatization of Estrogen, thus preventing the hormone that causes gyno from accruing and exacerbating the issue further.

A SERM on the other hand acts as an antagonist and binds to the Estrogen receptor in breast tissue without activating it.

The result of this is that Estrogen has no place to bind to the receptors in the breast tissue as the receptors are all fully occupied by the SERM.

So, before delving into this further, let’s get this established:

AI’s are used to prevent the aromatization of Estrogen, meaning they prevent the onset of gyno, but aren’t an ideal solution (or a viable one in many instances) for reversing it once it has progressed to a significant degree.

SERMs can be used to reverse existing gyno, but it does nothing for preventing Estrogen from continuing to exacerbate the issue.

So what does this mean?

This means that if you are currently on cycle and are trying to get rid of Gyno, you need to be on a SERM for reversal, AS WELL as an AI to keep aromatization under control to prevent the issue from being exacerbated.

If you are off of cycle and don’t have a supraphysiological amount of aromatization occurring, you just need to use the SERM.

If you don’t yet have fully developed gyno but are starting to experience the beginning symptoms, an AI should be implemented immediately to prevent it from reaching the threshold of where it has started fully forming a lump and a SERM becomes necessary.

Now, I already mentioned how Nolvadex and Letrozole are the most popular drugs of choice in the bodybuilding world, however, there is one VERY overlooked drug that I believe is the best drug for gyno reversal.

The Best Drug To Get Rid Of Gyno Is Raloxifene

I have no idea why this is such a rarely spoken about drug, but Raloxifene I have personally seen on numerous occasions prove to be the most superior drug for gyno reversal there is.

Guys I know with pre-existing lumps from years ago have literally completely reversed them with a Raloxifene protocol, and that’s even after trying Letrozole and Nolvadex without success.

Obviously what you do is entirely up to you, but just for your reference I’m going to show the Raloxifene protocol used for gyno reversal that I have personally seen work far better than any Nolvadex or Letrozole protocol out there.

Get Rid Of Gyno With Raloxifene Protocol:

Raloxifene: 60mg daily for 10 days ONLY. Then 30mg daily until gynecomastia is reversed.

Recommended Supplementation During Raloxifene Treatment:

Vitamin D and Calcium are recommended during Raloxifene treatment.

5000 IU vitamin D daily, and 500 mg of Calcium daily.

This protocol above will take time. This is not a 2 week process.

Reversal will require patience.

But it most certainly does its' job, is more than likely side-effect-free, and is incredibly cost effective when compared to surgery.

Also, remember what I said at the start of the article about being on cycle vs. off cycle.

If you are on cycle with an existing lump that needs to be reversed, the Raloxifene protocol should be used concurrently with your AI of choice (which AI you use and the dosage would depend on how much aromatizing gear you are on, and your propensity to aromatization).

If you are off cycle with an existing lump that needs to be reversed, the Raloxifene protocol should be used on its own without an AI.

Raloxifene Vs. Nolvadex


This study directly compares Raloxifene’s effectiveness in reversing gyno to Nolvadex.

It was determined that “inhibition of estrogen receptor action in the breast appears to be safe and effective in reducing persistent pubertal gynecomastia, with a better response to raloxifene than to tamoxifen.”

Not only have I seen Raloxifene prove to be more effective in real life cases, but it also has proved to be more effective in clinical studies done directly comparing it to the most mainstream/popular SERM for gyno reversal (Nolvadex).

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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189 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Gyno Without Surgery – Raloxifene For Gyno”

  1. Hey Derek, the guys you knew who used the raloxifiene protocol, how long did they use it before the lump went away? like 1-2 months or can it go up to 6 months?

    I will try this, since i have a exisitng lump which i got after a stupid super dmz 4 week pro hormon cycle.

    Thanks bro!

      1. i get a gyno rebound after 5 months of my PCT.
        the gyno is still in the beginning can i use
        2 weeks 40mg/day
        2 weeks 20mg/day, and start Arimidex 1mg/day for 1 month??

        1. I prefer Raloxifene for the SERM. And Arimidex at 1mg per day is overkill as f*ck (I prefer Aromasin too). Get a blood test and see where your Estrogen is at.

          1. When you are talking about on cycle use, what do you recommend is the best for controlling estrogen side effects, Arimidex or Nolvadex? I’ve found ‘Pctget365’ and got some Nolva and Arimidex. I guess like everything, one must be better for use during post-cycle therapy while the other has to be better for use during the steroid cycle.

    1. Hey Derek!

      Awesome article, just seeking a bit of advice if possible.

      I currently have a very mild form of gyno (just puffy nipples probably glands) from when I did a cycle of sarms that ended up went wrong, long story short I had some bad advice which led to a hormone imbalance aka severe testosterone drop but not crazy estrogen levels.

      I did a PCT, got bloodwork done, and have been on arimidex (helped but had lots of skin redness so doc told me to stop). My test has increased from a 55ng to 255ng within a few months naturally and hopefully will increase in the coming months.

      I currently have a prescription for 20mg a day of tamoxifen and have been taking it for about a week and a half now, my question here sits at is it best to just wait it out with tamoxifen or to try and find some way to get my hands on raloxifene? I am just tired of having this last bit of what I would assume be the gland that got enlarged as I have NO lump at all. I would also prefer not to spend a ton of $$ on surgery.

      Thanks in advance!

  2. Hey Derek,

    Does it matter when the pills are taken? Do they need to be split up during the day or anything like that?

    Thanks man!

  3. What up man thank you for that information. I have a question on how i should does it.first when i was around 13 years of age i started to feel very sensitive around my nipples I didn’t think anything of it, but as I got older I started seeing my nipples getting puffy I don’t know if it was do to me smoking weed, when I was so young or it’s just my hormones out of whack im 32 years now but since I got older and I started lifting and getting healthy I can notice I have puffy nipples ,my girlfriend says it doesn’t look bad but I can notice it when I get out the shower they look normal, but on a warm day they look puffy just a little bit about myself can you please explain to me how my lab rat should dos the tabs and how long I should run them thank you so much bro for your information it’s a big help I’ve been trying everything I was almost going to try letrozole until I found your video last night God bless you bro stay strong

    1. The proposed Raloxifene protocol for research purposes is laid out in the article, I’m not sure what else you want me to say about it.

  4. Hey Derek,

    Once I’m done 60mg for 10 days and I drop to 30mg, how long can I stay on this dose for? Should I stop eventually if is not working?

    1. The protocol is to run that until gyno is reversed. I can’t give you an exact time frame of when you should give up or not, but I think it should be fairly obvious within the first several weeks if any kind of reversal is occurring or not (allowing you to determine if the drug is working).

      1. Perfect, mine is already fucked up and I’m just starting this protocol. I will do my best to provide updates on the effects, so far so good at day 9 of the 60 mg portion. No sides to speak of and may be in my head but lumps seem to be diminishing very slightly, last day or so I have been getting some tingling in my left nipple. (I’m off cycle right now)

      2. Michael A Taylor

        Hey Derek, I tried this protocol with the liquid raloxifene from
        Southern Sarms and it didn’t seem to work at all. I believe it’s dosed at 50mg per dosage. Do you think it could be bunk product, and I should try another? I’ve got stubborn lumps that just don’t seem to want to go away, from my first cycle that I couldn’t do a proper pct and n, due to being thrown and held in jail for a while for nothing.

  5. Hi Derek, I am 23 now and I was prone to pubertàl gyno I came to know that it was gyno when i was 16 and after a lot of struggling I underwent a surgery 3 years back i.e when I was 21 to get rid of that bloody shitty glands from my chest but what my problem is the doctor who did the surgery wasn’t removed the glands completely and still there are some lumps behind my nipples and I fed up with them. I regularly do strength training and I never used any steroid cycles upto now can I use Raloxifene to get rid of those existing lumps as I never used steroids and if can I use can u please tell me the information about that like dosage etc. thanks and expecting a reply from ur side.

    1. I visited the doctor recently and got told I haven’t got hormone issues and I would have to pay for surgery. Has any non-cycler on this thread had any success with the meds? If so what? I have bad glandular gyno and never have any kind of drugs.

  6. Hi derek,
    I am quite new to SARMs and I just looked at your article looking about the Gyno.
    I am currently having mild Gyno due to maybe hormonal problem of itself since puberty.
    I am thinking about taking SARMs for bulking while suppressing further development of or even reverse that Gyno.
    I wondered if the following protocol would work for me:
    12 weeks of LGD-4033 20mg + Arimistane 25mg per day
    4 weeks of PCT Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 (As Raloxifene is out of stock at the moment)
    16 weeks of cycle-off, but do you think I should take Raloxifene protocol during my cycle-off until the lump is gone?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Seeing as you are evidently prone to aromatization if you have naturally occurring Gyno, I would also have Aromasin on hand just in case you need a stronger AI on cycle. If you want to try and reverse the lump or not with Ralox is up to you.

      1. Depends on what your Estrogen levels are at, what compounds you’re using, and it may not even be Aromasin that is ideal for you to use based on the previous two criteria.

  7. Hey Derek, I really appreciate all your content. I know letro tanks your estrogen which ruins your sex drive. I see you say Raloxifene is side effect free. Does this mean that I won’t have to worry about crashing estrogen and losing sex drive?

    1. Letro is an AI, Raloxifene is a SERM and operates via a totally separate mechanism of action.

      Raloxifene does not serve to reduce total Estrogen levels in the body, but merely serves to block Estrogen’s activity in select tissues (in this case, breast tissue).

      This protocol is considered the go-to protocol in the industry in regards to gyno reversal, so the portion of text detailing the protocol was written by the original pioneer of it. I probably should have edited the part of text that states “side-effect free” (just fixed it). Obviously any drug on earth can have potential side effects and there is no guarantee of anything.

      Effects of oral raloxifene on serum estradiol levels and other markers of estrogenicity.
      Effects of raloxifene on circulating prolactin and estradiol levels in premenopausal women at high risk for developing breast cancer.

      ^ as mentioned, Raloxifene does not lower Estrogen at all.

  8. How old were some of the guy’s lumps that reversed, and about what size? Trying to see if it will work for me

    1. All over the place. And I’m not sure about exact sizes but substantial enough that it bothered them to the point of wanting to get rid of it.

      1. Hey thanks for the article. Lot of gimmicky drug pushers out there claiming this works but I wasn’t going to buy it until I heard it from you.

        One question. I have mild gyno, I think it was caused by taking accutane for acne in my mid teens. I’m 25 now and just ended an LGD cycle back in March that worsened it. It’s still mild, whereas before it was on the lower end of mild, like you could see my nipples through my shirt all the time but I looked fine with my shirt off, now they’re puffy and on the upper end of mild, and people do notice it but it’s not too horrible. I’ve been dieting and exercising but want to run a cardarine/ostarine cycle to really get that last 10-20 lbs to help with the gyno but also get cut for my next bulk.
        I’m thinking I run the Raloxifene first, then I do the cardarine/ostarine cycle I’ve been wanting to do. Should I give myself some time after the Raloxifene before the sarms cycle? Or will I be good to go once the Gyno hopefully subsides? Or should I just go with the Osta/cardarine and use the Raloxifene on cycle or as a kind of pct? Any recommendations?

  9. Ive had small gyno lumps that are not really noticeable but i can feel them for years from pro hormones back in 2005. If i tried raloxifene do you think it would eliminate the lumps completely?

    1. If gyno progression can’t be held off with an AI then surgery would be the only option. If Estrogen is kept in range with an AI, I can’t see why gyno would be exacerbated though.

        1. I have no idea if it hasn’t been lab tested. I don’t have a recommended site for Raloxifene so I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

  10. Hi Derek,

    I have current gyno so I’m glad I have your article. If running test Cyp 200mg/ML and running 2 x a week along with 100mg/ML Tren MWF what do you recommend? I have 2.5mg pills of Letrozole and also Aromasin. What do you recommend between the Letro, Aromasin and the dosage for Raloxifene to reduce and get rid of it? Don’t want to mess up the dosage and or frequency

    1. You shouldn’t be using 2 AI’s at the same time (Letro & Aromasin). And in order to figure out which I’d pick, I’d need to see bloods to see where your Estro is at.

      1. My level on bloodwork was

        Prolactin was 10
        Estrodal was 23.6
        Progesterone was 1.8
        HGH was 1.20
        Testosterone 1660

        These numbers were done without any of the things I mentioned above with the exception of Test and the Tren (only 1 week for Tren) and I was .5mg for anastrazole twice a week

      2. Just updated my level on bloodwork for you.

        Prolactin was 10
        Estrodal was 23.6
        Progesterone was 1.8
        HGH was 1.20
        Testosterone 1660

        These numbers were done without any of the things I mentioned above with the exception of Test and the Tren (only 1 week for Tren) and I was .5mg for anastrazole twice a week

          1. Prolactin Range
            78.0 to 380.0 ng/ML

            Estradiol Range
            5.4 to to 65.9 pg/ML

            HGH Range
            <=7.10 ng/ML

            Progesterone Range
            0.2 to 1.4 ng/ML

            Testosterone Range
            132.00 to 813.00 ng/DL

          2. Should the treatment be stopped altogether once the gyno is diminished or do you need to take a long term maintenance dose? Thanks.

  11. HEY what’s up my question is if I’m currently running test 300mgs a week with aromasin 12.5mg every 3rd day how would I use a SERM like nolvadex to start reversing the small lumps I have felt to start develop?

  12. What up Derek, do you have a protocol for gyno reversal using arimidex and nolva? I know raloxifene is my best bet but I’m unable to get my hands on it. I’m also on trt so I know I prob gotta use the AI and SERM together. Thanks for ur time

    1. No I don’t. Arimidex is overkill to keep your estrogen in range on only TRT (I prefer Aromasin – less volatility + not as bad for lipids). What do your bloods look like right now? Estrogen specifically.

    1. Your Estrogen is fine so I’d keep your AI where it is.

      As far as attempted reversal, that could be attempted with a SERM, Ralox being the more effective one in my experience, as per the article above + clinical study linked above.

      1. Thanks Derek! One last question

        When I finish the 8 weeks of Tren, and get off of that, I will be only on Test Cyp which is 400mg per week. Is being on Test only considered off cycle or on cycle? Just want to make sure so I follow your on or off protocol once the Tren is done.



          1. Derek makes total sense on what you stated. I can see where only maybe 200 mg is needed weekly to keep my levels at the high normal. So if I’m at 400mg now and levels are 1500 then I don’t need that much.

            So once I come off Tren and I’m just on my normal testosterone I take (dropping to 200 mg per week) will I follow your on on or off cycle protocol still for Raloxifene? My guess is still the on cycle correct since I’m taking test?

          2. If you have drugs aromatizing into a supraphysiological amount of Estrogen, you need an AI to control that. If you have binding at breast tissue receptors then you need to block that with a SERM for any shot at reversal. So the answer to your question would depend on what your Estrogen is at on 200 Test. But ya most likely would need an AI too, just nothing crazy (but depends on bloods).

  13. Thanks Derek for all of your help and input! This is my 3rd full week I just finished while I’ve been on Raloxifene following your “on cycle” protocol. I can report the lumps have gone down significantly and the sensitivity to the touch has gone from about a 9 to about a 1. Still notice the pec still seems to have the appearance of “man boobs” not to the point the pecs sag as such, but that they look extra full from the side. Is that something as I continue to stay on this Raloxifene protocol that will go away in time as well? The good news is I know the SERM is working which is good. I realize it could be a marathon and not a sprint.

    1. Mark raloxifene did you use and idea how I get can my hands on some my nipples are terribly pluffy and need to get on top of this

      1. Hey derek, correctly using mk 677 at 12.5mg a day, I’ve got pubertal gyno, would you recommend taking mk and this serm together or would that not be safe ?

        Thanks bro

      1. I got mine from PG Anabolics, only been taking for 6 days so can’t comment on effectiveness but i read a few reports that it is genuine stuff.

  14. Hi derek,

    I got those puffy nipples and some lumps behind my nipples especially the left one, due to a prolactinoma which is a tumor of the pituatry gland, i have managed to lower my prolactin through the use of cabergoline and everything is functioning well according to my most recent tests.

    however the gyno i’ve got has been around since my late teens and im in my 30’s, do you think shrinking of the gland is still possible with this method and would you be able to comment on the interaction between my cabergoline and raloxifine i really dont want to consult my doctor as i know they will most likely forbid using it, however the gyno is a real confidence killer.

    cheers for the page and explaining all the dosages and supps to make it as side effect free as possible.


  15. You the man Derek. Couldn’t find any research on ralox on my strong empirical. Got gyno sx start of pct. Nolva has halted it but got a little lump right and puffy left. Coming up to end of pct now. I’ve continued clomid already but still on nolva 20mg. Shall I continue nolva until ralox comes (Will be going on 6weeks by then) then straight switcharoo

    1. If Nolva is the only thing preventing it from getting worse and that’s all you have then yes definitely stay on the Nolva.

  16. Hi Derek

    I’m 22 right now and was wondering whether it will work on my body. Just started on my 4 week protocol. Will the full effect take place beyond that time frame? cheers buddy

  17. Hey, Im 17 (almost 18) and I’ve had pubertal gyno for almost 2 years. The first 6 months or so were the worst and then it shrunk down to the size it has maintained at for the past year and a half. I have never taken any anabolics, sarms, peptides etc. Im wondering if “theoretically” it would be safe for a 17 year old male to take it to get rid of the gyno?

    1. I’d get a blood test first to see where your Estrogen levels are at currently. If they are still out of range, you would just be putting a bandaid over the real issue.

      After you had bloods to interpret, you could make a more informed judgment call on which drugs (if any) you would need.

  18. I got gyno from finasteride 30 days ago. I used Tamoxifen 30mg per day since that time, but it didn’t really help. I’m moving to letrozole 2.5mg per day now besides Tamoxifen. I’m just wondering what the ideal dosage of tamoxifen is with letrozole. And do I have to take it as 2 times a day or one time is perfect?

  19. I am 23 male having pubertal gyno since my 17 age and high estrogen and 3 out of 10 % testosterone and i have tried noval and letro and aromasin for cure , nothing helped me in reversing my gyno have big lump in my chest and will ralox reduce estrogen and increase testosterone

  20. Derek, thank you for posting this. I stumbled on it last year when I had a gyno lump pop up. I had already done a quick bit of letro and some nolva, which helped a bit. I got on raloxifene and aromasin and it was gone in a few weeks. Recently had the lump pop back up. I got lazy with my ai’s because my test dose was so low, or so I thought. Turns out my stuff was WAAAAAAAYYY overdosed. So I’m back on ralox and what do you know, still works!

    Thanks again!

  21. For many years, I thought that my pubertal gyno that has affected me for over 10 years would be permanent. I am extremely happy with the results only 7 days in on this protocol. The gyno has been reduced significantly in such a short amount of time.

    Thank you so much!

  22. Hey Derek , can I use the raloxifene protocol while on test/deca cycle? I’ve heard not to mix nolvadex and deca together because it’ll make it worse so I’m curious if Ralox should also not be used on test/deca cycle? Mild Gyno from first test cycle and stupidity . Puffy nips, just want it gone.

    1. Ideally you wouldn’t be on a cycle when you are actively trying to reverse gyno. Doesn’t mean it can’t be done though.

    1. You’re absolutely correct. This was a cut and paste protocol I was given years ago, and clearly they didn’t interpret the studies correctly when it came to that point. I’ve adjusted the article accordingly.

  23. Hey,

    I believe I’m starting to get gynos on both nipples. It’s sensitive and sore when touch. It’s nearly visible now (pointy nipples/boobs).

    I’ve been taking SARMS for nearly 8 weeks trying to bulk the f**k up.

    LGD 4033
    MK 677
    YK 11

    I don’t know if it’s from SARMS or shit diet plan but I don’t think it’s from SARMS because SARMS doesn’t convert to estrogen?

    Any advice on what should I do? Should I get and take Nolvadex?

    Looking forward to your reply.


  24. If I want to get rid of prexisting gynonwhile on a new sarms cycle lets say s4, cardarine and osta . By using your raloxofene protocol would I need to do nolva or clomid along with it.? Or is raloxofene good on its own. Thanks so much big fan of your channel

    1. There’s no need to use Nolvadex while on Raloxifene (both SERMs). An AI would be needed to manage any outstanding Estrogen issues though.

        1. Depends where your Estrogen is at. I’ve written articles on AI’s and how to know which is most appropriate for your situation.

  25. Derek,

    After speaking with gynecologists I’m under the impression that once gyno has “hardened” it cannot be reversed and must be surgically removed. Given, I’m sure they’re not experts with SARMS and want me to buy their surgery… thoughts?

    1. Depends. If you’ve created a lump, you can’t get rid of it, but you may be able to shrink it to such an extent that it’s no longer a cosmetic nuisance, hence the article.

      Once tissue is created it’s created, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to shrink it nearly into oblivion. Just like fat cells. You can’t get rid of a fat cell, but you can shrink it so much (via “fat loss”) that it appears you’ve successfully “burned fat”.

  26. Hi derek , would this affect libido? Couple years back I used arimidex and I notice that my libido was diying so I stop using them, know I have a full develop lumb for using testobooster I think so, because Its been 3 years since my last “real” cycle

  27. Been on for 7 days now @ 60 mg. Sensitivity has not gone down even the slightest bit. Think this is an indicator the source is poor quality?

  28. Hey Derek might be coming off of an S4 cycle early since I’m noticing some puffiness starting to develop around my nipples. Now I’ve had gyno for a while (since puberty, I’m 27 now) but only slightly, now it’s starting to look more prevalent. I noticed on your other thread about doing a Nolvadex/Clomid pct, could I substitute the Nolvadex for the Raloxifene? Or just run Raloxifene by itself. Or is this all overkill and just stick to something like arimistane? I’d like to reverse or even get rid of the gyno all together if I can. Looking forward to your response!

    1. Nolva raises T more than Ralox. I’d run Nolva instead of Ralox in PCT. Both are SERMs and will prevent gyno exacerbation in PCT, Ralox is just better at it.

  29. Hello Derek,

    Thank you for your knowledge.

    I’ve done a Test/Winstrol/Tren cycle back in 2015. Didn’t finish it though, due to some occurrences in my life at the time. Also did not do a great job with my PCT – unavoidably gyno appeared and eventually grew quite severe (about the size of a golf ball).

    I have had surgery to remove the gland tissue, however the surgeon could not remove all the tissue without leaving some “dents” in my upper chest.

    I’ve asked the same question on a dutch board and they say that existing lumps cannot be treated with medicine, an additional treatment has to be done accordingly.

    However, this article gives me hope… Do you think starting the Ralox protocole will affect / Shrink the remaining gland tissue up to the point it is nearly visible/ sensible?

  30. Hey,
    I got F*cked with gyro from a massively overdosed bottle of T. I totally wiped out my gyno with Tam and I got a savage rebound months later on the other side. I fond your article and got some Rolox. I am slightly worried of the stroke risk. I am a healthy 32 yo. What are your thoughts on the risk of fatal stoke? Gyno compared to ruining yourself from a stoke- Most of us would probably keep gyno.
    I see the data is in post menopausal women. What are your thoughts.

  31. Hi Derek,
    Thanks for the article. Ive had gyno for over a decade (since teens) and have recently lost weight. Should this regimen be done after reaching a certain BF% or could it be used while continuing to lose weight? Are there certain hormone levels I need to check/watch before starting?

  32. Ok, can’t feel my lump anymore and it’s not sensitive/sore.

    However, when the weather is hot, I get little puffy nipples. It’s invisible/my chest looks normal when:

    – I touch/squeeze my nipples
    – Have a cold shower
    – When the weather is cold

    Do you have any idea on what should I do to get rid of puffy nipples? Or is it impossible?


  33. joeford990@gmail.com

    Hi Derek thanks for the article and your continued input.

    Do you have a typical Tamoxifen protocol in regards to reversal if raloxifine isn’t available?



  34. Can I use Raloxifene if I have progesterone related gyno?

    TT is 1000
    Free t is 22
    Estradiol is 41
    Progesterone is 1.4
    Prolactin is 10

    I need help feeling onset of lump

  35. Hi Derek i have pre-existing gyno (only a little) from my last cycle and im about to start a cycle of test e and anavar next week . Im currently taking nolvadex at 40mg a day and have been for the past 20 days. What dose of nolvadex should i keep taking on cycle and what AI would be the best to run on cycle with nolvadex.

    1. If you can’t even run a cycle without a SERM and an AI then you’re using too much Test. Lower the Test and add some Masteron is what I’d do (if I didn’t care about my hair).

  36. Prescription isn’t currently an option for me…what’s the strongest AI you’re aware of that I can get without one? If you know of such a brand, please let me know.! Thanks

  37. Derek,

    I have glad and fatty tissue around the nipple area. If I make the assumption that the Ralox takes care of the glad and fatty tissue, what would stop the gyno from coming back? I am 34 and have at the glad and puffy nipples since i was a teenager. The condition of my gyno hasn’t really changed at all over the years. Does imply that if I were to reverse it that it would stay reversed? I know you can’t predict the future, but your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all the information!

    1. Keeping your androgen : estrogen ratio optimized. The only thing that can exacerbate gyno is putting your body in a state of estrogen dominance.

      1. That begs the question, how does one know that they’re keeping that ratio optimized? Should I go see a endocrinologist to see if there is an obvious underlying reason for the gyno? And, if I get blood work done from the endocrinologist and everything looks normal can I assume that the gyno would stay fixed once I stop taking ralox? (I am making the assumption that I take ralox and it works obviously) Thanks again, you’re a life saver.

        1. You won’t have any symptoms if they’re optimized. Most guys who get bloods aren’t getting sensitive assay panels and actually have no clue where their T, DHT and E2 is actually at. Also, you can never truly completely destroy an existing lump, you can simply attempt to shrink it so that it’s no longer noticeable and then prevent it from being exacerbated again by keeping your androgen:e ratio optimized.

          1. What test/s should I have run to see where my levels are at right now? I don’t want to go see the doctor and say…can you do a gyno test? Haha

  38. Hi I have read on the comments on here and would love to give the raloxifene a try but cannot find anywhere to buy it from . I am in the UK

  39. Coady MacMillan

    Can I ask what the reasons is to cut to 30mg after the 10 days?

    This is an old post but hopefully you’ll see, ha


  40. Derek thank you for all the information. My issue is that I have recently developed some gyno (4/18/19) due to a test booster without enough of an AI to balance my E2 (I feel I also may be more prone to aromatization than others). So i ordered Nolva immediately and began taking it upon receiving it (6/8/19). I have been on it ever since (6 weeks) and I am not noticing any improvement. Seeing as how it’s fairly new gyno, I would like to switch to Raloxifene being its much stronger and stands a better chance at success if i take it sooner than later. This would require me to taper off nolva. How long after the taper should I begin taking the Raloxifene? I believe the half life is 5 days for nolva so Is there a chance of any interaction? Thank you in advance!

      1. I did but not very recent, but they were fine, DHT, T and E2. I don’t have the numbers at the moment but i’m 100% positive the gyno came from the test I was on, I didn’t even take a heavy AI like Aromasin or Arimadex, it was only some dim and zinc, the very large amount of d-aspartic acid in the test booster was the reason it aromatized the way i mentioned. Any ideas about the transition from Tamoxifen to Raloxifene?

  41. Hey Derek. Do you have any AI suggestions for Finasteride users looking to prevent Gyno other than Aromasin?

    I bought some Aromasin after reading your page on the subject but the problem is every time I take even one 12.5mg of Aromasin I get insane amounts of hair shedding within a week. I’ve also tried Arimistane but it seems to be doing nothing at all.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I’d look at natural means like eating foods that inhibit aromatase, getting leaner, etc. There is no in between for Arimistane and Aromasin. Aromasin is the most mild/forgiving Rx AI. You shouldn’t need an AI to prevent gyno on Fin unless you have some genetic predisposition where you aromatize a significant amount, and even then lifestyle intervention should be able to take care of it in most cases. If you have existing gyno then Ralox is worth looking at, it’s the most forgiving SERM on hair, but its just a bandaid for your aromatization/androgen:E2 ratio at the end of the day.

  42. Thanks for your help. I don’t know for an absolute fact I am developing gyno but my breast and nipples definitely feel different since taking Finasteride and I am concerned it will progress.

    I am currently around 25-30% body fat or so. With the so called “skinny fat” body shape.

    Would Ralox help prevent gyno from developing in the first place while I work on losing body fat and improving my fitness? Also what is your opinion on DIM as a supplement?

    I really appreciate your help and love your website! It’s made so many things so much clearer.

    1. Yes. I wouldn’t use it unless you needed it though. It is pretty easy to discern between a lump of glandular tissue and just chest fat.

      1. Hey Derek just wanted to let you know as a point of interest I doubled my dosage of Arimistane from 25g once a day to twice a day and I also added 200mg DIM to my daily supplements.

        I can feel my breast tissue shrinking and softening significantly in a short space of time (it was never severe) these two supplements have also cleared up the brain fog I was getting from Finasteride so I can confirm they definitely work.

        Additionally I took your advice of losing body fat, I have been running a 500 calorie deficit each day for 4 weeks, this may also have contributed to my success.

        Thanks for your help.

      2. Derek,

        I’m following your S4 protocol and getting ready to come off and PCT. Your PCT protocol on your article is a combination of Clomid/Nolvadex but could I also throw in Ralox when I start my PCT? Is this overkill?

          1. Hey Derek,
            Thanks for the article.

            Possibly a naive question but would using an AI affect hair loss?

            The theory is that inhibiting aromatisation will increase free testosterone and increase T to DHT conversion.


  43. There is like tiny lumps that I can feel but aren’t visible and I also have some slight chest fat as well. I’m just paranoid about it developing into gyno. I could possibly try upping the Arimistane dosage from 25mg a day to 50mg a day or something.

  44. Hey Derek-

    I’m considering trying out rad140 for my first cycle, would you suggest taking Raloxifene as a preventative measure while on cycle?

  45. Hey Derek, Ive been on Raloxifene 60mg eod for 2months now but the lump is still very sensitive and estrogen on bloodwork is normal. Was on 30mg everyday but nothing was happening.I wouldn’t mind about the dam lump if it wouldn’t hurt but every day it’s sensitive and sometimes not as much. What would u recommend I have Aromasin on hand but dont see why i should use it if I’m not on anything other than Tongkat ali. Just want the dam pain to subside and the lump to decrease. its not even a year old. Lump was created by finasteride and im on Ru58841 right now so not shure if its still hurting because im appllying ru EVERY NIGHT to keep my hairline intact.

    Let me know what can be done here

    1. Sensitive assay Estradiol was normal or the shitty ECLIA default test that is completely inaccurate? Also, what was your Free Testosterone, DHT and SHBG. If these are where they should be, you wouldn’t be having issues.

      1. Hey Derek,

        Im missing Dht and SHBG in my blood work but there it goes as of 2 weeks ago

        Testos bio 5.9 nmol/L
        Testo Free 253 pmol/L
        Estradiol E2 <40 pmol/L
        Testos Total 16.2 nmol/L
        ALT/SGPT 66 high U/L

          1. Im doing a sensitive assay this morning ill.let u know the results next week ans will go from there ..didnt know i was doing the eclia default one

          2. Hey Derek So i just got the Sensitive Assay result back there you go ..Let me know what you would adjust here to remove the sensitiveness from my nips

            Testos bio 9.9 nmol/L
            Testo Free 423pmol/L
            Estradiol E2 119 pmol/L
            Testos Total 19.1 nmol/L
            SHBG 30.9 Nmol/L
            DHT 23 ng/dL

  46. Hey Derek So i just got the Sensitive Assay result back there you go ..Let me know what you would adjust here to remove the sensitiveness from my nips

    Testos bio 9.9 nmol/L
    Testo Free 423pmol/L
    Estradiol E2 119 pmol/L
    Testos Total 19.1 nmol/L
    SHBG 30.9 Nmol/L
    DHT 23 ng/dL

  47. Hey
    I cant get raloxifene in my country none of the online stores have them but i can get tamxifen/nolva what dosage would you run the nolva and iam currently taking 500mg of test wk and taking 0,5 mg adex eod should i up the dosage to 1mg eod or stay at my o,5 mg eod

  48. Just wanted to thank you. I’d developed puffy nipples, slight swelling around the base and some soft fat behind my nipples that’s been there for about 2 months, it started after using clomid solo for my last pct.
    Letro did nothing… even got slightly worse. I knew that losing some of the fat I gained over christmas would help so I’m blasting test/eq/anavar and in a calorie deficit.. started nolva and anastrozole every day, started pinning every day and the puffiness is almost gone even after 2 days of starting the nolva. I’m almost certain I can completely reverse it within a months time. Best info out there Derek!

    1. I have some sort of fatty,soft gyno from my puberty,no lump at all, hormones are in good range. Do you think that nolvadex and anastrozole would help?

  49. Hey Derek, have you ever come across a Raloxifene log where their hair thinned out a little? It seems to be somewhat common with Tamoxifen. Got me thinking …

  50. Hi Derek

    I am on week 5 of my test e cycle and going to order some raloxifene for my pre existed lump. Just wanted to check one thing, I have nolva and hcg for pct but if i am running raloxifene daily till my gyno is gone then should I still stick to my planned pct with nolva?? Just wondering if it’s a bad idea to keep running raloxifene and use nolva as well in the end for pct. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks

  51. How does the efficacy of Ralox compare to Nolva with regards to boosting HPTA? I feel the general consensus is that Nolva is better but to which degree? Also how do the side effect/adverse event profiles compare? I read you mention that you would never take a SERM long-term. May I ask why this is and if there are any exceptions? Enclomiphene for instance? I ask due to interest in SERM monotherapy. Thanks

    1. It’s weird because some people recover better without a SERM, some people can fully recover within 3-4 weeks from 1 shot of triptorelin, and some never fully recover HPTA despite a solid Nolva + clomid protocol. I think it’s individual and how much you abuse your hormones.

      Long term SERM use (5-10 years) is common for cancer patients. It’s hard to find solid research to be honest as there is many contradicting studies… for example some say nolva favors bone density others say it’s detrimental. In my opinion, with the number of people taking it as cancer prevention for 5+ years and without any significant side effects I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  52. Hi, I commented here a bit ago. I was starting to get gyno after a clomid only pct following a MENT cycle. Nolva + anastrozole worked slightly but then stopped working and I kept getting puffy nipples. I cut out the nolva, started on 560 mast a week + 30mg test every 3-4 days, take asin every 2-3 days and now there is no gyno about month later. I read up on some supplements too and started taking l-dopa, choline and eating lots of vegetables/fruits. I read that these things block estrogen/prolactin receptors in breast tissue. For me mast has worked a lot better than nolva + and AI did.

  53. Any reason why after 10 days you should drop from 60mg to 30mg? I’m on day 9 of 60mg and so far seeing good results. For sure a decrease in size of the gyno and much less sensitive. Would there be any downside to just continuing with 60mg?

  54. Hey Derek, is there any significant benefit to running a 60mg dose until gyno reversal over the 30mg dose? A lot of people have said to run 120mg then 60mg. My gyno is average, not severe but definitely noticeable and annoying.

  55. Hello derek i cant get my hands on raloxifene none of the shops in my country has it they only have nolva and clomid. What dosage of tamoxifenen should i use to reverse my gyno its pretty bad gyno

  56. Been on fin for 1.5 years and decided to alternate dut 3days and fin every 4th. Got gyno within two weeks.
    If I go back to just fin and let my estrogen go back to normal will the lump go away or will I have to intervene?

  57. Also, when if I go on this ralox protocol, will it effect my hair loss in anyway? I.e. increase DHT or T? Is there anything else I could do to mitigate hair compromise on this protocol? Already on RU as well. Thank you in advance

    1. How much raloxifene a day in your protocol? I’ve had gyno for about 3 years now ever since my last cycle that went horribly wrong.

    1. Great article. I want to follow this protocol, but the tabs I have are 60MG each. Is it safe to cut them in half when I taper down to 30MG a day? If not, what are the alternatives? Thank you!

  58. Hi Derek, I managed to get 56x60mg pills from the pharmacy of Evista (Raloxifene) and going to try the described protocol to get rid of Gyno on my right side. Will post back results to let everyone know. Will also be taking Vitamin D and Calcium supplements daily as recommend, was wondering why these are recommended? and was also wondering how to avoid Gyno rebound after finishing the raloxifene? Thanks.

  59. Would this work for guys with persistent pubertal gyno ? Read somewhere that raloxifene is effective in recent onsets of gynecomastia.

  60. had the lump behind both nipples since i was in high school (35 y/o now) – it’s not a bad situation as i am fairly fit but i just dont want puffy nipples anymore – it’s either surgery or trying this protocol –

    for someone like me that has had this mild version for a long time – assuming it works and gets rid of the lump – two questions keep popping up in my head:

    1) does it also target the little bit of fat around (behind) my nipple?

    2) most importantly, what would stop the lump from coming back?

  61. Hey Derek –

    I finished a 200mg cycle of test and had very slight gyno my last 3 weeks of the cycle. I used exemstane as needed on cycle to reduce nipple sensitivity.

    I am finishing my 4th week pct of 20mg nolva and was trying 12.5mg of Exemestane twice a week and every day and every week my sensitivity got worse and worse. I couldn’t take it any more and this week I upped my Nolva to 50mg and upped my Exemestane to 25mg per day (dosing 12.5 in the AM and 12.5 in the PM) and finally…..after weeks I am getting some decent relief. Is this too much? should I be worried about these doses?

    1. Hey pal,
      I was in a similar situation. I’m on 200 mg of trt and hcg. My estrogen spiked dramatically. Had a large lump on my right nip. Taking exemestane 12.5 x2 week. Spoke to my physician and told me to up it to a tab and a half a week since my estrogen was high at 61.9 and test was super high at 1221. That was after bloods of course. I started trt about 4 months ago. I was at 169 test and estrogen was at like a 7. Been taking Raloxifene and my lump is very small if not gone. I dosed at 120 mg for a month and now I’m at 60 mg until this batch is gone.

  62. Hi Derek. My slight case of gyno is not the case of the lump but more of a fat deposit and gland growth do to early lack of knowledge on proper protocol. Will this protocol work for this type?

  63. Hey Derek just wondering because I started the process and am now going on the 9th day don’t notice much difference that isn’t going to stop me though I just forgot to take the vitamin D and calcium what difference do they make and why are they apart of the protocol just wondering? Going to get them today!

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