How To Make A RU58841 And Minoxidil Combination Solution

If you cannot source Ethanol, or you simply don’t want to spend the money on it as you already currently use liquid Minoxidil, aside from K&B solution, one of the only other viable alternatives would be to mix your RU58841 raw powder in your Minoxidil liquid.

This will only work if you use Minoxidil liquid, and won’t work if you use the foam.

Or you could simply use the foam during your morning application of Minoxidil, and then use the liquid RU58841 combo mixture at night for your second Minoxidil application.

Ultimately it will be up to you what you find optimal for which type of Minoxidil you use, and what fits into your hair loss prevention protocol and what doesn't.

There are advantages and disadvantages to mixing your RU58841 with Minoxidil liquid


  • Cheaper if you already use Minoxidil liquid every day
  • Efficient as Minoxidil already comes in separate 60 ml bottles (very close to the standard 50ml PG + Ethanol solutions we use to measure and mix our RU58841
  • Easy to find and very cheap


  • Requires that you use Minoxidil every single time you apply RU58841 because they are mixed
  • Makes small dosing changes near impossible because if you want to alter your RU58841 dosage, then you will also be forced to alter your Minoxidil dosage, which could lead to unwanted side effects.
  • Perhaps exhibits less efficacy/ability to deliver RU58841 to the hair follicles than a 70%/30% Ethanol/Propylene Glycol solution can

If you already use Minoxidil liquid every day, you want to use RU58841, and your dose has consistently proved to be constant between the two compounds, you may be in the ideal position to use your Minoxidil liquid as your mixing solution for RU58841.

What You Will Need To Mix Your Own RU58841 And Minoxidil Combination Solutions

How To Mix Minoxidil And RU58841

It is actually quite simple how to mix the two, and it simply involves some basic math.

Hypothetically, let’s say you want to make a 5% strength 50mg/ml RU58841 solution (the most popular dosage/strength).

Because Minoxidil bottles come in 60ml each, you will need to measure out 3000mg (3 grams) of RU58841 raw powder per bottle of Minoxidil.


To do this, turn on your scale and make sure it’s measuring in grams as its’ unit of measurement.

Once you see that it’s turned on and at 0 grams, put an empty beaker on the scale.

After the measurement has stabilized, turn the scale back to 0 with the beaker still on it by pressing the “Tare” button.

Once you press this, it will reset the scale to 0 even with the beaker on it.

The purpose of this is so we can determine what 3 grams of RU5881 powder is without the beaker screwing up our measurement.

Add 3 grams of powder to the empty beaker on the scale until you see the scale reading 3 grams.

Once you’ve done that, you can turn off the scale and put it away.

Adding The RU58841 Powder To The Minoxidil Liquid Solution

Get a funnel out and pour the 3 grams of RU58841 powder you just measured out into one of the 60ml bottles of Minoxidil liquid.

Shake and swirl the solution lightly until the RU58841 powder has completely dissolved inside the bottle, and the solution is completely clear.

That’s all there is to it.

Now you have a bottle of Minoxidil with 50mg of RU58841 in each ml of solution.

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And get your Pharma Grade RU58841 powder HERE

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24 thoughts on “How To Make A RU58841 And Minoxidil Combination Solution”

  1. Thanks for the info. But I’m wondering, in one of your other RU posts you say you should start at 3 mixed solutions and that should last you about 5-6 months. I’ve been taking minoxidil/azaelic acid for years now and 3 bottles lasts me hardly 2 weeks. How in the world do you manage to make 3 bottles last 5 months? My goal is to use RU, and be as cost effective as possible. I want to use 5% dosage but don’t want to spend $140 for 10 g when it seems that may only last me 3 bottles (2 weeks)

    1. There is 50mg/ml in a standard 5% concentration RU58841 solution. The standard dosage for research purposes is 50mg per day. That equates to 50-55 days of use per bottle (they are usually overfilled by 1-5ml. So 3 bottles should last at least 165 days, assuming one is utilizing the standard dosage. That is about 5-6 months.

    2. Tom, how were your results? Did you get results on the RU58841 and minoxidil mix instead of RU58841 with a non-minoxidil liquid delivery method?

  2. I am considering doing the minoxidil/RU58841 mixture. Which raw powder should I purchase, the 5GR RU or the 10GR RU? Thank you in advance for your reply.

    1. There’s no difference, one comes with 5 grams of RU and the other comes with 10 grams of RU. You’re just getting more powder for a cheaper price overall buying 10 at once vs buying 5 and then buying another 5 in a separate order later when you need to restock.

  3. Hi Derek im confused 🙂
    I use minoxi twice a day if i mix it wit 3gr per 60ml (2x 1ml per day ) dont i get too much ?
    Os should i use RU+ Minox once a day and the other application only Minoxidil ?

    Thansk again
    P.s i have the 5% from anageninc

    1. HOD, what was your results on the mix? Did you get the same results as using RU58841 with a non-minoxidil liquid delivery method?

    2. Hod, what was your results on the mix? Did you get the same results as if using RU58841 with a non-minoxidil liquid delivery method?

  4. I do not know if I understand Hoda’s intentions well. He says that if he adds 50 mg / 1 ml RU to Minoxidil, he will use 100 mg RU per day – if he applies the dose as for Minoxidil alone (2 x 1 ml per day). He asks, would it be better if he used this mixture once a day and once a day of Minoxidil alone? Then it will not exceed the recommended daily dose of RU. The question is rather rhetorical. But you can always reduce the RU concentration twice – up to 2.5%. Then, using a 1 ml mixture twice a day, a dose of 50 mg RU is obtained per day.
    I’m sorry for interfering and for my English.

  5. I have raw minoxidil powder.
    Do you have any info on mixing my own minoxidil solution per 50ml.
    “The same recipe for the ru just substitute minox powder”

  6. Derek… I just purchase Adenosine. Do you anything about it. There’s really not to much as to the vehicle on the net. i tried mixing it in the minox and ru as I was told. It is rather chalky when dried. combing is impossible. Hope you have some knowledge on Adenosine

  7. I’m getting some crazy facial/midsection bloat on minoxidil on twice a day. Would using this solution only at night help with the bloat?

    1. Maybe, but then you wouldn’t be using it correctly. That’s why I don’t like Minoxidil and don’t use it, I had a lot of facial bloating too.

  8. whats your guys experience with RU? Please share your experience and if you taking it with fin or dut or without.

  9. Hi Derek,

    Is there any reason why you can’t mix a premixed RU with minoxidil? I was about to do that until I read your comment saying you can’t.


    1. I’m wondering why you can’t mixed liquid ru with liquid min either… I’m guessing because it wouldnt be distributed evenly? I have been adding one ml of pre-mixed ru to about 4ml of min for full scalp coverage. Right before loading 1ml dropper, I stir up the solution. Also have only been using minoxidil once a day. Using it twice a day for full scalp coverage is a pain in the ass and expensive as hell.

  10. Chandler Sampson

    Hi Derek,

    I’ve read that mixing RU with any water will ruin it. Minoxidil contains water. Do you know if this is true? I am just having a hard time finding the propylene glycol in Ireland, so will use this mix for the mean time.


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