How To Store RU58841 - Fridge Beside Young Man With Good Hair Beside 3 Bottles Of Pre-Mixed RU58841

How To Store RU58841 Mixed Solutions And RU58841 Raw Powder

If you don’t already know what RU58841 is, it is a non-steroidal experimental anti-androgen, which is intended for use as a topical treatment for acne and androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

Anageninc Mixed 5% RU58841 Solution

If you haven’t read my overview article on RU58841 check it out here:


There are a lot of myths surrounding the proper storage of this research chemical, and I’m going to quickly clarify every thing for you in this quick article.

How To Store RU58841 Pre-Mixed Solutions

Essentially, to prevent degradation of the compound, you simply must make sure it's stored out of any direct light and it's in a cold enough temperature.

The only two viable places that your everyday household would have for proper storage conditions of RU58841 are the freezer, or the fridge.

Although RU58841 can remain potent in room temperature for a while, I put my mixed solutions into sealable 50ml bottles, and then put the bottles into a container, shut the container so no light can get in, and then put that in the fridge.

My raw RU powder is always sealed in zip-locks though in the freezer.

I've actually noted as of recent that storing mixed solutions (not RU raw powder) in the fridge is probably more ideal than the freezer for convenience reasons.

Allow me to explain this, as I used to recommend storing all RU58841 (mixed and unmixed) in the freezer.

Although the freezer will ultimately result in the greatest longevity without degradation of the product, it can cause slight crystallization of the RU58841 powder reconstituted in the Ethanol/PG, making it so you may have to let it sit in room temperature and then lightly shake it a bit to make sure it's fully dissolved again prior to each administration.

No crystallization occurs in the fridge though.

It's also still cold enough to offset degradation to a large degree, but not cold enough to cause crystallization of the powder in the solution basically.

This makes the fridge ideal for the storage of mixed solutions.

How To Store RU58841 Raw Powder

As opposed to pre-mixed RU58841 solutions, all RU58841 raw powder (unmixed) should always be kept in the freezer.

I keep those sealed in several ziplock bags, in another closed container to ensure no water somehow seeps in and hits the powder.

If you follow the storage recommendation outlined above in your research, you will maximize the potency and longevity of your RU58841.

Where To Buy RU58841

All of the following companies have the exact same quality.

I have thoroughly researched each personally and have seen the HPLC purity reports.

They are consistently as close to 100% as you will find anywhere.

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19 thoughts on “How To Store RU58841 Mixed Solutions And RU58841 Raw Powder”

  1. Derek ? Do you have MPB ?
    How sensitive are your hair to androgens?

    Mine MPB is pretty bad but I keep it under control with dutasteride ( not losing any)

    I use testosterone from 200 to 500 mg a week also

    I would like to get bigger and add more compounds but worry about my hair ( I have active sex life thanks to GLL , I remember you from there)

    Any compounds you have personal experience that caused no hair loss ?

    I even saw people complaining about hair loss from sarms and mild steroids like EQ so for now I stick to just test

    1. I answer this in my original RU58841 article.

      Test isn’t the most hair safe compound. If you weren’t on dutasteride or finasteride than you would be much better off with something like NPP with a lower dose of test and maybe some Anavar.

      That would be an extremely hair safe cycle, and is what I find is the only cycle that I literally lose zero hair while I’m using it with RU58841 + ketoconazole shampoo + minox. My hair actually gets thicker when I run that cycle when I’m on all my hairloss prevention compounds mentioned.

      You can’t use a Nandrolone while on dutasteride/fin though unfortunately.

  2. Hey Derek, how long will a mix of raw RU powder and some K&B solution be good in the fridge? should I be mixing once a week or can I mix say a months worth and it will still be good by the time I end up finishing that mix? or will it degraded somewhat by them?

    1. A long time.

      I would guesstimate over a year to be honest.

      The degradation that is discussed on some forums is vastly over exaggerated. If it were true that a mixed solution would degrade after a week, then every pre-mixed solution would go bunk during shipping.

      They don’t though, even when in transit for weeks.

      I have had pre-mixed solutions in my fridge that I used 6 months after I bought them and they still worked just as good as RU did for me on day 1.

      A months worth is more than conservative enough. I typically mix a full 50ml bottle at a time. Once I finish a 50ml, I’ll mix a new one.

  3. Hi Derek, great site! So much useful information here! I ordered the pre-mixed RU from Anagen. Should I transfer the solution to a different bottle or is the bottle it came in good enough? Also, would an eye dropper work just as well as an oral syringe?

    1. Thank you brother. No the bottle it comes in is fine. Throw that baby in the fridge and you’re good to go. Whatever is easiest for you is fine. I’ve never tried an eye dropper but it’d be fine if it has measurements on it for seeing how much you’re drawing up.

  4. Hey bud, great site and info, and honestly it was about time someone gave a sh!t about those who research with cycles and wanted to keep their hair as well! I plan on travelling international and want to take two bottles of RU mixed with minoxidil. It will take about 48 hours to get to my destination. Will keeping the mixed solutions in my checked-in bags be completely safe without degradation until I reach my destination? On a side note, is it true mixed RU will actually be good at room temperature for a month without ever being inside a fridge?

    1. Completely safe? Impossible to say. It will likely be fine though.

      RU is more stable than most believe yes.

  5. Hey Derek,

    I got some vacuum seal, unopened RU58841 about four months ago but stor d it at room temp. Would you say that if I opened it now to make solutions it would be no good?

    1. Why would you be making a solution with a pre-mixed RU bottle? It’s already mixed, unless you’re referring to K&B solution.

        1. I’m sure it’s fine and has experienced minimal degradation. There are many individuals who swear by degradation being fast with RU though, where they store powder in the freezer as well as mix their solutions fresh every single day. So, unfortunately, I don’t know for sure.

  6. Made my first batch of 50ml RU – 70 Eth/30 PG (all from science.b) but only 1.25g to make 25mg/ml. Took the powder out of the freezer (it was in there 3 weeks) and mixed/shook everything up until my arm fell off, but it will not dissolve. If I let it sit a while it separates into a 1/2 cloudy and 1/2 clear mix for additional humiliation. Based on what you said about crystallization, I’ll bet it’s not mixing because I didn’t let the powder thaw first

    1. As a follow up, that batch I made ended up being the most expensive snow-globe ever. 100ml of ethanol/pg and 1.25 grams of RU and no matter how much I shook the solution it would not dissolve. I took 1.25g from the same batch of RU but this time took it out of the freezer for 1 day and it mixed perfectly.

  7. Hi Derek,
    Loving all the content and useful information you’re providing for this community!
    I was wondering if you share how you research vendors and find the HPLC reports as I’ve purchased one in the UK and I am unsure.

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