RU58841 Hair Loss Prevention Compound – A Comprehensive Overview

What Is RU58841?

RU58841 is a non-steroidal experimental anti-androgen, which is intended for use as a topical treatment for acne and androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

While it certainly hasn’t yet earned the title of “Hair Loss Cure,” RU58841 is without a doubt the most promising and effective thing available right now at preventing hair loss so significantly that it can almost be dubbed “the cure”.

I have over 3 years of experience with this stuff, and it has been nothing short of life changing.

This scene pretty much sums up my reaction after my experience with RU58841:

If you are just looking for a place to order high quality RU58841, this is who I use for all of my personal research:

RU58841 Pre-Made Solutions And Raw Powder

What Causes Hair Loss in The First Place and How Will RU58841 Help Prevent It?

DHT is the main cause of hair loss in men. DHT (a necessary and otherwise useful hormone) attaches to and shrinks hair follicles in those prone to MPB (male pattern baldness).

This is why it is normal for men to go bald and far less common with women, the main hormone of men is testosterone, while the main hormone in women is estrogen.

Testosterone converts to DHT in the body, and as men have a much greater amount of testosterone in their body than women, it consequently (and inevitably) leads to extreme hair loss in those who are prone to male pattern baldness.


Literally almost every single case of hair loss is caused by DHT; there is less than a 1/100 chance your hair loss is caused by something else.

Even for anabolic steroid users, the reason you are suddenly going bald so much faster is because you are introducing an excess amount of exogenous hormones that convert directly to DHT into your body, expediting your hair loss an insane amount.

So, the only way to combat hair loss, is to directly combat DHT.

RU58841 helps prevent this significantly when topically applied to the scalp.

It works by attaching to the hair follicle and preventing DHT from attaching to it.

When protected by RU58841 scalp hairs can grow to maturity and not be miniaturized by DHT.

Clinical trials investigating RU58841's potential to prevent DHT from reaching scalp hair receptors have been overwhelmingly positive.

A study in the Journal of Steroid Bio-Chemistry and Molecular Biology concluded the exceptionally high topical activity of RU58841 combined with unprecedented selectivity with respect to systemic effects suggest that this compound is a candidate of choice for the local treatment of androgenic alopecia.

How I Dose It, Store It, And Know If It’s Working

RU58841 is incredibly potent and does what it’s supposed to do very well.

A standard dose of 50mg applied all over the scalp in areas prone to male pattern baldness once per day should suffice, but some individuals may require more (this is dependent on a variety of individual-specific factors).

I personally have never had to exceed 50mg in my research.

Increasing it to 75mg or 100mg should be more than enough for almost every single individual and probably won’t even be necessary.

After applying 50mg all over the necessary areas, I just rub it in with my finger tips to make sure the liquid is covering the spots entirely, and then let it dry (takes literally less than a minute).

After that you can apply your Minoxidil if you use that too.

For application, I recommend applying your RU58841 after you've washed your hair and your hair is completely dry.

Ideally, you want to apply it within 30 minutes of showering your hair because your scalp produces sebum which will lessen the efficacy of RU58841 penetrating the skin and blocking DHT topically.

I don't usually follow this religiously though as I find it much more convenient to apply it pre-bed each night.

I haven't noticed much (if any) of a difference, but the way I mentioned IS the optimal way to apply it to maximize results.

RU58841 is a bit watery so it is best to apply within and behind your hairline.

Regarding storage, mixed RU58841 solutions should be stored in a fridge, and RU58841 raw powder should be stored in a freezer to have the efficacy last for as long as possible.

Exposing RU58841 to light or higher temperatures will cause degradation of the compound.

Ideally, keep it away from light, sealed tight blocking out air, and in a fridge if it's mixed, or in a freezer if it's still in raw powder form.

I personally put my RU mixed solutions in the fridge in 50ml bottles, and my RU raw powder in a Ziploc bag sealed tight and then I put that in a little container and leave it in my freezer.

While many people have no idea how much hair they are losing until they notice that their hair is receding or looks thinner, I suggest you start keeping an eye on your hair catcher in the shower drain (if you don’t have one it might be wise to get one to gauge your hair loss intensity).

When you shower, if you are very prone to hair loss it may be very typical for you to lose 50-100+ hairs in the shower each time you wash your hair.

A great way to assess if RU58841 is working for you is to keep an eye on the hair catcher and do a rough count of the hairs at the end of each shower.

Obviously I don’t mean literally pick out each individual hair and count them, but it will be pretty blatantly obvious if after your RU research starts there are less hairs in the hair catcher than there usually are.

Within a couple weeks of using RU58841, I went from 50+ hairs every shower being lost, to 1-5 hairs MAX being lost.

It was pretty amazing to say the least, and within a few weeks I started noticing density coming back to my previously diffuse thinning scalp.

Current Hair Status

How Does RU58841 Compare To Finasteride And Dutasteride?

At best – some other hair loss prevention treatments such as Finasteride or Dutasteride will significantly halt (or noticeably slow) the miniaturization process and, if you are lucky – provide some not-too-significant regrowth.

Finasteride and Dutasteride work “great” for the majority of guys who don't use steroids and are lucky enough to not crash their systemic DHT levels so hard that they end up with erectile dysfunction, brain fog, and a fatter less muscular physique.

If you can’t tell already, I’m not a fan of Finasteride or Dutasteride.

DHT is responsible for so many necessary functions of your body, that systemically destroying it with Finasteride or Dutasteride is just absurd to me when there are far better options available.

Both those drugs work by killing your DHT levels in your body, indirectly preventing hair loss because there is simply no DHT left to negatively affect your scalp.

But at what cost does this come is the question?

I have heard of several individuals on Finasteride or Dutasteride losing muscle, getting erectile dysfunction, feeling like shit every single day, and several other negative side effects all at the expense of saving their hair.

This is where RU completely blows everything on the market out of the water.

RU protects your hair follicle from DHT attaching to it where you apply it, but it leaves your body’s DHT levels COMPLETELY IN TACT.

This means that you still get all the benefits of DHT circulating in your body like muscle hardness, increased muscularity and fat loss, zero libido or erection issues, etc. while preventing hair loss just as effectively, if not more so.

None Of The Brutal Finasteride/Dutasteride Side Effects + I Still Get Complete Hair Loss Prevention = A No Brainer For Me

The user feedback and academic resources on RU suggests that RU is the MOST PROMISING SOLUTION to male pattern baldness (and other DHT-related conditions) that exists today.

My Experience With RU58841

Let me preface this by saying I also use anabolics which make hair loss 10000000x worse, and my hair is still here to tell the tale thanks to RU58841.

For the past few years of anabolic use I haven’t noticed a significant amount of hair loss, but I definitely did notice some diffuse thinning in my scalp, but for some reason this wasn’t alarming enough for me to realize I needed to do something about it ASAP.

Fast forward to my last contest prep I used Halotestin and Anadrol (two extremely harsh steroids on hair) and one of the two apparently my body definitely doesn't agree with and devastated my hair and I got some absolutely colossal hair thinning.

I suspect I easily shed about a third to almost half of my hair on my scalp during that cycle.

Obviously as a bodybuilder, I value the DHT in my body as it is responsible for keeping my libido in-tact and makes me look exponentially better, but I also value the hair on my head because what’s the point of a nice looking body if you have to go bald in order to get it.

I started researching like a mad man and came across RU58841 and basically delved deep into researching about it specifically over the next month.

I decided to pull the trigger and started RU58841 at 50mg every day.

It completely halted my hair loss and I went from losing 50+ hairs in the shower each day, to around 5 hairs max EVEN WHILE STILL TAKING extremely harsh compounds, and my hair thickened back up to as thick as it was before I even touched anabolics!

I can now run Tren without being scared of going another level up the Norwood scale every month.

I’m now at over 2 full years of using RU58841, and I still use anabolics alongside it, including harsh hair destroying steroids like Tren and Superdrol, and it has completely mitigated any and all hair loss I had experienced, and brought me back to a thick head of hair.

That just goes to show how potent RU truly is, as it can even halt hair loss in steroid users, whom are a billion times more prone to male pattern baldness due to the ridiculous amount of DHT circulating in their bodies wreaking havoc on their scalp.

It is an amazing alternative for all men who aren't willing to ingest a pill that kills most of the DHT in your body. Why put yourself at risk for a bunch of shitty side effects when you don’t need to.

Why RU58841 Is Even MORE Of A Miracle Drug For Steroid Users In Particular

What's important to note is Finasteride (which is typically the first resort for guys looking for hair loss prevention) is very effective for treating hair loss related to steroid usage, BUT only if the steroid is a testosterone based one that converts to DHT via the 5-A-R enzyme.

And while it is a common belief that DHT based steroids can have their androgenic effect inhibited as well, this is wrong since the action of 5-A-R is not called into play (and Finasteride is a 5-A-R inhibitor).

Finasteride is a type 2 DHT inhibitor.

It won’t prevent hair loss from compounds other than testosterone and its derivatives.

As Finasteride only blocks type two DHT, all other DHT drugs will still murder your hairline and Finasteride won't block any of the DHT from those.

So, Finasteride will absolutely not be effective against DHT created by Dianabol, trenbolone, anadrol, winstrol, masteron, equipoise, etc.

Consequently, your options for steroids you can run will be severely limited as you will essentially only have hair loss protection against mild doses of testosterone.

Even NPP and Deca which are typically very hair safe steroids are completely out of the question as they have a negative reaction with Finasteride and Dutasteride which causes an insane amount of hair loss.

This reaction does not occur with RU58841 though, and literally every steroid that you had to regretfully wave goodbye to in the past in order to keep your hair may very well be a viable alternative again to throw back into your bodybuilding arsenal.


As RU doesn't cause systemic shutdown of your bodies DHT and keeps the blocking of DHT strictly localized to where you apply it (your scalp) it will allow you to actually keep running any type of steroid you want, and still get hair loss prevention protection against ALL OF THEM.

Not just a select few of them.

Not to mention if you are a serious competitor it is pretty much out of the question to run anything that tanks your bodies DHT levels pre-contest, so Finasteride and Dutasteride are essentially a totally impossible option for a lot of the serious anabolic users.

I fell into the same category of not wanting my hair loss prevention to impact how competitive of a physique I can bring to the plate, and so far I've been extremely pleased with the outcome of this stuff.

RU58841 Effect On Your Results/Gains Vs. Finasteride/Dutasteride

As already mentioned, Finasteride/Dutasteride will absolutely destroy the DHT levels in your body, so yes that will negatively affect your results significantly.

Think about the benefits you get from a drug like Masteron (essentially injectable DHT), which gives that very hard and grainy look to the physique at lower body fat levels, among the countless other imperative benefits of DHT like improved strength, fat loss, libido, sense of well-being, etc.

Then imagine having no DHT (aka feeling like a brain fogged zombie dragging ass with a non-functional penis).

Which would you rather experience if you could have hair loss prevention in both scenarios?

The answer is obvious.

Why Is RU58841 A Research Chemical And Not Available For Doctor Prescription For Hair Loss?

In most countries, RU58841 can be purchased and sold as a “research chemical” not meant for use on human beings.

It is not a prescription or over the counter drug.

It is not “illegal” to buy or sell if it is independent research experiments.

For whatever reason, RU hasn’t made it through the approval process yet, even though it is a significantly better option than what is available for prescription today, with less side effects to boot!

What Else Should I Be Using To Prevent Hair Loss

There are two other products that I would highly recommend you use alongside your RU58841.

These three in combination will be your absolute best line of defence against hair loss, and I wouldn't recommend anything else other than these three things to be honest.

They work synergistically to maximize your ability to keep a full thick head of hair.

  • Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo or Regenepure DR Shampoo: This shampoo should be applied each time you wash your hair and rubbed into your scalp and then left there for 5-10 minutes before washing it out. It is just a normal anti-dandruff shampoo, however, it contains Ketoconazole, which is a powerful antifungal that removes the buildup of DHT in the hair follicles. It works very well and I use it alongside my RU58841. The two best Ketoconazole shampoos in my opinion are Nizoral and Regenepure DR. The difference between them being that Regenepure DR has a variety of other ingredients in it that simply make it a higher quality shampoo, and it doesn't dry your hair out like Nizoral potentially could. However, Nizoral is quite a bit cheaper, so I typically will alternate between Nizoral and Regenepure DR to save money. If your hair doesn't get dried out by Nizoral, just stick with that as it is cheaper and has the same amount of Ketoconazole in it anyways (the ingredient you want). You can get Nizoral here: Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo And Regenepure DR here: Regenepure DR Shampoo

  • Minoxidil: Also known as “Rogaine” (just a brand name for Minoxidil), this stuff will actually revitalize hair follicles and regrow hair that has been lost. It is amazing stuff. I prefer the Rogaine brand foam as it dries A LOT faster than the liquid minoxidil, and that cheap generic brand name stuff is so oily it makes your hair look terrible and greasy for hours after use. You can get my recommended Minoxidil here: ROGAINE FOAM


To Summarize

RU58841 is a turn-key all in one hair loss prevention compound that blocks all DHT on the scalp, and can literally halt hair loss in its tracks. I’m shocked it isn’t more heavily researched.

I will be using RU58841 for the rest of my life unless something better gets invented.

What Is The Highest Quality RU58841 Source Available For Research Today?

I've tried a few sources now and some of them use vehicles to suspend RU58841 with a low level of efficacy on the scalp, making their product rather useless, no matter if the RU raws they are using are potent or not.

You need to find a source that knows how to reconstitute RU properly, as well as has a high quality pure product.

The following source uses a 70%/30% split of Ethanol and Propylene Glycol (ideal vehicle) and includes a high-performance liquid chromatography assay with each order to confirm the purity of each unique batch they produce.

I found this in itself incredibly reassuring, and pulled the trigger on their product for my research and have been very pleased with the results in comparison to other sources, and have never looked back. Their product works exceptionally well.

You can order their pre-mixed RU58841 solutions (or the Raw RU58841 Powder if you want to make your own solutions) here:

Anageninc – 10% off coupon code “DC10”

The only other companies I also trust with equal quality are the following:

Science.bio – 10% off coupon code “DC10”

Chemyo – 10% off coupon code “DC10”

Both companies have the exact same quality linked above.

I have thoroughly researched all three sources personally and have seen the HPLC purity reports.

For the record, they are both as close to 100% pure as you will find on this planet.

I suggest getting 3 pre-mixed RU58841 solutions with 5% strength to start off. This should last you around 5-6 months, and is a perfect time frame to assess how you respond to RU58841, and if you would like to continue your research past that point.

For the carrier (what the RU58841 raw powder is mixed in), I prefer PG (propylene glycol) + Ethanol.

I find it rare for someone's scalp to be irritated by the PG/Ethanol to the point of needing KB instead as the carrier. They both work fine, some people just seem to have skin irritation to particular carriers as opposed to others.

This stuff won’t grow a thick mullet on a severely balding head overnight or anything so keep your goals realistic with this stuff.

Remember, the key is hair loss prevention; any re-growth is a fringe benefit of RU58841. 5-6 months I feel is a solid time frame to make a fair educated assessment on whether RU is for you or not.

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332 thoughts on “RU58841 Hair Loss Prevention Compound – A Comprehensive Overview”

  1. yo dc7, your link to american applied science has 2 options for RU. If i Buy the topical, 50ml bottled one, is it good to go already? like just measure out 50 ml and apply? Also storing it ? freezer?

    1. Start off with 2-3 of the pre-mixed RU58841 solutions is my suggestion so you can play around with the dose and see how you react over the next 4-6 months. They are already mixed with a perfect proportion of Ethanol and Propylene Glycol, so literally right when it arrives it’s ready to be used. Keep it stored in the freezer yes.

      Each ml = 50mg. Start off with 1ml applying it topically to your scalp in areas prone to MPB.

  2. Great article man! Ive been diffuse thinning for several years, and started using this stuff 2 weeks ago (never tried finasteride), the density is noticeably coming back already, I almost can’t believe it. Cant wait to see where I’m at in a few months.

    Is the diffuse thinning picture of you? If so, that would be an amazing turnaround to your current hair. Right now I’m similar to that picture, a little thicker in the crown, and thinner on the hairline.

    1. That’s awesome man I’m glad to hear it’s working for you.

      No the picture isn’t of me, I never let mine get that bad. It was pretty significant though in contrast to what I’m at now, I just don’t have a high quality image of my scalp to put up as a comparison (I kind of became averse to taking photos after my hair started falling out).

      Add Lipogaine shampoo and Minoxidil into your hair loss prevention regimen too and you will be shocked at how well the 3 synergistically work together.

      1. Have you had any sides from minoxidil? Ive heard some people get heart palpatations, apparently it was originally developed as a heart medication.

        Btw, awesome site! I read your other posts, you may have sold me on Ostarine and mk 677.

          1. It’s just a different vehicle that is made without propylene glycol. If your scalp isn’t irritated by the traditional vehicle, no need for KB solution.

      2. Hey Derek,
        Thanks for all your great content! I saw in one of your videos you put your RU and hair products in spray bottles. How many sprays would 50mg of RU be?
        Much appreciated!

  3. Derek, How often do you have to wash your hair while using this stuff? Does one need to wash everyday with shampoo or can you go a few showers in between?

    1. There is no set in stone amount you need to wash your hair. Just shower as you normally would and use the Lipogaine shampoo when you shower. Use the RU58841 everyday as well as minox (if you are using that as well).

      1. Hi Derek
        After I applied ru58841 i forgot to wash my hands and touched the tip of my penis while urinating.
        I freaked out and immediately started browsing the internet whether i should be worried but didnt get anything about skin contact. is RU safe in that regard?
        sorry for such a stupid question i had noone else who knows about ru

  4. DC7,

    Awesome post. Great details. I have three questions for you:

    1) I’ve been using 100mg RU nightly for some time now and while my hair has thickened to a degree, it’s not as thick as it once was. I can live with this and may initiate minoxidil to thicken them up even more but would you recommend raising my RU dose? Some guys on forums say that RU eventually loses effectiveness and that could be bullshit but I don’t want that to happen to me.

    2) Would RU and minox cover all my bases, so to speak. I don’t want to start finasteride but if RU is blocking DHT from reaching the follicle and minoxidil is keeping my hair thick, shouldn’t that be a sufficient stack?

    3) Is there any minox product you recommend? Some people say Kirkland, some say rogaine, some say lipogaine, and then there are some that talk about the efficacy of minox/azelaic acid products but those are hard to find in the states. Do you know of a good vendor of minox/azelaic acid products or, if not, a solid minox product?

    I appreciate any advice you send my way, brother.

    1. Definitely throw minoxidil in to help thicken it back up. I’d say 100mg RU is a sufficient dose, I don’t know if raising it would really help more as it is meant for hair loss prevention, not regrowing a full head of hair.

      RU and minox should suffice for hairloss prevention. Obviously if your hair is already getting thicker on just RU then your bases are already covered hairloss prevention wise.

      Yes my recommendation is at the bottom of my article man, I linked the Rogaine foam I like. It isn’t greasy and I find it works better. The liquid is damn greasy and makes your hair look terrible.

  5. It’s been 1,5 weeks so far i shed less hair in the shower. I’m very optimistic and will update in a month.

    1. Can I travel with a premix solution of RU mixed with stemoxidine and keep it room temperature for about 10 hours until i get to destination and put in back in the fridge? I am just worried that the compound will go bad and it’ll go systematic. What do you think?


  6. Doesnt the hair you grow from using rogaine fall right out as soon as you stop using? Are you really using rogaine everyday? Thanks for the response. I am just scared to try it and worried it will cause the hair I do have to fall out.

    1. Minoxidil may cause an initial shed, but this just means it is working and doing its job. You won’t experience faster hair loss because of minox, it is the complete opposite.

    2. That’s what happened to me. Stay away from Rogaine and Propecia. Its poison for your hair and body. Get PRP, and stick to hair fibers.

        1. Hello, can you add on your regime RU58841 to Topical finasteride? Or those two together wont’t work and cause side effect?


    1. You’re going to want 5% strength and the Ethanol/Propylene Glycol (PG) carrier. This is the best overall option in my opinion and is all I use personally.

      1. Do you recommend a syringe or a dropper? Also, I bought 3 bottles of the 5% solution like you recommended. Should I keep all 3 in the fridge? Or just 1, and leave the other two in the freezer for the time being until they are needed. Thanks brother. Fantastic article

        1. This is one of the best articles I’ve read that covers hair loss for bodybuilders. I’ve done so much research and you hit on all the key points. I’m on fin and dut and it’s seemed to slow/stop additional hair loss but I know I’m losing almost all dht benefits and can tell. However I’m scared to stop them. If I was to start by stopping one, which would you suggest (I just got my RU)? I’ve been on fin for over 10 years and dut almost 2. I started the dut when I started TRT. Thanks!!

      2. Derek, I used finasteride and RU for about 12 months. Quit RU but stayed in finasteride. 2 years later, do you think quitting the RU had negative effects? My hair loss wasn’t too bad to begin with I feel like finasteride did more than enough. Hair seems unaffected. What’s your theory on what occurs when you stop RU? Causing some stress.

        Thanks man. You are a great teacher.


        1. How’s your experience been since? I have been considering taking RU for a few months for its regrowth benefits because I do not want to be on it for life, but I was wondering if I would lose all my gains when I stopped RU whilst staying on my current prevention stack of Fin, Minoxidil and Ketoconzole?

  7. Great post man. Just came across this product. A few things…

    Superdrol is actually one of the safer compounds for hair loss having an anabolic rating of 20.

    Does RU58841 keep more hairs in the anagen phase as oppose to say Rogaine and Finisteride? If so, that would be a huge benefit because a result of more hair follicles in the actual growth phase is basically like having more hair.

    Why would you use RU58841 AND Rogaine if they are essentially the same thing, albiet the former much more powerful?

    How many times a day do you apply, and how long does one bottle of 50ml RU5881 lastt? It would be great if I could swap out Rogaine and Fin completely to pay for RU5881.

    1. They aren’t the same thing whatsoever. Rogaine stimulates hair growth, RU58841 prevents DHT from causing miniaturization at the hair follicle which causes you to lose hair. Rogaine does NOTHING to prevent DHT from wreaking havoc on your scalp, it simply stimulates more hair growth. Using them at the same time is the ultimate 1-2 punch.

  8. I actually beg to differ on that. I did a 500mg test e/oral winny cycle which destroyed my hair. The following year, I ran the same cycle using only Rogaine and had zero additional hair loss. Rogaine is definitely a solid defense against DHT/AAS.

    Assuming you apply 5% RU once daily, how much do you estimate it costs you a month, if you buy the powder in bulk and mix it yourself?

    1. I didn’t say it’s a bad “defense” but it doesn’t block DHT at all. Hence, what I said still stands. It simply stimulates hair growth so while you’re possibly shedding more hair because it isn’t preventing any hair loss, you’re also growing hair at an accelerated rate, offsetting any thinning from occurring indirectly.

      I’m not going to argue with you on the matter because it is common knowledge: “Minoxidil stimulates hair follicles and growth, but does not reduce dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or the enzyme responsible for its accumulation around the hair follicle, 5-alpha reductase, which is the primary mediator of male pattern baldness in genetically susceptible individuals.”

      1. Great site, appreciate all the info. Putting out some phenomenal stuff.

        Might want to give this one another look. Kyle might be on to something.

        Some emerging literature showing that Minoxidil may be acting via ARs.

  9. Ever since I stumbled on Derek’s video on YouTube its been a game changer! I’m 19 years old and could literally see my scalp, every day I would be in the shower and see more and more hair fall out. After watching the video, I had ordered the Ru58841 and 6 month supply of monoxidil, my thoughts were ” I’m going to loose it anyways, why not give this a shot”, after 3 months of consistent use I’m honestly happy to say I have a full head of hair! Not only did Derek help me, but I sorta copied your hairstyle to bro?! Keep up the videos and great content, I dont know how else to thank you!

      1. Would a RU/Minox combo mitigate any potential harm from a heavy anabolic like Tren? I’m very prone to MPB and won’t start anything extreme unless I know my hair won’t get any worse. For reference test does nothing bad fir my hair.

    1. Hamza, did you get any sides from RU at all? I used finasteride with great results but the emotional blunting and libido issues along with fat gain made me get off it after 6 months’ use. I have ordered RU from anageninc and should get it in a couple days. What are your results like and has it affected you in any way adversely?

    2. Hello hamza . I am here 5-6 years later seeking your regimen / if you’re still on RU or any regimen at all. I myself am looking to take RU and the only thing holding me back are the potential for long term side effects. Seeing as though you’ve been potentially on RU for a length of time have you had any side effects ? Or long term side affects ?
      Thanks, Kyle

  10. Hey Derek, will this product work on a black guy’s hair? My hair is receding from the temple hairline, I’d love to prolong it at least till my 30s damn lol

    1. Unless you have alien hair follicles from a different species than ya it’ll work the same as it would on anybody else haha. Male pattern baldness works the same for all races, so preventing it is the same plan of attack that any one else would need to take.

  11. So does this have sides like fin? I used fin and has a lot of sexual side effects and since I stopped using it things went back to normal, but I still want to fight my hair loss. So basically does ru have a high chance of sexual side effects?

    1. No, much less chance of going systemic as it’s topical as opposed to Fin which is ingested and shuts down DHT in the body. RU58841 shouldn’t affect your DHT in your body, only the DHT on your scalp itself, it remains localized to the area of application. This equates to no DHT side effects (aka shitty libido, erectile dysfunction, etc.) which Finasteride is notorious and hated for by many.

      1. There are still many reported side effects from users b/c if it goes systemic it can impact androgens in other parts of your body.

  12. Is 50mg every other day enough to prevent hairloss on AAS? Also, if you already have longer hair, what’s the most effective way to make sure it gets onto the scalp and not just onto the hair?

    1. I doubt it. I would use it everyday or not at all, but that’s me. I use an oral syringe and spread my hair to expose my scalp and drop it on.

  13. So I see in the comments you mention lipogaine shampoo. Now it’s something different and it used to be reginapure. I bought reginapure and was about to buy again but I see it’s not on Amazon anymore and you can only buy the DR version on their website. Is there a reason you switched to the Niziral shampoo over Regenapure or lipogaine? Thanks for the response!

    1. Simply for the reason you just mentioned, because Lipogaine and Regenepure DR aren’t available anymore online on Amazon.

      Nizoral has the same amount of ketoconazole in it so it should work just as well.

  14. Awesome article and awesome stuff. Been a month and already see it working! Ever notice pimples on the scalp from it? How about decreased libido?

    1. Thank you. That’s good news man, glad to see it’s working for you too!

      No I’ve never noticed pimples from it, RU58841 actually gets rid of acne interestingly enough, so if you’re noticing an increase in pimples its probably just a coincidence, or something else imo. Keep an eye on it though obviously.

  15. Hey bro great article! I just received my premixed solution from Anagen today and can’t wait to get started. Couple of quick questions: 1. Do I need to store it in the freezer or fridge? 2. How long do you wait after your RU application before you apply your rogaine foam?

    Thank you!!!?

    1. 1. Store pre-mixed solutions in the fridge, store raw powders in the freezer.

      I will make an updated “storage recommendations” article & video in the near-future hopefully.

      2. I apply RU58841 before I apply minox. This is because RU dries way faster than minox, and minox is a poor vehicle for RU so I want to make sure that the RU58841 has fully penetrated the scalp and has dried on my head before I apply my minoxidil.

  16. I’ve been using RU 25mg daily during my 500mg/week test-e cycle and I don’t notice any changes to the appearance of my hair but I notice hairs on my hand when I shower or if I actually try to pull loose hairs out. What exactly does AAS-induced shedding look like in comparison to a normal person’s daily shedding? Would I know if I’m prone by week 10 of 500mg test E? I’m not sure if the RU is doing anything, I also use nizoral 1% EOD. MPB does run in my family but on both sides the males were bald by now.

    Any idea what I should consider in terms of diagnosing AAS-induced shedding?

    1. 25mg is a pretty low dose to use for 500mg test IMO, especially if MPB runs in your family AND you’re taking supraphysiological doses of hormones on top of that compounding the issue.

      AAS-induced shedding is the same as any Androgenic Alopecia shedding. The only temporary shedding you will get is if your body has a negative reaction to something you are taking or if you exert something foreign on your body that you shock your system into a temporary shed.

      Shedding induced from excessive DHT levels will simply be the same pattern you would go bald without AAS, but at a greatly accelerated rate (depending on how prone you are to MPB).

      If you are asking how many hairs you should be looking for vs. a normal person that is kind of impossible to answer, but you will start noticing a large increase in hairs in your shower drain (I use my drain catcher as my reference guide for how much I’m shedding as it’s the only somewhat accurate method of measurement I can use other than literally just looking at my hair).

      If you are noticing clumps of hair in your hands that’s not a good sign, but if it’s just a few you probably are worrying a bit too much.

      I’d say you would definitely have noticed if you drastically increased shedding by week 10 if you are actually aware of hair loss and are scrupulously looking for changes in your shedding patterns.

      Keep an eye on the drain is my suggestion, as well as your hairline position (if its’ receding) and how easily you can see your scalp when your hair is wet.

      When I shed and had really bad diffuse thinning you could see my scalp through my hair even when it was dry and styled in a way to hide the thin areas.

      If you’re shedding badly and you’re looking for it as meticulously as you are, it will be obvious I think once you are actually shedding more than normal.

      If you don’t notice any changes to your hair and you’re on 500mg of test I’d say mission accomplished. You can’t really expect more from it than maintenance at most if you’re darting yourself with steroids.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I really can’t tell how much I can see my scalp when it’s wet, I can’t at all on the top but if I comb it back maybe a little but I never paid attention before the AAS so I have no reference point. I don’t notice clumps of hair, just like 5-10 hairs on my hand at a time. I almost have a fro at this point, my hair is pretty thick but I’m worried about thinning in the front, I can’t tell if it’s thinning there really.

        Do you suggest upping to 50mg of RU? It’s hard to get it on my scalp too because of my hair being thick and longer. Also, do you know of any RU sources that don’t charge $20 for shipping?

        As for minoxidil, they claim it doesn’t do anything for balding in the front, and only works on the crown, is it worth bothering with it in that case?

  17. Hey man,
    great article, science is on point.
    I’ve been ordering my RU from syntharise.com as I live in Canada and i’d rather not risk it getting seized by customs.
    My question is can I simply just dissolve the RU in minox rather than using two topicals that may lead to further irritation/inflammation?

    1. Hi Mark,

      The site I use has a 100% success rate into Canada (I live in Canada too). Customs will never seize this stuff, and if they do (hasn’t ever happened up to now) a re-ship will be arranged.

      For your question, yes you can reconstitute your RU in minoxidil, keep in mind though that the liquid that minoxidil itself is mixed in is Ethanol/PG itself too, so if your scalp is irritated by those two topicals, then it would do the same thing from mixing it in minox.

      As an alternative you can checkout the K&B Solution. Usually, if your scalp is irritated it is from the Propylene Glycol, and that’s where K&B comes into handy. It is comprised of Ethanol, Demineralized Water, and K&B emulsifiers, which are generally tolerated better and cause no irritation.

      You can check it out here: K&B Solution

      All you need to do is pour your RU powder in there, shake it lightly until it is dissolved fully, then you’re g2g.

  18. Can women use this product? Will it regrow hair, even if you don’t use anything else with it?

    Can you also explain exactly where to order it and how to mix it and apply it?

    Also, if this product is not available for purchase, how do we know for sure that it is safe to use and effective? Are there potential side effects or could it make hair loss even worse? Since it has no FDA approval and is not sold anywhere or through doctor’s offices, I would be worried about using it.

    Thank you!

    1. Women could use it, but I don’t see the point because if you have hair loss as a woman it is very unlikely to be induced via excessive DHT levels unless you abuse Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (women simply don’t have naturally high levels of testosterone or DHT). This is why so many men go bald as they age, and women keep their hair, it’s all hormonal.

      There is a link at the bottom of the article with my recommended source of exactly where to order it. I have linked it several other times as well.

      I’m simply reiterating information that I’ve found via my own research and the research from others. I’m not advocating you use this or research it yourself, if you don’t feel comfortable researching something without FDA approval then don’t get it.

      I have a guide that explains EXACTLY how to reconstitute it for research if you choose to get the raw powder as opposed to the pre-mixed solutions.

      As a woman (I’m assuming you are?) you would benefit far more from minoxidil for regrowth than you would from RU58841 because it is extremely unlikely your hair loss is androgenic alopecia, and is likely caused by something entirely unrelated to DHT.

  19. Minoxidil stimulates hair growth but the hair grown due to it grows a dependence and needs it (so if you stop using it the hairs gained from minoxidil will fall out) but could I use minoxidil to grow more hair then ru on those hairs, that will then cause the hairs to be protected from dht?

    1. The ideal scenario is that you grow vellus hairs that turn terminal with Minox, and maintain these forever with just RU58841 or Finasteride and Ketoconazole. The thing is though, I’m pretty sure that Minoxidil dependent hairs are indeed 100% Minoxidil dependent, and will likely only remain in the presence of continued Minoxidil treatment, even if the rest of your hair loss prevention protocol is bulletproof.

      Much in the same way that if you use Minoxidil and Finasteride for years, if you stopped Minoxidil completely, your hair would eventually progress to whatever state it would’ve been had you only used Finasteride.

      I would assume that the same would apply for RU58841, or for anything for that matter, but that is up for speculation and research to uncover.

      The only way to know for sure would be to try it. Minoxidil is a long-term commitment, and to maintain the hair you gain from it, you will probably need to stay on Minoxidil.

  20. Hello, I’ve been using stemoxydene 5%instead of Rogaine and prefer it to Rogaine because it doesn’t give me dark circles or heart palpitations, would this mix well with stemoxydene?

    1. When you say “mix well” do you mean would Stemoxydene be a good enough vehicle to reconstitute RU58841 powder in, or would it work as well with RU58841 as Minoxidil does?

      1. Hello just saw this response, I just received my premixed ru 5% with kb solution from kane, I guess I meant if stemoxydene and ru work together as good as it does with minox, also I am using Pur’dor premium gold shampoo which it says has 15 dht blockers in it and ketokonezole, and I’m also using a Theradome laser helmet every 2 days , I bought it last year, seems to help a bit but since I started a cutting cycle of 11kt and epistane I noticed I receded more in the hair line , that’s why I wanted to give this ru a try since it’s not supposed to be systematic like fin , cause I don’t want a soft body I wanna stay as hard and lean as possible plus don’t want to get gyno

  21. I recently used Ru for maintaining and to my suprise it stopped my shedding after using it for three days with 1 ml. I did get some reduced libido and my eyes started to burn. I stopped it the next two days and everything went back to normal. Tried it again with the same results.

    Don’t know if I should lower the dose maybe i’m too sensitive…i’ve always been to everything.

    1. Glad to hear it stopped your shedding.

      For the side effects, have you been washing your hands thoroughly after you rub it in? A common mistake many individuals make is they rub it into their scalp with their fingers, then they don’t wash their hands properly after and the RU soaks through their finger tips into the blood stream and increases the chance of it going systemic.

      Maybe that would be why your eyes burned too if you didn’t wash your hands and then rubbed your eyes perhaps?

      And yes, finding the lowest dose you still get results from would be a good strategy too if it isn’t the hand washing. You might still be able to completely halt your hair loss with a lower dose, and mitigate your side effects.

      1. Thanks for the fast reply man! Yes I actually did wash my hands using soap two times with water everytime I’ve used it.

        I’m thinking about reducing it to only 0,25 ml and see if I can halt the shedding and hopefully reduce the side effects.

        I would encourage everyone to start slow and upping it to the dose where maximal benefit is and low chances of side effects.

        1. Ya drop the dose and see if you can maintain the same level of complete hair loss prevention, but without any side effects. Trial and error to find the sweet spot.

    2. I tried a few different applicators I.e children’s Tylenol dispensor etc and the best by far is a 1ml glass e juice dropper. It actually fits the blue bottle as well bc it has built on cap and sills better. Also makes for very easy even distribution.

  22. so does this regrow hair or just maintain ? I just finished my first bottle gonna keep at it, but hoping to get some regrowth at 3 months.

    1. It’s main purpose is to prevent hair loss. Indirectly you can regain some density because once you have halted your hair loss, you are no longer shedding more than you are growing, rather, you will be growing hair at a faster rate than it is falling off your head. This will indirectly lead to “regrowth”.

      To truly regrow new hair out of a completely dead zone on your scalp, you will need to incorporate Minoxidil twice per day.

      Ideal combination being RU58841 + Minoxidil + Ketoconazole shampoo, with anything else being a negligible addition imo.

    1. It’s 100% stable in room temperature for up to 6 months, so no it won’t degrade during the shipping process. Storing it in the fridge extends the shelf life of it though, making it the ideal location for storage.

  23. I’ve been researching using Tren and Im terrified of the hair loss. Test, deca, t-bol, & anavar have really not done much damage to my hair at all (even at high doses). Im using RU, Miniox, Finastride.

    Ive read that Tren doesn’t cause hair loss through DHT since tren has no interaction with the 5-ar enzyme. Ive read that the reason people loose so much hair with Tren its because its so androgenic.

    Are you still having good luck with RU and running harsh compounds like tren, winny, anadrol?

    1. If your scalp doesn’t respond well to PG then yes. In rare cases, some individuals get an irritated scalp from PG. If you respond fine to PG and Ethanol though then no.

  24. Hi Derek,

    Incredibly informative post! I’m planning on using both RU and Minoxidil soon, and had a few question on your delivery methods. When using Minoxidil, where do you typically apply it and how many times a day?

    For RU do you essentially spread it out all over the top portion of your scalp and rub it in until it dries?

    Thanks man!

    1. Everywhere where your research subject is affected by Male Pattern Baldness is where RU and Minox application would be. Minoxidil is always applied 2x per day.

  25. I just turned 25 and I have a thick head of hair that I take pride in. I don’t think my family has a history of baldness, but I’m not positive. My dad is close to 70 and he basically still has all his hair. Been lifting for about 3 years now and am probably going to be starting my first cycle of Test C @ 500mg/w for 12 weeks.

    Should I have this hair loss prevention protocol on hand if I need to use it or should I use it from the beginning of my cycle as a preemptive measure? Am I just being paranoid with my first cycle haha? I would hate to permanently fuck my hair as it is so thick and joocy. I understand this is one of the risks I am taking, but I want to do anything I can to prevent hair loss. I would hate to suddenly become bald. Was wondering what you would suggest.

    Thanks for your time man.

    1. It’s ultimately up to you man, but I think it’s pretty obvious that the “better safe than sorry” approach is always the best one to take. That’s like not having an AI on hand for your cycle because you aren’t sure if you will experience estrogen related side effects or not. Always best to have everything you could possibly need on hand already just in case you do encounter issues.

  26. Thanks for your site. Question, does the scalp/hair need to be dry when you apply RU or is it OK to do directly out of shower with towel dried hair? I had read that the serum half-life of RU was only like an hour…but you still only apply only once a day, not twice like you said with minox?

    1. Scalp needs to be totally dry to be most effective. I’m sure it’s “ok” to do it with towel dried hair, but the point is to make sure that the RU58841 actually stays on the area and doesn’t just run down the sides of your head.

      Yes I apply it once per day. Minox is always twice.

  27. you wrote…”I personally don’t use less than 50mg RU58841 ever.” and I am a newbie and confused. In what volume of solution giving what kind of %-age of concentration? I have seen videos where they are making 50mL, 5% solution using the K&B medium and they are putting only 2.5mg I think to get 5%. What is your best advice on mixing? How much do you mix at once? And what volume do you apply? Thanks.

  28. Hey Derek,

    Nice post man.. I should have seen this 2 years ago..

    anws I want to mix it myself but Im using 15% minoxidilwith 5% azelaic acid, water, glycerin, ethanol.

    water, glycerin, ethanol is my vehicule since im sensitive more to PG.

    how much grams of RU58841 powder should I add to my full 60ml bottle of minoxidil 15% and would it last all my bottle without the lost of RU effectiveness

    let me know

    Thanks Brah

    1. How much RU58841 powder you use is completely up to you in terms of how concentrated you want your solution.

      If you store it properly in a fridge, it will not degrade at all for over a year so don’t worry about loss of effectiveness.

  29. Hey dude! Great article. So just to clarify in short.

    RU58841- defends against dht topically

    Minoxidil (rogaine, lipogaine etc) – regrows hair

    Ketoconazole (regenenpure dr, nizarol etc) – kills dht build up topically

    Finasteride and Dutasteride- kills dht within the body, not just topically

    Azealic acid- (which used to be in some products) – kills it topically

    Keep up with the website.


  30. If I only have slight temple thinning and possible some crown thinning, even after a cycle of test (500mg/week) and tbol, is it still necessary to use the full 50mg dose daily? Is it possible to just apply a little to each area? I’m 30 and actually can’t even tell if I’m going bald at this point, I have a “mature hairline” but I wanna be on the safe side. I noticed some possible increased daily shedding on cycle but honestly don’t even notice a difference in my hairline now after cruising for a while. Any advice?

    1. I have no idea because I don’t know how you will respond to it. Start low and then adjust accordingly.

      The best approach is obviously to research the lowest dose possible that will still give you the positive benefits.

  31. Hi Derek thanks for the great information! You’re the reason I started using RU and I have been using it for about 3 months with pretty good results! I am 22 with thick hair on the top of my head but I have balding temples, I have been using 50mg/1ml per night. I find it hard to spread the liquid to cover the top of my head because my hair is so thick. I tried using an oral syringe and spreading my hair and rubbing it in with my fingers but I still can’t cover my whole head because I feel like it gets stuck on my hair and does not reach my scalp. Does RU still work if it gets on my hair but doesn’t reach my scalp or does it only work if it touches my scalp? Do you know some more techniques that could help me? Thanks!

    1. Good to hear man, glad it is working for you too.

      You have a few options here, first off, one of the tricks I use to cover a large surface area is I take advantage of how thin/liquidy the solution is. The way I do this is I will take my oral syringe, spread my hair apart at the top of my head, and apply a little bit to my scalp, and then let gravity let the solution drip all the way down my scalp to my temples, and then I will rub it into as much surface area as I can.

      I repeat this process with little bits almost like mowing a lawn, apply some to a high up part on my scalp, and then let gravity drag the liquid through my scalp all the way to the front, and then I rub it in to make sure it gets in the scalp as much as possible.

      Another option you have is to get a less concentrated solution if you wish to continue with a 50mg dose but feel that it isn’t suspended in enough solution to cover all of your scalp areas prone to MPB.

      Or alternatively, you can dilute your solutions more yourself (if you buy them pre-made). To do this, you can just add more Ethanol + Propylene Glycol in a 70%/30% ratio to your current pre-made solution, and in doing this, you can actually dilute the solution as much as you want so then there is less mg/ml.

      So for example, let’s say you have a pre-made solution right now that is 50ml and is 50mg per ml. To dilute it more, you could pour it into a bigger bottle, and then add 35ml of Ethanol and 15ml of Propylene Glycol to that. Stir it well, and then as easy as that you will have a 25mg/ml solution instead of what was previously a 50mg/ml solution. You can water it down as much as you need to in order to reach a concentration that allows you to cover all the spots of your scalp that are prone to hair loss.

      1. Thanks for the quick detailed response! I tried using small drops and used the gravity trick and it worked perfectly, I felt like I covered everything! Thank you!

  32. Hi Derek
    Great stuff as always.
    Just ordered the RU solution you recommend.
    One question about Rogaine, I followed your link and was reading the info on it and it says that it’s not meant for receding hairline or frontal baldness?
    This has me perplexed

    1. It was technically designed for use on the vertex of the scalp only. However, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t work on other parts of the scalp. Wherever you apply it, you will grow hair for the most part. Guys even use it on their beards with great success.

      Thousands of individuals have used Rogaine with great success on other parts of their scalp than their vertex.

  33. Hi Derek,

    I have been using RU 5% premade (100mg) for a month and I dropped finasteride in a hope that RU will be sufficient enough to replace it, my question is when can I expect the first result, because my temples star to recede, though the rest of head is doing okay so far and also do you recommend using stronger % for my hairline. I am also using minox 5% twice a day and keto shampoo.

    1. The point is to maintain what you have. You shouldn’t “expect” more than that. If it is doing that then it is doing it’s job. I would’ve suggested you tapered off of Fin instead of dropping it cold turkey, as you could have caused a systemic DHT spike and perhaps induced a shed.

      Regardless, keep an eye on things, and if things are stable, then it is working.

  34. Hey very good info! I’m curious as to whether or not you ran an anadrol cycle using this this chemical and if so, did it prevent hiarloss from anadrol? I know you mentioned that anadrol destroyed a good portion of your hair in the past.

  35. Derek,

    I have a question, can this used while only on cycle for protection. Or does this have to be used indefinitely? Also, if one stops would it actually increase rate of loss. I’m struggling to determine if I have mpb or not at 23. I have always had a large forehead and my temples have receded a bit. But my hair doesn’t look thin.

    1. The ideal way to use any hairloss prevention product is for life as that is the only way you’ll always be protected. The only way the rate of loss would increase if you stopped your hairloss prevention regimen is if you would’ve lost hair during that timeline that was being maintained with the regimen, then your hair would progress towards where it would’ve been had you never used anything in the first place if you stopped using it, which could give the impression of an increased rate of loss, but in actuality it would just be your hair progressing as it is supposed to without any protection.

  36. Hey derek, do you think RU58841 – 8% would be more effective than 5% if Im more prone to androgenic alopecia? Thanks

    1. A more concentrated dose would be stronger than a less concentrated dose of course. If you can get away with the 5% solution though, there is no sense using a stronger one. Always start with the least possible, and only increase potency/dose if necessary. The other issue that arises with 8% solutions is that it’s an even higher concentration of RU per ml, which is fine and dandy, but it makes it difficult to hit all your areas prone to MPB with a smaller amount of overall liquid solution to cover the scalp with.

  37. Really well done article. I’ve been on Fin and Minox for 8 years with good results but it seems they are less effective than they used to be so I want to add RU into my rotation. My question is, aside from putting the RU on first before the Minox, specifically, how long do you wait after putting the RU on, to then apply the minox.

    Thanks for the help

    1. I live in Sweden and want to order RU58841. Is it illegal to order or do you think there will be a problem?? i’m concerned that it will be stuck in the toll.

      1. One more thing. I can’t store it in my fridge because i still live at home and can’t show it. Can i have it in roomtemp for a while??? tank you so much!

  38. I have tried to purchase RU58841 through the link (anageninc.com) you gave but they rejected my credit card payment. How are you ordering and paying for yours?

    1. Credit card as well. I’d talk to your bank and get them to approve the payment. Typically, research sites have to use off-shore credit card processors, and sometimes certain individuals will need to take additional steps for their credit cards to be approved unfortunately. By talking to your bank they should be able to approve the credit card transaction to go through.

      Alternatively, you can use Bitcoin and it should work as well. I believe they are working on securing a new credit card processor with a 100% approval rate, so nobody should encounter that issue again, but for now you will have to do one of the two things I mentioned above.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. Do i need to buy the solution only or do i still need to buy the carrier (PG+Ethanol or KB solution)? i’m a bit confuse. On your video, you have not mentioned any carrier.

        1. Yes I do. I also talk about it in the article.

          I suggest getting 3 pre-mixed RU58841 solutions with 5% strength to start off. This should last you around 5-6 months, and is a perfect time frame to assess how you respond to RU58841, and if you would like to continue your research past that point.

          For the carrier (what the RU58841 raw powder is mixed in), I prefer PG (propylene glycol) + Ethanol.

          I find it rare for someone’s scalp to be irritated by the PG/Ethanol to the point of needing KB instead as the carrier. They both work fine, some people just seem to have skin irritation to particular carriers as opposed to others.

  39. Hey, ive just come across this! Im quite bad at the moment in regards to hair loss fast approaching a nw6 possibly even a 7 diffuser, its only recently started dipping at the back which is annoying!

    And all in the last six months its progressed rapidly as ive been taking creatine which I also found out after 3 months of use increases DHT dramatically, so im off that now…

    But it should help with regrowth shoudnt it? Im a diffuse thinner and use fibres to conceal my hair loss,

    but at the moment my crown has suffered a lot there are loads of miniaturized hairs I can see, if I use this by itself im assuming it will help in a few months or so, and stop further loss?

    Might be getting a hair transplant soon as well so this is my one hope, as opposed to finasteride.

    Dont want to get on minoxidil as after a transplant last thing I want to do is interrupt the new hair growth and if I stop it my native hairs will fall out im assuming if i stop

    1. It will help prevent further hair loss, any regrowth will be a fringe benefit. Typically, when you start losing hair at a slower rate relative to the rate you grow it though, it gives indirect regrowth. Even though it isn’t actually sprouting new hairs out of your scalp, you can regain some density to existing areas due to the rate of loss/growth being more favorable once you incorporate RU58841.

  40. Hey man awesome article!

    Do you have any experience travelling with RU?

    I fly 20+ times a year would this be a problem at customs?

    Here in Europe the maximum hand luggage liquid allowance is 100ml in any container so premixed solution should be fine being only 50ml?

    Awesome site man!

    1. No I don’t but I would just ship it to wherever you are going. I made the mistake of not sending any to Germany for my month vacation this year and I lost a lot of hair density during that month that I didn’t have my RU58841 with me. I will likely be doing that in the future.

    2. This is literally the deciding factor

      I know youve mentioned it’s legalities and how it’s fine through customs when shipped but I was just curious about carry on how / would I need to prove it was for research purposes?

      I mean I’ve never thought about bringing chemicals overseas in hand luggage just the usual deodorant, toothpaste, gels etc. I know they confiscate things like straight razors for passenger safety I’d imagine they wouldn’t be able to test there and then that the compound wasn’t dangerous could blind someone etc etc

      Any thought / experiences welcome

      1. I know lots of people who just bring their research chems with them on planes all the time and have no issues. I err on the side of caution though and wouldn’t do that personally.

  41. I run my hand through my hair and usually see about 5-10 strains of hair everyday. Nothing biggy, but would it be wise to use the shampoo you recommend for someone who doesn’t have a balding issues yet just to have less hair falling off and make them grow thicker?

  42. Hey Derek,

    Great post, brother. I got 3 questions for you. (1) Are you still using RU? (2) Have you or anyone you know every suffered any side effects from it? (3) Can you recommend any other legitimate companies other than Anageninc? They require payment by bitcoin now which weirds me out. Thanks a lot!

    1. 1) Posting an update video/article very soon (but yes I’ve been using it for years and still am)
      2) I’ve only heard from 1 person who had side effects and the side effects were the same that he would’ve got from Finasteride. He just got a toned down version of those side effects because even if RU goes systemic, it won’t inhibit DHT systemically to the extent that Fin does. So basically, Fin-like sides, just less intense. Every body else I know (hundreds of guys) have had no issues.
      3) Anaganinc should take credit cards now. If they don’t you can use Chemyo, they are very good as well.

      1. Really appreciate your time brother. Couple more questions, are anageninc and chemyo related companies and do you have a personal/business relationship with either of them? Just wondering if you’ve tested the purity of their products or why you endorse them over the other companies that insist they sell quality product. I know Chris from GLL recommended anageninc too…thanks again.

        1. I don’t know if they’re related but I have seen HPLC results on both of their raws and they both have extremely pure RU58841. I’ve had to no reason to shop elsewhere.

  43. Hey, got a question. I’m going to mix my own solution. Only ethanol I can get my hands on is the 151 Everclear. With that cut the mustard. Are there any other alcohols that will work. Denatured of any other types, is this is not good enough. Any suggests of links where to grab stuff.

  44. Derek one other question. I ordered my RU58441 from Anagenic and noticed that it is shipping from Livingston, MT. I thought the product had to come from overseas.

  45. Hi Derek!

    I am interested in this. Can you tell me more
    directions on how to apply it? Can i take 50 ml and spread
    it all over the scalp? Are there any storage precautions,
    or can i take it straight out of the bottle?

    Thank You!!

    1. I have covered this in all of my RU58841 articles. Just type RU58841 in the search bar and checkout the articles. All of those questions have been addressed.

  46. Hey Derek

    Ive just recently discovered your youtube channel and appreciate all the great advice you give.
    I’ve been experiencing some pretty bad hairloss over the last few months and attribute it to MPB (my father is bald). I’d say I lose 50+ hairs everytime I shower. I’ve been researching into methods to treat my hairloss and came across finasteride and minoxidil. I was considering going the fin route but all the horror stories about side effects are holding me back. I discovered RU58841, from your video actually, and haven’t been able to find many people who’ve gotten results or even tried it, aside from you. I think I’m going to go the RU route, but want to make sure that it doesn’t have the side effects finasteride does. To clarify, it doesn’t systematically affect the DHT in your body but it protects your follicles by attaching to them? It doesn’t get absorbed and spread throughout the body? Want to make sure my test subject stays healthy.

    1. There are quite a few success stories with it, most just don’t go out of their way to go join a forum and write about it. I get emails all the time talking about how amazing it is, and if you look on the internet there are plenty of guys who have had great success with it.

      Regarding side effects, I’ve only heard from 1 person who had side effects formidable to that of a negative Fin reaction, but those sides were the exact same that he would’ve got from Finasteride. He just got a toned down version of those side effects because even if RU goes systemic, it won’t inhibit DHT systemically to the extent that Fin does. So basically, Fin-like sides, just less intense. Every body else I know (hundreds of guys) have had no issues.

      There are some obvious things you should avoid to prevent it from going systemic (dermarolling would be one of them). When I wrote this article I hadn’t even heard of one case of someone having systemic side effects, but it has grown in popularity since then and I do believe it can go systemic to some degree in a minority of individuals, however, like I mentioned earlier in the comment, even if RU goes systemic, it won’t inhibit DHT systemically to the extent that Fin does. I do believe that most of the guys getting systemic issues are doing other things that increase their chances of it going systemic as well, e.g. micronoeedling their scalp and opening up little wounds for the RU to get into, etc. No brainer not to do that in my opinion, but regardless, at the end of the day a drug is a drug, and even if it is a great compound for the majority of people, there will be some token few individuals who get side effects or the compound just doesn’t work for them, side effects or not.

      One thing that can be said for certain though, the ratio of individuals getting side effects from Fin vs not getting sides from Fin, compared to those who get sides from RU vs don’t get sides from RU, is far greater in the Fin group (aka more people getting sides from Fin, hence that mega forum dedicated to talking about how Fin is poison).

      You may not get sides from Fin though either, it is all individually dependent. Up to you at the end of the day, I can’t guarantee you anything.

  47. Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it. I think I’m going to pull the trigger on RU. So you would recommend the premixed solution to start out? Just to test out how well it works for an individual.
    Again thank you for taking the time to respond.

  48. how reputable is this company Anageninx? I have heard it and Kane are Chinese companies. Therefore what about quality control, risk of poisons and contaminants in the solution or powder. I would be buying the solution to begin but what about the consistency of the batches , on some other forums I have heard batches can be inconsistent

    thanks,, Tristan

    1. I wouldn’t recommend them and use them myself if they weren’t reputable. Just a heads up, any kind of drug, or research chemical especially, more than likely originated in China, and anyone who tells you their product is “made in the USA” is just a middle man between the consumer and the origin of the drug which was quite likely China.

      The product literally comes with a HPLC lab report that shows exactly what your specific batch tested at purity wise. There is no inconsistency that I’ve seen at all, it’s always over 99% pure.

  49. unfortunately their payment system is screwy and they reject American credit cards because they are overseas. Apparently they want me to convert to Bitcoin.

    whole thing feels suspect and not at all together.

    I’ll buy from one of the other outlets.

    1. It’s a research chemical company who uses an off-shore credit card processor. It is actually very typical. Typically the only companies who don’t run into this issue are the small-time companies who haven’t run into processing issues yet because they do so little business.

      Regardless, you can use the other RU58841 company I have used/recommend (their quality is exactly the same as confirmed via HPLC analysis and my own personal research): Chemyo.com

        1. Are you fooled that easily dude? Look right on the side of the website and in the content. They link a direct competitor’s RU58841 (aka the one they make money off of or the one they own themselves). This site was made entirely to slander every company that isn’t the one they are trying to push. It’s clear as day.

          The entire article is designed to push their brand.

          The site doesn’t even feature any other information of any value lmao, it is literally dedicated entirely to slamming another company who sells more product than they do (aka their number 1 competition). That right there is a 100% transparent motive if I’ve ever seen one.

          Anageninc could go buy a domain called “purityprodisascam.com” and then rip into them, but they don’t need to.

          Another thing to note, this site moderator is stating that “AARC seems legit to us”.

          I know the owner of AARC personally and his raws came from the exact same place as Anagen, and every single other company who is in this industry lol.

          That site is a complete joke.

          1. how am I to know you are not a paid rep for Anageninc? Your responses are nearly immediate to my queries. This indicates to me that you are working. I appreciate your information but I trust only with caution on the Net and I don’t appreciate the name calling. You have posted numerous youtube videos. Why are you going to all the trouble? Your before and after shot on this site is of two different people. WHy?

            Anybody buying anything from China should measure the inherent risks, poor quality control, lack of legal recourse,etc. and above all the potential that the product they are buying is attenuated or mixed with poison fillers.

          2. My entire site is dedicated to about 1000 different topics besides RU, and then there’s 1 site dedicated entirely to ripping on another company.

            If you think that one is more trustworthy I don’t know what to tell you. I never called you names I said you’re being fooled, that is it.

            If you found their site that convincing, by all means go buy their product they are pushing. I’ve taken time out of my day to respond to your questions and now you’re giving me a hard time for trying to help you out. If you don’t want my help that’s fine, just don’t ask for help and then when you don’t like my answer give me crap for it. I gave you the straight up truth.

            There is no before and after shot in this article, I have a before and after in my update article and it’s pretty obvious it’s me.

            P.S. Purity Prod also gets their raws from China (as does literally every other company).

            Also, my responses being quick is because I’m on my computer all day for my actual job (managing a nutraceuticals company which is launching this week) and I’m a nice guy who tries to respond to people who ask questions on my blog. I can’t believe you’re complaining I give you prompt responses.

  50. In your most recent post on RU (your 3-year update), you mentioned that it also helps with acne. If my test subject is a 17 year old boy who is due to start LGD and MK677 on Jan 6, will he be prone to excess acne development or hair loss and would you recommend RU for him? In general, do SARMs cause excess acne?

    1. You’d likely only get acne from SARMs if you let your estrogen levels get out of range (which you shouldn’t). I wouldn’t recommend RU for acne as I have zero experience with that, although apparently it works well.

  51. Gotta say i’m impressed. I’m almost 30 and i’m gonna give it a try since my seborreic dermatitis is out of control and destroyed a 15.000$ Worth of hair transplant.
    I have all my hair, but due to the scalp they dont grow – it’s like they cant breathe or grow, they get full of sebum like pimples and fall off. i read somewhere that sebum is DHT related and if RU can stop this thing, why the hell this shouldnt be it funded is fucking mind blogging.

    sorry for my english tho, is not my first Language – keep up the good work.

    1. My guess is that it wasn’t profitable enough for them to run with. Throughout my many years of self-experimentation, I’ve come to realize that some of the most effective and side-effect free drugs are ones that never even made it through the FDA-approval stage, yet there are drugs being prescribed willy-nilly (e.g. pain killers) that ruin peoples’ lives and get them on the streets, and their less side-effect ridden alternatives (e.g. Kratom) are fear-mongered by the media and government to keep people addicted to their drugs they prescribe.

  52. Awesome article, Derek, and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

    A basic cycle of 500mg test E / week triggered my hair loss last summer, and as soon as that happened, I lowered the dose to TRT levels and jumped on Nizoral Shampoo and Minoxidil. However, the initial Minoxidil shedding only sped up the hair loss process and in less than 2 months I went from having a full head of hair to looking like someone nuked the crown of my head (the hairline has remained completely unaffected).

    Needless to say, I took it like a man and got a buzzcut, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were multiple new hairs growing all over my head. But to avoid similar issues in the future, I really needed something that would prevent the DHT from reaching scalp hair receptors (without reducing or blocking it systemically – e.g. Propecia), so I started researching and that’s how I came across this article. Afterwards, I added RU58841 and a Minoxidil version which contains Azelaic Acid to my regimen and the results have been fantastic…for 3 months, or so.

    The first time I bought the Anageninc RU58841 solution, I decided to order only one bottle to see if it works or not, and I was truly impressed by it – 0.5 ml/day has completely stopped any sign of shedding. Then I started a 250mg test E / 350 – 700 mg tren A per week cycle, and the result was the same – no sign of shedding at all, and I shortly went back to having a full head of thick hair again!

    Then I naturally placed an order for two other bottles, and I got the package about a month ago (during the last week of my test-tren cycle). But this time I’m quite shocked and disappointed – the product doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Right now I’m on a 250mg test cruise (injected once weekly) and I’m going through another terrible shed, despite upping the RU58841 dosage to 1ml/day, using Minoxidil, Nizoral, and even adding topical Spiro. During this month, I think I’ve lost at least 30% of my hair gains – I already have a few bald spots (that can be covered by hair), but if it doesn’t slow down in the next couple of weeks, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to buzz it all again.

    Any idea why this happened? Have you (or anyone else) ever gone through something similar? Any help would be tremendously appreciated, thank you!

    1. One thing you have to understand about hair loss is that shedding isn’t always permanent loss, and the giant hormonal fluctuation you induced by dropping the Tren may have caused a nasty shed, which is what you may be experiencing right now.

      I don’t want to guarantee anything, but this is my prediction of what happens. I’d drop your cruise dose down first of all, 250mg is too high for a cruise, I guarantee your bloodwork shows you are in the supraphysiological range, I would drop it to 150-200 max per week, you don’t need 250 to maintain your tissue.

      Also, stay the course with your RU, Minox, and Nizoral. Your RU should be researched once per day (which I’m sure you know) and Minoxidil used once in the morning and once at night (2x per day) and Nizoral soak into your scalp once every other day and let it sit there for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it out.

      Stay on this regimen without adding new hormones in or blasting for the next 3 months or so. An optional thing would be to add in MK-677 too (that greatly increases the rate of hair growth in my experience).

      I don’t want to guarantee anything, but my prediction is that if you stay the course with what I outlined above, your loss should slow down dramatically, and stabilize in the next month or so, and then you will start to make up ground again.

    2. Hello Martin, any updates on if doing what Derek suggested has helped? Did you end up regaining your hair density?

  53. Hi Derek, I’ve been using 5% of pre-made RU solution a month(0.5ml per day) so far and I still don’t see any particular reduce on shed. Some time it feels it sheds less and some time similar to those other days before I started using RU.

    The way I apply it on my scalp is that I do spot drops where the density is not high and then I tap the area rather than rubbing it. Sometimes I don’t even tap it and let RU be there.

    What could be the reason of not decreasing in shed as expected for some people like me?

    Anyways I’ll keep using this at least 6 months or more to see the progess.
    I appreciate all of your postings.

    1. 25mg per day is a low dose. You might just not be using enough. I use no less than 50mg personally in my own research. I also don’t know how you could be hitting all your areas prone to MPB with only 0.5ml of solution. If you are using an extremely low dose you may want to opt for a solution with a lower concentration so it’s less mg/ml so you can apply it to a greater surface area.

  54. Question on timing between application of RU and minoxidil – I’m now on my second pre-mixed PG 5% solution and have been doing 50ml application approximately 10-15min after I finish showering with Nizoral 2%. I also have rogaine 5% foam and a 15% minoxidil + 5% azelaic acid solution. What would be the optimum time to apply the minoxidil – right after applying RU or wait until my scalp is dry? Should I use the 15+5 right after the RU or just use foam and use the more potent 15+5 12 hours later? I vaguely remember seeing a published study on increased efficacy when mixox and RU are combined.

  55. Hi Derek. My buddy and I ordered this stuff (5% premixed PG and ethanol) and we like it. The hair seems to be growing quicker; just a couple of questions.

    1) When you wake up in the morning is it necessary to shampoo out the RU? (I put it in at night) We usually go swimming and lift first thing so there is chlorine in the hair; usually we condition in the morning after working out and shampoo at night before putting in the RU again.

    2) I recently got a hair transplant. Will the RU affect the translated hairs?

    I appreciate your help lots.

      1. Great thanks a lot man for the swift response. It wont iterate the newly formed hairs at all will it? I mean the solution potentially harming the new hairs that are growing.

        Thanks again!!

        1. I can’t predict that but I don’t see why it would unless your scalp doesn’t react well to the vehicle you’re using (the solution type you choose).

  56. Derek, great site, and thanks for the RU/minox/shampoo regimen. I’m taking propecia, mainly because the minoxidil/aging horror stories. My hairstyle is one where I don’t shampoo my hair at all as well. Do you have to shampoo to use RU/Minox? Does sebum affect hair loss? I

    1. You don’t need to shampoo but sebum build up does limit the efficacy of a topical anti-androgen from reaching the hair follicles properly to some extent.

  57. Hey Derek, your posts/vids on everything are awesome. Thanks for the resources and research. I have just a couple questions

    1. The anagen RU premix says it comes in a transparent bottle, not the aluminium. Should I transfer it to a darker kind of bottle, even if I keep it in the fridge? Or does it not matter for the time I take it out to apply it that it’s in a clear plastic bottle

    2. I know you’ve answered a bunch of questions about the concentration already but mine is: would applying 50mg of 8% yield better results than 50mg of 5%? (theoretically) or would the difference be negligible. I don’t know if you’ve tried 8% yourself but it’s like a $20 difference on anagen and i’m wondering if i should just get the 8%

    thanks again for your help and i appreciate what you do

    1. 1. No, leave it in the bottle it comes in. Store it in the fridge.
      2. It is not 50mg per ml if it is 8%, it would be 80mg/ml. The concentration is referring to how much raw RU58841 there is relative to the amount of solution in the bottle. So for a 5% solution, there is 2.5 grams of raw RU58841 in 50ml of solution. 2.5/50 = 0.05 which is the percentage solution we are getting (0.05 is a 5% strength solution). For an 8% solution, we are looking at 0.08 or 8%. 0.08×50 = 4 grams of raw RU58841 in the 50ml of solution.

      Long story short, you’re just getting a more concentrated solution, which I don’t think is a good idea because you need a certain amount of solution to cover the surface area affected by MPB, and the higher your concentration is, the less liquid you have to work with in terms of ensuring all parts of the scalp are covered properly.

  58. A poster on a hair loss thread posted (regarding RU):

    “There’s thousands of people who have tried it, very few of them have regrown more than one Norwood. Most of them are still bald and have to pay stupid amounts of money to keep their hair. You see a similar result with finasteride. The actual studies on RU, funded by the company that made it, said that it was equal or slightly better than finasteride. Not a miracle cure. ”

    do you think this guy is underselling RU? is it really just slightly better than fin for much more $?

    1. Finasteride is regarded by many as the best hair loss prevention drug on earth. If someone is comparing RU to it and saying RU is slightly better than Fin without having to systemically decrease DHT levels, that is not underselling it at all. The point is to prevent hair loss. Any regrowth that occurs would be a fringe benefit.

  59. Been battling hair loss for about 6-7 years now. This sounds like its worth a shot. Can I stop taking propecia all together when on RU??

    1. If you’ve been holding on and preventing hair loss for 7 years now on Propecia, I wouldn’t drop it cold turkey to swap to RU. If anything, I’d add RU on top of that at the stage you are at.

      1. But in your blog you say there is no need for propecia with RU. Yeah 7 years. Not just 1 mg propecia though also with certain shampoos, herbal oils, herbal pills, minoxidill. Would really like to drop off propecia.
        Might easy off it slowly.

      2. But in your blog you say there is no need for propecia with RU. Yeah 7 years. Not just 1 mg propecia though also with certain shampoos, herbal oils, herbal pills, minoxidill. Would really like to drop off propecia.
        Might easy off it slowly. Last thing… when you say 50mg application do you need 50 ml syringe to apply?

        1. I’ve said that I prefer to keep systemic DHT in tact as it serves several physiological functions (as well as body composition related) that I value, hence why I feel RU58841 is superior to Finasteride and why I personally opt for it (and why several others do as well). If you have had no side effects from Fin though for 7 full years, and it has been holding onto your hair for the past 7 years, you would likely benefit from keeping it in your regimen and adding RU on top of that for additional protection. Ultimately it is up to you what you decide to do and whether you want to rotate it out entirely.

          A pre-mixed solution is 50mg/ml. There is no such thing as a 50ml syringe, and there would be no need for one either. 50 ml of RU58841 would be an entire bottles worth of solution.

  60. hello, thank you for the article. i’m a woman, diagnosed with alopecia androgenetica. will this help me to prevent hair loss, if my testosterone levels are higher than normal? is there any possible way to make my hair thicker? thank you.

    1. RU58841 works to battle androgenic alopecia, which a woman typically wouldn’t be experiencing unless she was using synthetic androgens, so it would be next to useless for most women. If you are experiencing hair loss and you aren’t using exogenous androgenic compounds, you likely have an underlying hormonal imbalance and would need to fix that to mitigate your hair loss (e.g. having hypothyroidism/hashimotos thyroiditis I have seen ravage the hair of quite a few women until they got their hormones back up to par with treatment). If you are positive the only issue you have is an excess of DHT that is miniaturizing the hair follicle, then this would be something you could look into.

      Under what circumstances your hair loss is actually caused by is what you need to look at closely though. The mechanism of action behind hair loss caused by hormonal deficiencies (e.g. hypothyroidism) is completely different than how AA occurs in males. A women likely wouldn’t experience “AA” until menopause, and when that does occur it is related to a lowered production of estrogen and progesterone (a hormonal imbalance) as opposed to DHT miniaturizing the hair follicles like in males. Addressing hair loss in females is different than in males. You wouldn’t prescribe a girl Finasteride, as the cause of her hair loss isn’t resulting from an excess of androgens/DHT, nor would RU58841 be useful if the cause of hair loss is Estrogen and Progesterone related. Granted, indirectly via the reduction of Estrogen and Progesterone it can trigger an increase in the production of androgens in females, however, if your issue was Estrogen and Progesterone related, treating that with RU is just a bandaid for the underlying issue which would be addressing the Estrogen and Progesterone imbalance.

      Long story short, you’d have to look into your blood work and see if the only issue you actually have is that you have higher testosterone levels than normal, as my educated guess would be that your hair loss may not be caused simply by excessive Testosterone/DHT levels unless you are intentionally using exogenous androgens (women have exponentially less Test/DHT in their bodies than men do so natural hair loss via that would be very rare).

      1. thank you very much for your reply. it’s not my hormone levels, they are perfectly normal, just a little higher testosterone. i’m not taking androgenes or anything else. i’ve been given some medication for now, and some lotions for the scalp as they don’t know the cause of my hair loss. it’s very hard to say if it’s due to stress or something else. i hope i would find a solution. you’ve been more than helpful, thank you again.

  61. my chemyo RU just arrived and it says “store at room temp” on the bottle. is it safe to store it in the fridge anyway? thanks for your help

  62. Yo dc7 I started “the big three” a month ago with dermastamp and I worry every day that I’m not doing enough. Would it be overkill if I bought a few bottles of RU and tried as well?

    1. I wouldn’t be using RU if you’re dermarolling. That would likely greatly increase the likelihood of potential systemic side effects.

  63. Hello Derek, first, I can see the help your providing for all the peeps on this forum, and it by no means it does not seem like an easy task. You have my respect.

    I’ve been on finasterie for about 8 years, and recently I’ve been seeing a greater loss in hair. My crown is moving up with patches growing faster then they ever have.

    I’ve been on ru for about 3 weeks and haven’t seen any real results (still on fin). Also the ru bottle had spillage (anagenic sent another order) do you think that has to do with the potency?

    I’ve been using your recommended shampoos for awhile, but I’ve decided to use lipogaine hair tonic which I think is similar to minox. I’m also from Canada and it’s not as easy to buy minix over the counter. But would you recommend minox v. The lipogaine formula?

    Also any additional advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again

    1. First thing, it sounds like you are expecting too much from it. The point of it is to prevent hair loss. Any regrowth is a fringe benefit.

      Spillage? So your order was leaking in the package it arrived in and then you received a replacement? Not sure what that would have to do with potency, you’ll have to elaborate on that question.

      Lipogaine hair tonic is not similar to Minoxidil. Lipogaine has Biotin, Caffeine, Argan Oil, Castor oil and Saw Palmetto, all of which are completely useless in preventing hair loss unless you have a vitamin/mineral deficiency. It is just a good shampoo, but it does absolutely nothing to prevent hair loss. The only ingredient in shampoo that can do that is Ketoconazole.

      Minoxidil works via a totally separate mechanism of action than everything and stimulates hair growth. The recommendation I have is linked at the bottom of the article.

      I live in Canada too. What I’d do if I were you if you live close to the border is to sign up for a Kinek point. It’s basically a US address that you can send packages to from US companies and they’re located right over the border line, so you can drive over, pickup your stuff, pay the warehouse/Kinek point $5 for holding a package for you, then come back. I would buy a years worth of Minoxidil and Regenepure DR from Amazon, ship it to my Kinek point, drive over, get it, and come back. Saved me tons of $ and allowed me to get Minoxidil 5% vs the weak overpriced stuff they have here in Canada.

      Alternatively if you aren’t close to the border, I’d look into a reshipping company who will receive your orders in the USA and then ship them to you in Canada.

      1. “Spillage? So your order was leaking in the package it arrived in and then you received a replacement? Not sure what that would have to do with potency, you’ll have to elaborate on that question”

        My point is, since the product leaked, im assuming air got into the container thus decresing its potency.

        I’m guessing, since im already on Fin, i shouldnt expect anything “magical”: to occur, but I want to stop taking Fin, especially in regards to the “brain fog” you mentioned in your article. Since I havent seen any improvement on RU, at least yet, how long do you think, if i should at all, stop my Fin treatments, I know i would have to slowly get off the treatment rather then cold turkey.

        For everything else, thanks Derek, im going to look into it first chance i get.

        1. I can’t say for certain how much of an effect that would’ve had on potency to be honest. It may have affected it but that would just be speculation.

          Honestly if you’ve been on Fin for 8 years and are still losing ground, I don’t know if you dropping it is going to do you any favours. Best case scenario the RU maintains what you have and the spike in DHT from dropping it doesn’t hurt you too bad. I suspect you will experience a pretty notable shed letting your DHT level bounce back once you drop the Fin until your body reaches homeostasis and adjusts to the hormonal fluctuation.

          If you’re dead-set on dropping Fin because you have negative Fin related side effects, I’d taper off of it slowly and add 2x per day 5% Minoxidil application (as per the instructions on the box), and also keep RU and Ketoconazole shampoo in your regimen. I highly recommend you get a Ketoconazole shampoo and start using that from now on.

          Keep in mind, the Minoxidil has a nasty shed to begin with as it gets rid of miniaturized hairs and makes room for new growth, so if you can’t mentally handle a big shed or seeing your hair get any worse (even though it should be temporary) then this will be something to consider.

          In the long-term though, if you are dropping Fin and Dutasteride is obviously out of the question if you have side effects on just Fin, then the only way you will maintain is likely with RU58841 + Ketoconazole shampoo, and the only way you could possibly regain ground and actually end up with more hair is if you also add Minoxidil 5% 2x per day to that regimen.

          That’s what I would do anyways as far as hair loss prevention products are concerned.

          Keep in mind, this information is simply my own personal opinion. I am not a doctor, and this info is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

  64. Hi Derek,
    I just received my first bottle to give it a shot. I understand that the item is shelf stable for six months, however, my bottle has a creation date of March, 2017 with and expiration listed as March 2019. Does this sound legit?

    1. It’s fine. The degradation of RU58841 is ridiculously over-exaggerated. I’ve had pre-mixed solutions last up to a year in the fridge with no noticeable degradation whatsoever.

  65. Hey Derek great post!
    Have a question about a substance called Osterine, do you know much about it and how it effects people with mpb, would you say its quite safe for the hair line?
    Also I have been using oral minoxidil in pill form for my mpb have you heard about it?

    1. Type Ostarine in the search bar of my website. You will find plenty of info. Yes it is hair loss safe as it doesn’t convert to DHT and is not androgenic. And I’ve never heard of that no.

  66. Hey Derek,

    I’ve been using Ru55841 for some time now dosing at .5ml @ night for some time now and have got no sides.

    Recently I`ve increased my dosage to 1ml and got pretty bad night sweats.

    how would you dose RU so the sweats stays close to none

    Lower dose +EOD or ED.

    Let me know what you think would be the best scenario

    Thanks in advance


    1. I have never heard of anyone having night sweats from RU. I’d lower it or stop it if that was somehow what was causing it. My guess is that it’s related to something else though.

  67. Hey
    Just wondering have you noticed any other side from the long term use of Ru55841, I have been using it for about 2 years now, and recently noticed mild chest pain, once I stop the Ru55841 the pains goes away….have you ever experienced that or anything else?

    1. No I haven’t. I have heard from a couple individuals over the years who also mentioned that they had that as well. Typically it was just a case of using too much, or having open wounds on the scalp from dermarolling or other things that should’t be done when applying RU that led to the compound going systemic. There seems to be a consensus that going over 100 mg per day is (in general) the threshold where you start to venture into potential chest pain territory as well.

      1. hi man You are a bodybuilder, that is to say, if you use Ru, even if you go crazy, you will have a thick hair.

        1. Are you asking if you can go crazy and use as many drugs at obscene dosages as you want without losing any hair? No, definitely not. If you decide to slam a gram of Mast into your butt it doesn’t matter what hair loss prevention protocol you are on your hair will fall out of your head like crazy.

  68. Hi Derek.
    I plan to mix 3g RU into Minoxidil and use 2 times a day. I hope I will maintain my hair.
    Especially when i workout my hair loss increase because of DHT also increase.
    Waiting for your comments. Thanks in advance.

  69. Curious if you have personally seen a big difference when combining RU with rogain, versus it’s own mixture? Ordered a standard bottle using your code, thought the results were great, ordered the separate compound and mixed it and three weeks in, I swear it’s getting worse.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. The RU58841 is still working, but there will always be an acute shedding phase when you start Minoxidil, that is normal (note, shedding does not = androgenic alopecia). Make sure you don’t freak out and stop the Minox, as that shedding phase is necessary to go through to get the increased growth down the line.

      Stay on it for a year straight, and then reassess.

  70. Love this site! Congrats on your results. Just out of interest, how bad was your hair loss at its worst? And how long did it take you to get the head of hair you have now? Thanks!

    1. There’s a picture in my 3 year update article of my hair after my worst shed to date when I came off of everything that was keeping my hair. That was at its worst. I recovered shortly thereafter when I got back on my regimen though thankfully.

  71. Hi Derek,
    I’m currently applying Dualgen-15 which contains minox at 15% and uses glycerin as the delivery vehicle instead of propylene glycol. I apply this each night after showering to my crown, vertex and temples as I have diffuse thinning throughout and I’m unable to currently stop my hair loss. I am planning on applying the RU after showering and then applying the Dualgen-15 after the RU has dried. I was hoping you could answer the following questions:
    1. If I apply the RU solution which has propylene glycol & ethanol as the delivery vehicle, is this going to have a negative effect on the absorption of the minox when I apply the Dualgen-15 which contains glycerin as the delivery vehicle?
    2. By applying the RU first, does this have a negative effect on the amount of minox absorbed through the scalp?
    3. If the RU does prove to be working for me, I may then buy the powder and mix it with Dualgen-15 as it’s more convenient to apply one solution instead of two. Will the 15% minox affect the absorption of the RU into my scalp?
    4. I was going to buy the RU from anageninc.com but I’ve also seen that it can be bought from thekaneshop.com. Are these two websites selling the exact same products?
    5. Have you had many reports of people achieving regrowth from RU?

    1. For your first 3 questions I don’t believe that the absorption rate will be affected significantly, but I can’t guarantee that, that’s just a guess. Most guys apply Minox after their RU has dried, and have no issues with absorption.

      Anageninc and Kane are basically the same company. They are the gold standard of quality for RU from my experience.

      Regrowth, depends what you mean. If you mean increased density due to a reduction of shedding, that’s fairly common. If you mean literally growing brand new hair out of completely destroyed bald areas, not many, although there are some reports yes (e.g. recovering a few stages on the Norwood scale). The majority of individuals either achieve hair loss prevention (which should be all that is expected, as any regrowth is a fringe benefit), and for some it doesn’t work for them at all (typically those who are using obscene amounts of exogenous androgens, are incredibly sensitive to androgens in general, have an underlying unaddressed nutritional and/or hormonal deficiency, or have an unaddressed autoimmune disease).

      1. Thanks for your response Derek, you’re a top man. I just have 3 more questions which I was hoping you could share your thoughts on:
        1. Is there a shedding phase when starting the premixed solution of RU?
        2. If finasteride doesn’t work in stopping hair loss, does that mean that RU is not going to work?
        3. I live in the UK and the weather here is really hot at the moment. I understand the importance of storing the premixed RU solution in the fridge, therefore I’m worried that the solution will degrade when in transit in a hot vehicle – should I therefore delay in ordering the RU until the weather gets cooler or am I being overly cautious?

        1. 1. Depends on the individual
          2. No, they have 2 totally different pathways of hair loss prevention. Finasteride doesn’t block androgens topically, it reduces systemic DHT by about 70%, leaving 30% residual DHT to wreak havoc, in addition to all of the free testosterone in your body still (far less androgenic, but still can miniaturize hair follicles), whereas RU blocks all androgens topically at the hair follicle itself.
          3. No you’re being overly cautious. Nothing will degrade in shipping. I’ve had orders that ship across the world (I’m in Canada) in the summer and I noticed no decrease in efficacy.

          1. Thanks Derek, very helpful. I’ve ordered the pre mixed PG solution. Will let you know how I get on.

  72. Have you tried the topical solution of Finasteride or Dutasteride? How can you compare them to RU58841 topical solution? Because I am taking 1mg pills of Finasteride for 2 weeks and I am looking for an alternative cuz I am scared of developing gyno.

    1. No. The point of Fin and Dut is to inhibit conversion to DHT systemically, so I feel like using it topically is defeating the entire purpose of it.

      If I’m going for a localized topical anti-androgen, it will always be RU.

      Gyno from Finasteride is caused by not managing your Estrogen, it has nothing to do with the Finasteride itself. Get bloods done and keep your estrogen in range with an Aromatase Inhibitor if necessary, and it will be impossible to get Gyno. Anyone who gets Gyno from Finasteride is simply clueless as to how hormones work and blames it on the drug, when in reality its’ their own lack of research not understanding that Fin can raise total T, resulting in an increase of aromatization to Estrogen, thereby causing Gyno in individuals who don’t manage it with an AI and keep it in range (if it gets out of range in the first place).

      1. So before using finasteride, my nipples were normal, after 8 days my nipples got puffier and the gland became harder. I don’t know if its because it blocks the DHT or increases the Test and the estrogen.

        But I have done surgery on gyno 6 years ago so I was freaked out about it. And that’s with taking DIM for estrogen balance. So are you suggesting to drop the topical finasteride suggested by my doctor, and go with RU?

  73. Derek, do you believe RU is as strong as dutasteride? Do you believe minoxidil is damaging to the heart long term (as I had initial palpitations/chest pain and some studies indicate cardio change even for topical)? Is there any concern if you put on RU at night that it will accumulate on your pillow? Is it proper to use a hair net while sleep?

    1. For what? For dealing with androgens as a whole it’s better, but as far as dealing with DHT specifically Dutasteride is more effective. Dutasteride doesn’t protect from Testosterone at all.

      Minoxidil, I don’t know. Maybe. I’ve heard of more guys getting cardiovascular concerns from Minox than any other hair loss med.

      Pillow – I don’t worry about it. I sleep with the back of my head rested on my pillow, not the top. Although if I had a pregnant wife/gf I would probably be more careful.

      1. One on one in stopping hairloss for a non bodybuilder ? Isn’t dutasteride pretty close to the gold standard if you don’t mind the sides in how completely it wipes out dht?

        What do you think about the technology other than stopping hair loss? Are transplants etc just easier and more cost effective in the long run without the possible sides? I’ve seen a lot of videos recently that shows how technology is improving

        1. Nevermind the question, I just read your article on the issue of testosterone being problem. Actually, that saved me from taking dutasteride any further. I experimented with it, and had massive telegenic effluvium like initial sheds. Took it one month each time, and I thought it made things worse. Solidified my thoughts that if Finasteride is not holding down the fort I need to be on this RU as opposed to dut.

          Still, I don’t know if you’ve answered the latest non androgen fighting therapies in your articles or the comments, or if you could point me where

  74. Man, your page on testosterone just explained the issue for me like I haven’t seen, testosterone being the culprit.

    I had no loss til I was 39, and had low T. Lost a bunch of weight, got telegenic effluvium, and took propecia to recover.

    I thought I lost more ground in this last year on propecia than when I was taking nothing

    Took dutasteride lately to recover from that and experienced extreme shedding.

    I think testosterone is my issue but it’s not spoken enough in the hair community, how testosterone can affect a few

    Got to ween off propecia, and just go with RU/Nizoral and minox in tolerable doses.

    Thanks for helping me understand what could be my issue

    1. Both Testosterone and DHT have to be taken into account. For some, RU is sufficient. For some, RU and Dut is needed. And for some, even that isn’t enough and they would have to go to some pretty extreme measures (which I have yet to discuss in a dedicated article). For a natural non-PED using male, typically a standard anti-androgen (that addresses both Testosterone and DHT), alongside Ketoconazole and Minox is more than enough to mitigate AGA. The important thing is understanding how it works, and if something isn’t working, why it isn’t working and what you need to change. It sounds like you’re on the right track though.

      1. Hi derek have just started finasterside 4 months go currently in very early stages of hair loss should I add ru55481 in aswell for complete protection or wait. In your post you mentioned for some that dutasteride plus ru55481 is not enough to maintain hair. What percentage of people with this be for?

  75. Hey Derek, do you believe topical anti-androgens like RU pose any threat to others in your environment? Like kids, pregnant women? Thanks

      1. Hay Derek just ordered some Ru. I destroyed my beautiful hair from Deca and Propecia.

        ? Do you need to stay on this forever ?


        1. It has a half-life shorter than 1 day. As soon as you stop protecting yourself, you’re no longer protected.

  76. Hi D. Can you elaborate on your experience on dutasteride, any gain/shed ?can you compare it to RU58841 ?
    How much of an hassle is the topical application? Did you switch from one to another without any loss? And how long have you ben off Ru because of your trip abroad? I am a 20years long finasteride user..

  77. It seems there is a bigger push to commercialize CB (Breezula), than RU. Some consider it a more side free alternative that may have more clinical backing. What is your thoughts on the comparison? CB is far more expensive though

    1. CB is typically better for guys who get sides from RU, however, its efficacy is no better, and its arguably weaker. RU was abandoned due to a company merger and the funds just not being there from investors at the time, despite the trials coming back with no red flags. The only reason there is a push to commercialize CB over RU is because RU isn’t even being developed anymore, so there really isn’t a push at all, RU just isn’t in the picture as far as clinical use. We do have more data on CB due to it being pushed into approval, so obviously that’s a good thing, the more safety data the better.

      Basically, RU’s efficacy is a bit better than CB imo, but CB has a lower likelihood of side effects (perhaps solely because it’s weaker). CB has more data too, but is more expensive.

      So it will all depend on the individual.

      If I was one of the minority of individuals who had RU sides, I’d probably go to CB.

      1. Hey Derek,
        Was reading up on side of Ru. I have experienced a few. Shortness of breath, heart pain, and numbness of left arm. My question is, do you think supplementing with TRT helps avoid these, as well as taking Mk677, due to both additional DHT (systemic androgens in heart/in system) and the benefits to heart with mk677 you have mentioned in your previous posts. My thinking is at nearly 40, my T levels are naturally lower, and I take supplants to decrease DHT in body, causing stronger sides – I’d love to figure out a way to research this avoiding side effects

        1. I’d just avoid it entirely if it’s doing that to you. Anti-androgens are used all the time in humans without issues that crush systemic androgen levels far more than a topical AA would.

  78. For those who don’t shampoo, aside from efficacy, do you see a safety problem from using RU/minoxidil over and over again to the same area on top of sebum? Would the material add up into a stronger dosage or does it become stagnant when it’s dried?

  79. Hey Derek,

    Great article. I am planning to try RU.

    Currently I am on oral fin and topical Spironolactone

    I have a question about the latter. Have you ever tried it? Because it seems very similar to RU in terms of what it does. But easy to purchase and totally sides free if applied topically. So I am not sure if switching to Ru will be a smart move for me

    What are your thoughts? Thanks

  80. I’ve tried premixed Anagenic pg RU 5% for 3 mths, then tried to mix my own with another company’s raw powder. Even following the steps for application and storage I continue to lose hair. The hundreds of dollars spent researching with ru ultimately has barely slowed down hair loss. Being 27 without any exogenous hormones Used I guess finasteride is my only option left. Can’t afford a transplant right now but will probably get one. I hope setipiprant clears clinical trials sooner rather than later…

  81. Hey, Derek…I’ve asked for some advice on the past and I hope I don’t come off as too annoying—you simply have the best understanding of hair maintenance of anyone I’ve come across on the internet.
    I had a question regarding some RU issues I’ve been having.

    Basically, I’ve been on it for about 5-6 months and, up until 2 weeks ago, with Finasteride and dutasteride alongside it. Tried Fin for three months and decided to escalate to sit for 2; I quite both after bad gym I that couldn’t be suppressed.

    I really have 2 questions for you and I’ll go ahead and get to them. While taking RU alongside these, I experience hairline regrowth, and shedding, regrowth, and shedding. Every time I’d regrow my hairline, it’s deteriorate, then three weeks later, it’s sneak back in. First question: could this be due to the RU aiding in regrowth and the Finasteride simotaniously causing shedding?
    Still shedding after dropping Dut/fin but I know I have three weeks until the half life is ever here.

    My second question is that of RU absorption. The entire time I’ve used it (70% ethanol, 30% progelyne glycol, 2.5 G RU shaken vigorously for 1-2 minutes until solution is clear) I’ve had issues with white powder on my head that equates to unbelievable dandruff. Not a big fan of this but it makes me fear the bigger picture: am I absorbing it or enough of it? I will say I use too much if this stuff sometimes applying as much as 4-5 times a day because I’m obsessed (really unnecessary when you consider the half life.) What makes me doubt this is the fact that I use RU over the entire top of my head For diffuse thinning only ONCE a day, but again, up to 4-5 ML.

    I know this post is long and I apologize for taking your time but I don’t trust another opinion. I’m not gonna big you again after this, I just need to get this sorted and restore peace of mind back into my life. Thanks.

    1. “Basically, I’ve been on it for about 5-6 months and, up until 2 weeks ago, with Finasteride and dutasteride alongside it. Tried Fin for three months and decided to escalate to sit for 2; I quite both after bad gym I that couldn’t be suppressed.” < I'm not sure what this means but I'll go off of the rest of what you wrote. 1) RU inhibits androgens, which would address (or at least partially address) DHT and Testosterone. Finasteride only addresses DHT, and increases serum Testosterone levels in the body. Shedding can be caused by a ton of different variables. Maybe your dose wasn't high enough, maybe your vehicle doesn't agree with your scalp and you're inducing Telogen Effluvium, maybe there's some value in your blood work that you haven't assessed that has been thrown out of whack that is preventing you from prolonging the anagen phase and you're acutely shedding hair prematurely. Depends on a million things. 2) White powder or dead skin cells all over your head aren't a good sign, and it's possible that your scalp is reacting poorly to the vehicle. It depends as I don't know specifically what this stuff is on your head, but if it were me I'd switch to K&B solution or try another vehicle and see if that resolves the issue. Could be the PG.

  82. Thanks for the input. And yes, wrote this later last night when I was a bit tired and should have proofread better.

    What I was trying but miserably failed to say was that I tried Finasteride and RU 5 months ago, and after three of those months, Escaladed to dutasteride for 2 months and got bad gynecomastia forcing me to stop. (Been off fin and dut for 2 weeks)

    I definitely might give KB solution a try…it’s just so damned expensive I was hoping for another avenue. (Let me know if you know where to get “K&B emulsifiers.)

    Once again, thanks for your input.
    I know you’re a busy man with a pretty large following so I really appreciate it. If you have any other theories of things I can attempt, let me know.

    Very grateful to have you take the time to help me out. If you have any other theories, let me know but otherwise take care

    1. There are various vehicles that work with RU. I would advise going in the hair loss forums and looking around. There are cheaper alternatives to K&B premade solutions, and there’s probably an easy way for you to blend your own K&B at home too (I’ve never tried, but I’m sure it’s easy once you know what to buy as the proportions are public knowledge).

  83. Hey Derek, apologies if you’ve already talked about this elsewhere. But have you heard of that purported case where some 23-year old claims RU caused heart failure in him after 3 uses? See this Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/tressless/comments/8au5q4/best_place_to_buy_ru58841/dx2130a?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
    Have you heard of other similar reports of heart problems and such? What are your thoughts on it?

    I’m just about half way through my 1st cycle of only test e, and have noticed receding hairline and overall thinning on the top. I’ve also been using Nizoral EOD for almost a month now, but at most it’s only slowed my hair thinning/receding progression, so I’d definitely want to try RU out. But just-so-stories (even if they’re merely stories) like the one from the Reddit thread above makes me paranoid.

    1. Yes. It’s been covered many times.

      I’ve heard of a handful of individuals who had chest pains when they used a very high dosage. I’ve heard of 10x more individuals experiencing heart palpitations and chest pains from Minoxidil though as well, which is FDA approved.

      The consensus on the forums is that the story is just fear mongering and BS. Hundreds of guys have used it and to date there is only one report like that. With that being said, who knows, it could be true.

  84. 1) I have some thinning but not much, I’m catching it early. Would you recommend starting on Minoxidil right away with the RU? Or should I give the RU some time by itself to see the effect of it. I’d like to fill in the areas that have thinned.

    2) How do you feel about using Minox to thicken facial hair? I think I’ve seen you recommend against it for some reason

    3) Is there any chance that ligandrol has caused me to shed hair? I hadn’t really noticed any hair loss until a few weeks ago, maybe 6 weeks into my Ligandrol cycle. I’ve seen you say LGD likely won’t cause hair loss, so do you think it’s more of a coincidence I’m noticing the loss now?

    1. 1) I believe combatting androgens is always the best first move. Minoxidil is more or less a growth agonist.
      2) It works. It can still cause the initial shed on your head though, keep in mind.
      3) Yes. Anything with any androgenicity can cause hair loss. Check my LGD-4033 article.

  85. Karel Ryckeboer

    Hi Derek, couple of questions for you:

    1) I have thinning only at the temples. Would you recommend to use the RU on the whole MPB scalp area from the start, or just the temple area? I was thinking for the first 6 months at least just to see how I react, on the temple area alone. But not sure if that’s the best way to go.

    2) Is 3 percent RU worth trying out in your opinion?

  86. Hi Derek, my apologies for the double post. I know your a busy man, but wanted to give the questions another go before I order my RU, in case you missed them.

    1) I have recession thinning only at the temples. Would you recommend to use the RU on the whole MPB scalp area from the start, or just the temple area? I was thinking of using it on the temple area alone. But not sure if that’s the best way to go.

    2) Is 3 percent RU worth trying out in your opinion?

    1. 1) I’d probably just start with where you’re currently experiencing MPB before you start drenching your entire head. No sense using a massive dose off the bat when you have no idea how you will respond.
      2) Sure, it’s just a lower concentration per mL.

  87. Hey Derek. I’m trying to locate the discount code for Anagenic that you had in the description of one of your youtube videos but it looks like the video is no longer on youtube. Could I get that discount code again, please?

    Thanks again for all your help in the past. I’ve been on RU for over 2 yrs now.

  88. It’s unbelievable that in 2019, doctors only seem to mention that ONLY DHT is the cause of hair loss / Androgenetic Alopecia.

    This is very interesting and seems to explain why on hair loss forums, men complain about continued hair loss and losing ground even while on Finasteride or Dutasteride.

    Thanks for all the articles and self experiments on yourself Derek.

  89. Hey Derek. I am about to run Yk11. I know this has a potential for hair loss. I haven’t experienced hair loss in general but would you recommend using Ru5881 as a preventative measure?

  90. Hi Derek,

    thank you for doing all this here. I am 44 and have been on Propecia for 18 years. It absolutely stopped my hair loss. Only in late 2015 I noticed that my hair was getting thinner again (overall, but noticed it the most at the hairline).

    I tried RU selfmixed and Minox back then but wasn’t really satisfied with the progress, so eventially switched to Dut, which I’m still taking.

    As far as my hair goes, funnily enough I still look like I have good hair, my barber even comments how thick it is. However I myself see that it’s not 100%.

    In the last 2 months I noticed that my front had taken another hit. Especially my hairline is really not to my liking anymore.

    So I’m planing to stay on Dut and order premixed RU from Chemyo (I hate to mix it myself and back then I maybe didn’t mix it properly).

    So does this sound like a proper plan to halt my hair loss finally? Dut and Ru shouldn’t leave anything to attack the hair.

    And why do I need to keep Ru in a freezer, if it’s shipped for days without cooling?

    Thanks for your help!

  91. Derek, thanks for the info. I’m on the fence about RU58841. I think it’s fine in my mind for my safety, but is there any risks at all for my nephew who often stays at my house. Will I leave residue from my hair on the furniture or washed pillow cases? Maybe if he touched my hair (I plan to shampoo in mornings). And what threat could that pose to his development would you say?

    As for that fear mongering heart failure story that circulates, the authors said that if RU became systemic it could possibly threaten the heart by limiting all androgens. And that RU, in animal studies, caused sperm issues and feminization of males (preborn or not). Is there substance? I’ll look around if you’ve previously answered

    1. The stuff dries. It’s not a greasy Minoxidil. Don’t overdo the Propylene Glycol and it will dry on your scalp fairly quickly, and having it rub off on things shouldn’t be a huge concern. With that being said, I would probably flip your pillow cases inside out and wash the kids hands if he did grab your hair just in case. It’s not like he’s going to be chronically exposed to it and ingesting it, but in an abundance of caution those are the steps I would take personally.

      1. I’ve purchased the KB solutions. Does the KB solution have create a film which makes the minoxidil harder to penetrate?

        Does it matter if RU is effectively on your head only half the day as opposed to full day? I plan to apply at night and shower in the morning

        Eventually I wanted to use the RU in the liquid Kirkland minoxidil though. You think the greasy nature would be somewhat a threat to rub onto things or will that eventually dry too if I purposefully didn’t touch my head with anything for a period after application?


  92. Hi Derek,

    I finally got to the point of actually buying RU.

    However, my concern is that because it costs more then 40 usd/bottle, when the order gets to the toll-house in my country (Hungary), they will start asking questions regarding the order.
    This has happened before when i ordered something that cost more then 40 usd.
    I gave them some generic bullshit response and they didn’t answer back until I explained what i needed the items for.

    If this situation arises, what can I tell them the compound is for?

  93. Hey Derek,

    I started RU at the standard dose 3 weeks ago. Definitely noticed an increase in shedding. Do you think this will pass? I had stopped finasteride recently after 3 years of use As it was causing me sides..

      1. The dude man bro

        You will most likely shed from RU. Don’t expect much regrowth. Derek has some of the best results of RU I’ve ever seen – I’m not sure what else he was using at the time –
        You will most likely shed from minoxidil.
        I am on the reverse side of you – I did RU for 6 months. No regrowth. Continued loss. Did not combine with Minox.
        Now on fin with minox. solution. First month done. Shedding of course. I do feel more confident with this approach I must say.

        1. hello the dude man bro, yes I used RU years ago for 2 months and it thinned my hair in spots and it increased my hairloss by maybe 15 hairs in shower. it basically didnt reduce my hair shedding but increased it slightly. and saw thin spots on scalp I quit and my hair stopped thinning. and my friend that used it said it killed his hairline litteraly and he had to get a transplant to fix it and he did. RU is not for everyone.

  94. Hi Derek,

    If using minoxidil in addition to RU, should they be applied at the exact same time (RU, wait til dry, then minox)? Or, is it a okay to apply minox in the morning and RU at night?

    I see you noted the drying time of PG/ethanol RU to be less than a minute. However, I have noticed that I get a persistent (visible and feelable) “greasiness” left on my scalp after applying (after shower too). It lasts a long time and I’m wondering why this is and worried that it’s interfering with the effectiveness of my subsequent minoxidil application. Thoughts?


  95. Derek man I’m assuming RU58841 would have no impact on the amount of DHT related hair growth on jaw, cheeks, neck, check and back? If anything it should increase the amount of hair growth on those areas since the DHT that would attach to the hair follicles on the scalp would be circulate elsewhere within the body?

  96. Is using RU a good idea to stop thinning in its track without the use of other supplements like min/fin/dut… etc.

  97. Hi Derek RU58441 works so well for transplanted hair too! you might have seen people who have had hair transplants that look good at first but then they just become so thin almost see through.

    Well that happened to me, at first the transplanted hair was thick and dark which made my hairline look rally good, then after about a year the transplanted hair in the hairline became thin and see through like it had changed state and gone back into a shedding/miniaturization state which they say is impossible because the grafts come from the back of the head.

    Anyway minoxidil didn’t help this which i thought it would – and the transplanted hair was still so thin, but after just 2 weeks of RU58841 use my transplanted hair has gotten so much thicker like it was just after the transplant. It is now again like an actual hairline rather than just a thin see through patch of hair.

    Thought you might find this interesting – I’m thinking now maybe transplanted hair still gets miniaturized just like with male pattern baldness but just doesn’t stop growing completely, they just go rally thin. I’m thinking RU58441 stops this and allows them to keep growing thick

  98. Hey Derek, couple questions:

    I saw your updated video on YT on how you apply RU with the spray bottles now. How do you know you’re applying 75mg worth of the solution? (I plan on using 50mg to start)

    Also, have you tried any prostaglandins for hair loss? I was watching a video by “Ask The Doc” on YT regarding AI’s and SERMS where someone on TRT asked him about hair loss while on an AI to control estrogen…which makes sense…but he made a side comment about what he likes to use for hair loss; instead of minoxidil he likes to use a topical compounded solution of latanaprost and finasteride and said it blows minox out of the water. I can try to find the exact video and link it here if you like but he said it works extremely well, just wondering if you have any experience with those compounds. Thanks.

    1. 1) I eyeball it now as far as the milligram amount.
      2) Yes I have. Posted videos on PGD2 inhibitors and PGE2 agonists/PGE2 itself.
      3) I will be trying both Latanoprost and Bimatoprost and giving my thoughts.

  99. Forgive me if this has been covered but is it ok to dilute the pre-made mixture of 50mg/ml to get more coverage and if so, what what be good to dilute it with? ie: everclear? Reason being is Im thinning over the whole of the top of my scalp and would like the 50mg to go a little further without increasing the dosage. Thanks

  100. Is it possible to be a non-responder to RU? I used it for over 3 months with no noticeable positive effect. It’s legit product too.


  101. Hi Derek, almost everyone says on online forums that ru goes systemic and cause ED, low libido , ecc, What do you think? i know studies showed ru didnt impact hormonal levels, but online everyone keeps talking about sides, and that it goes systemic

  102. hi derek i think im mixed up with the way to apply it. do you apply shots of 1ml each spot that you experience thining/hair loss or one shot for all the spot(less than a ml for each spot wich is probably not the way to do it lol)

    like if im thining at the front/hairline/temple can i apply 1ml at each of these spots or i must use only 1ml for all of the areas?

    Thanks a lot for all the infos

  103. Hey Derek,
    Great post!
    I just ordered RU, quit finasteride 3 months back and still recovering from Zombie like depression.
    I have been doing micro needling and minoxidil. Can I still do Microneedling when using RU? How long should I wait before applying RU after micro needling?

  104. Hi Derek!

    Great article as always.
    I have a two quick questions.

    1. What is the optimal frequency with Nizoral (Ketoconazole)? Two times per week or every other day?

    2. Is it enough if I use the Rogaine just once per day after the RU?

    Thank you in advance, you helped a lot!

  105. Hi Derek,

    You said you have diffuse thinning. So do I. My question is how can you get 1ml of any of these solutions to cover your entire scalp? That’s maybe possible if you have very short hair. But your hair is approx. the same length as mine. So how do you cover your entire scalp with 1 full dropper of liquid?

  106. Derek, thank you for putting all of this in an article form. I’ve seen lots of your videos but found confused about what to use. I currently use minoxidil and have noticed it has helped slow the process. I’ve also recently gotten Nizoral. Just ordered 3 vials of this and keen to see the results!

    Thanks for all the information 🙂

  107. Hey Derek, I’m 18 from the uk looking to get on RU but the shipping costs are UNGODLY I’m talking almost as much as the product itself. Do you have any other sources or advice on how I would go about identifying RU of a high enough purity/quality?

  108. Hi! What do you think about the finished solution? They say that the substance is very unstable and it is better to take the powder. Dilute it every time for use. What do you think?

  109. How dumb would it be to apply RU to facial skin to combat oily skin and acne? I figure it’s a more potent version of the approved Winlevi

  110. Hi Derek,

    thanks for the great content man!

    Im using Minoxidil and Regenapure DR while on trt and its maintaining my hair fine, i’m going to use NPP and Var so i have purchased RU to add to my hair loss regime.
    My question is would you maintain the use of Regenapure DR or any ketoconazole shampoo while running NPP, as i’m wondering if it will reduce the conversion of Nandrolone to DHN and increase the hair loss effect from the NPP? Or do you think it will be beneficial to maintain the use of ketoconazole with RU?

    Any advice would be great!

  111. Hi, I’m trying to understand how RU58841 works. Because to my understanding it blocks the androgen receptors? Blocking DHT & T etc? If that is the case, when it goes systemic (from topical use), wouldn’t that block androgen receptors non selectively? Therefore, not a large impact, but still negatively impacting how you body metabolises T and other androgen etc. Esp if you are taking SARMS, PEDs etc. I gather the systemic abosbortbion is relatively low. But still. Any help on understanding this would be appreciated thanks!

  112. Derek (or anyone with experience) –

    The Anagenic website has 2 strengths of RU58841 – 5% and 8%. Obvious question is, why would I NOT want the 8% version?

  113. I am currently 9 weeks post hair transplant and at the shedding phase. Would this effect me beginning RU atall as I know it’s for research purposes. Anything to highlight it not to be used during shedding phase post hair transplant etc… ?


  114. Hi Derek,

    I am a big fan of your work. Thank you for helping us with your knowledge on the subject. I am planning to start RU58841.So, I just have a couple of questions.

    1: Do I have get my bloodwork done before starting RU. If yes what are the ones i need to test like(Testosterone, DHT).
    2: Is it possible to crowdfund as a community to resume the clinical trials of RU.
    3: Does it cause any feminizing effects in the body as Dr. Russell Knudsen from “The hair loss show” claims.
    4: Do you know any legit sites that ships RU to India.
    5: Can we apply RU with hands or should we use gloves while applying.
    6: Incase I get side effects what can I do to minimize the risks. And what’s your opinion on the long term safety of RU based on your scientific knowledge.

  115. Derek, great content man. I’ve been on fin and minox for several years. If I get on RU and ditch the fin, will it cause any massive initial sides? Is it wise to wind down slowly or do you suggest an instant cut off from fin upon starting RU?
    Thanks man, great work.

    1. You’ll most likely shed and then be left hoping you respond to RU or don’t have sides from it. Not all respond well to RU. How is fin treating you now? If sides, begin to take smaller dose. The convenience of oral and it efficacy can’t be beat. Wish I started much earlier! I’d also try tretonin with minox, as that also increases response rate.. if you’re goal here is for more regrowth. Everyone is different. Best of luck

  116. Anyone know anything about kratom’s affect on hairloss? Tons of tons of anecdotal reports of it exacerbating hair loss and significant hair regrowth after quitting.

    Was curious if anyone knew anything about it because I can’t find much info on possible mechanisms.

    http://www.reddit.com/r/quittingkratom and search for hairloss.

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