RU58841 Hair Loss Prevention Compound – A Comprehensive Overview

What Is RU58841?

RU58841 is a non-steroidal experimental anti-androgen, which is intended for use as a topical treatment for acne and androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

While it certainly hasn’t yet earned the title of “Hair Loss Cure,” RU58841 is without a doubt the most promising and effective thing available right now at preventing hair loss so significantly that it can almost be dubbed “the cure”.

I have over 3 years of experience with this stuff, and it has been nothing short of life changing.

This scene pretty much sums up my reaction after my experience with RU58841:

If you are just looking for a place to order high quality RU58841, this is who I use for all of my personal research:

RU58841 Pre-Made Solutions And Raw Powder

What Causes Hair Loss in The First Place and How Will RU58841 Help Prevent It?

DHT is the main cause of hair loss in men. DHT (a necessary and otherwise useful hormone) attaches to and shrinks hair follicles in those prone to MPB (male pattern baldness).

This is why it is normal for men to go bald and far less common with women, the main hormone of men is testosterone, while the main hormone in women is estrogen.

Testosterone converts to DHT in the body, and as men have a much greater amount of testosterone in their body than women, it consequently (and inevitably) leads to extreme hair loss in those who are prone to male pattern baldness.


Literally almost every single case of hair loss is caused by DHT; there is less than a 1/100 chance your hair loss is caused by something else.

Even for anabolic steroid users, the reason you are suddenly going bald so much faster is because you are introducing an excess amount of exogenous hormones that convert directly to DHT into your body, expediting your hair loss an insane amount.

So, the only way to combat hair loss, is to directly combat DHT.

RU58841 helps prevent this significantly when topically applied to the scalp.

It works by attaching to the hair follicle and preventing DHT from attaching to it.

When protected by RU58841 scalp hairs can grow to maturity and not be miniaturized by DHT.

Clinical trials investigating RU58841's potential to prevent DHT from reaching scalp hair receptors have been overwhelmingly positive.

A study in the Journal of Steroid Bio-Chemistry and Molecular Biology concluded the exceptionally high topical activity of RU58841 combined with unprecedented selectivity with respect to systemic effects suggest that this compound is a candidate of choice for the local treatment of androgenic alopecia.

How I Dose It, Store It, And Know If It’s Working

RU58841 is incredibly potent and does what it’s supposed to do very well.

A standard dose of 50mg applied all over the scalp in areas prone to male pattern baldness once per day should suffice, but some individuals may require more (this is dependent on a variety of individual-specific factors).

I personally have never had to exceed 50mg in my research.

Increasing it to 75mg or 100mg should be more than enough for almost every single individual and probably won’t even be necessary.

After applying 50mg all over the necessary areas, I just rub it in with my finger tips to make sure the liquid is covering the spots entirely, and then let it dry (takes literally less than a minute).

After that you can apply your Minoxidil if you use that too.

For application, I recommend applying your RU58841 after you've washed your hair and your hair is completely dry.

Ideally, you want to apply it within 30 minutes of showering your hair because your scalp produces sebum which will lessen the efficacy of RU58841 penetrating the skin and blocking DHT topically.

I don't usually follow this religiously though as I find it much more convenient to apply it pre-bed each night.

I haven't noticed much (if any) of a difference, but the way I mentioned IS the optimal way to apply it to maximize results.

RU58841 is a bit watery so it is best to apply within and behind your hairline.

Regarding storage, mixed RU58841 solutions should be stored in a fridge, and RU58841 raw powder should be stored in a freezer to have the efficacy last for as long as possible.

Exposing RU58841 to light or higher temperatures will cause degradation of the compound.

Ideally, keep it away from light, sealed tight blocking out air, and in a fridge if it's mixed, or in a freezer if it's still in raw powder form.

I personally put my RU mixed solutions in the fridge in 50ml bottles, and my RU raw powder in a Ziploc bag sealed tight and then I put that in a little container and leave it in my freezer.

While many people have no idea how much hair they are losing until they notice that their hair is receding or looks thinner, I suggest you start keeping an eye on your hair catcher in the shower drain (if you don’t have one it might be wise to get one to gauge your hair loss intensity).

When you shower, if you are very prone to hair loss it may be very typical for you to lose 50-100+ hairs in the shower each time you wash your hair.

A great way to assess if RU58841 is working for you is to keep an eye on the hair catcher and do a rough count of the hairs at the end of each shower.

Obviously I don’t mean literally pick out each individual hair and count them, but it will be pretty blatantly obvious if after your RU research starts there are less hairs in the hair catcher than there usually are.

Within a couple weeks of using RU58841, I went from 50+ hairs every shower being lost, to 1-5 hairs MAX being lost.

It was pretty amazing to say the least, and within a few weeks I started noticing density coming back to my previously diffuse thinning scalp.

Current Hair Status

How Does RU58841 Compare To Finasteride And Dutasteride?

At best – some other hair loss prevention treatments such as Finasteride or Dutasteride will significantly halt (or noticeably slow) the miniaturization process and, if you are lucky – provide some not-too-significant regrowth.

Finasteride and Dutasteride work “great” for the majority of guys who don't use steroids and are lucky enough to not crash their systemic DHT levels so hard that they end up with erectile dysfunction, brain fog, and a fatter less muscular physique.

If you can’t tell already, I’m not a fan of Finasteride or Dutasteride.

DHT is responsible for so many necessary functions of your body, that systemically destroying it with Finasteride or Dutasteride is just absurd to me when there are far better options available.

Both those drugs work by killing your DHT levels in your body, indirectly preventing hair loss because there is simply no DHT left to negatively affect your scalp.

But at what cost does this come is the question?

I have heard of several individuals on Finasteride or Dutasteride losing muscle, getting erectile dysfunction, feeling like shit every single day, and several other negative side effects all at the expense of saving their hair.

This is where RU completely blows everything on the market out of the water.

RU protects your hair follicle from DHT attaching to it where you apply it, but it leaves your body’s DHT levels COMPLETELY IN TACT.

This means that you still get all the benefits of DHT circulating in your body like muscle hardness, increased muscularity and fat loss, zero libido or erection issues, etc. while preventing hair loss just as effectively, if not more so.

None Of The Brutal Finasteride/Dutasteride Side Effects + I Still Get Complete Hair Loss Prevention = A No Brainer For Me

The user feedback and academic resources on RU suggests that RU is the MOST PROMISING SOLUTION to male pattern baldness (and other DHT-related conditions) that exists today.

My Experience With RU58841

Let me preface this by saying I also use anabolics which make hair loss 10000000x worse, and my hair is still here to tell the tale thanks to RU58841.

For the past few years of anabolic use I haven’t noticed a significant amount of hair loss, but I definitely did notice some diffuse thinning in my scalp, but for some reason this wasn’t alarming enough for me to realize I needed to do something about it ASAP.

Fast forward to my last contest prep I used Halotestin and Anadrol (two extremely harsh steroids on hair) and one of the two apparently my body definitely doesn't agree with and devastated my hair and I got some absolutely colossal hair thinning.

I suspect I easily shed about a third to almost half of my hair on my scalp during that cycle.

Obviously as a bodybuilder, I value the DHT in my body as it is responsible for keeping my libido in-tact and makes me look exponentially better, but I also value the hair on my head because what’s the point of a nice looking body if you have to go bald in order to get it.

I started researching like a mad man and came across RU58841 and basically delved deep into researching about it specifically over the next month.

I decided to pull the trigger and started RU58841 at 50mg every day.

It completely halted my hair loss and I went from losing 50+ hairs in the shower each day, to around 5 hairs max EVEN WHILE STILL TAKING extremely harsh compounds, and my hair thickened back up to as thick as it was before I even touched anabolics!

I can now run Tren without being scared of going another level up the Norwood scale every month.

I’m now at over 2 full years of using RU58841, and I still use anabolics alongside it, including harsh hair destroying steroids like Tren and Superdrol, and it has completely mitigated any and all hair loss I had experienced, and brought me back to a thick head of hair.

That just goes to show how potent RU truly is, as it can even halt hair loss in steroid users, whom are a billion times more prone to male pattern baldness due to the ridiculous amount of DHT circulating in their bodies wreaking havoc on their scalp.

It is an amazing alternative for all men who aren't willing to ingest a pill that kills most of the DHT in your body. Why put yourself at risk for a bunch of shitty side effects when you don’t need to.

Why RU58841 Is Even MORE Of A Miracle Drug For Steroid Users In Particular

What's important to note is Finasteride (which is typically the first resort for guys looking for hair loss prevention) is very effective for treating hair loss related to steroid usage, BUT only if the steroid is a testosterone based one that converts to DHT via the 5-A-R enzyme.

And while it is a common belief that DHT based steroids can have their androgenic effect inhibited as well, this is wrong since the action of 5-A-R is not called into play (and Finasteride is a 5-A-R inhibitor).

Finasteride is a type 2 DHT inhibitor.

It won’t prevent hair loss from compounds other than testosterone and its derivatives.

As Finasteride only blocks type two DHT, all other DHT drugs will still murder your hairline and Finasteride won't block any of the DHT from those.

So, Finasteride will absolutely not be effective against DHT created by Dianabol, trenbolone, anadrol, winstrol, masteron, equipoise, etc.

Consequently, your options for steroids you can run will be severely limited as you will essentially only have hair loss protection against mild doses of testosterone.

Even NPP and Deca which are typically very hair safe steroids are completely out of the question as they have a negative reaction with Finasteride and Dutasteride which causes an insane amount of hair loss.

This reaction does not occur with RU58841 though, and literally every steroid that you had to regretfully wave goodbye to in the past in order to keep your hair may very well be a viable alternative again to throw back into your bodybuilding arsenal.


As RU doesn't cause systemic shutdown of your bodies DHT and keeps the blocking of DHT strictly localized to where you apply it (your scalp) it will allow you to actually keep running any type of steroid you want, and still get hair loss prevention protection against ALL OF THEM.

Not just a select few of them.

Not to mention if you are a serious competitor it is pretty much out of the question to run anything that tanks your bodies DHT levels pre-contest, so Finasteride and Dutasteride are essentially a totally impossible option for a lot of the serious anabolic users.

I fell into the same category of not wanting my hair loss prevention to impact how competitive of a physique I can bring to the plate, and so far I've been extremely pleased with the outcome of this stuff.

RU58841 Effect On Your Results/Gains Vs. Finasteride/Dutasteride

As already mentioned, Finasteride/Dutasteride will absolutely destroy the DHT levels in your body, so yes that will negatively affect your results significantly.

Think about the benefits you get from a drug like Masteron (essentially injectable DHT), which gives that very hard and grainy look to the physique at lower body fat levels, among the countless other imperative benefits of DHT like improved strength, fat loss, libido, sense of well-being, etc.

Then imagine having no DHT (aka feeling like a brain fogged zombie dragging ass with a non-functional penis).

Which would you rather experience if you could have hair loss prevention in both scenarios?

The answer is obvious.

Why Is RU58841 A Research Chemical And Not Available For Doctor Prescription For Hair Loss?

In most countries, RU58841 can be purchased and sold as a “research chemical” not meant for use on human beings.

It is not a prescription or over the counter drug.

It is not “illegal” to buy or sell if it is independent research experiments.

For whatever reason, RU hasn’t made it through the approval process yet, even though it is a significantly better option than what is available for prescription today, with less side effects to boot!

What Else Should I Be Using To Prevent Hair Loss

There are two other products that I would highly recommend you use alongside your RU58841.

These three in combination will be your absolute best line of defence against hair loss, and I wouldn't recommend anything else other than these three things to be honest.

They work synergistically to maximize your ability to keep a full thick head of hair.

  • Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo or Regenepure DR Shampoo: This shampoo should be applied each time you wash your hair and rubbed into your scalp and then left there for 5-10 minutes before washing it out. It is just a normal anti-dandruff shampoo, however, it contains Ketoconazole, which is a powerful antifungal that removes the buildup of DHT in the hair follicles. It works very well and I use it alongside my RU58841. The two best Ketoconazole shampoos in my opinion are Nizoral and Regenepure DR. The difference between them being that Regenepure DR has a variety of other ingredients in it that simply make it a higher quality shampoo, and it doesn't dry your hair out like Nizoral potentially could. However, Nizoral is quite a bit cheaper, so I typically will alternate between Nizoral and Regenepure DR to save money. If your hair doesn't get dried out by Nizoral, just stick with that as it is cheaper and has the same amount of Ketoconazole in it anyways (the ingredient you want). You can get Nizoral here: Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo And Regenepure DR here: Regenepure DR Shampoo

  • Minoxidil: Also known as “Rogaine” (just a brand name for Minoxidil), this stuff will actually revitalize hair follicles and regrow hair that has been lost. It is amazing stuff. I prefer the Rogaine brand foam as it dries A LOT faster than the liquid minoxidil, and that cheap generic brand name stuff is so oily it makes your hair look terrible and greasy for hours after use. You can get my recommended Minoxidil here: ROGAINE FOAM


To Summarize

RU58841 is a turn-key all in one hair loss prevention compound that blocks all DHT on the scalp, and can literally halt hair loss in its tracks. I’m shocked it isn’t more heavily researched.

I will be using RU58841 for the rest of my life unless something better gets invented.

What Is The Highest Quality RU58841 Source Available For Research Today?

I've tried a few sources now and some of them use vehicles to suspend RU58841 with a low level of efficacy on the scalp, making their product rather useless, no matter if the RU raws they are using are potent or not.

You need to find a source that knows how to reconstitute RU properly, as well as has a high quality pure product.

The following source uses a 70%/30% split of Ethanol and Propylene Glycol (ideal vehicle) and includes a high-performance liquid chromatography assay with each order to confirm the purity of each unique batch they produce.

I found this in itself incredibly reassuring, and pulled the trigger on their product for my research and have been very pleased with the results in comparison to other sources, and have never looked back. Their product works exceptionally well.

You can order their pre-mixed RU58841 solutions (or the Raw RU58841 Powder if you want to make your own solutions) here:

Anageninc – 10% off coupon code “DC10”

The only other companies I also trust with equal quality are the following:

Science.bio – 10% off coupon code “DC10”

Chemyo – 10% off coupon code “DC10”

Both companies have the exact same quality linked above.

I have thoroughly researched all three sources personally and have seen the HPLC purity reports.

For the record, they are both as close to 100% pure as you will find on this planet.

I suggest getting 3 pre-mixed RU58841 solutions with 5% strength to start off. This should last you around 5-6 months, and is a perfect time frame to assess how you respond to RU58841, and if you would like to continue your research past that point.

For the carrier (what the RU58841 raw powder is mixed in), I prefer PG (propylene glycol) + Ethanol.

I find it rare for someone's scalp to be irritated by the PG/Ethanol to the point of needing KB instead as the carrier. They both work fine, some people just seem to have skin irritation to particular carriers as opposed to others.

This stuff won’t grow a thick mullet on a severely balding head overnight or anything so keep your goals realistic with this stuff.

Remember, the key is hair loss prevention; any re-growth is a fringe benefit of RU58841. 5-6 months I feel is a solid time frame to make a fair educated assessment on whether RU is for you or not.


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