RU58841 Results (With Before And After Pictures) – My Results After Almost 3 Years

RU58841 Results – My Results After Almost 3 Years

I have been using RU58841 for almost 3 years and I felt like an update article was warranted.

If you have no idea what RU58841 is, I suggest skimming through my first RU58841 article I wrote in early 2016.

My current hair loss prevention protocol is the following:

  • 75mg RU58841 used after my hair has dried after showering at night
  • Regenepure DR or Nizoral every other day in the shower lathered into my scalp and left there for 10-12 minutes before washing it out
  • 30mg MK-677 – This is something I’ve realized makes a HUGE difference on hair density. Growth Hormone is greatly responsible for the growth rate of your hair, and when you increase your GH/IGF-1 levels, the rate of your hair growth increases. On MK-677 I actually need to get haircuts far more frequently because my hair grows much faster than normal. This increased rate of growth relative to your rate of loss ultimately equates to more hair on your head and thicker/denser hair.

One thing I wanted to share is a transformation I made this summer with RU58841.

I am very untraveled, and up to this past summer I haven’t traveled outside of the country for more than a few days.

And I’ve never been to a different continent.

I went to Europe for the first time in May and I didn’t arrange for any RU58841 to be shipped to where I was going.

My hope was that being off of it for a month and just using my Ketoconazole shampoo wouldn’t hurt my hair too much.

Well…. This is what happened after I stopped RU58841 cold turkey:

I had an INSANE amount of hair loss.

I lost all density at the front of my hairline, and I was left with an almost completely bald spot there.

Obviously this was extremely discouraging, and as soon as I could when I got home I got back on my RU58841 regimen.

The damage had stabilized itself after about a month being home, and then the absurd over the top amount of shedding had subsided.

After this, I started regrowing hair where I had lost it during my trip.

Here is a before and after picture of my hair over the course of the next 3 months and a week (July 20th, 2017 – October 28th, 2017):

Just so you can see it actually progressing, here was the progression over the course of the 3 months from the first day:

July 20th, 2017 – October 28th, 2017

Obviously RU58841 is still working well for me, even after several years.

Up to this point (having to abruptly stop RU58841 periodically) I had been maintaining my hair very well with RU58841, even while on supraphysiological amounts of hormones.

To date, I still haven’t experienced any side effects from RU58841.

One thing you have to consider though is I believe I’m a hyper responder to RU58841.

By that I mean it seems to work exceptionally well for me, but it may not for you.

Just like any other hair loss prevention product (Finasteride, Minoxidil, etc.) not everything works perfectly for every one.

I just wanted to share with you guys what I’ve been doing, and to show a real life example of an RU58841 before and after.

As far as where I get my RU58841, I’m still using the 5% strength solutions with PG (Propylene Glycol) + Ethanol as my carrier from this company:

Anageninc – 10% off coupon code “DC10”

The only other companies I also trust with equal quality are the following:

Science.bio – 10% off coupon code “DC10”

Chemyo – 10% off coupon code “DC10”

Both companies have the exact same quality linked above.

I have thoroughly researched all three sources personally and have seen the HPLC purity reports.

For the record, they are both as close to 100% pure as you will find on this planet.

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. This product is a research chemical intended for research purposes only, and not for human consumption.

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243 thoughts on “RU58841 Results (With Before And After Pictures) – My Results After Almost 3 Years”

  1. Wow man! That is absolutely insane at the amount of hair loss you had. Are you considering a hair transplant procedure down the road just in case? Also with the MK-677 I’ve been reading that it potentially increases your chances of getting cancer and was curious what your thoughts were on that particular subject? Thanks for all the great info.

    1. I won’t get a Hair Transplant unless I need one. MK-677 can’t give you cancer, it can only accelerate the growth of existing cancer cells via hyperplasia, so if you have cancer then don’t use it, if you don’t have cancer then you’re good to go.

      1. I noticed it looks like the MK-677 link you had posted was in a liquid form compared to the typical pill. Are you using I as a topical on your scalp?

        1. No I’m not. That wouldn’t work. It’s not like Minoxidil where it stimulates hair growth directly at the hair follicle via topical application, MK works systemically.

    2. Great article and results! Was there a shedding phase with RU58841 and this protocol? Also thoughts on enhanced athletes mk677? I’m up based and need some legit sources! Thanks in advance Ak.

        1. It’s a research chemical and I am guessing security will not be too understanding of your strange research chemical they have never heard of that you need to bring for your hair loss prevention.

          1. Heya DC,

            Thanks for the article.

            What if you pour out and clean a finastride bottle then pour the RU solution into it? I’m seriously considering getting into this if there are no adverse side effects.


          2. Hey brother, I’m not sure what you mean regarding the pouring out a bottle of Finasteride.

            Are you asking if it’d be ok to transfer the RU from the bottle it comes in into a different bottle? Or what are you referring to?

          3. Hey Derek, i am using RU powder 20mg per day mix in a bottle of stemoxidine as solvent and keep it in the fridge for my medical research. What should I Do when travelling for up to 8/10 hours and keep it in my luggage at room temperature until i put i back in the fridge when i arrive to destination? Will the compound go bad and give side effect?


  2. I have always gotten systemic side-effects from things like Nizoral and topical azelaic acid so I said F’ it and I’m saving for a hair-transplant.

    1. It’s impossible to have any sort of systemic effect with Nizoral. Scientifically impossible. The idea of “ketoconazole removes DHT on scalp” is just not true.

          1. Ketoconazole, (Nizoral) shampoo, is also known to inhibit 5AR, the enzyme which converts testosterone to DHT. Preliminary research suggests that ketoconazole shampoo may be beneficial in men suffering from androgenic alopecia. Support for this also stems from a study in 1998 which compared ketoconazole shampoo 2% to the proven hair loss drug minoxidil in men with androgenic alopecia. The study concluded that hair density, size, and proportion of anagen follicles were improved almost similarly by both ketoconazole and 2% minoxidil regimens. In addition, since ketoconazole effectively treats the Pityriasis (also called Malassezia) fungus that commonly inhabits the scalp, it was hypothesized that it may prevent hair loss by reducing inflammation from the fungus, in addition to having antiandrogenic properties. A study on ketoconazole in 2005 also corroborated the existence of a stimulatory effect on hair growth in mice.


      1. Seriously? You need to read up on some Japan studies. I won’t provide the link, but the study was conducted with patients using 2% (NOT 1% seen in OTC) while leaving the shampoo in their hair overnight.

        Look into it. Don’t say something is impossible. It really makes you look like a fool.

  3. So you have taking no propecia this whole time ? I have been on many message boards the last two years researching this product and there is no one other person who I could find this has worked for after 12 to 24 months.

    1. The entire reason I went with RU58841 was because I didn’t want to use something that would crush my systemic DHT (Fin), so I didn’t opt for Fin and opted for RU instead. There are plenty of guys who have been researching this for years. Some are on the main hair loss forums as well. The reason why there isn’t much info online in my opinion is that typically when something works, nobody takes the time to post about it. Hence why there is an entire forum/website dedicated to Fin side effects and swearing it is the most poisonous drug on earth, but there is no forum praising it for those who it has worked for. The success stories aren’t typically thoroughly logged from what I’ve noticed, and especially not years later after the fact unless they were a hardcore forum goer to begin with.

      1. You mentioned Fin crushes systemic DHT. How long does it take for it to recover for someone who has been on it for years? Or would Fin work well with the RU?

        1. Depends on multiple factors. Get a blood test done and you will find out exactly how long for yourself. Lowering systemic androgens would work well with any hair loss prevention protocol in regards to preventing miniaturization.

      1. Hi Derek, thank you for your reply … I’m 23, I have just planned to go with basic 10weeks test250+deca300 cycle …my hair started thinning In my crown…worried if this cycle going to be worse on my hair line and planning to use ru58841 … I wanted to know, if I stop using ru58841 after my 10wk cycle,Will I shed hair which I have already maintained ? Or Will I only loose hairs which I have gained from ru58841 ?

        1. No matter what you use that is hair loss prevention related, once you discontinue it your progression towards where your genetics would have had you hair loss wise in the absence of that protection will start again. So if you had maintained a certain amount that would have otherwise been lost with RU, then once you stop it you will start progressing towards where you would have been anyways. The same applies for anything hair loss prevention related.

    1. Hello Derek & everybody,

      Is there a way to order RU58841 from somewhere within Europe? Like EU based webshop or somehing?


  4. Hi mate,

    Do you use any kind of gear? I know theoretically one RU binds to the androgen receptor you could use tritrembo o winy, but… I’m always afraid of going with something harder than bolde or deca (alongside with test, of course).

    Thanks mate.

        1. No. I did end up raising the RU dose from 50mg to 75mg when I used Tren though as I felt it required a higher dose to combat something that is typically far more agressive on MPB.

          Yes MPB is all over my family.

  5. I model and this may have saved me. I’m going to try it. Finasteride, somehow someway, physically changed my face. It looks smaller and less defined. It ruined my appearance. I had to quit it. I’ve been frantically searching for an effective alternative. Seriously, thank you for this. Where can I get the mk677, and what exactly is it? Is it expensive?

  6. Hi Derek great post & info the most helpful ru58841 article ive seen online, Im 25 had to quit fin due to severe sides and im now diffuse thinning but still have full hairline nw2 I use it but find it quite a hassle + time consuming to apply everyday can I ask a few questions mate as I’m more than desperate to keep my hair 1. Do you ever miss days and would you say results will be worse for sure if using 4 5 days a week than 7? 2. Does the hair/scalp have to be completely dry? as I find it much easier to apply if its still slightly damp 3. Any chance you would make a quick application video as a guide as I need to apply to whole scalp and it takes me an hour every nyt to wash (is washing always needed?) dry, then go right across my scalp parting line after line to hit every little area or does it travel abit when under skin reaching follicles it wasnt directly rubbed on? If you can help me out Id be soo grateful cheers

    1. 1. No I never miss days. Yes results would be worse almost undoubtedly.
      2. It’s far more ideal if it’s completely dry yes.
      3. I can’t upload a video showing how to apply a research chemical.

      Why does it take you an hour to wash your hair? What are you doing to your hair? And no you don’t need to shower beforehand every day. I wash my hair once every other day.

      1. Thanks for the reply man, I mean an hour to wash and apply so I can wash every 2 days and just straight up apply it the day after washing & dont even need to use water to remove sebum build up? I wouldn’t of expected you to include any product just a very brief demo of where/how you actually apply it & the distance between each line when you part your hair as Im wondering if I need to literally not miss a spot and hit every square cm or if its ok if a few small areas are missed? Your helping guys out so much Honestly Thank you

      1. If I was to use RU58841 Solution 50ML (99%+ purity) i will use one dropper 1ml at night correct? So this should last me awhile. Going to use Rogan foam mornings and then foam at night. First foam let dry then add RU 1ml. Would this work?

  7. I use finasteride. I know you suggest only RU, but I have thicker hair and applying it all over the scalp is a hassle. It helps my hairline though!

    Question: would Mk677 somehow hinder Finasteride’s process? Even some basic vitamins and minerals can so I’d wanna be sure before I tried MK.

    Love the blog btw.

  8. Thanks for all of this great info – one question, did you experience any shedding phase once you started the RU regimen? I know with minoxidil there is a shedding period and was curious if that is avoided in going the RU route.

  9. First I want to thank you for taking the time to post the video and this article to help others that’s awesome.

    I have been taking Propecia for about a year now and haven’t noticed any sides but would still like to switch to RU. Do you have any recommendations on when to stop the Propecia? Was thinking about starting the RU and continuing the Propecia for a couple months then drop it.

    75mg would be 1.5ml of the RU you linked correct? And you apply it to the area you lost/are losing hair only? Any benefit to doing it twice a day ?

    I have the same hair loss as you ,my forehead has grown an inch lol. Propecia has stopped it hope RU will grow some back.


    1. If you have zero side effects from Propecia and don’t mind systemic inhibition of DHT then I wouldn’t advise coming off of it if it is working for you. If you wish to add RU in though, 75mg is 1.5ml of the 5% strength concentration. I apply it to all areas I am prone to MPB. There may be a benefit to twice per day application (I only do once per day) but then you would need a lower concentration solution so you could split the dose up and still cover the necessary amount of surface area on each application without taking a higher dose than you are wanting to each day.

      1. Thanks Derek. I’m going to follow you and do a once a day application. I will probably drop the Propecia the inhibition of DHT has been a concern. Appreciate your help.

  10. Hey Derek,
    Iv’e been following your earlier articals and videos, and i remmembered that you used to take minoxidil\Rogaine foam with the RU regime.

    Why have you decide stopped using it?


  11. Hi Derek, great content. Thanks.

    Question, for someone who doesn’t use any gear but is receding naturally at roughly a nw2…I want to administer ru58841 once per day, but at an effective dose. Im also a bit broke so I need to know the sweet spot between dose and cost, based on one application per day. So basically I want to make the 10gr of powder I’ve just ordered last as long as possible, but still use it at an effective dose level. Can u advise? Thanks

  12. I’m on fin and wanna jump on RU 55841 as well. I’m thankfully symptomless and I heard RU55841 is really good for restoring hairlines and my balding started relatively recently .

  13. I take Dutasteride every other day with my Amplixin shampoo. Am I right in assuming that the RU is a replacement for oral DHT inhibitors?

    1. No, it is a topical anti-androgen that many find is formidable in strength. It works via a different mechanism of action than oral DHT inhibitors, it inhibits DHT/Androgens localized to the scalp after topical application, whereas Fin/Dut systemically lower those levels. While they can be interchangeable in some instances, some individuals utilize both for maximum possible protection. Personally, I opt for RU58841, Ketoconazole Shampoo, and as of late MK-677 as well. I prefer to keep my systemic DHT levels in tact.

    2. Hey Derek, I’m 20 years old and seem to be suffering from diffuse thinning, I initially had TE after a long fast and anecdotally people say that TE can trigger MPB if you’re prone to it, I’m looking to start RU my questions are

      1. What’s the science behind TE potentially triggering/accelerating MPB ?

      2. Is it safe for girls or family to touch your head/hair or pillow after applying RU?

      3. How do you include RU in a regimen where you normally style your hair using product/blow drying.

      4.Do you have to wash your hair before applying RU every time?id assume it’s you have product in already then possibly?

      5. Reason I’m using RU is that I’m scared of finasteride, I thought I got reflex hyperandrogencity the little time I was on it , could be just coincidental that I started losing hair on my crown as soon as I started taking it but could something like reflex hyperandrogencity be permanent? According to hairloss forms anecdotally it seems to be the case for the majority , even if androgen levels are normal there’s no telling if the androgen receptors that upregulate go back to normal or not

      1. 1) There isn’t any.
        2) I wouldn’t be too worried about it unless your girl was pregnant then I would be very cautious
        3) I apply it at night time and when I wake up it is dry and I style my hair
        4) No
        5) No. Your androgen levels will decline as you get older. You are not in a hyperandrogenic state or else you would be getting way more muscular out of nowhere for no reason. 5-ar inhibitors spiking scalp T and causing loss in some sensitive individuals is often misinterpreted as reflex hyperandrogenicity. Androgen receptors upregulate in the presence of additional androgens, not when you deprive your body of them. If that was the case, you’d be getting more muscular the more bald you get.

        1. So basically reflex hyperandrogencity is just a made up thing by people on forms? Studies do show that androgen receptors upregulate due to the shortage in DHT but I guess it makes sense that maybe the perceived accelerated loss is due to the increase in testosterone levels, also if there’s no science behind TE potentially triggering MPB in those prone, do you have any stance on it? I doubt my situation was just coincidental , thanks

  14. Hi I just wanted to ask your opinion on getting on ru58841. Currently on propecia 1 mg works okay for me only slight sides. I want to try ru to see if I can get less sides with same or better results. Do you think I should stop finasteride and switch or tapper down finasteride while I tapper up ru dosage?

    1. Not sure man, you’ll have to figure that one out. I’d be hesitant to advise you come off of something that is helping you with no side effects. If it aint’ broke don’t fix it.

  15. Hi Derek, RU58841 links you provided above, are those solutions ready for application, or some kind of mixture should be done. If possible, could you share your recipe or point in a right direction, thank you.

    1. There are articles on this site as well as videos on my channel detailing how to make it yourself. Those solutions linked are pre-made and turnkey for research.

  16. Hey Derek just subscribed to you on bitchute so I can still catch all your content. I have some questions about Ru 58841 I searched online and can’t find an answer. What’s the half life for Ru? And if you wash your hair or get it wet do you need to reapply? And last is it safe for my gf or my daughter to touch my hair when Ru is in it or lay on my pillows ,wear hats I’ve worn etc.

    1. The half-life is quite short, but I believe it acts as a suicidal inhibitor so it isn’t an issue as the subsequent dosage would already have been applied before androgens could build back up. Don’t apply it if you’re going to have a shower shortly afterwards, yes showering will shower it off your head.

      I’m sure it’s fine but I can’t say for certain. Girls touch my hair all the time and they aren’t dead yet.

      1. so if something is a suicide inhibitor and it gets in the brain does that mean sides are permanent or just takes a while to replenish new receptors? cuz I still got sides from that 50mg I took just once a year ago it sucks. low libido / shitty sleep / water retention in face / lethargy.

        I think if anyone is gunna run this they should start extremely low and monitor sides eg) 1mg 2mg 4mg 8mg 20mg 40mg etc. cuz I think as a natty it just destroyed me.

        1. Hey dude, in layman’s terms, there is no sharp rebound effect like you would have from a typical inhibitor. Suicidal means it binds permanently to the enzyme, rendering it useless until the enzyme is destroyed. Non-suicidal means it binds temporarily, allowing for rebound to occur once the inhibitor’s usage is ceased.

          This is likely the cause of PFS in the first place, as Finasteride irreversibly binds to 5AR2 (it’s suicidal). It never ever lets go. The only way to regain DHT levels is by stopping Finasteride and letting your body make more, and if someone was already borderline low in the first place, they could be on the hook for a fair bit with hormonally deficient induced side effects from Fin.

          One thing to note, I don’t know for a fact if RU is suicidal or not, that was based off of anecdotal experience and some other input from experienced users a few years ago. But regardless, even if it went systemic and somehow permanently reduced serum concentrations of any particular hormone, any reduction in androgens, DHT, whatever it is could be replaced synthetically with ease (e.g. loading some Proviron for PFS). I remember looking at your blood work before. You were like 8 points off of clinically diagnosed low Testosterone levels. That is more likely than not the root of your issue, perhaps coupled with a very negative reaction to Anti-Androgens. Most high-end RU58841 vendors are pushing 100+ orders per day of RU58841. That builds up to tens of thousands of users over the years (if not over 100k). I had over 100,000 views between my RU58841 videos before YouTube censored my channel. I literally had never heard from anyone with a case like yours, and that’s from thousands of people who had visited my page, and the hundreds that messaged me their personal experiences.

          At the end of the day, any kind of perceived PFS or permanent side effects is just a result of poor hormone levels in one way or another (at least that’s my educated guess), whether it’s low Test, low DHT, low/high Estrogen, Thyroid being out of whack, everything needs to be assessed and addressed to fix whatever the issue is.

  17. Hey Derek– I’m using about 150mg or 3ml of RU per day (one application at night). Anything less feels like I’m not getting enough to cover my entire top part of my scalp. You think there would be any negatives to using that much RU?

    1. Maybe. Dosages exceeding 100mg have been known to cause chest pain in a small minority of users. I wouldn’t us more than 100mg. Dilute it more in more Ethanol/PG if your only issue is you don’t have enough liquid for application.

  18. The website claims the pre made solution will last 6-7 months in room temp. Where do you store yours? Im asking since some people prefer to store in a fridge.

  19. Hey man just wondering if timing matters in application in regards to going to the gym. I see you most probably apply it after the gym seeing as you do it every night. Is applying it about an hour after the gym ok or is it better beforehand?

      1. I highly doubt it would make a difference what time of day it is applied. I see what you’re saying regarding it making sense to not use it around times you require maximum physical performance, but I don’t think it would make any more than a negligible difference as my entire goal of using it is 24 hour localized androgen reduction anyways. And that’s even if we are assuming some of it goes systemic (which has not happened to me so far).

        1. Hey thanks for the quick reply however I am asking in regards to hair protection from dht levels. My (limited) understanding would be a peak in dht after the gym so applying it beforehand would offer most “protection” from the dht. Or is it negligible?

  20. Hey.

    Do you think a combination of only Ket and RU will be sufficient to preserve the hairline? As of now, I only can afford either Minox or Ru alas. I’m still content with what I have so I don’t think I need the extra Minox for additional hair growth but what would you recommend?

    1. Depends on your own genetics man, that’s impossible to say. It very well could be, and it is for many people. But it depends on your own genetic response as well as your individual propensity to hair loss.

      I’ll tell you one thing though, you’re always going to be better off combatting DHT rather than increasing your rate of growth as a bandaid to make it seem like you’re not losing hair.

      Minox = faster hair growth but you have no protection from DHT, so you would still continue losing hair just as your genetics would naturally dictate
      RU58841 or Finasteride or Dutasteride = combatting DHT directly to prevent your hair loss from getting worse

      Obviously ideally all pathways of hair loss prevention would be fulfilled, but the most important one by far is blocking and/or reducing DHT from wreaking havoc on the hair follicles.

      1. Thank you for your detailed answers. Sharing your experiences with this disheartening topic for every man who’s affected is actually insane.

        What would you say about this route:
        I go the first months with Minox, Ket, a Healty Lifetstyle, Biotin and Zink as it is instantly available for me. Then if I’m responding well to it and have more hair and growth, drop minox and preserve it with RU, Ket (and everything above)?

        In my case it’s the sides that are receding slowly and a little on top-back but it’s luckily still pretty much tbh.

        1. You cannot preserve Minoxidil grown hair with anything but Minoxidl. Minoxidil hairs are entirely dependent on Minoxidil for survival, as they would not be on your head otherwise. What happens to them has absolutely nothing to do with DHT or androgens, and has to do with if you are on Minoxidil or not. Even if you are fully protected from DHT, if you drop Minoxidil, whatever you grew with Minoxidil would fall off after stopping it.

          My advice, don’t use Minoxidil unless you know for sure you are able to keep up the regimen for a long long time. It is actually the last thing I advise adding in now, as it actually doesn’t even protect your existing hair from DHT anyways.

          The first thing you need to do when it comes to hair loss prevention is combat DHT. If you don’t do this, you are just letting your hair loss progress further. Regardless if you are on Minoxidil or not, Minoxidil doesn’t protect you from DHT, so even if you’re growing new hair at a fast rate on Minox, you’re still losing all the other hair on your head prone to androgenic alopecia.

          I would personally start with RU58841 (or Finasteride if you would prefer) first along with the other things you mentioned. Above all else, the main thing is you aggressively fight against DHT, so however you want to do that, via RU, via Finasteride, via whatever, that is the first thing you need to do. The Ketoconazole will help with that to some extent as well, but the meat and potatoes of your protection will come from your topical anti-androgen and/or a 5α-Reductase inhibitor.

          Save Minoxidil for a last line of defense years down the road if you end up needing it.

          1. Oh man, I didn’t expect that DHT crushing the folicles is so severe…
            Hoping to respond to RU now.

            Two last things:
            1. What do you think of tablets or supplements especially for hair growth as an additional source of growth?
            2. I recall sb saying that he fears RU on his pillow could affect his family. Have you also find time to reflected on that a bit yet?

          2. 1. If you have a Biotin, Thyroid, or Iron deficiency, or other nutritional deficiency ya those things can be addressed with supplements to some extent (with the exception of Thyroid dependent on how bad one’s situation was).
            2. If you’re concerned about your family touching your pillow then turn your pillow case inside out each morning or hide it.

      2. Even concerning genetic response factors to RU, if after two bottles of use and results are not shown and a shed has occurred, is it beneficial to finish the third to see if regrowth after the shed occurs? Has anyone you spoken to gone through this scenario of what appears to be a poor response to RU, and then experience regrowth? So far, it’s not looking good – I am applying RU 1ml of premade 50 (most common) to research subject.

        1. This isn’t about waiting a certain amount of time for results. The compound has a short half life. You either use it and antagonize androgens for the duration of its use, or you stop using it and then have lower levels of protection once you stop.

  21. Brandon Robertson

    Hi Derek,

    First off, I wanna thank you for writing about this compound. Other than you and Chris from GLL, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot out there about RU (other than the whiners and complainers on various hair loss forums that just talk about how ‘useless’ it is because it didn’t work them personally).

    Anyway, I got a script from my doc for 30 5mg pills of Finasteride a few weeks ago, since I wanted to do something to tackle for hair loss and the RU is a little pricey for me at the moment. I follow a bit of an unusual dosing schedule. I take the full 5mg pill, but only twice a week. So far, so good… shedding has definitely decreased, and no notable sides (mind you, like I said, I’ve only been on it a few weeks). However, I may want to make the switch a little down the line, as I’d much rather have the peace of mind of knowing I’m still combating my hair loss without systemically lowering my DHT levels.

    I noticed that Anageninc also offers a 3% solution instead of a 5%. I haven’t come across a single case online of anyone that has experience with the 3% solution. So my question is, do you think the 3% solution applied at 50 ml/day would have any sort of benefit, or do you think it would be a complete waste? Or is this possibly one of those trial-and-error things that I may just have to play around with myself?

    A little about me: 31 years old, and still in the EARLY stages of hair loss (slight miniaturization along my hairline, not noticeable to anybody other than me yet). The men on dad’s side of the family went bald, and the men on mom’s side keep all their hair well into old age, so the fate of my hair is basically a coin toss.

    Thanks in advance, and keep up the awesome work!

    1. I wouldn’t say that at all, there are actually plenty of positive testimonials all over the internet, but typically the things that get the most attention are the token scenarios in which something doesn’t work or there is some side effect and the guy goes back online to rant about it, or whine, or warn others, or whatever the case may be. That’s why there is an entire forum dedicated to guys who just talk about how Finasteride is poison and ruins lives. I wouldn’t have had the balls to try it years ago if there weren’t enough positive reviews online. A significant amount of guys who have positive results just stop posting because they have no need to continue posting on the forums once they’ve solved their problem as well. If I were you, I would get your Pharmacist to cut your pills into quarters, and start dosing it everyday at 1.25 instead of 5 (obviously not medical advice, but just what I’d do personally). Finasteride has a half-life of only about 7 hours, so by taking it in mega doses only twice a week, you’re basically crushing DHT, then letting it spike back up, then crushing it again, over and over yo-yo’ing your hormones. Now, while you may still achieve the same net reduction in systemic DHT over the course of each week, the fact remains that hormonal fluctuations can cause shedding. This isn’t to be confused with actual permanent androgenic alopecia, but if for the rest of your life you continue dosing this way, you’re basically putting yourself in a far less stable position hormonally. You want things to be as stable as possible to minimize these hormone fluctuation induced shedding periods, so that is why dosing everyday would be a far better idea imo. If your Pharmacist won’t do it, buy a pill cutter and do it yourself is what I’d do.

      As far as RU %’s – This is something that gets misconstrued quite often. The only thing that differs from a 3% solution, to a 5% solution, to an 8% solution, or a _% solution, is the amount of raw RU58841 mixed in that liquid.

      So, if you have a 50 mg/ml – 5% solution, then a 50 ml 3% solution would just be 60% of the strength of the 50 mg/ml solution (3 divided by 5 = 0.6). So, you would be looking at 30 mg/ml if you were using a 3% solution. That’s the only difference, is the amount of active raw compound per ml suspended in the solution. And no 30 mg isn’t a complete waste, when I first started RU I actually responded quite well to only 25 mg per day. It was such a little amount of liquid though that I had to further dilute my solutions, and if you are using a lower dosage that’s when using a lower % concentration actually becomes a good idea because you need to have enough liquid/vehicle to actually distribute the full dosage to all areas affected by MPB, which can be hard if you are only using 25 mg for example with a 50 mg/ml solution.

      The fact that you’re 31 and are just now seeing early stages of hair loss and haven’t had to use anything at all up to now is a great sign, I wouldn’t be too worried. Tackling the issue before it gets bad is the key and you’re taking the smart approach.

      1. Brandon Robertson

        Thank you for the informative response!

        Yeah, you’re right. There’s plenty of positive and negative reviews out there, it’s just that that anti-fin/dut/minox/ru crowd always just seems to be a lot louder, so those are the ones we naturally take more notice of.

        Anyway, I’ve decided to take your advice, as I never really considered the fact that by dosing so infrequently that it could really have quite the yo-yo affect on my hormone levels. I called my pharmacy this morning and they had zero issue with cutting my pills, I dropped off my bottle, and they got the job done in less than 20 minutes. Just as a side note, I’m in Canada like you are, and it’s REALLY easy to get a script for Finasteride up here. I just went to a walk-in clinic and was completely straight-forward with them. I told them I wanted a prescription for Proscar to combat male pattern hairloss, they wrote me a script, my health insurance plan even covered most the cost. I really feel for our friends down south who can’t obtain it nearly as easily.

        That’s good to know about the RU. I’m certainly going to try it out down the line, and then decide for myself whether I want use RU or Fin as the base for my hairloss protocol. One final question on the matter: Does the ‘DC5’ discount code still work if I order from Anageninc?

        Thank you again,

      2. Hi Derek, first off thank you for your post. My question is, if you go on RU, do you have to be on it the rest of your life? That’s what I’m afraid of, if I stop I will lose the hair that I achieved from it , or even make the hairloss worse if I stop. I have hair thinning at my hair line and alittle on top.

  22. Hey great post man! I’ve been on propecia for almost 3 months and I’m 99% sure it’s given me reflex hyperandrogenicity. Got me really depressed so I’m going to switch to RU! Do you think I should stay on propecia when on RU or stop it completely?

    I’m in the uk, do you know if your source ships to the uk? Or if not, do you know where I could buy it to get shipped here?
    Any reply would be greatly appreciated , I’m having a really hard time right now. Thanks again man!

    1. Just because you are preventing DHT conversion via inhibiting 5α-reductase, it doesn’t mean you are protecting yourself from the Testosterone in your body. You still have Testosterone, which is androgenic and can miniaturize your hair follicles, that Propecia doesn’t protect you from at all.

      I highly doubt you have reflex hyperandrogenicity, and instead you probably just are prone enough to hair loss that your Testosterone is miniaturizing your hair follicles, or another likely scenario is that you haven’t given it enough time to notice significant regrowth (3 months isn’t very long to wait).

      If you drop Propecia is up to you, but the only way you’d be protected from inside out is with an anti-androgen like RU along with a 5α-reductase inhibitor (like Propecia). Granted, RU could kill two birds with one stone if it’s strong enough for your propensity to hairloss where there may be no need for the Propecia at all, but that isn’t for me to determine via a few sentences. You’d have to determine that through blood work and/or your own personal assessment.

      1. Thanks for the reply man really appreciate it. I have all the symptoms of RH (increased body hair, breast tenderness, back ache, and increased hair loss). I only had mild hairline recession before propecia and now after 3 months I’m losing hair at the crown and my hair just feels worse.
        What would I be looking out for in my blood work? I’m going to see a doctor tomorrow but don’t really know what to say/ask?
        Also, how do you apply RU? Do you use a dermaroller? If not, why not?
        Again, thankyou in advance, your posts and comments are so helpful!

        1. DHT levels, total testosterone, free testosterone, Estrogen, Prolactin, TSH, T4, T3, and Ferritin would be the main ones I’d want to see (DHT, Test, Estro, Prolactin to see where you stand hormonally, TSH T4 and T3 to rule out any potential Thyroid deficiency, and Ferritin to rule out any hair loss induced by anemia).

          1. Thanks! What should my dht and test levels be showing? (Sorry for all the questions haha)

          2. Well it depends if you are going to stay on Propecia or not. If your goal is systemic inhibition then ideally your Testosterone would be on the higher end of the spectrum (closer to the top of the “healthy” range), but your DHT would be tanked.

            The goal of Propecia is to crush DHT, so if your DHT levels are low then you know it’s working properly. Your DHT and Testosterone levels will likely be indicative if you actually have RH or not, or at least paint a clearer picture. High Testosterone is good for quality of life btw, not for hair though. Unfortunately any androgens in any capacity are counterproductive to keeping your hair, hence why 80% of men are balding in old age and women (mostly) all still have their hair. It is also why castrated men don’t lose their hair. Zero androgens = Zero miniaturization.

  23. My names Eric, I’m 25 and have been dealing with hair loss for about 5 years now. I still have hair and hardly anyone notices I’m losing hair but I’m definitely showing more hair loss. I’ve been on minoxidil for about 4 years now, I recently drop my dosage to once a day. Not sure if that’s helped or made it worse. But the point is I need to get on RU ASAP, just have questions about it. 1. Should I make my own, get it made at a compound pharmacy, or buy already made? 2. Should I mix the minoxidil with RU or keep them separate. (Ultimately I want to quit minoxidil at some point since I’ve been taking it for awhile, not sure if it still helps) 3. Should I RU twice a day or just once.

    Thank you

    1. Dropping Minoxidil certainly won’t help you at all. Making it is pretty easy, I see no reason why anyone would need a pharmacy to do it for them. If you mix Minox into RU will be based on several factors that only you could determine. Is Minox a viable vehicle to mix RU in, yes it is (I wrote an article on it a while back I advise you check out).

      1. Should I buy the pre mix solution from angeninc or buy the powder. And also should I do minox in the morning and ru at night or mix them and do it twice a day or once. I’ll check out your article now and thanks for the help.

  24. Hey derek I used to follow u on youtube. Do u have a new channel yet? Also ive been looking into some natural products that are supposed to help with hairloss like Rosemary essential oil, baking soda with water as a scalp cleanse then applying Apple cider vinegar with water and leaving that on your scalp for a while befor e washing it off. Also massaging your scalp with a brush. My point is have u heard of any of these and if they would be beneficial to us balding guys.
    Also the RU is it for someone like me that shaves his head? I only have plenty of hair left on my sides but not that much grows on the top. Thnx. I look forward to ur response. Sam.

    1. I’m on Bitchute right now. Not back on YouTube yet, but it’s in the works. Next few weeks.

      I’ve heard of them, however, they do nothing for lowering androgen levels, or blocking androgens from miniaturizing hair follicles, so at most all they would do is make your hair look nicer. Wouldn’t prevent loss at all.

      RU prevents hair loss, if you determine that there is still hair that would ideally rather be kept on the head rather than lost, that is your own personal perspective and you’d have to answer that question.

      1. Thnx derek. I guess what I should of asked is whether or not RU will regrow hair on top of my head that i have already lost. Thnx bro. Looking forward to ur response

  25. Hey derek, been following your channel for a while and tried RU58841 premixed in PG 5% strength. I apply when my hair dries after showering and I still lose a ton of hair, coincidentally when im putting it on. I use regenepure also but still losing alot of hair. Any recommendations would be great otherwise I’ll have to try Finasteride. Thanks

    1. You didn’t elaborate on dosage or anything that really helps me make an assessment here. Any history of previous use of anything for hair loss prevention? What else are you taking? What does your blood work look like? Age, history of MPB, etc.

  26. Hey bro I’ve been using RU for 3 days at 50mg and it’s giving me a tight chest feeling. Kind of like indigestion and I need to burp. Should I lower the dose? Do you think it will go away over time as I slowly up the dose? Thanks!

  27. Hey Derek,

    decided to go with RU, Minox and Ket and wondered what you think about a dermaroller to ensure that the hair follicles receive all the compounds?


      1. Oh yeah, makes sense.

        Will I experience the typical shedding if I use Minox & KET AND RU in my regime? I was wondering this as on the one side the DHT will stop crushing the hair follicles but one the other side the new hair is pushing the old hair out, right?

  28. Hi Derek I asked you this question once before but I think you may have missed it but regarding RU, is it only used to help keep whatever hair is left on one’s scalp or can it actually Regrow new hair on areas of the scalp where its completely bald? For example the crown. Thnx Derek I look forward to ur response

  29. HI!
    I know for a fact that anageninc.com gets their Ru58441 from China.
    I just found this chinese seller with good feedback in alibaba, (including good feedback of people that bought RU).
    This is very important to me because the current price of ru is simply too much to handle, so even if it works, I wouldnt be able to keep buying it at the anageninc price.


    That’s the seller. 5g = $30 + $10 shipping …
    Another question is, what are the odds of it flying directly to the customs office?

    1. Ya everyone gets every drug ever synthesized essentially from China. That’s expected. It’s a matter of having a good supplier in China that makes the difference in quality, not if it comes from China in general. As far as the odds of flying it directly to the customs office, you will have to reword your question I’m not sure what you mean? Do you mean what are the chances it gets seized?

  30. Hello Derek, I’ve been using Regenepure + Propecia + Minoxidil + RU58841 for several years and I can confirm that the combination of all 4 is Godsend. I just saw your hairloss pictures after your trip to Europe, and it’s very cool that you could recover so quickly. I just wanted to add my little two cents, as I’m travelling quite frequently by plane (albeit not for very long periods of time) due to my job as a journalist. I mix RU with Kirlkland minoxidil, and I’ve always put one or two bottles into my cabin luggage with no issues. Even if you are using Anageninc bottles, I doubt that security will check your liquids, especially if there are plently of small bottles in the pouch. And if you are really concerned, why not put the luggage in the trunk, especially for a long trip 😉

    I was also very worried about travels when I began my hairloss regimen in 2013, but I’ve never had issues at all since then. Maybe I was lucky, or because I live in Europe and the security is not as tight as in the US? But even in London Heathrow, everything goes fine every time, and they can be very annoying.

    Cheers from Switzerland, Gilles

  31. Derek, I’ve been reading your blog, checking your videos, and just doing general research on RU58841. Can you tell me a little about the stages you went through as your hair improved? I know that you said after a couple weeks you noticed you weren’t shedding hairs anymore.. Did you notice an increase in the thickness or diameter of the individual hairs at all?

    I’ve used finasteride and dutasteride in the past and they work extremely well for me. The problem with both of them is that they increase Test and E2 concentration and shut down the hypothalamus. So, even though they work, for me there’s only a limited window where my hair is massively thick with no shedding. Afterwards, the hypothalamus shuts down the pituitary’s production of LH and FS (to protect the body from excess estrogenism). So, you end up with less overall steroid production and aromatase expression is down-regulated. An increase in hair thickness actually comes from an increase in intrafollicular estrogens. So when I shut down, I lose the thickness in the hair. I don’t shed like I would without fin/dut, but the hair is nowhere near as great as it could be and I still get all the shitty sides that come with their use.

    In the hair follicle, the 5a-reductase enzyme and the aromatase enzyme are essentially competing for testosterone. Testosterone has a much higher affinity for the 5a-reductase enzyme than the aromatase enzyme the situation favors the production of DHT. When you block the 5a-reductase enzyme with fin or dut, not only do you eliminate DHT in the hair follicle, you simultaneously increase estradiol… which is why a 5a-reductase inhibitor that doesn’t go systemic would be the mother of all hair loss drugs.

    Anyway, sorry for the long-winded biochem lecture. I’m just curious to know a little more detail about the stages of change you noticed in you hair and whether the texture and the hairshaft thickness changed as well. Based on your pictures, though, I think it probably must have. Fin/Dut made my hair not only thicker, but much darker as well. It looks like the RU58841 definitely made your hair darker.

    I appreciate your work on the blog.



    1. I didn’t inspect the diameter of them, I just looked at shedding amounts. Less shedding = more hair being kept on my head relative to my rate of growth.

      As far as Estrogen and Testosterone. Any issues related to those hormones could be easily managed with AI’s and/or TRT manipulation. My Estrogen is kept between 25-30 pg/mL year round with an AI.

      As far as how dark my hair is, that is just the lighting in the room (filming in the day time vs night time with the curtains open vs not). You’ll notice some of the pictures in the middle are also just as light as the first pictures, it had to do with if my hair was dry/styled with gel as well as the lighting in the room when the picture was taken. Each picture was taken in the exact same spot, the lighting and what hair product I was using at that particular time is the only difference though in terms of my hair color.

    1. Not sure, I wouldn’t risk it. You can’t bring liquids in your carry on, and putting it in your checked baggage I have no idea if they’d have an issue with it, but I imagine it could present a big problem as it’s a research chem.

  32. Oh wow. firstly derek thank you so much for such detailed information regarding RU. Secondly, any idea how this would work for female pattern hairloss due to high DHT. hormonal imbalance (pcos)?

    I use minoxidil and would love to incorporate RU as the minox is becoming ineffective. Could I apply the each products one after another? or wait for drying of minox before applying RU?


    1. Theoretically it could work for the prevention of miniaturization, but it wouldn’t do anything to prevent the systemic androgenic side effects caused by PCOS, if you have any.

      Typically, women with PCOS are better off with a systemic anti androgen as they want to avoid masculinizing characteristics that come from increased androgen levels like facial hair growth.

      RU58841 would not prevent those from occurring as it’s localized to the scalp.

  33. I am 50 yrs old with a full head of hair and no thinning. I am going to begin a cycle of NPP 300 mg per week and test 200 mg per week. I will be taking Arimidex during cycle as well as an OTC Estrogen blocker/inhibitor.
    Do you think I should take RU58841 during cycle as a preventative, or would I just be wasting my money since I am not prone to losing my hair?

  34. I should have mentioned that this is my 2nd cycle. Working out since 16 yrs old, but just started gear this year. My first cycle was Anavar and a SARM as my test base. Worked well to cut down to about 10% BF. This is a bulking up cycle.

    1. I’d get a hair catcher and assess your baseline shedding amounts off-cycle, as well as on cycle. In the meantime, get a Ketoconazole shampoo. If you’re 50 years old and have zero shedding on cycle or off, then you wouldn’t need a topical anti-androgen at all. The only way to know for sure is to get a hair catcher and assess shedding levels before cycle, and on-cycle.

      If shedding spikes when you are on gear, then you know you need to protect yourself and add something into your regimen.

  35. Hi Derek,

    I want to start with RU58841 Solution 50ML and I want to apply 1ml Ru only once a day and leave it over night and wash my scalp the next day, I want to do this daily.
    what do you think about that and do you know if I can buy the solution from anageninc and get it even though I live in Germany (customs are the reason why I’m asking :D) or there is a website where you can buy Ru for poeple from Europe.

    Thank you

    1. I’m pretty sure Anageninc ships all orders from within Europe anyways. Every order I’ve received has come from the UK.

  36. Derek, thanks for the info man, and I’ve ordered 5 grams of RU and plan to incorporate it into my minoxidil. Couple of questions.

    1. Have you heard of some of the other topicals like darolutamide (?) some say might be stronger than RU and what’s your take?

    2. I’m sorry if you answered this already, but I’m someone who never shampoos. Aside from maybe not working as strongly is there a safety issue of the buildup

    3. I’m 40, still at a Norwood 1.5/2, hairloss just started, with my dad and his side completely bald and 2/3 uncles on moms side moderately prone to mpb. Propecia was too weak over the year I took it and I still noticeably lost ground, now on duta. Is it typical for hairloss to come on aggressive this late?

    4. It’s safe to apply minox/Ru with hands I’m guessing

    1. 1. I’ve read some pretty interesting research on the “lutamides” in Transgender M>F research that shows promise. Darolutamide in particular is being researched in an oral ingestion context, I don’t know of anyone who’s used it topically with success, do you? The research also shows that it “negligibly cross the blood-brain-barrier.” RU was shown in studies to not have any effect systemically whatsoever, and we still hear once and a while of systemic sides popping up, so I surmise that Daro would pose a higher likelihood of systemic sides. I haven’t seen any research using Daro as AA preventative/treatment either, whereas with RU there’s at least some data we can extrapolate from, and pretty relevant data too comparing it head to head with Finasteride in efficacy and potential for systemic side effects. I’d be hesitant to use it personally, although it looks like it could work well for sure.
      2. Safety issue of buildup? You want to wash the sebum and all the gunk off your scalp so you can actually get your topicals into the hair follicles and have them work correctly. That goes for any topical application.
      3. It’s typical for hair loss to come on aggressive at any stage in life if you are a male. You just aren’t that sensitive and/or don’t have as high of an affinity to miniaturize from Testosterone and DHT as guys who went bald in their 20’s and 30’s. It took you 20 years to start noticing significant AA progression, which is a good sign and is promising for your long-term retention potential.
      4. I’m not qualified to make that assessment.

      1. Is it super important in your opinion where you buy RU? I just went on amazon and bought it from the cheapest seller (androchem). Would that make it a greater safety issue?

        Do you cover your entire scalp or just the problematic areas? And do you personally massage it with your bare fingers?

        Sorry if I missed you mentioning, but do you use minoxidil, and do you consider it a fine vehicle? And if I mix it in my 60 ml minox which will take me weeks does the RU go bad with time in your opinion?

  37. Hey Derek. Love all your videos and articles. As far as RU58841 going systemic, do you know of any studies or personal experience as to how far it goes systemically? There was a study about topical finasteride where the group using topical had lowered their systemic dht levels by 25%. This is about a third of what happens when you take finasteride orally. I wonder what the worst case scenario would be if it completely went systemic. How much do you think it would crush your testosterone levels?

    1. It doesn’t lower Testosterone levels at all, or androgen levels in general. It directly blocks the actions of androgens at the level of their biological target, the Androgen Receptor, but it doesn’t systemically lower androgen levels whatsoever.

  38. Derek,
    What’s your opinion about how much protection you lose when you skip a day? I’m pretty religious about my RU, but I miss a day every two weeks or so. (travel or life gets in the way) It has a short half life, but I assume it takes time for any testosterone and dht to to bind on the hair follicle

    1. You lose all protection on that day. Short half life. Your body pulses androgens on a daily basis, your balls won’t just take a break because you did.

  39. Hi Derek,

    First of all thanks for the detailed review on RU, I’ve been watching your videos on Youtube but it looks like your RU one was deleted so only seeing this now. I’ve previously been on fin and monixidil and stopped due to sides and I’m now considering MSP to provide a thicker look to my diffused thinning to give me a few more years. Would you advise against using RU after this procedure?

    1. I have no experience with that so I couldn’t give any advice on that. Ask the person who’s doing it for you if the components of the vehicle will cause any irritation issues.

  40. Hey Derek, first of all thanks for putting out all this useful information.

    I plan on researching RU and dropping fin to see if I can maintain with just RU,Rogaine,Nizorol and dermarolling.

    Im trying to purchase the mixed solutions from anageninc and it looks like we cant pay buy credit card at all anymore. Also, when I follow the instruction on making the coinbase account and paying by crypto, coinbase is giving a maximum limit of purchasing only $15 worth of bitcoin. How are you purchasing RU currently? It seems kind of impossible to buy from this site at the moment. I also live in Canada.

    1. I sit on crypto and use it whenever I need. I haven’t been on coinbase in a while but I guess they must have stepped up their newbie limits.

      You can use Chemyo instead, they have eCheck right now I think. I know Anagen should have credit card processing back soon though so you could sit tight and wait on that.

      There are other crypto exchanges you can use that don’t have such low daily limits too. I use Kraken.

  41. Hey Derek big fan of all the publicity you’ve done on RU58841.
    The left side of my head seems to be shedding pretty rapidly the last few months and its freaking me out. Not quiet at the point of taking fin yet .

    Currently I have been looking at Anegenic.com the pre-made solution they offer. What do you think about this product. A lot of people are saying the product goes bad quick once its in a solution.

    1.) How long should I leave it in.
    2.) Do I shampoo with Keyto 2% after
    3.) Should I do the pre-made or make it myself.. is there a difference
    4.) What is a reliable source to buy the product

  42. Hey Derek, I’m a 20 year old who has a receding hairline near the temples (but no balding elsewhere) Not exactly sure 100% if I have MPB, but I have family members on my mothers side who are completely bald. Based of your own experience do you believe that RU can help me come back to a Norwood 1 or 1.5?

    1. If you’re receding then you have MPB. And maybe, but I can’t predict that. It’s an anti-androgen, not a growth agonist, so the main purpose of it is preventing further miniaturization, not growing hair in dead zones, although in hyperresponders regrowth may be noted.

      1. What are some of your favorite growth agonists to use or that you would recommend? I know you mentioned Rogaine as a last resort, but are there any others? MK-677 perhaps? Would a cycling a topical estrogen help while on RU help regrowth? Or maybe adding in other topicals such as topical finasteride or pantostin to further block DHT? If you stack these would it help chances of regrowth potentially being that talking oral fin does sometimes show to provide regrowth in those taking it. Wondering if you have ever heard of anyone trying these in combination of RU and what would be the best way to try to get more regrowth. Thanks man for all the help to the community.

        1. Growth agonists specifically (not including anti-androgens, AR agonists, PGD2 inhibitors, etc.): MK-677 works well but will commonly make people overeat, and also can be rough on blood glucose levels, and needs to be cycled. Castor oil seems solid. Microneedling is a no brainer too, especially in conjunction with Minox if someone wants to use it. Topical estrogen doesn’t do shit in my experience. Topical Fin is not a growth agonist, that’s a 5-ar inhibitor. If you’re referring to things that wipe DHT or androgens, that’s a different story entirely. Topical fin and oral Fin work fairly well yes. Still only takes care of a fraction of DHT though.

  43. Hi Derek, this website is an incredible source of info so thanks for your work.

    I am a diffuse thinner and have been taking finasteride for roughly 10 years (I am now 28 years old). Overall it has worked fairly well, leaving my hair at about the same state it was when I started for the most part, but I feel I have thinned on top somewhat this past year. Its still not too bad, but I have been needing to apply toppik to the top of my head now to prevent scalp from showing at the vertex.

    I was debating adding Minox or RU and was leaning Minox at first, but your website has made me reconsider. My big question is can someone expect increased thickness of hair upon adding RU, or is RU’s main benefit simply preventing further miniaturization/hairloss? Also, for your own personal hairloss, do you mainly suffer at the hairline, the vertex/top, or both?

    I’m also highly interested in MK-677. From your own experience, would you say that it only increases your hair growth rate? or does it increase thickness/density of hair as well?

    Thanks again for all your work.

  44. I ignorantly ordered Finasteride and took it for 1 day until, after doing my due diligence, I learned it affects your hormones. I’m not about anything that’ll affect my hormones (Fin, steroids etc). All I want to do is stay natural, not f*** with my testosterone in any way and continue to get big and strong (current S/B/D 405/295/565 in lbs).

    The catch is how to do this and stop my receding hairline?

    So my ignorant question is: RU is an anti-androgen, so this is going to affect my hormones, right? I currently do Minoxidil on my hairline area (and eyebrows and mustache for s**** and giggles lol) once/ day, in addition to the 2 shampoos you recommend 3x/ week; both for the past 1 month. I’m hesitant to try RU 3 or 5% from Anagen.

    However, your Euro-trip before-after hair pics are tremendous. I feel like I’m missing out not taking RU, but I’m just not with it if it screws with my test. Appreciate any help man. -Chris

  45. Hey Derek

    Love this site and originally before using RU this was the first place I stopped.
    Ive been blasting and cruising anabolics for about a year now with an ever so slowly growing hole on the top of my head due to moderately paced MPB.

    I had a transplant two years ago for the front of my hair so it seems to be safe..


    ANY time I start blasting anabolics i get butt f****’d by telogen effluvium diffuse shedding from everywhere. Based on your photos and blogs it also seems like you were succeptible to TE. I am wondering about your experience with TE and in general how long im going to be dealing with this as im shedding from my transplanted area as well as my MPB prone areas and its reducing the health of my hairline as a whole overall. I have another 8 weeks to go on this blast and am wondering what i can expect the rebound time after its over for the shed hairs to come back in thick.

    FYI – this TE shed seemed to be drastically amplified from 150 hairs a day to about 250, when adding dutasteride to the regime approx 6 weeks ago. It hasn’t stopped, and it kicked in literally days after starting the meds. There are all sorts of reports about TE on the net but very limited ones for men using anabolics (As most TE sufferers are women who were pregnant)

    I DID read your article about two types of hairloss, but it didn’t talk much about the rebound time from TE as well as people using AAS and experiencing it. I think a lot of the “steroids cause hair loss” fear mongering is due to the fact that A LOT of the time they induce TE shedding and not necessarily MPB.

    Anyways would love to hear your input on this as well as anyone else who has experienced full head diffuse shedding from aas use.

    1. TE will continue for as long as you are not in a state of homeostasis typically. If you have a hormonal fluctuation, expect a shed. Once hormones have stabilized, then TE will stabilize in parallel. If TE continues, it is either actually MPB, or something in your body is out of whack.

      When I ran Dutasteride I had what seemed to be chronic TE for almost a year straight on just TRT. I believe increased concentrations of T (more T being blocked from 5-alpha reduction) in certain parts of the scalp can actually be more detrimental than trace DHT for a minority of individuals, at least based on my experience with Dutasteride. There are others who experience this as well, where Dut seems to induce non-stop shedding that they didn’t have with Fin.

  46. Hi Derek,

    I’ve been using finasteride for 3 years now and fortunately it’s been working well for me without any noticeable systemic side effects. However being on finasteride and being prone to MPB greatly reduces my options when it comes to using AAS (low dose test, var, tbol).

    Would it be possible to run RU only during an AAS cycle so that my options can include stronger androgens such as Dbol, Tren, Mast, etc. and after the cycle/blast, reverting back to only finasteride since it has been working well so far?

    Hope you can share your thoughts!

    1. Honestly I’d advise against it. RU and other topical anti-androgens can only do so much in the presence of 10-fold the average androgen index.

      1. Sorry what I meant was using RU on top of the finasteride during an AAS cycle/blast and then reverting to only finasteride (dropping the RU) after when cycling off/going back on TRT dose. Will this allow me to use stronger androgens for short periods should I not want to stay on RU long term?

  47. Hey Derek– I’ve been on RU for over 2 years now and while it looks like I’ve stabilized my hairloss, I haven’t grown much back that I can tell. I also use everyday minox, LLLT, saw palmetto extract, stinging nettle root extract, 7-keto for DHEA, pumpkin seed oil, thyroid herbs, zinc, mk-7, MSM, and baby aspirin to combat hairloss. So I don’t know what is helping or even if RU is doing anything.

    I’ve noticed that you are not using RU anymore. Have you noticed significant hairloss since you’ve been off of RU? What would you recommend in my situation with continuing RU? I would like to cut out RU completely if I can because it is expensive but I’m afraid to.

    1. The only time I remove a topical AA from my regimen is if I’m doing an experiment that would have skewed results with a topical AA present. If I’m not in the middle of a new experiment, I am always on RU.

      1. What about interaction with topical tretinoin? Tretinoin increase permeability to minoxodil by reducing thickness of epidermis,guess same can apply for other things?

  48. I read that RU58841 has about 5% the affinity to androgen receptors that DHT has. Do you happen to have the number for the affinity of testosterone to receptors compared to RU58841?

    One interesting idea that comes out of this is maybe RU58841 is really blocking testosterone a lot more than it blocks DHT, which might further reinforce your hypothesis that testosterone drives androgenic alopecia.

    There was supposedly a study done that shows a potential impact on cardiac function. Do you have a URL to that study?

  49. How is it possible that RU58841 could bind to hair follicles but not go systemic? My understanding is that any chemical that gets into the deep follicle has vascular access and must go systemic.
    It is true that the RU58841 studies show no decrease in DHT or testosterone, but that would be expected because RU58841 blocks the receptor rather than changing the levels of hormones. Where is the proof that RU58841 is not going systemic and blocking the action of androgen receptors all over the body?

    1. It can go systemic, otherwise every single person who uses it would be side effect free, which isn’t always the case. The studies on it assert it does not have any notable systemic effects because there weren’t any in the trials.

  50. Thinking about starting RU.

    I have had tremendous success with minoxidil for the first 6 months, almost complete restoration; now it seems to have lost all its effectiveness on me after being on it for 2 years. Also tried fin for 10 months with no success, it almost seemed to accelerate the loss, but it was gradual and hard to tell.

    Would RU be a good solution for someone who doesn’t respond to fin/ responded well to minoxidil?

    Also, do you know if RU58841 can effect the heart in any way? What happens if it goes systemic and binds to the receptors in the heart?

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s a “solution” by any means, but it does provide another significant line of defense. No I do not. People are prescribed systemic antiandrogens all the time and I have yet to see a real life example of a major heart complication caused by topical antiandrogens.

  51. Hey Derek sorry if this was asked but was wondering about just buying ru58841 powder and mixing it with the Dr shampoo to save money. Know anyone who’s tried that?

    1. Ethanol + PG are not expensive, you definitely cannot mix the powder properly in shampoo. A bottle of Everclear and PG will last you all year.

  52. Hi Derek,

    What do you think about topical progesterone instead or mixed with Ru?

    Kb solution penetrates as good as alcohol/ppg?

    Best regards.

    1. Too weak imo. You want a topical AA with decent binding affinity, topical prog won’t do shit. KB penetrates fine as long as your scalp isn’t caked with sebum and other residue.

  53. Hi Derek,

    I’ve been on RU 3% for about 3 months now. I’m aware it’s a short period of time to judge, but so far, my hairline seems to only be getting worse. Perhaps even accelerated, though I can’t say for sure. I will stick to it for 3 more months and see how it goes. But I’m heavily leaning towards jumping on Finasteride after that, if things haven’t improved.

    My question is: when on finasteride, are there measures I should take to prevent side effects? I read your article on preventing gyno, and getting blood tests done. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  54. Hi Derek,

    What’s the key to be a good responder of Ru for you?

    I proved Ru years ago with no success. Recently i’ve made a blood test and my testosterone is close to the top, 694 ng/dL (24 nmol/L). Maybe high testosterone prevents the action of Ru?

    How i can down testosterone?


    1. Binding affinity is formidable to T (purportedly), but not close enough to DHT. You could use a 5-ar inhibitor to take care of DHT, and then use RU or CB to compete with T on the scalp. If you want to down T you would need a systemic anti-androgen, a more tissue selective androgen, or a SARM.

  55. Hi Derek, have you ever thought of mixing regen shampoo with Ru. I was thinking of measuring dose per amount of shampoo i use and letting it sit in my hair for a bit when showering

  56. Hey Derek,
    I’ve been on fin for 23 years. Yup, 23 years. Unfortunately, it’s losing it’s efficacy and I’m back to losing my hair again. So to keep what I have and possibly adding back what I’ve lost I’m considering adding RU58841 to my regimen. While researching this I watched an interesting video describing adding a myristate to RU (called RUM) to improved it’s effectiveness while reducing the probability of it going systemic. I’m including links and I’m interested in reading what your thoughts are regarding this. Thanks, great channel btw.


    1. In practical application it doesn’t seem to work any better from what I’ve heard. I personally haven’t tried it to compare though, I’ve always used straight RU58841. Guys who I trust have told me they noticed no difference though.

  57. Hi Derek,

    Using the RU58841 could I use any steroid without any problems? even masteron which is bad for the hair?


  58. Hi Derek

    I’ve been using Fin for 4 years now and haven’t touched any AAS since starting. Hair is completely stabilized. I ran plenty of harsh compounds in the past and did significant hair damage. I’m at a point now where I’m happy enough with what I have but can’t afford to lose anything more than this. I’ve been reading endlessly since I quit for a solution to use even a minimal amount of AAS/Sarms in a safe fashion. Do you think it’s possible to run RU during a 500 or less test cycle while still using Fin safely? Would LGD be a safer candidate despite it not having perfect selectively?
    Thanks again man your content is top notch.

    1. No tbh. It’ll lower your risk yes and slow things down considerably, but you won’t be able to run 500 test without any issues if you already have MPB issues.

  59. Hey Derek

    I am 18 now and also experiencing hair loss since I am 17. I would really like to keep my status for at least 10 years if that is possible.

    Should I start using regenpure & ru?

    Do you think I can use them for 10 years without problems?

    Many thanks in advance

    1. Or should I combine something with It? I just feel like when I start using it now I’ve “wasted” its potential and my hair will get used to it… I hope you know what I mean.

  60. Hey man
    Been thru all your posts on RU, was wondering if you could please help with what I don’t see in your articles and vids
    1. How long were you actually off of it before you saw all the hair loss?
    2. In recent hair updates, you’re not on it… so how is that you get off of it now without the losses? Taper eod for a couple weeks? Switch to minoxidil right away?
    Thank you

  61. Hi Derek, I was just curious to as how you apply RU. Right now I am using an oral syring, and just drag it from the top back of my scalp to the front while applying the liquid. Is that okay? Or Should I be trying to cover as much as my scalp as possible with the liquid? Also, quite a bit of it ends up soaking into my hair itself, is that fine?


    1. You can take whatever you want, but Proviron will rip the hair out of your head if you have AGA already. Look into Boron, carb intake, and other more hair safe means of lowering SHBG rather than throwing more androgenic steroids into your body.

      1. Hey Derek, was hoping to get some feedback on an issue I’m facing.

        I’ve been using finasteride for 2.75 years and slowly lost ground. Around 2 years in I added minoxidil to no real effect. About 4 months ago I noticed a stark thinness to my hair and added RU58841 into my regimen and initially saw some success.

        Lately however I’ve been heavily shedding once more and have a distinct thinness to my hair, and I’m curious if this is MPB acceleration or just temporary thinning.

        Would switching from finasteride to dutasteride provide any benefit? Or is this a sign that my MPB Gene is too powerful?

        I use the RU premixed from anagenic.

        Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  62. HI Derek,
    I am about order the premix. Can you explain the difference between RU58841 KB solution and RU58841 + PG + ethanol? I’ll wait your response before i make the order.

    thank you,

  63. Hey Derek,

    In the article, you mention that you are using MK677 for hair loss although in another article on MK 677 you mention that you wouldnt run it for longer than 6 months at a time.

    Has you opinion changed on this and are you using MK677 for longer than 6 months at a time for hair loss prevention?

      1. Thanks for the reply.

        Can you provide an update on the current state of your hair loss prevention protocol? Over time I would expect that the compounds and dosages may have changed since this article was written.

  64. Hi. I have been using RU for 2-3 months, the fallout is largely stopped but it still flies a bit. Do you think it would be a good idea to switch from 50mg to 75mg? + In the absence of a difference of 75mg return to 50mg will not prove a problem in some way?

  65. Hey Derek, I’ve been on RU for almost a year with not much success. Now starting dermarolling. Got a 1.5 and a 0.5.

    How long after using the 0.5 do I have to wait to use the RU?

    Thank you

  66. Do you think your losses from RU were a result of shock loss from not using it for a month? Do you think your hair is now dependent on the drug and without it, you would fall below baseline (where you were originally before you started using it at all)? Or has it delayed hair loss?

  67. So dosing protocol with RU58841.

    Should we start out at 1 ml daily (50 mg) to see how it goes and not exceed 75 mg if that amount is needed?

    If so how much time should one give it to increase beyond 50 mg?

    Divide the dose up twice a day like minox or leave it at once a day?

  68. Jacob Kostenick

    Is it normal to experience an initial shed? Iv’e been using for about a month and have actually been shedding more than usual. Have you experienced/seen this?

  69. Hi Derek,

    I’m curious if you’ve done any research on latanoprost and Red Light Therapy on hair regrowth. Supposedly there have been a few studies done on both showing positive effects against AA.

    Appreciate what you do and your time. Thanks!

    1. I’m on Latanoprost right now and I also posted a video on the most expensive custom laser helmet in the industry. I’ll have Latanoprost updates soon but the LLLT video you can go watch now.

  70. Derek,

    Hard to say how thankful I am for all your posts, research, and work. I know you hear it all the time, but I appreciate it.

    I recently started taking RU to help beef up my hair maintenance routine (I come from a long line of eggheads, dont wanna go down without a fight).

    I have been on minox, fin, keto shampoo, and dermarolling for a few years.

    However, I have noticed a significant increase in shedding from the RU, and I am curious if you have any advice regarding this? I am aware it could just be my shitty genetics, or that I have started taking MK677 in addition, but I wanna keep taking RU for a couple more months before making a verdict on if its effective for me.

    1. Jacob Kostenick

      I also had a large increase of shedding initially when starting RU. However it leveled off after about a month and now im getting a ton of new growth.

  71. Hi Derek,

    Great piece and impressive results. Just a few questions.

    So my routine is I was my hair (every night cause I want to wash out any hair product that I put in) and then blow dry it so its dry quickly and I can apply the RU withinn 15-20 mins. I apply 1ml with a dropper (same brand you recommended) let and let it dry for 10 mins to be on the safe side.

    Then next morning some days if I am heading out I might take a shower (and wash my hair) some days I might not. Either way I would style my hair putting in sea salt spray for texture and volume and then blowdrying it and sometimes applying some styling product.

    So my questions:

    1. Is there any issue with blowdrying my hair post shower in the evening before applying RU?
    2. Why are there some comments regarding touching the hair or pillow if RU dries that fast.
    3. I was under the impression that RU would have done its job by the time I wake up so I am wondering am I reducing some of its efficacy by washing my hair in the morning?
    4. Would there be any issues using sea salt spray and / or styling products in the morning that would reduce the effectiveness of the RU (assuming I did not shower and wash my hair that morning).

    By the way just anecdotally I noticed some additional shedding when starting RU for about 3 days a week after starting. Shower catcher went from 20-30 hairs to 50. Then it started reducing. Maybe its random but wanted to share the info.

    Thanks again.

      1. What are your thoughts on 1mg Finasteride daily but adding 0.5mg of Dutasteride once a week in addition. I’m also using RU 50mg daily.

  72. Hey Derek
    question on Ru, if you only use RU on certain spots on your scalp, i.e temples and crown, will the DHT that is unable to bind to the receptor in those areas then travel to areas where no RU has been applied and i guess ‘double the damage’ in those areas or does it not work like that? i have very limited knowledge on biology sorry

  73. Exactly my question too! I only use it on my research subject in certain areas and dont want to risk damaging other healthy hairs (Areas) in the process…

  74. Hi Derek, thanks for this article. The product will last only 30 days if i use the 50mg/ml (then by using 1 ml per day) right ?…. As i live in france (the ship cost is expensive) and i probably cannot affort it everymonth. As i have never use any medication for MPB (im 23), what do you recommend to replace the RU ?

  75. Yo Derek i live in California and i just ordered some ru through Anagen , should I be worried about the delivery process and the ru losing it’s efficiency through heat or sunlight or whatever?

  76. Hey Derek,

    There’s a theory tossing around hair loss forums about the use of androgen receptor antagonists such as RU5881, CB-03-01, fluridil or even kintors upcoming pyrilutamide upregulate the number of androgen receptors overtime. This is obviously quite worrying as you’d have to keep increasing your doses or if you ever came off your said androgen receptor antagonist you’d have a massive shed due to the increased number of receptors.

    This theory has primarily stemmed due to CB-03-01s strange phase II results where between the 6th and 12th months the rate at which hair loss occurred was faster than that of those on the placebo.

    Any comments on this theory?

  77. Hi Derek,

    I’ve been using topical Finasteride with minoxidil from “minoxidil max” (DualGen-15 with pg plus) for the past 2 years, and it slightly improved my hair thickness and covered a bit of the hole on the back of my head.

    I’ve used oral Fin in the past in my early 20’s and my libido crashed bad. I wasn’t completely impotent but had to take something like viagra sometimes when I “couldn’t afford” to fail. My hair got better though with oral Fin. But as I said, not worth the sides so I stopped after 5 years or so.

    As my hair got visibly bad again I searched for an alternative that could give me some benefit without destroying my sex life. So I’ve been applying this Fin+Minoxidil compound once a day an hour before bed.

    As I still have 3 and a half bottles of it, I was wondering how could I (can I?) use both of it? Can I alternate days? Use both together? Or do I have to opt for only one?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    1. I’d advise not messing with the RU unless you are prepared to use it for life (religiously and every day). I tried it for a few weeks and decided to stop using it. It destroyed my hairline permanently when I stopped. Just like when Derek stopped using it, it all fell out. Good luck.

  78. Hi, I’ve got blood work done

    My DHT is very high, i have had sexual side effects that i think I can attriubute to saw palemtto after about 4-5 months my libido dropped and i started to get ED. I didn’t attribute it to this and couldn’t really figure out the cause until recently so I’ve stopped taking seronoa products. Tried fin, got worse right away so stopped. Basically letting my system flush out. Not sure how to fix it as my bloods show everything is in range except my DHT which is twice as high as it should be. Seen an endocrinologist who basically said on paper i’m fine except high DHT. He couldn’t explain my sexual side effects.

    Going to try fin again in a lower dose this time but keen to try RU. I live in Australia if you know where I can get it. I don’t know how to make my own medications, i’m assuming we can buy this pre-made for convenience?

    With my DHT being twice as much as it’s meant to be (I take topical trt as i assumed low test was the cause of my low libido I now dont think that is the case as I still have no libido on test but its the likely cause of my high DHT). Is taking fin to lower my dht back into normal range healthy? Should i stop the trt if my DHT levels are double what they should be? Will RU lower my DHT if i get another blood test? Why do i still have sexual side effects, is PFS real from Seronoa too? This should clear up in a few months?

    Please help, thank you

  79. Hi, I’ve just ordered RU and going to give it a try. I already have side effects from saw palmetto/minoxidil use. I can’t say for sure which was responsible but it seems more likely it was the saw palmetto. Started after about 4 months and I’ve stopped for about 2 (i stopped the minoxidil as well as I don’t know for sure, i have anecdotally heard stories of minoxidil doing the same thing but as things resolve I intend to reintroduce it and then I’ll know i guess).

    I’m on dermal test cream as I got a blood test done and I was in range but low end and this has since improved. Consequently everything else is now in range (DHEA is still low so they’ve added that to my dermal cream so that’s now better) and my DHT is through the roof. It’s sky high. I have a topical finasteride at 0.5% but i’m hesitant to start it as I won’t know if symptoms persistent are caused by finasteride. My concern is even with RU if my DHT is so high the test is likely just accelerating my hairloss. I’m just confused what’s caused the low libido and ED when my bloods are all normal and my DHT is actually sky high. In theory inhibiting it shouldn’t give me sides as I’m not exactly lacking in DHT.

    I’m stuck as to what to do. Take fin? Oral or topical knowing my DHT levels are high anyway so likely not going to be impacted by it?

    If i tend to shower in the mornings and put product in my hair am I safe to go and wet my hair again after using RU to dampen it for product? Am I also okay to put the topical finasteride on before/after? Basically I need to re-wet my hair to use product and I hate showering at night, I need to shower in the mornings to feel awake but I want to be able to use RU and topical fin and style my hair

  80. Derek,

    I have been using RU for the past month. I have noticed an increase in shedding I believe due to the RU. I am also using Nizoral every other day. Do you think the shedding will stop with RU? Is this normal? It is scaring me because I can see the bald spot more on the back of my head. I am debating going on Rogaine.

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