Martina Big Before And After Using Melanotan II

Martina Big Claims She’s Black From Melanotan II Injections | Will Melanotan II Permanently Darken Your Skin?

Martina Big has been in the news before apparently, although I'm just seeing it for the first time now.

She has received a fair bit of coverage not only for her crazy research chemical experimentation (with Melanotan II), but more so for her claiming she has changed her race from white to black.

She thinks she's actually changing her ethnicity by increasing the amount of melanin in her skin, but that's not the case, and I felt like an article was justified on the topic as I consider myself a pretty veteran Melanotan II user.

Before Melanotan II Usage (Original Skin Color) Vs Mid Melanotan II Usage
Before Melanotan II Usage (Original Skin Color) Vs Mid Melanotan II Usage

There's a ton of misinformation in this most recent interview with her, and is what prompted my interest in going through the interview with you guys and correcting the incorrect information.

I’ve used Melanotan II many times before, for as long as a year straight.

In the lighting I typically record my videos in you can't really tell, but if you go look at some of my training videos you can clearly see that my skin is actually permanently darker now even though I haven't used Melanotan II for over a year now, and I get minimal sun exposure (literally almost never).

Before Melanotan II Usage (Original Skin Color) Vs Mid Melanotan II Usage
Before Melanotan II Usage (Original Skin Color) Vs Mid Melanotan II Usage
Before Melanotan II Usage (Original Skin Color) Vs Mid Melanotan II Usage
Before Melanotan II Usage (Original Skin Color) Vs Mid Melanotan II Usage

Over 1 Year Without Melanotan II And No Tanning

My base color is actually darker than it used to be because of the long term Melanotan II usage.

The extent to which Martina Big has taken her Melanotan usage is obviously next level though.

Not only is she chronically abusing the drug, but she is misrepresenting it entirely and stating that it changes people from white to black (yes their literal ethnicity) and that's certainly not the case.

To clarify, Melanotan II can permanently darken your skin, however, it's not to the extent that Martina Big is alluding to in her video whatsoever.

Spending life in Germany as a light-skinned blonde girl making headlines around the world when she had injections to change the color of her skin”. – “Over the past two years Martina Big has radically altered her appearance in order to become a black woman and This Morning has followed every step of her controversial story”.

– “I like my natural blonde beauty but as well, it's like tuning if boys get a new car, they start tuning and then they see oh, it's nice.” “But what was it that made you realize that you wanted to change?” “At first, I only want to have some tan and this new medicine, they told it will protect this skin against the Sun and really make more tan”.

Okay, the first thing I want to comment on is how she refers to these “tanning injections” as “new medicine”.

Melanotan II is not medicine; nor is it approved for human use.

Melanotan II a drug that never made it through clinical trials.

There's no concrete way to use this stuff nor is there a legal way to do it.

Her referring to it as medicine is already misrepresenting what this drug is in the first place.

Let’s continue.

At this point they didn't know that it will work really, really, really good for me.” – “So, this is the Melatonin injections, and this was your surgeon and they cost £170 a go. You’ve had three is that right?

Okay, this part exemplifies how Holly Willough (the host) has no idea what she's talking about and has not done proper research.

I'm nearly positive she said “Melatonin” injections.

I probably don't even need to tell you how “Melanotan” and “Melatonin” are two completely different things.

Melatonin is a hormone endogenously produced that regulates your circadian rhythm and helps you fall asleep.

It’s in a lot of over the counter sleep supplements (e.g. Gorilla Dream), and is commonly used to reset your internal clock if you went traveling and had jetlag.

Melatonin is not what this lady used.

She used Melanotan II.

First of all, if you have a surgeon who offers Melanotan II injections as a service it's illegal.

Also, them charging £170 per injection is obscenely overpriced.

You can buy a full vial for 1/10th that price.

So here we have an approved cosmetic surgeon, buying a generic unapproved drug from China for ten bucks a vial (rough estimate) and then selling a prescribed “medicinal” dosage as a service, and injecting it into their patients for an insane markup.

As mentioned, it’s not a medicine, it's not legal to sell or to inject into a patient, that’s for sure, and the fact that this isn't being clarified in this interview was pretty baffling.

They're just talking about Melanotan II like it's something just prescribed normally for getting darker skin.

It's definitely not.

Michael and I had the same injections, at the same time two years ago but only three injections.

Here she states how she had three shots years ago.

No she didn't. She's still using it to this day.

There's no way in hell she went from white to black without chronic use of this stuff.

I guarantee you she's buying it herself online and injecting it into herself in very high dosages.

You can't pin three shots of Melanotan II and go from white to black and maintain it for years on end.

Even if the three shots were mega dosed to the point where she was vomiting everywhere (if you use way too much Melanotan II you’re probably going to puke or feel extremely sick – nausea is a common side effect) she would have darkened her skin to quite an extent, but it wouldn't have lasted for two years.

As a reference guide, the amount my skin's faded after not using it for a year, after using it for a year straight prior to that, I know how much this stuff can permanently darken your skin and how long the tan lasts, and her current skin color is definitely indicative of her still injecting it to this day on her own to continue getting darker, or maintain how dark she is.

Without the Melanotan II injections she would not be able to maintain that amount of Melanogenesis in her body because her body simply doesn't endogenously have the ability to do that.

It's being stimulated by this drug to increase the amount of Melanogenesis in her body to react from the external stimuli to get that deep of a tan, and there's no way she would be able to maintain that otherwise.

White people have way less Melanogenesis occurring in their body; therefore they have less of a response to UV rays.

Because they have less Melanogenesis occurring endogenously, they can't produce as much melanin to protect the hypodermis (the layer under the skin) from the potentially damaging UV rays.

The amount of Melanogenesis in our body that acts as a mechanism to increase melanin is essentially a regulator of how much protection you will get from the sun.

It’s like how capable your body is of creating a shield against the UV rays.

White people simply have a much lower amount of that process occurring, and the only way you can maintain the color of skin she has as a Caucasian woman is through synthetic stimulation of that process, because you can't just inject the drug a few times years ago and have that amount of Melanogenesis continue thereafter.

You have to continue stimulating it through synthetic means to maintain that.

She's pretty much lying here and saying she had three shots only.

I guarantee she's using mega doses to this day.

And other changes also because it's not just been skin.” – “As well for me you can see skin is getting darker from this beginning from the first week. In the course of time you also could see the eye color is getting darker, eyebrow color is getting darker, my growing hair is changing this route and getting curly and more dark and everything changes. But there's a difference here because that's one thing, the sort of visual aspect of how you now…”

Okay, so that is partially true.

Melanotan II will in a dose-dependent manner increase Melanogenesis endogenously, which darkens the pigment of your skin in response to UV rays, as well as darkens facial hair, eyebrows, hair on the head, and hair on the body.

If you get extreme abusive dosage territory it can darken your eyes too.

Personally, I did have a bit of darkening of my facial hair but that was about it, and it returned to normal within a couple months of discontinuing the drug.

My eyes never darkened whatsoever.

This woman is clearly using absurd amounts.

There's no way you can darken your eyes significantly without abusing the hell out of the drug.

Based on her skin color now and her eyes changing colors too, that's 100% indicative of continuous abuse.

Not that there's a concrete therapeutic dosage that separates use from abuse because it's not approved for human use anyways, but you get what I mean.

I can clearly feel that I'm black but it's really hard to find the right words to explain people who are not involved. Oh, this medicine is not only working for only for the skin, it's changing everything together. The feelings change.” – “Sorry to interrupt you, you're saying that it wasn't until you had the injection that you realize that you identified?” – “The injections only started the process but being black it's not only being different color, it's everything in total. For example, when I go outside now, I'm getting in touch with the dark people much easier and I have a lot of stuff when I compared to my African friends I have more in common than with my German friends.” – “There are lots of people that will be watching this that will be upset about what you're saying and they'll be offended by it.”

Another thing to comment on is her hair getting curly.

That's not an effect from Melanotan II whatsoever; she's making that up.

She's curling it herself.

The drug does nothing to how straight your hair is.

If she's claiming her hair curling is a result of Melanotan II injections, I think it is far more likely that she’s just curling it herself and claiming it’s the drug.

I think what we're trying to ask and again a lot of people out there probably going to be thinking this and it's a lot more, the culture it's in you basically but you're saying that you're learning it and it's hard to learn another race and that's basically what you're doing. Is that right to say?

Something you did say to us was that you've got married and congratulations and that's lovely. One day you are thinking about having babies, and you've been told by a doctor that your children will be black?” – “Yeah, they said they will be black.

The way this drug works is it stimulates a greater endogenous amount of Melanogenesis, equating to more Melanin production in the skin in response to UV exposure.

The process by which that occurs doesn't alter your chromosomes or your genetic code.

It's like me saying, “If I inject a gram of testosterone into myself I'm going to have a superhuman kid whose balls produce a gram of test on their own”.

That's just not how it works whatsoever.

Using a synthetic drug to stimulate an endogenous process in the body cannot pass on that same level of stimulation to your child’s genetics, as that process isn’t transcribed in your genetic code to begin with.

Their kid is going to be white for sure if they're both white to begin with, that's just how it works.

The drug is not going to alter that whatsoever and I'm wondering if this is the same doctor that sold them the injections in the first place that told them this because they don’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed.

This interview is just a huge misrepresentation of what this drug is and what it does.

When I saw the story’s title before I even watched it, I knew it was going to be about Melanotan and I knew I was going to want to make a video on it because it's such an obscure drug that is so misrepresented in the media.


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