Hypoglycemia blood sugar monitor for MK-677

MK-677 Doesn’t Cause Hypoglycemia – Reactive Hypoglycemia Explained

MK-677 DOES NOT Directly Cause Hypoglycemia

I can see how many individuals would conclude that MK-677 is causing hypoglycemia, because it literally brings on the exact same feeling that very low blood sugar brings on.

Shakiness, sweating, severe hunger, anxiety, etc.

The thing is, with MK-677 is it doesn’t drop your blood sugar; rather, it slightly increases it.

MK-677 is most commonly known as a potent growth hormone secretagogue.

However, one commonly overlooked trait of MK-677 is the fact that it is an oral ghrelin mimetic.

What Is Ghrelin Exactly?

Ghrelin is also known as the “hunger hormone.”

It is a peptide that is secreted by your stomach that stimulates your appetite.

When your stomach is empty, Ghrelin is produced to signal to your brain that you are hungry and need to eat.

As you would expect, Ghrelin levels are high before meals, and low after finishing meals.

This is how your body regulates its appetite and knows when to eat and when to stop eating.

Growth hormone releasing peptides (GHRP’s) and growth hormone secretagogues (like MK-677) function by stimulating the pituitary gland to pulse out GH.

These GHRP’s and MK-677 also have a very significant effect on Ghrelin.

The most notable being GHRP-6 and MK-677.

These are both notorious as appetite stimulating compounds.

Their ability to stimulate appetite so significantly has nothing to do with them dropping your blood sugar lower and making you hungrier, rather, it has to do with the fact that they significantly increase Ghrelin levels more than any of the other GHRP’s.

The result of this is a massive spike in hunger, resembling the symptoms very closely of hypoglycemia.

The effect on blood sugar levels is actually completely contradictory to what most are thinking is occurring in their body.

In one of the most popular and notable studies on MK-677, you will find that they actually observed its’ effect on blood sugar levels in the body after continuous use, and it was determined that “Fasting blood glucose level increased an average of 0.3 mmol/L (5 mg/dL) in the MK-677 group (P = 0.015), and insulin sensitivity decreased.”

You can read this study for yourself here:

Effects of an oral ghrelin mimetic on body composition and clinical outcomes in healthy older adults: a randomized trial.


The point of me addressing this is more so to dispel a common myth surrounding MK-677, as well as to inform you about how it actually is working in your body and the mechanism of action behind the hunger response.

Can MK-677 Indirectly Cause Hypoglycemia?

Yes, and this is something a lot of people don't understand either.

If you are experiencing Hypoglycemia on MK-677, this is the result of your own body's poor insulin response.

As mentioned, MK-677 can raise blood sugar.

But, in some individuals with developing insulin resistance, when their body senses a spike in blood sugar, their pancreas releases too much insulin.

Not enough to just bring blood sugar to homeostasis, but so much as to cause a complete reversal of blood sugar and drop it low.

The final outcome of that is a tanked blood sugar reading, and very real hypoglycemia.

Early stage or moderate insulin resistance combined with a growth hormone secretagogue that increases blood sugar levels would just worsen the condition and inch you closer to becoming diabetic.

The only way to fix this is to address the insulin resistance and work on improving fasting blood sugar via lifestyle and diet changes.

The overconsumption of carbohydrates (and calories in general) and lack of exercise are the most common causes of reactive hypoglycemia and insulin resistance.

Growth Hormone abuse is also another common cause in bodybuilders.

How Can You Tell If You Are Experiencing Hypoglycemia Or Just A Giant Ghrelin Spike?

The only way to be 100% sure is to take your blood sugar and see for yourself.

Some individuals are unable to discern between a huge Ghrelin spike, and crashing blood sugar, so it would be advised that you keep a glucose meter on hand whenever you mess around with MK-677, GH, or anything that can cause a sharp elevation or sharp drop in blood sugar.

The solution if your blood sugar drops would be to quickly ingest something with simple sugars that will quickly raise your blood sugar back up to normal.

The solution to help reverse insulin resistance would be to exercise, clean up your diet and focus on losing fat, get adequate sleep every night, as well as remove any drugs out of your protocol that are keeping your blood glucose levels chronically elevated.

Where To Buy MK-677 (Ibutamoren)

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Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

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60 thoughts on “MK-677 Doesn’t Cause Hypoglycemia – Reactive Hypoglycemia Explained”

    1. If your plan is to take MK 667 for anti-aging purpose then take metformin. Metformin is THE anti-aging compound. That combo has been studied for that purpose and appears to be effective.

    2. buy Berberine. Its an herb that works just as well as Metformin with none of the side effects. Also Ceylon Cinnamon, Cardarine and TB500 all increase insulin sensetivity.
      As for exercise, do some HIIT for appx 30min to drain your sugar stores, especially if you are already fasting. This will dramatically help increase insulin sensetivity. Also buy psyllium husk or another fiber suppliment. The fiber will help with that as well, especially if you are going to continue to eat refined and simple carbs. But if your cut out all the non-veggie based carbs, insulin sensetivity will increase. Hope this helps.

  1. Is there any other side effects of MM-677 besides the ones listed here? Mainly anything related to hairloss or increased Body hair? I’m new to SARMS so this is foreign territory for me.

  2. So that mk667 decresease insulin sensitivity which is very danger and can cause diabetes what is the best thing to take with to prevent decrease in the insulin senstivity and what is your thoughts about anomorline thank you

    1. MK-677 doesn’t decrease insulin sensitivity to nearly enough of a degree to cause diabetes.

      There are lots of things you can do to keep insulin sensitivity high. The easiest being limiting carb intake and completely avoiding sugar.

      1. I take MK-677 before bed (because of lethargy if taken in the morning) but tend to wake up after a few hours needing some food in order to be able to sleep the rest of the night.
        Is having a casein shake (35g in semi skim milk) a good idea (extra slow releasing protein, some fat the slow digestion, low carb) or a bad idea (some Interm,Fasting guys state fasting as long as possible stimulates GH release and eating precents this. But MK-677 stimulates GH release anyway, right? If one would take MK-677 in the morning, he would eat during day time as well, right?) ??
        Is eating (for ex. this casein shake) bad for the increase in blood glucose?
        Is this increase in blood glucose caused due to the competition between insulin and GH or IGF for the insulin receptor?
        In that case, not eating (=not stimulating insulin release) would be better dor the effects on muscle from GH and/or IGF, right?
        Thanks for input, bro!

  3. Does lethargy ever dissipate when taking this? How long, based on your experience, does it take? After a week I stopped taking, got sick of being a zombie.

    1. MK-677 will raise your blood sugar, like my article states. Indirectly you can cause postprandial hypoglycemia via the ingestion of big carb dense meals alongside MK-677 as well.

      As a diabetic, it is probably a good idea to stay away in general.

  4. Awesome Derek !! and lastly if i use a sarm , then use Red pct to counter the suppression .. after my red pct cycle , i use nothing meaning im full natural then .. will my test be at normal or do i have to continue to use red pct over and over again for years?? thanks derek!! <3

    1. I don’t understand the question? Are you asking if after you PCT and your test levels recover will you have to keep using PCT products to keep your testosterone at baseline?

  5. Hi Derek,

    I am Type-2 Diabetic. After taking ML-677 for 4 weeks, on the 3rd week my Blood Sugar spiked both in fasting and PP to 2-3 times in original controlled values despite taking my diabetic medications. I felt so since I started feeling lot thirsty and too much urination. Hunger did not increase as anticipated. Got very lethargy, and felt sleepy a lot.

    Then I left it for a week, and now my levels are back to normal, while taking my regular diabetic medications.

    Can I take MK-677, with diabetes medication prescribed to me like Metformin and Glimepiride to keep sugars under control? I have 2 bottles of it still remaining untouched. Will half dose (12.5 mg) prevent the sugar spikes?


  6. “Are you asking if after you PCT and your test levels recover will you have to keep using PCT products to keep your testosterone at baseline?”

    yeap exactly!! so after getting through one bottle of red pct, will my testosterone gradually come down to normal levels?

    (im getting the red sup protein powder under ur affl link to support you buddy, ill tell u when i do so)

    1. Yes, your testosterone levels once they reach homeostasis will stay there if you are off of all T-boosting compounds.

      And thanks man.

  7. Interesting but how does one cope with that intense hunger and anxiety? For me the anxiety lasts almost all day, therefore I never took Ibut long enough to see results. Any ideas?

    1. You eat. You shouldn’t use something that stimulates ghrelin secretion to such a great degree if you aren’t prepared to eat. This is why you shouldn’t take MK-677 if you aren’t trying to gain weight imo becuase the hunger is way too intense to cut on.

      You shouldn’t get anxiety from it though that’s an odd reaction.

  8. Just started with MK677 and Im feeling the side effects realy bad, tired and some anxiety, feel like shit basically. How long ac I expect before these sideeffects go away or go down?

    1. That’s what good GH does. Not sure why you have anxiety though. They should become less harsh as your body adjusts to it more, but it will always be there to a degree. You’ll always be more tired with heightened gh/igf-1 levels.

    1. I’m in a small town in Europe right now and only have a crappy data SIM card I’m using for internet to reply to comments so I can’t watch the video at the moment, once I can find a good WiFi connection I’ll check it out.

  9. Is there a good alternative to mk677 which wont mess with your blood sugars like mk2866 to take with my LGD .. diabetic i am so i stay away from mk677 but any alternative hgh mirror effect that wont cause the indirect hypo bro? thank you much love

  10. I know I’m way late to the party here, but reading this thread and all the comments has been a huge help! (Huge Thank You Derek!!) Getting the low blood sugar shakes bad on a full dose.. and it’s summer, so watching food intake. Perhaps I’ll try a half dose for a bit to see some GH benefits and maybe jump back to full once bulking season is upon me.. seriously, thanks again Derek!

  11. Hi Derek. Im fromTurkey. I taking mk 677 since 2 weeks. and I wanna extremly candy bar when I took it. If I dont eat candy bar I feel anxiety. If I ate it I feel better. what do you think shoul I eat some chocolate. If I eat choclate is it avoid gh level?? thanks..

    1. I don’t know what you’re asking exactly, but this article details exactly what MK-677 does to blood sugar. Get a blood glucose monitor.

  12. Hi Derek. Im taking mk 677 and also hgh Genotropin.I dont take them at the same time. As rotative. I feeling to much hunger and anxiety when I took them. Once I woke up middle of night terrible starving or hunger feeling. How can I avoid those causes bro?? Thank for input..

    1. It’s an oral ghrelin mimetic. If you don’t want to spike your ghrelin then you shouldn’t be taking MK-677.

      1. Should a 16yr old boy take mk677 10 to 20mg underdosa for 4month without break? Will it harm my body or any blood sugar problem will happen?

        1. You can read about all the side effects that can occur, I can’t predict the future man. I don’t think any 16 year old should be using GH or MK-677 unless they were growth hormone deficient, and even then, they should only do it under doctor’s supervision.

    2. Hi,how if i reduce carbs and sugar to minimum,so what shoild i eat only proteins and fats? To take enough energy for muscle growth i shold eat big amount of fats,which causes another bad health issues. So whalt should be done?

  13. Markus Karlsson

    Hi! Thanks for the only article i could find that addresses this.

    I am a Diabetic Type-1 and experienced DRAMATIC glucose level increases pretty much instantly after taking the first dose of MK-677. I have adjusted doses for the past 3 days and am now up to around 4 times higher insulin dosages both for short-acting and long-acting insulin types – and even then i can get HUGE spikes lasting hours that are hard to combat. It does not feel good.

    I would of course quit it immediately, however i have a back injury (herniated disc) and other issues in my lower back from a traffic accident that has affected my everyday and gymlife very negative for years and makes me feel weak, exhausted and depressed – so the healing effect of MK-677/GH is very appealing.

    How long do you think i would have to stay on MK-677 for it to have any healing effect on my back? Will it even have any healing effect on my back? I know its not worth it right now, but if my back could get better, i will definitely stick out for some time if need be.


    1. Get off of it. No Type 1 Diabetic should be using MK-677 or synthetic GH imho. The healing benefits are exaggerated and you’d be far better off with stem cells or BPC-157 with TB500.

  14. Hi I’m a pretty healthy 45 year old and train regular and have started
    Using 12.5mg of my 677 daily would you consider this safe thanks

  15. ive been told to cycle 7don 7doff and heres his reasoning, i dont really understand it all, what do you think?

    1. Mk looses potency after 7 days. Moreso after 14 days. (This actually shows the graphs you NEED TO KNOW)

    Following MK-677, IGFBP-3 increased progressively to a mean day-12 (fifth treatment day) value of 3374 +/- 917 ng/mL (P < 0.05 compared with day . In contrast, the placebo group showed no change (day-12 value = 2673 ? 636 ng/mL; P = NS compared with day . When the average IGFBP-3 value for the last 5 treatment days on MK-677 (3273 +/- 330 ng/mL) was compared with placebo (2604 +/- 253 ng/mL), the difference was significant (P < 0.01).

    2. More diminishing effects:
    The basal metabolic rate was significantly increased at 2 weeks of MK-677 treatment (P = 0.01) but not at 8 weeks (P = 0.1). Fasting concentrations of glucose and insulin were unchanged, whereas an oral glucose tolerance test showed impairment of glucose homeostasis at 2 and 8 weeks.

    3. More stuff you should know:
    After treatment with 10 mg MK-677, IGF-I concentrations increased 52 +/- 20% (65 +/- 6 to 99 +/- 9 micrograms/L, geometric mean +/- intrasubject SE, P < or = 0.05 vs. baseline), and 24 h mean GH concentrations increased 79 +/- 19% (0.14 +/- 0.01 to 0.26 +/- 0.02 microgram/L, P < or = 0.05 vs. baseline). Following treatment with 50 mg MK-677, IGF-I concentrations increased 79 +/- 9% (84 +/- 3 to 150 +/- 6 micrograms/L, P < or = 0.05 vs. baseline) and 24-h mean GH concentrations increased 82 +/- 29% (0.21 +/- 0.02 to 0.39 +/- 0.04 microgram/L, P < or = 0.05 vs. baseline), respectively. Serum IGF binding protein-3 concentrations increased with both 10 mg (1.2 +/- 0.1 to 1.7 +/- 0.1 micrograms/L, P < or = 0.05) and 50 mg MK-677 (1.7 +/- 0.1 to 2.2 +/- 0.2 micrograms/L, P < or = 0.05). The GH response to MK-677 was greater in subjects who were the least GH/IGF-I deficient at baseline; by linear regression analysis the increase in 24-h mean GH concentration was positively related to both baseline 24-h mean GH concentration (r = 0.81, P = 0.009) and baseline IGF-I (r = 0.79, P = 0.01) for 10 mg MK-677. IGF-I responses were not significantly related to any baseline measurement. Fasting and postprandial insulin and postprandial glucose increased significantly after MK-677 treatment, and the clinical significance of these changes will need to be assessed in longer term studies.

    4. Even more!:

    Look at all the indicators for impaired glucose aka pre diabetes. Limb fat etc…
    They are all a bunch of idiots for labeling it "insignificant" due it not inducing diabetes IMMEDIATELY. Yet these studies were done in elderly NOT in carb binging bodybuilders…

    Take home is if your going to use something use it the right way or don’t use it all. Follow 7 days ON, 7 days off. That’s all I will say. You are not my client so I won’t provide any further details.

  16. Hey Derek, kind of a noob question. But if i were to take Mk677 10-15 mg dose for around a year. How can i quench the hunger without eating too much carbs? and what if one eats only high quality carbs such as oatmeal etc, does that have the same negative effect as trash carbs (chocolate milk and what not). I’m not trying to lose weight at all, so the increased hunger would actually be a plus. but the whole blood suger insuline situation I still kind of scary. (i’m new to the channel, so not very scientifically adept)

    p.s I am not diabetic

    I look forward to your response,


    1. I think oatmeal once a day is nothing to be worried about. if you are not diabetic mk677 will probably not harm you. I would stay away from sugar and eat little to no carbs. if 30-35 % of your calories are carbs you should be fine. I would still be safe and talk to your doctor and get your bloodwork done.

      1. Thanks for the reply, josef. It’s much appreciated. Any ideas as to what to eat in order to bulk on mk677. I still don’t understand how one can put on mass whilst avoiding carbs. Any foods or specific diets for bulking on mk677?


  17. Huge fan Derek! Juvenile Diabetes runs in my family so I am hesitant about mk-677. my main goal is hair regrowth and generally getting jacked. I’m 35, eat a very low carb, no sugar diet. I am in great shape and I have never had any problems with blood sugar in the past but do not with to antagonize my pancreas. Your thoughts?

  18. Hi Derek, If I take MK-677 on a carb back load will be more effective doing this carb back along with MK-677? Looking to have a large insulin spike and a strong GH output on night after the resistance training.

    Been trying this past month and Doing this on nights. I didn’t feel side effects but I really appreciate your thoughts on this.

  19. Hi everyone, a bit late to the party but I’ve been off mk677 for a coupes years now yet my hands are still shaking as a side affect. I don’t know what to do since I used to love being able to make art but sometimes my hands can’t sustain a specific state when trying to draw straight lines or other types of art. Also, for a little while I felt it was harder to get an erection and the anxiety was truly messing with me. I’m better now but I still have shaky hands does anyone else relate so maybe a conversation about rehabilitation can be had?

  20. I see a lot of people on the internet talking about “dry mouth” and it meaning you are prediabetic while on mk-677, so it scared me a bit. I was wondering if this is also the case with just dry lips? Because I don’t have this dry feeling in my mouth. I was like maybe anyone has heard of this because I don’t want to become diabetic from this compound.

    1. Unless you are blasting Mk-677 or already pre-diabetic then you should be fine. I am on month 3 with 25-30mg per day and I only experience dry mouth when I take the MK-677 in the morning, probably because the compound in your mouth itself dries the fuck out of it. Its like swallowing perfume.
      MPMD articles on it are the best you will find, so read them thoroughly.
      I’m from the UK and using Science Bio MK. I have a blood glucose monitor in my arm for 24hr reading, no dramas yet.

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