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Why More Body Hair Growth Means More Hair Loss On Your Head

More Body Hair Growth Equates To More Hair Loss

There's a huge misconception about how androgens affect hair growth.

A lot of guys truly believe that androgenic hormones improve scalp hair growth because “more body hair growth” is a listed side effect.

I've literally heard guys say “I grow more facial hair and body hair on steroids, therefore, it also improves hair growth on your head.”

You need to understand that the more androgens in your system, for 99% of people, will equate to more body hair growth, facial hair growth, everywhere hair growth, EXCEPT for the hair on top of your head.

It's the most brutal trade-off of genetics ever.

When it comes to male hormones and androgens, even if androgens promote body hair growth, the more body hair growth you experience will in almost all cases also mean more hair loss on your head in parallel.

They're literally inversely related, despite them both being hair.

That's why if a woman takes steroids she may start developing masculine features, a deeper voice, and even grow facial hair and more body hair if they push their androgen index up high enough.

These are just some of the side effects among a myriad of other masculine traits that develop in the presence of exogenous androgens.

If you're a human, you can't just haphazardly use performance-enhancing androgens and assume that you're going to be hair loss free, because that's not how it works in almost all cases unless you are a genetic elite who is immune to androgenic alopecia (90-99% aren't).

Ultimately, the more androgens in your system, the greater your likelihood to lose more hair on your head.

Straight up, that's just how androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) works.

Even disregarding exogenous hormones entirely, 9/10 men will experience very noticeable diffuse thinning and recession in their lifetime just as a result of their natural endogenous hormone production.

That's the reason why we have facial hair and body hair to begin with too.

How Castration Prevents Male Pattern Baldness

The Castrati were men castrated before hitting puberty.

They were castrated to preserve their angelic high pitched singing voices.

I personally speculate that Michael Jackson was castrated as a child as well for this exact same reason.

The Castrati had a notable lack of body hair, as well as a scalp free of miniaturization.

The reason for this is that the Castrati never produced significant amounts of androgens.

They did produce very small amounts of Testosterone, and consequently DHT as a result of production in the adrenal glands, but it wasn't in significant enough quantities to facilitate normal development during puberty, or androgenic alopecia.

Therefore, they didn't undergo any visible hair follicle miniaturization, and their bodies were essentially hair-free.

Notable is the fact that this isn't the case with those who were castrated after puberty and had already begun experiencing more body hair growth.

Those individuals would experience a significant reduction in body hair growth after castration, but never stopped growing body hair entirely.

This is why men who transition genders to female typically require laser hair removal if they wish to be body hair free.

This suggests that androgens on some level can have irreversible effects on hair follicles to some extent.

While this isn't significant enough to prevent a severely balding male from regrowing his hair almost entirely via pharmacology and hormone manipulation, the data still suggests some level of irreversibility.

castrated varys holding fan
Funny enough, Varys the eunuch from Game Of Thrones is bald throughout the entire series. (If you've watched the show you will know that he shaves his head bald on purpose to prevent people from identifying him as a Targaryen, as their hair color is a clear distinguishing marker).

You need to realize it's an inverse relationship.

If you're going to be using supraphysiological amounts of androgens, or even simply walk around with your normal endogenous androgen production and you care about the hair on your head, then you should establish a hair loss prevention regimen that addresses and protects you from both testosterone and DHT.

I assure you, more body hair growth does not mean you will also grow more hair on your head.


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