Keeping Your Hair Vs Gaining More Muscle With Androgenic Steroids

Bodybuilding To Get Women Vs Bodybuilding To Compete

In this day and age of social media, if you follow bodybuilding you probably follow a lot of fitness models, as well as people who compete in physique, classic physique, or bodybuilding.

Using these social media presences as inspiration creates an illusion that the ideal physique for men is 200 pounds diced as a minimum, and that men's physique competitors are likely the minimum level of muscularity necessary for a maxed out physique.

While bodybuilding is seen as quite a bit more freakish over the past few years, the physique and classic physique categories are still widely regarded as the pinnacle of male physique development for attracting women.

It’s pretty common for bodybuilders to justify their drug abuse, and criticize a non-competitive bodybuilder’s drug use that is only using steroids to improve their sexual appeal with the classic excuse:

“You're doing it for the wrong reasons if you're doing it to get girls.”

To me, that statement is absurd and I laugh every time I hear it come out of a bodybuilder’s mouth because there's no person who literally only takes drugs and abuses their body for this sport just for competing and nothing else.

There are always the guys who say, “I just do it because I love it and I have to compete and it's how I make my living, so I have to use these drugs.”

To me, this is so transparent and anybody with half a brain knows that even if these guys weren't making any money bodybuilding, they’d probably still be bodybuilding but just working a normal job too.

Bodybuilders are bodybuilders because they love bodybuilding and enjoy building a huge, muscular and shredded physique.

We all know that bodybuilders like the attention they get from their physique, let's not pretend otherwise.

Do I think that you should only use anabolics for competitive purposes?

No, I truly think that using them for 100% vain purposes is completely justified and anybody who says otherwise is lying to themselves, or just has different priorities than 99% of men on this planet.

Getting back to the social media though, there's this misconception that you have to look like Sergi Constance, Chris Bumstead, or whoever your fitness idol is to be maxed out appearance wise.

The reality is that fairly often, via attempting to get to that point you're just going to make yourself more unattractive then you would have if you didn’t push things into abusive territory.

It takes a very minimal amount of drugs to actually achieve a physique that would be seen as ideal to women.

In many cases (depending on your individual genetics), anabolics are not needed at all to achieve a maxed out physique in the eyes of women.

The Ideal Physique For Attracting Women

In the eyes of other men, good luck getting a physique we view as top tier naturally.

To women though (luckily the gender that actually matters), 9/10 of them would WAY rather have a guy with a nice face and good head of hair that is an athletic looking 170 pounds over a 240 pound national competitor with a Norwood 4 hair line and an ugly bloated face despite being shredded (very common facial trait among bodybuilders).

In pursuit of the ultimate classic physique body with anabolic steroids, you will more likely than not eventually have a choice put in front of you where you could gain another 10 pounds of muscle by increasing your dosages and doing a fat cycle of X, Y and Z, but the trade off would be permanently burning 5,000+ hairs off your head and adding another layer of tissue padding onto your face from all of the androgens you are going to be taking to do that.

Now, when you think about this from a non-jaded third person perspective, what is going to actually make you more attractive of those two choices?

If you thin the hell out of your hair because you had to take a hefty cycle of X, Y and Z to get to that next level physique, but then it thins out your hair line, did you really make yourself more attractive or less attractive?

What if you got a bunch of acne from it, or if you prematurely aged your face?

When you're in supraphysiological dosage range with anabolic androgenic steorids, you're going to prematurely age yourself with abusive dosages.

If you look at any serious top level IFBB pro bodybuilder’s face in their 20’s, you’ll notice that they all coincidentally look to be a minimum of 10-20 years older than they actually are.

You’ll see a picture of some massive bodybuilder and probably have the same question as most others: “How old is this guy? 40?”

And then your jaw drops when you find out he’s actually 21 and it's the drugs that make him look like an old man.

Dorian Yates 21 Years Old

Steroids “Anti-Aging” Effects – How They Actually Impact Your Facial Appearance

Despite endogenously produced steroids being classified by some as “anti-aging” drugs, when they're taken in supraphysiological amounts you can actually prematurely age your skin.

Every muscle in your body hyper responds when you take these drugs.

This means that not only will they increase the amount of muscle you're going to build, but every contraction of these muscles is exaggerated as that muscle is far stronger than it would be otherwise.

And when you're constantly creasing your face by making grimacing expressions in the gym, or simply raising your eye brows and making normal every day expressions during your day to day life, you will increase the probability of developing deep wrinkles.

Go look at the average 30-year-old guy and go look at the average 30-year-old professional bodybuilder.

Who looks older almost every single time? It's probably the bodybuilder.

Now that's not to say that you shouldn't bodybuild, however, the point I’m trying to exemplify is that bodybuilders are often be blinded in their endless pursuit of muscle, and if you are doing this for aesthetic purposes, do not fall into this trap.

It’s VERY easy to get carried away.

The ideal physique to women is:

  • Lean and athletic (cut to 10% body fat and stay there with diet adherence)
    • If you don’t have enough muscle and are a rail, then you will have to bulk and cut a few times to get up to your genetic potential before sticking to a “shredded year round” focused plan
  • Chiseled face (accomplished by keeping drugs low and body fat low)
  • No visible hair loss (keep androgens to a minimum, or none at all, plus have a prevention regimen in place)
    • If you’re too far gone already, look at hair systems or a hair transplant
  • Tall (If you’re under 6 foot 3, boost your height)

These are the general boxes you want to tick off, with complexion, hygiene, style, etc. all being things that will need to be perfected as well to max out your sex appeal.

However, just from a general physique perspective, those are the main boxes you should focus on checking off.

What If You Want To Take Androgenic Steroids Anyways?

I'm not saying you're going to wreck your face if you take high dosages of anabolics, but I’m trying to illuminate the very real consequence of pushing things too far if aesthetics are the primary goal.

If you're put in a position where you have to ask yourself “Okay, should I run Testosterone, Masteron and Trenbolone, but lose 25% of my hair over the next four months in order to get a bit better of a physique?”

Often times when it comes to pure attraction, you would have been way better off just not taking it.

There are more hair safe ways to go about getting to the top of the tier of men’s physiques (not on a bodybuilding stage) without having to go into that realm of abuse where you're likely making your appearance worse in order to gain stupid tons of muscle.

No girl sees a gym rat as attractive who's 300 pounds, has his shaker cup with him, has his Otomix shoes on, is wearing a stringer as flimsy as an apron, as well as the rest of the cliché bodybuilder attire, is completely bald walking around and can barely breathe with high blood pressure.

This just looks unhealthy and freakish, and no girl really wants this except a minority of niche fitness chicks.

And even then, often times they'd prefer a guy who is athletic looking, very lean, and has a good looking face and head of hair.

One thing you’ll notice once you get to heavily abusive territory with insane amounts of muscle that a lot of these bodybuilders look like they’re fat even when they're shredded.

They have so much body mass in their face from the amount of muscle they've built there, and the amount of water retention that they hold in that tissue around their neck and face from all the drugs they're using to hold that supraphysiological amount of muscle.

Barely a week after the Mr. Olympia contest these bodybuilders already look fat in clothes.

Even when they’re ready to go on stage when they're in their sweaters backstage a lot of them don't even have that sucked in face look despite being 5% body fat and water depleted.

They have fat looking faces, and it comes down to the amount of muscle they have, and the drugs.

Shawn Rhoden Face Phil Heath Face

If you get to a point where you're just hindering your facial aesthetics, your hair and your skin quality in order to get that next tier of muscle gain, that's where you should draw the line and that's where you're actually making negative progress when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, if that's why you're doing this in the first place.

Natural Athlete Vs Bodybuilder Sex Appeal

Just keep in mind a girl would way rather be with a guy who looks Cristiano Ronaldo, who's probably 175 pounds at 8 percent body fat versus a guy who's 230 pounds of pure muscle but is bald and has a ruined face.

This is something I wish I realized a long time ago to be honest because it could have saved me a lot of hair.

Fortunately, I've recovered a lot in the meantime, but if I could go back in time, I probably wouldn't have gone to the extreme that I did with some of this stuff.

I figured this stuff out pretty early, but there are a lot of guys that get to a point where there's no turning back.

They've burned all the hair off of their head; they have insane cardiovascular hypertrophy, high blood pressure, borderline renal failure, this and that.

All these things that are potential consequences of drug abuse that only helped them on stage, but in every other aspect hindered their quality of life.

To be blunt, you’re not going to do better with the opposite sex attempting to look like Mr. Olympia.

In Conclusion

You really don't need much. Trust me.

If you do choose to use anabolics, I'd advise sticking with compounds that are far more selective for muscle than prostate, and avoiding heavy androgens and DHT derivatives like the plague.

If you look like this guy for example, this would be the top 0.00001% and anything above and beyond this would almost certainly be considered overkill for most people.

Ideal Men's Physique

This physique could be achieved naturally for those with great genetics, and for those with average or subpar genetics, it very likely wouldn’t require more than a very modest dosage of a mild anabolic.


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