Derek from MorePlatesMoreDates.com and Chris Deoudes from Good Looking Loser talking on MPMD podcast episode #4

Podcast #4 – Chris Deoudes (Good Looking Loser)

0:00:00 – 0:02:48 Derek and Chris (Good Looking Loser) Discuss Why Most Nootropic Supplements Are Severely Underdosed

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  • Gorilla Mind products are good for studying, productivity, work efficiency, pre-workout, etc. This stuff will really impress you.
  • Derek talks about how most Nootropic company owners are clueless about what they're making, and they're just trusting manufacturers and don't even bother looking at the efficacious dosages of Alpha-GPC, Bacopa, or any of these ingredients that are worth putting in their product that are just 1/4 to 1/10 of the efficacious dosage.

0:03:06 – 0:06:20 Chris and Derek On Some Basic Self-Improvement Principles If You Want To Succeed

  • A list of things you shouldn't do if you want to improve yourself as quickly as possible: don't watch TV, don't watch sports, don't play video games, don't watch porn.
  • Once a week you need to have fun and do something you enjoy or do something you've never done before.
  • Derek talks about doing something memorable as opposed to doing something nonstop where everything is just a blur.

0:06:20 – 0:08:50 Derek And Chris On Being A Night Owl And Working Late Hours

  • Chris talks about how he is more productive at night and why it works well for him.
  • Derek talks about how he has become conscious about how staying up for over 16-17 hours straight is not only counterproductive for productivity, but has potential health ramifications.
  • Chris talks about his paranoia about his health because of how he abused his body in his 20s.

0:08:50 – 0:13:15 You Don't Need To Be The Life Of The Party To Get Laid

  • Chris elaborates on when he was trying to be the life of a party like Dan Bilzerian and how it wasn't congruent with his personality.
  • Chris talks about how Scotty never tried to be the life of the party and would be very goal oriented and go straight for the girls.
  • You don't need to be the life of a party to get laid or get girls.
  • Talks about Rob Gronkowski, the life of the party, and his retirement.
  • Most guys who are watching self-improvement videos are introverts. You don't need to become an extrovert, you just have to be able to talk to the girls you want to talk to.
  • Derek on always having at least one day a week set aside to have fun.
  • Derek and Chris talk about escape rooms.

0:13:15 – 0:16:08 Chris (Good Looking Loser) On How Bodybuilding Work Ethic Can Translate Into Getting Girls

  • Chris talks about the advantage bodybuilders have in getting girls, and why the majority of bodybuilders always underachieve with women.
  • Talks about the discipline it takes to build an incredible body, and if you had that across the board in your life, you can do anything.
  • Chris talks about Scotty.

0:16:21 – 0:19:34 Rate Your Level Of Happiness Out Of 10

  • Chris asks Derek “How good is your life right now?” on a scale of 1-10.
  • Derek elaborates on how he felt like a 10 with $0 in his bank account before. Derek talks about how the human mind is conditioned to always be looking for the next better thing and how once you get used something, your happiness can easily slide from a 10 back down to 6, and jump back and forth as you improve your life and then continuously get used to better things.
  • Chris talks about how making money is like a game.
  • Chris talks about how people desire to go into politics after achieving wealth.

0:19:35 – 0:21:09 Chris Talks About The Less Eventful Lifestyle Of A CEO Vs The GLL Days

  • Chris talks about Happy Hippo, his current lifestyle, and compares it to his pick up days.

0:21:10 — 0: 24:46 Chris And Derek On How To Avoid Massive Setbacks In Your 20's

  • Trusting your instincts in your 20's and going after your goals.
  • Avoiding pitfalls like student debt, having kids and getting married young, or even enlisting to the military and getting disabled.
  • Derek talks about finishing university and realizing that it wasn't what he was hoping it would be.
  • Chris talks about when he was younger and not envying people who had it all planned out and had it all together. He envied the people who didn't give a fuck.

0:24:46 – 0:29:12 Derek And Chris On Entrepreneurship Vs Regular Jobs

  • Derek talks about entrepreneurship and figuring it all out on your own compared to regular jobs where everything is set if you meet predetermined criteria.
  • Job shadowing and being around successful people is invaluable.
  • Derek talks about his friends who have regular jobs and whether they are happy with them or not.
  • Chris talks about thinking as an owner versus thinking as an employee, and ideally, you have to be in a small, medium-sized business to really get what's going on and see that it's not all that hard to start your own.

0:29:12 – 0:32:54 Derek And Chris On Creative Ways To Get Hired Where You Want

  • Chris talks about his brother who graduated as a computer engineer at the University of California Berkeley and ended up working for free at ILM to get a job. The point is to learn and get your foot in the door, it's more valuable than whatever paycheck you can get.
  • Derek talks about his friend who borderline harasses companies nonstop until the owner meets with him.

0:32:54 – 0:35:32 Derek On Winning A Size Genetics Dick Extender From Chris 6 Years Ago

0:35:32 – 0:36:13 Derek Reflects On Some Of His Cold Approach Footage From 7 Years Ago

0:36:14 – 0:39:55 Chris Talks About GoodLookingLoser.com

  • Chris doing GLL was just him writing about his past.
  • Chris wished he had incorporated Scotty more on GLL but neither of them had any money and Scotty lived in New York and Chris lived in LA.
  • Chris would like to change the approach anxiety program.

0:39:55 – 0:42:03 Has Money Changed Chris and His Personality?

0:42:03 – 0:45:55 Derek And Chris On Why You Shouldn't Compare Yourself To Celebrities

  • Chris touches on how Dan Bilzerian in terms of wealth and fame is a top 0.00001% guy.
  • The issue with comparing yourself to others.
  • Derek and Chris talk about how having lower hanging goals short-term is more conducive to long-term success.

0:45:55 – 0:50:24 Derek And Chris Discuss Traveling Around The World To Get Laid

  • Chris discusses what he envisioned as “pick up guy Chris” who would travel the world getting laid.
  • Derek remembers envisioning the American Pie-like college experience and going around Europe.
  • Why Traveling Purely For Pick Up Is Overrated If You Live In A Densely Populated Area.
  • Wanderlust girls who dream of backpacking around the world for adventure with no money.

0:50:24 – 0:51:40 All Successful, Productive Men Own A Journal?

  • Chris talks about reading how successful men own a journal, which he did, but thought instead of writing about his goals in a journal, why not actually just go get them done.
  • Talks about how you can trust your instinct, because a lot of people either don't trust their instincts and just do what their parents or the society pushes them into, or they do trust their instinct, but they're too hardheaded.

0:51:40 – 0:57:21 Derek and Chris Discuss How Many Men Are Truly Successful In Their Early 20's

  • No one in their early 20's is successful.
  • The scam many “make money online” gurus won't tell you about.
  • Chris talks about overhearing teens talk about YouTubers income.
  • Derek and Chris talk about how to monetize your brand.

0:57:21 – 1:03:30 Derek And Chris On Family Members Who Can't Be Helped

  • Derek talks about his relatives and his girl's relatives not asking him for diet advice.
  • Derek tries to intervene and offer free help and they won't take him up on it.
  • Chris talks about juice fasts and the same thing that happened with his family.
  • Chris talks about his wife's brother joining the army.

1:03:30 – 1:05:27 Chris (Good Looking Loser) On Red Pill Vs Blue Pill Mindset

  • Chris talks about men's self-improvement community thinking compared to the norms.
  • Investing in yourself by picking brains of successful people.
  • Derek asks Chris if he's seen The Matrix movies

1:05:27 – 1:11:22 Avoiding Becoming A Socially Awkward Hermit When You Work Online

  • Chris on how he veered off from law school to do pickup.
  • Chris talks about how he and Derek can talk for hours but can have a hard time talking to other people.
  • Derek talks about exposing yourself to social situations frequently to avoid becoming a socially awkward weirdo
  • Chris talks about living along in college and how he loves his privacy and his own time.
  • How your relateability can change as you start working online
  • Chris talks about what he sees a “balanced life” as

1:11:22 – 1:18:31 Chris Talks About Vacations, His Honeymoon And Getting Ripped Off In Paris

  • Chris talks about going to the Bahamas and Paris for his honeymoon and why he chose those locations.
  • Chris shares his extremely negative experience at the Hotel George V in Paris which was $2,995 a night.
  • Chris talks about not going on vacation in his PUA phase.
  • Chris talks about his trips to Las Vegas.

1:18:31 – 1:22:04 Derek And Chris On Strip Clubs And Paying To Get Blue Balls

  • Chris and Derek talked about how they've never been interested in going to strip clubs.
  • Spending money to get blue balls has never made sense.
  • Chris talks about a guy he knew who would go to strip clubs just to make strippers feel like trash.

1:22:26 – 1:26:02 Chris On Watching His Old Good Looking Loser Videos

  • Chris talks about watching how he spoke with such enthusiasm and certainty before.
  • Derek today has gotten more confident in how he sounds on camera as opposed to his first videos back in 2016, but feels as though pick up is something that you can get rusty at very quickly.
  • Chris and Derek talk about contrast in sounding good in social conversations vs sounding good in videos.

1:26:02 – 1:28:38 Don't Base Your Success On The Age Of Other Successful Men

  • Chris talks about telling guys in their 20’s to stop putting pressure on themselves by comparing.
  • Everything takes time. Everyone sucks at first.

1:28:38 – 1:33:39 How To Get Laid A Lot If You Live In A Small Town

  • Chris says to try going on a road trip and explore nearby towns. Move to a city like LA where there’s a very dense population.
  • Get away from small town mentality.

1:33:39 – 1:41:36 Getting Girls 10 Years Ago Vs Today In The Social Media Era

  • Derek asks Chris if he would still recommend LA in terms of people valuing others’ worth based on social media follower count.
  • Chris says LA is a special place where everyone is stuck up but really friendly.
  • There are two kinds of girls in LA, ones that just want to party, and the Hollywood girls that are auditioning.
  • Girls sleeping with directors vs social media influencers.
  • Girls mistaking Chris for an MMA fighter and LA Lakers player.
  • Derek talks about his old job as a bouncer and how he was often mistaken as a NHL player.

1:41:36 – 1:45:33 Chris On How He Got Connected To High Tier Night Life Through A Promoter

1:45:33 – 1:53:53 Chris On Living In A Mansion For Over Half A Year Before GLL

  • Half of what Chris did was partying, not just pick-up.
  • What living in the mansion and partying was like.
  • Chris thought he was going to die because of his excessive drug use.

1:53:33 – 2:02:17 Chris On Rec Drugs, Alcohol And The LA Party Scene

  • Chris realized he had addict tendencies.
  • Chris remembers Scotty being committed to being sober.
  • The best way and fastest way to get girls in LA.
  • Chris talks about the advantage of being a regular and knowing a lot of people in a club.
  • Chris lived in the mansion for free.
  • Chris elaborates on his unhealthy lifestyle living in the mansion.

2:02:17 – 2:03:35 Chris On How You Need To Actually Take Action To Learn For Yourself

  • The only way the only way you really discover what's below the surface is to DO IT.

2:03:35 – 2:11:50 Chris and Derek On Psycho Chicks

  • Chris says girls in LA are psycho only because they’re drug addicts.
  • Chris talks about dating a psycho chick who scratched her own car and called the cops and blamed him.

2:11:50 – 2:17:42 Chris On The Contrast Between “Partying” And “Pickup”

  • Chris didn’t put in detail on GLL about his LA story with his promoter friend as can discourage pickup
  • Chris tells more about his partying life in the mansion

2:17:42 – 2:22:02 Chris On Why He Moved Out Of The Mansion And Went To Santa Monica

  • Chris was still in his pickup phase when he moved to Santa Monica
  • Chris had a hard time regulating his mood naturally despite his success with women

2:22:02 – 2:32:46 Derek and Chris On Their Moment Of Clarity That Ended Their “Pick Up” Phase

  • Derek talks about the actual end-goal of picking up girls
  • The whole point of picking up girls is not just about getting laid. It's about becoming emotionally secure.
  • Chris elaborates on when he realized he finally did it and could close out that chapter of his life.

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