Will Your Hair Recover After Shedding Caused By Stopping Minoxidil

Will your hair recover from shedding induced from discontinuing Minoxidil treatment is a very common concern.

Very few seem to have the answer to this question for some reason.

Acute Telogen Effluvium

This is something that often occurs to those who start Minoxidil, and then suddenly stop it cold turkey.

They experience an acute increased shedding phase, and it can be very difficult to deal with.

I’m going to shed some light on my experience with this though in this article and hopefully help un-frighten many of you.

If you’ve researched Minoxidil, you probably know at least in a rudimentary way how it works.

It has an initial shedding phase that causes dormant hairs to be shed to make room for new growth, and ultimately better growth down the line in a few months after the life cycle of the hairs affected by Minoxidil have run their course.

Minoxidil also widens the hair follicle, causing thicker strands of hair to grow, and keeping them in the anagen (growth) stage for a longer period of time, allowing them to get even longer and thicker than they normally would.

The first couple months of Minoxidil use can be excruciating for some, as it essentially makes your hair look worse before it gets better.

This is VERY mentally taxing on individuals, who are probably turning to Minoxidil in the first place because they are already unhappy with their hair.

Minoxidil definitely isn’t for the weak of mind, as you have to trust the process by which it works, and be patient while you let yourself start looking even worse, on the journey to looking better.

During this initial shed phase, many simply can’t make it through this period and jump ship early.

The issue with this lies in the fact that these individuals who jump ship and stop treatment have already used Minoxidil for a short period of time and have induced the shedding phase.

Essentially inducing further hair loss without even having any improvements in store for them down the line because they discontinued the Minoxidil.

Can Minoxidil Make You Permanently Lose More Hair?

This is where a big debate has been ignited, as there are a large majority of individuals who are absolutely convinced that Minoxidil has essentially poisoned their hair and further worsened its’ state.

The other side of the spectrum has individuals who feel that even if you stop Minoxidil early, you aren’t actually furthering hair loss, rather, you are simply inducing the shed phase, and your hair will eventually return to its’ pre-Minoxidil state after the hair life cycle has completed in a few months.

The Truth

The fact of the matter is that Minoxidil stimulates hair follicles and growth, but does not reduce dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or the enzyme responsible for its accumulation around the hair follicle, 5-alpha reductase, which is the primary mediator of male pattern baldness in genetically susceptible individuals.

Therefore, when treatment is stopped, the DHT has its expected effect of shrinking and ultimately destroying the genetically predisposed hair follicles.

This means that hair loss will continue as it normally would without any hair loss protection if you stop Minoxidil, and any hair that was being grown or maintained with Minoxidil will inevitably die and fall off your head.

So, what would happen is your hair would return to the same state it was in prior to Minoxidil use, but Minoxidil won’t accelerate permanent hair loss.

It just seems like it does because so many individuals will freak out during the shedding phase, stop Minoxidil cold turkey, and then have to experience a much worse looking hair line than they previously had for a few months until the life cycle of the hair brings everything back to what it was pre-Minoxidil use.

This is why if you choose to use Minoxidil, you should be prepared to be using it for a VERY long time.

Once the life cycle of the hairs that shed have concluded and they are once again in the anagen stage, some token individuals still report that their hair is worse than it was pre-Minoxidil use, so it is only logical to assume that Minoxidil was the culprit for permanently furthering their hair loss.

On the contrary, the explanation for this scenario is rather simple as well.

By the time an individual has recovered the hairs lost from the Minoxidil shedding phase or the acute telogen effluvium induced by stopping Minoxidil, they will simply be exactly where they would be hair loss wise if they never used Minoxidil in the first place.

The issue with acute Minoxidil usage is that every one who uses it sets their base line of what they will compare their hair loss to as their first day pre-Minoxidil use.

So, when they experience acute telogen effluvium, they expect that once the mayhem has concluded that their hair should look exactly like it did on Day 1 of Minoxidil use.

The Issue With Using Minoxidil Day 1 As Your Defined Hair Reference “Baseline”

The issue with this logic is that it takes several months to fully recover your hair density from acute telogen effluvium, and in this time frame your hair loss is likely still moving you closer to the bald side of the spectrum.

So, while you sit there observing your hair recovery every day without any hair loss prevention products being used, your genetic path to baldness is still progressing like it would normally, as you have zero protection!

Many individuals seem to completely disregard this and simply think that Minoxidil furthered their hair loss, but the reality is that your hair loss is progressing just like it normally would, and even once you “recover” from post-Minoxidil shedding, your new baseline may very well be a lot worse than your previous baseline half a year ago because your Androgenic Alopecia has progressed just like it would regardless of all the other factors.

Minoxidil isn’t poison, and it has been the saviour of thousands of men’s hair, so I highly suggest you embrace it if your hair is in severe need of saving.

My Experience With Acute Telogen Effluvium

The first time I tried Minoxidil, I used way too much.

I was far too generous with my applications, and would likely double my dose on a regular basis because I wanted to ensure the stuff was working.

With Minoxidil though, you need to realize that more is not better.

And when you start using more thinking it’s going to be better results wise, you will simply increase your risk of side effects.

Within a week I had gained 7 pounds of water weight, and my face looked fat and disgusting (at least in my opinion it did).

My natural uneducated reaction back then was to stop Minoxidil cold turkey.

This is when I was introduced to my super awesome friend acute telogen effluvium (syke).

My hair shed like crazy, it was the most I had ever seen and I was getting very worried.

However, I kept up with the rest of my hair loss prevention regimen using my RU58841 every night and my Ketoconazole shampoo every time I showered, and did A LOT of research into what exactly telogen effluvium is, and my mind was soon put at ease.

Within a couple months I noticed that my hair density was starting to return to where it was previously severely thinning.

Finally, my hair had returned to base line, and my hair had not worsened in any notable way.

Another Huge Mistake Guys Make With Minoxidil

This mistake is a common one. It is where someone experiences shedding from Minoxidil, quits it cold turkey because they can’t mentally deal with it, induce acute telogen effluvium, and then hop back on Minoxidil because they are afraid of not having protection while they are still shedding.

This yo-yo effect of stopping and starting Minoxidil over and over in short bursts is just asking for side effects, and also will leave you in a state where you will never recover your hair, or improve your hair.

Minoxidil is a long-term commitment for it to work well, and it absolutely does if you trust in the process.

My Recommended Minoxidil Product

I prefer the Rogaine brand foam as it dries A LOT faster than the liquid minoxidil, and that cheap generic brand name stuff is so oily it makes your hair look terrible and greasy for hours after use.

You can get my recommended Minoxidil here: ROGAINE FOAM

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169 thoughts on “Will Your Hair Recover After Shedding Caused By Stopping Minoxidil”

  1. Derek I have been using Lipogaine shampoo. I read the bottle and I did not see the word “ketoconazole”. Do you know if Lipogaine is just as good, or would I be better off going with your Nizoral recommendation? Thank you.

    1. As long as what you are using has at least 1% Ketoconazole in it then you are g2g. If it does not, then you need to get a shampoo that does.

          1. Will it recover my hair if start using minoxidil again Derek this my 3rd stopping and reusing minoxidil

      1. I used nizoral and it has made my hair super thin and fried. Also recieded my hairline some. I stopped after 4 uses. Will my hair recover in a few months?

  2. I had a similar experience. I started monoxidil 5% last week; used 5 doses over 4 days. On day 4 i started getting mood swings, burning scalp and hives. Day 5 and 6 I stopped and bloating and fast heart rate for likr 9 hours nonstop. I went to the doctor and was told to stop for allergy reasons. It’s a bummer bc i really wanted to keep my hair. Maybe i could try again in the future with 2% as a start in very mild and sparing doses. Im on my 3rd day off it and been shedding 150+ hairs and got worried that stopping using it would make me permanently lose the shedded hair. Relieved to finally learn after so long of a search online that this hair will regrow and that my side effects were experienced by someone else who stopped in the first week. Great article I am so happy to read it.

    Did you return to monoxidil and how was the return experience and routine for someone who was also sensitive to the treatment?

    1. Yes I returned to it but as of now I’m just maintaining with RU58841 and Ketoconazole Shampoo. I may return to it in the future if needed, but I seem to be holding up pretty nicely right now.

      I wasn’t sensitive to the treatment, the shed is normal and expected, I just used way too high of a dose on my first time with Minox.

      1. I used more than was recommended on the dos and you stood on the top of my hair worrying about it getting down through my hair and not having enough getting to the scalp so I experienced seems like more shedding in the front where I didn’t really have any hair loss and I’m hoping now that I’m gone to the dosage described will it come back

      2. Hey
        I just want to say I used minoxidil for 6 month then I had stopped using it. Bc after some it was not working .so if I start again on my bald patch are there any chances of regrow of hairs on bald patch ?

        1. Impossible for me to guess. If it didn’t work for you after 6 months it probably won’t work this time unless you dermarolled too or you just didn’t wait long enough last time, or a myriad of other factors, e.g. if you’re combatting androgens or not simultaneously.

  3. Hey Derek, what a great post it seems like you really know what you’re talking about. I think you went over this, but just to clarify on my case.

    I used Minoxidil solution for 2 days back in december. I couldn’t make it reach so I applied a little more than prescribed. I went online to read a bit more about it on day 2 and realized that I would get dependent on it, so I chose to stop thinking 2 days of usage wasn’t going to cause any damage. After that I got a horrible shed mostly on the top of my scalp and now 2,5 months later my hair is a lot worse than it was before applying it. I think it made me loose most of the hairs that were miniaturizing.

    Will I eventually recover all/most of the lost thin hairs, now that I stopped? I haven’t seen any progress yet and it seems like it’s only getting worse. Is it realistic that only two doses could initialize the dread shed? I’m worried of course that I initialized shedding on weak hair follicles and that without the help of minoxidil these follicles won’t be able to regrow a new hair and have gone into a permanent resting phase. I know that without the help of minoxidil the new hairs won’t thicker, but I just want the old thin ones back.

    Thanks for a great blog,

    1. Yes it’s very possible you induced the Minoxidil shed.

      If once your hair cycle concludes you don’t recover to your pre-minox baseline, it is because your hair would have ended up there anyways from your natural hair loss progression, and not that your minox use made your hair worse.

      1. Derek,

        Around 4 weeks ago I applied a single application of Rogaine foam to my frontal hairline and temples. I decided to stop after 1 use because I had a rapid heart beat and didn’t like the idea of having to apply it twice daily. I was also scared of the shed stories so I stopped after one use. About 7-10 days later I had a huge shed (200-300 hairs) daily. Its been over 2 weeks and it isn’t slowing down. I am on Propecia for 9 years and never witnessed anything like this. Is it possible that a single application of rogaine foam can cause shedding?

          1. OMG my feeling was right, Thanks so much for the reply. One final question, any idea how long this shed will last. It’s now been 2 weeks and I’m shedding hundreds of hairs daily. I am on dht blockers (Finasteride and Avodart). Should I expect those hairs that shed to return or kiss them goodbye forever? Thanks so much for all the information, Ive been following your content closely!

          2. If you have acute telogen effluvium caused solely by Minoxidil and nothing else, and no AGA (just because you’re on 5-ar inhibitors doesn’t mean you are protected), I doubt it would last for more than a few weeks.

          3. Thanks for the reply Derek. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t minoxidil send a signal to the hairs that are in the resting phase due to shed 2-3 months to shed NOW therefore the increased shedding. If thats the case, using a dht blocker should help prevent miniaturization compared to not using one at all. Im assuming you are implying that for those with AGA (majority of minox users) that the shedding can last longer once they stop.

          4. I don’t understand your question. 5-ar inhibitors will lower the amount of DHT thus lowering miniaturization to a significant extent, yes. Still doesn’t wipe out all scalp DHT though, and also doesn’t protect you from endogenous Testosterone at all either.

  4. Sorry my question might seem redundant. But the reason why I’m asking is because there are some statements in the article that I’m probably dont comprehending correctly.

    At first I read:

    “The issue with this lies in the fact that these individuals who jump ship and stop treatment have already used Minoxidil for a short period of time and have induced the shedding phase.

    Essentially inducing further hair loss without even having any improvements in store for them down the line because they discontinued the Minoxidil.”

    Which I understood as if quitting early meant only getting the side effects and perhaps not recovering fully from them without the positive effects?

    But then I was happy to read this:
    “So, what would happen is your hair would return to the same state it was in prior to Minoxidil use, but Minoxidil won’t accelerate permanent hair loss.”

    But then I read this:
    “This yo-yo effect of stopping and starting Minoxidil over and over in short bursts is just asking for side effects, and also will leave you in a state where you will never recover your hair, or improve your hair.”

    Eventually stating that it can actually cause permanent damage, though only if done several times, but then why not when done once?

    Thank you,

    1. It doesn’t accelerate hair loss, watch the video if you aren’t sure what I mean.

      Bottom line is stopping Minoxidil will not speed up your hair loss any more than it already would be going.

  5. My family have no baldness gene. May be my hairloss is due to over masturbation. It release DHT into blood stream to my follicle. I have masturbated for a long time when I was 12. My scalp get oily and my hair gradually fall. I use Minoxidil 5% for 06 months, twice daily and stop it cold turkey. Then, I had nightmare. I can see the bald spot on my scalp at the mirror. My hairline shed terribly. Hic. I cried every night. It ruins my life.

    When I see your post, I hop that my hair recover from stopping minoxidil. It has been 4,1/2 months since stopping it and 90 days since no-fap. I will prevent DHT from attack my follicle. My scalp is less oiliy now. I’m taking some supplement for hairloss and apply onion-garlic juice to stimulate your hair.

    So, How long will it take my hair recover? I am afraid that once I touch it, it will harm my hair forever and my hair will not regrow.


    I’m 29 years-old, from Viet Nam

    1. Your hair loss is due to a predisposition to male pattern baldness. Unless you are taking some weird product or chemical that is causing you to have a temporary shed, any hair loss is the result of androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

      Your hair loss isn’t caused by jerking off.

      Start a Ketoconazole shampoo and also look into RU58841 or Finasteride.

      I use a combination of RU58841, Ketoconazole shampoo, and Minoxidil for maximum hair loss prevention.

      1. Thanks for your reply

        Because my grand father, my father, my young brother never suffer from hair loss. So I thinks my hair loss is due to imbalanced hormone.

        As you said that minoxidil can cause acute telogen Effluvium. And if someone has DHT in his blood, DHT will continue to attack his follicle if he stop minoxidil.

        So, I just want to know if I had hairloss due to some reasons except for androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness), will my hair recover? and how long it take?

        Thank you

        1. It should if it actually isn’t androgenic alopecia. It almost always is though. It takes as long as it takes for your hair life cycle to conclude. I have no idea how long it specifically would be in your case because everyone is different.

          1. Derek, thank you.

            Do you know? I read some articles on Internet that hairloss is also due to over-masturbation. I discover that in the past I had a lot of hair on my head. But since I watched porn and masturbated once or even twice daily, my hair get thinner, and 2 years ago, my hair fell gradually. because It’s just 5-6 strand, so I did not notice it.

            After that, my scalp get oily, I can feel my scalp get wet. I had to wash hair everyday. At that time,I also suffered from back lower pain, cystitis… I did not know masturbation’s side effect. Now,I get well for those diseases. So. I thinks my hair loss is due to imbalanced hormone (much more DHT in my body).

            I read your post here. It is like the motivation for me to hope my hair regrow again.

            I will wait 3-4 months to see my hair regrowth. If there is any improvement, I will notify you.


        2. Hi Derek,
          I believe I am in the same saturation (imbalanced hormone) as you. I am curious and want to know how’s your saturation now after stopping minoxidil. If you tried some other products please let me know. Thanks.

    2. Hi Garret/Dereck,

      Would like to know the condition of your hair now, it has been almost an year and 3months since you have posted this.

      I had a small bald patch and started using 5% minox for 9 months and stop. Later observed hair fall after 2 months and again started using it for 3 months and stopped it making myself strong as I cannot be dependent on this.

      Now it has been 1yr and 5 months after stopping and I still have hair fall with itching scalp. Tried homeo and other supplements and nothing have worked so far. Worried.


  6. Hey Derek, I used Rogaine 5% for about 6 months but I didn’t use it on my scalp I used it on my face to get more facial hair growth, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about that. Anyway I stopped using It cold turkey after using it everyday for 6 months, and 2 months after I stopped using it my hair started to shed like crazy, so I quit minox mid December and I started to she early March and it’s still shedding a lot to this day. Not only that but my right temple is starting to recede literally, nothing major but it’s definitely something I notice. And by the way I Never have had any problems with balding or receding hairline or thinning hair at all, this was for facial hair. And now my hair is shedding a lot and one side is receding also some of the hair in that are are shortening, also I’m losing hair on the bottom of the back of my neck (nape area), there’s like a big bald spot. So is this normal will it just grow back ? Or does this sound androgen alopecia? Which I really doubt because both sides of my family don’t have it, all my uncles are over 50 and have full heads of hair my dad also, even my grandpa passed away at 83 with a decent head of hair so what is this ?

    1. I’ve never used it for beard growth or even researched it for that reason tbh so I’m not sure. If you induced a minoxidil shed from discontinuing its’ use (assuming you’re not prone to MPB) then you should return to your hair’s baseline once the life cycle of your hair follicles has concluded and restarted.

    2. Hey, ihv had similar experience. As i see your post is of 18 march i wanted to know if your shedding has stopped ? Im also experiencing heavy shedding nearly 100+ hair evryday.

      1. Read the section “My Experience With Acute Telogen Effluvium”

        Also, losing 100 hairs each day is the normal amount of hairs every male sheds who aren’t even prone to MPB btw.

      2. Hi I’ve been using Rogaine minoxidil 5% it’s been a month but I’m still facing hair loss, for how long a have to deal with this problem. As it mentioned that it last for 2 to 3 weeks but I dont think so its the real deal I’m still losing hair.

    3. Hey Michael!
      I have done the same thing(minoxidil for beard) and having the same issue now. Can you please let me know if your shedding has stopped now? Wanted to get an idea how long this shedding would continue for me. And did you have hair thinning during this whole process?

    4. Hey Michael!

      I am in the exact same position. Used the minox for beard only and then stopped. Hair started shedding. It’s been 3 years now since I quit and hair is still shedding a lot and I’ve never had any hair loss prior to using minox for beard. No hairloss in the family as well. I wanted to see if you situation got better and what you did. The minox on face also induced all sort of libido problems.

  7. Hi Derek,
    Have you ever found it that your scalp is inflamed after working out? And that this causes major shedding? This happens within a few hours after working out and the shedding is quite significant. This has been my experience and i haven’t found this being discussed much on forums etc.

    I really like working out, but i also really like having hair; its left me in a difficult spot!
    I’d really appreciate your insight on this.

    Regimen: RU, Ketoconazole, minoxidil (stopped using fin when it stopped working for me).


    1. I actually have the same problem but I dont work out whenever I do some more intense activity like if I go mow the lawn with a hat in the sun I get really itchy on the scalp.
      what I figured out is that the head needs so much to breathe and it might not be breathing properly (my scalp is usually very dry) and it is also very sensitive in that case so you might feel like scratching like crazy but this is what not to do. i also noticed small pimples (they are not dont touch them they go away) on the head t I was scratching them and making me lose hair so much faster. do not scratch maybe pour some water on your head or just a cold towel you can massage the scalp. at least it will relieve you. I dont have the name of this problem. but I think the scalp might be having a hard time breathing if there is a lot of sweat on it or a hat on. get a hat that breathes better too. drink lots of water and make sure to eat well. I put some coconut oil and rinse on my head for a few minutes now and then just to make sure the scalp isnt dry. it might not be the solution for your problem but looks like I have the same problem. diet might be a problem too I stopped diet pepsi and eating sugar/carbs. I only started taking minoxidil last week and I can see new hair already so I dont think it could’ve been that. so I will stop immediately . I am almost positive that stress has a lot to do with my hair loss as well as the fact I didnt notice it was more itchy when doing yard work or having a stress sweat at work..

  8. Hi
    I first noticed hair loss when I started smoking marijuana daily.
    I smoked daily for 6 months, and noticed a very thinning in my hairline, on my crown and on the fronts. I quit after 6 months.
    I then panicked and started using minoxidil just a small part to test it out, which was the front left part of my scalp. I noticed intense shedding there for one month, and then stopped the minoxidil. I only used it once a day.
    The left of my scalp now looks like its receeding whilst most of the rest of my hair seems pretty normal.
    9 months after stopping minoxidil my hair has not recovered to the level it was before, although strangely I do not have any more hair loss.
    Do you have any recommendations?

      1. I have some of that, mines called ketopine shampoo, but Ive heard stories that people can lose hair using it as well, so I was always afraid to try it.

  9. Hi Derek,
    You’ve pretty much answered this but I need to ask for my own reassurance.
    I’ve been using minoxidil for 4 weeks on my receding hairline and within the past week my hairline has receding about a third of an inch and has left a lot of the top of my hair feeling thinner. So I called a hair restoration consultant and he recommended I stop and perhaps a DHT blocker would be better. But my main concern is will the loss I’ve had grow back.

    Thank you

    PS I really appreciate what you are doing here it’s putting my mind at ease.

  10. I used minox for a month and left it because i was experiencing erectile dysfunction n loss of libido. I know theres no science behind this side effect but manier people experience this nd i ws one of them. So after i left it, about in a week i started shedding crazy hair on scalp. n its been 2 weeks m shedding. What can i do to help this stop and till when is it supposed to go on?? Reading your article i think i should get back hair which i lost due to minox. But till when is it gonna go on?

  11. Hey Derek,I am 25 year old women,i have like male pattern baldness mostly at front of my head,when i have been using minoxidil for 2 months after consultanting my doctor,but its like hair fall increase on those area after i am applying minoxidil and my any one able to see my scalp ,my mum saying i loose more hair from the part i use minoxidil, after researched a lot i found its normal but i am afraid now as its 2 month and no improvement, please suggest.

    1. You don’t have male pattern baldness because you are not a male.

      Have you checked your thyroid function via blood work? How old are you? Check your ferritin levels (iron), and check your TSH, T4, T3, and Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies.

      If you are a female dealing with shedding, it is usually caused via some other pathway other than DHT unless you are using Anabolic Steroids.

      1. I am 25,I do not have issue with thyroid, and i am taking iron tablets now after consultanting doctors no other medicines

        1. Tough to say then, as my expertise is in male pattern baldness. How much Minoxidil are you using and how many times per day? Did it just start thinning out of nowhere? Or did you use Minoxidil to just increase your thickness and then you started shedding only after starting it?

          1. I am using it twice a day morning and evening, when my hairlines visible ,i consulted doctor and she suggest me to use it but suddenly hair fall incresed after using it.

          2. So why did you start using it? Was your hair just thin and then you started using it to get some thickness? Or were you shedding an unusually high amount prior to using it so that’s the reason you started it in the first place?

  12. As per your experience,for how many days or months the excessive shedding continued after you stopped using minoxidil cold turkey??

    1. Within a couple months I noticed that my hair density was starting to return to where it was previously severely thinning. The shedding stopped within a couple weeks of discontinuing the Minoxidil if I recall correctly.

  13. Does this shedding period after stopping minoxidil cold turkey(after using it for a week) varies from person to person??How long people shed after stopping minoxidil cold turkey??As in your case it lasted for couple of weeks.

    1. Hi Derek
      Do you think it’s possible to stop taking rogaine without this shocking the system into TE. I’m sure the initial shedding will continue but will the act of stopping the medication always cause TE in your opinion.

    1. Depends because if your hair loss continues on its’ genetically predisposed path if you aren’t using anything else to protect you from DHT, then your shedding could just go on forever and this could be perceived incorrectly as post-minoxidil shedding, but in reality it is just your hair continuing how it was genetically supposed to go anyways.

  14. In my case it is not genetic because my dad at the age of 60 has full hair on his head.

    In my case i had very less shedding before i started using minoxidil like 4 to 5 hairs on shampoo. I started using minoxidil and then as per my blood test i was B12 deficient as well.So,i stopped using minxidil after using it only for a week.But as every1 faces the problem of increase in shedding after stopping minoxidil.Its been 40 days after stopping minoxidil the increase in shedding is still there.So wat do u suggest in my case??

    1. Just because your dad has a full head of hair, that does not mean at all that you got his hair genetics. I have two uncles on one side of my family (they are brothers obviously), one is bald, and one has a full head of hair. Hair genetics don’t always come from the same place. It’s supposed to be your mom’s dad anyways is the supposed place where you get the genes, not your own dad.

  15. Hi Derek,
    Your post almost answered all the questions I had about Minoxodil and pattern baldness. However, I have a question – I didn’t have pattern baldness as such, just slightly thinning of hair from the frontline of my scalp. I used to take Niacin, as suggested to me by my doctor, and my hair fall had completely stopped. I noticed a smal bald patch on the baseline of my scalp a few months ago, and decided to see a hair specialist. He put me on minoxidil 5% and finasteride (one pill/day). As is in the case of minoxidil, I am shedding hair and also experiencing terrible side effects (hives, itchy/burning scalp). Can I discontinue minoxidil and continue finasteride and niacin instead? Will hair still shed because of discounting minoxidil? Or will I be able to avoid hair fall because of the continuation of finasteride?

    Please advise.

        1. There is an acute shedding phase associated with the start of Minoxidil use, as well as the start of Finasteride use. They both typically subside after a few months once the miniaturized hairs have been shed and regrowth starts coming in. I would try a different type of Minoxidil if I were you instead of just dropping it cold turkey unless you really don’t think you need it. Have you tried the Rogaine foam linked in my RU58841 article? Niacin won’t do a thing compared to Finasteride and Minoxidil.

          1. Hi Derek-

            So it’s been about 3 months since I’m on minoxidil and finasteride, and all I’ve seen is hair shedding. My hairline has receded tremendously and volume has disappeared. What I’m saying is that while I was on niacin alone (1 tablet a day), i had completely stopped shedding. Not even one strand a day ( I’m not kidding). What I’m asking is do you think minoxidil can do more harm than repair in some cases? Thank you. And, if I need to stop this hair fall mayhem, what else can I do to protect my hair from falling while transitioning away from minoxidil and finasteride?

          2. The general consensus is to wait a year, but most don’t make it that far patience wise if they don’t see results sooner. The first few months of both can be brutal, typically after a few months has passed is when the regrowth starts happening. I’m not going to give you a concrete answer though as it is different for everyone.

  16. Hi, I used minoxidil for ~5 months and it worked good for me. But I also started getting facial hair, red skin, swollen eyes. So I stopped applying minoxidil after 5 months. Now the facial hair is making me nuts. Do you know how long it might take for facial hair to go away.
    I used minoxidil foam. Once in 2 days. I am seeing some shedding from scalp but it isn’t too bad as I expected reading online about it. This worries me even more about the facial hair. Do you think they will definitely fall off or there is a very small probability they stay.

  17. Hi Derek,
    I was using a 5% solution which had both minoxidil and finasteride for the past 10 months, along with biotin and androanagen medicines. But I stopped 3 months back after seeing amazing results. Now past one month I have experienced a lot of shedding and hair are completely back to what they were 10 months back. Now I am restarting the same treatment, but want to know that will I get the same results again or less result or no result at all.

    1. You will more than likely get results, but if it will be as much as the first time you used it is impossible to say.

  18. Hi, so I started minoxidil 4 an half months ago, in one month I noticed my hairline had receded back about a centimeter. So I stopped because heard of shedding but this was my hair line disappearing. now it’s been 3 months later and the hair I lost has not grown back and to make matters worse my hair line receded more and my hair has really thinned out and it gets worse every week. My hair loss was minimal before this I just wanted to thicken my hair line up a bit. Big mistake. But I’m wondering because I still have hope things will get better so have you heard of this before and what was the outcome if you mind. I really appreciate your help thanks.

    1. Mahua Majumdar

      Pls reply.. I too experienced the same … Pls tell after stopping it did ur hair regrow.. or did u take ny medications or natural therapy..

  19. i had sudden hairloss in one year i lost my 50% hair and the hairloss is only from the top of head not in sides and back, which type of hairloss is this? hair loss is random and it doesn’t seem that i have MPB or alopecia areata but i may have telogen effluvium. i have started using minoxidil my shedding phase of minoxidil has stopped, i have some regrowth but that regrown hair are very thin and that too falls. my rest of the hairs are very thick and this small new hair are thin what this indicates?

  20. I’m using minoxidil 5% from past 2.5 months,And my hair density has decreased 35%,I’m 38 years old female Do I get my hair back and how long it would take if there is any possibility. Worried so much

    1. I can’t say with 100% certainty what will happen and when. You have gone through the shedding phase and should start experiencing regrowth, and healthier thicker hair in the end IF you stick with a consistent regimen as outlined on the recommended usage guidelines on the product. Or you can stop using it and return to whatever baseline your hair would have been at by now had you never used Minoxidil.

  21. So u want that I should stick on minoxidil for more time. Let me know plz approx how much time I need to wait for any regrowth on my scalp?and does prp is also beneficial?if yes when should I start taking prp treatment.

    1. I also want to tell that I use twice daily regaine 5%from past 2.5months religiously.and taking proanagen tablet once daily.when my hairfalling get stopped

    2. I’d give it more time than 2.5 months. I’d give it a year to be honest. You are just now starting to enter the months when regrowth will start happening.

  22. I also want to tell that I use twice daily regaine 5%from past 2.5months religiously.and taking proanagen tablet once daily.when my hairfalling get stopped

  23. I have been using Rogaine for a year now and no doubt it is good. I am thinking to Switch Biotopic over Rogaine. But the only concern here is, If i start using Biotopic should i stop Rogaine or use both for better results.

  24. Hello, first of all, thank you, I was eating diet pills two months later, crazy hair loss, after falling back to the original half, what should I do?now with the Rogaine, Nizoral to use every day?Help me, thank you.

  25. Hi Derek,
    My doctor just had a look at my hair and asked if I had baldness running in the family I said yes because dad was bald but in his 40’s. my doctor prescribed me miniscalp 5% and some vitamin tablets for 6 months only. I was worried what wouldn’t happen if I stopped after 6 months ? Would I lose my hair again ? Is it mandatory to use miniscalp only or can I use regaine also ? Does minoxidil need to be used forever ??

    1. What’s miniscalp 5%? Just a brand of a liquid Minoxidil? And I don’t understand your question. You’re worried about what wouldn’t happen if you stopped? Wouldn’t happen? Stopping what? Regaine?

      1. Yes Derek sorry for typing mistake, I’m worried what would happen after I stopped regaine also yes miniscalp 5% is a liquid minoxidil. Once I start I need to use it for life right ??

        1. Any hair you grow from Minoxidil is Minoxidil dependent and would require you stay on Minoxidil to maintain it. Once you stop Minox, any Minox dependent hair will fall out.

          1. Hey Derik I got my answer to my questionsafter reading it carefully anyways great article. I wanted to ask that no one in my family have hair loss. I am the youngest and all my cousins who are like 28 and 35 years old all have have full hair. I have approximately 20 male cousins. All my uncles 11 of them have full set of hair and my both mum and dad fathers. My eldest uncle is 60 and has hair like 1i years old with a proper hairline. My father on the other hand has lost his crown area and some hairline but the remaining hair he has are extremely thick because u can tell and I took some out as well and they feel really thick. He is 50 and stated losing hair when he was like 40. He also stresses a lot had a poor diet and smokes like 6 ciggerettes a day since he was 20. Do I also have male pattern baldness because one year ago I had really thick and volume hair but slowly I started to lose hair and got thinner. This is because I failed my exams and had to retake because of that in that one year I got into depression and useto sat a up late sleep late put on 10kg and poor diet and always useto stress. What do u think and did u suffer from male pattern baldness. Thank u

          2. If you are noticing thinning/recession that resembles MPB/androgenic alopecia then it’s safe to say you likely have MPB. If you had a shed from stress then that would grow back and has nothing to do with MPB.

  26. Hi Derek,

    I am a 34 year old female. I went through a traumatic life event about 1.5 years ago. About 2-3 months later I noticed thinning of my hair overall and at the hair line. After seeing a few different dermatologists (who diagnosed me with Telogen Effluvium and possible mild female AGA), I decided to try minoxidil 5% foam, which I used for about 18 days along with topical Ketoconazole foam. I experienced side effects and got nervous about shedding/long-term dependency, so decided to stop both treatments. I wanted to know if there is any possibility that my hair became dependent on minoxidil for that period of use, and if there is a chance it could have made hair fall out that won’t recover.


    1. The only hair that is dependent on Minoxidil is hair that grew as a result of Minoxidil, which after 18 days would have been none.

  27. Hi Derik great info, I wanted to ask that i am using laser hair therapy. My doctor said that I should also use minoxidil. I used it for three 3 weeks then I stopped it. It was because my scalp and skin got really really dry. With that I also had lots of hair shedding which I read is normal but I did not have any new hair growth as I only used it for 3 weeks. My main concern is that will I be effected by the side effects of minoxidil, will the hair that have shed be lost for ever or will they grow back. Note I only used minoxidil for 3 weeks. Also will I have further hair shedding after stopping minoxidil form 3 weeks of usage. Than you.

  28. Hi Derik another question what is your view on laser hair therapy. Would u recommend something apart from minoxidil and fanasteride. I am 18 year old male with thing hair and hairline and hair shedding for about one year. Before that I had great thick silky volume hair. In fact people useto compliment my hair. But now they are shedding and thinning. Thanks

  29. Hi Derek. It’s possible that rogaine will make you shed and not grow back those hairs. The other concern is yes the hairs one sheds on minox and doesn’t grow back are hairs that would have fallen out regardless due to mpb. The only problem is that those hairs might have lasted 5 more years if the person never used minoxidil. If Rogaine doesn’t work for you it can greatly accelerate your mpb areas faster than it would have happened naturally. Rogaine is big gamble in my opinion. I use it with so so success. It thinned out the areas I put it on and stableizd it there in a thinner state than when I started. I’ve tried both foam and liquid. Personally I think the liquid is more potent but each person is different. If Propecia works for someone and stablizes their hair loss. I would advise them to not touch Rogaine. Plus I heard you need a certain enzyme in your body to be a responder to Rogaine.

  30. Hi Derek.
    I’m not sure I read this part correctly. You briefly mentioned what I think are your beliefs from what happens when you use too much Rogaine per treatment (let’s say approximately double the amount). I believe you said that there are more side effects, possibly precisely more shedding and even a bloated face? Is a bloated face, more water retention, a consequence of Rogaine?
    Sweet Jesus this is a hell of a gamble!
    I ask this because I have been applying a generous amount on my beard and front of scalp for the last 2 months. And I feel that my face looks fatter in photos and also in the mirror. I wasn’t sure if that was just because I experienced accelerated shedding and the diminished hairline gave the impression of a fatter face.
    Side comment: Shedding is the real deal. I have sparse hairs in the front of my hairline now, of which I have never seen before. Its always been a tight ship in front. Praying for a Christmas miracle.
    Minoxidil seems to be for gambling men 🙂
    Thank you for any reply.

    1. Hey Carl,

      Shedding is supposed to happen, that isn’t something you prevent by using an accurate dosage. The bloated face is something that can occur at a normal dose as well, it just doesn’t always happen to everyone.

  31. Hi Derek,

    Your forum is very interesting and informative. I am a female with extremely high testosterone levels (in all three testosterone blood tests) due to HRT (pellet therapy). Shedding is crazy! I have been to several dermatologists and both believe it is DHT conversion. All other blood work is normal. Both recommended Rogaine 5% but a hair specialist recommended Rogaine 14%. I have never heard of this strength nor can I find anything on the internet about it. Do you have any knowledge of this? That high dose scares me with regard to shedding.

    Thank you,

    1. If your issue is DHT related then Minoxidil would just be a temporary bandaid and you would eventually need something to address the DHT/androgens itself. Minox will just expedite hair growth, making it appear like you are saving your hair, but you are just growing more at a faster rate. You will still be losing just as much as you would normally, because the DHT would be still miniaturizing the hair follicles. Addressing the root of the issue would require that you block DHT from binding topically, or systemically wiping it out with something.

  32. Hey Derek i used minoxidil for 2 weeks now and experienced extreme hair shedding. I stopped immediately. Will my hair grow back to its pre-minox state? I haven’t had too bad hair loss to begin with. I just kinda panic-started minoxidil…

      1. Hey Derek, thanks for this. There are so few places on the Internet where they address this. I thought it would’ve been more common since minoxidil is a very common otc drug. I wanted to know how regrowth was like for you. Did it start as very thin hairs and get thick over time? Thanks

  33. Hey,

    I’ve read that you don’t use Minox anymore but I was wondering if using minox foam instead of liquid may be less beneficial as you can’t be so precise with it when applying to the scalp.
    Is there a greater benefit in using liquid over foam with regards to the effects or do you think it makes just a minor difference?

    1. If anything being precise with foam would be easier as it doesn’t run down your scalp all down your head imo. I doubt there’s a huge difference (if any) in efficacy, but foam won’t make your hair look like trash.

  34. Used minoxidill .5 % for two weeks and stopped cold turkey noticing hair shed. Now it is shedding crazy since 4 weeks non stop.Does this end or i have to consult doctor. I have just started minoxidill to stop hair fall which was really very less.please tell me when does the shedding stop, do i recover my shedded hair.hair cycle means what’s the time taken.
    Does healthy hair also shed due to minoxidill using or the dormant hair.

    1. Did you even read the article?

      And yes you can shed healthy hair (non-miniaturized hair) during Minoxidil induced shedding. This is to make room for thicker hair once your hair life cycle has made it back to the growth stage.

      You need to understand that Shedding does not = Androgenic Alopecia

  35. Hey Derek, I was on minoxidil for about two years before I stopped cold turkey, the shedding phase was crazy and after about 7 months I got back on it, I was again using it for 15 months before I decided to switch to the pill version taking 1mg of minox and 0.5mg of finasteride, the results weren’t good as my hairline was slightly pushed back and hair was thinning, so my doctor upped the dosage. I knew the shedding phase was going to occur and my hair is very thin right now (similar to when I originally stopped). My intention is to eventually get myself off minoxidil and rely on more natural remedies.
    My question is: if I were too slowly get myself off of minoxidil by gradually lessening my dosage over the months, if I will be able to keep my hair without noticeable hair shedding?

    1. You cannot keep any hair that has grown from Minoxidil. Those hairs are Minoxidil dependent and have nothing to do with androgen sensitivity. Once you stop Minoxidil, any hair you grew directly from the Minoxidil will fall out. If you gradually taper down you won’t prevent yourself from losing your Minoxidil dependent hairs.

  36. HI, Derek I am 2 years old and have started minoxidil 20 days ago.

    I have three questions.
    1) If you have stopped using Minoxidil then how are you preventing hair loss?
    2) If minoxidil shedding has stopped can it again restart a few months later?
    3) Does minoxidil become ineffective in the longer use say 5, 10 or 15 years of use ?

    Also please guide me if I should start minoxidil at this early age or should I stop it’s usage now and start later in life?

    1. 1) Read my RU58841 update article. I outline my current regimen in there. Minoxidil doesn’t prevent hair loss at all FYI, it just increases your rate of growth and quality of growth. You will still have all of your non-minoxidil dependent hairs being miniaturized by androgens on your scalp, you will just be offsetting the visual loss by growing at a better rate than you were before, but you will still lose all your DHT affected hair just the same.
      2) No, the shedding is when your hair is being forced into the later stages of the hair life cycle quicker to make room for new/better growth. It can’t restart unless you stop it or don’t use it properly. Any shedding after the Minox shed would be your own predisposed androgenic alopecia.
      3) Impossible for me to say, but I doubt it.

      It’s the last thing I would add in of all options personally (especially as it doesn’t actually prevent androgenic alopecia) but everyone has a different preference. It’s up to you man.

  37. You said I will be losing my DHT affected hair even after using minoxidil.
    1) does that mean If I am using minoxidil still my hairline will recede in the coming years or will it stay the same ?
    2) You said that it is the last thing you will recommend than what else do you recommend that I should do to prevent further hair loss and regrow the old one’s ?

    I have been using minoxidil only for around 20 days so If you suggest something else I will be able to stop minoxidil in it’s early days itself.
    Please Guide.

    1. 1) All hair prone to androgenic alopecia (every hair on the top of your head that isn’t Minoxidil dependent/grown by Minox) will be prone to hair loss. Minox does nothing to block DHT or inhibit it.
      2) 5-AR inhibitor for lowering systemic DHT and/or topical Anti-Androgen for preventing miniaturization at the hair follicles

  38. I’ve recently stopped minoxidil due to the unbearable water weight and somehow, i realize due to the drop in Blood Pressure and so forth… i have been erection issues as well as drop in testosterone. Do note that i have been using minoxidil for 3 years. Never had any issue.

    I slowly stopped minoxidil to regain my drop in testosterone as well as my blood pressure. I became much happier and my water weight has dropped tremendously. At least now i could see the shape of my body better.

    Since i have quit minoxidil, the only next safer option i have is PRP (monthly basis) & LLLT (low level laser helmet). Im in my second month of quitting Minoxidil, i have yet to see any sudden shed of my existing hair. Im not sure and not ready for this. I just hope the monthly PRP helps.

    What;s your take on this?

    1. I think you’re wasting your time because all you’re doing is trying to stimulate new growth but you aren’t addressing the root of the issue, which is the androgens in your body that circulate due to being a man.

      Growth stimulators are complementary additions, not the meat and potatoes. If you are only using things to induce growth, it is just a bandaid that will eventually fail.

      Minoxidil, PRP, LLLT – you are not preventing miniaturization of the hair follicles from binding androgens, therefore you aren’t preventing further loss, you’re just inducing better growth, but you’re basically trying to swim against the current when you do this.

  39. So I’ve used minoxidil on my front hairline on April 2017 and had a lot of hair loss in the first month. I panicked and stopped. And it continued till today to keep losing hair. None has grown back. Any suggestions please thanks.

  40. I just stopped minoxidil today because I gained 10 pounds and I get tightness in my chest. How long does it take to return to your original weight? I have only been on it for 40 days. I do not see any growth if anything, i lost a lot of hair.

  41. Derek,

    I was using minoxidil for about 3-4 weeks and stopped cold turkey. I used it mainly on my hairline as the reason I started was because I noticed a milk crows foot on one side and sort of panicked. It’s been about 5-6 months, I’ve started noticing hair growth again but it is still alongside a lot of shedding, when will the shedding stop? And do you think I should consider cutting my hair short? As my hair was pretty long to begin with? I am a 23 y/o male, if that helps you in answering my question? Also I never noticed losing any hair prior to the minoxidil.. it was just sort of a panic on my end..

    1. Never if you’re prone to hair loss and you aren’t combatting androgens directly. If you experienced a minox induced shed and nothing was actual androgenic alopecia then it would all grow back.

  42. Ok there is a lie about tipo of drugs en general, this kind of drugs is a recycled one, in some cases work and other no, nobody can say and recomend minox saying is 100% effective, is not, is like say quimioterqphy is the cure for cancer come on that is a joke very far from that. In some people make hair worst and is true other work very good, use below ur own risk, the derma o doctors send u any shit to make mon3y they really dont care, and 6-8 month is enougt to see is some drug is working, 2 year na ehat kind of shit is this, in my case i dont use minox again in my life 7-8 month hair density fall 50% and i just apply in one zone no all the head, anyway all know thie garbage go direct to the blood. Resume this work in 40% of cases with poor resulst. Better make hair transplant full bht with bear and stop using this garbage. End

  43. Hi Derek, I am Ravi 28 y Male and I had been on minoxidil almost 5 years. And for the first two years I used it once 5% strength a day before going to bed. And after that I am using it on alternate days.
    The other day I am applying luke warm castor oil to my hair. But I can say minoxidil helped me to some extent and not a satisfactory level.
    Before 5 months I switched from 5% to 10% strength minoxidil with the same regimen applying on alternate days. It’s been 6 days I stopped using minoxidil ,but applying castor oil daily. As of now I am not seeing any acceleration in my hair shedding and its asusual.

    Now my doubt is do I start shedding more hair after a month or so?
    Sorry if my English is bad.


    1. You weren’t using it properly to begin with (using it only once and on alternating days) so I can’t predict if you will shed more than it already is or not.

        1. You haven’t ever used it correctly so the question should be should you start using it properly, and the answer to that question would be determined by if you’re willing to apply it correctly and if you care about increased density relative to the inconvenience of applying it 2x per day. You need to answer that question not me.

  44. Hello DEREK,
    I am using minoxidil 7.5% from 1 month and my hairs are small means trimmed.
    and I want my hairs to be small coz they are easy to handle, so could I trim my hairs regularly each month while regularly using minoxidil.

  45. Derek,

    I’m 44 and have slight bald spot just starting to show. I like to shower twice a day. Wake and before bed. How/when should I use minoxidil foam (hour before shower? or after shower on damp hair?). And do you think this would be a solution. My goal is to halt the MPB that is now becoming apparent. Or should I focus on DHT blocking instead? What protocol has the least side effects based on your research? Thank you

    1. Putting it on right before you wash your hair (AKA washing out the Minoxidil) is not a good idea. Nor is applying it with damp hair.

      Minoxidil doesn’t stop loss, it just grows hair. Read my other hair loss prevention articles.

  46. Hi Derek!
    I did the same mistake of stopping minoxidil suddenly. (And I’ve decided to discontinue it forever). And it’s shedding a lot now. All my hair have become thinner than usual. So HOW LONG will this “acute telogen effluvium” last? It’s been almost 3 months now, and thinning and shedding still continues. Will it take longer?

    1. “Within a couple months I noticed that my hair density was starting to return to where it was previously severely thinning.”

      I can’t predict how long yours will last, that’s how long mine was though.

  47. I thought I had slight thinning hair on the top back end of my scalp above my cowlick, so I used minoxidil for 2 months before I stopped last week because I realized that I might not even be affected by MPB. I stopped mainly b/c I saw two pictures of my scalp that were taken 18 months apart and they looked the same. My hair is shedding pretty crazy right now. I’m hoping it will stop soon. I take coconut oil infused biotin and a tbsp of blackstrap molasses everyday to be safe. Theoretically my hair should be back to normal if what I assume after reading this article.

    1. In theory, but you have no protection from AGA, so you are still going to be experiencing miniaturization during that recovery period, so maybe not.

  48. So I started minoxidil in May of this year, and stopped towards the end of July due to worsening of my hair loss and some other semi-serious side effects (mainly cardiovascular related one). I just had slight thinning in a certain area, but then extended the minoxidil usage all over my scalp as a preventive measure, which looking back was an extremely foolish idea as I wasn’t sure I had MPB, but that induced a shed ever since. So I would suppose that I am now experiencing a form of TE, but as a cautionary precaution I’ve now started finasteride to see the results I obtain from the drug but also to avoid the growing hairs to come back thinner. My question would this theoretically be the same as your use of RU during your recovery? I would greatly appreciate your input!

    1. I’m not sure what you’re asking exactly but if you induce TE, if those hairs aren’t miniaturized then they should grow back just fine.

      1. Does RU cause shedding also ? I stopped minoxidil after 3 uses. So dumb. Wish I never started. So now just want to do RU and keta shampoo. Should I wait until the shedding phase stops with minoxidil to do RU? Or keep using it? And fit only 3 uses how long would you think the shedding phase will be ?!

  49. A doctor told me she was injecting my blood plasma and mixed it with Minoxidil and Finestride! My curls have grown in flat, limp and thin now. Its almost a year later. I only did 2 injections. Im heartbroken. My hair was thick and post chemo. My hair is growing in whispy. Will my hair ever go back?

  50. hey :). I hope you really can help me here..
    I used minoxidil foor 6 weeks on my beard and start shedding. I stopped after 6 weeks of use and want to know if I get my full thick hair back again just like 6 mouts ago??. and of yes after how many mouths i get my nice hair back lol.
    peace and thx !

  51. hey derek, i’ve read that liquid minoxidl that contains ppg is actaully mch better than minoxidil foam because it’s stays longer on the scalp. what is your take on this?

  52. Hey Derek,

    Are you still maintaining with just RU and keto? I keep seeing people say that hair grown with minox will be lost after stopping it, but I’m not sure why that would happen if DHT is being controlled. Thanks!

  53. Hello Derek,

    If I have lost all the hair from the crown area and if I limit the use of minoxidil only in that area I do not have to worry about shedding from rest of the head right? or does shedding occur randomly? I am trying minoxidil 5% for the first time.
    and Thanks for such amazing content!! love your podcasts

  54. Hi Derek,
    So I’ve been on Fin 1mg a day for over 5 years now. I have seen phenomenal results.
    5 months ago I had this brilliant idea of starting with minoxidil 5%- It worked nicely for a good 2-3 months but I was not consistant at all. Eventually ditched it completely and saw like 30% of my hair fall within 2-3 weeks(diffuse thinning all over my head, my hairline has not receded though).
    It’s been 2 months since I stopped, hair loss has since slowed down but I do not see noticeable improvement. Do I just stick to Fin and hope to see regrowth again? What do you think?

  55. You said for it to go to pre minoxidil is not possible because hair keeps on losing normally even after you stop minoxidil .. but what if we trim our hair in that case are not losing hair at least not that much right so would it be back to normal ?

  56. Hi Derek,

    You’ve made quite a lot of videos on your current hair loss prevention routine and the products you take to stop further hair loss, however, I don’t recall there being a video where you’ve described how you recovered the hair you already lost when you started balding. From what I’m reading in the articles, is it correct that you used micro-needling, then monoxodil regain foam to recover your hairline and balding, then you retained the hairs you gained with your current routine of micro-needling, RU58841 and Ketoconazole shampoo? Thanks

  57. Hey Derek, thanks for this. There are so few places on the Internet where they address this. I thought it would’ve been more common since minoxidil is a very common otc drug. I wanted to know how regrowth was like for you. Did it start as very thin hairs and get thick over time? Thanks

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