Calum Von Moger after recovering from injury. What's the secret to Calum Von Moger gaining muscle back so quickly?

How Calum Von Moger Gained His Muscle Back So Fast | Banked Myonuclei

Calum Von Moger Injuries

Calum Von Moger tore his bicep in 2017 which took him out of commission for several months.

Shortly after recovering from that bicep tear, Calum had an even more severe injury occur in April 2018.

As a bodybuilder, obviously this was extremely demoralizing for him, and he spent the majority of 2018 recovering from his injuries.

As you would expect, he lost a significant amount of size.

After having recovered from the April 2018 injuries, Calum started to gain size back very quickly.

So quickly that many were baffled as to how someone could gain so much muscle in such a short span of time.

In this article, I’m going to explain what the “secret” was to his quick comeback.

The Real Reason Why Calum Von Moger Gained Size Back So Quickly

And no, before you just say “steroids”, please show me someone who is a veteran steroid user who has been saucing for years who is able to gain a lean 30+ pounds in a matter of months.

It’s impossible, unless you fall into one of 2 scenarios:

  1. You are recovering from an injury, surgery, or sickness
  2. You’ve allowed yourself to downsize by taking time off of the typical dosages of exogenous hormones you use

In Calum Von Moger’s case, he lost what appeared to be 30+ pounds (just a ball park guess).

The only reason he was able to gain back that size so quickly is the bank of myonuclei he had built up prior to being injured.

In other words, muscle memory.

Muscle Memory

There is no secret to how Calum Von Moger gained so much size back so quickly.

The reality is that he’s just built up a strong bank of myonuclei and is able to bounce back quick once adequate stimuli is reintroduced.

He’s very likely using the same hormones and same dosages as he used to.

Probably the same hormones and dosages that most regular joes with subpar genetics use who crank at your local gym too.

Using a sufficient amount of exogenous hormones, coupled with consistent training and adherence to a decent diet would allow him bounce back extremely quickly.

This is not limited just to genetic freaks with superior genetic response.

The reason he was able to build such an impressive physique in the past was due to his superior genetic response to both drugs and training.

But, the reason he was able to gain the amount of muscle back that he did so quickly was due to the fact that he had already built that muscle in the past.

Muscle memory is a phenomenon in the human body wherein the accrual of myonuclei is permanent.

Meaning, even if you are sidelined by an injury, or come off of gear, or just stop training and dieting correctly in general, while you will inevitably lose size, any progress you’ve made in the past is essentially logged in your muscle tissue.

The myonuclei remains there, regardless if you tore your bicep curling with Chris Bumstead and are forced to take several months off the gym [R].

This is why when you get back in the gym after an injury, or after surgery, you can gain size back so quickly, because it never really disappeared to begin with.

The cells are still present, and it is up to you to induce hypertrophy in them again to get back to where you left off.

In addition, more recent studies also suggest that the myonuclei gained from using supraphysiological amounts of exogenous androgens also sticks around forever [R].

This is big because the data available now not only implies that you can bounce back to your genetic potential very quickly, but you can even bounce back to a physique far past your genetic potential very quickly too once sufficient amounts of exogenous androgens are reintroduced.

It also suggests that there is a performance enhancing advantage to having used exogenous hormones, even if you have been natural for years.

Kevin Levrone – Another Prime Example Of Muscle Memory

When Kevin Levrone needed to get back in shape and come out of retirement, within short order he blew back up and took full advantage of that myonuclei bank (muscle memory) he had accrued throughout his career.

Kevin Levrone before and after bodybuilding
Kevin Levrone before working out, in his prime, and then after retiring from bodybuilding

It is also well known that Kevin would take many months off of bodybuilding even during his prime, and then grow into the Olympia every year.

This was accomplished through the exact same mechanism.

He had built up the majority of his size throughout the beginning of his career, which then allowed him the opportunity to come off the drugs and downsize during portions of the year and clean out his system.

As the date of the Olympia would draw closer the following year, Kevin would reintroduce a strict diet and training regimen, as well as the exogenous hormone support needed to blow back up within just a handful of months to prepare for the show.

Kevin Levrone 1997 Vs 2016 Physique

Obviously building an impressive physique like Kevin’s would be impossible within a handful of months, even with his alien-like genetics.

But, stimulating hypertrophy in existing muscle cells to blow back up to your peak in a handful of months after jumping back on cycle, that is definitely in the realm of possibility for some individuals.

Obviously Kevin Levrone is an extreme genetic outlier, but he is a prime example of what superior genetic response coupled with taking advantage of muscle memory can look like in practical application in a bodybuilding context.

The time Kevin took off undoubtedly helped him stay healthier throughout his prime bodybuilding years, where many other guys were likely brutalizing their bodies year round.

In regards to this article in particular, it serves as another notable reference of what is possible in the most extreme of related scenarios.

The Bank Of Myonuclei Calum Von Moger Built Up

Calum Von Moger started bodybuilding at 14 years old [R].

He went on to win his first bodybuilding competition in 2010.

Calum had been consistently training for 13 years before he experienced the bicep tear in 2017.

And he had likely been using anabolic steroids for at least a handful of years prior to the injury as well.

As you can imagine, that’s a significant amount of time to build up a huge bank of myonuclei (muscle memory).

Via that bank of muscle memory, Calum is easily able to gain back huge amounts of size even after significant setbacks.

So many naive people assumed his career was over once they saw how much he had regressed.

That is definitely not the case.

Extremely quickly, Calum was able to pack on that “lost” size again.

He hasn’t recovered 100% of his size, but the difference between him at his most downsized compared to now literally looks like a 5+ year bodybuilding transformation.

I believe at his age, Calum could gain the remainder of his lost size back pretty easily in another few months if he really wanted to.

This would likely involve steroid use at dosages exceeding high-normal TRT, and who knows if he really wants to push his body that hard anymore.

He could be hair loss conscious now and perhaps doesn’t want to push his androgen load too high, we don’t know for sure.

All that matters is understanding that there isn’t some secret you are missing out on.

He’s not using Increlex, he’s not using 5 grams of gear, he’s probably doing the exact same thing he used to do and is in the gym again consistently giving his body the stimuli it needs to get back to where it was.

What This Means For You?

If you are a natural athlete, do not waste your youth when your endogenous androgens are peaking and you have the greatest opportunity to build up a strong myonuclei bank that you can then lean on down the line in old age, during injury recovery, after surgery, or whenever needed.

If you use anabolics, or plan on it, this is also why it’s absolutely critical that you do not waste your blast phases with a sh*tty half-assed diet and training regimen if you are not thoroughly knowledgable on how to take full advantage of food, programming, and pharmacology to maximize your progress during your opportunity windows.

Maintaining a physique is WAY easier than building it.


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