A depiction of a woman using a nandrolone analog for birth control, much like a deca only cycle

Half The Female Population Uses A Nandrolone Analog For Birth Control | Deca Only Cycle

A rabbit hole I've been going down over the past few months is the Deca only cycle, synthetic progestins, and Nandrolone analogs.

Something right in front of our faces is the fact that women are being prescribed a Nandrolone analog for contraception.

“The progestins found in hormonal contraceptives are most commonly a derivative of 19-nortestosterone progestin” [R].

One progestin that is commonly prescribed to women as birth control is Levonorgestrel.

Also known as 17α-Ethynyl-18-methyl-19-nortestosterone.

Sounds familiar right?

19-nortestosterone is Nandrolone.

If your girl is on birth control, there is a high likelihood that she is either using this drug, or another similar analog.

Even the “Morning After Pill” (Plan B) is literally just a mega-dose of Levonorgestrel.

Taking this into consideration, it sheds more light on the potential therapeutic applications Nandrolone (or its analogs) could have in men, and opens up a whole new area of data we can refer to, as these Nandrolone analogs have been extensively studied in humans.

What Is 19-nortestosterone?

“19-nortestosterone” is another name for the anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS), Nandrolone.

Nandrolone is most commonly found in the bodybuilding community as a performance enhancing/muscle building agent.

It has a more ideal level of tissue selectivity than Testosterone.

While Nandrolone can have a multitude of esters attached to it, the most popular is Nandrolone Decanoate, which is just Nandrolone with a Decanoate ester attached to it.

It is commonly just called “Deca” in the bodybuilding community.

I've discussed the potential therapeutic promise of Deca in a hair loss prevention context before in previous videos.

Male Hormonal Contraceptives

The 19-nor's are among the most suppressive steroids out there, and expectedly, they seem to be the prime candidates of interest when it comes to potential male hormonal contraceptives.

While being preoccupied researching things like Nandrolone and Trestolone, I was completely overlooking the fact that the same principles apply to female contraception in many regards.

And by reverse engineering their current therapeutic treatments, you can start to piece together more information that is applicable to us.

There is a significantly greater amount of human data on female contraceptives than there is on many of the steroids we try to research about, and some of the information is very relevant and insightful to reference.

Progestins are the candidate of choice when it comes to female contraception, and it isn't surprising that in male contraceptive research the involvement of a progestin seems necessary to facilitate the most consistent success rate as well.

Even among the more cutting edge compounds in development like the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) S23, infertility could not be consistently achieved with S23 and Estradiol, and it is speculated that the use of a progestin would be necessary to achieve 100% infertility consistently.

The Use Of Nandrolone Analogs As Birth Control

Now, speaking of progestins and their role as contraceptives, among females specifically, one of the most common compounds prescribed is Levonorgestrel.

Doctors will prescribe this drug freely without much hesitation, even to teenage girls.

If your girlfriend is on birth control, there is a high probability that she is on a Nandrolone analog.

Expectedly, it is more tissue selective than Testosterone, just like Nandrolone, so it features a more favorable level of anabolic to androgenic activity [R].

Levonorgestrel Vs Testosterone Anabolic To Androgenic Activity

In addition, contraception can be achieved with dosages much lower than would be required to induce significant virilization (androgenic activity), hence why it has such a promising clinical profile as a contraceptive agent for women.

Decreased Libido On Birth Control (Nandrolone Analogs)

Many women experience a decrease in libido after starting Progestins, and this comes down to two factors.

Estrogen, and androgen load.

By shutting down the body, which is the point of taking birth control, you also shut down your body’s endogenous sex hormone production, which is otherwise essential for facilitating several physiological functions.

Women using only progestins for birth control with no exogenous Estradiol are essentially the equivalent of men walking around on a very low dose Deca only cycle with no Estrogen.

Sufficient Estrogen levels are needed not just for the maintenance of bone mineral density and a variety of other basic functions in the body, but for the maintenance of libido as well.

Sufficient androgen levels are needed to support libido in women too, which is fulfilled normally via Testosterone and DHT production.

In addition, because the synthetic progestins used for birth control are tissue selective and so suppressive at very low dosages, the androgen load on the body is so low in many cases that in some women who do use it with exogenous Estradiol, their overall androgen load is still insufficient to support a high sex drive.

Basically, even if there is enough Estrogen, the dosage of the progestin will likely still yield less androgenic activity in the body than a woman's natural Testosterone production would have otherwise, consequently leading to a decreased libido.

The issue boils down to the dose of the compound used for contraception, and the maintenance of healthy amounts of Estrogen.

Progestin Use In Conjunction With Exogenous Estradiol

Exogenous Estradiol use comes with an inherent risk of increased potential cardiovascular issues, which is partly why it isn't always prescribed with the synthetic progestin being used for contraception.

But, the issue with that is that Estrogen is needed for a healthy libido, so girls will commonly experience a massive drop in sexual desire after starting birth control.

For example, Alesse 28 is one of the popular brands of birth control commonly prescribed to women.

Each pill of Alesse contains 0.10 mg of Levonorgestrel and 0.02 mg of Ethinyl Estradiol.

The first birth control pill, Enovid, hit the market in 1960 and contained 0.075 mg of Mestranol, which is a biologically inactive prodrug of Ethinylestradiol.

Bottle of Enovid Birth Control

Ethinylestradiol is about 1.7 times as orally potent by weight as Mestranol, meaning Enovid had over 2 times as much active Estrogen per pill.

Enovid was associated much more closely with serious complications like cardiovascular issues, and is why combination pills containing Estrogen are not always prescribed.

Despite the fact that Estrogen is needed to maintain a healthy libido, cardiovascular risk will obviously supercede the maintenance of libido for individuals who are seen as high-risk.

However, this is where this conversation starts to tie directly back into the Deca only cycle debate.

Deca Only Cycle Limitations

The reason the Deca only cycle fails is typically not related to androgen load, as most men exploring this avenue use 19-nortestosterone at doses far higher than is needed to support a healthy libido in an androgen context.

In the instances when they do fail, the reason is almost always the lack of sufficient Estradiol levels, as Nandrolone does not aromatize into a sufficient amount of Estradiol at therapeutic dosages.

I explored this for myself, and found that even with the concurrent administration of Estradiol cream onto my scalp (for a hair loss experiment) I still could not maintain adequate levels of Estradiol in my body while on 200 mg of Nandrolone.

Sensitive Estradiol Test Result

This is a dose that should be more than enough in a hormone replacement therapy context, but it simply does not produce enough Estrogen to be considered a viable form of HRT monotherapy.

This is why a Deca only cycle must have some form of Estrogen added in to maintain adequate Estrogen levels in the body in most cases.

This limitation is the same reason why birth control pills contain a combination of hormones in them, a progestin and Ethinylestradiol.

The only reason why women who take a synthetic progestin for birth control do not experience masculinization as a side effect essentially boils down to the dosage and the low androgen load it has at that dosage while still maintaining infertility.

Nandrolone Analogs Being Handed Out Like Candy By Doctors

The thing I find most baffling about all of this is how easily women, even young teenage girls, can get a birth control prescription.

Meanwhile, men who are actually hormonally deficient going in to try and get hormone replacement therapy of the actual hormone their body should be producing higher amounts of are scorned and given an extremely difficult time getting what they need. looking for hormone replacement therapy, on the other hand, would find it hard to get TRT at any given age, due to the ridiculousness of the medical system.

If you have a 35 year old hypogonadal man walk in to the doctors office and a 16 year old girl walk into the doctors office, the man is the hormonally deficient one of the two, and is actually seeking to get a prescription for a legitimate medical problem that significantly hinders his quality of life, and the prescription is literally the hormone is body should be producing.

But, what is the typical outcome of those two scenarios?

The 16 year old girl walks out with a prescription for a Nandrolone analog, meanwhile the man is told he should take Viagra or Cialis for his non functional dick and he is too young to be having these issues.

Does that make any f*cking sense to you?

If I walked into the doctors office and said I want to be prescribed Nandrolone and Estradiol for birth control, they would laugh me out of the office.

Even if you're legitimately hormonally deficient and ask for Testosterone replacement therapy, if you're not 65 years old and withering away in front of their eyes they will probably assume you just want a prescription for steroids and will more often than not tell you you're fine and to leave.

If a chick who knows absolutely nothing about hormones walks in and asks for birth control, without even looking at her baseline blood work they would hand her a prescription with several refills on it for a synthetic Nandrolone analog, which is NOT a bioidentical hormone and is not something your body even produces, or is deficient in ever.

If I was a girl and wanted to transition from female to male though and said that I want a Testosterone prescription, I would have a higher likelihood of getting a prescription from most doctors than I would walking around in my 20's hypogonadal trying to obtain a TRT script from most doctors.

There is absolutely zero logic in the medical community when it comes to hormone modulation.

Women on birth control are essentially walking around on a micro-dosed Deca only cycle for years, sometimes decades, until they decide they want to stop, come off, and have a kid.

Birth Control Implants And Injections

Doctors will often administer long lasting progestin injections, or progestin releasing implants too.

Injectable Progestin Birth Control

Birth Control Implant

A teenage girl can walk into a doctors office and get a rod inserted into her arm that releases Etonogestrel (11-Methylene-17α-ethynyl-18-methyl-19-nortestosterone) into her body for the next 3 years, but you can't get a Testosterone prescription because you just want steroids you greasy juice monkey.

One of the main problems with haphazardly prescribing these steroids to women (yes, birth control is technically a steroid) is that there is no baseline blood work, and when a sexual side effect arises, nobody has a clue what the problem is because Estrogen modulation and androgen load in the body are not even considered.

Typically, if a girl has a low sex drive, it can be attributed to her birth control, or general lack of hormone modulation.

I've seen dozens of relationships ruined over the improper management of sex hormones, and often the girl or guy in the relationship will start to blame themselves, or their partner, because they assume that they must be the issue, and fail to consider the fact that their hormone profile is a disaster.

Now, this may come across as me frowning upon birth control, and that's not necessarily the case, rather I'm simply trying to make clear how to address hormonal issues should they arise as a result of progestin usage.

What Does This Mean For Deca Only Cycle Advocates And Critics?

Nandrolone with Estradiol may be a safer form of hormone replacement therapy than many assume, as most of the female population seems to live on it for decades.

In men, the switch from Testosterone to Nandrolone is usually prompted by the desire to avoid androgenic side effects like hair loss, which is a reasonable justification in my opinion.

Granted, Nandrolone (and any AAS) is not hair loss safe by any means, but the pharmacology of Nandrolone is certainly more ideal in that regard.

Nandrolone's superior myotrophic to androgenic ratio of tissue selectivity would also allow a male to use a lower dose of drugs per week to maintain the same amount of muscle mass that would otherwise require a higher dose of Testosterone to maintain.

If it is generally regarded as safe for a girl to walk around for decades on a synthetic Nandrolone analog, then why is it so frowned upon when men choose to use the literal bioidentical progestin our bodies actually create (albeit in trace amounts)?

Before you dive head first into a Deca only cycle, remember, the dose makes the poison.

Women are using such a low dosage of progestins that they don't even induce any virilization in the body, and the studies conducted on Nandrolone analogs mostly evaluate it at what are considered therapeutic doses in women for contraception.

The long-term potential ramifications of Nandrolone use in a hormone replacement therapy context at the doses required to maintain male physiological functions remain unknown, however, the confidence the medical community seems to have in Nandrolone analogs is certainly promising and further solidifies its potential safety and efficacy profile in my opinion.


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