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Sustanon TRT Prescription For Only ONE Injection Every THREE WEEKS In Europe!?

One of my buddies online Steven, sent me a pamphlet for a European Sustanon prescription.

The most baffling thing about this pamphlet is the advised injection frequency at which this Sustanon is prescribed in Europe.

I do consultations over Skype through MorePlatesMoreDates.com, and I'm shocked at how often I'll hear from guys who are prescribed TRT and their doctor has them injecting as infrequently as once every two weeks.

There is no situation in which one shot every two weeks will result in stable blood serum concentrations.

Even if you're using a long ester like Enanthate or Cypionate.

Blood Serum Concentrations Of Micro-Dosed Testosterone Vs. Bolus Dose Of Testosterone

This is what blood serum concentrations of Testosterone, DHT and Estrogen look like after a small dose of Testosterone, relative to a bolus dose of Testosterone (e.g. taking your weekly TRT dosage in one fat shot).

testosterone blood serum concentrations

You can clearly see how a sensical physiological dose of Testosterone results in hormone levels staying within the healthy therapeutic range, whereas with the large bolus dose of Testosterone, hormone levels skyrocket into supraphysiological territory, and then crash down until the patient's next injection.

This is what happens when you use infrequent injections of Testosterone.

And the more infrequent you administer, the more of a dramatic spike into unhealthy territory you launch yourself into, and the harsher of a crash you experience on the downswing.

The result of this is far more aromatization than necessary which will likely lead to the unnecessary abuse of unhealthy Aromatase Inhibitors, less Free Testosterone and more Testosterone being bound up and rendered useless, as well as stark highs and lows with the potential for experiencing side effects that come both from high testosterone levels out of range, and hypogonadal symptoms on the downswing.

Any large fluctuation in hormones can cause temporary shedding as well until stable levels have been reached.

There's a lot of negatives associated with not having stable levels, and no positives to be frank.

Most people are going to trust their doctor because that's what we've been led to believe is the correct thing to do in society.

They're doctors, why would you question their judgments here, right?

Trust me, you need to research this stuff yourself so you know what is going on with your body.

Sustanon is a blend of the following concentrations of Testosterone esters per mL:

  • 30 mg testosterone propionate
  • 60 mg testosterone phenylpropionate
  • 60 mg testosterone isocaproate
  • 100 mg testosterone decanoate

Even if I was using Sustanon, I would still be injecting it every day, or every other day at minimum for stable blood serum concentrations.

Sustanon 250 Pamphlet

The pamphlet Steven sent me outlines the standard information you would find in a prescription insert.

The advised administration frequency I found so absurd that an entire article was warranted.

This official pamphlet for Sustanon-250 advises that the standard frequency of administration is one bolus dose every three weeks.

Sustanon Prescription In Europe Advised Injection Frequency

Basically, what would happen after that large shot is your Testosterone, Estrogen and DHT would spike into supraphysiological/unhealthily high territory, and then over the next couple weeks you would just crash into the ground, only to spike them back up at the three week mark again.

Does this sound like a healthy way to live?

Naturally, you would secrete 3-10 mg per day of Testosterone.

Your body is not built to handle 3 weeks worth of Testosterone in one giant influx.

I couldn't believe this is an approved way of administering hormone replacement.

Of course, if you questioned the injection frequency to the prescribing physician, you would likely get scolded and be talked down to like you're an idiot for even bringing up the fact that they could be basing their prescriptions on dangerous and poor information.

They're the smart doctor, and you're just an idiot for questioning and not trusting them.

Sadly, this is very common, especially in this ever-evolving field of hormone replacement therapy where the doctors often don't even understand the difference between total T, free T, DHT, and how to manage Estradiol.

Doctors Prescribing 1 mg Of Arimidex a Day

I've had several people tell me about this, too.

Their doctor prescribes one milligram of Arimidex every day for TRT dosages of Testosterone.

I would use a milligram of Arimidex every day if I was on a gram of Test, not TRT.

Unfortunately, many men prescribed this don't know actually know what the Arimidex is for because the doctor just doesn't explain it properly, or probably doesn't even understand it themselves to begin with.

Just because you're on Testosterone, it doesn't mean you need an AI.

If you think about it logically, the point of TRT is to replace what you produced naturally.

Do most men need AI's to handle the amount of aromatization their body naturally has as a result of the Testosterone their balls naturally produce?


Perhaps it could be the massive three weeks worth of Testosterone being administered in one mega dose that is causing this massive spike in Estrogen that would result in levels so high that an AI is warranted in the first place!?

Hmm… I wonder… (I'm getting pissed just writing this).

If you take a guy with therapeutic levels of Testosterone in his body and make him take 1 mg of Arimidex every day, unless he has a polymorphism in his genome that results in an absurdly high amount of aromatization (extremely rare), his Estrogen would plummet into the ground.

Consequently, he'd feel terrible, have dry joints, no libido, erectile dysfunction, experience bone degradation, have hindered fat loss and overall body composition, among numerous other factors that stem from low Estrogen levels.

Even after starting TRT to address their hypogonadal symptoms that made them feel like crap to begin with, they would feel even worse because their hormone profile would be even more screwed up than it was before treatment began.

Not to mention AI's are horrible for your lipids and the long-term use of them will almost inevitably hinder your health in some capacity.

I can't believe in the modern day with all this information around, the medical system is still so far behind.

Do Your Own Research

If you're looking into TRT or you're on TRT, I strongly advise you learn how this stuff works thoroughly yourself.

In addition, find a progressive and open minded doctor who is up to date on the newest research and isn't prescribing medication based on what they have been taught to regurgitate 20+ years ago.

Obviously this is all easier said than done, but at the end of the day, this is your health and well-being at stake, and putting the time in to figure this out if you are on TRT is well worth the time investment.

It's not always the worst thing to research what your doctor is telling you before you just jump into it and assume it's correct.

Occasionally, you may even save yourself from potential health ramifications.

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8 thoughts on “Sustanon TRT Prescription For Only ONE Injection Every THREE WEEKS In Europe!?”

  1. I just started Sustanon 250 as a fit 36yo guy who is just looking to optimise performance as T levels started to drop.

    My doctor wanted to prescribe T Enanthate injected daily but it’s currently unavailable in Australia.

    Because of some of the longer ester chains in Sustanon he advised daily injections weren’t suitable but split one vial into two once per week injections. He also prescribed half of a 1mg Arimidex tablet to be taken twice per week and 1.25mg (quarter of a 5mg pill) of Finasteride daily.

    I only started 5 days ago, so it’s too soon to know how it’s going, but I’m going to monitor bloodwork monthly.

    I’ve never had TRT before, but as a long term subscriber of yours plus someone who does do a lot of research, both the Arimidex and Finasteride concern me.
    I’d like to keep my hair, and I do appear to produce a lot of Aromatase for someone of my fitness level etc, but I do t want to tank my DHT or Estrogen either.
    For people in Europe and Australia it would be of huge interest if you were to write recommendations on a good Sustanon protocol. If it helps I’d be happy to provide results of my treatment as it goes on.

    Thanks for the consistently great content!

    1. His logic makes zero sense if he was going to prescribe Enanthate daily (a long ester) but then justified infrequent Sustanon administrations with the fact that it has long esters in it. A “good” Sustanon protocol varies depending on the individual, body composition, diet, existing hormone profile, and how they genetically metabolize sex hormones.

      1. Thanks for your reply.
        That’s pretty much what I figured too. I’m 181cm, 76kg and 9% body fat confirmed by dexascan.
        I eat very clean, organic meat and vegetables, low carb. Nutritional supplement regimine fairly similar to your own.
        My hairline is already slightly naturally receded and I did develop slight gyno at onset of puberty which is probably why the AI, Finasteride etc.
        Looking at my blood panels pre-TRT and judging symptoms and SHBG etc it would appear that I have naturally high aromatase levels.
        I follow your work as well as that of guys like Jay Campbell and am going to closely monitor and continue to optimise. I’d at least like to find an alternative to Arimidex, and I really like your work on hair loss.

        1. Hi m8 iv been put on Nebido which is an injection every 12 weeks and it’s all I can get over here in the UK or I have to go down the gel route what’s are your thoughts on this stuff cheers

          1. This article outlines my thoughts on a 1x per 3 weeks frequency. What do you think my thoughts will be on 1x per 12 weeks lol?

  2. Derek, regarding the fact that many doctors that prescribe 1mg/day of arimidex – I’m pretty sure they are prescribing it based on the clinical studies done on men.

    But that’s the strange part, right? Usually clinical studies are the gold standard and I’m sure even you’ve used them to formulate Gorilla Mind products.

    But in much of the medical literature there is no mention of crashed estrogen even after 12 weeks. This is clearly in contrast to how I crashed my estrogen with a single 0.5mg dose. Do you see any reason why the literature seems to be so unrealistic on this?

    1. Because most of the clinical studies are evaluating infrequent dosing protocols with supraphysiological amounts of aromatization that would force someone to need an AI in the first place.

  3. Hi Derek,

    I’m a little worried by a conversation with my doctor (based in Singapore). I tested with OK total T ~520 g/dL but low free T (9ng/dL), due to high-normal albumin (49 g/L) and SHBG (41 nmol/L).
    My doctor wants to prescribe a rather large dose of T twice with 6 weeks between each shot (3 months total), to try and make me go temporarily supraphysiological in order to reduce my SHBG and for it to stay at that level long-term. He also recommended a ‘baby dose’ of AI (Anastrozole), as my estradiol was in the high-normal range too.

    Any value in going for a short-term supraphysiological T injection protocol, to try and get that SHBG back in check ‘naturally and long-term’ after the 3 months protocol? My initial idea was simply to go for a protocol of 3x/week of T e/cyp (125 mg weekly), for a ~3 months ‘test’.

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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