Derek from MorePlatesMoreDates.com explaining how topical hair loss treatments can't be absorbed properly if there is sebum accumulated on the scalp

Why Your Hair Loss Prevention Topicals Might Not Be Working | Scalp Caked With Sebum

Exfoliating the sebum off your scalp is just as important as exfoliating the gunk off your face.

Some individuals have so much sebum built up on their scalp that it prevents their topical hair loss treatments from being absorbed properly.

When it comes to topical antiandrogens, topical PGD2 inhibitors, growth agonists like Minoxidil, or anything that requires some sort of delivery system, if there is something sitting on your scalp like sebum or dandruff, you may not even be absorbing your topicals properly and getting them delivered where they need to go.

If you take something orally, it's not rocket science, everyone's capable of popping the same pill.

But, when it comes to topical application, there are some factors that come into play that are often overlooked.

One of them is the porosity of your scalp tissue itself.

In addition to that, general gunk and sebum buildup.

Sebum is something that most people are not removing from their scalp effectively.

If you have a layer of crap sitting on your scalp, whatever you put on your head for hair loss prevention is probably not going to get where it needs to go to work properly.

This is why I recommend exfoliating your scalp once per week with a fine sea salt scrub.

How To Exfoliate Sebum Off Your Scalp

The sea salt scrub acts as an effective exfoliator.

When you are in the shower, all you need to do is pour enough into your hand to get full coverage of the top of your wet scalp, and then massage/exfoliate the sea salt over your scalp to peel the sebum, dead skin, and other accumulated gunk off your scalp.

Sometimes, the difference between a topical treatment working or not comes down to application technique, the vehicle being used, or sebum build up not being accounted for.

Clean your scalp properly to maximize the absorption of your topicals.

Which Sea Salt To Get?

I advise getting a fine sea salt for your scrub.

I use Morton Fine Mediterranean Salt, but it doesn't really make a difference which fine sea salt you get.

Bottle of Morton Fine Sea Salt

Don't get a grainy sea salt, as it may damage your skin.

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About Derek

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14 thoughts on “Why Your Hair Loss Prevention Topicals Might Not Be Working | Scalp Caked With Sebum”

  1. Derek if I purchased cb0301 and bought 5 grams and put 2.5 grams in my k and b solution just like ru58841, would that be enough or do I have to do something different? Got great results from ru but unfortunately even with less than 25mg probably like 10 to 15mg I still got the chest pain, hoping cb0301 will be less side effects if I can go that route with the k and b solution and do it like I did with ru58841 just with cb0301 as my antiandrogen, thanks man for your time!!

    1. 7.5% applied twice per day is what was optimal in the most recent human trial results. A 7.5% strength solution would be 3.75 grams mixed in a 50 mL solution.

  2. Ru is dope though man!, 3 years of diffuse thinning was less noticeable within the 2 weeks I was using less than 50mg of ru58841, sucks it just doesn’t blend with my body??, hopefully cb0301 sits better , shitty how expensive It is.

    1. Whats up Derek,

      I’ve actually have got great results from mk677 that’s actually surprising. I really was not using it for hair gains but once I stopped my hair went to shit and got diffused. When I added it in 2 months later my diffused thinning went away and my hair felt and looked so much better. The proper dose I found for hair gains was 20 mg weekly but i’m still fine tuning it. Proper dose for muscle gain and hair gains are completely different as more mk677 created a shed for me.

  3. Hey Derek, do you think I could get away with using 25mg of RU a day if my hair loss isn’t very aggressive, stuff is kinda pricey.

  4. Hi Derek
    What is your advice for applying RU58841 in longer hair. 2 inches or even longer like yours. It seems to get stuck on the hair itself rather than in to the scalp.

    Is there a technique you use?

  5. Hey Derek,

    I’m using Lipogaine with a derma pen and plan on adding RU58841 into that regime.
    a) Would you advise to do this and
    b) How would you suggest to combine the two?

    Thanks dude!

  6. Thank you for providing info about temporary shedding after quitting minoxidil. but would you please brief if someone lost hair after using minoxidil(might be it didn’t work) and after stopping this drug the hair would be naturally restored

    I keep getting ads for “Carbonic Acid” shampoos that claim they are ALL that is necessary to fix hairloss by removing sebum buildup choking out hair follicles. Clearly it’s bullshit on the “only reason for hairloss” claim, but maybe it’s a fix for sebum removal? Hope to see your take on it!

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